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But, it's Wayne coming, into another video. Yeah we, go to setting' video, today I hope you like where we going. Cuz. I'm just as surprised as you are I don't know what I'm going to Davidson. I hope, you enjoy this give, us a thumbs up give us a thumbs up leave me a comment, alright. Here we go hang. On. Today. Will. Be. Like what you see he. Goes. I'm gonna try. To. Spirits. And bring. A smile. To. You. Babies. Cuz. That's, what it's all about. My, friend. Yeah. Hope. You like this area a. Special. Place where. Kansas. City memorial city park hope. You like it and. We're so year-round. They. Have beautiful plants for sale. Have. A lot of benders here. Yeah. That's good. Strawberry. And. That's just shops here. I'll. Show you this park. It's, the first time I ever been here I've been in kissing, city for a year and a half and it's the first time I ever been to this part I finally. Talked to build my undergoing so, that's good. Hope. You enjoy the content. Yep. It's, gonna be a beautiful day today. Wonderful. Plants. Yeah we show you what's going on here yeah. Hope you like it we want our hint to the party so, we see the memorial, yeah, hey. All. This. Videos - I. Know. A photo booth. Get, you picture take I take. My own bitchy. Parcher. It's. A people having good time. A wonderful, playground, Jana, for the kids. Everybody. In the park here having, a good time. You. See them all sitting here. Keys. In the park. Bunch. Of kids lots, of them. I'm, impartial. Get water for sale. Lots of fingers here. The. Sign here is where the gold people, sitting around. Some, people dancing. Does. She get. Him on YouTube. Oh please. Music. What's. The dancing, going on like, some kind of sound or something I don't, know. What. Are they doing over there. They're. Dancing, for something. Here's. Some more plants I. Get. A Doug there's a line here. Here, electric, uses to see. Nice. Park, yeah. People, dancing, yeah, party, time. Yeah. We going over here. I. Don't. Know bill. How, much a planter. Also plant vendors a lot of people thing going, over there in a minute only problem let his family will try. Thank. You so we probably can't film the okay there's a guard dude there's. A guardian, you, probably. Let me film in this. You. Probably got. Satan. Some kind of sacred stuff, maybe I don't. It's. Probably too dark in there I'm Kenshin that's right. Beside. You. Closed-circuit. TV. There's. A Taiwan money plan, sheesh. Is, what it says. See. So. Taiwan money fly I. Just. Been had that plant I guess. Behind a plant I guess it bring money to you right Taiwan. Money play, many. Girls and all abuse or such.

And. As a shops, in different Hospital. And. They could. Have. To sell higher than 85, k. The. Cactus, but I, don't know. It. Says a hundred and eighty five K. If. It does it, literal. Had to ask. Jason. Here's, 85. K. 7. Air, 75-65. Kind. Of Bannack. Suspensive. Cactus. Lady. About the cactus, over that's. 185,000. My. God what's, he gonna do given it can you live in the cactus, oh my. God. It's. Kind of bad. Yah. 185,000. For a cactus, oh my. God, that's. Expensive. I. Hate. To know I paid a, 185,000. Friend cactus, oh. My. God. Haze. Good. Yeah. Good entertainment. Everybody's. Doing something here all the time, hey. Playing have a good time having, meetings. Dancing. For, your basketball. See, they're gonna do some more exercise. You're, all symbol together. You. Can see what they're doing. Yeah. I was watching them, do. Some kind of exercise or something. Yep. Hey. Nice. Kids. We. Have some more vendors down here, like. They have some dirty and clothes. Buy. Some shoes I. Know. They won't have my size you, know better than that. Nice. People. Are. Just a few. As. A dog. What. We do around a circle. Where's the circular so you know. I guess, that's what we did it didn't you. I going, that Museum if he'll let me film but if we won't let me film I won't go in there could be no sense of me wanting of seeing someone I can't see Oh everybody up so. This, is a big place. I. Want. Everybody else to see it too you know I, don't. Know what they'll let me go in there not I don't know what it let me film anything. I'm not because you know how things. Are you know the kind. Of secret, in sacred. You know also they they, want, that led meme that I'll ask. Cuz. You know. I don't, like to invade privacy. Is. A park statute. People, sitting around, having. A good time, hey. Let's gonna overcast, and different things. You're. Gonna go down here sit there let me go go in, they. Won't let me film nothing I'm not going in there. Howdy, let me film I sure. Hope they do we'll. See. Museum. They won't let me film inside, because you know private, reasons, so I understand. So we. Can't. Film in here. They're. Open Sunday, from 2 4 o'clock you know. Sunday. Two sisters Sunday till 4 o'clock and afternoon, but, they won't let me videotape so. You know I can't. Go in there so I'm not gonna go. So. It's ok it's all good, I respect. The privacy. And. I got guards here. By. Security, guards. Yeah. We're going here no he's gonna go, I gotta. Get some memory from my computer. So. We're gonna leave here we'll mash him. Have, you enjoyed this at the pencil. City park. Yep. Well. If you got some kind of decoration. Up there or something. Now, some kind of declaration. Yep. A. Garden. Chillers here yeah let's let's. See, what this is, never. See the picture. We. Have tillers here. Cultivate. Yeah it'll be our over here.

