Question Period : Carbon tax, safe third country agreement, Hassan Diab — May 1, 2018

Question Period : Carbon tax, safe third country agreement, Hassan Diab — May 1, 2018

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To pay higher fuel prices with, the carbon tax and his response, was bit jarring he said yes and that's, what Canadians, expect because that is leadership, unwell, mr. speaker what the minister reviews as leadership, is literally, terrifying, to widows and single, moms across this country but at the very least they, deserve to know one thing how much will the carbon tax cost, them. Not. Just their tenuous, relationship with, the truth but. Also with, the understanding, that we have to take concrete action. Well, in carbon after. 10 long years of the harper concerns. The. Environment, the same conservative show they just don't get it we, are putting a price on carbon pollution because, it will reduce emissions. And drive, growth. In the right direction at, the same time while. Harper, Conservatives. Economy, and the environment work, together somehow, Canada, is broken we will continue to invest in clean technology. Honourable, member for milking. Simply. Don't seem that I understand, they're very much out of touch with the reality of what's happening and the gravity of the issue that we're speaking of I remember the days mr. speaker and a lot of us do about, being able to put just five bucks in the gas tank in order to get to my work at the Dairy Queen and there are people like that today in, my writing, who experience, that this is a serious, matter that's going to affect, the affordability, of life for many Canadians, his department, knows how much it costs, why, won't you tell them. Practical. Low-cost, measures, to tackle climate change and, drive clean. Including. Pricing, pollution. That, the conservatives, have no intention. Of taking climate change seriously and. Have no plan to promote clean growth in Canada, this is exactly, the kind of inaction, we saw in ten years under Stephen Harper. Who. Still very, much apparently, controls, the background Chilika. Order. The. Honourable member for central. Post. The base sent from what the game will come to order. The. Honourable, member for Milton. Because. He believes that Canadians, need to be told to make better choices basically. He's running on the no pain no gain clown, born but the reality, is this mr. speaker we don't know how much the pain will be or, is this just a real issue of the fact that it's all paid and no, game. Member. Actually talked, to some of her colleagues from British Columbia where, they have had a price, of carbon, pollution for. Years. Wrong. Economic, growth in the country eighty-five. Percent of Canadians, now live in jurisdictions. Where they put a price on carbon pollution, and. Canadians, understand, that, growing the economy at the same time as we protect the environment is, the only way forward the Harper Conservatives. They don't get it they're stuck in what they were doing for ten years Canadians. Had enough. The. Honourable. Member for, Louisa Naha and. So. Mr. speaker this. Is what the Conservatives, did for ten years and it comes from a document from the Department, of Natural Resources. Greenhouse. Gas emissions went down by 2.2 percent, and the GDP went up by sixteen, point nine percent. That's. What the Conservatives, did. So. Folks know it's, working. I'm. Sorry I had trouble hearing the Honourable member. The. Microphone, here was, open, it. Is, now closed and the, member for Louisa nah-nah has the floor, Thank. You mr. speaker, it's a great pleasure I will repeat what I said because, it is the truth and it, comes from the Department of Natural Resources of, Canada, the. Conservative, track record from 2005, to 2015, was. Lower. Greenhouse gas, emissions. By 2.2 percent and the GDP went up by sixteen point nine percent that's, the conservative track record greenhouse.

Gas Is down and a better. Economy and we, did it without the, liberal carbon tax, why. Does, the Prime Minister want to impose a new tax on Canadians, the. Right honourable, Foreign Minister. Mr.. Speaker, if. These conservatives. Want to lead another election, campaign on the basis of how they. Did well during the Harper years I invite them to do so. Canadians. Rejected, Harper's, approach which. Had the worst a track record for economic, growth since the Great Depression. Who. Could not create, C. Energy. Projects. And get them to new markets, and those all failed they. Did not deliver of, to Canadians, what they needed to Canadians. Made a choice and they rejected Harper and his Conservatives, the, Honourable. Member for, two weeks Anika, Mr, Speaker I think the Prime Minister made his choice he's, aside the truth and facts, if. We. Lowered greenhouse gas emissions. And improved the economy the, facts, are that the Prime Minister has in, his hands as part of the Council of mr. C has a document, that indicates how much more it's going to cost it, Canadian. Families to implement the liberal carbon tax can the Prime Minister be honest, with Canadians, and. Table. This document, so that Canadians, know exactly how much the liberal carbon tax will cost them the. Right honourable, Prime Minister, mr.. Speaker to make things clear economic. Growth that, occurred during the harper years was the worst. Since. The Great Depression. Among. All canadian prime ministers for, two and a half years, by, investing, more money into the middle class by. Investing, in infrastructure. By. Demonstrating, that leadership, in the environment, and the economy go, together, we. Have the best track record for growth among g7, countries last, year and. We. Are, creating. 600,000. New jobs that. Is our track record and that's what Canadians chose the. Honourable member for the most kinesia to me squats on a bus. October. 27, 2016 is a problematic, date for the prime minister it's. The date where indigenous groups we're told that no decision had been made in the Kinder, Morgan file but. A few minutes later six, organizations heard. The assistant, deputy minister Aaron O'Gorman, order, staff to provide cabinet. A legally. Sound basis, to say yes to this project, none, of the, representatives, denied that these things were said the. Only ones to deny it are the prime minister and his Minister of Natural Resources, will. They, make public, all the documents, about this projects, approval. The, right honourable Prime Minister mr., speaker the federal court of appeal clearly. Indicated. That the harper government had. Not sufficiently, Constanze ulted indigenous, peoples about, energy projects. Our. Government. Held. The broadest, consultations. Among rights holders in the history of this country and we, set up the, oversight, committee whose role was, defined. Alongside. With indigenous, groups 43. Indigenous community signed agreements. And, for. The first time in, Canada's, history many. Indigenous peoples, took part in the process.

