Q&A: How we afford to travel full time, becoming a travel blogger, etc

Q&A: How we afford to travel full time, becoming a travel blogger, etc

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Last time you saw me I was saying goodbye in Peru. What an amazing, trip, they say hello from, pilot. I'm here in between projects, catching up with some office, work but, I'm going to make this a different video. Just say, thank you I've just reached, 30,000, subscribers I'm. So, happy so faithful. So grateful, thank you so much everyone. It took me basically two years to reach 3,000. Subscribers but. At that time I didn't post very regularly, I'd only post whenever at the time so in the first two years I didn't produce a lot of videos from the moment I started taking it seriously, uploading. Once a week, I grew, from three to thirty in, just a little bit more than a year and so all of you who are there trying to do the same thing I just want to encourage you, because it is possible at first you may think that he only happens to other people but, no keep, going. So as this community girls I feel it's time for me to come here and share, a little bit more about me Who, am I why, am i doing all this how do I do it thank you for supporting me and my content, thank you for your comments, your suggestions, or ideas and. Most, importantly, thank you for coming back every week arriving, here the mall let's, go. There are so many nice mall. As. A result of your sport Blakeley she made a crazy, decision that we have a nation that have like that we left our home in Texas, back to everything, and put on a storage. This. Isn't a garage. Such. A mess I have. To film so, that one day we can laugh my. Dad came all the way from Brazil to help me. I. First. Recommitted to six months of travel, and we chose our destinations, based on the requests we're getting here, we are far amongst em it's been amazing. But it's going by really fast. This. Is one of those things to see other people doing a wine and do you think it's never gonna be possible but here, we are and our. Idea is not to rush you know try to go to as many countries as you can know we want to experience. Cities. And experience, them well so that I can create better video guides for you we are having a CD and before, I start filming I walk around experience. The culture. So. When we start doing the vlogs I can provide the best information and, from Peru to Thailand, there has already been a lot in between we just spent two days in the u.s. organizing. Things and then we flew to Tokyo. No. Talk of logs that was just a stopover but one day we'll be back Claire we really spent time with Singapore, and Malaysia. So. I use the community tab and social media to ask for your questions, and Here I am to answer but let's go inside because it's too hot. It's, a creamy milk, infused tea. Very, sweet. So. Organized, the questions here based on where they came from let's get started with YouTube both my channels English and Portuguese question.

From Mongo. Which, want you to say is your most memorable, experience, of why I thought. A lot you know before responding this because. Every. Trip seems to be memorable but there, are a few situations, that, I think I'll never forget first. One was in South Africa I've been to South Africa, three times and. In. Two trips I spent a month there and, I got to connect with people talk, to them a lot and hear their stories and there. Was one. Person who, sat. Next to me. Told, me stories about growing, up in South, Africa, during the apartheid and. That. Really made me reflect about. Everything. And even, today sometimes when I think about this I guess emotional, so this was it's, just something that was really that. Touched me you know in a special way another. Thing that I'd say that happened, and this is from recently was, in, Singapore. We saw a festival, called tidy sum and, it. Was really. Really impressive to see the sacrifices. That people do it, could not be one of the next laws that was mind-blowing, and I think I also remember, that for a long time, Carmindy. What's your favorite place to go hello. Colleen it's so good to see you're here Carmen's, being coming to this channel for such a long time and it's so great to see they used to here thank you for a question, so. My. Favorite place I think you know because. Several, of my Vita there Brazil, right, especially. Couple three you and Bruce that, region, because, I grew up going there, every summer, or sometimes, more than once or twice a year so, this is something that is that. Region is really really special to me and if you don't know what I'm talking about recently, I just went back there and shot a few videos they're, listed, right here in this playlist go, take a look beaches, are amazing, and today especially living, abroad is the region. I, think I'll give a similar answer here - thanks question from Julian Sorelle hello, a visitor many different places around the world but I'd like to know what, is a favorite tourist place yeah, I'd say it's also a couple city your voices that an area because of the beaches I, miss, it so much I love the beaches there and it reminds me of childhood so that's my favorite place let me travel the world but you know going, back home it's, always straight, a, question, from mixes. Be thankful, she, asks how, did, I move to the United States and how did I start working with news, reporting, I went to the United States in 2003, to do some extension, courses and I studied in Los Angeles after that I got an opportunity to, work there, legally, with a work visa and everything so I took that opportunity but, actually before this I was already a news reporter, in Brazil I actually left. A career on TV, in Brazil to, move to the United States and Brazil was already working on several national, networks. And, when I moved to the United States and became an international, correspondent, for another, important. Network in Brazil so, this is how I ended up there now the question in Portuguese, from Moya Moses, he'd like to know when I'm doing a coast-to-coast trip, in the United States, actually. I've. Done from, Texas, to Las Vegas, there are vetoes about that one I've dumped in Texas, to Florida there, are videos there too and I did a field trips also that I didn't document from LA, to. Canada, from, Texas. To Toronto, from. Texas. To LA I've done all kinds of trips like this but I believe what, you want it's probably, like New York or Chicago all, the way the route, 66, into California. You, know hopefully one day it's. Really nice I love doing road trips even at exceed said it's good to know that you like that so alphabet on my list sent, are from Russia. Western. And eastern parts, of Russia. The fur a lot you have already seen that European, part of our country but there's another Russia so do you plan to come back to Russia again to go east to feel that difference, by yourself. Absolutely. Russia is really high on my list and, my favorite, brushes that Lea plays a lot, more foreigners should know because you, know don't, listen to the media and it's awful, for me to say that because I'm part of the media I worked in the media for such a long time but, uh it's, not all true what people say you know we spent a lot of time in Russia we had them unbelievable.

