Question Period: Steel and aluminium tariffs, Trans Mountain & Energy East pipelines — June 1, 2018

Question Period: Steel and aluminium tariffs, Trans Mountain & Energy East pipelines  — June 1, 2018

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- opposition, host leader. Canadians. Woke up this morning, to the reality, that we are in a trade war with our friend and closest ally the United, States this. Trade war isn't good for anyone and the consequences. Will be severe. The, Prime Minister knew that President Trump might do this and so it could not have come as a shock, although. Retaliatory, measures, are appropriate, they alone will not solve the impasse, so. Just how does the government plan on getting things back on track with, our friend and closest, ally south of the border here. It's. Just a madam, Speaker, I'd like to start by thanking the countless Canadians, who have come out in support of our strong plan, to defend Canadian, steel and aluminum workers and I'd like to particularly, thank former, Conservative, ministers, Rona Ambrose, and James Moore and former, premier Brad Wall this, is a matter of the national interest I'd like to thank Jason Kenney who yesterday said, and I quote that, he strongly. Supports the federal government's Swift announcement, of retaliatory measures, and let, me say this directly to all Canadian, workers Team. Canada is behind. Weeks ago the Prime Minister went on what actually looked like a premature. Victory, to her lab of steel, meals prematurely, telling, workers that, he had to deal with trumpeting clearly he didn't he had to have known how, risky, that was and that it just wasn't true today. Madam Speaker steel towns, across the country are worried, they're, concerned, why, does the government going to do to mitigate the pain that, this trade war with the US will inflict on our steel and aluminum workers. Speaker. Let me be clear the tariffs, imposed yesterday. By the United States on steel and aluminum are completely. Unacceptable and, in fact they are illegal. I want, to assure all Canadians, that we are taking strong, responsive. Measures to defend our workers and our. Industry we, will today be challenging, these illegal, US measures at the WTO, and under. NAFTA and again, I want to say directly to our workers the, Government of Canada and I believe the vast majority of Canadians, are totally, with you yes honourable. Opposition. House their problem, mountain speakers there were no plans built into the liberal budget, to deal with an unpredictable, US administration, it's. Like the Liberals naively, thought there'd be no impact, on Canadians, because, of this unpredictability. And so they didn't prepare for it this, morning Canadian. Workers are worried, they're, seeing tariffs that will hurt them and the beginning, of a trade war they, why are steel and aluminum, workers and their families going, to have to suffer because, the Liberal government failed, to prepare for, what we are seeing happen, right now. Man, speaker, let me assure this house and all Canadians, that from the very beginning, this government, has been absolutely. Prepared, for, any possible, action. From the US we, have said from the outset that we hope for the best and we prepare, for the worst, that is why yesterday we. Were able to publish, a very, comprehensive. Set of lists. Which, Canadians, now have the opportunity to consult on and let, me take this opportunity to thank our outstanding, public. Servants, in trade who have been working on this list for, many many weeks. Remember. For Livie Lavinia. Madam. Speaker, you reap, what you sow liberal. Ineptitude, is leading to one disaster after, another a trade, war with our most important, trade. Partner. It's. Not good for our economy. Canadians. Need a concrete, plan that goes beyond words mr.. Speaker our steel and aluminium workers, need, now more than ever support, from this to government. What is the plan for workers, and communities like in saguenay, the Honorable Minister for, Global Affairs madam, Speaker the tariffs. Imposed yesterday, by the United, States on, steel and aluminum, are completely, unacceptable, and, illegal. I want, to assure all, Canadians. That, we will take strong. Measures to. Defend our workers, and today. We. Will be challenging. This illegal. Measures at, the WTO. And under NAFTA, and to. All Canadian. Workers I, say. Canada. And our government is behind you. On. Remember, levy lavinia, madam, Speaker it has been a difficult week for Canadian. Ten tax, payers the. Decision, to fund trans mountain and a trade war with the Americans will, cost us very dearly, madam, Speaker the Prime Minister, is, leading. Canadians, to the edge of an abyss and asking. Them to follow him blindly. When. Will, he do the right thing and come, up with a plan for steel and aluminium workers, for, community. In communities, like that of saghini. The. Honorable, Minister. Madam. Speaker, I, would. Like to start by thanking all, those, Canadians. Who, supported, our plan to.

