Question Period: Trans Mountain pipeline purchase sparks heated debate - May 29th, 2018

Question Period: Trans Mountain pipeline purchase sparks heated debate - May 29th, 2018

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Pets. Jawsaw, hal oral, questions, the Honorable, leader of the Opposition, mr.. Speaker, this is an extremely sad, day for Canadian, taxpayers, the, Prime Minister is forcing, them to fix his, failure, on, Canada's, energy, sector it didn't, have to be this way Kinder, Morgan was never asking, for a handout, all, they wanted was a clear, path to. Get this project built, which is what this Prime Minister has failed to do and, now taxpayers. On the hook for their, mess can the Prime Minister give us a guarantee that these costs, will exceed no more than 4.5, billion dollars. The. Sheer audacity of, the member. Order. Order. Order. Order. Order ID. Order. Members, know, that we have to be careful, net not do interactive attempt to directly solid avoid using. The word, that it creates for a name at the same time and to, not use the name of the remember. So. Might ask the Minister of Finance to try to avoid that. Mr.. Speaker the audacity of, the member to. Talk about not. Getting. A pipeline, to market which is what he and his party. When. We have. The. Decision, to, put the project in the national, interest, forward, so that we can create the economic advantage. That we're seeking the, economic, advantage, for Canada, with fifteen billion dollars of advantage to our economy fifteen, thousand jobs we, mr. speaker are moving forward in the national interest for Canadians. The. 2015, election, pipelines. In this country were built without taxpayers. Money. They. Were completed. A cent, of taxpayers, dollars, the only thing that has changed between then and now is, that we have a Liberal government why is it that every time elements. Of our energy, sector gets, nationalized, as when there's a Trudeau in the Prime Minister's. We're. Not making it easy for me. The. Same for the plies never should have oeid referring. Someone who don't, remember by name that, certainly interpreted, that way not, a Minister of Finance ordered. Speaker. Let's evaluate what, the member opposite just said in, the decade, before 2015. Not, one, pipeline. The project, is, going to ensure that, we create an, advantage for Canadians an economic, advantage that goes along with our overall client to assure that the environment, and the economy go, hand in hand this, is in our national interest it's, creating, jobs in, Alberta, British Columbia, and across our country, horrible. Leader of the Opposition let's talk about where, the advantage on this deal is going mr. speaker this Prime Minister is now cutting, a check of taxpayers, money four, point five billion dollars going to shareholders.

In A texas-based company now. This is an addition to the hundreds of billions of dollars that have already. Left. So. The panacea claims he wants to attract, investment. Into Canada how much of the 4.5, billion dollars that's being sent to Kinder Morgan will be spent and invested in, Canada. With no business experience I, understand, the member opposite. Order. Porter. Hill, will please come to order. Order. Numbers. Will know that it's possible. Without. Strict, about breaking, the strict rules to say things that cause disorder, and I would ask members to be cautious from what they say in order to try to avoid creating. Disorder, the Ottawa Minister of Finance has before. We, are making an investment in Canada's future. About. Money, into, the assets, of the trans mount pipeline, and the expansion. We're. Creating jobs 9,000. Jobs in British Columbia jobs, across the country they're gonna make a real difference for Canadian families, same time, up. To 15, billion dollars to our economy and. The. Honourable member for Richmond Athabasca. Mr, Speaker it's not the Liberals who were supposed to be creating job it's the private businesses, who. Create jobs. They. Let, the, trans motion project deteriorate. For months and now they're announcing that they're going to buy a pipeline, with taxpayers, money and we're, still tender, Morgan never, asked, for a handout, and they, never asked, to be bought the. Prime Minister, has once again failed, and so, my, question is, simple, how, much will this madness, cost to Canadian, taxpayers. Accountable, Minister finance. Mr.. Speaker we. Know that, the trans Mountain project, is very important, to, the Canadian, economy it's. In the national, interest and that, is why we. Have, invested. In this project to. Assure that there will be jobs. 15,000. Jobs, in, Alberta and British Columbia as. Well. As an improvement in our national economy the. Honourable member for, Richmond, Arthur Bouska mr.. Speaker, when. We see how the government and, the Minister of Finance manages. Public, finance, well. We, should be worried, because there have been deficits. Year after year and now the Liberals have decided to play. Construction. Expert, pipeline. Construction expert, with, taxpayers, money that's, absolutely, unacceptable. And, that's another failure on the part of the Minister of Finance the Prime Minister, and the government, so, my question is simple, how, much. Will. Canadian taxpayers. Pay. For this madness, the. Honourable Minister finance. Because. You go mr. speaker, we. Decided. That. It, is very important, to invest in the trans Mountain project and we know that with the 4.5, billion dollar investment we. Will be able to protect. The value of the project and add value, to the, Canadian, economy this. Is a project that is in our national interest, and. We. Will have an even greater. Economy. With this investment, the, Honourable member for Rimouski, Nisha timmy squat alabaster. Mr.. Speaker. The, government, is going to spend, 4.5. Billion dollars. Taxpayers. Money and they will take on all the risk and this is a government, that had committed to eliminating oil. And gas subsidies. Why. Are the government's, investing. So, much in, oil, and gas and so little in alternative, energy the Honorable Minister finance to, be very clear we found a fair price for the assets of transit. In. This what. We're doing is trying to ensure that we can move forward in an economically. Prudent way to, protect jobs, economic.