Amazing, Time in Russia people are so friendly it's so nice we, loved to see this European, part of Russia now we're looking forward to seeing a different, Russian some of my dream sort of the trans-siberian railroad. All, the way ended, up into a diesel stock I'd love, to do that I've already started playing, so, hopefully. In the next few months or maybe next year but I definitely want to go back and, I feel, that it's a lot more. To experience in Russia and, I also really love the feedback I've received from Russians. I never expected, Russians have come to my channel and enjoy my content so, thank you very much for that as well question. From that person. What's fire your desire to, travel and how, do you afford it well. I think my family, has inspired, me my, great grandma was already traveling, to Italy, in Cruzes when, at a time that nobody, was considering. Traveling, and, then my grandparents, are always traveling, within, Brazil so, I think my desire, to travel comes, from, family. And from seeing everyone traveling, at, a very young age now how can I afford it, well I save money you know some people who spend their money and expensive, clothes expensive, cars I save my money and, also, I don't do this just for fun this. Is a job, for me I also work I'm a freelance journalist, so I'm not all over, just spending, money I'm also making, money I work on several projects, here and there so. This is how I can afford I started traveling, the world to work about 15, years ago so I've been doing this actually way before, having this channel, but I'd always go somewhere come, back home go somewhere come back home the difference now is that I instead of doing this I'm going from place to place and, actually I'm saving money because I don't have to maintain my house without, being there, full-time keep. Kashia's, says. That I've been helping a lot of people who study in English, and asked if I can add subtitles in English to my videos, kiku and everybody else all my videos have subtitles in, English if they're not appearing to you you need to activate them all you gotta do is come here if you're on a desktop come. To the bottom click, on CC. This. Automatically. Activate, subtitles now, it appears in English for me it was, just my default language, but, it could change that you. See this other icon here, click. On it and I have all these. Languages. English. Is manually, done but the others are auto translations. So they're, not perfect, but it can have a pretty good idea and, if you're on your cell phone just. Click, on the video and, then, you see dot dot. Click. On captions choose, your language and that's it. Tiger. Prices, and. Not the police visit Germany Spain.