Defend Workers, including, former. Conservative. Ministers Rona Ambrose and James Moore, and Brad wall I would, also like to thank Jason, Kenney who, said yesterday that. He, firmly. Supports. The quick response on, the part of the federal government for retaliatory, measures. To all workers. Our government, is behind. You the I remember for Essex. Aluminum. Workers woke up today worried, about their future and their families, they, support the government's retaliatory tariffs, against Donald Trump but they know that alone, won't save their jobs they, also don't know why the Liberals, are waiting a whole month, to hit back when, Mexico and the EU I, acted. Right away standing. Up to a bully is the right thing, to do but if you're going to punch back you don't wait 30 days to do it why, is this government, delaying retaliatory, action, when workers are under attack now, the. Minister. Of Foreign Affairs, madam. Speaker, let me start by thanking the Honourable member for her hard work on this file she and I have been in close contact on this and it has been a really productive partnership. Canada. Did respond, immediately. Yesterday. We, are imposing. Dollar-for-dollar. Tariffs. Against, products, from the United States it, is absolutely. Prudent, for us to, take a bit. Of time to, consult, to, ensure that this list is the, right one for Canada and I'd like to thank the Canadian Labour Congress and, Canadian, workers for their support the. I remember, 4sx, yesterday. The Prime Minister called jug meeting to discuss these tariffs the NDP leader gave his support for retaliatory tariffs, but urged the Prime Minister not to forget about the workers affected too. Often in a trade war it's the workers who pay the price. What will this government, do to protect, workers and their communities, like, Saguenay, sue st. Marie Regina. Edmonton kinema, Hamilton, and my writing of Essex, well this government sit down with Labor and Industry immediately. And put together a package that supports, workers, protects. Their jobs and defends, their communities. Madam. Speaker, our government, has been, throughout. And, again. This, weekend yesterday in very, close contact, with workers. And with businesses, in the steel and aluminium sectors that, is why we, were able to put forward such a strong, and immediate response and I, do want, to underscore, the, very productive, collaboration. With Canadian, unions I'd like to quote what the CLC had to say Canada's, unions fully support Canada's retaliation. Against the unjustified. And unwarranted American, tariffs on steel and aluminum I couldn't, have said it better myself. The. Honourable member for hos Mon petit petit, madam. Speaker yesterday's. Decision by the Trump administration to. Impose potentially. Catastrophic tariffs. Against, our steel industries, is completely. Unfair and misguided we. Absolutely agree with the government on that more than 8,000 directly related jobs and 20,000, indirect, jobs depend. On the, aluminium industry in, areas like Sagna Lac saint-jean workers. Are worried, and they're wondering how they will recover from this crisis, what, is the term in the coming days from. The government, to protect steel, and aluminium workers the, Honourable member for foreign affairs. Madam. Speaker I absolutely, agree with, my colleague, that, the, United. States decision, to impose tariffs, on steel and aluminium is absolutely, unacceptable, and, it's illegal. In. Response. We, have, announced, a solid.

Plan To, defend our industry. And its, workers. Unions. And workers are, with, us with, Canada, and I. Am going to quote the CLC, and the, head of the unions, who said that they fully support our. Tahlia Tory measures the. Honourable member for holds molap seat Bethany madam. Speaker we're talking. About. 150,000, jobs that are at stake in both, these sectors. That. Is a very high number a hundred and fifty thousand jobs these, workers, have already gone through months, of threats on the part of Donald Trump and they've had enough of being, treated like common, currency, it. The. Time has come to work together to, get through this crisis, we'll the government announced. A, program to protect workers who are affected, for example by offering, them subsidies, loan guarantees, or, loans we'd like some details the, Honorable Minister of, Foreign Affairs, madam. Speaker, I want. To underscore. The fact that these tariffs, are absolutely, unacceptable, and that we will take strong, steps to, defend our industry, and our workers, Canada. Will impose. Restrictive. Trade, measures for, American. Imports, up. To, sixteen point six billion, dollars. That, is a strong, response, on the part of Canada, and a reciprocal, response. To, a bad decision on the part of the United States water. Leaks Bronx speaker. The prime minister flippantly, equates, energy East and the 15,000. Jobs it would have created and the 55 billion dollars it would have injected into the Canadian economy as old, news Atlantic. Canadians, don't think creating good-paying jobs, that keep families together. And, close to home as old, news the, General Electric employees, in Peterborough who lost their jobs when the Liberals killed energy, East don't, think unemployment, is old news can, the Prime Minister explained to Canadians, why he is picking winners and losers in the energy sector. Thank. You madam Speaker I once. Again say, that that is an absurd comparison. Suggesting. Political, interference was, somehow the answer lies at the heart of the, Conservative, Party's failure on pipelines it's, shocking, that the Conservatives, can't tell the difference between a project that's, facing political, provincial. Political, interference and, a. Project, that accompanied, withdrew. On its own market decision, had, it not been withdrawn, by the proponent. Our, government, would have used the same process, to evaluate the energy East pipeline that. Saw the trans mountain in line three pipelines, approved, thousands. Of middle-class jobs are being created madam Speaker I'll, remind, the members that when. Somebody else has the floor they should be listening, and then. If they have other questions they can get up to ask those the. Young remember for sarnia-lambton, madam. Speaker the Liberals nationalized, the Kinder Morgan pipeline project. Using billions, of taxpayer, dollars, even, though andp protesters. Are still blocking, access to construction, sites and the BC government still, wants to kill the project but. For energy East the Liberals didn't put any taxpayer, dollars on the table just roadblocks. That no other project including, trans Mountain had to meet as a result energy East was killed why are the Liberals picking winners and losers in our energy sector. Thank. You madam Speaker and I'm proud to say that all of the East, Coast MPs, are on this side of the house worked, very hard to, ensure that we, have all, the information, and provide that information back, to their constituents, and as I said a moment ago had. It not been with have the energies proposal, not been withdrawn by the proponent, our government, would have used the exact same process that saw, both both, trans, mountain expansion, and line, three pipelines, approved, both, of those projects. Madam Speaker creating, good middle-class jobs. For Canadians, growing. The economy while, protecting the environment thank you the, I remember Calgary, rocky ridge a madam, Speaker when the Liberals took office there, were four private, sector pipelines. That were viable and now there are none crushing. Regulations, a tanker ban anti energy rhetoric, a carbon, tax and an unwillingness to assert the rule of law have chased the, private, sector, out of Canada into, other energy, producing, tariff places, like Texas, and Kazakhstan. With, a track record of failure like this how can these liberals possibly, rebuild investor, confidence in, Canadian, energy industry. Madam. Speaker we'll take no lessons from the Conservatives, on how to. Promote energy. In this country what, we are doing is investing to. Protect thousands, of jobs in Alberta British Columbia, and indeed across the country during, ten years the Conservatives, rigid, ideology, failed to build pipelines, to markets other than the United States and failed Canadian, workers when, the Prime Minister went to Fort McMurray and that energy sector, workers he told them the government has their back this, is an investment in hardworking Canadians, conservative.

