Question Period: Marijuana legalization, drug impaired driving, Kinder Morgan — May 10, 2018

Question Period: Marijuana legalization, drug impaired driving, Kinder Morgan — May 10, 2018

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Police officers, the, Prime Minister is endangering. Public Safety, in Canada, my, question for the Prime Minister is simple can, you reassure Canadians. That he will not to give the, go-ahead to legalizing, marijuana, until. All police, officers, in Canada are equipped and trained. To. Deal, with the drug. Impaired. Driving. Do. One for Minister. Yesterday. The, member for Koval Shay said that the right for a woman to choose is not a right from, promotion, stated, that a woman's right to choose is not, a right the, Supreme Court upheld this right more, than 30 years ago today these, comments, serve to take women's, rights backwards. Will, the leader of the Opposition, please denounce the comments from his caucus and clearly, voiced the support right now for, a woman's right to choose ask. You know shefter look was this wealthy, leader of the opposition denounced, at the comments, of his caucus, and support. The. Woman a woman's right to choose ask the Honourable member. Thank. You mr. speaker the comments, were. Made outside, of this house and I'll come back to. This. A question, period. Following. Legalization. Deadly accidents, caused by, drivers. Who, used to marijuana doubled, in Washington, tripled in Colorado and that is a very serious issue that we need to consider here in this house mr. speaker we're, talking about human lives can. The Prime Minister give his word that. Legalization. Will not proceed until, all. Police. Officers in Canada are equipped, and trained. To. Deal with this plague. The. Minister of the Environment disappointing. That the party opposite, still believes that women's rights are not human, rights yesterday. This belief was on full display when. The member from provancha claims. That the woman's right to choose is, not a right will. The member opposite, please stand, up for women everywhere, and, make, it clear that, women's right to choose is, clearly. Member. For Richmond or at the bass code is. That mr.. Speaker, the. Facts are clear, following. Legalization. Of marijuana. Deadly. Accidents. Well. Here in fact is, what, was contained, in the report by the police association. Of police chiefs drug, impaired driving is a top concern for police in Canada the problem already exists and will become even. Worse with, legalization. So, for the third time I will repeat my question and I hope that the Prime Minister will have the courage to send up an answer will, he ensure that, all. Police, officers in Canada will be equipped, and trained to, counter. You. Know Minister, of Health Thank. You mr. speaker. The. Government, the previous government, approached. Economists, didn't work it enabled, criminal, said to. Person. To. Move ahead we respect, the work had done by the Senate and we are eager to consider, the report, that will come from, them the, government will continue to collaborate, with its partners, to ensure that the transition to. Will. Take, place when, Norfolk Oh mr. speaker yesterday the, Liberals said they would legalize, marijuana, without, having. Drug impaired driving laws in effect so. Mr. speaker with the inability for a roadside, test for, cannabis, use can, the minister please inform this house just, how this Liberal government intends, to keep Canadians, safe on our roads. The. Problem, of drug impaired driving, exists. Today it's. Not a problem that will spring to life next, week or next month or next year it exists. Today that's. Why it is so very important, to pass bill. C-46. I'm glad, to hear the official opposition is. Now fully in support of bill c-46, and I hope they will join us in encouraging. The Senate to deal with it expeditiously. I'm, a member for Haldeman, orful well obviously. There's no plan but really, that's no surprise. And, while the Liberals have made it clear that they want to have pot legalized, by the summer the. Minister for justice has always said that, when marijuana, is legalized, there would be laws to protect Canadians. On the roads that's why they're bringing in Ellis so, why won't the Minister delay the legalization, of pot until. These protections are in place. Mr.. Speaker the. The criminal code already. Has provisions to, deal with, drug impaired, driving, those, provisions have been in the law for many years what, we are trying to do is to enhance and strengthen those, provisions with, what we're adding in bill c-46, new offenses, new technology.

And New procedures, to. To add to, what is already in the Criminal Code so, again I thank the opposition, for officially, endorsing, bill c-46, and we're, anxious for them to join with us in encouraging. The Senate to pass it promptly. Kimochi. Mr.. Speaker the Kinder Morgan's saga, is getting more interesting, not only our shareholders, asking for more information, on environmental standards. We've. Discovered, that Kinder, Morgan had direct. Access, to the prime minister in the Minister of Natural Resources to, advance the project what. A surprise, mr. speaker, Col, Marcia lobbyist, for Kinder Morgan, participated. In at least three activities. Fundraising. Activities, by the Liberal Party. Even. Though the Liberals had promised, to deny access to. Lobbyists. To their fundraising activities, so my question is simple will, they finally, tell the truth and admit that Kinder, Morgan, has. Had too direct access, since the beginning the, Honorable Minister of the Environment. Our. Party, recognises, that the economy, and to the environment go, hand in hand this. Is an. Important, part of for. Canada. The. Conservatives, don't acknowledge didn't. Acknowledge that. The, environment, was important, and the NDP. Does, not acknowledge how. Important. The economy, is we know that that, you go together we focus on that every day we are protecting, the environment and. Ensuring. That our natural, resources get to market they, don't remember free birthday masks and all shape mr.. Speaker money. And the economy go together I, don't. Think the Liberals understand, just how serious this is. For. Public confidence is that the price to pay to buy the attention, of the Prime Minister and his government. Donations. Fundraising. Dinners is that, what companies have to pay to get favors, from this Liberal government. How. Can people have confidence in the government. How. Can the Prime Minister explain the difference between what, he says and what he actually does, the. Honourable Minister of Transport, mr.. Speaker unfortunately. The NDP, has never understood that. The. Environment. And the economy go together this. Project, is. Important. It is in the national interest now, when I say it's in the national. Interest I mean that it's in the interest of the entire country not just Alberta, and BC but. The entire, country, we, acknowledge, that it is an important, project and we are going to proceed. By. Ensuring, that the, 157. Conditions, attached, to the project are complied with skeeter, Valley, he wouldn't remember the liberal promise to end the cash for access, Fiasco the Minister said at the time it's always possible, to raise the bar no, kidding, the only question in this game of liberal ethical, limbo is how low will they go it, turns out after banning. Lobbyists, from attending liberal fundraisers. Lobbyists. From Kinder Morgan attended three liberal, fundraisers, for the prime minister and finance, minister now, why would the Liberals take a bunch of money from a Kinder Morgan lobbyist and how can they expect Canadians, not to believe this is simply buying access to, the Liberal Party. TMX. Project, is a good project there, are 157. Conditions, attached to this project we're also taking serious, action on climate change we. Get it unfortunately, we have one party that doesn't understand, how important the environment is the conserve their party but other party doesn't understand how important the economy is they go together we're, going to continue. Understand. Is how access, and cash go hand-in-hand. Of. Course who broke their promise to redo the process Kinder. Morgan, shareholders. Passed the motion about First Nations rights and in concerns, about the environment and that these concerns are quote raising, questions about the progress and prospects. Of the long-term viability taking. Money from Kinder Morgan lobbyists, breaking, their promises on the environment, how bad has it gotten for liberals that Kinder Morgan shareholders. Are more concerned about First Nations rights the environment than, the Liberal government who swore to uphold. Consultations. With indigenous peoples, more, than 40 indigenous, communities have signed impact, benefit, agreements, with the proponent, I and there are these, 157. Conditions, attached we, understand, that this project is an important project that it needs to go ahead and. It's, interesting that we have the. NDP, party in Alberta who is working very hard in this project it was supported, by the previous, government in. British Columbia, we. Need to provide certainty to the market and this project will go ahead the, Honourable member for lakeland mr., speaker I'd like to invite the Minister of Environment to, apologize, for repeatedly, asking the official opposition leader, to stand and answer questions today. He is attending the funeral of one. Of our longtime colleagues. And a friend, so many on all sides of this house Gord, Brown.

