Queens Birthday Weekend | Murray River Winter Camp (PT 1)

Queens Birthday Weekend | Murray River Winter Camp (PT 1)

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A. Beautiful. Trooper viewers, it's, the. 9th of June it's. 16:15, Saturday. It's. Pretty. Crap weather overcast. Spitting. Rain what. Are we doing we. Are going heavy. Well, I began accepting okay hi. How. Are you feeling about it what. Would it be a lost on, Lorentz. Monkeys I've been through what happened and we had a few drinks. Sometime. Went. Right in horrible and you Chuck the Mickey boy. I. Want. To break up tomorrow, morning the, Sun coming out fall, gonna be serving the river. Understand. We're gonna wake up. Well, I guess that's what we're gonna do we're gonna go through up got, some free notes with me we go if you cry and. Be. Licensed to do so well so that's all good and, that's arts but yeah it's pretty much nearly, dark so, we're doing a bit of a body down driving a cab in the dark all. Right guys bring you back just. Go ahead. So. Where we going now, hi. Weapons. You've, been taller than it. So, I'll be running Agra to the trip sir. You'll have to go and get the stretchers turn around and come back with. 16:35. Well, it goes back we go. I'm. Gonna make a toast. Not. In the happy. George all away but I think we should toast the. Life of Anthony. Bourdain. Bourdain. Very. Sad news today. He's. The only guy know that went to Finland, obviously. You guys know, finish. Will ha finish he. Went to Finland and actually enjoyed our cuisine which, is remarkable. And. I. Have. No idea why he took his own life. I, don't. Know the man's demons, but all, I know is that. He. Survived by girlfriend, and a daughter, and, his, brother. He's. Very abrasive. I. Think. The last time actually felt this. Kind of. I'll. Just say you. Know. Like. When. I read the news today actually I was watching Keef, cooks on, wikithon Keef cooks channel and, it was it was in the comments rest in peace Anthony, Bourdain I've. Googled it and sure enough you, should, be zone life in France I just I don't. Know it's just depression or whatever but I don't know last, time I felt this way when. Keith. Floyd passed. Away. You. Grow up with these people's clothes. But. It's. Pretorius. Beg. Your pardon, Queen, Victoria. Where. We live in Victoria. That's. Okay well you've got King drawers to cease, the, pit then the sixth then great. Great yep, the, king george v came off victoria then King George the sixth, and. Then. There. You go Queen. Victoria, and. Bertie. Yep. His. Name off him get off birdie. Victoria. We're. Blue daddy Rosenbaum. Very. Glad you're ruffling. Bring. You back. Good. Morning, beautiful. Trouville viewers. This. Is Kemp, morning. How's. Your head. There. Was no romance my guys, and. There's nine scheduled. For today tomorrow. But, it was Stamp foggy. Obviously you see on the river so. I just threw the. The. Hooch is over the top on the swags just to keep the any. Deafness off. When. She's move she was up had a crack off, gonna. Chase Brumby's pictures of Brumby's and stuff. Bit. Of fog on the river girl. Shall. Fall damn it is that's. Not real. Wasn't, a late one. Anyway. Cup coffee sit by the fire work. For a little bomb over sound, good. Bring. You back. Fisherman's. Come tearing through. Good. News the sun's come up. Set. Your packet I got, from the bank. Dirty. Bastards. Well. Guys crane. It's. Important. You got put all your information on the side of your floats your name your. Address, contact. Number or the contact number and my license number so it's all there so. They were good to go liver, down there by the tree, that's. Actually a bit of lambs liver. Definitely. Good to eat that was from monkey but I'm gonna use a bit of it from the bait and. You'll see. The. Strings there that you tie it down with or. You can use cable ties but they're, already good to go and.