Might Think, is too risky to bet on Canadians, we don't the. I remember, for bath air Larimar. The Liberals when they took office there was four viable. Private, sector pipelines, and now there's none plus, the taxpayers, are on the hook for four, and a half billion, dollars the. Liberals in fact are so committed to wasting taxpayers, money that he did this even though Kinder Morgan didn't ask for a single cent and we're still not an inch closer to getting a pipeline, built the, private sectors left they're not interested, in investing in our energy sector any longer the, Liberals are the ones who've driven them out so, how do they think anyone. Actually believes, they're capable of getting a pipeline, built. We're, taking a balanced approach to grow the economy and, create jobs the, Harper Conservatives just, couldn't get the balance right listen. To what people are saying we. Think obviously. This is a very constructive. For Canada and clearly, for Canadian producers, in particular because. It creates a lot of regulatory, certainty over. The time that the trans mountain expansion, can get done, Katie, boys and analysts, with height securities in Washington, Alberta, premier with Rachel Notley calls this a major step for for Canadians, while, it is ashamed that the British Columbia government's, antics have led to this I'm very pleased to see the federal government has, taken this step to get this vital pipeline, built mayor, Nenshi thank, you madam Speaker the Honourable member for Lakeland madam, speaker Kinder Morgan wanted to invest seven point four billion dollars in Canada to build the Trans Mountain expansion. The Liberals had to enforce federal jurisdiction, and give certainty they didn't instead, the prime minister gave Kinder Morgan 4.5, billion to walk away and he emboldened anti-energy activists, to keep fighting the expansion, the Canadian, energy pipeline Association. Said quote we do not believe that this outcome will instill investor, confidence in Canada, the Prime Minister failed, Canadians, well he starts a champion, private, investment, in Canadian, energy. Thank. You madam Speaker and I have an excellent quote as well Sankore, CEO, I don't think I've ever had a higher degree of confidence that. These pipelines, will be built the. Conservative, could continue, to focus on ownership and we will continue to focus on workers, our, approach is nothing new madam Speaker, even, in conservative, circles the great progressive conservatives, like Pierre, Lougheed understood, that public investment in our natural resources, is important.