Apologized. My. Thoughts are with the family, of Gordon. Brown he was, he, was an. Amazing member, of the House of Commons, however, we, are entitled to raise important. Issues, and I think that that's what happening one expects, that's what Canadians, expect so I will, ask once, again. Stand for a woman's right to choose. Number. Four BAM Airdrie, well, that's that's pathetic to not apologize, mr. speaker. He. Admires China's dictatorship, and and that's quite evident in how he operates. Every time he faces opposition, whether it's in this house or from Canadians, he takes away the tools that opposition, parties have to hold him to account and. Now he's proposing to limit how and when political parties to spend money that Canadians have freely contributed, to support them so we'll impose those same restrictions, on ministerial, travel and on, government advertising, in this newly established pre-election. Period. Leading. Up to the last election Canadians. Were justifiably. Fed, up with, the Conservative, government's, misuse, of tax, dollars, for partisan advertising. That is why we moved quickly in 2016. With our new advertising, policy, to, ban partisan. Government, ads and establish, third party, oversights. We also banned, government, advertising. In the 90, days that precede. A fixed, election, and for any government program that, has yet to be approved by, Parliament by, focusing. Government. Advertised, on Canadians, needs instead, of partisan, objectives, we've been able to cut the government's advertising, budget by almost half mr. speaker we will continue, to serve the taxpayers of Canada, and be, transparent. Well. I guess we'll take that as a no so I guess we'll try another topic, because clearly he doesn't want to try and deal with the actual problem here so, giving, young people over 18 out to vote mr. speaker is a thing, that everyone, in this house agrees is a good thing but. What isn't right isn't meeting the privacy, of children the, Prime Minister's new law will establish a future register of electors for children between the ages of 14, and 17 and yesterday. The Prime Minister disagreed, with us when we raised this concern about political, parties targeting, children so again I asked will the Prime Minister commit that. Information, about children will not be distributed, to political, parties or political candidates. Remembers. Opening comments, so we dealt with the problem in the last election, we defeated the Harper Conservatives but. Beyond that mr. speaker the, Conservatives, need, to understand. That, in, fact what, we're doing with the future. Voter registry, is engaging, more young Canadians, in the political process such, that they can develop, their citizenship. And be ready to participate, in Canada's electoral, system, Foley and I can confirm for the member across, there that, as a, current practice only the, list of eligible, voters will, be shared with parties, and parents.

The. Only member furred we send a home mr., speaker when it comes to electoral reform the Liberal government and. The Prime Minister have. No credibility because. They reneged it they're on their promises. They. Did so and now they want to create a register, of electors for children, teenagers aged, 14, 15. 16 and 17, so, this is a very serious issue, mr., speaker can the Prime Minister guarantee, Canadians, that this registry, will. Not be made accessible to political, parties so that they can have information to, this. Information, on teenagers, in Canada. Minister. As. I said mr., speaker the. Practice, today will continue, the. The only. The list of actual electors. Will be shared with political, parties that will not be affected, by the establishment. Of a. Youth, voting. Reg or rather a youth, future, voting registry the objective, of which is to encourage. Remember. Food we send a home. Mr. speaker at least we can say is that the government isn't clear. Because. It's not clear on Elections reform what it does is set aside it's, a promises, but there's another point too that is of concern to us. That. Political parties won't be able to do what, they do, in. The before. The election with the money that Canadians, comedians. Gave them can the minister. Guarantee. That the, ministers, will follow the same rules and will not, the. One spending sprees in the pre-election period. Mr.. Gein as I said earlier in the. Last election, the Conservatives used. Quasi, partisan, advertising, tax dollars to pay for government, advertising. That was, highly, partisan, that is one of the reasons why we changed our advertising, policy to ban this kind of partisan government, advertising, and beyond, that to extend 90. Days before. The, actual election. The RHIB period, to have the same rules, that apply during, the red period which which are very robust, rules to, political, parties than the government, leading up to the red period so we're doing exactly, that which he said the. Honourable member for Calgary rocky, ridge mr.. Speaker earlier today albor, stated, and I quote the. Kinder Morgan pipeline carrying. Dirty tar sands oil would, be a step backward, end quote does. The government agree with, Al Gore who calls our natural, resources dirty and wants to kill the transmat inspector. Thank. You mr. speaker. Our. Government, has, initiated formal, financial discussions with Kinder Morgan the result of which will be to remove uncertainty overhanging. The project, we, are confident, in, our jurisdiction in, this matter we. Are also actively pursuing, legislative, options that will assert and reinforce, the federal jurisdiction, in this matter which, we know we clearly have, hundreds. Of thousands, of hardworking Canadians. Depend. On this job on this project being built Thank You mr. speaker, the, Honourable member for Dez nathie missing a beach or chill river. Indigenous. Women and girls inquiry must put families, at the center of its work however, they continue, to ignore the, calls from at least five hundred families. Many, from remote, and northern, communities, who, haven't had the chance to speak to the inquiry in, order to heal the families, must be heard, when. Will this government, extend, the Mandate of the inquiry. Mr.. Speaker our government is committed to ending this ongoing, national, tragedy, and we thank the Commission for its work so far I'm, discussing, the Commission's, frequent request, for an extension with families, indigenous partners and, our provincial. And territorial counterparts. The independent, Commission's, mandate is clear families. Must be at the center of their work the, families of these women and girls need answers, they need to be heard to, the systemic, and institutional failures. That lead to the murder of far, too many indigenous. Women and girls. Honourable. Member for Abitibi Bay James Nina Beka you mr.. President. Mr.. Speaker, the. Union of British Columbia, Indian chiefs pulled, out of the. Inquiry, on. Murdered. And missing indigenous women, and girls they've deemed the report in uncomplete. And stated. - that the process would not allow for a rigorous examination. Of the systems that contribute to violence against, indigenous women and girls. This. Is extremely.

