Question Period: Trade dispute with the U.S. , Trans Mountain pipeline plan — June 11, 2018

Question Period: Trade dispute with the U.S. , Trans Mountain pipeline plan — June 11, 2018

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Cheston's, allow oral. Questions, the Honorable opposition house leaders. Over. The weekend Canadians, witnessed, with shock and dismay the US administration hurl. Insults, verbal, attacks and threats, of more tariffs, at us we, are all Canadians, first and we will stand with Canadian, workers and the families impacted, by this escalating, trade war can, the Prime Minister tell Canadians, what his plan is to resolve, this impasse that we have with, our closest, ally and trading partner. Speaker. I want to thank my honourable friend for her question but. Also thank members of this house and the great, number of Canadians, that, have encouraged, our government, to continue to stand up for Canadian workers as we're, committed to doing. Mr., speaker the idea that there's a national security, concern. That the United States might have with respect to aluminum, and steel industries. In Canada and the hard-working women men who earn their living from those sectors is in fact incorrect and we will always stand with Canadian workers and thank our colleagues opposite for their support. Mr.. Speaker unfortunately. And I know we all know this that when politicians, fight, and when leaders argue it's always the people that suffer, and in this case these, unfair, tariffs, are hurting Canadian steel and aluminum workers and additional, sectors are being threatened, now, the government has said that the projected. Deficit, is going to be just over 18 billion dollars next, year does the projected, deficit, account, for a potential, aid package, to help mitigate the damage, from this dispute. Again. We, have said to, Canadian steel aluminum workers that this government and in fact all Canadians, will have their backs we've, been unequivocal. These tariffs, imposed, by, the United States are, unacceptable, the Canadian and American economies, are so closely linked at American tariffs will also hurt American, workers our. Prime Minister and our government has met with leaders of the industry to discuss how, we can best support these. Workers a few, months ago we told workers in their manufacturing plants, that their government will have their backs and mr. speaker we will not stop working to support these sectors so vital to the economy of the whole country, honourable. Opposition, House leader mr., speaker there are some things that we could do right now that will create opportunities for, Canadians, who are impacted by this growing trade dispute, we could immediately, ratify, the TPP. Their carbon tax on Canadian, families and businesses could be scrapped and we could eliminate trade, barriers between provinces these, would all have positive, effects, will, the Prime Minister begin working with conservatives. On these constructive. Solutions, that will help Canadian, families, who will be impacted, by this trade war. Well. Top the question from my honorable colleague as she well know it's a top priority obviously, to ratify the CP TPP, and we're going to move quickly to, introduce legislation before, the house rise this summer mr., speaker Canadians. Know that we. Have a good agreement that's gonna open markets for them and we welcome of you see the conservative, offer to work with us what we want to do mr. speaker is to have the best deal for Canadian from coast to coast to coast so that workers and industry across this country understand, that we will always open market so they can prosper today and in the future. Mr.. Speaker under. Three years of liberal government the deficit, has already reached 71. Billion dollars, and that was before a trade war broke out with our biggest economic, partner, of the u.s. Calabrian. Minister tell us if part of that 18 billion dollar deficit, this. Year will be used to implement measures to help Canadian, workers, who, will be the first affected, or do. We need to wait for billions, more to be added. Okay. Minister. Of Fisheries Thank. You mr. speaker and I thank my honourable colleague for his question I'd. Like to thank all members, of this house and in. Fact all Canadians. Who. Significantly. Supported our government's efforts to, support.

