Question Period: Marijuana legalization, U.S. tariffs, Safe Third Country Agreement — June 19, 2018

Question Period: Marijuana legalization, U.S. tariffs, Safe Third Country Agreement — June 19, 2018

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Oral. Questions, catch John saw how the Honorable, leader. Mr.. Speaker first of all to congratulate, all of. Canadians. Who, attended. The by-election. And I, would like to congratulate, addition about there the new member for she puts me tough y'all. Conservatives. Will always respect. Provincial. Jurisdictions, Quebec, and other provinces, wanter forbid their, citizens, from growing marijuana at home. Why. Is the Prime Minister refusing. To listen to this request from Quebec. The. Honorable Minister for health. Protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is our number one priority. Growing. Cannabis at home will, reduce its access to the illegal market. Canadians. Will be able to protect, will. Be able to grow these plants and, maintain. Them safely and responsibly at. Home. We're. Also following. The recommendation. Made, by other. Jurisdictions. And working groups that have looked, at the issue Thank You mr. speaker the Honorable leader of the Opposition mr. speaker. Aluminum, workers are, worried for their jobs. This. Is an issue we heard a great deal about in, segments over the last few weeks, for. Weeks now Canadian. Aluminum, is being. Targeted by unfair, tariffs. When. Aluminum, from, the United States is exempted, why. Has the Prime Minister, not yet imposed, Canadian, tariffs, the. Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr.. Speaker the tariffs imposed by, the United States on steel aluminum, are illegal, and unfair. The. So-called, national. Security. Motivation. Is absurd, and insulting. We. Are going to impose penalties. That are equivalent to what the, United States imposed. In an unfair, way. We. Are holding a consultation, period with our industry workers, and consumers and we need to, respect, that they. Honor the leader of the Opposition protecting the Canadian, economy the Prime Minister inherited. A strong, fiscal position. Now. With the threat of new US tariffs, TD, Bank is warning that up to. 160,000. Jobs in the Canadian auto sector could, be at risk, obviously. Workers and their families are worried, however, it was no surprise that under this administration we, would face these types of trade disruptions, so why did the finance minister table, a budget without any, mention of a contingency, plan for Canada's, economy. Remember. What we actually were left with. Growth. Rate so what we've done is we've turned all that around lowest. Unemployment rate machine. Pregnancy. What. The member doesn't quite understand, is in fact yes, we do create a contingency, in every, budget we did that this year as we've done in past years we're, doing what we need to do to help Canadian, families.

Remember. If you feel they have to yell out when someone else has the floor off to be embarrassed, that their inability, to control themselves. At. The basket the Honourable member for Richmond Athabasca. I. Would like to, congratulate. Fish. On myself for his victory who will be joining us here soon, a. File. That we heard about a great deal and she goes mission of young was, the issue, of legalizing marijuana. Being. Put forward by the Liberals, and the prime minister, they. Are not respecting, provincial, jurisdiction, which, means we're heading, directly into, legal. Wrangling, over the issue who's. Going to pay for all that the Canadians. Why. Does, this prime minister not, want to respect provincial, jurisdictions, the, Honorable Minister of Health. Protecting. The health and safety, of Canadians, is our number one priority and, we. Want to make sure that we protect our youth and that organized, crime does, not make profits. We're. Going to displace the black, market. The. Working group as well, as work. Done in other jurisdiction. Demonstrates. That cultivating, cannabis at home is the. Right solution the, Honourable, member for Richmond Arthur busca after. The trans mountain file with British Columbia, and Alberta, after. The issue of the, carbon tax with, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, today. We're adding, the, file of growing cannabis at home with Quebec and Manitoba. That, means that right now over. 50%, of, provinces. Which. Represent, over, 79, percent of the population. Will. Be caught. Up in legal, conflicts. That are going to cost billions for, the public why. Does. This prime minister stubbornly. Refuse, to recognise, provincial, jurisdictions, the Honourable Minister of Health. The. Protection, of Canadians, health and safety is our absolute priority. The. Harper, government's, approach did not work, it allowed. Criminals, to generate profits, and. It did not keep kind of ass out of the hands of our children we thank the Senate for the work it has done and we agree with the majority of the amendments presented. By. Conservative. And independent, senators. C-45. Will be the opportunity to achieve our objectives, and to ensure, a responsible, transition towards. A legal, cannabis market, Thank You Dino Septimus, the Honourable member for the Mosquito Jack the risk without a best. Mr.. Speaker. The. Trump administration has. Been separating. The children, of immigrants. At the border. Mm. Crying screaming. Children, who sleep on the ground, families. Are being torn apart.

