Radford University 2018 Spring Commencement

Radford University 2018 Spring Commencement

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Please. Be seated. Good. Morning, family, friends. Faculty. Staff and, most, especially the. Members of the Radford University, class of 2018. I. Am. Ken Akali and I serve as the interim provost, and vice president for, academic affairs, and, on. Behalf of Radford University, I am pleased to convene and, welcome you to the 2018. Spring. Commencement, ceremony. First. I am honored to introduce you, to Radford University's. Seventh president, dr.. Brian o Hemphill. We. Also welcome, our commencement speaker, united. State senator Tim. Kaine. On. The. Platform, with me today we, have members of the Radford University, Board of Visitors rector. Mark Lawrence. Bob. Archer, dr.. Rachel folks, Georgia. And Snider. Ham, Krisha. Chattri. Karen. Moran. Lisa. Throckmorton. Dr.. Jake Fox our faculty, representative. And. Jessica. Woman our student, representative. We. Also have members of the president's, leadership team, and the leadership from our academic, colleges I ask, that you refer to your program for, their names and their areas of expertise. And in. The audience we, welcome, our first lady, Maricela. Hemphill. And. From. Senator Kane's office Tyler. Johnson. At. This time I ask that you please stand, for the presenting, of the colors by, the Radford, University. Army, ROTC color. Guard and the, singing of the national anthem, by. The Radford singers, under, the direction of, dr. Meredith, Bowen. I. Was. So proud. Thank. You dr. Bowen and members of the ROTC and, our choir. Ladies. And gentlemen please be seated. To. Our graduates, on behalf of everyone, at Radford University I offer. My deepest, congratulations, to. Be here today is quite, an accomplishment, and we are very proud of you. Each. Of you has had dedicated and, committed faculty. Who, have made an impact, on your life they've. Helped you succeed and, whom, you will remember for the rest of your life could I please ask that our faculty members stand. And be recognized. And. Graduates. You probably would not be here today without, your parents, other family, members and your friends all. Of whom have provided you with support, and encouragement, along the way now. It is your turn to, stand and show your family and friends how much you appreciate all, that they have done for you. It. Is now my privilege to present to you dr. Jake, Fox president. Of our Faculty, Senate, dr.. Fox will be followed, by Julianne, Stanley, president. Of the Student, Government Association. Who. Will introduce our, commencement speaker. Thank. You dr. collie, good, afternoon and, welcome graduates. On behalf of your faculty, on. Behalf. Of your professors on behalf of your mentors and your friends. Congratulations. Class of 2018. A. Point. Of pride at Radford University is, our institutional, commitment to globalization. Diversity, and inclusion in addition. To the United States flag the other flags flown today visually. Represent, and honor those countries, of birth or, citizen, citizenship. Of, all of our students and their families and, while we are here today to celebrate every, graduate, it is now my great pleasure to recognize many, of our graduates, who have achieved academic. Success at, Radford as Radford, University, students, would. Students in the following categories please, Ross please. Stand and then be seated all. Scholar citizens, and scholar citizen, fellows please rise. Waal. Highlander, scholars please rise. All. Students, graduating. Laude please rise. All. Students, graduating, magna, laude please rise. And. All students, graduating, with the highest honors summa, laude please, rise. Thank. You very much I. Am. Thankful today to represent the Student Government Association, and, extend my congratulations to, all graduates. I am also honored to, introduce today's, commencement speaker, the Honorable Tim Kaine who, was elected to the United States Senate in 2012, senator, Kaine has a long history of service to others he was first elected to public office in, 1994. Serving, on city council and then mayor of Richmond he, became lieutenant governor, of Virginia in 2002. And was inaugurated as Virginia's, seventieth. Government, governor, in 2006. Ladies. And gentlemen please join me in welcoming senator. Tim Kaine. Thank. You Giuliana and, good morning highlander's.