They. Were able, to extract benefits, from it the, Honourable member for Thomas Kean Asia theme squirted a basket, when he sixteen indigenous, groups were told that, no, decisions, have been made in the canoe margin project fact, minutes, later in, the meeting of six organizations, a top, government official, instructed, her staff to give, the cabinet, illegally, sound basis. For saying yes to the project, none, of these present, denied, that this has been said in fact one participant, actually, confirmed and I quote I was, rather short I've been given that kind of direction it's not something, I expected for available government. Information. The. Right honorable Prime Minister it's really did was improve. The process by adding additional steps. And additional. Consultations. To, the flawed process, put, in place by the Harper, government. The. Move. Moving forward, resources. Requires, that. We demonstrate, leadership on, the environment, and a, plan, to grow the economy sustainably. That's exactly, what we did we strengthened. The approval, process we did extra, consultations. And we are moving forward with the project in the national, interest. Honourable. Member finola isn't married Mr. Speaker we found out today that the government is trying to negotiate an invisible. Wall for. Asylum seekers, publicly. The, Prime Minister says that he. Wants to welcome refugees but. Behind closed doors. There's. An attempt to send them back to the United States the. Minister's responsible refused. To answer questions, can. The government be clear and tell. Us if it is true that, it is attempting to renegotiate. The safe third-country agreement. Right, honorable Prime Minister Mr Speaker it's been months that we've been having conversations, with our American partners on many issues having. To do with our borders, that's, what Canadians expect of us the. Safe third country agreement allows for, a good, management of asylum. Requests. The. United Nations. Indicates. That people must make. Their request for asylum in the safe first, safe country they arrived in it is unfortunate, that the, NDP is using conservative, tactics, to convince Canadians. To be afraid we, are moving forward with a compassionate, approach that will make sure that those who should remain, in Canada can do so for. Vancouver. East when. The cameras, are rolling the Prime Minister, wants people to be guard him as a, global humanitarian. But, behind closed doors mr. speaker his government, is quietly, working to shut down Canada's. Border to asylum seekers, who are forced, to risk life and limb to guess safety, to get to safety and this has been happening since September. Of last year the, double-talk doesn't stop there it was just last week that his Minister, of immigration, said having. One continuous. Official, border crossing all, nine, thousand, kilometers is called not a real solution, liberals. And conservatives watch, the difference. In. Canada, we are incredibly, fortunate that. Canadians. Look, at immigrants. And refugees across, party, lines as a potential. Benefit, to Canada as nation, builders not, just as as immigrants. Or refugees we. Know that, being compassionate and welcoming is one of the great strengths of Canada but we also know, that applying, the rules, and the laws around our immigration, system is essential. For fairness but it's also essential, to ensure. Continued, support, for immigration of, refugees, that is exactly, what we are doing we are going to remain compassionate. While ensuring, that our laws are enforced. Honourable. Member for Carleton, for. The finance minister today, in the Finance Committee government. Officials, admitted, they. Have modeled, the, cost of the carbon tax to Canadian. Families, but. Then when I asked, if they would just share those calculations. With the committee and with the people who will have to pay those taxes, the, officials said he cannot do that at this time so, what the government wants is for Canadians to write a blank cheque, where in the amounts will be written after. That check is in the hands of the government why, won't the Finance Minister end his carbon tax cover-up, and tell, us what this tax would cost Canadians.

Opposite, Didn't read the report that was released yesterday clear. Evidence, that what putting, a price on pollution works, and it right so you can do that while growing a clean economy. Climate. Change do they even believe it's real because they have no plan, yeah. Order. The. Honourable member for Carlton well, mr. speaker it's disappointing, that the Finance Minister is still in hiding and can't answer questions about his own budget but. We'll, find out if there's anyone over there who can answer this question today gas. Prices, in Vancouver, have reached a record, dollar, 60. Consumers. Are suffering, families, are paying more and it's going to get a lot worse under, this proposed, liberal, carbon, tax the, government knows, how much this tax will cost families. Why. Won't they tell Canadians. How much will it cost the average family. So, I wish the member opposite, wouldn't mislead, I wouldn't, mimic mislead, people from British Columbia. Economics. You'd understand, why the price, is higher for Gaston, BC it actually, has to do with the supply and demand issue it has to do with exchange, rates. That, are watching question, right now what, you would do to ensure a more sustainable future for them. Though mr. speaker it might be a lot more sustainable, if they would let, us as Canadians. Build a pipeline to bring. Back. To the matter at hand there is no question, that this carbon tax will raise the price of gasoline the, minister's. Own document, says that it will go up by at least 11. Cents and that's if you believe their, numbers, they, also know, how much this tax will cost the, average Canadian. Family but nobody will answer over there why won't they end this cover-up and tell us how much this match. Our. Analysis, that shows that carbon pricing works. We. Are surprised on pollution and guess what, their economies, were the fastest. Growing in the country. What. Are you gonna do under ten years of the Harper government you, did. Order. I remind the Ottawa Minister of Environment to direct her comments, to the chair when, we say you and here talked about the speaker of course, well. Remember for Carlton mr.. Speaker the.

Environment, Minister can't answer the question about how much this tax will cost Canadians. The, finance minister won't answer the question, how much this wolf, count will cost Canadians, the, Prime Minister was unable to answer, the question, so, I'm trying to figure out which of these ministers, has the answer why don't we just ask them all how. Much how, much how much how much how much how much how much. What's. Your client plan what's your plan to plan what. Order. Whoa. The. Honorable number for Carlton well. She should know because she actually followed. The, conservative, targets. Then at the same time as, taxes. Went down. We. Save people money while, protecting, the economy, now will, they finally answer, the question, how much will a Canadian, family have to pay for, this new liberal, carbon Town. The party opposite, with. Climate. Change right now, one of the hardest calls I ever had to do was, to a rancher, in Alberta whose whole ranch bogged, down because. Of forest fires. No. Trouble hearing the question we also need to hear the answer. Orders. I. Asked. My Minister Kitchener Conestoga, and others and others. Not. To speak until this their turn to speak. The arvo Minister of Environment has the floor order. Thank. You mr. speaker there's a real path a cost of climate change right now in Canadians across the country are feeling it we. Have bearing. The impacts of forest, fires of floods, of drugs. But. They think it's a joke we, are taking serious action on climate change. And. We're going to meet it. Actually. They just released, a document, yesterday, saying they won't meet their. 90. Million, tonnes. Short, of meeting their target and that's with their carbon, tax she said she spoke to a rancher, in Alberta, did she tell that Rancher how much this carbon tax would, cost you a minute. They get more clear. The. Honourable member for Chablis, mr.. Speaker a reporter, told us that the Department of Justice fought. Hard, to. Have, a Canadian. Extradited. Hasan's yep even if the file did, not have enough evidence or. Evidence that was unreliable. According. And, this. Was done in spite of Human, Rights extended, to, every, Canadian citizen, what, has Canada been doing since mr. Chia has been. Returned to ensure, that this nightmare never, happens again the. Honourable, Minister of Foreign Affairs. We. Have fought for, the return of mr. diem in Canada that was a very important issue for, all. Of us we are delighted that he is back, in Canada we are aware of the, reports, of involvement. Of federal, public servants in his extradition. That. Happened, under the previous government I think. It is important to take, that into account the, Honourable member for British somebody a governor aid had was using, low burden of proof to extradite, mr. Diab to, France a burden of proof, that was so insufficient, that it didn't hold up in a French Court and mr. speaker in a 2006. Supreme, Court ruling the court said that the court that courts have to stop rubber-stamping. For. An extradition request and start weighing evidence presented, by foreign. Countries so can the minister explain, how the Department, of Justice, is supposed to deal with this issue when, they're investigating, themselves and when, will they actually fix, this broken extradition, system, that people are paying with with their livelihood. Glad. To have that question, we advocated. At every, level for mr. Dobbs returned to Canada it is an issue that I took very personally, and I am very glad he is back home in Canada with his family, I have, read the reports, of the involvement of government officials, in his extradition this, happened under the previous Harper, government.