All. They wanted to do was to find a better life it is time for the Canadian, government to denounce, this inhuman. Situation, how. Can this government, consider that the United States are still a safe, third country, when. They lock up children and separate, immigrant. Families, the, Minister of Transportation. Mr, Speaker I think all Canadians. Are troubled by the images, that they have seen recently, from the United States. Every. Child is precious we. Have to do everything, we can to not separate, children from their parents. When. A family of asylum seekers comes to our country, we do everything that we can to prevent. Them from being separated. In. The rare cases where detention, is necessary try. To minimize, the time that this process, takes the. Animal member for krymsk initiative is Kootenai Basque what. Is it going to take for the government to denounce the situation, we have an inhuman, situation being, lived. Through by thousands, of immigrants, and their children. These. Are the ugliest of images. We. What. Is it going to take to denounce, the barbaric, practices, of the Trump administration, the. International, community, has, denounced the cruelty of using, children as tools, of dissuasion, if. The. Conservatives, disagree with this they should say so the. Government must do what it can and officially, suspend the safe third-country agreement, why is it refusing, to do so the. Honourable minister of immigration. I think, all Canadians, are troubled by the images, coming, out of the United States the lives of children, are very very precious and their. Security, and their well-being has, to be foremost, in our, minds, we. Are required under the immigration, Refugee Protection Act to, monitor, the United States domestic, Asylum policy, to make sure that, any, changes in the Asylum system continue, to need their, designation, as a safe third country, the, United the, United, Nations High Commissioner for, Refugees in, Canada does the same analysis, and we continue, to monitor, those, developments. Honor. Remember for Vancouver East even. Former, Conservative. Minister. Chris Alexander is. Calling, for the suspension, of the safer country agreement. And. Putting, them in cages, to, advance his political agenda, the. UN Human Rights Commissioner. Causes. Unconscionable. The, UNHCR. Acknowledges. Trump's, tactics, are inhumane. Amnesty. International calls. It quote nothing. Short, of torture. When, the Prime Minister's, state the obvious that, the United, States is no longer a. Safe, country, for migrant, children. Immigration. Troubled, by the images, that are emerging from the United States the, lives of these children are, very very precious and we, continue, to monitor any. Changes to the domestic, asylum system in the United States as we are required to do so by the immigration, refugee and protection act the UNHCR, in Canada does the same work the safe third country agreement the Honourable member should. Know is not, about denial, of asylum it's about the orderly management, of asylum seekers between, the United States and, Canada and actually, has been a very good agreement for. Canada moving for. Vancouver. East aliens. Are calling, for action these, of all lives, realize. Real, people, real, children, being, subjected. To torture, former. Minister Lloyd Axworthy the, chair of the World Refugee Council, and, Allan, Roth former, UN Ambassador are, clearly, stating, that the u.s. is no longer a safe country for, asylum seekers, Canada. Must not be complicit in this inhumane. Treatment of children with, the prime minister find. The courage, and suspend. The safer, country agreement. Mr., speaker. Here's. Some action that our government has taken we've, provided global, leadership under, the UN Global Compact on, migration, working. With respected. Former Supreme. Court justice Louise armoire we, have invested, over 138. Million dollars, or, a national. Vancouver. Each to come to order and not to be yelling when someone else has the floor been, doing got one minister of immigration, has before order, all. Right mr. speaker we have reduced. Immigration. Detention by 30 percent all, the stakeholders in, this field have loaded applauded. Our efforts, to make sure that we. Minimize the. Use of immigration. Detention groups, such as the Canadian Council for Refugees have, quote said these new instructions, are, concrete step towards ending the detention, of children on immigration ground remember, from Elton. Speaker. Where it's even experts, at the University of Calgary giving, testimony, to the Senate Committee, on energy that actually tells us what, we could be looking at in terms of cost to families that number, is.

$1,100. Mr. speaker so the minister has a choice here either she can accept that number that's been presented to, me or she can choose what, her Department says the number it is which, will it be. Speaker. On this side of the house we know that climate change is real Canadians. Expect us to protect the environment and to grow the economy that's, why we're getting rid of coal-fired power, in the pollution that it causes we're, investing, billions of dollars in clean transportation and communities, and in conservation and we, are making sure that polluters, will pay so that we all can have a healthy environment as, we go forward the Conservatives. Have no plan to tackle climate change and no plan to grow the economy it's, clearly not a priority for them unlike. The Conservatives, we know that the economy and the environment go together, honourable. Order. The. Honourable, member for Milton mr. speaker the priority, on this side are for people like senior citizens in Nova Scotia who, are going to be suffering because, they're, going to have $1,100. That they have to come up with every year and here's a stat scan number two that's real mr. speaker, 94%. Of Nova Scotia seniors, are low income seniors, where, are they going to find. $1,100. In, tax, money to give to this failed, Liberal, government. Reciprocated. Mr.. Speaker when. It comes to the environment in the economy, we have a clear choice we can put the health of the environment in our communities, at risk because the Conservatives, would do or, we can take real action to address climate change and to grow a clean growth economy, mr.. Speaker in opposition, to the practical, and cost-effective measures, that we're taking to fight climate change and grow the economy either. The Conservatives, don't know what real action on climate change is or they simply don't, care in. The modern world the, economy and the environment go, together we have a climate plan that will allow us to address greenhouse gas emissions, and grow our economy going, forward and that is exactly what we are going to do.