Aluminum. And steel workers. We've. Said from the very beginning, that these tariffs, imposed by, the American government, are completely unreasonable, we. Will continue, to, support. In. The most effective and strong manner possible these, very important, industries, if you take that ish point out the plenum both members fritzman Athabasca mr.. Speaker workers. Businesses and, Canadians, will be the first victims, of a trade war the. Problem, is that, in the, current. Budget but, to 2018, no, money was set aside for, complications, or crises resulting. From NAFTA negotiations, can, the Prime Minister tell us what his plan is to support steel. And aluminum workers and whether, he will impose compensatory, tariffs. Before. July. 1st rather than waiting. Waiting. For that day to see it planned. No, Minister, Fisheries. Mr. Speaker we said unequivocally, that these, tariffs. Are totally, unacceptable, we. Will be, taking, a measured, approach, but. We will be taking, measures to support the Canadian economy the. Canadian and American economies, are very closely, intertwined and so this American, decision, will, harm, American. Workers as well. We. Have, met with leaders, of these industries, and workers, many times to, see how the. Federal, government can, support, workers, we, will continue, to support those very important men and women. Espinoza. Mr.. Speaker the NDP, stands, in solidarity with, the government and the prime minister against. These, provocative. Words. From the American administration Canadian. And American workers. While, Canadians, stand together President, Trump stands alone American. Lawmakers, and US allies, strongly, oppose Trump's, erratic, behavior against their biggest and closest, friend mr.. Speaker will the government work with all parties in this house to present a unified response to. Trump. Mr., speaker thank you and I thank my honorable colleague for, her question the, answer is simple yes we will obviously work, with all members of this house to stand. Up for Canadian workers to ensure that, the women and men in these sectors so important, to our economy are, protected, we will also work with all members of this house to ensure, that the response that our government takes to these unjustified. And unreasonable. Tariffs, is measured. And proportionate, mr., speaker we've said publicly the national security pretext. Is absurd and frankly, insulting, to Canadians and that's why we're moving forward responsibly. With, retaliatory, tariffs, that are equivalent to the ones that the United States have unjustly applied to Canada. Need. To know that we all are in, the united in our response mr., pizza no, dollar - mr., speaker there's another issue that is a national priority as you know 4,800 liters of oil leaked from, the trans mountain pipeline just two days before. The government announced its intention, to buy the pipeline, the, danger, of leaks are is real and there's, no way to intervene, if there is a big spell we, also learned the two first nations from, British Columbia had, signed letters, of support, when.

In Fact they were opposed to the project so. Mr., speaker and well the government admit today in this house that, it failed in its duty to consult First Nations. Transport. Mr.. Speaker, getting. Oil to market is a responsibility, of any government but, this needs to be done with. Of course respect, for, safety. And the protection of the environment the. Laws. Concerning, pipelines, in Canada are strong and are, based on the polluter pay principal. Polluters. Will be held responsible for any. Problems. That are created. We. Promise, Canadians, that, we would restore. Trust in our regulatory processes, and that's what we're doing a member force Kinabalu, Valley two days before the Liberals bought a sixty five-year-old pipeline, for four a billion, dollars that pipeline sprang, a leak but don't worry said Kinder Morgan it's just a hundred litres well it turns out that oil spill was, 48 times, larger than that and thank God it didn't happen over water because these guys still don't know how to clean it up hey speaker you ever buy a used car when you turn it on sounds real strange but the seller cranks, up the radio real quick and says don't worry about it well that's exactly what the Liberals just did maybe buying the biggest lemon, in Canadian. History so. What kind of climate leader goes out and buys a 65. Year old leaky, pipeline anyways. Many. Questions, in that question, but answer, the first one first. Getting. Resources, to market is the fundamental, responsibility, of any government but. That must be done with the highest regard, for safety and the protection of the environment the. Pipeline Safety, Act strengthens, Canada's pipeline, safety, system, enshrining. The polluter, pay principle, into federal law companies. Will be held liable regardless. Of fault and be, required, to have the resources up to 1 billion, dollars, to respond, to incidents the. Honourable member for Skeena Bulkeley Valerie I guess them being the owners they've got to put a billion dollars aside that they haven't told us about now you know whenever liberals talk about this pipeline they love to wave around so-called.

