Question Period: Marijuana legalization, carbon tax, lobster fishing zone closure — June 14, 2018

Question Period: Marijuana legalization,  carbon tax, lobster fishing zone closure — June 14, 2018

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The. Animal members Louie son of all. Mr, Speaker government. Wants to implement marijuana. Legalization, as soon as possible, and, it's really not a good idea. One. Of the liberal ideas is to allow home, cultivation. Of four plants, of pot in every. House in Canada. Fortunately. Mr. speaker the, government's, obsessive, approach has, just hit a wall because. Two provinces Quebec, and manitoba are refusing. Will. The Liberal government respect. Provincial, jurisdiction, and perfect respective. Provinces. The. Honourable Minister of Health, Thank. You mr. speaker. Protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is an absolute priority for our government. Home. Cultivation. Will, help displace. The illegal market. This. Will. Apply, to, provinces. And territories and, we are also following the advice. Of the, working group, and. Representatives. Of various jurisdictions, in, the US who have legalized cannabis thank you the interval member for the Senate halt, mr.. Speaker what a lack of respect, I'm. Not the one saying it it's, the, liberal Minister, of Quebec is, John Maloney who. Is respecting. His provincial jurisdiction, Quebec, and Manitoba don't want home cultivation. Mr.. Speaker it's, sad to say but the reality, is that the government, is being stubborn and not listening to anyone they didn't listen to First Nations they didn't listen to Quebec, and Manitoba can. The Prime Minister sure of one thing that there won't be any pot. Of production at 24 Sussex. Mr.. Speaker our government is. Strictly. Legalizing. And regulating, cannabis. To. Prevent our young people from having access to it and we, want to ensure. That those. Profits don't up in the hands of organized crime the current, system is not working, it's. Allowing criminals to profit from the system and it's still far too easy for our young people to buy pot. That's. Why our government engaged. In consultations, with experts, police. Chiefs and many other stakeholders, we will end up with a good bill to protect our youth well. Order, the Honourable member for Milton Thank You mr. speaker mr. speaker right now fishermen. Are assembling, a blockade, of lobster, traps outside, the office of the Member of Parliament for McAfee backers they, are doing, this because of the Minister, of Fisheries and Oceans extreme, decision, to, close the lobster, fishery in the Gulf of st. Lawrence now. The minister, knows that a decision like this is going to have a serious financial impact on the families, there especially, after his rule change that happened at the end of April why does it have to come to a blockade, to get this ministers, attention. Conservative. Hollywood, suggests that we not take the most robust, measures necessary, to, protect the North Atlantic right whale because she will understand, as all Canadians, do that, protecting, the North Atlantic right whale is vital to ensuring, the, continued, access to international, markets, for over six billion dollars, of Canadian, fish and seafood exports, mr., speaker we understand, that this decision is difficult, we understand, that fishers, and plant workers will be will. Be concerned, that's why I have the privilege of meeting representatives, tomorrow. In New Brunswick and will continue to work with them to ensure they're protected, honourable. Member for Milton, Thank You mr. speaker for weeks the Liberals have refused, to tell Canadians, how much of their carbon, tax is going to cost them and they use the prime minister's own words this is very, insulting. To Canadians, they've, been completely straightforward with the fact they tend to proceed, with, a carbon tax but when it comes to telling us exactly how much it's going to cost they're eerily, silent voters. In Ontario, have spoken and what they said at the ballot box is they don't want to have a carbon tax but mr. speaker they have a chance today will they at least tell us how, much it's going to cost. We, published a report on April 30th doing exactly that it talks about pricing, pollution, it talks about the 80 to 90 million tons, equivalent.

Of Taking 25, million cars off the road, that pricing achieves, but we believe that provinces. Are best place in, deciding. What to do with revenues, we've been clear brought revenues, will stay in the province, 80% of Canadians, live in a province where, they have a price on pollution they've, given back quite money in tax cuts in rebates. They've been bested and clean innovation, they should go ask those provinces what, they're doing with their revenues, horrible. Order. The. Honourable, member for Milton. Is. For her to tell us what, her department officials, told her is the cost to Canadian, families, funfair. Carpenters she, knows what the answer is but, breaking news today we understand, why Ontarians, actually voted for Doug Ford in the election, in Ontario, they said that, voters, feel that, costs, are out of control and they view carbon, taxes, as nothing, more than, a cash grab. Ball mr. speaker why, won't these MPs, at least tell voters, in Canada how much of their cash to, the intent. How, much clearer, I can be. Into. The province it is absolute, provinces. To decide what to do but let's talk about the economy let's talk about the. 600,000. Jobs that, our government, created, with Canadians, let's, talk about the lowest, unemployment rate. In, generations. Let's, talk about how we can, take serious, action, on climate change and we, can grow our economy, the previous government, could do neither. Only. For so much noiz order, members know where they're required to not. Interrupt in the house and someone else has the floor the time to speak is, when they have the floor each side gets its chance to take part from debate we. Wait, till. We have our turn. And. The haptic to death in the. Bank. Of Canada, said yesterday people might buy the testing the trance mount an expansion project and, it will basically just have to deal with that I'm, really surprised I have to say this in this house but the right to protest peacefully is, protected.