Melanda. Have the. Honourable member for Lewis an aha Thank You mr. speaker yesterday the, citizens, and chicadini sent a clear message first, of all they're trusting, the real alternative, represented, by the Conservative, Party and they've. Started to have enough of the liberal, attitude, which is increasing. Fees. On, citizens. And businesses. Namely. The, liberal, carbon tax which is going to apply to all Canadians, the, citizens, and chickens may have had enough of these additional taxes why, is the government continuing. Its cover-up, about its liberal, carbon tax the. Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Thank. You mr. speaker, climate, change is real. Canadians. Expect us, to. Protect the environment and develop. Our economy. That. Is why, are. Going. To tax of pollution. And invest, in clean energy. As. Well as conservation. The. Conservatives, have no plan to tackle climate change. Clearly. This. Is not a priority for them but for us it. Is an. Absolute. Priority we're, going to tackle climate change and grow the economy the Honourable member for do we say that I'll. Be happy to publicly repeat what I said privately, earlier, congratulations. For, your efforts in French we all appreciate, it. But. It's not because he speaks French that I agree with what he says. Let. Me correct, that under. The Conservative government greenhouse. Gas emissions, went down by 2.2, percent and the. Economy, grew. Sixteen. Point nine percent increase. Of the GDP and, greenhouse. Gases went down that's what all Canadians, want and we did it without a liberal carbon tax why. Are, the Liberals insisting, on going down this road, the, Honourable parliamentary, secretary. Mr.. Speaker, Canadians. Are seeing the impacts, of climate change and. Everyone. Is. Expecting. Real measures. They. Know that, this is the right choice for our economy for our children and for our grandchildren our, plan, is working. We've. Obtained, the strongest, rate of economic growth of all g7, countries, we. Will continue, to work with Canadians. To find intelligent, solutions.

To. Fight climate change and create. Good jobs for, the middle class. Here's what, the finance department says, about the cost of the carbon tax these, higher, costs would. Then cascade, through. The economy, in the form of higher prices thus leading all firms and consumers, to pay more. For goods, and services, key, findings, are, blacked. Out mr., speaker we don't know how much more deputy. Leader of the Conservative, Party quoted. One report, saying that it would cost eleven, hundred dollars a family the, taxpayers, Federation, says it's $2,600. A family, which, of those two numbers is, correct. Mr.. Speaker when it comes to the environment and the economy we, have a clear choice we. Can put the health of, our environment at risk or, we can take strong, action, to address greenhouse, gas emissions, and to, grow our economy mr.. Speaker we've developed, in conjunction and, partnership, with the provinces and territories a, plan to address greenhouse gas emissions, and to grow the economy going, forward mr., speaker that is an important, measure for our children for our grandchildren and, for the health of our economy going forward and that is exactly what we are going to do on our evolve member for Carlton, the sugar we've quoted, two very credible sources, on the costing, of this liberal, carbon tax for, the average Canadian, family, and both, times the parliamentary, secretary, refused. To answer the question, so the, deputy, leader quoted. A cost of $1,100. Per family, are we getting closer to the real cost mr. speaker, what about the Taxpayers, Federation. $2,600. Per family, am I getting warmer now is it more than, $2,600. Why don't they just end this cover-up now and tell, us what this pack - the possibility. Thank. You mr. speaker, it is very clear to this house that this conservative, party is no different than the conservative party of Stephen Harper the party that actually did not believe in climate change did nothing to address climate change did, nothing to advance the clean growth economy, going forward this. Government, believes in protecting, the environment for, the future generations, to come but doing so in a thoughtful way that will grow our economy for, the future then that is exactly what we are going to. You're. Gonna. Have to take a listen the honourable, member for loving you said Mary, mr.. Speaker no, parent, wants, to see their child, torn, from their arms and yet, that's what's happening, at the Mexican border where. The Trump administration is. Taken, children hostage basically. To, collect, political, capital the. Minister, says he recognized, how important it is to be, firm, and unequivocal. To protect human rights that's, what the prime minister said. But. We need to defend these children, with words and actions, will, the government denounce. The situation, and suspend, the safe third country agreement. The. Honorable Minister for transportation, as. I said I think that all Canadians, are troubled, by the images, coming from the United States the. Lives of these children are, precious and we need to think of their safety and their well-being. We. Have spared no effort to improve, the, detention, system here in Canada, and. To. Reduce as much as possible using, detention, in the immigration, system what is happening in the United States is simply, unacceptable, Ireland, Powell River mr.. Speaker yesterday the Prime Minister said in this house that he won't play politics, when it comes to, the safe third country agreement, this, is not a game children. Are being torn from their parents, and being held hostages. In cages. And this, Prime Minister, this government, has the power to do something about it, we. Are not playing lives, are being destroyed and Canada, is being called to action will. The Prime Minister, stand, up for human rights help these children and finally, suspend, the safe third country. We. Have taken a leadership, role in making, sure that the. International, community treats. Chilled. Migrants. In a dignified manner I think all Canadians, are troubled, by the images, emerging, from the United States we've, made our point clear with, respect to the making, sure that we acknowledge that, the lives of these precious, children are important, and the security, and well-being should, be our utmost priority, but we have taken action both domestically, and internationally we. Have invested. 138. Million dollars, to make sure that, we develop alternatives. To, immigration, detention to make sure that moving, forward the. Honourable, member for Calgary knows he'll. In. October, 2016, when the Prime Minister voted. To support my motion regarding the cities he agreed to the term of the motion which required that article, 5 of the Genocide, Convention would, be enacted by Canada, article.

