RACC Presents Travel and Tourism Part 2

RACC Presents Travel and Tourism Part 2

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Yours for tuning in Thank. You Jonathan and you'll be back next month yes Lucy we're gonna do it next very interesting topic next yes, yeah well we won't tell them what it also let them tune in and be. Surprised, for crazy surprise no Christmas yeah and, so. Will will. Will. See you next month the first Thursday of next month at. 11:34. Represents, travel and tourism until then this is Lucia tour show Thompson wishing you well and Happy. Thanksgiving. Sweetie. Pg-13, the skate June 12th, I. Tried. Alter thins with tabs thinking. Good. Morning and welcome to represents, travel and tourism this, program is dedicated to, bringing you information about the world in general and the world around the corner but, today's topic is, neither will. Be discussing air fares my name. Is Lucia Tasha Thompson, and I'm the coordinator of the travel and tourism program, at Reading area community college, and. My, guest today is Jonathon. Urich and John is a customer. Service representative, at u.s. air express at Reading, Regional Airport and. Welcome, John thanks Lucy and thanks, for having me back again thank, you for being here. John's an expert on air fares says you'll soon find out he has his. Paperwork. With them and I have my paperwork, so. If you have any questions, the number will be on your screen it's three seven eight zero, four two six, please call in and we'll. Try our best to give you the. Correct answer anyway, air. Fares are a strange thing as many of you know they. Go up they come down there's, penalties for changes, penalties, for cancelling, and they are very, very, confusing. Now. If you, have questions, about air fares where do you go well you could go to you're, asked to travel consultant, and that would be the best thing to do but, you can also go to, the. Friendly people at the Redding Airport. Business. And when, explains something about air fares Lucy one thing the past passengers. Should know, as. You know before, deregulation in 1978, they had basically, five basic, fares they had a military, fare, they. Had a senior. Citizen fare that, had a child's, fare and adult fare and a supersaver right today, it's a little bit more confusing today, you can have literally hundreds of fares and for the person who's not a, frequent. Traveler, or who, doesn't, travel at all it can be very confusing and. It does. You. Know it helps to have someone explain, the. Way the fare structures, are today absolutely and, you can get the information at the Reading Airport or you can get it from your. Astor. Travel consultant, they. Are there to give you the very best airfare, for the itinerary, that you're traveling. Now. What we're going to do today is give you some very basic information. To get you started so. That you can ask the right questions, when you do go to the airport or when you do go to you're asked to travel consultant, so. You talked about the regulation, that was, 1978. Yes the, deregulation, Act of 1978, was signed and fairs. Became, deregulated, which, meant that basically. What it means Luci is they just want to make a freer market, and right. Now we have the airlines their own business, together they, they. Want to you know they want the customers, dollar so they all have these different, fare base fare codes. With fare basis and, literally. Hundreds, per day you can be seen on the computer, right and. For. The traveler who's really not used to seeing that, absolutely. I I don't see anything, on the internet, or on CompuServe, or anything like that but I understand, that. People. Can just go in there and and literally, not know what they're doing at that point in, fact when we were looking at fares in in, the classroom, you. Simply see screens. And screens and screens a simple, destination, like Denver you can have 100. Fares yes and to, maneuver, your way through those fears to know when to buy it when to go, what. Flights they're valid, on and so forth it. Takes a little bit of time so you need an expert to help you absolutely, now. Let's take an ad just. Look you. Can jump in with your fares but I have an ad here from one of the newspapers. And I'm, just gonna hold it up briefly, and it, says. These. Fares will be leaving soon right. Here okay. And it. Basically, gives you a listing. Of the fares and then, way. Down here at the bottom in, the, very small print or all the rules well, that's what I'm going to talk to you about today one.