Agreements, With First Nations but they won't ever tell us what, those agreements actually, are well here's what Chief Robert Joseph said some of the people he's, these guys say support the pipeline quote, at the end of the day we're not really in favor of any pipeline, but but we leave its going through anyways, they will not listen to anybody and that's the history of consultation, with First Nations people they consult, and they go ahead and do what they're going to do anyways, enough, with the fake consultations. Enough with the divided conquer strategy one, of these liberals actually going to stand up for the principle of free prior and informed consent. Nacho, sauces which. Is secret this. Government, does not speak, on behalf, for, First Nations why. Does the Honorable, member think he can. The billion dollars, the. Billion dollars, mr.. Speaker. It's, not government, money its polluter, pay principle, in, the pipeline safety, the. Honorable member, knows that there, are communities that. Have different points of view on pipelines. Including. Government's who, all where's the new democratic, stripe this, is time to bind people, together mr., speaker not divide, them. Order. The. Honourable member for Carlton. The. Storm clouds have, been gathering for a long time. To. Save up for a rainy day, it blew, all of its good fortune, and ran, deficits. That were twice what they promised, during the election deficits, they now say will continue, until. 2045. Now. That those storm, clouds have, turned into rain. Does. This government ignore, and knowledge, that, they failed to prepare, Canadians. For, the rainy day. We're. Happy to talk about how we've prepared our economy, for the future what. We've done is we've made investments, in Canadians, we, started, from day one saying that what we needed to focus on was making sure that we got out from, the very, difficult employment, situation, 7.1. Percent unemployment, left, to us by the previous Harper government now, fast forward a couple of years we, have the lowest unemployment rate, we've seen in 40 years the, investments, we've made in Canadians, have worked our growth is improved we are in a situation a, resilient, situation, from which to deal with challenges, challenges, whether they come from the south whether, they come from our ability to get to international, resource markets, those, are the, Honourable, member for Carlton mr., speaker the government lucked out with a very short term housing, boom doubling. Of oil prices, and a roaring, world. Economy. Many of these same factors, are now in, peril. Yet, instead. Of preparing, for. These difficult, times they. Spent, the. Cupboard, bare, with. Deficits, that were twice and sometimes, three, times as big as they, promised, during the election, how, could they have been so irresponsible. Fine. Let's. Think about what we've actually done in order to improve our economy we, started by lowering, taxes, on middle-class Canadian. Child. Benefits, for nine out of ten families, on. Average twenty, three hundred dollars more after, tax. We. Did led, to more disposable income for, Canadians so they could put it back in our economy, creating, growth and enabling, us to be in a position where we can be resilient, against challenges, that's where we are today we're, the very, fortunate situation, where the right policies, what is in a better position from, which to deal with the challenges, we face, remember. For Carleton the Finance Minister's fond of quoting, the Fraser Institute -. With regards, to the Kinder, Morgan, pipeline is. That. Institutes data to justify, his position on that issue that same Institute, says that. 81%. Of middle-class taxpayers, are, paying, more. Income, tax since, his government, took office $800. More now, he, wants to stack, on top of those tax increases a, carbon. Tax now. Before. The, house leaves for the summer will he tell us how, much will that carbon, tax cost the average Canadian, family. Radians. Expect us to be thoughtful about how we roll our economy, and how we actually, address the threat of climate change they know that a thoughtful climate, plan needs, to include a range of measures some of them regulatory, such as the phase-out of coal and methane missions investments. In clean technology, investments. In infrastructure, but a thoughtful plan also includes, a price on carbon pollution we, will continue to take practical, cost effective measures to tackle climate change that, is what Canadians, expect us to do the question I have for the leader of the Opposition, is where is your climate, plan.

Retta. Have to remind the autopilot secretary. To the Minister of Environment to direct his quit his comments. And. Won't get into the question of whether he should ask question but his comments, to the chair, remember. For Carlton, well. The question is when we, direct. An. Issue at the finance minister why does he always go, hiding this, was a fiscal. Question a tax, question, he's already raised, taxes. On 80%. Of. Middle-class. Taxpayers. According. To the Fraser Institute and. That's before the. Carbon, tax what he wants this house to approve in his, budget bill, so. The, question again for the finance minister he's not still in hiding is how, much will that tax cost the average Canadian, family. Mr.. Speaker our government, was elected on a platform to, invest in Canadians to grow the economy and, to protect, the environment and mr., speaker our plan is working, canada's emissions are dropping and our economy, is growing since, we form government hardworking canadians, have created 60%. More full-time jobs than the Harper Conservatives did, over the same period we are leading all g7, countries and economic growth addressing. Climate change in a substantive way is something that all Canadians, expect it is something we must do for our children we're doing it in a thoughtful way we are growing our economy at the same time, you're. Gonna have that you take the. Knurl member loose on the home mr.. Speaker, you. Know I appreciate, all members who can speak both official languages so I'd like to give the Minister of Finance the opportunity, to answer in French and then everyone, in Canada will know a good friend she speaks my. Question is about the liberal carbon, tax, the. Government knows exactly. How, much the. Carbon tax will cost of, to, Canadian, families but the problem, is, that they have the document but they're hiding it from Canadians, so why are they just repeating the same talking points. Yeah. I. Would. Remind the parliamentary. Secretary and. Well. I did remind the parliamentary, secretary and, now I will be writing other members that comments. Must be directed, through the chair the Honourable parliamentary, secretary, the president, mr.. Speaker our. Government was elected thanks. To a platform, that invested, in Canadians. And that stimulated, the economy and, protected, the environment, our plan is working Canada submissions are going down and our economy is growing, since. We came to government, Canadians. Have. Created. Many. More jobs than under the Harper. Administration. During the same time, we. Are supporting. The economic growth of all g7, countries mr., speaker, our plan is working.