That. This is indeed. A matter which it is important, to look into the. Honourable, member for Richmond Center. People. Will cross into Canada illegally. The Prime Minister created, this mess with his tweet and he's, providing. Special, treatment to those who skip the line and. Seem. To understand, is that we can be both we. Can both protect, the security and safety of Canadians, while meeting our international obligations for. Refugee, protection we, have a proud, record of doing, both the party opposite, wants to set one, group of immigrants, against, another and that is the politics of division and feel. That, Canadians, rejected, in 2015. Richmond. Center. Constituents. Who are frustrated by, wait time to sponsor, their families, what, is the street limit on the number of family members that, can come to Canada yeah there. Seems to be no, limit to the number illegal. Border crossers they are allowed in Canada. Prime Minister, please explain, how it, is fair to keep families, apart while awarding, those who break the law. Is. Trying to muddy the waters they know very clearly that, refugees, are processed, in, a different stream with, the immigration, refugee board. And that, other immigrants, are processed, by immigration. Refugee citizenship. Canada but let's talk about processing. Times processing. Times under the Conservatives, for spouses, were, more than 26 months or, longer spouses, and children and, families were kept apart for, a very long time we've brought that down to, 12 months or less let's, talk about living caregiver, program where. Families were, kept apart between. Five to seven years mr. speaker we've reduced that by 12 months or less Mr. Speaker we have a great lauraball member, for Edmonton Manor. System. In, just the past year over 20,000, asylum, seekers have illegally, crossed, the borders into Canada this Prime Minister's policies, in collision illegal, immigrants, the chonta queue while those who follow the rules have, to wait longer, can. The Prime Minister complain to me how, how. Is that fair. Needs. To understand, the rules in fact when someone. Crosses, the, border. Inconsistently. With the with the rules they, are arrested. They are questioned. They, are identified, both biographically. And biometrically. Their, identity, is checked against, every Canadian and US database. For, any immigration, or criminal or security, flags and then, they are required mr. speaker, to, in fact prove, the. Necessity for protection. From Canada, if they cannot prove that mr. speaker their, admissibility is denied and they are removed from the country, honourable. Remember. For Edmonton manic. Refugee. From Djibouti and the, wait times up to seven years. Illegally. And immediately. Getting to stay in Canada Canadians. And those who wish to come to Canada legally. Are frustrated, why, is the Prime Minister rewarding. Those who break the wall and, punishing those who play by the rules. Puts. Priority, on the safety and security of Canadians, while continuing, to meet our international obligations, but let's talk about their record mr. speaker they they had an abysmal record when it comes to refugees privately. Sponsored or, government-sponsored. They, cut, refugee, health care mr. speaker they Pit one group of immigrants against another mr. speaker that is the politics, of fear and division that, Canadians, resoundingly, rejected in, 2015. We. All know the story. It's. Monday morning and a student suddenly realizes, that he has done homework that's due today, jumps. In the school bus and scribbles an assignment, along the way. Usually. The result isn't too impressive but that's. Exactly what's happening with the Liberals in our electoral reform in, November, 2016, they tabled a bill then they fell asleep at the switch now, they're suddenly waking up after. Having broken their main electoral. Promise while. Table, a bill that likely won't even take effect before the next election. And. We'll presented the Treasury Board Speaker. C76. Will, strengthen. Canada's, electoral, system and it will increase, the participation of. Canadians. In our electoral process I spoke to the acting and chief electoral officer yesterday. In fact about about, the legislation, and the. Potential, to increase the transparency of, our electoral process to. Make elections more accessible. And the, electoral, process more, secure, is an important, one and that's why this bill it's important, that we pass, this through Parliament, and the Senate it's important, that we continue to make sure that it is in place in fact for, the next election I very confidential, will be the Honourable member 15 Ibaka valve it was so important, to them that they sat on the bill for a year and a half they, just introduced, a 250.