Airfare That I found that appears very reasonable, is. Between. Washington, DC and Kansas, City for $86. If. You, can get to Washington, DC and you need to go to Kansas City $86 is a good deal wouldn't you agree thank, you but let's, take a look at some of the rules that appear, first. Of all it. Says, that fares, shown, are, each. Hour. Each way based on round-trip fare purchase, what does that mean it means basically that the airfare, is no longer, $86. It's, a hundred and seventy two you. Can't purchase, this one-way, you, have to purchase it round-trip so already it's a, double-double. Figure it's. Still not a bad fair. But. It's, non-refundable, and, non-refundable. Means, you. Don't get your money back in case you have this if you don't use it you don't get your money back so it's a hundred and seventy two dollars that would be wasted, if you can't go. Additionally. In order to get this fare you, have to stay in Kansas City a Saturday, night so. You have to arrange your vacation, or your travel to, be in Kansas of Saturday night and, you can't stay longer than thirty days and. Keep. In mind that the seats that that fare may not always be available, on all, flights, and on, all days of the week and. I'm. Sure that your fares are the same way yes Lucy another thing I want, to mention is when they quote you a fare that may, not include taxes, or PFC, charges, aa PF, fees what, PFC, charges, are, their. Court past and facility charges and what they are they. Are. Taxes. Basically that are paid by. The customer on a ticket for, airport, improvements, they, can their charge $3, per airport whichever Airport. Charges them because not every Airport charge is not right up to a maximum of 12 dollars, and. That's what a PFC charges, right, and also there may be in some routes you may have fuel surcharges. They. Usually go for about two dollars but, then again they can vary with the PFC else, exactly, exactly. So the fare that's quoted this one seventy two is not really it may not really be one seventy two right, but it's not too much more too much more but still now, when, you do go. To purchase the ticket the, airport people will tell you the travel consultant, will give you the total fares yes, so you, know you'll, know exactly right, upfront but you have to realize that, what, is advertised, in the. Paper. May. Not be what. You'll be paying, gonna be a little bit more yeah well. Personally Lucy is you know is the holiday season in the US. Air apparently, is running many. Specials, Florida. Seems to be a hot spot this time of year and I, just have some information, on three destinations here in Florida at Fort Lauderdale Orlando. And Jacksonville okay, now, for. Example for Orlando, our cheapest. Round trip is 138. Plus. Looks. Like eight dollars in taxes, six dollars and pscs and two dollars in the fuel surcharge, so we're looking at 146, roundtrip yes and that's out of reading yes that is out of reading. One. Thing I want to mention I looked up the rules for this fare and basically. You have to have a 21-day advance purchase and what that means is you must purchase your ticket 21 days prior to your departure date, right of course like you've mentioned mmm-hmm, and minimum, Sunday stay is required just, like you mentioned before they must make. Their travel plans to stay at least the first Sunday there, are any there aren't any other restrictions other, than the fact that this last. Day to travel for this fare 31. December okay and, you can't get you. Can you know vary your trip, but then of course you're gonna be paying more because goes, up to the next higher. Higher. Fare yes the December, 31st is, that the last day to commence, travel, or the last day for travel, do you have to be back by December, 31st well you have to be back by December 31st yes yeah and that's another another. Question, that as a consumer, you may not know to ask, that. Fares Val it has to be used completely there are other fairs where, the commencement of the, trip can be must. Be before the 31st you could come back after, the 35 all depends in particular fair rules exactly, like. I said they're all different right, you, you talked about the advance purchase, yours is 21. Days advance purchase, weeks, before you go but, keep in mind that, if you make your reservations, for, example today and you want it to go 21, days from now, you. Must purchase the ticket within, a certain amount of, time and what is it for your fair.