The. Honourable member home. You're. Right mr. speaker you know how to speak, French and English just. Like the Minister of Finance does, once again I'd love to give him the opportunity to speak French before all Canadians. Know. Those. People were elected by saying that they'll just run a modest deficit, and zero deficit, by 2019, but the reality. Is that the, deficits, are three times bigger than they promised and there's no plan to balance the budget mr.. Speaker can the minister fry, finance so in French or in English but, in French when. The budget will be balanced. The. Honourable Minister of Finance. Mr.. Speaker we are proud of our approach because, our approach is good for Canadian families, we. Decided, to. Invest, in workers, and, that. Is very important, for. Improving our, economic, growth and also. For. Improving. Unemployment, we, now have the lowest unemployment, rate, in 40, years that, is good news for our economy, and it's, good for Canadian, families, our economy. Is resilient, and will be in the future number four Essex. Canadians. Were faced by a barrage of tweets and headlines, after president, Trump's g7, visit this weekend, his destructive, comments about our industries workers and leaders will, not help resolve the barriers we face in NAFTA New, Democrats, believe we must stand up to Trump this government cannot let jobs and steel aluminium. Farming, and manufacturing, go unprotected. Can the Minister tell this house what the government, has planned for next steps to resolve this ever-growing trade, dispute with our largest trading partner. Thank. My colleague for her question we certainly share her. Concern in, terms of supporting, Canadian workers and the sector's that she identified, we. View these American, trade actions as unreasonable, and unjustified. The, Prime Minister has said to President Trump privately. Everything, that he has also said publicly, Mr, Speaker we look forward to working with all members of this house and more. Importantly, all Canadians.

As Well to, support workers, in these sectors and show, the Americans, that these trade actions will in fact have a negative impact, on American, workers as well remember. For Essex in, one of those tweets yesterday the president stated that he is still considering. A tariff on the Canadian auto sector Trump, maintains the Canadian autos are a security, threat to the US but, we all know there is no greater security, partner to the US than Canada. 65%, of all car parts, in Canadian assembled vehicles are made in the US and. 120,000. Canadian workers will be the first to pay the price how is this government preparing, for what could be a devastating, attack on Canada's, auto industry. I. Think. It's important, for Canadian, Auto Workers to know that our government stands. Firmly, with, them in, the face of this seemingly. Ridiculous, American, threat with, respect to the national security investigation. Let, me be extremely, clear the, idea that Canada, and Canadian, cars should, pose any kind of security threat to the United States is frankly, absurd we will continue, to raise this issue at, the highest levels, as the, Prime Minister did directly with the president and the Minister, did with secretary Ross as well we will always support Canadian, Auto Workers mr., speaker and we look forward to working with all members of the House in, that regard remember. For sarnia-lambton, mr.. Speaker the people of Ontario have, given a clear message that they do not want a carbon tax. On. Middle-class Canadians. The high costs, on those who can least afford to, pay it at, this time of uncertainty higher. Taxes, will just make things worse when, will the Prime Minister, stop forcing, his carbon tax on Canadians. Speaker, we are very fortunate a provincial, and territorial leaders. From coast to coast to coast who are taking serious action on climate change four, provinces already, priced carbon, pollution and they led the country in growth last year as the premier of Manitoba said, on Friday his government is moving ahead with putting a price on pollution because, he knows it will help the environment without hurting the economy doing, our part to address climate change should not be a partisan issue as, Canadians, we all have a responsibility to, take action to protect the environment and grow the economy for, our children and our grandchildren, boys honourable, member for halliburton Kawartha Lakes Brock mr.. Speaker Ontarians, in my riding and across the province voted, last week against. A liberal, imposed, carbon, tax. By. Removing, the Liberal Party's official, status, people, of Ontario have, spoken, sending. A clear signal they, will not accept this Prime Minister's scheme for, higher taxes, we, know taxes, make life more, expensive, for families increasing, the cost of home heating electricity. Groceries. Gasoline, and much more so, Speaker when will the Prime Minister stop, forcing this, rejected. Job-killing. Tax upon, Canadians. The. Minister. Of Environment. Mr.. Fisher Canadians, expect us to grow our economy and protect the environment for our children and our grandchildren they. Know that a thoughtful climate, plan includes, regulatory, measures significant. Investments, in clean technology, and infrastructure, and a, price on pollution to, incent efficiency, and grow the economy as, we, saw in the Ontario election 60%.