But. I, want. To begin by thanking your, president, president. Hemphill the red fur board and all, graduates, faculty family, and friends it's an honor to come be with you today I love. Being with people at a memorable, moment in their lives even if they won't remember, what I say and. This. Is the only graduation. Speech that I've ever done that I had an anxiety dream, about. So. I'll just be honest about that later. Today I'm, officiating. At the wedding of a former staffer, of mine it will be the 15th wedding that I've officiated, at and a. Few nights ago I had a dream that I gave the wedding address to Radford and the. Commencement address at the wedding and, everybody. Including, me was, confused, but I couldn't, figure out what I had done wrong I. Have. The right speech. It. Is an honor to be here and share this special moment, with you because Radford, is a wonderful, University that's, trained generations. Of students, to, serve and succeed, in Virginia, and beyond, you. Are a distinguished, group, 1600. Plus undergraduates. Undergraduates. Receiving. Degrees today, two hundred and seventy-six, students, receiving graduate. Degrees. Forty. Percent of this graduating, class is, first-generation. College. Very. Very, powerful, and. While. 94%. Of you are from Virginia, the graduates. Come from 25 states and 21, 22. Foreign countries, the, youngest graduate is 19, and the oldest receiving, a degree today is 62. Years old round. Of applause for that person. It. Can be easy to forget with, a crowd. Of graduates. This large as we're handing out stacks, and stacks of, diplomas. Just. How important, each diploma, is, let. Me tell you a story quickly. Of my most memorable. Graduation. I was. Lieutenant governor of Virginia I was in my office one day in late April. In about, 2003. Or 2004. I got. A call from the, head, the superintendent. Of public instruction of. Virginia. Asking. If I could go up to. Hospice. Care at the Medical College of Virginia flew, a few blocks from my office because. There was a young seventeen, year old girl named my battle. Who. Was. Scheduled. To graduate from, a high school in Chesterfield, in May. But she was not going to make it to graduation day, and. So, I said absolutely, and I went up and in. Her hospital room decorated. With balloons, and. Graduation. Cake were her family friends and all the hospital, staff. And, when. I gave a brief speech and I put the one diploma, that the Chesterfield Board and the State Board had worked to produce early for her in her hand I could. See on face in the face of her entire family. Just. How meaningful, that one, diploma. Was I. Doubt. This day as as poignant, for you as it might have been for my but I think. I can safely say this, about you. Some. Of you have battled, health. Problems, or mental. Health problems to get to this day, some. Of you have battled financial, difficulties. To get to this day, some. Of you have had to juggle, work and family. Responsibilities. Which. Made it challenging to, get to this day. Some. Of you have faced doubters, to get to this day some times. The doubts were from others and sometimes the doubts may have been, from. Yourself but, you've. Overcome all of that your, diploma isn't just one among thousands. It's, a unique tribute to your own resilience. And for that I salute. You and I, salute all, who have helped you achieve this. Wonderful, day. Normally. I would offer one piece of advice at a graduation. And I'm, going to change it this year I don't have a piece of advice I have an observation. In. Recent. Months I've been pondering, the old testament phrase from the book of Isaiah and, a. Little child shall lead. Them. The. Book of Isaiah is a book of prophecy, and that. Phrase is part of a prophecy, that there will come times. When. The leadership, of a. Child, or of young people, generally, will.