By The Canadian Charter of Rights and it's fundamental, to our democracy well. The government condemned, that it dodges comments, or do they agree with them but the pie plate must go through at any cost, including, the lives of peaceful, protesters. Our. Government, believes in the right of peaceful protest. Patema. Skinny teams go to a Basque well. Mr., speaker that's not very reassuring I would have liked a longer, response than that. No. I'd remind you that in December 2016. The. Minister of Natural Resources in, this house said. That peaceful protesters. Against, the pipeline might. End up facing the Canadian Armed Forces, after. Such words from a cabinet member it's concerning to see that, a senior, civil. Servant, like David dodge would, be okay with protesters, being killed so I. Would like the government to recognize not. Only that. Peaceful. Civil disobedience. Is an essential tool of democracy, but call out the words of David dodge the. Honorable Minister the environment. We. Believe in Canadians, right to, protest peacefully. The. Host mana patty remember, for hos mone emptied Betsy, mr.. Speaker a study. From akita has shown that pipeline management in this country is a joke. In. 2017. The number of incidents, leaks and spills and. Other problems increased. By 41%, and, so-called, automatic. Detection systems, fail, to decay to detect half, of these incidents, and. When the companies get caught what happens nothing, notices. A violation, and other order orders, are systematically. Ignored and, no one ever loses, their licence when. Will this government clean up its act and deal, with these disrespectful. Oil companies. Honorable. Minister of Transport. It's. The duty of any government to get oil to markets and this fundamental, task, must, be carried out in great, respect of. Environmental. Rules the. Environmental. Pipeline. Safety Act, reinforces. Canada's, system. By. Enshrining. The polluter. Pay system, and federal legislation. Developers. Will be held responsible. Regardless. Of fault in, case of incidents. For the nine old ladies men as, liberals, put billions, indicator, morgen betraying, there's promise, sunny ways renewable, future pipelines.

Filson Accidents, are rising aqua. Tears new report, on oil pipeline, safety found, less, than 50%, of incidents, are reported the. National, Energy Board is quote not capable of handling the work on its plate it isn't. Protecting, citizens or the environment. So why'd the government buy a bleep. Eel pipeline, knowing these risks, and how, will it police itself, when the next leak happens. Mr., speaker as I just said it is a duty of government to, make sure that we get our resources to market and that's precisely what we're doing at the same time anyone. Who is responsible. For a pipeline must, understand, that our principle. Of polluter. Pay applies. And anyone, who is responsible. For it must take care of any incidents, that do occur the. Honourable, member, for, Carlton. Mr.. Speaker when I reported. To the house that the Fraser Institute had, calculated, that 81, percent of, middle-class taxpayers, were paying more under this government the prime minister said no that report, didn't say any such thing prompting. The authors, of the report to, go to the newspapers, and say and I quote yes. Most. Middle-class. Families, are paying. More in income, tax with his papers so, we can't trust this, government on taxes, we, ask them to come clean and tell us, how, much will this carbon, tax cost, the same middle-class. Families. I'm. Gonna, keep on saying the same thing we published, a report on, April 30th, I am happy, to personally. Give it it's the member opposite, what, does it say it says that pricing, pollution, works it says, that it reduces emissions. By eight to ninety million times and that, we've been clear revenues. Go back into the provinces, where they come from eighty percent of Canadians, live in Ontario Quebec, Alberta, BC. Where there's a price on pollution you can go ask that those, provinces what they do the revenues, by for example British Columbia, gives the revenues, back in tax cuts.

Order. The. Other number for abbotsford will come to order please. The. Honourable member for Carlton mr.. Speaker we're not asking, for their April, public, relations, pamphlet, we're asking for the costing, that the departments, have already, done on this week we're calling, on the government to release, all costing. Documents. That any department, has produced. Or shared, internally. Since. The. Last election, day, that, is the only way we will know the real cost of this carbon tax will. This, Minister, and this government release, all of those documents, unredacted. So, Canadians, know what this tax will. Canadians. We have out you, should go to, properties, and us what provinces. Are gonna do. There's. A lot of misinformation, here. From. The other side all the revenues, will stay in the province, and the provinces, can give back the revenues, is tax cut but, what your natives really, want to know is what. Is the Conservative. Party's climate, lab. Members. Know about the rule that members should address the chair it's. Designed, to avoid members referring, to one another as you and so forth but I think it's best to keep to that rule in general you'll, remember for Carleton well. As these liberals, are looking forward to getting to. Some beautiful cottage. On some Lake Canadians. Are suffering. Under the burden of, higher. Gas, prices prices. As high as a, dollar, sixty, a leader in some provinces prices. That will only rise further, when, this Liberal government imposes, its, carbon, tax we want to know the price mr. speaker and in fact if this government is going to make Canadians, pay the price we're going to make the government pay the price by keeping them here for 25 hours straight voting. On. Order. Numbers. Seem to be a greater excited about that 24-hour prospect, the Honorable Minister of, Environment order. Thank. You mr. speaker we. Don't have to go through a stunt, that the Conservatives, are going to power because. We. Answered. The question, 80%, of, Canadians. Province. Where, the province, has decided, what, to do with the revenues, the. Revenues, have gone back in tax cuts they've gone in to investment, in clean innovation. We have been clear that, provinces. Are best place to decide what. To do with the revenues, but, once again why Canadians, want to know is, what, is the Conservatives. Climate. Change plan the. Honourable, member for Carlton wish speaker we know they claim they're gonna collect, all this tax and then give it to provincial, politicians, that's not our question, we're. Asking how much the tax will cost if it had nothing to do with the federal government, well then it wouldn't be in the federal budget bill. They've. Written a bill asking, this house for permission, to raise taxes, on Canadians, but they won't even tell us what, that tax, will cost, there's no taxation, without, information, when, will they give us the information on the cost of it. Once. Again I refer, to the April, 30th document, that provides the information but, let's talk about what we've done we, have created. Jobs with, Canadians, historic, numbers, of jobs we have the lowest unemployment rate. In generations. We cut taxes, on the middle class and, raise them on the 1% the top one percent we. Have given, money back to Canadians through the Canada child benefit, so anoying out of ten families, are better off and we raise 300, kids out of poverty, that's real, action, we're going to continue taking real action on climate change and growing our economy I wish the other party, would join us, honourable. Order. The, Honourable member for Calgary knows Hill mr. speaker we've taken intersectional. Gender lens to the cost of the carbon tax it's, arguable, that low-income women particularly, senior, women and single mothers will prepare, the disproportionate, cost of the carbon tax that's, true the Prime Minister Mr Speaker has said that poverty, is sexist, and he knows he has the data on how much it's going to cost these. Lower income women, when. Will he end this, carbon tax cover-up. Thrilled. To see the Conservatives, take an interest in gender equality this, is what real change looks, like I'd. Like to remind the Honourable member that, we gave more, funds to families, who need to support the most with the Canada Child Benefit they voted against it I'd like to remind her that we lowered. Taxes, for the middle class and, raise them on the 1% they, voted against it we're introducing, pay equity legislation.