To Help the industry grow and, support Canadians. These conservatives, however will continue the ideological, ways, which, fail Canadian, energy workers. For 10 years madam Speaker. The. Member. For Lakeland but, there are about eight hundred and twenty five thousand, kilometres of pipeline and Canada's zero tax dollars needed under, the Conservatives, nearly eight thousand, kilometres of pipeline were built zero, tax dollars needed the, reality, is this Prime Minister killed nearly 8,000. Kilometers of pipeline already. Of billions of private dollars gone, now, he's bought 1,100, kilometers of pipeline that was paid and built with private dollars, 60, years ago 4.5. Billion, tax dollars that will fall but build pipelines, in the US and it will pay for an inch of new pipeline, in Canada. Does the Prime Minister really believe that forcing, tax payers to cover his failures, is a success. Thank. You madam Speaker the Conservatives, had 10 years to build a new pipeline to chip Canada's resources, to new markets, they, built zero the Conservatives, had ten years to consult indigenous, and local communities, they, ignored them the Conservatives, had ten years to rally the country around the need for a new pipeline capacity to. End the discount, on landlord, Canadian crude they, didn't the Conservatives, had 10 years to address environmental concerns, they, failed we'll, take no lessons from that party on how to champion, resource, projects thank you now. We. Remember. From the nine WA Ladysmith, since. The Liberals announced, they're buying Kinder Morgan's old pipeline, my, phone has not stopped, ringing British. Columbians, are telling me they feel betrayed by this government, and their dismay, that the liberal priorities, are so stuck, in the past and, they're, angry that the Prime Minister has given a Texas pipeline company a massive, bailout by putting all the financial, and environmental risks, on Canadians. This, is about the future of our country, and the future of our planet so. Tell, me what. Kind of climate leader buys bitumen, pipelines. Minister. Of climate, change of, environment of climate, change. Thank. You madam Speaker we have always said. We've. Always said that a strong environment. And a, clean economy go together we, have a climate, plan we, are following, through in that climate, plan and the, the investment in, the, twinning of the transplant pipeline. Fits within that climate plan why because, the NDP. Government. In. Alberta, said. The series has serious, action on climate change they put a price on pollution they're, phasing out pool but they've also put the first-ever hard, cap on emissions in, the, oil sands that is how this fits in our climate plan of course we're doing more we're making investments in.

Done. That advocated. The Honourable, member for Salaberry sawa, madam. Speaker there are indigenous children, living. In Canada, in third world conditions their, indigenous communities. Where children are becoming sick, because they do not have access to clean drinking water. But. This children, these, children and helping these children's does not appear to be a priority, the national interest appears to be the purchase of an old leaky pipe with, 4.5, billion dollars of, our money is. That. Really. The national, interest madam Speaker, the. Km's. Pipeline, has become the PM's pipeline, is, that. The liberal idea of a national vision for society. Victory. To the Minister of indigenous, services. Mr.. Speaker the leader of the, Opposition. Recently, said they've. Done a great job in the past well, they've. Ignored Jordans, principle, which was passed by Parliament in 2007. Reviews calls for a national enquiry we. Are focusing. On forging a relationship, based on a recognition of rights respecting, cooperation, and partnership, we will let a record stand, Thank. You mr. speaker. Parkland. Mr.. Finance announced the Canada, would be purchasing, a pipeline, for four and a half billion, dollars like, many Canadians, I was shocked because, for months we have heard from Kinder Morgan that they only wanted the government to stand up for the rule of law and end the delays the, Liberals have failed to, win the confidence, of Kinder Morgan now Canadians, are on the hook for billions, of dollars to construct trans, mountain under, the Conservatives, investors, had confidence, to build Northern Gateway energy. East and the, trans mountain pipelines, when will the Liberals start, standing up for energy investment, instead of making taxpayers. Pay for their failure. Once. Again remind the official, opposition that, the Northern, Gateway pipeline, was thrown out by the courts, for. Insufficient. Consultation. With indigenous peoples and communities the, trans found expansion, project, is in the national interest it means thousands, of jobs to strengthen and grow the middle class the, Conservatives, as I said 10 years to build pipelines, to new export, markets and they, couldn't get it done they, believe we have to make a choice between the environment and the economy we. Don't this. Is a country where, it's possible to do both of the same time and madam Speaker that's exactly, what we're doing thank you the. I remember, Fort McMurray Cold Lake, madam. Speaker when the Liberals took office there were four viable, private sector pipelines, now. There, are none the, private sector has left taking over a hundred billion dollars in investments, with them the, Liberals mismanagement, has driven them, out and now taxpayers, have become the owners of a sixty-year-old pipeline, what. He announcement, the Prime Minister indicated he, wanted construction, to begin immediately. Simple. Question what, progress has been made on construction, over the course of the, we gaze. Thank. You madam Speaker and this, is about getting our resources. To, new markets, so we are not only, sending 98%. Of our our, oil. Exports. To the US and. Let's talk about the pipelines that have been approved many. Of them Alberta. Madam Speaker expanded, export capacity for the Alberta clipper Nova. Gas pipeline, flying through your placement, project the, trans mountain expansion, we, support the Keystone Excel I could go on and on madam Speaker this is about creating thousands, of good middle-class jobs for Canadians, while protecting the environment, thank you no. Doubt that they dictate. The Papa the Honourable, member for, Volvo, codable a elderly, Oshawa. Madam. Speaker we are a few days away from the g7 summit and several public. Safety questions remain unanswered yesterday. We learned that special constables, have received no training, in preparation, for, expected. Demonstrations. And the, border officers, who will be working during the summit will, not have, their, firearms, which is only supposed to happen when, there is zero, risk can, the Public Safety Minister, assure, us that, law, enforcement officers, will, be adequately. Deployed, during. The g7. Absolutely. Madam, Speaker there, has been. Meticulous. Preparations. Involving. Of course the, RCMP, and other national. Police and security agencies but, also all.