Be Incredibly. Necessary I, think. We're living in that time and that. Puts an extra responsibility on. Your shoulders of. Course. Every, graduation, speech, should encourage young people to use their education, to, improve your communities, and, normally. This, advice is given with the thought that a gradual, will over. The course of their lives engage. In philanthropy. Civic. Leadership, career. Development, political. Engagement. But. American history tells us that. There are some moments, where. What we need from young people is, about tomorrow but about today about, right now and I. Think we're living in such a moment right. Now. In. 1951. Here in Virginia, in Farmville a 16. Year old girl named Barbara, John's was. Attending, a rundown, segregated. High school and she was tired of being, treated like a second-class, citizen. So. She did a prank call to, get her principal, to leave the school building and go to the superintendent's. Office and then. She invited all of the students, at Moton high school to come into the gym and convince. Them to walk out of high school to, protest, segregated. Schooling, when. They walked out of the school they called a civil rights lawyer named Oliver Hill in Richmond and said can you represent us he. Said I've got too many cases III don't have the ability to represent you right now and Barbara. Said to them yeah but how many of your cases came to you because, a student, called you and asked and he. Said you. Got me none of my cases came to me that way and his guilt conscience kicked, in and he, agreed to represent Barbara. John's and their classmates, that, case became, part of the. 1954. Decision Brown, versus Board of Education that. Ordered schooling, desegregated. The United States Barbara. John's and her students, walkout changed. The course of American history. In. Today. If you. Go to the Capitol Square in Richmond, that, Barbara, and her classmates are honored in a civil rights memorial that's, there on Capitol Square. Dozen. Years later May 1963. In Birmingham, Alabama the Reverend Martin Luther King was trying to desegregate, public accommodations. And he. And his fellow adult leaders were using nonviolent violent, means peacefully. Marching, to segregated, drug. Stores and department. Stores, and simply. Trying to be served like anybody else, wave. Upon wave of, adults were arrested. Including. Dr., King his letter from the Birmingham jail might, be the most famous thing that he ever wrote. But. Try as they might the adults. The. Adults couldn't. Suade town officials, to allow integration and, so. Students, high. School students. Started to ask dr. King let us March. Dr.. King was a dad with. Kids he didn't want him to do it he didn't. Want them to be arrested, he, didn't want them to face fire hoses and guard dogs and so, he said no but. The students, kept after him let, us March let us March and one. Day a student said to him isn't. This more about us than, it, is about you and, when. He heard this he had an epiphany and realized yes that the civil rights movement, was Bawra bout the, next generation, in this generation, and the students should be able to March and so, they marched and they. Were arrested and they. Were attacked with fire hoses and guard dogs and the pictures of those attacks were on front pages of newspapers around. The country and around, the world, those, pictures pricked, the conscience, of a nation, adults. Who knew about segregation but, had grown complacent, to it believing, that maybe, it would never change were, spurred, into action by. The example, of their. Youngsters. Congress. Was motivated, to pass significant. Civil rights legislation, in, the, next year's and this action. By young people which. Became known as the Birmingham. Children's Crusade. Became. One of the pivotal moments, in the, Civil Rights moment, in the in the entire Civil Rights Movement I, think. Today 2018. Is a. Bit like 1951. Or 1963. It's. A time of great activism. By young people who are deciding, not just to focus on their. Own lives and situations, and not, just to wait their turn to. Lead, instead. Young. People all over the country are speaking, out and leading. Now on issues, from. Education, reform to, gun safety to. Environmental, action, to criminal justice to. Battling, sexual, harassment, and I. Want to encourage you to. Be part of this great surge of youth activism, in. Florida. After the Parkland, shootings in February, students, at the high school decided to walk out. To protest the fact that they, couldn't go to school and just feel safe.