Advantage. We're. Going to continue to work to ensure that our natural resources, can be brought to international, markets. Remind. Remember. For beaucoup. De beaupré Charlevoix that, they are not to, speak up when someone and has, the floor and they are not to cry out during. These proceedings the Honourable member for a mosquito jet semi squat le Basque mr., speaker what's clear, is that we're the ones who talk about energy, in the environment they're, the ones who who. Don't they're, going to be investing. 4.8. Billion dollars, in a pipeline there. Were only three billion dollars. In clean. Energy. Mr.. Speaker. We. Have a, serious. Problem with climate, change and if they took this seriously they wouldn't invest in a pipeline they would be investing in clean energy why. Are the Liberals so, interested, in investing, in fossil fuels you know. Mr.. Speaker, we. Continue. With, our approach to. Invest, in our future we, know that the environment and the economy go. Hand in hand, that is very important, we, have made investments, in clean energy, but. At the same time we, know that it is necessary, to, invest, in this project to ensure that we will be able to protect, the benefits to our economy. For the future perforce. Tina Buckley Valley hey. Anyone, want to buy a 65. Year old leaky, pipeline no, wait, it's located next to schools, and, parks and literally, crosses, hundreds, of rivers well the Liberals do and, they somehow decided, that paying four and a half billion, dollars to buy an old, pipeline. And, not tell us how much it's going to cost to, build some illusionary, new pipeline, is somehow a good quote investment. When did liberals actually decide that traveling, over the rights of indigenous peoples, and putting, our coasts further at risk was somehow in the public interest. We. Approved this pipeline federally. Back in November 2016. After robust, environmental, assessment, the BC. Pipeline. We, know that in this country to, get investments. Made we need to have the rule of law we cannot have a situation where. Provinces. Delay, create uncertainty and make, it such that investors, don't actually want to invest in our country we're, moving forward to ensure this project, moves forward we, know that eventually you can move the private sector which is what we will aspire to do following. This decision today, remember. For Serena Buckley Valley three. Point two billion dollars to provide safe, drinking water for every, kid living on reserve in this country four point five billion, dollars to buy a sixty. Five-year-old pipeline. You have to ask yourself what kind of priorities, do these liberals actually, have. These. Liberals can't find a shovel big enough to pitch in, it won't stop First Nations in court and it won't stop people in the street so when exactly did liberals decide to Trump First Nations rights in title and protecting, our coast all in favor of some Texas oil company they want to help.