Of Ontario voters supported, parties that approve carbon. Pricing, we will continue, to dig practical, cost effective measures to tackle climate change and grow a clean economy because that mr., speaker is what Canadians expect us to do that I ask again mr., speaker through you to the leader of the Opposition where is your climate plan. And. I remind the global, parliamentary secretary again, when. You use the word you or you're referring, to the speaker, and. Some. People think you're demanding a plan of some sort a newspaper, seems, rather unusual. The Argyll member for Flamborough, Glenbrook, mr.. Speaker last Thursday, Ontarians, roundly, rejected. The Liberals. Years. Of liberal mismanagement. And scandal, and most of all they rejected, the liberal carbon, tax mr.. Speaker last week the voters of the province spoke loudly and clearly when, will this prime minister start listening, and stop, forcing his destructive, carbon, tax on Canadians. Mr.. Speaker Canadians, know that any thoughtful, plan to address climate change and grow a clean growth economy, requires a range of measures including regulatory, measures, such as limiting methane emissions including significant. Investments, in growing, a clean growth economy, through specific, investments. In clean technology, and they, include a price on carbon pollution something. That every economist, in this world virtually. Will, endorse so. I would say to, the Honourable members on across the side who, can't seem to seem to think that pricing, of carbon pollution was a rejection in the Ontario election 60%. Of Ontarians, voted, for parties that approve, and support, our carbon pricing. Order. I'm having trouble hearing the answer order. We're, getting along so well earlier our. Order, the Ottawa member for Barry Ennis fill in. The galaxy. Recent. Episodes poll found that 72%, of, Ontario, residents see a carbon tax is just a tax crab well, 68%. See it as purely a symbolic gesture, in other words they, see it for what it is well last week in the only poll that matters the, people of Ontario voted, against, the federal liberal carbon tax and the rhetoric they used to force it down our throats the, liberal carbon, tax will hurt people who can least afford it so will. The prime minister stop forcing his carbon tax crab on Canadians. Thank. You mr. speaker as I have said. Addressing. Climate change is a critical, imperative. Of our time it is something that we deserve, our children, deserve that we focus on but we need to do it in thoughtful and constructive ways, our, focus, on growing a clean growth economy, concurrently, with addressing, climate change with, substantive, proposals, that include the accelerated, phase out of coal reducing. Methane emissions, investments. In green infrastructure, and putting, a price on carbon pollution will, enable us to grow a clean growth economy, and concurrently, meet our international obligations to, address climate change. The. Honourable, member for. Cowichan malahat, langford. Mr.. Speaker last week the prime minister was asked by an American journalist, about our supply management system, he said quote we, were moving towards flexibility. In those areas that I thought was very very, promising. Now last week the, US Agriculture, secretary said the Canadian government offered to allow in more surplus, US dairy imports as a part of national renegotiations. Mr. speaker we need a clear answer will the Minister of Agriculture stand, in this house today drop, the talking points and stop making concessions, at our supply manage sectors yes, or no. From. This hotel girls, our government, strongly supports, and is fully committed, to maintaining the. Supply management system, the, Prime Minister has indicated this clearly I have, cabinet. Minister caucus, and our. Negotiator, something after table have also indicated this very clearly mr., speaker it's important to know this is the party the thought to it to implement, Supply Management, and I can assure my honorable colleague, this is the government, that would defend supply.