Serious Mr., speaker. The. Minister responsible has, not done enough how can these women these families, these indigenous, communities. Heal. And, continue. To move forward the. Honourable, Minister the shooter president, mr.. Speaker our government, is determined. To put an end to this national tragedy the. Mandate for the Independent. Commission is, clear, families. Must. Be at the heart of this, work. We. Are, will. Be offering families the answers they, have long, waited for. Dealing. With the systemic, and institutionalized. To treatment behind this tragedy, the. Honorable member for Dobell old satchel Mr, Speaker we learned this morning that the criminal Intelligence Service, advised. Two police forces, to be on the lookout for violent. Street gangs ms-13, in their entry into Canada the, report says that members, of ms-13, will probably use the migration, of Salvadorians, to Canada to, set up new cells probably in the Greater Toronto Vancouver, and, Montreal regions, can, the minister reassure Canadians, and tell them that a plan is already in place to prevent, members of the ms-13 gang from entering the country. The. Honorable Minister mr., speaker the the, police and security agencies, of the, country, are. Surveilling. All the time for risks and threats that may pose. A danger to the, safety. Of Canadians. Both. Domestically, and internationally. We, have active arrangements, with partners around the world for, the appropriate. Sharing, of intelligence and, Canadians. Can can, indeed, be assured that their, police and security agencies are, taking all possible steps, to, make sure that we keep Canadian see. Mr.. Speaker the prime minister said and I quote I continue, to trust and support, our, national security, agencies and officials when, they identify concerns. Surrounding a particular. Problem I have confidence in them and I believe them so, the Prime Minister believes his security agencies, and has confidence in them does the Prime Minister have the intention once and for all to put an to the problem son the crisis at the border and restore, order in san bernardo da Cunha the. Honorable Minister, very. Obviously, between CBSA. And the RCMP and the Department, of immigration refugees, and citizenship, a long, series, of steps are already, being taken to. Deal effectively with, that situation our, goals are twofold number, one to make sure that all Canadian. Laws are, thoroughly, enforced, and number two to, make sure that all of Canada's, international obligations, are properly respected, we have achieved those goals thus, far and we intend to continue to do so remember. For Calgary nose, Hill. The. Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada calls, the ms-13 gain, one, of the largest and most organized. Violent, crime groups in the world and notes, that the group exploits. Migration. Patterns to, set up new cells and I would consider 50,000. People illegally crossing the border this year from the United States in migration powder so, my question is very simple, when will the Prime Minister close the loophole in the safe third country agreement. They'll. See a mr. P's dying alcoholic Thank, You mr. speaker and once again Canada, is an open country that, helps people in need of protection but our government once again is determined, to ensure that, immigration, is in order and protects. Our immigration. System and, Canadians, in recent weeks we have seen ideas, put forth by parties, calling or, showing that they don't understand, the situation or the agreement the. Agreement on, the safe third country. Is very important, and it's used by candidate the United States to cooperate, in, the processing.

Of Asylum claims once, again we are. Respecting. These. At conventions, with our partners. Who. A National, Post article, said today has been vocally, supportive, of legislation that would have made homosexuality. Punishable, by life in prison the, article also said that our prime minister did not raise this issue in his meeting even though previous, Canadian governments have been publicly critical, of this law. Citizenship and Immigration Committee is about to travel to Uganda given, this can the Prime Minister specifically. Clarify, his position on you dan doesn't have any sexuality. Secretary. To the Minister of Foreign Affairs speaker, our government is a tireless advocate for LGBTQ. Rights both at home and abroad, in fact our Defence Minister alongside Louise, Arbour had, the chance to, raise our concerns about LGBTI. Issues, with, the President of Uganda recently, I've had the chance to raise LGBTQ. 2 and LGBTI, issues with, other leaders on the African, continent recently, as well we, are also the co-chair of the Equal Rights Coalition, will host a global conference that will help advocate, for better protection and, promotion of LGBTI, rights for. That community, and we continue, to do that feverishly, here at home and everywhere we travel in the world. 10,000. Canadians, have died from, opioid overdoses, since this crisis began a death toll that continues, to mount US, federal. And state governments, have taken strong, action against. Opioid manufacturers. Securing. Criminal, convictions, for improper marketing, and recovering, over 700, million dollars in compensation for damages, yet, this government, has failed to even investigate. Or pursue. Compensation, for, the massive, public, cost of these dangerous, products, and the harm caused to Canadian, families, why, the Liberals, failed to, launch an investigation or, pursue, compensation like. The US has done. Recognises. That the current opioid, situation, is a terrible, situation and our government recognizes, that the high level of opioids were historically, prescribed, in Canada has contributed to the devastating, impact, of the current crisis. In this country we. Are exploring, all options to address the crisis, unfortunately. At the same time the United States was pursuing, charges against pharmaceutical, companies who, inappropriately, marketed, opioids, the former harper government failed, to take similar action. Ways. To strengthen industry, transparency. Accountability, and, we will have more to report in the coming time. Mr.. Speaker throughout. The entire country the.