This. Little trick so, muck, around if, you haven't got a crayfish. One. Of those measuring. Gauges. You pick up from fisheries or. Department. Of Environment, whatever, they're called. Show. You how to keep mucking around with your tape measure just, get, your tape measure out get it to 10 to 12 centimeters. Which. Is you've got to be Wiggins that size for Maricruz. And then get a stick, or a twig off the floor measure that cut. It so that it's exactly, you know if the muck about where you take by the. Trick. There. Were. You making. This. Is what I wanted to show. It's. On my box I've got recovery gear in there I've got the trenching tools I've got axes. That kind of stuff, you've. Seen that before well I carry a few of these and, these, are I'll. Show, you. These. Are actually. These. Are actually. Saw. Dust extraction, bags that you have on industrial machinery. A friend, of mine. Is a cabinetmaker he builds kitchen and, you. Pick these up I think they're two dollars a pop so, I've got about six of these in my box, they. Sealed, heavy-duty. Plastic. And. When we go I'm heading into the bush, into. The. Probably. Those, ranges, they, forgot northern territories of for going up the guts. These, are fantastic if we break down and we run out of water, all. We do is to plant some strawberry place this over the over, the tree cinch, it off with a cable tie which always keep in the wagon and. Why the corner down and by, the end of the day the. Sun will do it's to. Do its job and extract. All of the moisture out of delete and. You've got to stop telling to drink, I've. Done this before testing, this before actually. In. Winter and, I was pulling. Point, so, just, go. Back. And. And, that was gonna cost winter conditions at some of your until you get a lot more but, they're fantastic to, Bob to. Get. Six of them keep them in your PIN you in your. Your. Box or in your car in a bag or whatever yeah. Holly recommended it anyway, I'll, get these bite it up get, them in the river and we'll chase them cry. Control. Bon. Appetit Oh put. Them in a rap dome, in a rap then they gonna explode be, confident when you flip your eggs guys. No. Chance to move around with it. Beautiful. Boy, all. Right, well. I got, like. An aggressive bricky sounds. Come out. Beautiful. All. The folks gone away. You. Regular explode live you oh. My. God Ricky. Radha. Guys the. Parks. Victoria just, came through in their Mandy, and. Some. Interesting information actually, I I had to Crane its in and. For. Some reason and they didn't really know why Iver this, section of the Murray from. The golf track up towards the Narrows there's.

No Crying. They. Think that he thinks because, they're not fisheries New, South Wales which is police is this a. Small, way we're, in the victorious side of the border he. Said he's not sure he thinks he might've had something to do with a black water that went through this stretch two. Three years ago. He. Said it would have been if I was on that side of the border it would have been a four hundred and thirty eight dollar fine each. Now. I checked online I'm very very careful I checked with fisheries Victoria, and I. Checked with, the the PAC's Victoria, before I come out with campfires stuff like that. And. I went to New South Wales cuz I've gotta New South Wales license in Victoria I, looked, on the New South Wales website, as well and it didn't say anything about this stretch it, just said that the opening was from the first. So. Um, that's, that's I mean clearly. This this must happen quite a bit in this little stretch of the Murray. Because. The guys the guys weren't looking. But. What was interesting they they come around and they came around at Easter time as well they, give up these these awesome. Papers. The, Murray River Guardian. And, it's got all the information in it and inside inside, this this issue there's. A section. About, your. Campfires and you. Can't have wood, and your campfire that's over did he stay one meter long. Yeah. So so we had basically we had like limbs, burning off two, big limbs burning off he, could give me a fine for that he didn't he gave me the paper he said this is the reason why because. If you leave the camp unattended which we never do it. Can burn out and it makes sense so I've. Taken that wood off i've doused it and later, on tonight I'll cut it down to the right size and. Then, we, had a general clear up around the camp. You. See mushi got, the got. The shovel out and. Yeah. Really interesting, I. Mean. I hold, my hands up I didn't I did not know about that and. At. The end of the day it's our responsibility but, they, were really good about it and it is a small, section on the Murray smokes. Brought me always now. So. Yeah interesting and I didn't know that about the fire. So. She's all cleared up and, the nets are out. So. There you go David, mr.. David dub stop I won't even be catching a bloody cry. Because. I didn't bring my rods over how. Well. Yeah. No, fault of my own. Well. Anyway. I'm vomiting on. What's. Inside here. This. Is. A parachute. This. Is a cargo parachute. Australian. Defence Force issued, and. Yeah. It's, awesome. My, courts. Good. To go. It's. Huge now my intention was if he had a bit of rain to get up in the tree. Once. Again guys I picked an absolute dozy. Of a spot okay.