They. Challenged, adult leaders all of us you. Offer us your thoughts and prayers but. You don't don't, you care enough about us to act to keep us safe. Students. All over the country, decided. To stand together with them eight hundred thousand, people came. To Washington, on March 24th, to March for our lives more, than 20 marches, occurred in Virginia. That day almost all of them organized, by young people my. Wife Ann and I marched with thousands. Of youngsters in Richmond, and you. Know what the students have already made. A difference, the. Florida, Legislature, responded. Congress. Passed two. New laws that had had not been willing to pass before, the students marched, companies. Have embraced new policies, in response, to. The activism, of these young people, we. Saw the same activism, just last fall in elections. In Virginia, a whole. Slew of young first-time. Candidates. Decided. That they were not going to be on the sidelines, they were not going to wait but, they would take up the mantle of leadership, many. Won races, that they were not expected, to win and it. Wasn't just candidates, the turnout, of young voters was. Dramatically. Higher than. It had been in previous races. And I, saw many students, from Radford out active. And engaged as part. Of that race in November of 2017. Now. Of course I don't know standing, here what each of your particular. Passions. Are so, I can't, give you advice about the. Best way to express, your activism. But. I see in a way that's most unusual. In my 60 years that. We're living in a moment when. We need young people to get active in order to challenge old ways of thinking and awaken. Us to new possibilities. Let. Me just conclude and ask this question, why, is youth, activism, on the uptick, now I have. An idea about why and my. Idea also points, out a way an important. Feature. Of the spirit, in which your activism, should, be expressed. If. I go back to the Book of Isaiah the. Lead-in to the verse that I read and a, little child shall lead them talks. About a time when quote, the wolf will dwell with the, lamb you probably, remember that phrase, of the leopard, with. The kid and the wolf with. The lamb and this. Is to be the moment of leadership by young people not every, moment but this. Particular, moment, it's. A moment about healing, and unity and togetherness it's, a moment when, it's necessary, to set aside old, fears, and rivalries. Thus. It's no surprise, that the, examples, of youth leadership I mentioned, Barbara John's the. Birmingham, Children's Crusade were. In the context, of promoting, equality in a divisive, time can. We bring people together and, that was. The moment when, young people stepped. Forward to lead and. I. Would argue the same about the Parkland students, while. There can and, are very legitimate differences. Of opinion about how to reduce gun violence and I I've, visited with, Parkland, students in my office who, themselves had, very different ideas about, what to do. The. Starting, point for all the students have been a unifying, principle, that. Every, adult should. Want our children to be safer. We. Live in a society, where, division, and polarization. Is pretty obvious. Politics. A divided. Media a whole, set of social circumstances. Seem to pull us apart, but. It's in that moment when. The Isaiah prophesy. Kicks in and the leadership of young people becomes. So necessary. Part. Of the ability that you have as young. People as young leaders is to, look at the adults, and ask us even demand of us that. We set aside petty. Differences and, pull, together our. Children. Pledge allegiance in, school rooms every day to a nation that's indivisible. Even as we adults often. Model. Behaviors. That are divisive. If. I'm right. About the meaning of the verse in Isaiah and my. Read of our history, and my, thoughts about this moment it, seems, as if leadership. By you our, young. People is most needed, when, division, and strife divides society. Because. It's your energy and your. Altruism and the, skills you gained by. The educational. Opportunities, you had that. Give you the power the unique power to. Heal division. And bring. About a peaceable, kingdom. So. Take this wonderful, experience. At read for the things you've learned and, the relationships. You've made and go. Into a divided. World that needs your leadership that.