Number Of opioid-related, overdoses is. Going up at an alarming rate this, is more than a crisis, this is an emergency, situation in, 2017. 4000, people died of opioid, overdoses. This. Is not just isolated, cases of accidental, poisoning. We. Need to look at the impact, on the loved ones of these victims, on our health care system which is already overburdened when. Will the Liberal government finally recognized, that this is an urgent public health problem. And grant, the resources, necessary to, solve this situation, the. Honourable Minister of Health thank. You very much mr. Speaker I want to thank my colleague for her question. We. Are dealing with a public health crisis, in Canada, and our government, is deeply, concerned, by its, tragic effects. That. Is why we, are very pleased than budget 2017, we, invested, over, 230. Million dollars, to help provinces. And territories and, make, sure that services are put into place and to. Help provinces. Cope with the costs. The. Honourable member for PFOA doll Mr. Speaker we know, that science, technology. Engineering and, math play. An, important. Role in the future of the Canadian economy we, also know that children are born curious it's. Very important to encourage them to follow this path. We. Must make sure that. Our children have the opportunity to, see the exciting, aspects, of science. Can. The minister of science inform, this house of efforts, being made by our government to promote science. Among. The country's young Canadians the Honorable Minister of science through, the crazy dollars, Mr, Speaker I wish to thank the member for Pierre fellow, for. Promoting science, throughout Canada, next. Week. There's. Going to be science, Odyssey health, celebration. Of science for, May 11th, to 20th, museums, University. And College lives and federal research, facilities. All across Canada. Will open their doors to Canadians, I encourage. All members to promote, these events, in their communities, and join, Canadians. And exploring, the, exciting research, being. Done in Canada. By. Mr.. Speaker here's the next chapter of my fish tale. We. Found out that, the cousin of the wife of the Minister of Fisheries led. The business that. Won the calls for tender for. The fishing license for lucrative shellfish the, contract was awarded to business operated, by the brother of a Liberal MP which. Also benefits, a former, Liberal MP without. Exaggerating, is it, not time to relaunch, the bidding process for the fishing license given. All these conflicts, of interest the. Honourable parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. Mr.. Speaker. Our. Government. Has. Decided that, it was important, to bring, in a new. Player for. The Arctic surf clam fishery. Unlike. The Conservatives. We. Did not forget to include indigenous. Communities. We. Are proud, of the, decision, that we have made, which. Will benefit the, greatest possible, number of, Canadians. In the Atlantic region. Mr.. Speaker the, Minister of Fisheries has, made a sham of the surf clam quota allocation, process, he, unilaterally. Expropriated. 25 percent of the quota from one holder the. Real awarded. Quota went. To the company owned by a federal, Liberal MPs. Brother and, also, benefits. Of former, Liberal MP. Yesterday. We learned that the cousin of the minister's, wife will. Be heading the company, that, won the bid with. All of these conflicts. Of interest, isn't, it time to restart. The allocation, process. Introduce. Indigenous, participation, is consistent. With our government's, commitment to developing a renewed relationship between Canada, and indigenous. Peoples the minister made his decision to allow for increased indigenous, participation, in the fishery and we reject any insulation. And any insulation to, the contrary in the strongest of terms mr. speaker our government, is proud of this decision and will continue to focus on how it will directly benefit First Nations communities across Atlantic Canada and, Quebec, honourable.

Member For Kamloops, Thomson, caribou, the Liberals brought in a new player all right they brought in the minister's family to be the new player. Did. Not have a boat they did not have multiple, First Nations partners they were not incorporated. Second. The majority, of the contract, isn't owned by First Nations but the brother of a Liberal MP. The. Cousin, to the minister's wife is heading up the company that won the bid mr.. Speaker this is blatant. Nepotism, and abuse, of his position. The. Fact that there is a new entrant, entering, the surf clam fishery should be no surprise, to these conservatives, they, went through three years ago a similar process the, only difference was they. Forgot to include indigenous people mr. speaker our government. Did not forget. To include these people in fact we picked the best deal that. Will benefit the highest number of Atlantic Canadians for. Indigenous, nations from Atlantic, Canada and one indigenous nation from Quebec mr. speaker remember for Kamloops Thomson, caribou, nations were always willing to be part of the process but the Minister of the past government shirt, made, sure he kept his hands right out of it so this is just wrong, the. Prime Minister, taxed. His cabinet, with living up to quote the highest, ethical standards clearly. The nature not, lived up to these expectations, he, bailed indigenous, communities, he's failing Canadians, and he's failed the people of the Grand Banks it's time for the minister to acknowledge, that it was an inside job it's a sham and we, would like to hear him stand up today and commit to restarting, this process. Increases. Participation, and fishing is consistent, with our governments commitment, to developing a renewed relationship with Canada and indigenous. Peoples enhancing. Access to the Arctic surf clam fishery broadens, the distribution of benefits from this public resource, and is a powerful step towards reconciliation when. The previous government, went through a very similar public, process, to access this fishery they forgot to include indigenous people Mr Speaker we did not, remember. For Saskatoon. West order, mr., speaker next, week marks the International, Day Against homophobia, biphobia and, transphobia, once. Again the government issued statements, of concern but we see little or no action, to back, up these concerns, the, Liberals promised, in the last election, to remove the five-year ban on men who, have sex with men from donating, blood but, instead reduced, it to one year with, no, evidence, to, support the, ban and a severe, shortage, of blood and organs in our health system will, the government now and the gay blood ban and eliminate, this form of homophobia. Is. Recognized, internationally as one of the safest in the world and is committed to protecting the safety and security of that supply health. Canada is responsible, for assessing the safety and quality of the blood and plasma products, and at the same time the standards, that apply regardless, of who collects plasma, or whether the donors are paid the decision as to whether Canadian, plasma, donors can be paid rest, with the province of the territories, our, government will continue to work with Canadian, Blood Services, Emma Quebec in other groups to ensure that we could address this blood ban issue thank you very much mr. speaker the.