They Work every, step of the way to stop that process we're, supporting, women and families, with, child, benefits, and child care opportunities, they voted against it. Looks. Like imposing. A tax grab that does nothing to reduce greenhouse gas, emissions which, they know while. Imposing, a tax that's going to disproportionately, harm. Low-income. Women, that's, real change that no Canadian, wants. It's. Not providing, Canadians, representation, as they're, increasing, their taxes, they have this data why, are they hiding it from Canadia. Benefit. Plan nine out of ten Canadian, families, are better off under our plan than they were. Pauly's, are truly, concerned about the well-being of, those working hard to join the middle class why, do they take the opportunity, at every, step of the way to, vote against plans and programs we introduced mr., speaker we have Housing, Strategy ten. Years forty, billion dollars least. Twenty five percent of which will support women and their, families with low incomes, my honourable colleague can jump on board and support our plan to grow the middle class a. La. Order. The. Honourable member for Betty MS Kim LJ mr.. Speaker after, the prime minister said he would be flexible, now, it's the Agriculture, Minister saying, that we. Can leave the door open to. Sacrificing. Supply. Management the. Liberals keep saying in the house that they'll defend Supply Management, that. They're the party that set it up and so on. But. They need to walk the talk the. Question is simple, both, the government defend, the supply management system in its. Entirety. During, National Ocean yes. Or no federal. Parliamentary secretary. Mr.. Speaker our, government, firmly supports. The supply management system, and will defend it the. Prime Minister the Minister of, Agriculture, the Minister of Foreign Affairs cabinet. Members in the entire caucus, caucus, as well. As trade negotiators, for Canada have been clear and unequivocal, from. The beginning of the nafta negotiations. Our. Government, strongly. Supports, the supply management system, and will continue to defend it and all. Of the interests, of Canadian, farming families for college and malahat, langford, mr., speaker more than, 13,000. Family farms in Canada work under the supply management, system, the, prime minister said the government would be flexible, with our system, in NAFTA renegotiations. And, the Agriculture, Minister wants to wait to see what's on the table mr., speaker what is that supposed, to mean when are these liberals, going to stop with the non-answers, protect, our family, farms and stand, up for the supply manage sectors. Mr.. Speaker as we've, said we are the part of it set up the supply management system and we, will defend it it. Is a model that provides stability for. The entire world we, are the party that fought. For it and will continue to fight for it we have said many times that.

The. Words. From our American partners are, unacceptable. The. Honourable member for Foothills mr., speaker the agriculture, minister claims that Canadian, farmers are fully supportive, of the liberal carbon tahoe I don't think they are actually consulting, with Canadian farmers at all in, fact the president, the Western Canadian wheat grower said farmers. Don't agree on everything, but if there is one issue they, stand together, on is it opposition. To, the carbon tax so. How can the Agriculture, Minister be misrepresenting. Farmers, will he end the carbon tax cover-up will he tell us how much the Liberals farm killing, carbon, tax will, cost our, rural families. By. Noting. That we're all in this together they, climate change is real and no one knows this more than farmers, when, I talk to farmers they're worried about droughts, they, were worried about floods, they're worried about extreme, weather but once, again it is up to provinces. To determine, what they're going to do provinces. Can decide that they are going to exempt fuels, used by farmers, it is up to them to design a system that makes it makes sense in their provinces, up to them to decide what, they're gonna do with the revenues. The. Honourable, member for, Prince Albert Thank, You mr. speaker the AG ministers claim that farmers support of cotopaxi are ridiculous, a pass. Grain, growers of Canada are speaking out against. It the, province of Saskatchewan has even taken the Liberals to court over, the tax. Saskatchewan. Farmers are well aware, that the cost of a carbon tax will have an impact on their livelihood. The, Liberals refused to tell us how much it will cost mr.. Speaker when, the Liberals come clean on this carbon tax. Speaker. As I said farmers, and ranchers understand. That we need to protect our environment that we need to take action on climate change. It is out two provinces, likes, the Scotch want to determine how they're, going to implement, pricing. And they can give the revenues, right back they, can give revenues back to farmers, they can decide to cut the provincial. Sales shop that, is their own decision, that is the right way but, we believe that we're all in this together and I really wish the opposition, wouldn't, make this a partisan issue because we have kids we, have grandkids, I. Clean. Future and they also. Order. This, is a good way to lose a question. Order. Now. A member for Richmond Center, mr.. Speaker one of the largest challenges, seniors, are facing, is being, able to thought, the basic, necessities. Of life we. All know that whether the gross impose new tax, it, hides, the cost of living and seniors. Are destroyed, prop. Disproportionately. Affected. Yeah why, won't, the Liberals finally, review what, they profit tax will cost seniors. Mr.. Social Development. Thank. You mr. speaker I'm delighted to talk about the, well-being and the welfare of our seniors. Unfortunately. I am less happy to talk about the fact that consumers voted. Every against. Every measure report. In favor of seniors we have brought. Back to 65 years old the age of eligibility to. All their security, which is going to prevent a hundred thousand, seniors from, entering into severe, poverty and fortunately, mr. speaker the Harper Conservatives voted.