In Italy, oh I'd, love your perspective, of these locations all. These places are high high on my list tube I actually spent, once two months in Germany to country love, really really love and, yeah, it's good to know that you're interested, I'll try to go back as soon as I can thank you it's good to know mcfuzz, asks, any children, no, no children maybe when they just, back rabbit, we always see mr. Gordon's with the camera, camera bag and a very big tripod, because he liked to share his pictures, you take some wine all. Of the work that Gordon, does for, this gentleman right here he, works a lot you know every time you see him with this tripod, he's doing time lapses hyperlapse, is all that while I filming, myself so, this, is a team effort this channel, we play me for Jesus, since high renata your views are very good and informative, thank, you when. Are you coming to Jamaica can you believe I've never been, to the Caribbean, it. Is definitely, a place I want to go you know my name is so close that's my daddy taxes, but and. Jamaica's, high on my list as well would love to go over they, Adrianople. Campaign. What position would you put to Peru in relation, to its, other Latin, American neighbors which, seriously gets better I don't, think you can compare countries, like that because I think every country is special, and its own way, and she has some peculiarities, and, he has things that makes a country unique, you know this is why I love traveling, as well, so I think it's. A question that has no answer at least in my opinion let's, go for a quick break look. At the amount of options here to eat, this. Food score is fantastic. Some. Girls shoe shopping, quick. And easy so let's go back to the questions from note. 52 and healthy, temptation. Ear height script, let's. Get started with the Instagram question follow capuchins, what's, the biggest challenge, while. Shooting. In my case that I'm constantly out shooting. That's, the real challenge because, you depend on factors that are out of your control, for example sure on the street to depend on the weather if, it's windy if it's rainy it's too hot and humid all, this affects the quality and the speed of your production, you also need to pay attention and, your equipment you know what are your battery levels your memory cards, do you have enough space to do and a try, just. Starting to shoe the different attractions we're have enough space my memory cards what, are my battery levels, them I going to be able to finish what I started so you need to keep all that in mind it is very different, as compared to shooting, something at home that you just put the camera on a tripod and, then you speak to your camera and everything is right there manageable. It is harder, to be outdoors which, is something you need to plan for mr.. Fowle assurance. To know about where. To stay in Miami I'm. The chaser this question here because I get this question all, the time thanks to my videos in Miami just what I have to say about Miami you need to know what's your budget and what's the purpose of your trip because. If you want to stay in Miami on itself South Beach or Miami Beach it's going to be very expensive but, at the same time if you're going to Miami not for the party but if you want to go shopping for example it, doesn't make sense that you stay right, there in the middle of the hustle and bustle because, a lot of the outlet, malls are located, north, of the city so, you need to take all that into consideration if. You want, to have that five-star luxury, state, of course go to South, Beach in Miami Beach they're fabulous, hotels over there but. If you are on a budget or if you are with your family and, a lot more people and you want to control your expenses, there. Are lots of other cities in the Greater Miami, area that, are worth, considering for example Fort, Lauderdale it's a beautiful, city you can find more affordable, places there there are other cities around you like Hollywood. Can even look as far as Deerfield. Beach for, example I stay there once when I was going, to Miami, it is far but you get much affordable, rates, over there plantation. As well you're not on the coast you're more in England but it can get better deals know for, you to do this you, need to have a card because everything, in Miami is far you'll have to commute, and public. Transport is not the greatest so, keep, that in mind, dharmaraj, Pillai. My, brother, he's, been on this channel for such a long time it's so good to see you here again it, asked me a question whether. You're coming to India hopefully. Some Dharma it's a country I'd really, like to visit Amodei. Is soft how do you start blogging about travel, experiences. Well. I'd. Say just. Do it you know don't put mountains, in front of you just, start and that was my problem when I got started I was, always thinking that it was not good enough the, my editing was not good enough so I kept delaying I entered, a lot of stuff actually that I never posted, anywhere today, looking back I wish I had the courage back, then to just post, and just get started another, thing don't hang.