Honourable, Member for Sherbrooke Mr. Speaker we found out in Dijon and Amaya's that Susan McArthur former UBS, employee, was, part of the board of directors of the Canada Revenue Agency, while, the bank's financial scandal, was occurring, her. Appointment was political, cronyism, during. Simple she admits it's neither. UBS, nor her clients were charged in Canada whereas in the, United States and France they crack down hard considering. The facts will, the minister commit to a thorough review of this, file to make sure that, there was no undue, influence. The. Honorable, Minister for national revenue I will. Tell my colleague that all of these Evon events. Happened under, the Harper government currently. There, is no problem, with the Board of Directors at. The Canada Revenue Agency, the, rules are upheld everything, is in order Central, Okanagan, Samil kameen Nicola when the Liberals look, at approving the sale of the largest seniors, care home company, in British Columbia, we warn them about the murky ownership of our bond but, they can ignore these concerns, and rubber stamp the deal anyway thankful since then the Communist. Chinese government, has taken control of the company and its, CEO has been sentenced to 18 years in jail now having. Failed to do. Every single step of this process mr. speaker will the Liberals show one iota of humility, apologize. To BC seniors, Holland, head and mr., speaker and and, apologize. To seniors and get that contact that, company back under Canadian control, today that's right. Speaker. I thank the Honourable member for his question our. Government is open to investment, that will grow our economy, and create middle-class, jobs mr., speaker the investment, Canada, Act provides. For a process to screen these kinds of investments, to ensure that they are of an overall net economic benefit. To Canada that was done in this case and mr., speaker after. That review cedar, tree made specific, commitments to. Retirement. Concepts and the people of British Columbia, those, commitments. Are being met, and maintained, here we are monitoring, mr. situation, a situation to ensure that that will happen thank you the Honourable member for Langley Aldergrove, mr., speaker the innovation Minister promised. Canadians, said he had done his research before. Selling. DBC, base senior, care facilities, to China on bond insurance now. We've learned that the company has been seized, by the Communist Chinese government, and that, the founder, has been sent to prison for 18 years, the Liberals never should have approved, this sale which allows these Canadian, properties, to be controlled, by Beijing. Why did the minister refuse. To listen to our warnings and what is he going to do to get these properties back, into Canadian, hands. Mr.. Speaker cedar tree committed. In the investment. Of your review, process, to maintaining.

Levels Of full and part-time employment, to have a Canadian, operator, retirement, concepts, continued to manage the business not. Too close or repurpose, any of its existing, residences and to maintain a significant, level of equity here in Canada these, commitments are being met mr. speaker and, they are legally binding the retirement, residences, remain subject to full provincial, regulation, which the Canadian operator, must continue. To meet or exceed all, of these conditions are continuing, to be met mr. speaker and we continue to monitor the situation. Abbotsford. Well, last year we warned the Liberals against allowing on bond to buy B C's biggest, seniors care provider we. Know how that played out the, Chairman is now in jail for 18 years. But it gets worse now. Communist, China has proposed a takeover, of a con an iconic, Canadian, company, this, has raised serious concerns from, security, experts, and the construction, industry this. Is a terrible, deal for Canada and a threat to our sovereignty of security, how, can Canadians, trust this prime minister to, make the right decision, on a con when, he failed so miserably with. Unbond. Government. Welcomes international investment. That will benefit the Canadian economy but not mr. speaker at the expense of national security the investment, Canada Act includes, a multi step national, security, review process, which, we follow that, rigorous. Consultation. Process, has. Been undertaken, by the Canadian by the our governments, national security agencies, and we, can confirm that that a cabinet, order has been issued in that case we'll, continue mr., speaker to do our due diligence to make sure that, these. Investments. Will benefit, Canada and we will never compromise mr., speaker on national security the. Honourable, member for Winnipeg center, Mr. Speaker we know immense gaps remain in health outcomes between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians. Is particularly true, in urban areas like Winnipeg, we, also know that one of the most stark needs and indigenous communities is the area of mental, health especially when, it comes to, our youth with. Significant, recent investments. In health care can the Honorable Minister of Indigenous, Services, please update Canadians. And the House of Commons on the work under under, way to, make mental health supports more accessible, for those who need it most, honourable. Minister of indigenous. Services, I wanted to thank the member from Winnipeg centre for this important, question as he points, out the challenges, that indigenous peoples, face in terms of mental wellness are. Complex, and deep-rooted, we, have made significant. Investments in, this area and many people already know about the hope for wellness line, which is now available 24. Hours a day seven, days a week in five, languages, the, good news this week is that the hope for wellness line, is now also available for. Online chat. That hope for wellness dossier. We, hope many indigenous people, particularly, youth will take advantage of this new opportunity, to seek support, for. Flamborough Glenbrook, Mr Speaker last night without provocation the, Iranian regime launched, a vicious missile, attack on his railey forces, in the Golan Heights a gross, act of aggression against, a steadfast, Canadian, Ally and the only stable democracy. In the Middle East while, the Liberals continued to restore, relations and, lift economic, sanctions, the home ad regime, in Iran, continues, to spread its human rights valuations and thrust, its tentacles, of terror across the Middle East well, these liberals stand, up for, one our closest allies Israel and condemned the unprovoked, attacks by, the terror sponsoring, regime in Iran. Mr.. Speaker has a steadfast, friend and ally of Israel's, we certainly condemn Iran's attack. On Israeli, military forces we fully support Israel's. Right to defend itself, against. Iranian, aggression we. Call on Iran to stop any further provocations, well. Never for a Churchill, he wanted not asking, mr. speaker whether its comments in this house or messages we hear outside it is clear that the fight for women's equality is far from over, but, it's not enough to hear the Liberals say they believe in choice the reality, is that many Canadian, women because, of where they live don't have access, to abortion, services, it's 2018. We've got to stop playing politics, on the backs of women in this country so when will the Liberal government step up enact the Canada House Act and ensure that women no matter where they live can have access to their reproductive, rights.