We. Think that it's critically, important, that we ensure, in. A project that's in federal aid we can. Move forward. We've decided, to purchase these assets, because we know this is the way to. Ensure that this project, actually happens, and then we deal with the squabbles, between provinces. Forward. This. Project, so that we can ensure that the economic, advantages that we're seeking are, achieved for Canadians. The. Honourable, member for Lakeland mr., speaker today the Liberals bought Kinder Morgan out of Canada it's a loss of nearly eight billion dollars that will be invested, in other countries, and 4.5 billion is just the beginning of cost to taxpayers for, a year and a half the Liberals failed to assert, federal jurisdiction, and to enforce, the rule of law today, the, Liberals are forcing, Canadians, to pay for their failures, trans, mountains opponents, they'll keep fighting to, stop it and kill pipelines in Canada it's a catastrophic, indictment. On the Prime Minister while, he finally admit that today's, announcement is, really Kinder Morgan divesting, from Canada and. What, today's announcement. Is about. Decision. To step and. Ensure that we can actually get a project, in the national, interest, done in this country we know that the previous government was, just unable to do that so we've stepped on with an approach to make sure that happens by, de-risking. Project, it's in the national interest we know mr. speaker will create 15,000. Jobs we, know will create significant. Advantage, for our economy that's, why we're moving forward to make sure that this project happens. The. Honourable, member for. Lakeland but mr. speaker the reality is more than a hundred billion dollars, in energy investment, has left and hundreds, of thousands, of Canadians have lost their jobs under these Liberals meanwhile, oil and gas is thriving around, the world especially in the u.s. Canada's. Biggest competitor. The Prime Minister is destroying, future, private sector energy opportunities, driving. Investment, out of Canada into other countries and sacrificing. Canada's, best, interests, now that the Liberals have chased away yet another private sector energy investor, how can Canadians possibly, trust them to rebuild confidence, in Canada. Mr., speaker member office is entitled, to your opinions, but not to her own facts the, facts are that we've created. 600,000. Jobs in the last couple of years in this country. Canadians, are doing significantly, better because the policies, of this government we. Know that we now need to move forward on a project that, is advantageous, for, the country but also for Alberta and British Columbia and standing, up for this project what, we're doing is ensuring that we will get a fair price for our resources and we're doing it in a way that is respecting, our approach to ensuring. The environment, is productive while we get proper, prices for our resources. Honourable. Member for Edmonton River Bend not. Long ago Kinder, Morgan our private company was a proud owner of a pipeline with plans to expand, today, Kinder, Morgan is the best against Canadian assets, the taxpayer for 4.5. Billion, dollars the, Liberals have screwed this deal up so badly that the only solution is to throw billions of taxpayer, dollars at, the project, and they still haven't told us what it will actually cost to build the expansion, mr., speaker will the finance minister telecom, Canadians the total cost of this. Not. That long ago about two and a half years ago this, country had a government that was unable to get things done what. We've shown with our government, is that when we, find obstacles, when we find issues around the racial jurisdiction that the federal government is willing to step forward in, the national, interest to make things, happen we've, decided that a four point five billion dollar investment of fair value for these assets is the right approach for us to make sure this happens and we will work towards, looking for a private-sector solution as we D risk the project, the.

Honourable. Member, order, the. Order order. Order. The. Honourable member for Calgary nose Hill mr., speaker two point five years ago this country saw pipelines, being built without a cent, of taxpayer. Mr.. Speaker Kinder Morgan was prepared, to invest billions into, the Canadian economy and that is gone because the Prime Minister politically. Destabilized. The investment, climate in Canada, we have no idea how much this pipeline is going to cost a bill or how it's going to be built by a man who hasn't successfully. Managed to do much, of anything why, should the, Canadians, pay for his failures. Remember. For gone Valley east and others not to be speaking up with someone else how's the floor. Mr, Speaker we need, to call fiction, when fiction happens. We. Accept, a lower price for our natural resources, in this country. There's. A problem with the. Interpretation. Now working, is the function, now, it is now working excuse, me. Order. Order. I'm gonna have to ask you a little minister to restart. Mr.. Speaker I was talking about a fictional story. One. Pipeline. Reason. For the discount on Canadian, resources, is because of a lack of access to international, markets it's why the trans mountain expansion, is so important, it's why we're moving forward to invest in those assets, it's why we're doing the project, to make sure it gets done for, Canadians. The. Honourable, member for Chilliwack hope these. Liberals, cancelled, the Northern Gateway pipeline. They differed, on the Keystone XL, pipeline they. Killed the energy, East pipeline they, talked down our world-class energy regulator and have told audiences, both foreign, and domestic that they want to phase out the energy sector and the jobs that go with it they bought the Trans Mountain project, so badly that they've turned a multi-billion. Dollar private-sector. Investment into. A multi-billion. Dollar bill, for Canadian taxpayers, why see Canadians, be forced to pay billions, to Kinder Morgan to cover for this Prime Minister's embarrassing. Minutes. Order, the, Honorable, Minister of Finance we. Are buying assets. Value. These. Assets, of course will enable us to ensure that we get this pipeline expansion, built we, know that this is important, for Canadians, we know that's important for Canadians from the members part, of the country because we're gonna create jobs where. Else are going to create economic wealth. For our entire president, mr. speaker when. We're working the national interest we are going to move forward with an approach that absolutely, deals with uncertainties, so that we can get this back into the private sector, member. For Chilliwack hope buying. Assets. Mr. speaker there, nationalizing. A private, pipeline. Yesterday. There, were protesters, willing to stop this project yesterday. The, BC government was in court fighting, against, this pipeline, yesterday. There, were there. Were Liberal. MPs, Liberal. MPs, from BC, opposed, to this project, today, nothing, has changed except taxpayers, our 4.5. Billion, dollars poorer, while nationalizing. The pipeline, actually get liberal members of parliament, from BC to back it. The. Members opposite, have been complaining, that the, trans mountain, pipeline, expansion was not happening today, we announced we are moving forward to ensure the, expansion, of the trans mountain, pipeline, so, what, have we got are they upset that we're gonna be able to get our resources to international, markets you create value for Canadians. Mr.. Speaker it's one two or perhaps both but, it doesn't matter because our resolve, is to get this project done because, it's in Canada's best interests. You. Gotta have the, Honourable, member for John yeah mr.. Speaker the. Auditor General was, clear, the implementation, and management of, the Phoenix pay system has, been an incomprehensible failure. Those, in charge preferred, to keep to their budget and their deadlines rather than implementing, a system that worked, there. Were warnings, coming from everywhere, but. They. Were ignored by, those in charge the, result. Once. Again, workers. Who, are still suffering the fallout, of this, disaster. When. Will this government, launch a public inquiry, so, that we can finally know what, actually happened. It's. The Honourable Minister of Public Services. Mr. Speaker I would like to thank the Auditor General, for, his report we accept his Rapporteur we accept his recommendations. Today's. Report reminds, Canadians. The. Reality. Of those, 10 years under the, Conservative, government.