Page Omnibus. Voting, bill which is kind of ironic coincidental. So yesterday was Elections Canada's deadline, to pass legislation, so. They can run our elections, fairly, after, hitting the snooze button for, more than a year and a half liberals, are now reaching out for the panic button you think after betraying, his promise that 2015, was the last election, under first-past-the-post, Prime, Minister would have least gotten his homework in on time so, my question is simple the voting system doesn't belong to liberals it belongs to all Canadians, while they commit to cross country hearings, so that all Canadians, can have their voices heard. Mr, Speaker I I, thank. Y'all remember fours question I also thank the New Democrats, for what, they said yesterday that they actually agree, with some of the provisions in C. 76, and in, fact they agree broadly, with the principles, that C 76, that, can actually strengthen, our democratic, process mr., speaker. 85%. Of, the recommendations. Of Elections. Canada are, in fact proposals. In C 76, - we've every confidence that Elections, Canada can make this work before the next election of, all member for von Woodbridge. Mr.. Pitts, mr.. Speaker last, November this government announced, Canada's, very first, National. Housing Strategy. That's. 40 billion dollars over ten, years to, put housing, first for more Canadians, for housing, joined is Ontario counterpart, to, sign the first bilateral housing, agreement under the National Housing Strategy could. The minister tell the house how, this agreement, will provide housing. Relief, for. All Ontario. Residents. First. To commend a member from Vaughn Woodbridge, for his tremendous work, in support, of the housing needs of his constituents. What, is yesterday's. Agreement in, involves. New investments, of four billion dollars to support families. In Ontario is going to build and repair more, homes is going to protect. 130,000. Ontarians, families, from the risk of losing their community, home and will help deliver the, new Canada Housing, Benefit mr., speaker were back in supporting the housing needs of Canadians and we're there to stay. Mr.. Speaker this morning the, newspaper yesterday published. A letter from the Minister of Immigration. Lamenting. That the solutions. Proposed by the Conservatives, to stop legal immigrants from entering the country wouldn't, solve anything, but. The Liberals, are currently. Negotiating changes. To the safe third country agreement with the Americans, can. The minister tell us exactly what is being negotiated. The. Honorable Minister of Transport. Mr., speaker as we've said many times we. Believe in a. System. That will welcome refugees as, long as the rules are followed that. Is why we are working closely with, the. Provinces, including. Quebec. And Ontario and, of. Course we, are constantly, in dialogue with our neighbors, our. American. Neighbors, are facing, a lot of issues, and the situation, concerns them too so we are talking to them and we will continue to do so so, that we can manage the situation.

Thank You it's interval member for shale bull what's nutshell, Mr. Speaker I would have liked to have an answer, from the Minister of Immigration but. I know I'd like to know is. The Minister saying that the u.s. Homeland Security Agency, is lying when, they say that they're negotiating with the Government of Canada is, the, Minister ready. To continue down this path just, to play a political, game because he can't admit that the solution, proposed by the Conservatives, is the best solution. How. Can we trust this government who's telling the truth, the. Honourable Minister of Transport. Mr.. Speaker, I'm, very, proud to be the chair, of the working, group that is managing this file, I am. Also qualified. To answer that question I, certainly. Didn't appreciate my, colleagues comment. At. The beginning of his question, we. Are working on this issue we. Are working with the province of Quebec and the province of Ontario and, the other provinces, and of course with the United States as well to, manage this situation and we will continue to do so for Calgary nose Hill today, the American Department of Homeland Security told, Canadian, media that they are considering, Canadian, proposals, to amend safe third-country agreements, after, a full year of conservatives, demanding, that that's loophole, that incensed people to illegally enter Canada but hundreds of thousands of others wait years to legally, enter the country we found out from the Americans, that in spite of the minister stating, on the record otherwise that, there were quote proposals. On the table, what. Are those proposals. Number. Of times we. Continuously. Work with our American counterparts, and all issues related, to our common border including, discussions. Related. To the safer country agreement, what I have also stated on the record, knee muris times is that there are no formal. Negotiations. With respect to the safe third country agreement what, I find very rich, is the, party opposite talking about the border, and about, immigration, processing, when they when, they record on both of those issues is abysmal, mr., speaker the. Honourable member for Calgary knows he'll let me tell you what that's code for mr., speaker our hash tag welcome to Canada prime minister doesn't, want to walk his tweet back and it is alienate, NDP voters so, he's happy to negotiate and, secret with the Americans and then hopes that he can blame their, delay for his lack of political will in. The meantime tens. Of thousands of people have and continue to illegally. Stream across our borders so, will how the Americans. Or anyone take, the Prime Minister seriously, when he's preparing for votes instead, of managing our borders. We. View immigration. As mattering. To each and every individual, that comes to Canada that is why we improve processing, times that, is why we welcomed over 51,000. Syrian refugees, that is why under, our leadership, we've been able to provide a home to, 1300. Survivors. Of - of atrocities. What was their record on under, their watch they, brought a grand tour of three years IDI refugees, to Canada mr. speaker what was their record in terms of treatment, of refugees they, cut, refugee. Health care to the most vulnerable pregnant. Women victims, of torture that is their record mr. speaker. Legislation. And whether or not this government, is committed to the free prior, and informed. Consent, the First Nations people the. Government has said it's most important, relationship. Is with indigenous peoples, but, when it comes to implementing, indigenous. Languages, and protecting, First Nations, land and water little has been done when, can, the First Nations, expect progress and how has the government implemented, free, prior, and informed, principles. Into, their agenda. Mr. Speaker I thank the member for the question and, for her ongoing advocacy, on, all the issues related. To indigenous people in this country, the, Government of Canada does, believe that the relationship with the judes of people is the most important, and as stated, in the mandate letter of every Minister. This new relationship, must be based on the recognition, of Rights respect. Cooperation. And partnership, and that is being fed into the new legal. Framework, for rights, recognition. As well as into the very important, legislation being brought, forward by, the Minister of heritage, árbol, member for Timmins James Bay Speaker. The work of reconciliation is. Far from done but today is a good day a historic. Day as the Parliament of Canada reaches, out directly, to Pope Francis to ask him to work with us and to issue that formal, apology, for, the Catholic Church's role in establishing, running, and covering up the crimes of the residential, school to the Prime Minister, what formal, steps will he take to, express the will of parliament to Pope Francis and, to call in the Catholic Bishops to pay the proper compensation, for, the crimes, it's about moral, leadership.