5, Explicitly. Requires us to bring perpetrators, of genocide, to swift justice including. Those who are complicit in it it's, been almost two years since this vote why, is the Prime Minister allowing, Canadian, Isis genocide, perpetrators, to walk free. Mr., speaker my, heart and that of all Canadians, goes out to Nadia Murad whose courage is an inspiration. To our government, and to the world we, have been clear all members, in this house that. The persecution of the Yazidis, in Iraq and Syria is genocide, and we, are committed to working with Nadia and other Yazidi women to, ensure that their case is heard in international, courts our, government, is standing up for the rights of survivors, we're calling on the Security, Council to recognize, sexual. Violence, as a criteria, for UN sanctions, remember. For Calgary knows him here by allowing Canadian. Isis perpetrators, of genocide, to walk free without so, much as a peace bond the Prime Minister has broken the Covenant that he made with his eighties like Nadia, when he voted for that motion knowing. What he knows that there are Canadians who raped and murdered for Isis and letting them walk free, he is complicit, in denying, their justice why. Is the Prime Minister more focused, on giving these confessed, terrorists, poetry. Lessons instead of bringing justice, to the victims of Isis. Dealing. With these situations. Is to prosecute to. The full extent of the law. Just. Relate against four individuals. In absentia, after. They had left Canada, no, charges, were laid against any of the 60-some, terrorists, travelers who returned to Canada. To. Have been convicted and two others are in the process of prosecution. It. Doesn't make any sense Mr, Speaker a booth, was either a self-identified. Violent, jihadist, is living freely, in Toronto, the, councillor for his reintegration. Program, said that his client has become even more radicalized, by jihadist, ideology, the. Minister of Public Safety, has said it's almost impossible to, change the behavior of fundamentalists. Why. Is the, Prime Minister continuing. To fund reintegration. Programs, for terrorists, when it's clear that they don't work. We. Use a full. Suite, of measures to deal with these, situations surveillance. Investigations. Interviews. Criminal, charges, prosecutions. Wherever the evidence prevails, peace, bonds, Criminal Code listings, no-fly, listings, we hoist passports. And there are threat reduction measures, as appropriate, under the CSIS, Act mr. speaker the determination. Of which of the tools are appropriate, is left, to the professionals in, our police and security agencies, they. Are best positioned to make the judgment calls. The. Case of, a. Name that we know we. See that he's continuing, to support jihad with, his friends over the weapon is justifying, terrorism against the West I think that that's very clear evidence we've.