Needs Your leadership now, more, than ever we expect. A lot from you but, more than expected, we, hope a lot from you because we need you to be at, your very best right, now thank. You so much for having me today and congratulations, to our graduates. Thank. You senator Cain at. Radford University we. Are honored to recognize individuals. Who. Embody the spirit of, the Highlander, family, and serve, it as an example, through tireless, efforts, and determination. To, make a difference, in other's lives, senator. Kaine through. Your public service and volunteer, efforts, your, career demonstrates, strength. Resiliency. And compassion. You. Have served your community, serve, the Commonwealth and our country, with great empathy, and dignity. Senator. Kaine and dr., Hemphill will you please both come forward. Senator. Cain in recognition, of your invaluable, lifetime. Achievements. Created. Through unyielding, commitment. Dedicated. Leadership and unwavering. Compassion. It is. Present, hem poles honor to, bestow upon you, the, Radford University. Presidential, medallion, for. Leadership, and service and may. You continue to work toward the greater good for all as the. Inaugural, recipient. Of this prestigious award you. Are establishing, a high bar for future recipients. At. This time I invite, rector. Mark Lawrence to, the podium. Good. Morning I, wish. You could see the beautiful scene from this perspective it's. Really. Really amazing. Well. Graduates, good morning and congratulations and. Welcome families, friends, faculty. Students. Alumni. Arab. Verde University, and Senator. Kaine thank. You so much for being here and congratulations. As. Rector. And on behalf of the entire Board, of Visitors it's. An honor and a privilege for me to, be, here today to bring congratulations. And provide. Well wishes, for your future, we. Are truly here to celebrate you. And your success, I know. I speak on behalf of, all members of the Board of Visitors when, I say, we. Are all blessed, to, be a part of the vibrant, exciting, and. Talented. Radford, family, and to. Be here today as a part of this celebration for. You the. Class of 2018. In. Fact. Following, last night's Graduate. Hooding ceremony. Some. Board members and I decided, to grab dinner and reflect. On our past year, as visitors. And the amazing, things occurring, on this campus. We. Found a quiet serene. Place. Some. Of you may have been there called, BTS and. I. Must say there was a lot of Highlander. Spirit in that place a. Lot. But. Seriously, that Highlander, spirit will serve you well in the next chapter of your life. We. Are committed to your success and, we, look forward to the many positive, contributions. You. Will make with your families, your, communities the. Commonwealth, of Virginia the, nation in the world the. Absolute, best part of our Board of Visitors experience. And I think I speak for all of our board, members is the. Time that we get to interact with you our, students, and your. Friends, who have preceded you as graduates, you. Constantly, amaze. Inspire. And often. Challenge us, we. Are confident, that as you move to the next step in your life's journey while. You may not know it now, you. Will find that this place and your. Experience, here have. Prepared, you very well. You're. Going to do amazing things and, make. Our world a better place now. My. Generation, may have had better music. And. I'll, bet your parents would agree with me on that. But. We will concede, that you're better prepared for the next step of your journey and. Remember. Wherever you go you're. In alumni and. Ambassadors. Of, Radford. University. Find. Ways to get back to. Your University, whenever you can and pave. The way for future Highlanders. And, one. Final request and, you heard it earlier please. Be sure to thank often.