Against That we raised the guaranteed, income supplement to. Help. 900,000. Seniors, unfortunately. Mr. speaker again our conservative, friends voted, against that the. Honourable, member for central, okanagan some milk miracles, attacked small business time, and time again and, never seen, job, creators, to pay a carbon, tax that will increase input, costs and the, Prime Minister refuses. To tell them how, much will cost now small business know this misguided tax won't pack the way they do business how, many employees they can hire and some, will be forced to shut down why. Won't the Prime Minister tell small businesses, the lifeblood, of our economy how. Much more they will be paying with, his national. Carbon tax. Let's. Talk about this government support of small businesses, this, is the government that lured small business a tree. Voted. Against it mr., speaker we discovered. The first-ever women's. Entrepreneurship. Strategy, almost, two billion, dollars, in support for, women, entrepreneurs what. Did the conservators do. We'll. Continue supporting. Small businesses, they are the backbone of economy we will not just say it we will support it and what will the. Auto. Remember for Hamilton Mountain, mr.. Speaker after, the Trump administration imposed. Of devastating, 25%. Tariffs on steel and 10%, on aluminum workers. Are worried about how they're going to take care of your families just. The steel industry alone, has at least 22,000. Direct jobs and supports, another 100,000. Indirect jobs especially. In Ontario, and in my community of Hamilton, yesterday. The Prime Minister avoided this very simple, question which, I will ask again when, will the government announced, the support package for steel and aluminum workers like it did for the software lumber workers last year. Mr. Speaker we will always defend, our steel and aluminum workers we've done so in the possible, continue to do so going forward, as the member opposite, knows full well the, tears that have been imposed by, the Americans. Is completely, unacceptable, it's, unwarranted, that is why we're working with industry we're working with worker to determine, the best path forward, but again make no mistake, about it, we will always defend, our workers in the aluminum and steel sectors. November. 1st yet. It's. All, one, thing to talk, about here in the house but there are thousands, of workers and businesses. All across the country who, are facing uncertainty. Due to the unacceptable. Tariffs, on aluminum, and steel given. The risks, and in preparation for the next few months which could be grim the, government needs to act quickly, these workers, and companies deserve, Swift and concrete, support, not just empty words, like. Quebec did is the government soon going to announce a support package to protect, our jobs and companies. And be transparent, about it especially for, the workers Donal, Minister of Economic. Development mr., speaker. The. Tariffs, slapped. On our exports, by the u.s. are unacceptable. That, is why we will continue to. Defend our workers, and companies. In, steel, and aluminum, I met, with the producers, Association. And all, options are on the table mr. speaker Thank You. Mr.. Speaker I'm sure everyone, here in the house would agree, there's. Never been a better time to diversify our, markets. Last. Year, new, trade deals entered. Into force with the, European, Union and, Ukraine. Reducing. Tariffs, and opening. Up combined. New, markets, totaling over half a billion consumers, for Canadian, exporters, we'll, do exactly the same can, the Minister please update this house on Canada's efforts to bring this important agreement into force. International. Trade speaker. I'd like to thank the member, for stubborn, art for his excellent, question, and his excel at work mr., speaker, Canadian understand, there's never been a better time to diversify. That's why with the CP TPP, mr. speaker will, improve, market, access we will improve new, industries, for Canadians, that means that worker is small and medium-sized, businesses, their families, and their communities, will, have a better chance to succeed Mr, Speaker we, will continue, to work for Canadians, and Canadians know one thing they know they can trust us when it comes to international, trade mr. speaker.