I. Thank. The member also for, his ongoing advocacy. And particularly with respect to this issue, the, Truth and Reconciliation commissions. Call to action provide, a roadmap for the journey of reconciliation. And our government, as you know is committed to working with partners all partners, to ensure all calls. To action are implemented, called, action 58 calls. On the Pope to issue an apology to residential school survivors their. Families, and communities I've, written to the Canadian, Council of Catholic Bishops to request a meeting to move this important. Step forward, and hope, that they will meet directly, with survivors. I look the. Honourable member for caribou Prince George mr.. Speaker we're hearing news that surf time workers, in Grand Bank are already having their hours cut the. Minister says he has a plan mr.. Says he stands with the people of Grand Bank we. Stand with them on the unemployment line when they're struggling to find jobs will, he stand with him when they're struggling to feed their families, or, paying their mortgages or send their kids to summer camp if, the Minister is truly committed to standing with the people of gran bank will, we reverse his corrupt serf time decision, recuse. Himself and, restart the process. Order. I would ask members to be careful. In terms of the kinds of wording they use in the house. You. Don't call each other corrupt, on either side around here, Minister. Officially. Thank. You mr. speaker mr. speaker as I've explained in this house a number of times our government, made a decision to include a new, entrant, in this important fishery we, thought it was also important, to have significant. Indigenous. Benefits, from. This decision we're, proud that a partnership, was formed between a, company, with experience, and offshore fisheries and indigenous. Communities from five provinces, for, Atlantic, Canadian provinces, and Quebec. Mr, Speaker we also understand, the importance, of the facility, in Grand Bank and we think the members should be careful not to raise fears. Unreasonably. In that community as, he's done from the beginning remember, for caribou Prince George mr.. Speaker, today we learned as liberal friends that. Have all this experience now, admit they won't be surfing class surfing, the clam fishing. Clownfish. Surf. Clam this season and maybe maybe, not either next season mr.. Speaker why because, they don't have a boat they, gave a lucrative quota to his liberal buddies knowing full well they're, on the Kishin application, did not meet critical, bed criteria, if the liberal and peace from the rock won't say it looking. After his little buddies is shameful. Given. This new information well, the minister finally do the right thing and reverse this, questionable. The, speaker as I've had a chance to explain in this house before the previous Conservative, government, in fact had a plan in 2014. And 2015 to, bring a new entrant, into this fishery so, if they were going to include a new entrant in this fishery it's obvious, at that time that, they're concerned for the people of Grand Bank had somehow been forgotten because, that decision would, have had exactly, the same consequences. That they're now exaggerating. For the people of Grand Bank but Mr Speaker what they forgot to do in that process was, include indigenous, communities, and we're proud to have done so and that's why we're proud of this decision the. Honourable member for Carlton Trail Eagle Creek Thank You mr. speaker, delays in passing, legislative, changes, to, improve the rail transportation, system. Are entirely, of the Liberals, own making they, wasted, over a year between receiving, the Emerson report and introducing. Bill c49, now. The, Liberals are rejecting, reasonable. Amendments, that will improve the legislation for. Grain shippers, mr.. Speaker this, may well be the strangest, question, you will hear today but. When will, the government stop, messing, around and pass their own bill. Mr.. Speaker with the cooperation, of the, Harper. Conservatives we're, going to be able to. As quickly as possible unfortunately. They don't know whether they're coming or going last, November, they actually, voted against bill C 49 and, for 10 long years they. Had a chance to demonstrate an initiative, by, modernizing. Freight, rail legislation. Did they do it no they were totally, absent. Day. Dr. Watson remember for any a mr.. Speaker the, National Research Council has. Always played an important role in research, and innovation in.

Order To help companies, innovate. Grow, and. Develop create, new jobs and improve the health system for all Canadians, from their work developing, canola an industry, that employs over. 250,000. Canadians, to, their efforts to. Develop green technologies. The, NRC, researchers, are essential, to growing the Canadian, economy Miska lemonis can. The minister tell, the house how our government, is supporting, the NRC's, important, work. Burnable, Minister science mister that visited on mr.. Speaker our, government, is committed to supporting research, and innovation. I'd. Like to thank the member for Ottawa venue, for. Having. Ardently. Championed. Research, in Canada so role in developing, new technologies. That improve the lives of Canadians, budget. 2018. Invested. Five, hundred, and forty million dollars, in, the NRC. To, promote. Discovery. Research, and to increase research, collaboration. With academic and, industrial partners. Honourable. Member for Troy Clark Fort Saskatchewan mr.. Speaker Liberals have called the Iranian government elected, but the people of Iran and of the region know that this regime is the leading sponsor of global terror murder, and violence, while, this regime continues, to deny responsibility for, the murder of Canadians, this Liberal government is helping Iranian officials, shop for aircraft with high-level meetings here in Ottawa now selling aircrafts may be good for the shareholders, of a barge a but how does it help the many many victims, when, will this government, take off the rose-colored glasses and, end, their, Aled appeasement policy. Baney, is not able, to leave iran the focus of any discussions. With Iran will. Be on getting her home to Canada I have, raised mrs. Bombay knees situation, directly with Iran's ambassador, to the UN I will. Continue in our government will continue to demand answers from the government of Iran on the circumstances. Surrounding the detention, and death of her late husband professor, Syed Amami human, rights are important to us around the world very much including, in Iraq the, Honourable, member for elmwood. Transcontinental. Vote in the main, estimates, I asked, the president the president of the Treasury Board for take note debate on that matter today, the Parliamentary, Budget Officer, confirmed, that that vote is riddled with problems that pose serious challenges, to parliamentary oversight of, government spending so, in light of those concerns, in light of the fact that it's wrong for the government to make unilateral changes, to the foundations, of Parliament instead. Of making it look like the government has something to hide well the Minister today commit, to having to take note debate. In the house on that. Question. Our, government respects the work of the Parliamentary, Budget Officer, and in fact I spoke with him earlier today and I discussed, with him the fact that this is the first time ever that when, MPs. Are voting on the main estimates, they will no initiative. By initiative, where the budget money, is going this is a huge, step forward in terms of parliamentary, oversight we've, been very clear that the government is bound by the amounts listed in the allocation for each budget, initiative, for instance in table a2 11. And to increase any of these initiatives, would, require further, approval. By, Parliament, through the supplementary, estimates, pros as Mr Speaker we will continue to raise the barrel on openness honourable.