Seen Proof of his own testimony, with videos and photos, and words of witnesses. That prove he's guilty I understand, the Prime Minister finds it difficult to admit that he was wrong to believe that this murderer could be retarded what. Else does he need to be persuaded that this terrorist it needs to be brought, to justice and imprisoned, the Minister for Public Safety the comments. Made by the Honourable, member seem, to be drawn from various media. Reports, and it's always open to members of parliament to to. Read the press and to draw their own conclusions. From what, is reported in the media in. Order to deal with a case in court, you, actually have to have an investigation. By the police force, the collection, of evidence the, laying of charges, and prosecution. Through the criminal justice system, that, is what we are trying to do while, they read the press. The Honourable, member for, Burnaby solid. Natural. Resources Minister the impacts of those living in Metro Vancouver are real and, potentially, devastating to, our community, this is why there is so much resistance to this project and why people are getting arrested to stop it the minister acknowledges, his threats to use the army against protesters, for reckless so, will he condemn former, Bank of Canada governor David, dodges, comments, that we need to somehow understand. People, will die protesting. This pipeline. Canadians. Have their full democratic. Rights to express their point, of view through protest, and dissent that, is enshrined in Canadian, law it's, protected, by the Canadian, Constitution they. Must however express. Their points, of view fully, within the context, of of law, and taking into account the public safety of others and the, laws to protect public safety will, be duly enforced, as they should be honourable, member force Kinabalu Valley after, losing, what was the worst and most expensive. Game of Texas Hold'em in history we now learned that the company. That liberals bought their pipeline from may have falsified, evidence that the anyb for, Coldwater First, Nations 90%, if their drinking water is threatened by this pipeline you know what their back-up plan is they've, got a fire truck chiefly, Samphan said and I quote this, Prime Minister is saying he wants to implement the UN declaration, he wants to stop boil water advisories, for First Nations yet, he won't look at the impact, of a pipeline that goes right, through our aquifer, so will the Prime Minister have the courage to actually visit Coldwater, see, the impacts of his mad scheme to build a pipeline where it's not wanted and not needed. An. Expansion, project was, subject, to the most exhaustive. Review and the history of pipelines, in Canada, the, key pillar of that review was our engagement, in consultation. With local communities, and our government, is committed to the ongoing work of reconciliation and. Indigenous, peoples, and it's, why we undertake. An important, work like the co-developed. Indigenous, advisory, and monitoring, committee communities. Alongside the, National Energy Board will monitor, the project throughout. Its lifecycle questions. Regarding, submissions, and filing, to the National Energy Board to, be directed, directly, to the ADB the, Honourable member for Newmarket, Aurora we should have received all new so though mr.. Speaker we know that small and medium-sized businesses, contribute, significantly, to Canada's. Economy. They. Help create good well-paying, jobs, all across the country 10, the Minister of Finance explain, to those how. Today's launch of the Canadian, business growth fund will. Help these businesses grow compete. And create, more jobs for, Canadians. Mr.. Speaker I'd. Like to thank my colleague the member for Newmarket Aurora for his question and for his important work leading. Canadian banks, and other financial institutions. Announced, they're gonna join together try, to find him up to a billion, dollars for, over ten years to support, small businesses, medium-sized, businesses, in our country to help them grow more. Than just funding, this is going to help with guidance, and mentorship and network, so that small businesses can be successful, creating, jobs and growing our economy Mr. Speaker I want to take the opportunity to thank these leading institutions, for, working together to, help our economy to grow helping, our country label, a member for Oshawa. Mr.. Speaker workers, and families in Oshawa are concerned about the trade war between Canada, and the US, automakers.

Use Specialized, steel imported, from the US in order to build its cars a 25%. Tariff on autos has been threatened which would seriously harm the Canadian auto industry, today, TD, Bank warned, that these tariffs could cost. 160,000. Auto jobs. 160,000. Job losses isn't, an emergency for this government I don't know what it is what is what's. The Prime Minister doing, to ensure the Canadian Auto Workers don't, lose their jobs. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank the member for his question for, the opportunity. To be very clear with Canadian, Auto Workers that, our government, and indeed I believe the entire Canadian. Parliament, stands, firmly with them as, regards, the section 232. Investigation. The idea that Canada. And Canadian. Cars. Can, pose any kind of security threat to the United States is frankly. Absurd, this, is an issue the Prime Minister has raised with the president, I have, raising this ambassador light height service secretary Ross in the Secretary Pompeo and we are working closely with our allies in Europe in, Asia and in Mexico on this issue honourable, member for Durham, thank you very much mr. speaker the minister's kind words about all parliamentarians. Standing, with my friends concerns about Auto are, not matched by actions because, the liberal members of the trade committee just refused, to meet after, the imposition or potential, opposition of US, auto tariffs, we're almost a year away from the. Anniversary of the minister's priority, speech on NAFTA, where, she did not mention the auto industry, and now we know there's a hundred and sixty, thousand, jobs at risk while, the minister at least confirmed, to this house that, all reciprocal. Tariffs, monies. That Canada receives goes, immediately, and directly to, steel aluminum. And auto industries. The. Answer of my honourable colleague the minister of global affairs, Canada's, automotive, sector is strong and uniquely positioned, to design and build the cars of today and tomorrow and our highly-skilled workforce the, driving force behind it our government, is investing, 110, million dollars to try Oda in Cambridge, to maintain, 8,000. Jobs 49. Million dollars to Linamar in 12 creating. Wizard Mr Speaker we will stand with Auto Workers day, by day every. Step of the way. Or. The. Honourable, member for caribou Prince, George mr., speaker, through his actions and his words the Minister of Fisheries has, shaken the entire fishing, industry. In Atlantic, Canada he has eroded the, relationship. And Trust between fishermen. And DFO. Now, the minister has put in even more lobster, fishermen and a work by announcing, yet another closer, Lawrence, Cook of the Grand Manan fishermen Association, said yesterday roughly. A third of Grand Manan fleet will be impacted. That's a lot of jobs mr. speaker I said Minister refusing, to listen to reason. Mr.. Speaker obviously we're. Concerned about the ability of the lobster fishery the snow crab fishery and other important, fisheries for, the economy of Atlantic Canada to continue to prosper and that's, exactly why mr. speaker we've taken very serious, and very stringent, science-based, measures, to, protect the highly endangered North, Atlantic right whale because, failure to do so mr. speaker as my honourable friend knows very well puts.