This. Has been one of the most studied systems in the government in the history of Canada and after, considering, Phoenix the Auditor General, published, two reports, and the, government, also asked. For third-party. Reports. It has also been a subject of study on the part of a parliamentary. Committee we. Know, that. This was a failure on the part of the Conservative, government. Oh. Mr.. Speaker I'm not sure you can get any clearer, than the auditor-general it's called the Phoenix Fiasco, an incomprehensible, failure. Of project, management and oversight there, was no, oversight. In the decision, to implement Phoenix, by these liberals, even, though they knew it had significant. Problems executives. Were more focused on meeting the budget and the timeline than actually, delivering, a working, paying system, following. The devastating reportable, the government finally, compensate. All workers. And implement. A public inquiry to ensure that this never happens. Again. We. Are accepting, all of his recommendations. Mr., speaker this is one of the most studied. Government. Projects, in the history of the Government of Canada we have - we called in the Auditor General and had two reports commission formed. By the government of Jonah's third-party reports we know very clear what happened mr. speaker the former government treated this. They set this project, up to. Publicly. Warder. Order. Remind, members. Clothing. Remember remember, for a Calgary Signal, Hill remember, for abbotsford, number four carry some just go to the time to speak it's when they have the floor he did earlier on that have the, Honourable, member for Louisiana Hall. Mr.. Speaker the Liberals record, on energy, is catastrophic. Since. They've been in power, we've. Lost a hundred and twenty five thousand jobs in the energy sector and more than sixty billion dollars in investment and what's their miracle, band-aid, solution, to, go and get money out of the pockets of taxpayers and. Give. It to a texas-based oil company, four, point, five billion dollars. So. My question is for the Minister of Finance what's. The point in having expert, experience from Bay Street if you make such bad decisions. Bible. Minister, finance. Mr.. Speaker. There's. Always, a. Benefit, to having experience, and what we would say is that. We. Had a not very good experience, at all with the Conservative, government actually, they did nothing, that was their experience we, have decided that it is very important, to. Have, the strength and the courage to invest, in a project that is in the national, interest we. Must make, that investment now, and in, that way we. Will be able to engage, the private sector, in the future with a working, project and a project that is working to the benefit of all Canadians. The. Honourable member for Louisa Aloha, well that's quite unbelievable. Four point five billion dollars, in taxpayers money for.