Yourself On, cameras. You know don't try to get the best game out there don't, focus too much on that because you, can do a lot of stuff with a cell phone a lot, of people don't know but uh some, of the videos that I did in Russia you know especially Moscow, and st. Petersburg mixer, speeders in law school I did with the iPhone 7 I got great results nobody, has ever complained, about that, camera work and it just works you know but I'll say something you need a microphone if you use your phone use, a microphone, it was bb-better. He. Asked, how do I travel, and. At the same time so the secret I'd say it's not just traffic, it's not just fun all the time it gotta work too cuz otherwise it's not sustainable so we need to create a rhythm you know for you to travel and sometimes. Take some breaks do, some work and this way you keep going if you just go go go travel. All the time every day in a different place every day a different attraction. You get tired physically. Tired and you're gonna give up so, you need to create a balance and. Then goes to Miami. Yes if I do it for my, job or, if I do ages for crime both, you, know my video production skills. Led. Me to some job opportunities. So this is how I keep going I never got paid to do any job here for this channel I never got paid partnerships. Hopefully, one day I get there and I'll let you all know so in the meantime I use YouTube to broadcast. My work and what I'm capable of, and this way I get some job opportunities, fabulous. Or names can I suggest a trip to Jordan Beth in particular, and father wrote me both on Instagram and Twitter so he wants, me to go to Jordan I. Love, to five you one day I heard of Petra is extremely, beautiful information, Twitter let, me answer two, questions I, got there. Actuated. Twitter I got so many questions and related questions that are so funny people ask aware of, being a non stop my kid on football related stuff so what is related to this YouTube here. You go, I left, Sheldon modem, are you married yes, yeah Samaritan. Bored in the Canadian. Who occasionally, appears, on my videos is very very shy but little, by little I, will try to film a little bit more he, doesn't speak too much but, now. That we started traveling full time he's appearing more, and more with. The kid right now come. On boy. I feel, like some big jokes offline, so I started, filming a little bit more now in one, more question from Twitter, can you Steve and Anita. He. Asked if, it's better to travel with expectations. Or just enjoy, the moment. Absolutely. No. Expectations. Enjoy the moment and I, remember. Here. Philosopher. I had philosophy, classes at University and there was one philosophy, that. Said. Something that was really important, to me and I never forgot Heraclitus, he was a Greek philosopher and, it said something lines, up you gotta expect, the, unexpected and, that is so true because, if you arrive at a location of, expectations.

That Is good - amazing everything's. Good to be perfect, you're good to get disappointed. So this, is something I learned very early on you know it's better to expect. That uh you're. Gonna have an interesting, experience you're, going to experience, a totally, different, then, expecting. That it's going to be amazing and it's going to be everything you're dreaming about because. Most, of times it's, not this is something I bring to my travels, and this is why I am rarely, disappointed. Or than happy can I enjoy everywhere, I go it's better to go with the flow because it never know what to expect and sometimes something that is totally unexpected, ends. Up making, everything. Worthwhile and, making, a destination, or your day so and different and totally worth it and bringing unique memories that you're gonna remember of course have some plans but, do you expect everything to be perfect, all the time and I'll have plenty 21c, and so on. And less, than our questions, Facebook, now it. Is a bit smart do you trying to go to Singapore. Yes. Actually. This is the next series starting, here on the channel I spent, about a week or ten days to Singapore, it was absolutely, fantastic so stay, tuned next, videos are in Singapore ji, Seok Joo, from, the countries, of been which one I liked most and where I'd live, it's so good to see Jesse here catches also been following this channel for such a long time always leaving me questions. Also always connecting, on social media so thank you very much ji so good to see you here thank you for the question. I love. The United States you know I love, living there I love the convenience for, everything, that's why I'm still there, out. Of the countries, of being recently, too was, very surprising, Singapore. You know it's an extremely, beautiful country. And and, very progressive everything. Works but, it is very expensive so, that, would be the only problem, living there it is really expensive in the other hand Malaysia was a really, good surprise everybody, talks about Southeast, Asia being cheap specially violent but Malaysia is actually cheaper than Thailand and their internet, there is, unbelievable.

I Thought, I had faster, Trinette in the United States in Malaysia is 10 times faster 15. 16 minute video gets uploaded in, Malaysian like two three minutes, in. The United States in my home and I had faster internet over there it used to take like 15, minutes so it is really, interesting and they're all very, tech-savvy there. You know with the fourth tranche are using technology, over there I love these things especially, all on for the capital they use a cell phone to make payment, there are more ways to use apps, than we do in the United States so it, is a country, that really, intrigued, me I wouldn't say that I'd live forever, there, but maybe spend a few months here a few months there a few months in Brazil as well of course so. Yeah. I think. This would be a great, balance for me Eduardo, Louise Gomez, do, you edit your videos yourself, there's, certainly the best I've seen on YouTube of this nature. Thank you so much I. Really appreciate, that, it. Is really hard you know sometimes I see people saying, that it takes them six eight hours to edit a video it, takes me three days I. Put. A lot of effort, editing, vision yes I added everything myself but. Also my background. Helped, a lot because I worked on TV for such a long time I learned how to add it before I started YouTube you, know I learned in Final Cut Pro today are editing Premiere Pro and, it's something I got better little, by little you know it took me a long time to. Actually do something that I was proud of and it's. A work in progress I still don't think I'm that, great I know. That I have a lot to improve but, little by little you do research here research there and you practice, a lot and that you can get better yes. I do everything, about myself it's a lot of work because I have to chin so I have this one in English and I have an entire channel total, in Portuguese, but, I love doing that and I love editing as well my. Team on cecilia he wants to know what camera do I use I don't use one camera I use various, cameras, for different, scenarios in different situations, Gordon has one I have another and this way we go now for example we're doing this video with a Canon EOS R this. Is now our main camera but we only started using this camera this year before we, use the Canon 5d we still have the 5d as sometimes Gordon. Goes with. The EOS our I go with a 5d, and we switch or I, also use the Osmo Pro and that.