It's. Gonna be a bit hard together less you up there. You. Don't need it anyway oh I've got the cup the bashes, the. Hoochies but anyway it's a very very very cool. Issued. Para Parekh and. We will give that a demo. If. I can find a limb we'll get that out and have a demo and show you that. Yeah. Just chilling. Camps, clean it up. Coffee. On the go. We. Got the flag liberators, from the Australian, Defence Force. Would. You say the temp is love. Remarkable. Oh by, the way when. We were here last Easter, I'll. Put the link in the video above you will see me and monkey pull a load of rubbish out of this spot well. Exactly. Same spot, not. Only if they left their tent again. -. Textual canvassed they've just left all the poles but they've left their bag of rubbish again so, it will be I'm guarantee you it'll be the exactly the same together look, at this over here. Parks. Victoria but, the Rangers came in and I've reported. Them I reported, them locked up and I'd reported them again this time I saw, the lads I'll carry the rubbish out as we normally do look. At this crap we've just collected. Just. All around. So. I'll burn the box often whatever. I can burn off or burn off the rest I'll carry out. And. Just the little heads-up whoever, brought their two dogs in last night to. The Vic - - bomber on the Vic side. The. Rangers are looking for you because I came in here looking for the dogs so, no, dogs in the national parks boys and girls. Yeah. They. Were pretty and hot to see when they loved so. The, dog was barking all morning, two. Of them. Yeah. So anyway they're after you boys really. Simple rules take your home if you bring it in don't, bring dogs or firearms. International. Park you'll. Be sweet as well I'm, gonna read this book this pamphlet make. Sure I've got all ee. The i's and cross the t's and. Then we go from bushwalk. Playing. Playing, track. Camps. About cod you will expect that boys. Which. I'll put in now so you. From, these wild, horses obviously. There's. A tree up here she's not a canoe tree or scar tree I think it's just natural. Decay. Mm-hmm. Could possibly been a. Lightning. Strike. Or something we're going to look at this tree. I'm, gonna stray. Natural. Shelter feed boys and girls. The. Weather come in you get sitting here put. Some brush across the front. Sitting. There with, her out the storm. See. The tan through the trees. Just. Melt. Into the forest. Damn. It. Starlings everything he's watching is too. Yeah. There. You go guys. An, Aussie Billabong. And. Here comes two guys in their cars. How. About this for natural shelter got. It. Big. Red jump. Jeez. You won't have to do much here love just. Move in. How. Could that go. To bed. You. Put your fire down here little admin area.

Very. Cool. Very. Cool. Rule. Those. You haven't seen that show alone guys I reckon. That's all you need that in the top. Makes. Your shelter sorted. And. I'm six foot three. Just. About. The. Top oh. Really. All. Right play some more forward cool. All, right so we're heading back to camp now that. Was a good hour hour-and-a-half exercise, yeah, I worked, up a sweat. Good. How'd. You like. Yeah. Alright guys we're gonna get some water see you back at camp bye, guys. What's. That now, sixteen. Come. Up sixteen ten all, the fire laid out got. These later, on we can come up if we desperately need them but I think we will now, what are we doing. She. Won the Trivial Pursuit already this week. Twice. How. Did we. Know. So that's where we're at. Just. Show you the river. Cat. Next door's got their fire run. I'm. Not sure where they from they say I'm Yugoslavian, or you know. Croatian. Or Macedonian, or Serbian. Bosnian. Whatever. Beautiful. Hmm. How's. Your book. Yep. What. Are you fighting for tea. I've. Got a lot of captions from the garden I'm like a ganja mix. And. A mixed grill sausage. Burger chopped, fried. Egg. I'm. Gonna have an egg okay. Here's our chickens legs and, we got to use them and. Oh. Yeah, make sure you always got a half, a tomato and a fried egg with a mixed, grill so, that's what we're gonna have later go I'll cut that on the far as always but, now I'm gonna keep my wife sauce, Jim. Rummy. Famous. Last words. Cook. Out a bit of tea guys. We're. What. You got. He's. Lost trust, on the fire. Chili. From. The garden. Courtesy. Of maxy maxy. Vegetable. Company incorporated. All. Right. Tommy's. In tomorrow's, in and eggs. And that's it good to go. Well, if it's cracking outreach the bullets. The beautiful, thing. Just. Please. Mix. Grille and, the gums you mix. Good. Wrap an egg. I'm. Going down yep some pepper them baby. Look. At that. Let's. Do those colors in the water. What, a campfire run in the distance playing. A bit of Duff Duff music. You. Some pop of the X please babe thank, you oh good. On you. Campfire. Cooking on.