A Texas-based, company. But. That is the reality of this Liberal, government. What. Is the, Liberal government's, record well since, they've been in power. American. Investment, has dropped by 50 percent in Canada but, Canadian. Vestment in the States is increased by 66%. Really. Seriously. How can they miss Minister, finance say that he himself and his expert an expert in finance. Minister, of Finance. Mr.. Speaker here, are the facts in. 2017. There. Was an increase in investment, in Canada. Of eight percent that is the fact, and we, know that, it is very important. To have a resource, sector, that, will work for us in the future and that is why we have decided to invest in the trans Mountain project, it's, very important, for the future of Canadians, and so, that our economy can, benefit, from that 15 billion dollars every year and so that Canadians, who live in British, Columbia and Alberta and, throughout the country can benefit from the project Burford. Carleton, let's. Be clear about one thing this. 4.5. Billion, dollar, handout. Of taxpayers. Money will. Not build one. Inch. Of, new. Pipeline. In, fact every. Penny will, go into the pot into the pockets, of a Texas, oil company, which, it will then take to build pipelines, outside. Of Canada in, competition. With our industry, should. We go from that company wanted to invest 7, billion dollars in Canada, to. Sending 4 billion dollars of, taxpayers. Money out of this country. We're buying. Mr.. Speaker we are buying the, assets, of, Kinder. Morgan the trans Mountain the pipeline, assets, that's currently there and the, opportunity, to expand, that pipeline these, assets, create, values, so we are buying assets that create value what. We're going to do is create more value by, assuring that the project, gets done these. Advantages, are going to help our, sector, or natural resources, sector they're also going to help our broader economy and create, jobs across. The country we, know it's the right thing to do we'll get this project done the, Honourable member for Carlton, did. Is spend, over four billion dollars, on a pipeline, that Canadians, have had for. Over 60. Years we. Get absolutely, nothing new with this except a lot, of financial risk, and 7 billion dollars that was going to be invested, by a private, sector company has now vanished, into, thin air so very simple question how, much will it cost taxpayers to, actually, build the expansion. Or is. This all just a pipe dream. Fundamental. To what we are doing is actually buying, assets so those assets, were owned by someone else so that we can actually make sure this project happens, of course we want to make sure that, we get the appropriate value. For Canadians, so, there is commercially, sensitive information, but as we look towards, how we might, move this project into, the private, sector that we need to recognize, as commercially, sensitive Canadians. Will have a full understanding and, transparency. Of this project, and what it will do is, create advantages, for our economy, and for jobs. Across, the country Thank, You mr. speaker. The. Honourable, member for Windsor West Mr. Speaker we now have reports of two kefka's largest, banks saying hackers, have breached the private information, of up to 90,000. Canadian, consumers this, is just months after the data breaches, at uber, Equifax. And Bell Canada affecting, tens of thousands of Canadians, and their private information the. European, Union took action implanted new data protection, this last week and what did this Liberal government -. Absolutely. Nothing, in fact mr. speaker with. This the government has not even follow-through with basic, recommendations. When, will they actually take action to protect Canadian, consumers with a digital Bill of Rights to stop letting these companies. Mr.. Speaker, the member for wal knows that we brought changes, to the regulations, to update, Peppa Peppa is the personal, information protection and. Electronic, documents, Act and these, regulations these, changes are very important, because of there's any private. Entity a bank or otherwise, if there's any lost or stolen data, they, must report that immediately to the individual, and the Privacy Commissioner. Failure. To do so will lead to infraction, fine of, $100,000. Speaker her data breach that's, a significant. Cost per, data breach and that's an important signal were sending to protect the privacy of Canadians, AB deputy that wives yeah yeah number, 420. Via mr., speaker in, the, absence of a real charter of air passengers, rights an American. Firm has. Told. Us that Canadian, travelers, are being policed to the tune of 65 million dollars a year now. The government's, strategy is well known when the Minister of Transport, is unable to make a decision he, calls for consultations. But. We can't we have an example, in the European Charter. And the, minister. Has already taken a position by refusing amendments, in the house and in the Senate mr. speaker, does, the minister think you can take passengers, for a ride.

The. Minister mr. speaker. Canadians. Know that when they buy a plane, ticket they, have a right to a certain level of treatment and this. Is why we intend, to create. A regime for. Passengers. Rights. But. We're also going. To consult Canadians. There. Are 13 million people a year who take the plane and, our. Department, has initiated. The process as of yesterday today, Dean's, elected our government, in part because of our commitment, to help strengthen and grow our economy to, help the middle class and to create well-paying jobs. For. Can, the Minister, of Finance share, with this house how today's, decision, to purchase the transmen pipeline. The. Honorable Minister Alphen an order. Mr.. Speaker it's, great that we have at least one, Alberta, Member of Parliament who's, supporting, Albert. And. Center. Order. Remember. For Carlton, will come to order there's, far too much noise in the house members, and I are having trouble hearing, the questions, and the answers especially the answers members. Will come to order. Order. And. They. Have the kadai the best chess is it. Shot. C-section, on TV mr. speaker, like, T liberal Prime Minister the Minister of International Development says that, illegal. Migrants. Are welcome, but. This is unjust for businesses, and legal immigrants, who have been waiting for years, to work legally in my writing in places like census Dienstag turkey center also, they. Want legal, immigrants. When. Will the, government, stop. This illegal, flow of. Migrants at the at the border the Minister of Transport mr. speaker I'd like to put a question to, the. Conservatives, to the Harper Conservatives because. Yesterday. The. Member for Milton mentioned. That. 600. Illegal. Migrants. Crossed the border and I'd like to know where. They got this information because. I don't have the same figures, and, yet. The. Honourable. Member, for Milton, mentioned. 600. People last weeks. Now. It's we're. Not allowed to repeat. Fall so it's in this house so where did he get this figure of 600, people you, know the Honourable member for the. Trust a system led. Mr.. Speaker, it's simple. There. Are, there. Are we, have legal immigrants. And. Yet the government keeps talking about cutting. The. Budget, of the Canadian. Border. Services Agency, by. 300, and 2.6 million dollars, and cutting. The budget, of enforcement, agents, by. 30 million dollars. If the Prime Minister is, serious, when will he stop, this. Illegal. Flow of migrants, at. The Honorable Minister, well, the, Harper, Conservatives cut. Into. This. Area, by, millions, of dollars, and. I've. Heard enough I think from one, of the honourable members, if. You. Continue, yelling, people. Cannot hear answers the Honourable Minister of Transport, mr. speaker. We're. Continuing. To work in cooperation with. The provinces, of the United, States. To. Plane. To plan. For. This for. These issues. We. Will be discussing, irregular. Migrants. Now the Conservatives. Are continuing, to fear monger but we are taking concrete, action to deal with the situation, the. Honourable member from ego-t clear hub. Mr.. Speaker. The LA bolsa may explode the speeches, but when it comes to Supply Management, there's. A problem and. There's. A problem in, there in.