The. Right to choose regardless. Of where she lives if we believe that a woman should have access to reproductive health options no matter where she lives in Canada in rural or urban settings, I recognise, that access, to these services varies, across the country our government has made me feel grimy though less restrictive, and more available to Canadians. And to. Provinces, and territories and. We are truly hoping that provinces, and territories will, be reimbursing. It we continue, to examine ways to improve access to reproductive health services to, women in Canada Thank You mr. speaker honourable, member for South Shores st. Margaret's mr.. Speaker tourism, is a huge economic driver in my province of Nova Scotia especially, if my riding of social st. Margaret's next, week the rendezvous Canada, conference will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia we, will be welcoming members of the tourism industry from, not only our country but from around the world to. The minister of small business and tourism update, the house on how our government, is helping to market Canada tourism. To the world arvo, minister of small business and tourism mr., speaker is a member of her South Shore st. Margaret's is absolutely. Correct destination. Canada is hosting rendezvous Canada which will highlight Nova Scotia in Canada, tourism industry, budget. 2017, made available thirty seven point five million dollars for five years. Stabilising destination, Canada's budget at ninety five point five million dollars destination. Canada markets are unique tourism experiences, to the world and we, are seeing results last, year Canada welcomed twenty point eight million visitors, and the tourism industry which supports, 1.8 million, Canadian, jobs generated. A record of ninety seven point four billion dollars in revenue every. Time, we ask a question about Taiwan. The, government, completely ignores, the question, and tells us how much they love China but, the Taiwan, Canada, relationship, is an important one economically. Politically. And strategically. So, I want to react the question, that was asked yesterday, hopefully, the parliamentary, secretary will, answer at this time, Taiwan, is being blocked from participating, in the World Health Assembly which, is meant to bring the world together for, global health so will the government take a public position to support Taiwan's, participation in, this vital world health assembly. Mr. Speaker we certainly continue to support Taiwan's, meaningful, participation in.

International Multilateral fora, where its presence provides important. Contributions. To the global public, good Taiwan's, role as an observer in the annual World Health Assembly meetings, is in the interest of the international health, community, and it's, important, to the fight against, pandemic and disease, Canada, is disappointed. That Taiwan did not receive an invitation this year we welcome participation. From the entire international. Community, to promote. Mr.. Speaker yesterday, the National Assembly, of Quebec, unanimously. Passed a motion demanding. That the federal government recognize, and respect Quebec. Cetana me with, regards, to regulating. Cannabis within, its own borders a. Very. Simple question mr., speaker will. This government, respect, yes, or no Quebec. Cetana, me with regards, to regulating. Cannabis within. Its own borders. The, Honorable Minister of Health Thank. You mr. speaker, the. Current approach to cannabis, does not work it's, allowed criminals, to. Make profits, and has not kept our children from harm, we. Respect, the work that the Senate is doing on this matter and we are ready to receive the report, this. Government is confident, that c-45. Will. Be passed this, year the. Government will continue to work with its partners, to. Make sure that, we have a responsible. Transition towards, a legal cannabis market. The. Honourable, member for bullshit. That's. Not an answer mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker we found out today that the Canada, Revenue Agency, decided. To refuse the IRA, I, registered. Charity, status, because. It has a political, purpose, the. CRA has. Already granted this status to, the, federal idea which educates, us about the noble virtues of federalism and, what. A surprise the, vast majority of its board of directors, are, donors to the Liberal Party, can. The minister of revenue assure, us that the refusal to grant status to, the, IRA I is not, a political order the, honourable minister of national revenue I would. Like to thank my colleague, too and, let me to say just. How the. 41mph, avec, do exceptional. Work when, it comes to the issues that affect Quebec. 41. Liberal, MPs who are able, to, act and. Can talk about action and concrete investments, in infrastructure, in housing. And research, and development. For. The most far-flung regions. Small. Craft harbours. Broadband. Quebec. Can be proud of its 41 MPs from Quebec. The, potato man acquired the Honourable, member from any Quaker. Mr.. Speaker speaking.

Of Liberal partisanship, in the last budget the government announced, that written media would be able to obtain registered. Charity, status, surprised. Yesterday. Lapis. Announced. Its conversion, to a nonprofit, organization, what. You need to know mr., speaker is that just like the federal idea, the, vast majority of members. Of the board of directors of lapis, are donors to the Liberal Party of Canada in. Spite of the fact that the price has an editorial mandate, which surprised, has. A political purpose. Can. The minister tell us if the paper will still get to registered, charitable, status the. Honourable Minister of Canadian Heritage, mr.. Speaker we recognize, of course that more and more Canadians. Get. Their news online that. Means our media have, to innovate. In. Budget. 2018, we announced that the government was, going to study new models to allow media to receive donations, the. Budget also announced, 50 million dollars to support journalism. In communities, that are not being well served and 14 million for. Local newspapers. And radio in. Official. Language minority communities, also. 775. Million dollars is, given, to Radio Canada CBC, to make sure that we have good. Media coverage throughout the entire country which of course respects. Independent, and journalistic, independence like. To draw to the attention of honourable members to presence in the gallery of the Honorable, Olivia, Grange minister. Of culture gender, entertainment. And sport in Jamaica. And. It's time, for the. Usual. Thursday question. And, last the Honourable member for Perth Wellington. Being. Thursday, it is my privilege to ask the Thursday question, and it might say as someone who has done a statistical. Analysis, of the past 30, years where's the Thursday question it's it's, an honor to actually ask the question today, and could it be that government house leader informed, the house.

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Dishonorable crimeminister and his group of cahooting ministers need to be held on trail for their crimes against humanity. Revoke their citizenship and bar them from our country.

first degree murder for the first impaired stone killer driver for Trudeau.

Sorry ppl but ppl smoke and drive now.. if it’s sooo bad why don’t they already have a way to see if you are driving high???

driving the study he says there is no problem.

65+ percent of canadian drivers on the road will be illegally driving for fk sakes..can't drive for 3 weeks if you smoke one..that will work out for all the cops to check everyone?

The Liberal Govt supports, enables and funds Organized Crime. Especially in the Vaughan/Woodbridge riding-

Prohibition of cannabis kills far more people and destroys countless lives compared to drivers who drive high. Prohibition must end as soon as possible in all civilized nations. Requiring police training before it's legalized is just an attempt to kick the can down the road and avoid ending prohibition. Cops should already know how to detect a high driver though. Pretty sure they're already trained in that.

And why do we need a federal government.

Well who else is going to dictate your well being, and indebt you into eternal servitude against your wishes? The provincial and municipal governments? Pfft, it takes at least 3 for a good gang stomping...

Where's the 65 000 tons of gold we held in reserve before Trudeau Senior gave away banking power in 1974? Hang the hill. MY servants all make 5 times my wage and do not labour. Hang these people claiming to serve me.