In Jeopardy our, access, to international, markets that, would be the single most devastating. Thing that could hurt the fishermen that my honourable friend pretends. He cares about. Order. Order. I'd, ask our Minister of Fisheries because, his students I think we all care about all Canadians. Never. Preferable, Prince George, Mr Speaker I care about I'm the only one that's talking to the fishermen. The. Protests in response to, their protests that through consultation. Mr., speaker the pending, closure is going to devastate a local, economy, workers, on shore and off are going, to be affected, it's the most prosperous time, of year in lobster is the engine that drives communities, like Grand Manan this. Will be a massive, hit to the local economy it's, not too late well the minister meet with these people find, a compromise and get people back to work. Mr.. Speaker my herbal friend refers to devastating. Economic, consequences, I think it's important, to understand, it the area that we closed for. Six, days, of a, 30 week, season, mr. mr. speaker that fishery as you would know well you've, been Minister of Fisheries and Oceans yourself mr. speaker that sees it open in November. So the last six days of the season will be closed because. That is a very important. Area for the foraging of North Atlantic, right whales and we think mr. speaker it's important, to protect these iconic species and to protect the Canadian economy at the same time. The. Animal member for, sin abuse yahuwah. Mr.. Speaker according, to Akita, the, growing number of oil spills, shows, that the government is acting with blind, trust, in pipeline. Regulation. It. Doesn't even have reliable, data because. Of discrepancies, between the National, Energy Board data. And the, data of the Transportation, Safety Board when. It comes to pipeline incidents, if. An incident isn't reported, how can the government monitor, pipelines, effectively. Well. The liberate liberals, make sure that they eliminate. These discrepancies in the data to protect our environment. Minister. Transport mr.. Speaker we've been very clear on this issue. Our. Government, of course is responsible. For doing everything possible to get our products, to market. That's. Good for the economy and at, the same time we've been very clear, about the, issue of spills, we. Have. Put. The polluter, pay principle, into, action, and that is something that we really insist, on all. Pipeline, companies, are responsible, for ensuring that if there is an incident that they. Are responsible, for cleaning it up the, Honorable members Provo's moment especially, well. The Liberals shoot, themselves in the foot by buying an old leaky pipeline we've, learned that, even the monitoring, of pipelines, is totally, unreliable. In. The last decade the worst year for leaks and spills was, 2017. Last year, 23%. Of incidents, happen in BC and 55%, in, Quebec the, system is so broken that, it can take up to eight years for, an incident to be reported, eight, years, and you know how many inspection acceptors were sent, or fine, supplied since, 2012 none. When, we the Liberals take this seriously. The. Minister, of Natural Resources. Will. Know that the, pipeline Safety. Act offers. Terrific. Protection, against these. Umbridge. Line three on the TMX. Monitoring. Committee so indigenous, peoples themselves, will be very much involved in monitoring, the safety of these lines not. Only through the construction, period but, throughout the entire lifecycle. We're, better positioned now, than we have ever been and, there have to. Deliver. Well. You can't say that the Liberals are great at respecting, provincial jurisdiction. Ottawa. Knows best is one of their favourite slogans, the. Liberals don't listen to the provinces, or the Senate. Quebec. In Manitoba. Are rejecting. The idea of home cultivation. Of marijuana and, they. Want their, regulatory, powers, to be respected, when, it comes to, enforcing, the legal framework around, marijuana. Production. Will. The government respect, for intial jurisdiction, yes, or no. Then will Minister pal, Thank. You mr. speaker the. Health and safety of Canadians, is a, priority. For our governments. The. Conservatives, approach under mr. Harper didn't work it allowed criminals, to, profit from our system and didn't, manage to keep marijuana out of the hands of our young people we thank the Senate for their work and we, agreed, with the majority of their amendments, we are convinced, the bill c-45.