Renegotiating. NAFTA. Now. The. Prime, Minister is supposed, to be the defender, of our dairy producers. What. Part of the, supply. Management. To see intent, to concede, to Americans. Within the NAFTA, renegotiation. The. Government, supports, and is committed, to maintaining supply, management. Has been a clear position through. The NAFTA negotiation. And every member of our government fully supports the prime minister and this government's, policy, this. Is the opposition, to the Conservative, Party whose innovation, critic appointed. By the leader of the Opposition, is supposed, to survive manager. Order. Please. Long. Happy honourable. Member for my co-teacher, mr.. Speaker. Who. Did the Prime Minister hire. To advise him on this, issue simoom Bush Imam who is an ardent adversary, of supply management. His. Vision. Brooks no argument, for him supply management is regressive. Our. Leader and, the Official Opposition are, clear no new concessions, to the Americans, can administer about agriculture. Say that. We will not concede, one, litre of milk one. Egg one. Chicken more to the Americans. The. Honorable carnet order. The. Honorable problem is secretary, for canada-us, relations, order. Now. See mr. Dupre Thank, You mr. speaker, and. To. Be clear we will always defend, Supply Management. There. Are certain, members of the official opposition, including, the member for both our who. May be against, supply management but. The. Adazi honorable number may go take a table to listen to the answer. Thank. You mr. speaker our position, on this issue is clear we've. Always defended. This system, and we will do so on each and every opportunity, opportunity, including. The nafta, negotiations. You very, much mr. speaker CP, rail workers can go on strike legally, as, soon as tonight and those, workers like all Canadian, workers have the right to free and fair collective, bargaining knowing all the minister's addressed this issue before, in the house but she has not clearly stated that her government will not use back to work legislation to. Unilaterally end the strike so, I'm giving her that opportunity, now and, asking. If she'll commit to those workers today, on the record that she will not use back to work legislation to. End the strike. Today. The parties continue, to negotiate at the deal at the table to get a deal I've spoken with the employer I've spoken with both labor, unions. And they continue, to have those conversations we're, there the federal mediation services, with them and we encourage them to continue to work towards a deal Thank You deputy. The best team asking the, member for Becky McKinnell is a mr. speaker we. Learned that one of the PM's, close advisers, has. Already fought to abolish, supply management this advisor is today playing a very important, role in the enough. To negotiations. This. Is really. Frightening. It sounds, positively. Conservative. The. Government, says it wants to defend a protect Supply Management. But hires people, who want to abolish. It. Now. I have a question, can. They confirm can, the government confirm. That. They will defend our, Supply Management System, the. Honorable parliamentary, secretary, mr. speaker. Our. Position, on Supply Management, is clear and will remain clear, we. Have always defended Supply, Management. Before. And during, these. Negotiations for. NAFTA it, has worked in an excellent way for Canadians. And, protecting. Supply Management is important, for all of us for Canadian consumers, and for, our industry. We will always defend, Supply. Management, Paul. Thank you Mr Speaker I wish to inform the government that this week is victim, and survivors, of crime week now, I know the Liberals have made it clear that victims, have not been a priority of theirs in this last two and a half years and of course the latest example, is c75 which, reduces, the penalties for many serious, crimes including, the abduction, of a child under 14 forced.