Is. It usually 24, hours yeah yeah. Yeah before, the time you like between, a tiny make your reservation, and get a ticket, it's, a one day so you have to almost instant purchase then again Lucy I do want to mention that some, fair rules do require you to have it ticketed on a certain date there's, a first date a ticket and a last date a ticket just like there's a first day to travel and a last day to travel and, one other thing I want to mention is routing, now, we're, us we're, at the writing Airport we have writing, an or Philadelphia in Pittsburgh but, the way these fares are put in the computer they have maybe 10 different cities because you gotta remember this is an online system all over the United States right and they have certain cities that you must travel you. Know in and out of like for connections, depending. On the routing some, of them say they may be nonstop others, have connections, to them so, that's. Not a thing that take, that into consideration see. It's all all. Part of this big jumble. Of airfares, another. Thing that you have to remember is that some of these air fares can't, be used on certain days for example, some. Air fares can't be used the day before Thanksgiving or the Monday after Thanksgiving both. Perfect. Travel days for Thanksgiving, and very busy travel, days. Are, there any blackout dates on on your fares there are no blackout, dates but I do want to mention we do have something that exists on some of our routes and for, blackout dates like you said Lucy some. Of them are kind of strange some you have to travel maybe from a Tuesday to a Thursday, and come back from a Tuesday, to. A Thursday, it's no good if you want to come back on a Monday right, I can't. Qualify for the fare and they had to take another higher, fare, level and I could be more expensive ago 20, it, could be anywhere from $20, to $40, depending on what the fare is right right so unless you can fit your, travel, plans exactly, into, the little box of the fare you're, gonna be paying more yes. Other. Blackout, periods, exist and they could be that like the 20th through the 31st of December which are again our prime travel, dates for, Christmas. The, 1st through the 5th of January, again if you wanted to come back right. After the, first of the year you can't you. Could but, you're gonna pay more money right, the. Dates around Easter, time and. Memorial, Day these are all kind, of blackout dates so anytime there's a holiday you've got to shift your. Your. Travel plans in order to fit the lower fare, and. One final thing about domestic, affairs as we talked about as, Jonathan, mentioned with which, one was this this with Orlando the Orlando one there. Are expiration, dates in, other words there's a beginning and an ending date for each discounted, fare and the fare can only be sold for travel, within that beginning date so you can't get it before and you can't get it after it's just. You. See I want to mention that they are continuing, up continually. Updating, these fares, like I said this one goes till 31 December, for. The traveler who one who has traveled pans within the next two months. Usually. What, they do is usually call our 1-800 number, or they can call us at the airport. Number, is three seven five eight five four, zero three seven five eight five four zero so if they want any information on any fares. If they're planning a trip in the near future okay, presently. We have a trip to this is Fort Lauderdale that's going for 148. That's the lowest ferrets, in B class another. Thing I want to mention is the class of the service a lot of people get confused, frequently. I get passengers to come out and they say I thought there were only two classes, first class and coach well that is true but when you're dealing with fares, you. Have discounted, coach fares and why fares and what a why fare is is the least restrictive, ticket and it's also the most expensive right, which means that you will not you, can make any changes you can do whatever you want with it without paying a penalty it's, a lot of business people use, on business expenses. Use white fares for. This kind of coaches, like you said they're non-refundable which, means you get credit if you don't use it we can't refund the money you.

Get Credit if you don't travel use toward a future flight, okay, that's, one thing that's very important, between why fares and discounted, coach that's the difference between them and those. Non-refundable. Sometimes. Your travel. Agent can't refund, them you have to go to the airport we, have to go to the airline and and get the credit towards, yes. That's called an MCO and miscellaneous charges order. Right and here's another thing that you have to kind of worry about but, just leave it in the hands of the travel consultant, leave it in the hands of the, people at the airport and they'll help you especially the people at the Redding airport because I can vouch for they do know what they're doing, before. We go on to explain, some of the basics, of international, air fares let, me reintroduce the program this is Rach presents travel and tourism I'm when she at orchha Thompson, and with me today is Jonathon Urich and we're talking about air fares. And. Some of the basics that you should know in order to give. You a good. Understanding of, what you're getting, when you go to the travel agent or when you go to the different carriers and, ask them for fares and if you have any questions, the phone numbers on your screen it's three seven eight zero four two six. Okay. Did you bring any international, fairs with you no, just have Jacksonville, okay you want to just tent analyze, them with Jacksonville, in case anyone, wants to go down ok presently Jacksonville, is going for about 220, plus there's a six dollar PSC, charge and a two hour fuel surcharge, so about two 28. And. That is round-trip and all these fares I brought with me today they all have minimum Sunday's days and their 21-day, advance purchase, no, other restrictions, to them except for the travel. Completion, date of 31, December. So you, need a quick getaway and, you have a place to stay yes use, US Air down to Florida. Okay. Now let's take a look at international, air fares, we. Were talking about domestic air fares meaning within the United States and, there's. Usually no.