Member For Steveston. Brits. Mr.. Speaker 2017. Was the best year ever for tourism in Canada, close, to 21 million tourists, visited our country, from all over the world including, more, than six hundred and eighty thousand, visitors from China which. Was also a new record mr., speaker can the minister of small business and tourism update. This house on what our government, is doing to welcome, more Chinese, tourists, and what this means for our economy. The. Honourable Minister. Mr.. Speaker 2018. Is the can of China year of tourism, and it began with opening ceremonies, right here in Canada, as part of our tourism vision, we are committed to doubling the number of Chinese visitors to, Canada, by 2021. Chinese. Tourists tend to spend more than the average visitor so it's a great opportunity for tourism, operators, most of which are small businesses this, year we will invest 11 million dollars to reach interest of Chinese travelers. And to support our tourism operators, as they welcome more Chinese visitors to cities across Canada, thanks. In part to this investment and for members like, the ones from Stevenson between these two we expect these numbers to continue growing thank, you this is the durable member for bass Airdrie mr.. Speaker upholding, the integrity of our elections is, paramount, to our democracy and, Canadians are required, to show ID to obtain a library, card or to rent a car but the Liberals don't seem to think that ID should be required to vote the. Liberals want to use voter information cards. As a proof of address when, in the last election, nearly 1 million, erroneous. Cards were mailed out so, why is the government going to require, people to show photo ID to buy marijuana but, not in order to vote. Mr.. Speaker when the Conservatives, in their, so-called Fair Elections Act took, away belching, and took away voter identification cards. They were warned by hundreds, of experts that that would suppress, the, vote and reduce participation. In the Canadian election they went ahead anyway. And in the 2015, election, according to Scott scant over a hundred and seventy, thousand. Canadians, were unable to vote, that's why Elections, Canada recommended. The restoration, a both vent, voter identification card. And belching. That's why we're doing mr. speaker because unlike the Conservatives, we think democracy is, stronger, when more Canadians, participated. The. Honorable member for mini-football. Mr.. Speaker on October 17th, I tabled bill C 372. To protect, retirees. Pension, funds and group, insurance plans. Later. The NDP. Tabled. A similar bill and the liberal convention, came out in favor of similar measures even the leader of the Opposition. Voted for a similar bill in 2010. Mr.. Speaker let's end this injustice today, is May 1st will, the government commit to protecting workers pension, funds before, the next election. Yes. Or no. Speaker. We've been very clear when it comes to pensions, and strengthening pensions that this is a priority that's, why in the budget we clearly outlined, a plan to make sure that we have a process, and playing process, in place to secure pensions, this is a being a party for a government we also strengthen enhance the CPP, as well and we'll continue to work with the members officer, to strengthen our pension system, yeah I, would.

Like To draw to the attention of honourable members the presence, in the gallery of the, 2018. Gerhard. Hertzberg, Canada, Gold Medal for science, and engineering, Prize, winner, dr. Lewis. K. And the. 2018. Jhansi. Polanyi prize winner dr. Michael, Oregon. Also. With us are the, winners of the. National Natural, Sciences. And Engineering, Research Council. Brockhouse Canada, prize, for any disciplinary, research and, science and engineering, synergy. Awards, for innovation. Stacy. Memorial, fellowships, and Jill, bus our doctoral, prize for interdisciplinary research. I have. The honor to inform the, house that a communication has. Been received as follows, May. 1st 2018. Mr, Speaker I have the honor to inform you that the right honourable, Julie Payette Governor. General of Canada signified. Royal Assent by written declaration to. The bill listed, in the schedule to. This letter on the first day of May. 2018. At 10:55. A.m. you're. Sincerely, assent to G. Lorenzo. Villa. Sent at 2:00 Tuesday May 1 2018, an act to amend the Canada, Business, Corporations Act, the Canada, cooperatives, Act the, Canada, not-for-profit. Corporations, Act and the competition, path will see 25. Sale. All know that for me let's shop I have the honour to inform the, house that a communication has been received, on. May. 1st 2018. Mr. Speaker I have the honour to inform you, that the right honourable. Julie Payette Governor. General of Canada. Granted. Royal assent, by. Written, decree. To. The bills listed. In the, appendix, on May. 2nd. 2018. Sincerely. Assunta. DeLorenzo, luau. A Sulha sponsor. The. Bill having, received Royal, Assent is, an, act to, amend the. Corporations. Act. The. Canada cooperatives, act the Canada not-for-profit. Corporations, Act and the. Competition. Act to bill C 25. 3:10, p.m. pursuant. To order made on Thursday April 26. 2018. The house will now proceed to the taking of the deferred record of division on the motion of mr. Angus, relating, to the business of supply. Calling. The members.

2018-05-05 03:18

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Conservatives are a bunch of hecklers.


A dog and pony show...Trudope is a one trick pony!

Green house gas emissions went down because the economy blew up during and after the great recession. Sure we weren't hit like Europe or other countries, but production still went down. Nothing to do with any policy the conservatives had. Unless you want to blame them for screwing up the economy? Why do you think Alberta went NDP? Because the oil sands blew up and are only now recovering.

Trudeau has lost his mind...this is a prime example of a leader who is totally 'out of touch' and controlled by foreign elites pulling his strings...

Climate change is directed towards the objective, placing a halt on the use of land. Canadians have fallen for the International Socialist¹ con job that is ushering them to perdition. Environmentalists twist their quest from putting a stop to littering to halting use of the land resource. No pipeline, by analogy reinforces the attitude that a halt must be placed on all uses of land, meaning housing, which has caused home prices to escalate beyond reach to the multi-million dollar level. Each use of land is met with organized opposition. Those most affected tighten the snare on their own demise. All part of a ploy to facilitate redemption by the Inheritors. A person previously working the oil patch had a paid up home and savings within a decade. Now, these kinds of individuals are in debt, destitute and homeless. One thousand homeless deaths per month in Canada. Citizens whose ancestors came from Europe are being replaced. In a relative sense a spill in the wilderness is the equivalent of a molecule on a football field. Oil comes from the earth and returns to the earth where it does no harm. Footnotes: ¹ All of the property on this planet belongs to the chosen few. Together with the increase that it yields. It is being redeemed.

Canadians have had enough of Trudeau and his gender budget, his elimination of English (Mom, Dad, he , she).

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CBC and the Liberals are scammers

These motherfucken criminals are spraying the skies for the purpose of scientifically controlling the climate to INDUCE ADVERSE CLIMATE EVENTS for the purposes of population control and outright theft through taxation and they present us with this nonsense theater of controlled opposition while they keep us between two lies.                 Six Deceptions Needed for Agenda 21                                                                                                                                                       The world is run by cunning lunatics for their own nefarious and diabolical purposes which they camouflage behind deceptively friendly and appealing VEILS (lies). What does it look like near the end? Near the end, the landscape will be peppered with corporations, all Trojan Horses for the "Machine World" in plain view.                                                   


Canada pays $1.6billion to CBC. If we defund CBC then we will have way more than enough for our climate. Plus CTV, a private news organization, receives more TV viewership than CBC. So everyone will be happy.