Those. Who helped you along the way. Congratulations. And, best of, luck in the days ahead go, Highlanders. Thank. You. Now. It is the time you have been waiting for as we, recognize. The. Candidates, for graduation in, the Radford University, class of 2018, we. Ask that members of the audience please, remain seated degrees. Will be conferred after. All of our graduates, have been recognized. It. Is, my honor to, introduce the, College, of Visual and, Performing Arts. The. Department. Of art. Kyndra. Arthur, Edgehill. Anti. Victoria. Preston. Caitlyn. Marie, Thompson. Tyler. Stone. Prophet. Victoria. Lee Ann chasm, Otto Oh II. Allison. Born Johnson. Annie. Elizabeth. Don gaskey. Allison. Burke. Alessandro. Stampton. Hannah. Rose. Davis. Hope. And, Crawford. China. Jade. Matheny. Carroll. And. Lawrence. Hagar. Maggie. Gaffar. Reagan. Elizabeth. Brown. Mary. Elizabeth. Tippett. Allison. Nicole, a Mick. Justin. Albert. Frazier. Dylan. Odell, on down. Ellen. Rose, Hines. Stephen. Douglas, long. Haley. Victoria. Hammond. Jacqueline. Marie, Bryant. Alyssa. Jane. Feared. Margaret. Hathaway. Burge. Jordan. Tyler. Alexander. Stewart. Dylan. Wyatt, parks. Kelsey. Lynn. Sullivan. Cheyenne. Taylor, ruder. Rachel. Daniel. Hawkins. Hayden. King. Melissa. Crespo. Latifah. Marie sabot. Francis. Amelia. Buckley. The. Department, of Music. Julia. Katelyn Hartlage. Casey. Ryan, Welch. Caleb. Andrew, Linkous. Charles. Zachary, would. Rebecca. Florence. Swab. Marley. Grace, holiday. Cara. Lynn, Kaposi. Anneliese. Philip, own. Michael. J strange. Henry. Allen, Hoffman. Matthew. Bradley, white. The. Dca desert, cold. Heather. Jane. Eisenberg. Alexandre. Renet Hill. Kate. Elizabeth. Leonard. Elizabeth. And country. Charlotte. Ali's Hargis. Abby. Kristen. Kinney. Brian. Land, Wimmer. Elysia, P clinics. Key, cone the disc. Jamie-lynn. Jordan. Brandon. T Robertson. Megan. And Leroy. Cynthia. Lien, Flanagan, the. Department, of design. Sermon. Sermon. Alfred. Jr.. Allison. Lynn thaw. Kinzie. Taylor, Bowen. Maddisyn-rae. Register. Kaitlyn. Elizabeth. Windsor. Emma. Sammy, Schofield. Ashley. Natalie. Moses. Delaney. Faith, Bachand. Sara, Victoria. Ferguson. Caroline. Wilson's. Need. Mara. Denise. Shannon. Sequoia. Chantal. Boo yard. Joy. Selena, Downey. Tierney's. Cherise, Lowry. Chelsea. Brianna, Whitney. Carina. Jordan. Anger. Kendall. Lynn. Botkin. Madeleine. Rose para, Tori. Savannah. Lee, Drake. Danielle. Reg. Briggs. Jamie. Arlene, Evans. Sequoia. -, Neal Trotter. See. On Victoria. Lewis. Brown. Marquis. Leon. Williams. Mary. Kate Elizabeth. Mickelson. Natalie. Rose Catawba. Danielle. Lauren. Metzker. Sheldon. Joy, Bobby, and. Claire. Alexandra. Victoria. Marie, Brown. Tyler. Bess, occur. Carly. And, Manon. Christine. Marie, galley. Sarah. Madeline. Chauhan. Christina. Heartsick. Woodford. Sierra. Austin. Drury. Alexa. Murray, Luigi. Logan. Elizabeth. Peterson. Shantae. Cherise, Allen. Shanna. May pota, Cano Figueroa. And. Lynn. Wright. Tiffany. Lynn. Lancaster. Tiffany. Nicole. England. Maggie. W. Goodrich. Jenice. Rene, Sam, bola. Anna. Marie. Fed. Well. Olivia. To Laura, max Murphy. The. School of dance and theatre. Kelly. Kaitlin, Noah. Nicole. Janae. Damn, bro. Brianna. Delaney. Featherston. Victoria. Nikki. Denis. Michelle, urban. Victoria. And Unterberger. Catherine. Amelia, bursting. Amanda. G bar. Such. Gear. Larry. David, Ratliff. Benjamin. Edward Sherman. Sarah. Paige, Coleman. Rebecca. G, Haas. Kostina. Crowley. Die Scott, Richie. Ellen. Elizabeth, Yost. Eileen. Elizabeth. Yost, Megan. Danielle, and L. Jesse. Bishop. Andrew. Brian Addison. Christina. Marie Val, Yeti. Brittany. Nicole price. It's. My honor to introduce the Waldron. College, of Health and Human Services. You. Goal, of Nursing. Susan. And at Davis. Deja. Wheeler. Michaela. Marshall. Aiden. A med. Rebecca. Rove. Samantha. Santana, Miller. Amber. Perkins. Asia. Vinnie. Vinnie. Tonetta. Evette, woods. Rebecca. Aaron, Cox. Mary. Crowell. Danielle. Elizabeth. Stenson. Haley. Seidenberg. Nicole. Smith. Lauren. Dyson, guru. Julia. Rod. Karen. Taylor. Megan. Frederick. Kenna. Robertson. Cassidy. McCrory. Kelsey. Johnson. Jamie. McCoy. Samantha. Spada, Vecchia. Melina. Mitchell. /. Lee Wilson. Samantha. Clerk. Medicine. Rickard. Elizabeth. Callahan. Alexa. Rob. Vanessa. Calavera. Samantha. Carnera. Jocelyn. Amos. Mark. Fours. Tanner. Martin. Hayley. Burns.