Marriage Participation. In terrorist groups and criminal, organizations and. Many others mr., speaker is there any hope that this government can change their philosophy, before, the next election and start putting victims, first can they do that. Mr.. Speaker I'm, pleased to stand up to speak about bills c75. Which, is going to see address delays, and efficiencies, in the criminal justice system the, member opposite spoke about the reclassification, provisions. In terms of reforms that are proposed, it is simply untrue, that we are changing, the sentencing, regime we are hybridizing. Offenses but providing, prosecutors. With additional, tools and I'd like to ask my friend across the way what does he feel about the provisions in terms of intimate, partner violence where are we are supporting, those victims, of sexual assault and domestic violence, in this bill that you not support that the. Honourable member for st. albert edmonton, mr. speaker while the Liberals have failed to a point of victims, and buds 'men after six months when, the prisoners, and buds Minh position, became vacant, they filtered immediately. A. Position. To protect our rights of criminals, for the girls couldn't move fast enough when, it comes, to filling a position to, protect the rights of victims the Liberals, are AWOL why. Did the Liberals always, put four rights of criminals, ahead, of victims. We. Are taking, a broad approach to review of the criminal justice system a balanced. Approach that supports, victims of, crime that, ensures, that the, offenders, are held to account and that promotes Public Safety we are committed, to appointing. A new federal, Ombudsperson. For. Victims, of crime we, are presently, undertaking. A review and. Identifying. A potential, candidate, this is a priority, for our government and we will move forward at the, nearest. And closest time with the most appropriate, and skilled, individual. For. Bhopal Cotabato. In darayya sorry was. This. Is the National Week for victims. Of crime. People. Have to understand, that the position. Of. Ombudsman. For victims of crime has, been vacant, for seven months, but, we've learned that the government filled, the position of Correctional, Services, investigator. Last. January. Know. Why. Have, the liberals not. Given, given, a stronger, voice to victims of crime by, naming, an independent. Ombudsman. Appointing. Someone so. That they can be protected. To. Ensuring, the criminal, justice system is safe, in communities. Insures and respects, victims, of crime and holds offenders to account our, government, is committed to a renewed approach as we have said in terms of the appointments, process based, on openness, transparency and. Barratt the process, for the appointment of the new federal, on buts victims.

Of Crime is presently ongoing, and remains, a high priority to me the position will be filled as soon, as possible, at the conclusion, of this process, honourable. Member for long range mountains, mr., speaker this week is tourism week in Canada it's a chance to highlight the incredible work, and phenomenal, success, of our tourism industry so, from coast to coast to coast our industry, is world-class. And it's created, over 26,000. Jobs just, since 2015, culinary. Tourism in my province of Newfoundland, and Labrador his, some of the best in the country as we have seen from chef Ross Larkins, recent. Win on Top Chef Canada can, the minister of small business and tourism please, tell this house what our government, is doing to, make 2018. The best year for Canadian, doors. Budget. 2017. Stabilized, destination, Canada's budget at ninety, five point five million dollars per year we, announced eight point six million dollars to girl Canada's, indigenous tourism, industry we are enhancing tourism data collection by providing stats can thirteen, point five million dollars over five years 2017. Was the best year ever for the tourism industry with, over twenty million international. Visitors spending 21 billion, dollars across our great country together, with a member of long-range mountains, and I hope all members and all Canadians, we will build on the success because our investments, are working. Labor. Mr. speaker we know that a CP rail strike may be happening, this weekend. This evening, actually and we know as well that Via Rail has already cancelled passenger, service because of the operational, uncertainty, we, know as well that commuting services, in Montreal Vancouver Toronto, could. Be affected, now in the past an agreement, had been sought and actually. Adhered. To with, respect to the provision of these services by. Teamsters, and Cpl can, the minister tell me if she actually got her job done and secured, these agreements, so that people can get to work. Mr.. Speaker we're not going to take any lessons from the Harper government. Double-edged. Sword, for employers. For sale depart from the rules of collective bargaining, destabilizing. The. System works lesson. We support, a fair and balanced process, together this is what's right for the Canadian economy for workers and for employers. Honourable. Member. For Nanaimo. Ladysmith to, stop oil spills and protect jobs the BC Chamber, of Commerce on Saturday, endorsed the same abandon vessel solutions that I brought to this house, 36. Thousand. Businesses, joined hundreds, of coastal communities who. Urge the Transport, Minister to include their solutions, in their fix like. Vessel, turnin and recycling, despite, years of coastal advocacy. The, Liberals. Bill t-64, still doesn't, include coastal. Solutions, to deal with thousands, of wrecks off our coast and they've dragged anchor, on resuming.