November. For scientist and baguette. Mr.. Speaker quebec's. Dairy farmers, are calling for no more concessions, on supply management, dairy. Has been used as a bargaining chip in trade talks long, enough, for. The NDP it's clear there should be no more concessions, at, the expense of Quebec farmers, the. Government, must stand. Firm, not. Flexible. And fully. Protect, supply, management, in the. NAFTA, renegotiations. My, question is simple, will. They do it. No. No a minister, of international development. Thank. You mr. speaker our government, is firmly, committed, to protecting supply. Management, the. Prime Minister the, Foreign Affairs Minister the Agriculture, Minister, our. Whole party. Believes. In supply, management and we are committed, to protecting it. No. No member for Sackville, and president Chester cook Thank, You mr. speaker, we know that. Plastic. Pollution is, a growing, threat to. Our oceans, and ocean, life all, across, Canada, the health of our oceans and. Seas. Plays. A, crucial, role in the livelihoods. Of many shoreline. Communities. Including. Their jobs in. Order to support, economic prosperity. For all we need to protect our, ocean. Environment, can, the, parliamentary, secretary to the Minister for the environment explained, to us how. Canada. Intends, to play. A role, in reducing, plastics, pollution, here in Canada, the Honorable parliamentary, secretary. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to thank the member for Sackville. Preston, chesa cook for his question. Canada. Is determined, to protect our environment and preserve our waterways. So. That Canadians, continue. To enjoy, our oceans, lakes and rivers that's. Why I'm proud to confirm, that Canada. Under. The Charlevoix, action plan for. Ocean, health has. Committed. To taking steps to improve our. Recycling, systems, in, order to clean, up our waterways and create good jobs for, Canadians, now, November for salable Oh sh ow mr.. Speaker on Friday I went with my leader to say about now they're like all we, saw that there were some lovely, facilities. That continued to accommodate, more illegals, and a transportation, system to deliver those illegals to the community, of their choosing instead. Of trying to resolve, the crisis at the border we see the government's just trying to manage it long term with no end in sight, does the minister think Canada, should have a two-tier, immigration. System and does he plan to renegotiate. The safe third country agreement, down low Minister of Transport mr., speaker of course, our immigration. Minister is currently. In. Discussion. With his American. Counterpart, around. The third safe. Country agreement. But. The. Official. Opposition. Finally. Visited, like all last, week and we're glad they did so and I'm. Glad, that he was able to see that what the RCMP, and Border, Services, officers. Were doing there. Exhibited. A high, level of professionalism so, we're very glad that he finally realized, that they, were a member for shall abou holds a child I'd.

Like To thank the Transport. Minister for answering my question to, the other minister but, yes we, saw that the work was being done well and I'm very proud of those people but. There's. A huge, gaping. Hole, in, our border, and that's, what has to change can the. Creation minister tell us whether he is currently renegotiating. The safe third-country agreement, in order to alleviate. That problem the Honorable Minister of the immigration. We. Are determined, to protect Canadian. Safety and to, protect, our immigration. System to. Keep it well managed and to. Keep our international, commitments, the, member opposite, visited, local a chance. To see the professionalism. Of our frontline staff, maybe. He also got a chance to thank them for the great work that they're doing at. The port of entry in addition, to that I hope he explained, to them the reason, why he, and his party chose. To cut 390. Million dollars from CBSA through, the jeopardizing, border security operations. Member. For, durham mr.. Speaker today were debating Iran and its destabilizing influence. In, the world the Iranian, regime has, been involved in the deaths of thousands, of people including. Canadian citizens, they've, been funding terror groups across the Middle East including Hamas, which, have been active recently in Gaza and last, week Iran's supreme, leader openly. Called for, genocide against the Jewish people my. Question it is simple mr. speaker, why does this government seek to warm relations, which, with a regime that can only be described, as tyrannical. Mr.. Speaker let me be very clear our government will always defend human rights and hold Iran to account for its actions the focus of any discussions, we have with the government of Iran will, be on ensuring, the return of Miriam, Ambani that. She's able to return safely to Canada and on demanding, answers in the death of Professor Saeed, Amami let me be clear our government, is committed to holding Iran to its account account holding. Iran to account for violations, of human, and democratic rights that's why Canada led a resolution, at the United Nations in November calling, on Iran to comply with, its international human, rights obligations. Well member for Durham well, mr. speaker it sounds like the government will be supporting, our motion, this, is contrary, to their expansion. Of Canadian presence in Iran it's, contrary, to their desire to sell aircraft, to Iran it's contrary, to one of their own members hosting, delegations, from Iran in Canada. Will, the minister commit to supporting our motion, and ceasing. All dealings. With the Iranian regime. Mr.. Speaker let me be clear we, deeply oppose Iran's support for terrorist organizations its. Threats towards Israel its ballistic missile program and, its support for the murderous Assad regime, in Syria as, my, colleague, just said the focus of any discussions, with the government of Iran will, be on ensuring, the safe return of Maryam. Mom bany and of asking questions in the suspicious, death of her husband professor cited Amami in November. Canada led a UN resolution calling. On Iran to comply with its human rights obligations we. Will always hold Iran to account for its actions. Drumming. Now a member for Drummond, mr.. Speaker at the g7 the, plastics, charter the Prime Minister signed was a disappointment, to virtually, everyone, the, Prime Minister didn't even mention, any, strategies, to reduce plastic, use or to ban single-use. Plastic, Canadians. Are calling for concrete, steps and laws to, reduce plastic, use and protect, our oceans, immediately. Will. The, Prime Minister undertake, to, work with the provinces, municipalities. And indigenous, communities to. Establish a national. Strategy, on plastic. Pollution. The. Honorable parliamentary, secretary. Plastic. Pollution is, a, growing. Issue. In Canada and in the world we. Can, reduce the amount of single-use. Plastic. And we will in government. Increase. Recycling, rates and. Avoid. Over, packaging. We're. Working on these issues. Alberni. Mr.. Speaker this week Canada, signed a so-called ocean plastics, charter at the g7 the. Left Canadians, disappointed. Canadians, were expecting, an action, plan with strategies, and clear targets, but instead we got a non-binding, vague, outline, that misses the mark entirely, NW. Canada, the UK Vancouver. And Seattle have all taken leadership to, eliminate single-use, plastics, but the Liberals still lack the courage it takes to, solve the plastics problem here at home whereas, the Prime Minister's commitment to a real effective.