The. Cast-iron. Can't, beat it just. Kids in pots that little little taste beautiful. Cast. On cooking Bible you reckon. Yeah. I'll flip them in just a second. Well. Guys that's us four feet bring. You back later on we were drinking wine and talking balls. How'd. You go love. The. Walmart match how many games have been play and. How many did I beat you boy. The. Big words the, big words at the start. Humble. Pie. Tastes. So good by the fire. My. Generation. My generation. Are. You know. Nice. No, doubt. The. Ladies. You.

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Loved it Moose. Awesome work. Gin Rummy by the fire. Haven't played it for years. This video has inspired me to go camping. And those brumbies.....WOW those photos were epic. Awesome work Mr and Mrs Moose.

Much appreciated Robbie mate. It was a cold start but it got a lot better day two. Good nights sleep always helps. Cheers mate. ATB Moose.

You and Missus Moose are one of my favourite channels , vids are getting better and better Moose . Will you guys do a snow trip this winter ?

p.s. Mrs Moose cant ski mate

Luke, you're a gentleman and a scholar. We try our best pal. Thanks mate. ATB Moose

G'day Moosy boy, another enjoyable trip out into the bush mate, the rangers are hot on their rules n regs mate but fare play to em and all that gash left by some irresponsible brain dead moron, simple, carry it in then carry it back out, don't need a high iQ for that one, lovely bit of scran at the end, nearly had me drooling lol, will be in touch soon mate, stay safe and enjoy, atb

Good stuff mate. You two are keen camping in winter brrr.

BRAVE the out doors Mr. & Mrs Moose! ;oP

Gees you're brave! I spent 1 night in the desert lodge @ Nhill and alm froze my balls off! (It WAS dry tho!)

Nice cook out by the river, a glass of vino to finish it off

What more do we need Sam, it's all good matey. Have a cracking weekend brother. ATB Moose.

I can understand why people dont like brumbies in national parks but i reckon they're part of our heritage and a cultural icon too and should be managed appropriately. No culling! They're just so beautiful.

No, it could not be said. Humans are not eating national parks out of flora and causing erosion. Hard Hoof = Less Nature Soft foot = More Nature

The same could be said for humans could it not?. Should i start culling those too?.

I'm very sorry. Invasive vertebrate pest species such as horses ruin the nature. They require loads of food and wreck everything as they stomp all over the place with their hard hooves which creates erosion. Further to this, I would argue that horses wrecking national parks is not part of our heritage nor the culture. I am all for mustering them and selling them for the betterment of national parks. NB : Horse culling goes on all the time. They are called Brumbies for a reason - they're genes are not well mixed. NB : Horses wreck the nests and breeding rates of ground nesting birds such as plovers. Less horses = more birds.

Ade!!!! Nooooo...

Better management - aka, culling with a 762

Agreed BWA, wonderful creatures and they bring in just as many visitors as the fish do. They need better management is all. Cheers Moose.