Distinction, When you're talking, about domestic. Fears between, weekend, and weekday, travel. Except. The blackout periods sometimes if you're going to Las Vegas you have to travel on a Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then you have to return on a Wednesday, and a Thursday those, are the only things that you have to be careful for uncertain, routings but, with international. Travel there is a distinction, between weekend. And we day Monday. Through Thursday, is usually, considered weekday. And consequently. The fares are a little bit lower Friday. Saturday, and Sunday are considered, week 10 days and the, air fares generally, run about $20 more, now. International. Air fares also, get specific, taxes, added on to them on top, of the pfcs for flying out of JFK and, or Philadelphia and, or Washington, DC you. Get these, other international. And I I don't know if the graphic is ready but I'll put it up on the screen so that you. Can follow along and see how much more you're paying there's, a u.s. departure, tax for, leaving, the United States of six dollars, there's. A US Customs tax, of 650, that goes, to pay the customs, officials, when you come back to the United States and they look through your luggage then, there's an immigration fee, of six dollars again that's to, make sure that you are a US citizen and those, passport. Controllers, are gonna get part, of that fee and finally. There's the animal and plant health. Inspection feel. Affectionately. Known as the a 'this fee and that's a dollar forty five so on top of your $7.99. Or your $8.99, or whatever the there. May be roundtrip. You've, got an additional, guaranteed. $19.95. Added. On to that when you're looking at fares in the newspaper, when you're looking at fares. Even. In your computer, system at home you. Won't see that you, have to add that on to it. Additionally. Your destination. Now will charge, a. Departure. Tax yes before. We wouldn't do that the each country, as you left, the country you would pay the. Italian, departure, tax or the French departure, tax or the Greek departure, tax now, and and it was more haphazard than, anything because some passengers, would come back and say gee I didn't have to pay anything you know they just put, us on the plane and we came home and other passengers, said well you know I even had to have it in the, currency, of the country in which I was in so. Now. They're collecting, it and and they're sure that they have the money so that can run generally, four, five six dollars, euros and, they vary from country, to country and, they vary from week, to week depending. On the exchange so again. Be. Prepared to, pay that but that's now taken, care of in the United States shall. We mention about the gold nice booklets yes go ahead what, are the golden ops by the way I don't I don't our golden opportunities, booklets are for senior. Citizens 65, and over what they do you see is they can get by, a coupon, book of four coupons, for. 596. Dollars and they can travel anywhere. They'd like to it. Actually, what it does it saves them the cost of a single trip would.

They Play a pea, flat, five, hundred ninety six dollars there they get two round trips for it and. It comes in a coupon book of four we used to have eight coupon books as you well know but they've discontinued, those, and. They're. Used they use one coupon, for each one way okay, and that includes a connection, so if you're traveling going to Las Vegas say and, you're, going from ready to Pittsburgh to Las Vegas that's considered, two, flights that's two flights per nation yes but, that's one coupon, okay, okay, and, then for your return you go from Las Vegas to pit and then pit to reading and that's your second coupon then you still have two coupons left, for five hundred ninety six dollars so. That it's very reasonable, so. It's open to this people. 65 and over okay, and and what proof do you need that there's sixty five minutes well you need to of course a valid ID and. Another. Thing is when they come to the airport get ticketed for those they, are subjected to PFC charges, the five hundred ninety six dollars is not include the PFC charge like, I said that can be up to a maximum of twelve to twelve dollars depending. On which airport charges, those and it could be as little as three dollars as little as three but not more than twelve exactly, now, or these golden. Ops used. Internationally, to wherever, my yes. Yes wherever US air flies but then again Lucy they are subject, to all the taxes that you had just spoken so that's an additional $20, yes. Because. That's, very good it's a very good program, I'm sure during high season when, you're when you're air fares are much higher that. Five hundred what is it five five ninety six it's not bad at all I mean because even low season fares are at, least $6.99, at least Wow. Some of those exciting destinations, oh yes, yes. While, we're on the subject of those taxes, you know there's $19, taxes, and so forth and you did mention the golden ops yes which, is a domestic and and also in national thing I'd like to mention the 10% ticket, charge for domestic travel. The. 10% tax which, was collected for many years, expired. Last, December, 31st, and I'm sure that you've heard about this I'm sure that you've well you know about it and I know about it but, the the general public, probably didn't know about it maybe you read about it, it. Used, to pay it's it's to be used to pay for Airport, expansions. And to maintain the air traffic control, system well. It, expired, in nineteen. December, of 95 and. It. Was reinstated. Later on in the year when mr. Clinton signed the minimum, wage bill this. Tax was restored, in August, of 1996. But. Congress. Adjourned for the year without, restoring, the, airline's authority. To, collect the tax beyond, December, 31st, of 1996. Theoretically. Flyers. Who buy an airline ticket now for, travel in 1997. Could get a 10% break. But. That's not necessarily so because. Some of the airlines are planning, to pocket, the money so if your ticket, would have been. 968, dollars you may not get a 10% reduction it. Will still be, 968. Dollars, but. Don't get too upset because, Congress, rock watchers, believe that the tax will become part of the balanced, budget negotiations. When Congress, convenes in January because, they, really feel that it was wrong to not. Renew. This tax and not keep it going, therefore. The tax is coming back. And. With, that pleasant thought John. I'll. Close today's show by, reminding, you that if you, need. To make reservations make. Sure that you see your local ask to travel consultant, they are the experts, in finding, you the best airfare, go. To the Redding Airport, these folks know exactly, what they're doing I know. That, as a fact and. I'd. Like to thank all of you for joining me today and I'd. Like to thank Jonathan for joining, me thanks for having me again Lucy and I want to wish everybody out there for behalf, of US air express in the reading airport a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, great and, please. Come back the first Thursday of next month are we doing anything are you doing anything between, now I'm available remember you're, on TV coffee mug it's a thank you gift. To. The $50, contribution you'll, receive two passes, to a Berks County Museum, Council historic, spider museum. As. A $75.