Of The local and provincial authorities, in Quebec the, cooperation. And collaboration has. Been absolutely. Seamless and the. Professionals. And our police services federally, provincial, and municipal, II are determined. To make sure that, this event occurs successfully. And safely. Honourable. Member. Given. That the security, forces responsible. For Public Safety during, the g7 are, not ready, and do not have all the necessary equipment, to deal with potential, confrontation. And that this, has, been in the media will. The Liberals take responsibility. Immediately. Deal with this worrisome, situation and. Reassure. Those affected, by the g7. That they will be properly protected, and, compensated. For, any, repercussions. Speaker. The the, public can have absolute. Confidence in, the police, and security agencies. Of both, Canada and Quebec. And the local municipal, authorities, in. In. The communities, affected the. Preparations, have been thorough, the. The officials have been working on this for months and months and months to. Ensure that the, Canadian, public will be safe that, the attendees, at the summit will be safe and. That this. Event can be conducted. Successfully. And safely, for all concerned, the. I remember for Emmet instruct, gonna madam. Speaker the order general, has chastised, this government, for failing to address matters. Of significance to first nations in particular those, living on reserves in assessing. Well-being, he reports, that they fail to consider health. Environment. Language and culture, coupled. With failed, meaningful. Engagement these. Are basic, rights accorded, under the unrep, and the UN sustainable development. Goals this, government professes. To endorse why. Then did, the Liberals oppose our amendments, to build C 57, and C. 69, intended. To extend those very rights, and duties. Madam. Speaker our government welcomes the recommendation. Of the Auditor, General on. Addressing, outcome, gaps on reserve dating back to 2001. Unlike. The former government which ripped up the Kelowna, Accord, and imposed top-down, solutions, on First Nations we are making significant, investments in health education, housing, water, child, and family services and, economic, prosperity we. Are working with First Nation partners on a national okay.come, based framework and, transformation. On education, and reserves will, continue to work with First Nations to improve. We. All remember for Timmins James Bay this. Is the eighth anniversary of, the passing, of Shannon coos - and the incredible, youth leader who called out the systemic, negligence, the government towards First Nation children and on this sad anniversary, the Auditor General has trashed this, government's, handling of education, calling, it an incomprehensible, failure. So I'd like to ask the minister about, the decision, to falsify, the graduation. Rates that a 76, percent failure rate was covered up to protect the minister's office why, would they protect, the culture of negligence, rather than protecting, the hopes and dreams of, a generation, of First Nation children.

Madam. Speaker we recognize, that mental health challenges, facing indigenous, people particular, particularly. Youth are deep-rooted and complex we. Recognize, that implementation. And delivery of our program and services must, be driven by culture, strengths, of the, community, we, have invested, in forty five community, led mental, health wellness teams serving, three hundred and twenty six communities, up from eleven in 2015. A dedicated, First Nation and Inuit hope and wellness lines we. Will continue, to work with First Nations and Inuit partners, in collaboration. With provinces, territories, to advance targeted, strategies, to, prevent the tragic loss of loss, of life thank you madam Speaker. Member. Forte has to be a madam. Speaker, the Government of Canada and Quebec. Recently. Agreed, upon a dural agreement, on early, child care and learning. This. Is a, significant. Stage for. Canadian, families, because for the first time the federal government, will, have agreements, with every, province and territory to. Make child. Care more affordable Canada. Wide. Can. The Minister for families, children and Social Development give. Us more details the, Honourable, Minister, for, families children and social development thank. You madam Speaker, I first, of all like to thank the Honourable, member for. Two hazdeb revered, for his considerable. Work on affordable. Childcare. I'm happy, to inform you that we have signed. An agreement with, the Quebec government which. Completes, our suite, of agreements. With all provinces and territories. This. Is an, important. Stage. In reducing, poverty, and we're. Giving all children, in our country. Equal. Footing equal, opportunities, thank you madam Speaker. Madam. Speaker once again we see this Liberal prime minister change the rules halfway, through the game their, campaign, promise, to reform, our electorial. System, failed so they're. Doing the next best thing madam, Speaker to, favor their election, prospects, by, refusing, to ban ministerial. Travel, and advertising. During the entire. Pre-election. Period the, Liberals are simply, trying to buy themselves, the next election, can, the Prime Minister stop, abusing, democracy. And put, Canadians, ahead, of the liberal party. Such. A charge may make good theatre it's simply not true Canadians were fed up with tax dollars being wasted blatantly.