Hey Moose...good to see another one of your great videos.....I watched the tree line closely for wild dingos with napkins around their necks and did not see any this time. Thank you for sharing a video of a great trip with us.

lol, No William mate, they are off North to warmer climates. Too bloody cold for them down here in the winter. Cheers pal. ATB Moose.

Another good one. Rooster bullets, new one on me lol. I've heard em called cackle berries and hen apples by my backwoods mom. All the best. John.

G'day mate, not sure where that one came from amigo, probably just made it up lol, cackle berries, lol. Gold. Cheers pal. ATB Moose.

Well that doesn`t look too bad at all the winter over there :-) What is it like temperature wise? Round 15.C daytime? Quite strict camp regulations too, I found out the drone rules are something to keep in mind as well, we`ll see in about months time when we get there in spring, can`t wait! Nice cooking btw.

G'day Rene, the rules are pretty ok mate, just common sense stuff really. Rangers were cool guys and very understanding. As for drones, i did hear from Robbie Alexander on his channel that drones have to be registered or a permit for footage used in commercial practice. Other than that, i think it's ok mate. Good comment. ATB Moose. p.s. todays high is 12*c

Mrs moose was right on going camping where was the rain beautiful weather Mrs moose those photos you took the first morning of the river and the Brumbies absolutely beautiful good job moose boy always an excuse still no crayfish or fish maybe you shouldn't wait for yabby that's the only things you seem to catch that Gumtree 7 foot tall it had to be a couple of hundred years old good video mate nice mix grill but I'll have mine with chips gravy don't forget the gravy look forward to the next part of the video stay safe

lol, G'day Dave, well you might be right mate. I normally do just fine on the Cray's buddy but the 50 came and pulled the plug on me, lol. I will get back out there and chase many more before the seasons over mate. Part 2 on it's way. Have a cracking weekend lad. ATB Moose.

Maybe you could mention that ferral horses can be shot

Hi mate, As far as i can see online and on Parks Vic no Brumbies have been culled hitherto. They are looking to follow the NSW approach of round ups and selling them off. You cannot take firearms into National Parks and therefore cannot shoot them there. They may have culls that you can register for but i believe the will employ professional shooters to slot them nice a quietly to prevent an outcry if it has to happen at all. Cheers Moose.

I Thought we were allowed to shoot in Barmah, whats changed?, Big ferral shoot last month. Authorized by Vic Parks. Whats changed bud.

Since the park changed from State to National years back, firearms and hunting are not allowed buddy. I can't find any sign of a Vic Parks ferrel shoot last month, not on their page, DEWLP or elsewhere. Can you send me a link as this is news to me. After the Labour Gov back flip in January regarding culling brumbies i would not think the Andrews Gov would have the bulls to cull them covertly. Would love to find out otherwise as that would be huge news here. Cheers Moose.

1) I only ever watched Rick Stein and Anthony Bourdain. I was surprised. 2) God save the Queen. And all the tourist attractions in London.... 3) The plant perspires - gives out water. Nothing to do with the sun. 4) I am militant about logs extending outside the fire circle - The reason is because people drink, trip and get bbqéd. It's also very sensible that the logs do not burn away and possibly cause a fire. I will rouse on anyone for having wood sticking out where people can trip (or it can burn away and cause a bush fire). 5) You won't be playing music in my camp. I like peace and serenity. I don't need reminding of the outside world.

Islam and Nazis are 2 examples of fascist ideologies. Her Majesty is an independent head of state which makes 1 billion quid a year for Great Britain. Sorry, What was your complaint ?

2) It's a fascist regime...

Well, I'm off to cry with my invisible friend Johnnie.

Don't listen to a word this nut job says Robbie mate, he is a friend of mine from up bush in Queensland and a prime wind up merchant of the second finest order. Now Ade, medicine and bed you little tiger you.

I could tell ya to get fucked would that sound more genuine?. :-) I've got toast and bean probably. Enjoy flog. ATB Moose.

Rob, It's always good camp conduct to keep the wood inside the burning area lest someone trips over it in the night. The secondary reason is for bush fires. Here right now in my high rise apartment block it's very very dry and drought declared. A spark would mean disaster even though it is winter. I just don't want anyone to fall in the fire. How much burn cream do you have in the first aid kit ?