Will. Give us an opportunity to meet our objectives, and to have a responsible. Transition towards. A legal market thank, you I take the point the animal member for Palmer check out see mr.. Speaker I'll try again this. Liberal government has shown that it's only priority is legalizing. Marijuana but. There are all sorts of other issues the Canadians are more concerned about are. The Liberals friends, putting pressure on them otherwise. Why not take the time to do things properly there's. Nothing in this bill to protect our youth or. Get rid of organised crime and they're. Trampling, provincial, jurisdiction. Will this, centralize, in government respect. The provinces, like Manitoba. And Quebec and allow, them to ban home, cultivation. No. No Minister of Health, Thank. You mr. speaker once, again protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is an absolute priority for, our governments. The. Goal is to protect our children and to ensure that organized crime does not profit from marijuana palm. Cultivation would. Help displace, the black market, we. Are confident, that Canadians, will protect these. Plants. And products in the same way that they keep their alcohol, and prescription medication. In. A safe place at home we. Will also be following the, working. Groups recommendations and, all of them and we will be looking to other jurisdictions that have previously legalized, marijuana venable. Member for a moment newly leaked my scope of y'all doo-doo well, let's try a third time, Quebec. In Manitoba but clearly said that they don't want home growing. It. Couldn't be more clear but, the Minister of Health, has, stubbornly insisted. That she. Should reject, these reasonable amendments, from the Senate. Now. That voters in Shakuni have sent a clear message that, they reject, this, centralizing. Vision, the, slogan Ottawa knows best will, the Prime Minister finally commit to respecting the province is jurisdiction. Accountable. Minister of Health. Mr.. Speaker once again the health and safety of Canadians, is an absolute priority for our government we. Will continue to work with the provinces and territories as. Well as our partners to. Ensure a responsible. Transition towards, a legal, market. The. Harper Conservatives approach. Allowed, criminals. To benefit, from the system and didn't protect our children, our. Government is strictly. Legalizing. And regulating. Access, to cannabis we are working with our partners to ensure an, appropriate, transition, thank you well member for Fleetwood pork, cow, mr.. Speaker was summer right around the corner I know families, from coast to coast to coast are planning to load up the car and our beautiful country to visit family, or maybe one of our national parks this. Summer's tourism, season will be even busier because, of the Canada China year of tourism, bringing, mortars, from China to Canada, than ever before, in, my riding a fleet would port Kells I know operators. Are excited, about the, new markets, tourists, are visiting Canada from so can the minister of small business and tourism give, the house an update on the progress of the Canada China Year of tourism, honourable.

Minister Mr.. Speaker the tourism is an important, economic driver more, than 200,000, mostly, small businesses support, our tourism industry which employs one in ten Canadians. 2018. Is the catch of the year of tourism, and this week I will be leading the federal provincial territorial tourism. Trade mission to China. Tourism. Industry, including, indigenous operators. That, will highlight the world-class. Experiences, we offer right, here in Canada as part of Canada's new tourism vision, we are committed to doubling the number of Chinese, visitors to. Canada by 2021, and I look forward to working with my colleague, from pork feet wood port Kells, to make this year the best year for tourism Thank You honourable. Member for Selkirk. Enter Lake Eastman, mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister continues, to fail armed forces on the fighter jet file he's, refused to hold a timely, open, competition, and fabricated. An imaginary, capability. Yet it's clear the Prime Minister has no idea, what he's doing and now the Liberals are increasing, the number of 30 year old fighter jets are buying from Australia, from 18, to 25, will. The Prime Minister stop wasting, taxpayers, money and, cancel. This asinine, in term purchase. Providing. The rotating, air force with the critical equipment in these two points be fully operational to now and into the future we. Have started the competition to replace the the current f-18s, and yes we are purchasing, 18 airplanes, as well as additional planes as part, to, maintain IDs in aircraft, this is speaking about giving the members concern for the state of the Royal Canadian Air Force capacity I'd like to ask the member why and his hit, him and his colleagues voted. Against important projects, like the Canadian surface combatant, and the fixed-wing search and I thank. You. Terrible, member, for Desna Thema snippy Churchill, River. Part. Of a week of festivities where. People from across the country celebrate. The cultures, and legacies, of First Nations matey and in word peoples in Canada all.