On Partisan, ads by the previous government that's, why we moved quickly in 2016. To ban partisan, government ads and established their party oversight we, also banned goverment, advertising, in the 90-day period to, proceed the fixed date election, period as well as for, any other government, program that has yet to be approved by Parliament and by focusing on government. Advertising, on Canadians. Needs instead of on partisan objectives, like the previous government we've been able to cut off the government's advertising, budget, by almost a half. Shekel. Tear thank you madam Speaker why is this government. Trying. To prevent. Communication. With. The public through advertising, for political. Parties in the pre electoral period, why. Limit, the right to, communicate with Canadians. What. Is this Liberal government afraid of why are liberals trying to. Muzzle. Politicians. Who. Have ideas and platforms. That are different from this destructive. Liberal government is this, democratic. To take away the right to speak is this the new liberal, way of doing politics. Canadians. Don't. Want money wasted. Didn't, like seeing money wasted, on the partisan spending of the former government. That. Is why in 2016. We prohibited. Publicity. Constant, Anastas, where they can concentrating. On the need of Canadians. Rather. Than partisan. Objectives. Every. Single Liberal MP voted against looking, at at the punishing, new stress, test they, introduced, our mortgages, without, even, saying a single, word as. Many as a hundred thousand Canadians could be blocked from purchasing, a home up to a hundred fifty thousand, Canadians could lose their jobs because of this economic slowdown, while the Finance Minister do the right thing ignore. His mute Liberal, MPs, and commit, to a full review, of these new mortgage rules. The. Honourable. Parliamentary, secretary, you. Know that for the, vast majority of Canadians, of middle-class Canadians. Their home is their most important investments, and it's, the most important they'll make in their lifetime and critical. To their financial, well-being that, this investment, be, protected, we've taken steps to address buckets, of risk and ensure a healthy dynamic housing, market and we're working with provincial, municipal counterparts. To gather data, monitoring.

Situation, And make sure to, protect the middle class in. Thank you to the. Younger members of Calgary Shepherd when I'm not busy, madam, Speaker the, new mortgage rules of the Liberal government are. Impacting. All parts, of the country and are, making the purchase and sale of, housing. Almost impossible, for many Canadians. These. Changes, were supposed to calm the overheated, housing markets, in Toronto and Vancouver but. Instead of that the market, the real estate market, dropped, by 20% and, posted. The worst sales since 2001. Will deployment, at the finance minister admit that, these changes to the rules or hurting Canadians. These. Are simply Ottawa, knows best directives. The. Honourable, primary, secretary. Madam. Speaker. We. Know that investment, in. Housing. Is one of the most important investments a Canadian. Can make and we want to make sure that the investments. Of middle-class Canadians. Are, protected. We will be following this situation closely. With. Our provincial and municipal partners, in, order to protect the. Interests, of the middle class and, the. Real, estate market thank, you madam Speaker. Madam. Speaker the first pay equity court, case launched, by Labour against, Canada post was 35, years ago today, cu pw earned a long-awaited, victory, in, favour of pay equity for, rural and suburban mail, carriers, two-thirds. Of whom are women it's. A disgrace, that this Liberal, government says it is committed to pay equity but, we've seen no legislation. And not, a dime, in the budget to back empty, liberal promises, we're, tired of waiting madam. Speaker when, will we see action. The honorable minister. Of employment workforce and, development. For. Work of equal value. Madam. Speaker I'm proud to be part of a government that knows, that work of equal value. Deserves, work equal, pay and you, know we. I really love the fact that my colleagues, agree with me and in fact and in. In. Budget, 2018, we made the commitment to introduce per octave pay equity legislation. And that's exactly what we'll be doing thank you very much the, other member for saskatoon, West. It's. National, Housing Strategy last, November, it did not include an indigenous, Housing, Strategy despite. The fact that eighty-seven percent of indigenous, peoples in Canada do, not live on reserve and face, almost ten times the risk of housing insecurity and, homelessness, an indigenous, Housing. Strategy madam, speaker cannot, be an, afterthought. Can, the minister tell us where, is the comprehensive. Strategy that, addresses, the housing needs of indigenous. Peoples. Madam. Speaker our government remains committed to Co developing a distinction based indigenous, housing strategy with our first nation in u''t matey partners, that, is why budget 2018. Invest 600 million over three years at first nation housing 500. Million over 10 years for matey housing, 400. Million over 10 years for any would housing this, funding is a significant, significant, step towards, addressing the housing needs and indigenous communities our, government, is committed to closing, the unacceptable. Housing, gap for indigenous people Thank You Madison the. Arm of called betrayal Eagle Creek. Can. Be stressful whether, it's the weather, transportation. Issues or, the Liberal government raising, their taxes, farmers. Have a lot to deal with so. When the eighth minister, stated them that most farmers support, a tax on carbon I know his, ridiculous, statement, got more than a few laughs across, my writing what. Evidence does, the Minister have for his claim that, farmers, support his carbon tax and could, he please let them know how, much it would cost. The. Minister. Of Environment and, climate change. Stand. Up and talk about our, approach to climate action, we work with everyone we work with farmers we work with business people we, have Berk with the environmentalists. Who work with provinces, in tears miracle cities I'm as much the Minister of Environment for, farmers, as I am for environmentalist. We've. Always said, pricing. Pollution, is already happening 80% of Canadians, have a price on pollution through the leadership of the provinces, the past government did, nothing for a decade but. We, are working with the provinces and territories and. We're working with everyone together but, the question I ask is what is the Conservatives, plan. The. I remember. For Elgon Middlesex London thank you very much madam Speaker recently, the administrative, agriculture stated that the majority of Canadian, farmers support, the liberal carbon tax he obviously, has not been to the Riding of Alden Middlesex London filled with farmers farmers. Throughout southwestern, Ontario are concerned about their increased put input costs these families, are the stewards of our land and are using cutting-edge technology to, reduce their own emissions I would, like to ask the minister of agriculture is he willing to stand up and oppose his carbon tax on hard-working Canadian.