How about restricting driving to people that don't take any drugs that affect the mind, including the happy pills so common handed out by doctors.

toss em in clink and take license if they do

well the law is same for alcohol or marijuana dont drive drunk or stoned

Marijuana has not been difficult to acquire forever, what have the cops been doing up til now? Just letting everyone off because they don't have a method to test. This is ridiculous.

sennadasilva11 if I'm too high I do but like I said before it depends on how high I am, I refuse to get a dd for only a puff or two. Just like I refuse to get a dd when I'm a little bit tired. It's nothing to do with drugs, if I know I shouldn't drive I won't no matter if it's weed or caffeine or oxycontin or for some reason I feel a bit dizzy. That being said I also won't hesitate to climb behind the wheel in any of those circumstances if it's not affecting me enough to impair my driving.

sl0ptart please stay sober when you drive, get a designated driver when you partake. Trust me it's worth it.

sennadasilva11 absolutely... caffeine in high doses can make you jittery and cause muscle twitches. Compared to a little amount of weed it's more dangerous

sl0ptart I've never taken an allergy pill so I can't comment on that but are you seriously comparing MJ to coffee?

sennadasilva11 I never said you specifically I said most. So according to you no coffee while driving? No allergy pills? Both are mood altering.

sl0ptart you assume I haven't smoked marijuana and that I equate the affects to those of alcohol. I do not, however I do believe that any amount of a mind/mood altering substance is inappropriate when operating a vehicle. In the case of marijuana it may not affect reaction times but it does affect concentration levels. Try smoking a strong Indica and then multitask, which driving requires. 100% concentration should be required at all times and that goes not just for substances but devices as well, there are far too many distracted drivers on the roads. Regardless, prohibition should end asap and the methods of enforcement are already in existence to police drugged driving and therefore it should not be the excuse for delaying said legalisation.

sennadasilva11 ok but what do you consider inebriated? For instance I'd rather share the road with a pot head than someone that's over tired or distracted. I'm not saying they should be out there revoking licenses of sleepy people just it's something to think about. Also it seems the majority of people worried about this aren't smokers so I think they are trying to relate it to something they know... alcohol. And let me really really stress this point, smoking weed is nothing like being drunk, not even a little. It doesn't wreck your reaction times like booze and it doesn't make you take chances like booze... if anything it does the opposite. Most time I set the cruise control so I don't drive too slow.

sl0ptart exactly they have a process in place to police the offenders, so why should the legalisation be held by how intoxicated the offender is when there is already methodology in place. It can be updated when new technology exists. Personally I believe in no tolerance for any inebriation behind the wheel but that's just my opinion.

sennadasilva11 not true... up until now an officer was to use his own discretion on how to deal with it. The couple times I had known someone to be pulled over high the cop used driving with undue care and attention with a 24 hour license revocation.

CBC is pathetic for protecting Iran by closing the comments section on their videos.

So, alcohol is legal because..


Let me fix that KILLING MILLIONS of souls is not gods work it is the devils work. YOU cannot get into heaven if you condone the killing of millions either or if you look the other way. Thanks for bring that to my attention, I was too excitable with that number.

fixed it lol

its not likely syrians who went to west will return not all for sure. Cross fingers and toes for peace and no expansion of this mess.

trump is in power now unless he lied he doesnt want war, he wants to solve this and get out. My guess is syria will need taxpayers at end of war and maybe palestinians will get really good land deals. And finally peace. Syrians are mainly Sunni and palestinians border with iraq sunnis, PERFECT. And you might learn a secret :) if my intuition is correct.

this is just my opinion, just a gramma

hopefully after they knock each other a few times the ppls will force them to a truce and peace as i doubt usa will get involved any more than it has

bombing for peace never works, i think israel will learn hard way.

in west since vietnam hundreds of millions have been killed around world

Mrs W lol who's killing hundreds of millions?

The drug wars were always fueled by bogus science and out right lies and the hysteria about stoned driving is just one more example.

25% of Canadians use cannabis and our roads are safe. Cannabis gives you a better focus. Cannabis is not like alcool. Ross Rebagliati was the first ever to win an Olympic Gold medal for men's snowboarding at the 1998 Winter Olympic and he is a daily cannabis user.

I feel like I’m listening to a mashup video. The answers aren’t inline with the questions.They sure are good at avoidance. This is a waste of time.

I just want this pathetic government to legalize pot so we can get rid of Jihadi Justin Trudope from office already.

Here in Colorado, we now have people driving to grocery stores after having can tell because they stink of the smell of freshly burnt marijuana, they then get in to their cars and drive off. Make sure your law enforcement officers can accurately detect when someone is under the influence. The problem will get worse, when legalized, it is like turning a child loose in a candy store, usage spreads and becomes a daily activity with accessibility.

Incompetent driving would be much better determined with a driving simulator. The emergency workers could also polish their skills with it. Also the driving inspectors could get great deal more done and much more thoroughly and the money saved would easily pay for them.

Moncton NB COrporatew police officers, the paramilitary force known as the RCMP closes down all private dispenseries opening. Then begins constructing government run stores. That is a mafia. MPS and MLAs are gonna hang. Bring back the noose for traitors.

I see very clearly my back has been bent since I was 13 and entered the sin system, 60 000 labours hours later I stand up to find not a single Man is left. Not a Christian, not a soul, no one even reads and we have the internet in our homes. TRAILER PARK BOYS REFLECTS WHAT CANADAS HAS BECOME A GHETTO, TRUE ART REFLECTS REALITY. DESOLATION ABOMINATION NEVER AGAIN WE SAID then we drank the pride in.


16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

How is that any different than government owned liquor stores like Alberta had in the 80s or Saskatchewan still has?

ppl are quitting smoking so they need a new cash cow

What will be next? Legalize pedophiles of church, Vatican?

Certain Jews who took control over Canada need dumb people. Yeah, let's smoking. Glad I am not Canadian.

Something Else lol what does a religion have to do with Canadian politics or pot legalization?