The. Honourable, member for Renfrew, Nipissing. Pembroke. Portals. Have been charging, a hidden carbon, tax since 2009, it, has doubled, the price of electricity in, Ontario, it has cost tens of thousands. Of jobs as companies. Move, to the United States it. Has forced, seniors, on fixed incomes. To choose whether, or not to eat or, heat and. Now the Ottawa, Liberals want to charge another carbon tax when, will they stop the cover-up and tell, Canadians, how much, the carbon, taxes. Thank. You mr. speaker I indeed. I didn't have enough timing my earlier response to detail other measures, that we put in favour of seniors, and unfortunately. Conservative. Harper, Conservatives voted. Against that we, enhanced, the Canada Pension Plan six months after we came into office to increase, the generosity the flexibility. The care with which our seniors, will be able to retire in in, when did you retire unfortunately. Mr. speaker our conservative. Friends voted against. Mr.. Speaker we also launched, the first ever, historic. National housing strategy, which will have a direct impact, on seniors, Honourable, member for Durham mr.. Speaker in Ontario, the auto industry. Competes, with the US for investment, in Michigan. There's no carbon, tax but. In Ontario, the Liberals are imposing a carbon, tax scheme that, is putting our auto sector at a disadvantage, now. The auto sector also faces, the risks of tariffs. Mr.. Speaker will, the Liberals, reveal the cost of, the, carbon tax on the auto industry, and will, they agree to exempt, the auto industry, from, their carbon tax so we can keep these jobs in Canada. Mr.. Speaker we have a thriving, and vibrant automotive. Sector in Ontario, and across the country you know why mr. speaker because they have a government that backs them up and supports them all the way since. 2015. We've been working very closely with the automotive sector building, partnerships, and what that has resulted is, in a five point six billion dollar total, investment in the automotive sector this, is helped create and preserve, thousands. Of jobs mr. speaker this album are focused on refocus, on growth and jobs and will continue to support the automotive sector and built, the car of the future as well. But. The carbon tax cover-up, means. Are fed up with the prime minister's refusal, to tell them how much this harmful, carbon, tax will. Cost them and, BC, drivers, are not paying a whopping dollar and 60. Cents to, tank up their cars the, liberal carbon, tax is going to add 11, cents to that the. Price of everything from, groceries to home, heating, is going to go up under this Liberal government, when.

Will The Prime Minister finally, tell us how. Much will his carbon, tax cost. The average, Canadian. Family, and. What's he hiding. So. Where, are, the Conservatives hiding their climate, plan. To. Share that personally, with the number opposite, we often have conversations. Happy, to deliberate I will hand it over to them because, that's where it explains that pricey, pollution. Is like, taking twenty five million cars off the roads and it's up to provinces, what they do with the revenues, they can do tax cuts they, can I give, it back the rebates, they. Ask. It's. In Manny and others not really left if someone else has the floor, order, yeah. I will remember for abbotsford again, no answer. You. Know mr. speaker the news gets, worse. This, Liberal government, hasn't that. It will not meet its climate change targets we, all know the Prime Minister secretly, planning to, increase the carbon tax from 50, dollars to a hundred. To, three hundred dollars per time in the coming years what's. He hiding mr.. Speaker, can you imagine how, astronomically. Expensive life, would become in, such a world so. One more time to, the Prime Minister how, much will this carbon, tax. Cost. árbol. Minister. We. Have fake names, coming, from the other socket. News. The only thing that's being hidden is, what, is the Conservatives. Climate, plan maybe, the next time they get up they can tell us what the climate plan, is how, they're gonna tackle climate. Change and, how they're gonna create jobs which they weren't either they weren't able to do either. Orator. Remember. For Dufferin Caledon will come to order along with others. Coming. November. For Drummond mr.. Speaker the new trans-pacific, partnership will. Have devastating, effects on Canadian, workers, at. A time when we need economic, leadership the, Liberals come up with a trade deal that's going to cost us, 58,000. Jobs. The. Liberals inked, a deal with, no mention, of climate, change. That's. Hardly progressive. Why. Is this, government promoting, a trade deal that will be devastating to the economy and the environment, not. A minister of international trade mr. speaker I'd like to thank my colleague first question we.

Will Always be there to, support. Stakeholders. But Canadians, know that. There's never been a better time to diversify our markets and that's precisely why mr., speaker we signed the CP TPP, and. Introduced. Legislation this, morning to ratify, it that. Deal, will open new markets and, new opportunities. For our small and medium-sized, businesses, all across the country that, will translate into benefits, for families and workers, in the. Communities, of all members here. In the house Canadians, know they can count on us when it comes to international trade. You're. Choosing the economy, over the environment the, legislation, for trans-pacific partnership was, tabled today despite, overwhelming, evidence, that this deal will be devastating. To Auto Workers and Supply Management, nakta, is in shambles and tribe has launched an attack on, our auto sector with threats of outrageous and illegal tariffs and what are the livers doing to help our workers well, today their table you deal that's a betrayal, to Auto Workers their families, and the communities, that depend on them why does this government insists, on ratifying this terrible, trade deal that will cost our economy close, to. 58,000. Jobs. Stray, speaking I'd like to thank my colleague for a question it seems that it's only the NDP Mr Speaker that does not understand, that it's, there's never been a better time to diversify mr.. Speaker. Our. Nation, but only the NDP does not understand, that there's no better time to diversify that's. Why we signed it the CPT, BP that's, why we introduced a lot this morning mr. speaker because, we want to create new markets, new opportunities. For worker across our nation mr. speaker, Canadians, are watching us know they can trust us when it comes to international trade. The. Honourable member for South laboux order. Order. On. Their app November, for solid blue with, a shout out. Mr.. Speaker I've asked, at least 60, questions about. The border crisis, wanting, to know if there was any plan for dealing with it but I'm still waiting for an answer I have, a report from the US Department of Homeland Security, which confirms, their concern, about illegal, border, crossings both ways, Quebecers, and Canadians feel betrayed by the Liberals who aren't taking, their safety, concerns, seriously, and, apparently, don't want to negotiate with the Americans, it's, the government's responsibility to, enforce, border, integrity, where's, the plan. The. Honorable, Minister of Transport. Mr.. Speaker our government, remains, determined, to. Protect. Canadians. Safety. And police. The border Canadians can be confident, of that the. Conservatives. Want. The, border, militarized. In, violation of international law those, are not serious, solutions, we, continue. To, ensure that Canadian. Legislation. Is enforced, and that our international, obligations. Are met the. November, for Shavuot. Shout mr., speaker, as you can see whatever, they say they, clearly, have no, plan. The. Mr.. The other day said, he was glad the opposition, leader had been to the call to, the border crossing but. Even their own immigration Minister has never been when, it's his portfolio, Canadians. Have taken note and have. Serious doubts about this government's, ability to handle, the problem, we'd like to have some answers is, there. A plan. Mr.. Speaker, in the report. From from. The. The US this. Past week the. Comments, by and large were very favorable about, the relationship, with Canada about what they call the northern border, about, the strength, of security, and other operations. Along, that border. Indeed, the former Secretary, of Homeland Security who, is now cheese, and staff in the White House, had, nothing but praise for the Canadian, border and said that, he, was happy to work with Canada to ensure that that border was constantly, thinning. To, the advantage, of both countries. Not. A member for best, romanian. TV mr., speaker let's, make. Things clear the, Liberals have been cutting, funding. At the border since 2015.