Has A really nice gimbal, when you see those images that are appear to be on a gimbal they were shot with the Osmo pro if you want to see how I use all these equipment let me know in the comments, and maybe I can create a different video another day but if you're just getting started, don't get intimidated with all this use your phone you use all this because, we learn how to use over the years and it's something that we, enjoy and videography. Became more than a hobby today it's our work it became necessary but. If you're just getting started you, don't need all that, Rita, Pachanga, asked me to include, Travels. And activities, for seniors, Rita. I think everything that I do can, be done by seniors, - I think your secret is not to attack everything. On the same day because then you get tired for, example in the videos that I did in London I did a lot of things every. Day and even though I was exhausted. At the end of the day so, if you take for example don't. Do bucking, up fellows and everything else everything, on the same day do one thing in the morning then you stop have a nice lunch relax. Recharge your energies, and then if you have to no we do another activity but, don't try to do everything, that I showed in the video everything. On the same day because, you are going to get tired I see for example my sister and my mom they travel together a lot and, my sister, likes packing, everything on. The same day my mom gets exhausted. You. Know I think it's better to choose one or two activities take. A break enjoy. Some wine you're, going to enjoy the trip way more and I got one more question here on Facebook that I thought it was hilarious and, that had to because. It's from like dad he. Has what. Countries, have I visited, in Asia on this trip you know he started losing track he things that I'm going biz in there and everywhere dad no, just. Singapore, Malaysia, in silence so far that's yet we're not going crazy and I go to several places this, is it we're taking it slowly it is normally, used to see me going somewhere and coming back and this time is totally different and it's so cool that he follows me on Facebook, so yeah, this is yet that you can keep up with me. Don't. Worry everything's, great for having a great time lots. Of kisses for you and for, mom too otherwise she's gonna be jealous. This. Is one of the very few videos here on my channel, really, in real time because I'm still here in Bangkok as you see this so if you have tips if you know somewhere that I absolutely need. To go let, me know in the comments, also let me know if you like this type of video if you want to see more of this maybe in the future I can do specific, you an ace you know about specific topics I don't know just an idea let me know and if you have more questions leave. Them in the comments below I'll answer as many as I can again, very, much for visiting my channel thank, you for spending time with me and see, you next week you, see your board. Body. Here here and, there. This. Is the biggest toilet, have ever seen. Do. You well, you know I loved bags, right don't tease me don't you get that back would. You like to thank the colored we're on the road for six months, I can't carry.

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+Renata Pereira you are welcom )

Oh wow!!! Eureka!!!!! I can't believe I didn't know that!!! I'm here now playing with all those keys

Getting a bit ahead here, whilst in Singapore did you have the misfortune to experience the "Singapong", when the wind blows from the rain forest interior, bringing the stench of rotting vegetation.

+Tony S Wow! They are so advanced now in Singapore that I wouldn't doubt if they already discovered a way to minimize it

+Renata Pereira Not to me, I have not been there, but my Father told me of it from when he was stationed in Singapore whilst in the Navy.

Oh wow! No, I didn't even know this existed... Has it happened to you?

Where are you in this clip

Deo A no there’s only one Bangkok in Thailand

+Scott Joseph Whiley Is there another Bangkok?

Renata Pereira Bangkok in Thailand

In Bangkok. First at a mall, then our Airbnb

Excellent work Renata on your 30k subscribers

Renata Pereira I know you are Renata

Thanks, Scott! I'm so happy!!!

Congrats on 30k Renata! Your videos are really helpful and insightful. Greetings from the UK.

Thank you so much, Deo!


Thank you sooooooo much!!!