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States That Eric, the Red, gave, Iceland, its name to, keep people from coming to this beautiful, country because, they think that it was nothing but ice in fact, it has remained so isolated. But, the language of the ice lenders, has not changed, since, its, origin, and newer. Words like bungee jumping, or. Pentium. Chip they don't even exist, they. Have to kind of make up words for those words as they go along. Jonathan. You you have anything about the history. Interjecting. Something that you mentioned the sea yes the Icelandic. Language is very similar to the language. Back in the 12th and 13th centuries as, a matter of fact the sagas, that were written the literary, forms, written by the ancient peoples and back in the 13th century a, lot of them can. Be read as they were a lot of the people understand it as they were back in those times because the language has changed very. Little, the, Icelandic people their names are interesting, of. Course people have a first name but, they also have, the. Last name and the, last name depending. On if you're a male or female ends, and son or dou tear it spell do TTI, are like daughter, right and like Leif Eriksson, is the son of Erik so his name would be Ericsson. Telephone. Directories in Iceland, are written, and such that a lot of the people, have the common names like that and they have to also put. Their what their occupation. Is I said because so many people have, similar names yes oh my gosh yes. Also, Iceland, is called the land of, frost. And fire because as, you know it has the many ice caps but. Also the, Iceland. The island of Iceland, was formed, by a mini volcanic, by much volcanic, activity, and. Thus. The name land of frost, and fire, because. Of where it's situated basically. It has two land forms, the outer edge, of the. Of Iceland, has the grassy. Area and that's where many of the people reside, two, fifths that people live in the town of Mecca, Vic Reykjavik, yes Reykjavik, is the major city, and it's, about two hundred thousand people about. Two fifths of the islands population live, there if. You want to put the map back up Reykjavik, is in the. Southwestern. Port, yes yeah yes that's right along the right, räikkönen's. Peninsula, right and you, notice that that's. An elevation, map, so you can tell that there's a more. Elevation in the center and around, the the coast that the coastline is where most of the people are yes the coast and also, there is a road that goes there rings the island aptly named the Ring Road route. 1 actually it's called and, there are also some, smaller, roads going through the countryside, but some paved but. The tourists also should know, that a lot of the roads, are still gravel, road, traveled. By these roads, mainly. By four-wheel-drive, vehicles. Why, the tour operators on tours, they. Use buses and and, you know commands the all-terrain vehicles, that's how you get to these places not, really a walking, destination, unless you're a die-hard you. Know hiker, yes unless. You have the physical, ability to do it very much so. The. Land of frost and fire is dotted by mountainous, and small freshwater, lakes there's also glaciers, hot, springs sulfur. Beds geysers. Lifts. Where rivers. Magnificent. Waterfalls, volcanoes. Canyons. And a very rugged coastline, as we showed, you that yes because also, Lucy a lot of people have Iceland. Has had sort, of a misnomer over, the years but because of the thing, from fourth grade geography. There, might be no. All, ice caps but this isn't really so, because. Of the Gulf Stream the southwesterly, south. And western portions of the island are characterized. By temperate, climates okay the, annual temperature. For the climate in Reykjavik. Is approximately. About. 55, degrees in June about, 32, degrees in the wintertime so let's close to what it here is here except for the summer it's a little cooler right, it's.

Gotten Kind of a bad rap about that but you know people usually. You know let's discover a place and. They'll see it's not great we had a destination. As, you know Alaska, or hits on the same you. Staying parallel as Alaska, but and that is called the land of the Midnight Sun mm-hmm, and June. You have perpetual, twenty-four hours of sunlight and. Basically. From August, on it's. You, might have.

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