Farmers And their families. For. Everyone, in Canada because we're all in this together we all need to take action, to tackle climate change in fact I was really pleased to see the leader of the Opposition, who said he is going to meet our Paris agreement targets, cuz that's good we all know need know we need to do this but, we have a plan we've been very clear about how our plan will tackle climate change will grow our economy what. Canadians, really want to know what, my kids want to know what future generations, want to know is what, is the plan of the Conservative, government. I'll. Just remind the member for Carlton trail Eagle Creek that when somebody else has the floor that, person, deserves a respect to be heard just like she had the opportunity, to be heard when she asked her question, the, Irish Ottawa. Madam. Speaker the, Prime Minister is known about American tariffs for months, the, instead chose to focus on luxury, vacations, and photo ops while ignoring the future of Canadian workers rather. Than working with Canadian, companies to keep them competitive the. Prime Minister's forcing, a punitive carbon, tax and new payroll taxes, on Canadian, manufacturers, which American. Competitors, will, not have to pay will. The Prime Minister work to keep well-paying, jobs in Canada and, give Canadian, manufacturers, a chance, to, stay competitive, by. Dropping, his unfair, carbon, tax. Mr.. Speaker as the Minister has already stated a number of times in this house we, firmly disagree with, the illegal, and inappropriate. American, tariffs and we, are working, as the government with all Canadians, behind us to. Fight. This this, unnecessary. And illegal, measure with all with all means, we have at our disposal with. Respect to the manufacturing, industry with respect to to steel, and aluminium and other industry is affected by this tariff mr. speaker our government, has invested massively. In innovation, we are working with, stakeholders across, Canada, through, this. Particular minister, of industry innovation science and economic development to make sure that we move forward I. Remember, for a Cloverdale laying the city. Madam. Speaker. Canadians. Know that, our two official, languages, constitute. A strength which. Is particularly, true, in my riding of cloverdale, Langly City recently. I had the opportunity, to. Meet with the francophone, community, in British Columbia. In. Order to explain, the positive impact, of the, upcoming action.