I ❤ (Renata + Gordon) ...... Get us more content so that your Internet Fans can enjoy your lifestyle at the comfort of our homes! My Wife sends her greetings for you and your family!

Hi Sumanth! Thank you very much! Big hug for you and your wife!

No hat, looks better!!

Ждем обзора и путешествия по транссибирской магистрали!) Очень приятно и интересно смотреть на собственную страну глазами иностранцев). Я думаю что такое путешествие резко увеличит ваш рейтинг и число подписчиков. Интерес к России огромен во всем мире и продолжает расти. Многие иностранцы хотят проехать этот маршрут через всю Россию и мечтают об этом. Если вы это сделаете то то ваш обзор будет очень востребован и привлечет много новых друзей и подписчиков)))

Привет Иван! Было бы замечательно, если бы я мог сделать поездку и увидеть, как растет мой счет

+Иван Лазарев Ты такой милый!!! Спасибо!!! ❤

+Renata Pereira Я очень рад слышать ответ от вас) Вы очень красивая и приятная женщина) Можно сказать что я влюбился в вас с первого взгляда..) немного отредактировал свой комментарий.

+Сергей Александров Спасибо!


Привет Иван! Это хорошо знать! Спасибо!

best thing to do is have a career that requires a lot of traveling, do what you have to do, then make videos before leaving

Yeah! That's exactly what I did for the past years

So cooll!

Glad you like it! Thanks!


Thank you for answer and such kind words! When you'll be in Vladivostok, feel free to contact me. I don't think i can be really good guide, but definetely i can show you a few awesome places in the city and around it.

Wow, you are incredibly humble Renata...YOU ARE A GREAT EDITOR!! (I know you are referring to technical skill, but as a fellow journalist, editorial excellence trumps "bells and whistles". So your body of work is phenomenal)

Question; how often do you face challenges with permits and access to shoot in historic places?

Love the practicality of what you're doing. It's easy for use to make excuses why we don't try but segments like this break down fear-filled misconceptions. BRAVO RENATA

That’s so kind of you, Jaishankar! Thank you so much

Yeah, it’s hard and for me it means a lot of sacrifices, but I’m hoping that showing the uniqueness and beauties out there will be worth it ❤️

Thank you so much! I was born in a small town close to Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, called Três Rios. My city is famous for rafting, but as a foreigner you’d find more attractions in Rio

Thank you so much

My pleasure! Thanks for watching!

Grazie tante, Max! Mi piacerebbe un mondo! Io amo l’Italia ❤️❤️❤️

He loves your comment and he’s here saying a big thank you!!

Thank you so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, Carmen!!! I really appreciate it ❤️

+Renata Pereira muchas gracias amiga mía.


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much, Claudia!

That’s so great to hear! Thank you so much

Jackie Roellin All the best, Jackie!

Yeah! That would be soooo wonderful!!!

I’m good! And you?

Yes, that’s google translate. Coming from Brazil, I know what it means not to understand other languages (I see that in my family and friends), so I don’t want that to be an issue with my videos. I want everyone to be able to understand if they choose to watch it.

Pavel Voronin Hi Pavel!!! Thank you so much

Pedro Herrera Visitar Perú es siempre un placer ❤️❤️, voy a regresar

I love seeing all of your adventures. You and Gordon are a great team, producing amazing content. We'll see you guys again down the road somewhere. Keep travelling and keep smiling! :) Andy

Спосибо за видосы заодно и английский подучиваю. Ваще копия прям как у меня жена такая же .

ну после ЧМ 2018 конечно да.

+Renata Pereira serás bienvenida nuevamente!!!

As a Russian i appreciate what you said about Russia and media, so true!

Yes, Vimala! That's why more foreigners should visit your country. I met so many wonderful people there and some of them I'm sure will be my friends for life!

complimenti! il nostro viaggio in florida è stato perfetto anche grazie a voi! saluti da Roma

I think the correct word is vlogger, not blogger. Video log/record = vlog.

Where in Texas did you live?

You have an amazing personality besides the high quality works and contents in your videos. It's the first time I am watching your channel and I am loving every bit.

Very enjoyable and informative video! Saw you on the Nick Nimmon Show!

Wow! How nice that you made it here!!!! Thank you!

Is there any mobile payment existing for Africa? I tried to pay with apple pay but it is not accepted anywhere ?