Megan. Barry. Jenna. Slusher. Isabel. Botha. Kimberly. Perry. Cassidy. Ratliff. Kathleen. McCormack. Kayla. Garrett. Kimberly. Huber. Kelsey. Giberson. Christa. Gwen. Rachel. Overstreet. Natalie. Mitchell. Bridget. Prosser. Julia. Graham. Heather. Heard. Dorothy. Miller. Ashley. Gregory. Samuel. Barber. School. Of Social Work. Courante. Lamont, Jackson. Katara. Danielle, Braxton. Savannah. G calicoes. Amber. Are Beeler. Dana. Brooks, Prichard. Madison. Be Martin. Amanda. Dawn Andrews. Rita. Michelle, Altus. Terrica. Catrice Hairston. Camry. Lynch. Sara. M Etheridge. Rena's, Godot. Denisha, Renee, cook. Lindsey. Page Vaughn. Rebecca. Grace, wheeler. Shane. Blake Smith. Alexandra. Page Reese. Haley. Ruth Menapace. Kalyn. Nicole Barker. Lauren. Beatrice, Cordoba. Alison. Lucille, Childress. Diana. Janae, guy. Josie. Yvette Santos. Rebecca. Page. Duncan. Sierra. D. Danielle, SAR, bear. Kendall. Mayfield. Michaela. A farmer. A. Gianna. Oh Rowlands. Victoria. Alexandra. Ramsey. Simone. Kiera, Hodges. Tunisia. Monet. Reynolds. Casey. Lynn, stacks. Mallory. And daily. Alexandra. Age board. Caitlin. Joy Walsh. Jessie. Crowder the. Department. Of Physical Therapy. Dr.. Erica Deborah Abby. Dr.. Erica and Boggs. Dr.. Kelly Alvis Carter. Dr.. Lauren ashley Pahlavi. Dr.. Brittney Nicole Marshall. The. Department, of communication, sciences and disorders. Alyssa. Nicole, aardman. Maggie. Marie fry. Tesla. Higgins. Stephanie. And FLIR. Kelly. Marie, Takei, Oh. Carly. Brie Miller. Ashley. Alexandra. Atkins. Jessica. Lena Barry. Kaitlyn. Elizabeth. Deal. Kayla. Nicole, Crocker. Hannah. Louise, Franklin. Kaylee. Grace King. Desiree. Castle. Khaitan. Reedy. Shelby. Rose line, Barry. Raven. Nicole, Bishop. Susanna. May Dixon. Laura. Kathleen Shoei. Madison. Madison, st., Clair Lessman. Kayla. Elaine Collett. It. Is my honor to introduce the. Artist, College, of Science and Technology. You. Department. Of Chemistry Alex. At word. Hilary, Murray Drive wired. Alexandra. Lynne Hawks. Jasmine's. Here a Valentine. Monica. Why I will. Grab. Ello. Ty. Weeks have on Stuart. Well. Done Smith. The. Department, of anthropological, Sciences. Kimber. Grace cheek. Samantha. Fay rubbish. Nathan. Blair. Rebecca. Murray Titus. Jill. M Thompson. Kalea. Montana, Qiaodan. Kelsey. Briana noon Kester. Amanda. M Flint. Samuel. Alan Manning. Benjamin. Douglas Thompson. The. Department, of Geology. Zachary. Tyler Yates. Hunter. Cole Childers. Derek. Dueling. Adrian. Reader. Tevin. And henkins. Jacob. Gonzalez black. Himani. Panth. The. Department, of Biology. Christie. Nicole Clark. Makayla. E Beckner. Riley. Caps Harris. Cody. Gleeson. Celeste. Christine, charniak. Leah. Murray court. Lindsey. Catelyn goad. Kerry. Lynn Sexton. Jared. McKinley, cross. Amanda. Nicole blair-taylor. Nicole. Greenway. Katie. Jean Hinkle. Emily. Diane. Amos. Whitney. Lee clauser. Kayla. Easter, Hyatt. Alissa. Brianne Porterfield. Sierra. Nicole, noble. Arena. Jasmine. McAllister. Emanuel. Lukumi. Carly. Shears. Alicia. Bland. Andrea. Christensen. Megan. Maurice Stokes. Howard. Alexander, cam. Erin. More heart. Christopher. Dillon more. Joshua. Topo. Essence. Alexandria, Albert. Annaclaire. Fagan. Christy. Quinlan, do it, Kirstie, sorry, I did it Hayley. Paige burger. Gregory. Scott, Steve's. Rebecca. Jean stam. Sydney. Marie Schweich, Arden. Emily. Nicole Brammer. Davi. Honored, LeAnn love. Alex. Scott. Pepper. Phillip. Noel. Madison. Grace King. Kendall. And Noel Hirsch. Danielle. Seibert. David. Stebih and Eric, Chavez. Charles. Ibrahim. Joshua. Lee Turner. Carrie. Look. Jordan. Franklin, Smith. Luis. Carlos arias. Justin. Time Archer. Michael. Anthony Barrett. Samuel. Raymond, Stowers. Neil. Stuart McDonald. Ashton. Nicole Cloward. Bradley. Thomas, Martin. Devon. Rashad, Williams. Christopher. David Newman.