302. Million in cuts for, criminal. Investigations and. With the Prime Minister's gaffe on Twitter the border has become a sieve, and our, Border Services officials, have become tourism. Guides my questions for the Minister of immigration. Not Public Safety, what, is the plan to. Stop this, illegal. Movement, across the border, now. A Minister, of Public Safety, the. Honourable gentleman speaks, of budget. Reductions with, respect to CBSA, if he if he in fact follows. The. Governmental, decisions. With respect to those. Fiscal measures he, will find that they were implemented. In. 2014. He. Was the minister, at the time. Remember. All. The. Honourable, member for Scarborough Agincourt. Access. To reliable. Telecommunication. Services, at an affordable price is essential, for Canadians. However, Canadians. Currently, pay some of the highest prices for wireless and Internet services, in comparison, to other developed, countries, making, them inaccessible, for some this is something that I hear repeatedly, from many of my constituents, can, the Minister please share with us what, the government plans to do to ensure Canadians. Have access, to reliable affordable. In quality, wireless and Internet services. Innovation. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank the member from Scarborough Agincourt, for her advocacy on this issue she's, been a true champion, and we, believe Canadians, deserve quality low, priced telecommunication. Services, and that's, why we've asked industry to step up in a big way into. The connecting, families, program low-cost. Internet will be provided, to hundreds, of thousands, of Canadian families right, across Canada, mr., speaker our government, will always fight for lower prices and better prices for consumers thank you very much honourable. Member for Thornhill. Mr.. Speaker the Liberals moral, equivalence, with Israel, and its enemies, is notorious. And when, they had an opportunity to stand against, a one-sided, motion, against Israel, at the United Nations yesterday. And in, direct contradiction, to votes in this house this week they did it again the, Liberals directed, Canada's, diplomats, to sit on their hands to abstain, from standing. With the only democracy in the Middle East mr.. Speaker the Liberals always show up for the annual walk, with Israel, as Fairweather. Friends, would why, did the Liberals refuse to stand with Israel yesterday. Continue. To make Canada's, long-standing. Steadfast, support, for Israel a partisan, issue despite being told not to do so. And. We believe that resolutions. Up you and should, accurately reflect the situation on the ground that's why Canada, supported, a u.s. amendment, to yesterday's, resolution, that would have explicitly, referred. To the role by Hamas in. The situation, in Gaza Hamas, is, a terrorist organization, and, Canada calls on the international, community to stand up to Hamas Hamas, must, intend, its incitement, to violence against, Israel. Will. Call for it to come to order, remember. For Vancouver. Kings wave as, we stand on the cusp of cannabis, legalization we.

Face The deep irony, that Canadians. Continue, to be arrested, at alarming, rates, for behavior, that will soon be legal it, was inexcusable for, the Liberal government to exclude, pardons, from the cannabis actonel the Senate the so-called chamber. Of sober second thought has, also neglected. To address this glaring omission it's enough to question their sobriety mr., speaker when. Will the hundreds of thousands, of Canadians, who carry unjust, records for, simple, possession finally. Receive, amnesty. Vancouver. Kings way to be cautious with his language. One. Of the men administer public safety above other closely. Mr., speaker Parliament, is in the process, of dealing, with two, very important, pieces of legislation c-45. And, c-46. They. Are together. Making. Some of the most profound changes with, respect to the. The. Handling the legal handling, of of, cannabis, ever in the history of Canada, when. That process, is completed. The. Law will. Change, and. At that time mr. speaker the government, will consider all appropriate measures to ensure, fairness in our system I had to pay the suffering now. Remember, for Sheppard mr., speaker today the government, announced its vision, of the new homelessness. Partnering, strategy, this. Announcement, is the culmination, of over a year's, work including. The release of the first ever national housing, strategy, with, its commitment, of two billion dollars to combat homelessness as, well. As canada-wide. Consultations. With, experts, and community stakeholders, could. The minister responsible housing, explained, to the house how the new homeless partnership homelessness, partnering, strategy, will help fight homelessness in, Canada, notable. Minister thank. You mr. speaker I'd like to begin by thanking the member for Shepherd for his support, for the fight, against homelessness I'd, also like to thank the members of the, Advisory, Committee, for their hard work and the excellent report, they produce yesterday, in Montreal had the opportunity, to launch a.