Ezgi Kaya Wow! I’ve never heard of them either, thanks for letting me know, I love to use mobile payment and try to use it everywhere by downloading local apps. If you don’t mind me asking, what is Islamic Finance compliance? I never heard of this either. And yes, I miss Africa! It’s been a long time ❤️

+Renata Pereira Wow I've never heard about Samsung Pay before. I'll check it. I've been in Africa about 2 months ago and everyone was talking about something called Menapay.. I'm not sure I know much about them but as I see they provide fast, secure and borderless payment experience. But the main point is they provide Islamic Finance compliant payment. Everyone knows, this is really important point. I strongly suggest you to visit Africa again soon. BTW, happy to hear from you :)

I noticed Apple Pay is not very accepted in Southeast Asia either, but they accept Samsung Pay...

Hello dear Renata! Thank you for this video ! Thank you for sharing information about yourself and your plans .I was very interested. Special thanks for the desire to visit Russia again. I'm waiting for your new reports from different parts of the world . Good luck to you in your travels and in life !)

Renata , I am delighted with your plans and reasoning about life! Let it happen!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it ❤️. All the best to you too

Recently new to your channel and I love ❤️ it. I think you and your hubby are amazing and provide great information. I will continue to follow and learn from you.

love your content and your upbeat personality

​+Renata Pereira In order to be compliant with Islamic finance, every business should follow 3 major rules. - There should not be any profit generated from interest - Any debt transaction should be witnessed by at least two parties - The business should not be involved into illicit activities such as drugs, adult content, etc. MenaPay platform does not generate any revenue from interest and thanks to the blockchain technology it's transparent and witnessed by at least two parties and none of the illicit businesses are allowed as merchants within the platform. According to the Islamic finance, people are allowed to generate profit from their investments. MenaPay platform revenue share system fully complies with Islamic Finance.

Feel free to contact us if you are in Russia

You are cool! Subscribed :)

Если проехать как Илья Бондарев, то рейтинг будет ещё выше :)

Hi Renata!!! I’m a new follower on your YouTube channel, and I think you’re amazing!!! Your husband is so cute when trying to convince you to buy a bag

whts ur vlogging camera ?

Gracias por compartir tus experiencias de tus viajes.. El viajar es muy bonito y cultural.. tengo viajando más de 40 años por todo México y muchos viajes Internacionales y cada ves digo este es mi ultimo viaje.. Hasta qué me cruzo con otros videos cómo los tuyos y digo tengo qué visitar este lugar

No dejes de viajar ❤️. Mis abuelos con casi 90 años todavía siguen viajando ❤️

+sto 28 sure! We are in touch

Great I will contact you when I visit Russia this coming June.. I'll be two weeks in Saint petersburg and small towns around.. Two weeks in Moscow and small towns around.. Saludos desde Michoacán México

Sometimes I use the Osmo Pro, sometimes the Sony RX100 IV and sometimes the GoPro, it depends on location, day or night, etc

You are so beautiful Renata, greeting from India

@sto 28 sure! We are in touch

​@Renata Pereira In order to be compliant with Islamic finance, every business should follow 3 major rules. - There should not be any profit generated from interest - Any debt transaction should be witnessed by at least two parties - The business should not be involved into illicit activities such as drugs, adult content, etc. MenaPay platform does not generate any revenue from interest and thanks to the blockchain technology it's transparent and witnessed by at least two parties and none of the illicit businesses are allowed as merchants within the platform. According to the Islamic finance, people are allowed to generate profit from their investments. MenaPay platform revenue share system fully complies with Islamic Finance.

@Renata Pereira Wow I've never heard about Samsung Pay before. I'll check it. I've been in Africa about 2 months ago and everyone was talking about something called Menapay.. I'm not sure I know much about them but as I see they provide fast, secure and borderless payment experience. But the main point is they provide Islamic Finance compliant payment. Everyone knows, this is really important point. I strongly suggest you to visit Africa again soon. BTW, happy to hear from you :)

@Renata Pereira muchas gracias amiga mía.

@Renata Pereira I also look forward to Singapore & Malaysia))) Oh, and congrats on 30K, you deserve it.

@Renata Pereira serás bienvenida nuevamente!!!