"Canadians understand ...the economy...the environment and KICKBACKS go hand in hand"

Scary to share the road with someone high in marijuana

Jenuelle tiu

you've shared the road with people high on weed, drunk on alcohol, overly tired drivers and others who are on opiods your whole life, even tho they shouldn't be driving.

vicuna joseph I guess but no more selfish than driving sleepy or burning fossil fuels... there's always going to be a tradeoff between convenience and safety... otherwise we'd never leave our homes. The key is to weigh the convenience against the risk... in my case the risk is so small that it justifies the convenience. Would you consider it selfish to drive your kid to school even though the end result is everyone along your path has a tiny chance of injury should your brakes fail or a thousand other mechanical problems that could endanger the public? Everything we do is selfish to a certain degree, if we lived our lives according to what was best for everyone else society would cease to function. The best we can hope to do is balance ambition with consideration.

sl0ptart I see what you're saying about knowing your own limits and stuff but driving under the influence is still selfish because someone doing that is only thinking about their own convinience and not the safety of those around them.

vicuna joseph Coffee or red bulls can impair your driving as bad as weed if you take too much. I agree with your sentiment but you oversimplified the stance... any drug is safe to drive on if you take a small enough quantity. The ignorance lies in not knowing your limits and or laws. I don't drink and haven't for years but I remember one Christmas I had some wine and got pulled over for swerving... even though I was under the legal limit and within my rights to drive there was no way I should have been. Looking back on it now I know I was too drunk to drive yet the cop let me drive away while someone who was a seasoned drinker would be less effected than I was while still blowing over. The biggest problem with roadside / station substance tests is there is no way to accommodate tolerance. I just play it safe now... if I'm even a little unsure I won't drive but if I feel fine I'll drive after smoking a joint. I'm not some teenager that's still learning their limits, I know if I'm ok or not.

Jenuelle tiu Why people are selfish enough to drive under the influence of a substance is the real problem

Here's the thing: Cannabis impairment makes one reluctant to drive. I once tried to drive with a concussion (long story). You don't feel right and you don't want to be on the road. You can do it, but you don't want to be there. Something is wrong. That's cannabis. Booze, as most in this culture already know, is courage juice. While diluting the transmission of signals from the brain to the body, the euphoric confidence tells us "I'm okay to drive. Just watch me." As weed is akin to sunglasses at night, booze is like a blindfold.

The reality is it depends on the strain they're under the influence of, but that's too nuance for normies and the government.

It's scary to share the road with someone who's ignorant.

pot smokers are already doing it, what are you worried about

Really, because they usually are going half the speed limit. Just drive around them. Unlike the 1000,'s of lives lost every year to Drunk drivers. These people are constantly given slaps on the wrist when they're caught, they should lose their licence forever.

Diane Finley really needs to smoke a joint  and go for a drive.


The Liberals only want our voting system to be wide open so non registered individuals can vote and allow teenagers who have no financial responsibilities in their early to mid teen years to vote.

Until you have fought for freedom, understand what it is like not to have it. Until you are old enough to find kindness vs bullying, you do not deserve to have a vote. Most teenagers have never fought for freedom, never knew what it was like not to have it. Most teens live off their parents and everything you own is because of them. Many teens would not have an education, it was their parents who paid the bill. If you can not comprehend that money does not play a factor in who should be able to vote, you are a sad reality of why teens should not have that pleasure. I can also state by the use of the word Republicans you are not a Canadian.

Teenagers should be able vote because it's their future being determined by people older than them... and Baby Boomer Republicans systematically defunded education, skill training programs, etc to keep younger people out to eliminate competition. So you can see how their lack of vote is used against them. Now we simply don't have enough people with skill sets because Republicans did too great of a job eliminating competition by abusing the force of government against America's youth.

Any person under age who does not contribute to financial decisions should not be allowed to vote. Votes should be worth something, not just "He's cute". Reason why the majority of countries have an age of majority. By the way we are not discussing America, we are talking about Canada.

Smith Islay why would you need ID if your registered to vote? That just makes it harder for poor people to vote. Not only that voter fraud isn't even an issue because it happens so rarely yet you make it sound like it's happening all the time?

All legal citizens should be allowed to vote other than children because they aren't capable of much thoughts beyond basic survival instincts. But teenagers are perfectly capable of thinking. The monetary system is only one socioeconomic construct. The American a constitution doesn't say we must defend the concept of money at all costs. No, if you can think of something better then discuss it with the world and continually work to make the world better. There are plenty of socioeconomic systems people should be taking more seriously as they could potentially solve most of the problems the world sees today.

In this discussion and other discussions prior to this. The moment they wipe out identification requirements anyone can stand there.

Smith Islay why do you say this? What have they done to make you think this will happen?

What a circus. Quebec had the right idea to separate. Every province should.

Hate to say it, but the only shot we have is to become the 51st State of America. Canada has lost touch with reality. At least In the U.S you know where you stand

well what DO we get from our govts...fleeced, deaths on our conscience, lining politicians pockets....god knows where they money goes. I would like to see east coast canada and usa form a union. WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED OF OUR FUTURES

Legalize drugs to criminalize being high. This is ridiculous.

Shane McIntyre From what I understand this is no longer the case... the early models of the testing device couldn't differentiate between someone who smoked an hour ago or 8 hours ago. This was part of the reason it's taken so long to legalize. The latest models are much more robust and accurate enough to differentiate between being under the influence and residual or second hand intake.

sl0ptart if you smoke weed semi regularly to regularly. , weather only once a day or once a week. you have thc in your system. you may only be high for a couple hours when using but thc stays in your system for weeks+ so how are you supposed to be tested for said substince use. you are not high at all but your thc level is still there so your right to drive is strpped right away for not being high at the time of being tested.

Stacy O I don't understand what you are saying...

Justin Trudeau can't do anything right

What do they get paid for ? Nothing gets done unless it's ordered by George Soros sick of this man running our canada..

Not going to cover isreal bombing sovereign nations ?

Alexander Wesner Oy vey!!! Israel is our greatest allie!!!

Sheen Estevez nevèr let a crisis go to waste....order out of chaos.

Most adults do not fight in wars for their so called, "freedom". You want to take away their right to vote if they haven't been in a war and murdered innocent people as barbaric animals? Yes, the monetary system is relevant because we are all slaves to it and we must free ourselves someday from it. Only then will humanity know true freedom.

Listening to these morons is painful. Its like trying to make out what my 3 months old is saying.. I know its nothing but I still listen lol

LMAO yah, its people like Jenuelle and these polititians that scare me to share the road with...

Worst Government in Canada's history. Gone, smashed to oblivion, in 2019


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