Program, That, will double investments. In homelessness, and reduce homelessness by, 50, percent in Canada in the years to come through, our partnerships. And our investments, we, are, restoring. Federal, leadership, in, housing. To make sure everyone has a safe. And affordable roof over their head, thank you. Clear. To the parliamentary secretary when, they refused to stand with our allies we will challenge, them to do better that is our job that is what we were sent here to do. Security. Council just to abstain once they get there mr. speaker the parliamentary, secretary voted. The Prime Minister voted to immediately, designate, the Iranian to the Islamic Revolutionary, Guard Corps as a listed, terrorist entity under the Criminal Code that's how they voted so when will the Liberals follow the will of the house and immediately designate the IRGC a terrorist organization. In. Fact the IR DC's cut, force is already, listed as a terrorist entity, and that is the branch, of the of the force that in in fact. Involves. Itself in terrorist operations. In addition, mr. speaker, Iran is a state sponsor. Of terror all listed, under the state, immunity, act and, mr. speaker the the. Senior, officials, of that regime are already, subject to special economic measures. Under, the under, the SEMA legislation. The, process, for listing it actually involves an investigation. By the RCMP and CSIS. And that process will go forward. Now. November 4 VV. Aldino, mr.. Speaker when, it comes to homegrown, marijuana. Yesterday. That Prime Minister answered, to, explain his power trip but, he was ignoring, the provinces, the opposition, the Senate the cities and the, police all, the better to fight organized, crime. Uh-huh. That's, his plan to fight organized, crime allow. People to grow three or four marijuana, plants in their garden. Why. Can't, the government. Leave. Those, decisions to, those who actually manage. The problems, in the field, the. Honourable Health Minister thank you very much mr. speaker mr. speaker. Protecting. The Canadian, the. Health and safety of Canadians, is our top priority. We're. Making, sure we have a system, that, will be. Safe, and we, have created. Legal resources. For. Those. Who. Cannot. Grow. Marijuana, for themselves at home we're taking an approach, a number of American. Jurisdictions. Have taken to regulating, cannabis thank you very much mr. speaker they all remember Phoebe L do know I think. We're not she, doesn't have the right notes mr., speaker legalizing, cannabis is one thing but. Making marijuana, plants, as garden-variety, as tomato, plants, that's quite another Quebec, has chosen not to allow homegrown, pot because. They think it won't help keep. Marijuana out of the reach of kids, that's. Quebec Sledge it omit choice and it's, consistent. With this government stated, goal of limiting. Minors, access, to marijuana. So, why, the disrespect. For Quebec, sees, that, are within its, jurisdiction. The, Honorable Minister of Health Thank. You mr. speaker once again, protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is this government's, top priority. Home. Growing, will displace, the illegal market in, Canada, we also will provide a legal, source for those who, don't have access. To marijuana otherwise, for, example in. Online. And. So, on we're consulting, experts, and other jurisdictions that, have also, legalized, cannabis, and, we're still, studying. The best, way of going forward Thank You mr. speaker earlier today a major report, on the safety. Failures, of the pipeline, safety system, in this country was released by ecchi ter it's a very disturbing record and it's getting worse sank. On sank, wilsaan days ansiedad. 55%. Of. Incidents. Occurred in Quebec since 2008. And 50%, of those spills, occurred, in 2017. This. Unacceptable, record, of shoddy, monitoring. And weak enforcement. The. Honorable parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Natural. Resources, getting. Resources, to market must be done with the highest regard, for safety and the protection of the environment the, pipeline Safety Act strengthens Canada's, pipeline safety system, enshrining. The polluter. Pays principle into. Federal law companies. Are liable. Regardless, of fault our budget 2017. Includes seventeen point four million dollars for, the enemy to enhance its pipeline safety oversight activities along.

With The further one point nine million dollars provide Canadians, with timely access to information on energy regulations. And pipeline safety.

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Home cultivation WILL NOT help displace the "Free Market". It takes powerful lights to bring a Cannabis plant to flower and most Canadians dont have the luxury of spending more on hydro. So 4 plants comparable to tomato plants in growth and needs that will never flower in your living room window. Outside between May - Sept if nurtured correctly but apparently there is still a need to keep them undercover. How ridiculous!!Are police coming into homes to count plants?? no way to enforce such strict rules. If the plant is legal then why should the number of plants, unless they are hanging over into your neighbors yard, bother anybody? Canadians growing a few plants at home will do nothing to curb the Free Market.

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Man made Global warming is a hoax and a tax grab all the leading scientist are in agreement.

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Warming Planet, the first issue with JT and the Liberals are their belief the oppressive and murdering dictator Fidel Castro was a great leader of the Cuban people. The second issue of concern is the high taxes imposed on the working class. The third issue is paying off terrorists, now totaling 42 million tax payer dollars, when JT readily allowed two Canadian men held hostage to be beheaded in the Philippines. He choose not to pay their, in comparison, measely ransom. The fourth issue is spending millions of tax payer dollars to help people around the world when we need to help the needy in Canada. Fifth, is not protecting our borders. This is a huge cost to the tax payer. The sixth is taking illegal trips. The seventh is going into massive debt to finance their irresponsible agenda. Eighth is not allowing Canada to get their resources to market resulting in large corporations leaving to do business elsewhere. Ninth, not getting tough on criminals. Tenth, not supporting our immigrants by allowing illegals to jump the line.