The Debate so, why is this government leaving, abandoned, vessels, on our coast for another the. Honorable Minister of Transport. Proud. Of bill c64. Which addresses, a long-standing. Issue which has not been taken, care of by, previous, governments, that is the question of abandoned, and derelict, vessels, we've come up with an excellent bill in fact it has been, through, the committee. Which, my, colleague, has. Had the chance to to, participate. In we're very proud of this bill and we hope that, the NDP, and the Harper Conservatives are, going to support this bill, as we move it through report. Stage and third reading and then quickly onto the Senate. Today. The mock. Member. For Makarov, town. Mr., speaker. Last. March first, there. Was a tragedy, in my writing at Malkovich photo. When. Young at inertia of a lost, her life after consuming a, very. Sugary. High alcohol, content drink. My. Question, is for the Minister of Health, can. She update the house on the. Action. Health Canada intends, to take. To. Make sure, this. Never happens, again. The. Honourable Minister Thank. You mr. speaker, and I'd like to thank my colleague, the member, former cokehead photo, for. His question and his work on this file a tragedy. Like this is one try another, tragedy, to many we. Are going through a process of consultations. In, order. To, find. A framework for. These. Drinks. Dealing with these drinks. We. Will soon have recommendations. I, hope. People will participate, in these, consultations, that, I'd like to thank the member for his work on this issue, the. Speaker the liberal has allowed Canadians. To believe Cambridge, analytical, whistleblower, Christopher, Wylie working in the liberal, leaders office in 2009, was. Terminated, because, his electoral, data data, manipulation. Was too invasive, in, testimony, to the ethics committee today mr. Wylie said that wasn't why his contract, ended in, a 2016. Email, to the UK's leave movement, in the brexit referendum, Wylie said the outcome could be influenced, with psychographic. Micro targeting and that he was working on a similar project for. A major Canadian, political, party. Your speaker who's, telling the truth. My. Honourable colleague knows the Prime Minister has tasked me and our government, to ensure that we defend Canada's, next federal election against, cyberthreats, it's also important, that we ensure that we are looking, for new ways to deal with data and digital breaches, that is why and bill C 76, we have a provision, against, the malicious use of computers, and I look forward to working with all colleagues, in this house to ensure that we do, what's necessary as, these new technologies, evolve to ensure the integrity of our elections Thank, You mr. speaker, the. Manticore. Go. Mr., speaker, the. Trudeau government, is poised to buy the Trans Mountain expansion. Project, Kinder. Morgan is dropping it because it's so risky a project, that is a constant, menace, for. The environment, a project. That British. Columbians, and indigenous, nations, don't want, these. Economic. Environmental social risks. Are. Something, Quebec doesn't want either will. The government. Refund. Quebecers, are their share of the 4.5. Billion so they can use this money and invest it in renewable.

Energies, The. Honourable Minister of Finance, mr.. Speaker. We. Know, that. An investment, in trance mutton is very important, it's. Important. For the national interest and also for the future of our economy, it. Will help our economy, to. Grow but. We can also. Other. Things that British Columbia, Alberta and, other other, places this is in the national, interest. We. Need, this, project it is highly. Important, for our future. Mr.. Speaker the government of Chad has apparently just bought a pipeline, from Kinder Morgan for, 4.5, billion that, they bought for five hundred and fifty million but, my question, is there. Are 15 different court cases right now indigenous. Rights cases, environmental. Group case is a municipal, cases, when, the federal court of appeal rules if, the court rules that the permits are in violent what, is the government's, plan will it restart, the environmental, assessment process, and restart, consultations. The. Government, to speculate. Hypothetically. On what a court may or may not say, we. Could look retrospectively. About. What courts, have said and even, very, recently, the, BC. Supreme, Court, has spoken about consultation. And actually sided with the proponent, but, it's not a good idea for us to speculate in what a future court might say on, a case that has nothing to do with the ones that have been decided already we, do know that, through this process there, was unprecedented. Consultation. With indigenous people forty-three. Communities, who signed on to benefit agreements 33. And bring Arabella member, for Regina Leuven, mr.. Speaker as you, may have heard the, government announced today that it will buy the trans mountain pipeline, far. Be it from the CCF, to, question, nationalization. But, can the Minister confirmed, that, the new federal, crown corporation. Will honor the existing, contract, to, buy 75%, of the project, steel from Regina and. Make, every, effort to procure. The remaining, 25%, from. Canadian, Mills. Mr.. Finance, mr.. Speaker I can confirm that we have purchased the assets and it is our intent. That this project, moves forward in a commercial, fashion, we, will be seeking the approach, that makes most sense which will include honoring. Contracts, that have already been put forward what, we will seek to do mr. speaker is then moved towards, consideration. Of a private sector solution. At the appropriate, time creating, the value that we want to create for Canadians.

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