@Renata Pereira Ладно, пошутили , теперь серьёзно. Вы отвечали на всякие частные вопросы , теперь стоит ответить мне , почему я поддерживаю вас и смотрю вашу работу ? Потому что мне нравятся "свободные" люди , которых воспринимаешь как единый народ нашей единой планеты. Что делает людей "свободными" - отсутствие политики ))))))

@Renata Pereira хааа)))))))

@Stas Lom

@Stas Lom Они так хороши!

@Renata Pereira https://youtu.be/gHCJ6-i05ZA ))))

@Renata Pereira you are welcom )

@Tony S Wow! They are so advanced now in Singapore that I wouldn't doubt if they already discovered a way to minimize it

@Renata Pereira Not to me, I have not been there, but my Father told me of it from when he was stationed in Singapore whilst in the Navy.

@Scott Joseph Whiley Is there another Bangkok?

@Иван Лазарев Ты такой милый!!! Спасибо!!! ❤

@Renata Pereira Я очень рад слышать ответ от вас) Вы очень красивая и приятная женщина) Можно сказать что я влюбился в вас с первого взгляда..) немного отредактировал свой комментарий.

@Сергей Александров Спасибо!

U r amazing. I have some questions please. How do you look after your health travelling? Like when you go to Asia...how do you prepare in regards to vaccinations...malaria...etc. How do you avoid to catch diseases ?

@Renata Pereira thank you. I have been in Ghana a couple if times and yeah that's why the question came up. U really inspired me to travel and post about it. I still have relatively small children but when they are all over 18 I would love to travel more. Your vlog is the best I have seen so far

Samsalla71 Thank you

Hi Renata Greatings from Australia.You are a beautiful person.Any plans to come to Australia ? I also love soccer.Tom k

Hey, your video is amazing, i love it and i have subscribed. Btw, I'm from China, u should come here for a visit, everything you see in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, u will be shocked again.


Renata my love

Good job

you have great videos!!

30000 subscribers?. U deserve a million. Thats how good your vlogs are.

Oh my!!! Thank you sooo much! You made my day :)

I love you


I remember you said you are a Brazilian living in the USA but in your description, you said you are an American living in Brazil. Which is correct? Your English sounds like a native English speaker. And why do you always title and write the description in Korean?

Mia Kim Thank you, Mia! All the best to you too ❤️

@Renata Pereira I see. I thought so it could be an auto translation but Korean translation in the description is quite natural overall except the errors about your nationality and ethnicity. Thanks for your comment. I really enjoy your videos and wish you well! (yeah I'm Korean but I speak English :)

Mia Kim Hi Mia! Wow! That’s interesting that in the description it’s so wrong

I just love you already. Love all your videos, really. Subscribed!

Hi Renata, What’s the best website to obtaining deals and discounts to travel around the world? Thank you, Many blessings!

I liked your video but I came here because of the title: "how we afford to travel full time" which is not address in this video

Now i know why you are so articulate and so at ease in front of the camera..you're a journalist ..i love all your videos..new fan here from Manila, Philippines

whare are you living in US,what is your husband doing.can you show us your house tour

Cecilia Libago, yes and thanks for watching!

I love your camera equipment that you used for YouTube, can you share it too.

Renata, I've been following your channel now for about a year. I was so heartened to hear that you were touched by talking to a South African when you were there and its apartheid history. I emigrated to Toronto 30 years ago from South Africa, and have viewed your Toronto video too. Also strangely coincidental that you were impressed by Thaipusam and Kavady festival in Singapore. My South African family celebrates that too in Durban. Looking forward to your excellent travel vlogs.

Dan D'Urban thk u for the sweet words. People like you who follow us along since the beginning keeps us motivated. Thks for sticking with us. The festival was a last minute find and what a treat to see the celebrations but more importantly the devotion. Last, Gordon's from Canada....Calgary region. Thks for watching!

Renata I watch the whole video you make love it very much Keep up the great work

Congrats for 57.7k subscribers

Thank you...a lot of late night editing!

Very nice video !

Thank you!

Fantastic videos Renata, just rediscovered your channel and now there goes another 4 hours of my life watching your travels.... may I suggest you next visit Myanmar (Burma), Bagan and Inle lake are fantastic , I visited many years ago before they had credit cards so had to carry lots of US dollars but now I believe its caught up with the rest of the world and cash is more accesible but so beautiful and untouched. Best wishes for your new adventures.... McRobbo

Thank you so much! AND thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely put on our list.

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