And Bold national, strategy, to combat plastic. Pollution. Pollution. Is clearly a growing problem in Canada and around the world we are looking at the best ways to lead by example reducing. Plastic use within government, increasing, how much plastic can be recycled or reused avoiding. Purchasing products that come in - on recyclable plaque to suppress packaging. We, recognize, the important work being done by municipalities. And provinces, businesses. And we are looking to work with them to develop an effective national strategy, it's an important, that we actually are working with others who have been doing work in this area to ensure that it is an effective and thoughtful national strategy. Prince. Edward Island Montreal, st. John's Victoria, all of steps step, forward and we will work with them actively honourable. Member for Thornhill, Mr, Speaker thousands, of young Canadians, have been denied summer jobs because, the groups that would have hired them refused. To bow to the Prime Minister's imposed, values, test now, one group that did tip the PM's attestation, box is the, Islamic, humanitarian. Service at the, annual alkyds, Iranian, hate fest at the Ontario legislature. Sheikh, Chevys Hooda, of this same organization, called. For genocide. The, eradication, of Israelis, mr., speaker the minister claimed the Liberals imposed, vow imposed. Values, would, protect, race what. Does she say today. Mr., speaker government's, very proud of the fact that it's our government that doubled, the Canada summer jobs program. Since. We've taken office we'll have that opportunity to get good call. Quality summer jobs now, all organizations. That are approved through the Canada summer jobs program must adhere. To the terms and conditions of the program if in fact a program does not adhere to those terms and conditions it's not eligible for the reimbursement of that student's salary I encourage, the member to bring those concerns forward to the department thank you.

Member. For. Benjimantv. Mr.. Speaker yesterday. At, an illegal and hateful rally, in Toronto, Sheik's Shafiq Hooda of the Islamic, humanitarian, service used, violent, hate speech calling, for the eradication, of Israelis, and a, complaint was made to the police it. Turns out this organization, received, funding, from the Liberal government through, the summer jobs program, in. The government House leaders own writing, and yet. Promoting, genocide, is clearly, criminal, mr., speaker how, and, why was, this approved. Mr.. Speaker all applicants. The Canada summer jobs program. Must submit an application that's, thoroughly vetted by the Department. Students. In a way that would fundamentally work, to undermine the rights of Canadians, that's, why any organization. That receives these monies and uses, them in a way that doesn't adhere to the terms and conditions will not receive reimbursement, for that summer student I encouraged, a member to bring the name forward to the department thank you, order. The. Honourable member for a Lakeland mr.. Speaker last week a small historic, sawmill Museum in Nova Scotia said, it would close its doors indefinitely, because, it was denied funding from the Canada summer jobs program, for the past decade the museum used fun stop by our students. For daily tours but this year they refused to sign the Liberals values tests the Liberals are forcing, Canadians, to say their values, are the prime minister's values and imposing. Fiscal consequences if, they don't how. Can the Prime Minister justifies. Stopping, funding, for a non-profit, non-religious. Museum and killing. Summer, jobs for students, in Nova Scotia because, of his values test. We. Proud of this government, that put young employment. And the goals, of ensuring, that young students, get that job experience, at the front and foremost of our plan to ensure that, young, people have that success in the workplace now. We've helped hundreds, of faith-based groups.