You are most likely already paying a carbon tax of sorts as most provinces already have one in place. The federal government is saying that the remaining provinces need to implement one or they will be subject to federal legislation. If your province has one already there will be no change for you. In our society, taxes are levied on those things with which we want people to use less of hence 30-40% tax on nicotine containing products and in some provinces up to 50% tax on alcohol products. If you want to pay less tax then you consume less nicotine and less alcohol and the same goes for carbon emissions that are affecting climate. So if you don't want to pay more tax, make choices that will limit your emissions of carbon based greenhouse gases. Side note. You can have an opinion on global warming all you like but until you have some credible and legitimate science to back up your claims, they remain opinions. There is no discussion among the scientific community, the climate is changing due to global warming in response to increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Deal with it.

Animals breath in oxygen that trees produce. Trees breath in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen for animals.

Each side asks the same questions over and over and give non answers.

The carbón tax should used for alternative energy.

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New job for Trudeau Oct 2019: Part Time Cross Country Ski Head CoachCalgary Ski Club - Calgary, AB $25,000 a year - Part-time

It's a simple question.... how much will a Canadian family have to pay with this carbon tax. Just answer the question. Is this the kind of crap my tax dollar goes to. A waste of time. Nothing gets resolved, nothing is achieved. If you ran a business this way you'd be out of business. If you can't project a value then you haven't researched the issue. Which leads me to think it's just a good idea, we'll implement it and see how it goes. At the expense of the consumer, family and business. Guinea pigs we are.

Best option is to liquidate most petroleum businesses and put it towards environmentaly friendly battery construction. Graphene, hemp batteries, etc.

Nicolas Schaffer: Wow, following your idea Canada can then go back to the dark ages.

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highest taxed most monopolized G7 country. Leadership for corporate interests more like it

Yes, right now we are very highly taxed and there are others who have been this bad, but they have already collapsed. Just like we will. Socialism never works.

Please provide your source. Personal income tax? Canada does not have the highest. Corporate taxes maybe? Not quite, we aren't the lowest and not the highest. In fact, we don't even get a mention in this article. I take that to mean that Canada is actually somewhere in the middle. A little snippet about low corporate tax rates and how Canada is competitive because of it, at least in 2016. Should large corporations get off easy, I don't think they should.

CO2 isnt pollution. Its no more a pollutant than oxygen.

Will Liu. I agree CO2 is not a pollutant. Everything I wrote I learned in High School.

D omsinator hey the debate was simply, if CO2 is a pollutant and is smog filled with CO2. No one was denying climate change, like you wrote an entire essay that answers nothing.

Dallas Neudorf Its not high school level of chemistry... CO2 is naturally produced by living organisms and 98% is produced naturally. 2% is produced via human activities and out of that 2%, over 50% is produced cause of agriculture. However, the extra 2% increase can drastically increase the absorption of long wave radiation, and in theory the energy trapped will increase the temperature. I do suggest you look up scientific research on this topic. No scientist call CO2 pollution. You only hear it from politicians and media.

Zach S Its call Google search. It took me 10 seconds. CO2 isn't a pollution and 98% of CO2 is produced naturally. 2% is believed to be man made, CO2 is harmless to biotic beings.

Yes, there are regions that are greening, the regions that are normally covered in snow and ice like the arctic tundra. However, there is considerable browning of the planet at the equator and expanding outward. This is all detailed in many scientific studies published by legitimate journals. Here are a couple just for fun, maybe read them and learn something. Yes, plants uptake CO2, I don't know anyone that disputes that. Perhaps people are unaware of the vast deforestation that has been ongoing for hundreds of years. There are also serious questions as to the thermal limits of various vegetation types. As for climate "controlled" greenhouses, well they are controlled. A person can artificially alter the temperature inside a greenhouse to ensure optimal growing conditions. Comparing an agricultural greenhouse to the natural environment is laughable. At no time in human history has CO2 been at atmospheric concentrations comparable to today. Classic denier statements referring to millions to billions of years ago. Life on this planet at that time had evolved and adapted to the climate of the time. For almost the last one million years the climate of the planet has been fairly stable with predictable glacial/interglacial cycles and extremely stable since the end of the last glacial period 10k-12k years ago. It just so happens that the last 10k-12k years of a stable climate has allowed for the success of human civilization. Destabilizing a climate that has allowed humans to establish agricultural zones that are responsible for providing a stable supply of food to the worlds population would be and has already been disastrous. One need only look at reports of monsoons that never arrived or arrived early or late ruining grain crops, never observed before flood levels again, negatively affecting crops, droughts and increasing numbers of fires also negatively affecting crops and vast amounts of wilderness. Of course, you're welcome to ignore these increasing frequency of extreme events. I know, you'll say that winter was cold and yes, we had a couple weeks of cold weather this winter (2017/2018) at lower latitudes however, please look at temperatures in the arctic at that time, record highs with temperature anomalies of +20 to +30C above normal and mid-winter sea ice melt which has become the new normal. Ongoing records can be obtained from NASA, JAXA, NSIDC, UKMET, etc. Yes, humans and all oxygen breathing animals on this planet exhale carbon dioxide. The breathing of animals is not the issue. The issue is extraction of carbon based materials buried in the ground that are not currently part of the carbon cycle and through various processes, adding it to the atmosphere and oceans. This creates an imbalance in the carbon cycle. Coupled with deforestation, there is now more CO2 being emitted than can be processed by natural systems. There is evidence to suggest that during massive volcanic eruptions such as those that created the flats in what we call India and Siberia, interacted with buried carbon deposits, ignited them and caused significant changes to the makeup of the atmosphere leading to climatic change that did not end well for life on the planet at the time. This information is freely available to anyone that wishes to learn something about our planet through geological sciences. As for smog, it is generally created through the burning of carbon based fuels. The excess carbon dioxide responsible for the imbalance in the carbon cycle is mainly attributed to the same process. It should not come as a big surprise that reducing carbon based fuel consumption would reduce smog and carbon dioxide emissions. So deniers, do you have any scientific evidence published in legitimate journals to refute any of the known scientific information about global warming and climate change or are you still hoping that the blogosphere will be recognized as a credible institution?