You sound so sincere and genuine....

Sounds epic mate.

Tomorrow we are doing the sacrifice. In aid of the shortest day we will be bbqíng a full rack of pork Saturday afternoon for the longest day. I know, confusing.... There will be premium Japanese beer, Norwegian salmon and fine Danish pork. I wonder what the poor people are doing ? A video will be made of the ritual sacrifice.

Ade Larsen The log could be 100 meters long and it still wouldn't start a fire at the moment. Understandable til in summer though.

Thanks Ade, very constructive as usual................ Enjoy the Johnny Walker. Moose Out.

You forgot the 2 kind Edwards.... gotta keep watching. I'm only up to about 5 minutes. Loving it so far. We'll bring you back......

I always take a full pack of King Edwards.... no use taking 2, you might run into company. Ooh, cryptic...

Good on ya mate. Enjoy.

Hay Moose &  Mrs.  Great time spent with ya's, Love the captures shots of the wildlife, Great seeing the Rangers doing what they get paid for, Glad ya didn't get fined, Sad still having to pick up after others. Guess ya whooped Mrs. Bloomers @ Cards Eh ? Glad we sat by your camp with ya's ! Much Enjoyed !  Be Well, Friends !      ATB Ter  God  Bless

G'day Terry old mate. She was a little cold mate but it was a fun time, rangers did a cracking job and great to see them out and about. As for cards, well it was well over due, she normally smashes me, lol. Cheers Mate. ATB Moose.

G'day Paul, mate, its bloody odd, over ten years i have seen 3 ranges on patrol, the last two on both trips out. It's bloody great they are earning their coin and spreading education rather than fines and policing. Tooled up i might add, vest's batons, spray and cuffs but lovely blokes. Just waving the flag mate. Cheers Paul, have a good weekend mucker. Cheers Moose.

The Mrs is keen as mustard brother, unreal but i am chuffed we went mate, Sunday, Monday was lovely weather. Thanks for watching and commenting as always TJ. Have a good weekend mate. ATB Moose.

We sure did mate. Thanks for watching. Cheers Moose

Toodle-pip ol' chap! (ati)

Tell me about it mate, bloody chilly that first night mind, got better the next two days and we had the fire on nearly all day. Plenty of wood everywhere. I pushed over 4 dead standing, that did us for most of the trip. Cheers mate. Have a good weekend. Moose.

We love you :-)

Whatever mate. Enjoy your weekend.

LOL There's millions of Brumbies in the north of Australia. They don't want any more of the damn things. Muster them and sell them off. The rest shoot them because they are an introduced and invasive vertebrate pest species which ruins the nature. You can say and think what you want. What you are spruiking is drivel based on emotion. Tighten up.

4x4 erosion, rubbish and trash all over, over fishing....... our footprint is pretty big brother. I respect your stance mate but culling is not the answer. I think the muster must recommence, we never had this problem before remember and these beasts saved our bacon in the first and second WW. We owe them enough respect to find them work rather than slaughtering them in batches. Rather than having thousands spent on stock horses in Queensland and NT, why not send these beauties North for retraining?. cost effective and we know how durable they are in those conditions. Just a thought mind. ATB Moose.

Get some AUSSIE pork on your fork you flog!

JUST quoting Johnny Rotten! (CAN'T resist whenever some1 says, ' God save the Queen!')

Be nice, we all have an opinion bud.

He lost the love of his life. And she didn't want him back. There's no despair or emptiness like losing that with no going back. No matter what angel's bed you lay down in. It will never be her again. That realisation is horrible. Unfortunately I have dealt with this. Enough crying and sad shit. Love that you have been uploading as much as you have. Love seeing you and your lady's adventures. You and others on YouTube got me thru what Anthony didn't make it thru. Truly loneliness and true emptiness is what he dealt with.