Not-for-profits. Businesses, and public sector groups hire students, we will meet our target of 70,000 students again this year while the Conservative, Party continues, to engage in a campaign, of misinformation and, fear. Horrible. Member for Brampton north mr.. Speaker last fall the national inquiry on missing and murdered indigenous women and. Girls released its interim report one, of the recommendations. That included, called for the creation of a living legacy through, the commemoration, for, the women and girls and two-spirited, people who have lost their lives can, the minister of status of women please, tell this house what actions our government is taking in order, to honor the legacy of missing, and murdered indigenous women and girls I. Thank. My colleague for her effective, advocacy on the on behalf of the people of Brampton North in. Response, to the Commission's interim, report, our government, announced, a commemoration, fund, worth, 10 million dollars, over the next two years for national. Regional, and local indigenous, groups. And women's. Organizations. To, honor the lives and the legacies, of our stolen sisters, our. Government, remains committed to. Advancing, reconciliation. And ending, the national, tragedy, of missing, and murdered indigenous women, and girls. For. Calgary nose Hill last. Week in Uganda, I met many LGBTI. Refugees, they, told me about the incredible, discrimination. And persecution they, face even, from the UNHCR. Yet, this Prime Minister has refused, to make the rainbow refugee assistance program, permanent, has significantly, reduced the ratio of LGBTI, refugees, that Canada accepts, and refuses. To press the UN for improvement, reforms, to LGBTI, protection. In its from settlement programs will, the Prime Minister make the rainbow wrap program, permanent. This. Government has had with respect, to promoting LGBTQ. Rights both domestically. And abroad we, work with the UNHCR, and private sponsors, to identify, the most vulnerable refugees, including, members, of the LGBTQ, community we have funded the rainbow, refugee, society for two years we've. Worked very closely with them on identification, of those cases the. The fact of the matter is our record speaks, for itself the record of the Conservative Party is a party that. Was. Caught removing, LGBTQ. Rights from the citizen guide was, after an approach that he put it back in. The. Largest non-us. Destination. For Canadian, military exports, but, how many exports. Were sent to the US well we don't know because, the Canadian. Government, doesn't track or regulate, these exports, today, we are voting on c-47. Which does not address this, massive, loophole, but, the expert and print 23,000. Citizens, who recently, signed a petition say. This, must, be fixed before any, taxes, to the Arms Trade Treaty so. Will the government work, with the experts, and fix. That bill. Mr.. Song opposed mr., speaker I've had the opportunity to, get up in this house many times and talk about how proud our government is to, see Bill c-47. Move through Parliament, so Canada can accede to the ATT, Creedy here's, what c-47, will allow Canada, to do it will allow Canada, to set an example for countries that don't have effective armed controls it will enshrine international. Human rights law and gender-based, violence, in law, as criteria, for arms exports, it will control arms, brokering, it will allow candidate, to do all of that and the NDP voted, against, it all as well. Honourable. Member, for Malpeque. Mr.. Speaker young entrepreneurs. From across Canada. In Ottawa today. To. Receive. Mentorship. And to learn from business leaders, I'm, so pleased that one of those young entrepreneurs, is Colton. Hanrahan, from my riding he's aggressive and he wants to build for the future with. The minister. Of small. Business, and tourism be, so kind as to tell the house what, the government, has in mind to give this young the. The, opportunities. To build a more prosperous Canada. Mr.. Speaker 25. Years from across our country our here in the nation's capital for, youth can do it with the support of the Business Development Bank, of Canada, and future preneur we're, helping canada's young entrepreneurs, get the mentorship skills. Development, as, well as the startup financing, they need to bring their ideas to market budget. 2017. Provided, 14 million dollars to future preneur so they can help even more young entrepreneurs, almost, half of whom are women mr., speaker I'd like to thank my colleague from OPEC, for his continued support of young entrepreneurs including. The shoutout to Colton of. His writing founder, of golden, custom, clothing thank, you is just the Honourable, member.

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