Plan For official languages. Can. The minister of canadian heritage please, update this house on her work implementing. The official, languages action plan. The. Honorable, Minister of Canadian Heritage madam, Speaker, I'd. Like to thank the. Honourable, member for Cloverdale Langley, CID city for. His question and his excellent, French. After. Years of indifference. And inaction. We are acting, we, announced, the, biggest, investment. In the, history of official. Line which is 2.7, billion dollars and we have announced. Recently that. We. Will. That. We will increase by 20 percent all. Those, organizations. That were. Frozen. During, the harper regime so, it could be education, infrastructure, etc, were acting madam. Speaker veterans have been asking for the return of the NDI 75, identification. Card the NDI 75. As an ID card that many veterans and their families, feel, recognizes. And appreciates, the values and sacrifices. Made by, the members of our armed forces and, helps, in their transition, to civilian life veterans. Want this card back so I'm asking on behalf of Canadian, veterans will, the minister bring this card or something, like it back. Speaker. We know that former members of the Canadian Armed Forces want, a tangible way to identify, themselves as veterans we, are exploring, options with the Department of National Defense, develop, a veteran's identification. Card that, will be an official Government, of Canada ID card for veterans more, information, regarding the project will be available in the coming months and I'm delighted to be wearing red today on red, Fridays in support of our Canadian Armed Forces thank, you. Madam. Speaker this week as victims and survivors of crime, week our, government is committed to strengthening victims. Rights within the military justice, system and. This week we heard from the Auditor General on the previous government's neglect of not only the military but, also the military justice, system which. Is an important part of military discipline. And morale can. The parliamentary, secretary to the Minister of National Defense, informed this house how. We are committed to ensuring both, the efficiency, of the military justice system and that, the rights of victims are fully respected, like. A deaf father Mapple, M&E the Honorable, parliamentary. Secretary, madam Speaker. During. This week. Victims. And survivors, we, reiterate, our determination. To strengthen, victims rights in our, military. Justice. System, with. C76. We. Will, have, a declaration. Of the rights of victims in. The code to. Incorporate, individuals. Consideration. Something, the previous, Conservative. Government. Had neglected, to, include. The. I remember for invented, banning. Government. We have seen billions of dollars, of investment leave, Canada due to their failed economic policies, whether. It is increased, payroll taxes, the carbon tax or stifling. Red tape Canadian. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult, to, compete given. The trade dispute, with, the u.s. announced yesterday will. The Liberals commit, to exempting, Canadian, companies, compete. In south-of-the-border, from, these punitive, taxes. The. Parliamentary. Secretary. This. Government, that has created. 600,000. Jobs most. Of them full time since. We took office two, and a half years ago madam. Speaker as a government, we will continue, to strongly defend, and support Canadian. Workers and producers, in not. Only steel and aluminum but across Canada, in a variety of different industries we're, taking action madam, Speaker to support vital innovation, to create new business opportunities, through, supporting, innovation, and steel. Related, research aluminium related research and improving, environmentally, sound energy products. Madam. Speaker for the. TMX, pipeline, to go forward, the. Government has pledged to assume all risks. In. The, project, contravenes, provincial, legislation, Ottawa, pays if, the federal government doesn't have the jurisdiction. To shove, TMX, down the public's throats Ottawa, pays if the proponent, is, Ottawa, pays if. The permanent, proponent, relaxed, Ottawa. Pays once again advice about the pipeline it's. A private sector that's pocketing, the money and the, federal government assuming the one of the risks. Can, the minister tell us how much this will cost Quebecers. The. Honourable parliamentary. Secretary, thank. You madam Speaker we have an agreement with Kinder, Morgan, and it's twinning. With. With, your nib organ and it's twinning with kinder. More, trans. Mountain. We. Believe, that this project, will generate. Monies. That will benefit, Canadians. In Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec, the Honourable member for upon tini. Madam. Speaker we know about the critical role of be is of bees, in biodiversity, but. They are being decimated by a kind, of insecticide.

Called Neo. Nikita. Lloyd. 233. Scientists, from all over the world have, us that these products. Be prohibited. The. Government, has maintained, the use of these widespread of, the, most widespread in, this category, and they are rather, starting. Consultations. 233. Researchers. From 34. Countries isn't, this enough of a consultation, will the government not listen to scientists, rather. Than, chemical. Sellers. Madam. Speaker, we, take these pesticides, seriously. And at the present time we. Have undertaken, a scientific, review, and we're looking at reducing. Risks. For bees. This. Is a concern. That. We have and we realize that exposure. To neonicotinoids. Is a problem. We, will take all necessary measures, to deal with this issue thank you madam Speaker. The. Honourable, member for the point of you madam, Speaker. The, Canadian, government, set. Up the infrastructure. Bank in Toronto, rather than Montreal, in this, counter. This against, the will of the government and this. Is people of Quebec, for. The six months of its existence, the infrastructure, Bank is offering its services in English only, with, a starting budget of 35 billion dollars, it's, impossible, to speak French, even with a receptionist. This. Is the price to be paid for being in Canada well the minister responsible for. Official. Language is going to wake up and act. Really. Act. The. Honourable parliamentary, secretary. To. The. Minister. Of infrastructure. And communities. Madam. Speaker our two official languages are at the very heart of our identity, and. The. Bank has to respect. Its obligations. Under the official languages, act. But. Today. Is the first CEO over the bank she. Has all the. Skills. Requirements. Necessary. And. This. Is in, we. Will watch. To, see what. CEO. La Binet has to, say and we. Know that both official languages will be respected. Well. That's the end of question period.

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