Yeah, i was working in a pretty risky world back then mate, over in the sand box but pulled back on that life so can relax a little with things. Glad you pulled through buddy, what does not kill us, makes us stronger, its a big old learning curve hey. Cheers mate.

MOOSEDOWNUNDER thank you. And YouTube really did get the mind off the horrible shit. Unfortunately, it was my fault. But all good now. Was watching when I was going through that back when you weren't showing your face a couple of years ago. Thanks again for the reply.

G'day fella. Geez mate, what a shit house situation hey, i can not imagine, nor do i wish to for that matter, losing a partner is just an unbearable concept for me mate. Sorry to hear this happened to you but delighted that you find comfort in our adventures bro, that means a lot. Keep in there mate, as my old girl used to say, this too shall pass. Cheers mate. All the best Moose.

Just watched part 2 loved it. All your videos are extremely good. I have the same 4bie as you do, their good trucks. Can we get the gps coordinates for around where you go in Barmah? Or is it a secret. All good if it is i do understand.

G'day Sam, thanks mate, much appreciated. The Paj is a good solid build mate, love my rig. As for GPS, no dramas, take the Gulf track from Picola township and head along river towards Barmah. You will see all the tracks there mate and my camp spot is either the Fish Basket or Frenchman's track normally, sometimes i just head off track and cut my own way in the bush mate. There are plenty of spots in there for you to explore and enjoy. Have fun out there. ATB Moose.

When you forget something and go back and get it I'll called it a turn around trip ....Nice campfire and wonderful conversation with the misses moose

lol, yep this was a turnaround trip Sandra, lol, woops. Part two is up also. Cheers Moose.

Excellent videos man, good spots and i love Barmah.

Thanks mate, she a cracking spot for sure. Part two is up also. Cheers Moose

That's a bloody good idea boys, i will recce it and get it done this month. Mt Hotham has had a load of snow so epic shots. Cheers Moose.

Luke Dempsey snow trip to the high country would be amazing !


It's even better to get some fork on your PORK! ;oP

Well it WAS all an ACT, after all!

I think that is something we can all agree with!. lol

He has gone all straight and nice as of late, they even have him on day time TV. unreal hey. lol.

My pleasure mate. Cheers Moose.

MOOSEDOWNUNDER I understood why you couldn't be identified back then. Took a break from the Internet and spent almost a year on a boat in Alaska and Washington state. Came back and there you were, face and everything. Thanks for the replies and for the posts. And thank you for the sacrifices you made to protect the people the couldn't protect themselves. A true sheepdog. Protecting the flock. Thank you again

You're more patriotic to England than me lol, but apart from the Monarchy talk great vid again mate and the pics and music after the 6 min mark was awesome, as was that food at the end. ATB, James.

G'day James, good on ya mate. I am patriotic it must be said, to the Realm and of course Australia. British Army for many years mate, old habits die hard and all that. Thanks for watching and the great comment bud. ATB Moose.

I've never been a fan of those vic park rangers they use very questionable tactics to give out fines, dont ever give them your I D you may get one in the mail lol. It's some nice country out that way for sure I've found it a little less crowded on the nsw side so normally go there myself. Great video btw thanks for sharing

G'day mate, these two blokes were actually pretty good hey, i had the police type ranger fella come in over Easter, he had all the vest, cuffs, baton and spray get up, bit over the top i thought but hey ho. Yep she is a lot less crowded over the river for sure, ill head back on NSW tracks this winter i reckon. Thanks for watching mate. ATB Moose.

Good Day moose sad about Anthony, he was one of my favourite cooking personalities, loved his no nonsense approach to life, a spade was a spade and nothing in between, looks like a great weekend, unfortunately the regulations the national parks have brought in take a lot away from the joys of camping these days, but thats progress for you, mongrels leaving there rubbish like that, karma will get them, thanks for sharing mate.

G'day Hank mate, yep shit house about Tony hey, what a bloody waste. As for the feck wits in the bush, mate, i have no idea why its such a biggy to carry your shit out, does my head in. Any way, as you say, lets hope karma kicks them in the nuts. lol. ATB Moose.

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