Week There will be ceremonies. Concerts. Meals, and dancing, despite. All these events many Canadians, won't be able to join these celebrations. This, government, talks about reconciliation, but, fails to meet their obligations, to indigenous communities, why, won't the Liberals support, my bill to make national indigenous people. Stay a statutory. Holiday. Minister. Of, Services. I, think the member opposite, for drawing attention to, the fact that this Thursday is national indigenous peoples, day I encourage, people to go online at, Canada dossier to see all of the activities, that are taking place across the country including, many, here in the National. Capital Region. Government. Has embarked. On a renewed relationship with, indigenous peoples, one based on a recognition and implementation, of Rights on the basis of respect and partnership this will be a great day to celebrate that, new relationship. Honourable. Member for South Surrey White Rock Thank, You mr. speaker the recent shooting deaths of two young. Youths. In Surrey one of them in grade 10 and the other in grade 11 are. The most recent in an intolerable, number of shootings and deaths. That have occurred in our community, and many residents have. Suffered, intolerable. Losses and emotional, pain and many are frustrated, frightened. And angry the, Minister of Public Safety. Please tell us what actions, government, is taking to reduce gun violence and the, impact of gangs on our youth Honorable. Minister of Public Safety. Canada. Is, is. A safe. Country but. Over the past five years indeed. Gun and gang violence. Has, been increasing, we, are committed to combating, these. Trends, and making our communities, safer. Through a package of, common-sense. Measures. Bill, c71, is one of those it, will enact measures to. Better protect Canadian. Communities, from, gun violence, and today, we released a report on the recent summit on guns, and gangs this, report, will help determine, how best to allocate some, three hundred and twenty-seven million dollars, to, tackle gun related violence. And gang, activities, in Canada honourable. Member for. Kamloops. Thompson caribou Mr. Speaker we note that the commissioners, into the National enquiry for, missing, indigenous women, and girls asked, for two-year extension but the minister granted, them six months why. Only six months because. To quote the minister it would be important, for the government to have time to respond to the final report before, we go into an election can. The minister guarantee. That the timeline is not political, opportunism, and is, really going to give the enquiry. The time to do the work that needs to get done. Mr.. Speaker we were please take if the inquiry, some, more time to hear from families, and and, to, be able to write their report, we, believe we gave a very substantial. Response. To the interim, report that we'll be able to deal with commemoration. And healing, and and the kinds of work on policing and sexism and racism that we need to, get, on with white now we, have always said we wouldn't wait, till that to the final. Report, to get on with our actions, and we're doing just that and we look forward to their final report next, spring. General. Members from who yelled you know mr.. Speaker the Liberals track record for this session clearly. Shows they only had one priority. Marijuana. When. Quebec asks for more time to do things properly Ottawa. Doesn't, care when. The National Assembly opposes, the idea of having four marijuana plants per household the Prime Minister mocks, Quebec, voters, when.

Quebec Wants to slow down the pace Ottawa, says no. When. Will the Prime Minister understand, that, marijuana, isn't a priority, for anyone, except. Him and marijuana. Growing, liberals. Minimal. Minister of Health. Thank. You mr. speaker, once, again, protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is a priority, for our government. The. Current approach to cannabis isn't working, and has allowed criminals, to profit from the system and it hasn't protected our children we. Thank the Senate for all the work they've done and, we, accepted the majority, of their amendments, we, are convinced, that bill c-45. Will. Give us an opportunity to meet our objectives, and to ensure a responsible, transition toward. A legal, marijuana market thank you very much for. The job you know. Mr.. Speaker if marijuana, was the prime, minister's number-one, priority, well. I can tell you what was not a priority, for the Liberal government this, session which was kept trying to a close down tackling. Tax havens. Managing. The migration, crisis. Fighting. Climate change. Having. Appropriate health transfers. Or. Contracts, for the Davi shipyard, a. Single. Foreign. To file our taxes perhaps but that's certainly not a priority for them when will the Prime Minister's start focusing on Quebecers real priorities. General. Minister house, mr.. Speaker once again protecting, the health and safety of Canadians, is a priority. For our government, we. Are working with all of our partners to, ensure a responsible, transition toward. The legal market. The. Current, approach has allowed organized, crime to benefit, and it, hasn't protected our children our, government, is. Going to legalize, and strictly regulate marijuana. To protect our children we, are working with partners to ensure that appropriate. Data set Thank, You general. Member for that point of view mr.. Speaker. Now. The Senate, apparently, cares more about Quebec, than. All of, the 41 liberal. Ghosts members, from Quebec, the. Senate, is more, in line with Quebec, than, the Liberal Party I, never. Would have thought that I would say that. But. The Senators, are, more. Tuned in to this than the Prime Minister. All. Of, this could, end up, before. The courts and once, again, Quebec. Sprin childress diction will be trampled, will. The Prime Minister and the government commit. To. Not, challenging. Quebec desire in court. Don't they the Honorable Minister of Health thank. You very much mr. speaker, once again protecting. The health and safety of Canadians, is an, absolute priority for us the. Current approach to marijuana is not working, it. Has allowed criminals. To benefit, from the system and it hasn't protected our young people, we thank the Senate for all the work they did in the recent, months and we, have accepted the great majority of their amendments, we, are convinced, the bill c-45, will. Give us an opportunity to meet our objectives, and to. Have a responsible, transition toward, a legal market thank you. Whiskey. In effect muscatel a bass the Honorable member for moose candidate Timmy Scott le bass is rising a point of order well. It was asking questions, and the same for the member for Vancouver.

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