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Dear Minister McKenna, you are out of touch with regular Canadians with respect to carbon tax and jobs. This carbon tax is nothing but a cash grab that makes the Canadian economy less competitive in comparison to our neighbors in the US that have no such tax.

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R. A. I think the world needs to finance Space Solar Panels that would beam energy to collection sites around the world. Tap into the sun 24\7. In fact, USA, China, Germany, and Japan are already developing the technology. Japan hopes to have a prototype in space within a few years. This is the type of investments the world has to make. Panals could also trasmit energy to cargo ships, and perhaps one day, provide energy to all airliners. That would significantly reduce our demands on oil for energy.

R. A. Then entire industry is dirty. Burning oil no matter where it originates still increases CO2 into the atmosphere. Even fracking has many broken casings and methane is leaching. The poorer countries would never buy into the idea.

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Warming Planet Those countries with poorer environmental standards pollute more.

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Warming Planet That's nice. Opinions are like A$$holes. Everyone has one. I am not going to continue typing to a Troll. Take Care however.

Donna Green Sure I trust your analysis of an economy over economists. Thanks for the laugh!

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Your so called science is crap, the scam is over and even if it was true Canada isn't big enough to make a difference. The earth itself puts off more carbon than we can ever do. We are not going to pay to exist anymore than we already do. Sorry.

Warming Planet The financial post link was not in direct response to your post, just a bit of information for those who are advocating against the oilsands as a way to tackle climate change. It makes a lot of sense for countries like Canada, the US and the likes with high environmental standards to be the ones whose oil industries are shut down last as we shift to more environmentally friendly energy sources globally. Counties with oil industries that have poor environmental standards should be the ones whose oil industries should be actively campaigned against.

R. A. Your attached financial post? That's not evidence that carbon taxes affect economic growth and puts the economy on any disadvantage. Not sure why you posted it?

R. A. PS. British Columbia implemented the Carbon tax but eliminated some taxes so there were no increased tax on average to the people of BC.

I bet you Live in BC?? And are a shill Troll. Move along.

Warming Planet I live in this Province. I see, know, pay the taxes, hear what Albertans say. I do not care What Global BS says. They are going to try and keep people in the belief All is well in the Land of OZ. Otherwise they would riot??!!

Donna Green Facts matter......stop being a juvenile delinquent.

Warming Planet ---Alberta is doing well???? Dude get your head out of your A$$!!! There are small businesses closing daily in Edmonton. Take a Look at Restaurants in Calgary!! BS. Loads of folks OUT of work. Gas up, taxes up, food costs up, road conditions pothole heaven, middle class families struggling. Crime rising once again as this is telling on really how this provinces state really is. Cities spending money like Oil prices are still way up. Farmers cannot even ship their grain..... Yeah Alberta is doing Fantastic lol.

Warming Planet I believe the way the liberals are going about tackling climate change is economically unwise. They should implement policies that would not chase businesses away and increase the cost of living for struggling Canadians. Why bail out bombardier that manufactures aircrafts that use the fossil fuels you say are polluting the environment. Innovation driven by the private sector will be the best way to tackle human contribution to the pollution of the environment. Our economy is not doing well compared to the US and we don't need any more burdens to make life more difficult for regular people and the businesses that employ regular people.

Warming Planet

R. A. Do you have proof that a carbon tax makes an economy less competitive? BC and Alberta are doing well. Incentives alone will not significantly reduce carbon, so what do YOU recommend should be done to deal with carbon pollution and an increasing warming planet?

Listening to liberals go in circles and circles makes me sick. answer the damn question, what the hell do we pay you for? Guess what, You're fired next election.

Catherine McKenna does a great job in campaigning for the Conservatives. She is pushing for them to get a Ford style win. Does she want Federal liberals to lose official party status as well? I vote Green and am in favour of a greener future, but the carbon tax looks much more like a tax grab for the government than some kind of feel good, well meaning incentive. I want to save my own money so I can buy my own solar panels. I don't want to have to ask the liberals for my money back. I rather just keep it in the first place

It's ok. They're going to steal our money, but don't worry. We can trust them to give it back to us. The liberals are honest and trustworthy.......LOL. I couldn't even type this with a strait face.

They don't say that the federal Government is going to score off this robbery because they are going to tax the Carbon tax and that tax don't go to the province it goes to the Liberals so they have more money to spend on useless things like they are already doing

Warming Planet Airplanes are causing more harm then any other mode of transportation If the Liberal government and Trudeau was so concerned about Carbon he would not be using tax dollars to give to airplane builders to build more planes it's all a money scam in the name of a environmental cause. Throwing money at Carbon is not going to do anything but put people deeper in the hole and make the crime rate increase and things like solar panels that only last 10 to 15 years will be causing more earth pollution the doing good the same as the wind turbines that cause people headaches and other health issues.

Warming Planet LOL!! More like Brainwashed Zombie! Here's one for you How did the Ice melt after the first Ice age? Climate Change is a natural process and If the Liberals were really concerned about the Climate and carbon he would not allow people to flow into Canada at a uncontrolled rate but he is allowing it because the more people the more money in his pocket just like the more carbon Canada produces Trudeau's jet he fly's around let's off more Carbon in one trip then the average person does in one year.

They realize that the price of gas is mainly due to international commodities prices right?

So in summary the federal taxation is up to the each province as well as who gets the rebates in that province.

Can they legalize prostitution next

She is appalling. Probably thinks that milk comes from a store instead of the hard work of a farmer and a cow.

Trudeau's change. No answers available for questions

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