High school level chemistry. Where are you getting your information?

Where are you getting this information?

Smog isnt CO2. Smog is mainly ground level ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulpher dioxide and particulates. Humans breath out a couple kilograms of CO2 everyday and breathing does not cause smog. People are being mislead about what CO2 is and does. What it isn't is carbon pollution.

A sweet polar bear Oh man this troll is legendary. He's apparently a scientist in the Arctic! Well I don't know what a scientist in the Arctic would be doing commenting on YouTube videos considering you must have a very busy schedule! Y'know, since you're a scientist and all

The combustible elements in hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) are mostly: Carbon, Sulfur, Hydrogen. When heated they react with air which is composed of: Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%), and a few other inert gases. When carbon is burned with oxygen you get CO2 - Carbon Dioxide. When hydrogen burns with oxygen you get H2O - Water. Sulfur burned with oxygen creates Sulfur Oxides - SOx Nitrogen burned with oxygen creates Nitrogen Oxides - NOx SOx and NOx are considered pollution that contribute to acid rain and smog. Although they can be significantly reduced with proper technologies. How is the gas you exhale every few seconds and the same gas my friend floods his greenhouse with to feed his plants considered a pollution?

ZACH S: There is no global warming. I am a scientist in the Arctic. There is no global warming. Government is running a scam and people like you believe it. People like you are government believing sheep. Government is trying to suck money from you and millions of other citizens by instilling fear.

The Slimey Limey clearly did not pass highschool science

Google 'smog in China' and tell me that's not pollution.

No, it isn't. More CO2 in the atmosphere is beneficial to life up to levels many times higher than it is now. The most abundant times on earth for life occurred when CO2 was many times higher than the low levels of today and when earth was warmer. The earth is currently getting greener not browner. A pollutant has to contaminate not help the environment.

This is just downright false.

Too much applause and grandstanding. This conversation should take less than half the time. Canadians don't have time to watch an hour of questions not being answered, we're busy working underpaid jobs to keep up with bills. Stick to the facts. Give us the numbers on this proposed tax, and convince us we need to implement it. Bringing up Harper's reign without referencing any numbers is useless. Grow up and do your goddamn jobs.

Liberal carbon units still blaming The Dark Lord, Steven Harper Desperation, equivocation, their rule of the day! Young Justin leading the way!

Harper, Harper, HARPER. Eventually the Liberals will have to respond to a question with an actual answer. When Conservatives and NDP are both arguing the same points, you really have to scratch your head and wonder what the Liberals are thinking.

The Liberals MP'S are all thinking what they will be doing for work when they are all swept out of power next year .It can't come soon enough.

just move to planet 2. oh wait up, there is not planet 2

Jihadi Justin Trudope is a traitor to Canada.

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No Liberphobic people are allowed to write negative comments about Liberals, Justin Trudeau, Japanese, Koreans, Obama, Scandinavia, Canada, Macron, Merkel, Moon Jae-In, Shinzo Abe and Macron.

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You are Here. Focus on doing something more useful with your life

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You are Here. Your name and picture are funny mane, good job


Also you pseudo scientists still have not cited any sources for anything you are claiming. If CO2 really isn't a pollutant and it has no negative effects then it shouldn't be a problem for you to find a credible source like D omsinator has.

Why does National Geographic consider it pollution if the issue is so simple?

liberals = a national embarassment

climate change is circular and self-referential. the climate is by definition changing and always has. they changed it from global warming to climate change because they can have it both ways. if it gets warm, therefore climate change. if it gets cold, therefore climate change. it's a win-win in either case. these propagandists are weavers of lies and deception, and we already know the science of climate change is bogus since theoretical computer models do not count as science - which constitutes virtually all of the government sponsored so called "science" for "climate change". heck they don't even bother with the anthropogenic part anymore. at this point we can blame Trump for climate change.

screw the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives are unbearable as well

What a bunch of frigging rats, always blaming others for his stupidness,conservatives have lowered the carbon emission but the liberals wont admit it,like they don't admit Harper left us with a balanced budget.

the government will find another way to deceive the public.

Andrew P ever heard of rising carbon dioxide levels or carbon in the air ?

climate change is circular and self-referential. the climate is by definition changing and always has. they changed it from global warming to climate change because they can have it both ways. if it gets warm, therefore climate change. if it gets cold, therefore climate change. it's a win-win in either case. these propagandists are weavers of lies and deception, and we already know the science of climate change is bogus since theoretical computer models do not count as science - which constitutes virtually all of the government sponsored so called "science" for "climate change". heck they don't even bother with the anthropogenic part anymore. at this point we can blame Trump for climate change........

Andrew Scheer

Il n'y a pas que les Français qui ont un con prétentieux à la tête du pays, je vois que les Canadiens sont pas mal aussi.

I heard there is a Country wide rally at your City Halls on June 2nd/18. Liberals need to step down before Next election before Canada becomes a third world Country! Be there in the thousands!

It’s called question period, not answer period

So Canadians have to pay for an imaginary fee called carbon tax in the future eh? What system has been created to measure carbon tax? Who profits most from pollution? Most of all, who in the government actually understands the perception of the "Working Class" Canadians and can relate to the hardship of having to pay a Tax on top of a Tax? Its bad enough the cost of fuel keeps increasing, and now were being told were paying a Carbon tax on top of a higher fuel cost. Make your lives easier people, Don't Vote Liberals! Exile them from Canadian politics.

Lawrence Dolha have you not realized that we are wrecking our planet because of our pollution? Srsly how about you read what 97 percent of scientist say

MomopilotCool, have you ever heard that no carbon dioxide, no life. The whole global Warming or now Climate change is the biggest Fraud ever perpetrated on "Man Kind". The Carbon Tax is also a total fraud.


Canada is doing well inspire of this clowns.

The liberals are expert in playing blame game, race card and victim card.


send em bk

Marylee Macpherson -- My heart goes out to the working class and retired people of your beautiful country, Canada. Some of my FB friends are Canadian, and over the years I have watched with great upset how the people are being harmed and held as hostages to the many misguided policies under your current PM Trudeau. Know my prayers are FOR your relief from such tyranny. All citizens ask for is fairness, transparency, and accountability by government and government officials. God Bless.

trudeau does not answer any questions

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