So. Two. Motivator. Thing yeah. To. Draw attention here. Counter. Can't, be on YouTube. You, do. Oh. Oh. And. Anon, ladies. Longer sing me a song and, I got me by surprise, you know, good. I was filming this tiller at mr. pop trying to show you tiller here. We. Used to have a minim Americas, you know, flower. Garden, good. This, harvest, place here this, is where it is a heads apart. Right. Okay. We want around. Okay. Another. Vendor in place. There's. All kinds of shops I. Got. Different places you know. I'm. Jerry and. Toys. And clothes. I. Don't. Know. I guess. When I go barefoot, it I guess I'll get used in you. Know. Hey. They, have what's. This motorcycle go-karts. Shopper. Hey. Do I have CDs. They. Let us go in here. There's. A bicycle kind, of things. Interesting, here. It. Just. A sitting circle part. This. Is the most up. Okay. Let me go on down through here, I like you're doing some construction. Hey. Doing construction, in the debate down here. Let. Me show you the rest of this. It's. A big place. Pay. To have duck boats. And. Boats made, out of a duck. There's. A duck boat. There's. A dog. Suit. A good ones, yeah. Yeah. Hannibal, to see. People. Doing powerboat. Why. I never done it before. Because, I'd be the one paddling. Are you going over there. Damn, paddleboats, here at the park Oh welcome. Down through here. Yeah. Welcome down, I'll. Tell you some prices, for you so you can see this you know. Paddleboats. Legacy. The paddleboats people, paddling. It's. Good a societal, where you out though. And. I handed kissing City Park you know. That'd. Be good. Over. Here they had a food park that's where you get food and everything. I don't, want to have prices, for the boats or not I think they do they've got a sign down here. Yeah. Here we go prices. This. Is what I need boat, station. Hey. And. Give you prices what different boats. And. It's called the boat stays in here because in city circle. Part. Navigator. The prices, of the boat. Each. One was about 15, minutes, they give you 15 minutes to ride for the different prices, they. Raise you don't want from 100 pesos, up to 200, pesos yep. All. Right, good. Welcome down this way. Yeah. There's the entrance where you going that for the folks. A food. Court. It's, a big place. That's. A Britton arena. It's. A basketball, court inside. Basketball, court they're a, nice. Top on it. They'll, show you down here they have an amusement, park. It's. Called the circle of fun or. The GP. Yep. This is all in this park that's. The first time I've been here. I'm. Trying to give you a. Rundown. On everything, is here. The. Kissing City Memorial, Circle Park. Yep. Well we're here they have the circle of fun. The, circle of fun. And, I'll give you some prices over here -. Yeah. It's a circle of fun here. There's, a sign here. Yes. So you can see if it a park you know and if advance managers. Sort. Of interest in everything, yeah. See the prices. Show. You around here. We're. Going around here so I can show you different right. It's. A ticket booth. Here's. The thing is. Ours. We. Got the rise you know how much they are. Show. This to you. Yeah. The house of our room. Got. The blue twister thing.

And. They got this. Exercises. This, is Circle fun here kissa city, circle. Apart. Here's. A park. Entrance. Baby. See the rides. And if people only knew. That's, good. And, to come here write something, one thing. I'm. Gonna show you inside this food part, yeah. Because. It's City memorial circle. I'm. Gonna show you in here so you can see. Ya. Yeah, foodcourt here. We need something big. Oh. Playin. Ball. So. I bet the tree it, was in the way. My, service station, I guess it written by suppose I guess. Here's. All the kids. All. The kids here in the park to park, a. Lot. Of kids here. Yep, what's a kid park you. Yeah. Lots of kids lots of people. Lots. Of folks. Riding. Bicycles I, guess. You can rent a bicycle I guess. Doing. All kinds of things. And lots of people here in this part. Everybody. In them taking, card and everything be, smiling. Having. Good time. Yeah. This is a kiss, at City memorial circle. I mean. It's a party to get the things you know. I. Think. Okay. We're going out they, sell cotton candy, here. Vendors. Yeah. They doing some construction here. Building. Stuff making it better. They're. Doing some construction here. The. Furnace it next time. To. Some moisture through here. Yeah. Sure. Jackets. Tank. Tops and shirts. Yeah. Somebody's plant you know I. Said. Lemon mint as part of the, deal. Cocoa. Mint ties. Sweet. Basil. Be. Applying. Avocado. Was, orange, strawberry. Got. Strawberry, plants to grow your own strawberries. Have okra. They have okra here in, the. Philippines. Good, you got celery. Come. Here to get some memory but anything. I get a better life yep. Alright. Chris, is watching don't forget to comment, fine. And always gunfire. Always, in, peace. Yeah. See, you next time.

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Aww sweet lady singing country road to you sir she has a golden voice wow

yes sir they were singing really good they caught me off guard as i was video the tillers there i said i was doing youtube video and they got all shy on me and i handed them one of my cards and they were happy i told them i would give them exposerure on youtube to help .. anyway God bless you and your family always and Peace to all

I miss the Philippines!!

thank you so much for watching you are the first comment on this video i really glad you enjoy watching we do our channel just for people just like you please tell your friends and family to watch and like and share and subscribe to our channel God Bless you and your family always and Peace

I remember visiting that lively place once. I believe a zoo is nearby, it's worth a visit. Niiice!

Gypsy JWalk ..yes my friend it is a lively place for sure. It was the first time I ever been there since being in the Philippines. It was most definitely a great place to visit...we will visit more places coming up. ..thanks for watching and taking the time to leave a comment We really appreciate it so much. Take care and God bless always and Peace

May I know if the Basketball court is open?

John Kenneth Mabalot .....yes sir as far as I know. I know that they were doing construction close to there. Of course that has been over 2 weeks ago when we were there sir. Thanks for your comment and taking the time to come by our channel to watch. God bless always and Peace to all

Maraming Salamat sa another fantastic video! Happy Valentine's Day. Best wishes and regards ❤️❤️❤️

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