Lindsey. Alexandra. Graham. Abigail. Grace Malmberg. Eric. Thomas, Allen. Michaela. Fay at well. Haley. Elizabeth, Patterson. Mariana. Caroline, Greg Griggs. Jennifer. Anne widenar. Tyler. Martin. Kelly. Win. Kiana, Aaliyah Jenkins. The. Department, of geospatial, science. Hudson. Our chase. John. Morris, Mira. Daniel. Yoon. Cody. James Villa. Chuck. Reynolds frame. Alexandria, clip, nur. Robot. Michelle, a Curie. Colby. A Ryan. Andrew. Drama, cone. Daniel. O'Neill Lee. William. Andrews, tennis. Sorry. Jenna. Marie Foster. Nicholas. Charles, a burn itís. Brandon. Michael, smith. Thomas. Douglas, Burton. Myra. Brooks. Bailey. Landon, Terman. Evan. A Williams. James. F board. Rebecca. K, Stevens. Hannah. E graph. Holly. Gail Rendell. Riley. Jessie, J Edwards. Well. Done math creds. The. Department, of Information Technology, Michael. Brian Taylor. Bridget. Gala pause. Logan. Jokes, Joseph, Krauss. Troy. Foreman. David. Lee Roy Gibson, the third. Brian. James Etzel. Collier. Campbell, Christina. Connor. Frederickson, rice. Davon. Davis. Kaleo. Butler. Dance. Brown field. The third. Steven. Craig brain skom. Hojae. Janae, Bullock. Alexander. Matthew, ponderin. Andrew. Howard Gardner. Page. And Lud, Kirk. Stephen. Leverett, Rollins. Christopher. Daniel, Jordan. Fill, valve Jo. Isaac. W in love. In, cigar. Turnbill. Sabrina. Nicole Ramona. Do. We Milton the third. Tremont. Christopher, Haga. Jason. Longley. Tyron. Kaleo, Barnes, Dupree. Russell. Charles, Dixon. Cassidy. Raised sowards. Harry. Allen, Frank jr.. Michael. David, Powell. Jackson. Robert Knoll. Joshua. Early. Cameron. Patrick, Tatem. Towel. A. Towel. Fahd. Windham. Adams. Nasir. Sindhu. Christina. And words. Michael. Sharia. Mitchell. Harris. Jr.. Carl. Franklin, Franklin. Sampson. Samisen. Richard. Howard Beach jr.. Brandon. Michael Phillips. Cena. Beck Laval. Isaac. Burn, Hutchinson. Messer, Rick cowers. That's. An in, Burma. Dali. As. Am, Holly. Taste. La ceiba, per, se, abre. Aqui. Lou cachet. Benjamin. Doran, flinger. She. Be Sh. Rabia. Department. Of Physics, Tristan. Blackwell. Ross. Robertson. It, is my honor to, introduce the, College of Education and, Human Development. You. Apartment. Of recreation, Parks and Tourism April. Fish shell for, cows, Brianna. Jalisa Jackson. Alexis. Brianna Thompson. Amber. Sheree, Hairston. Brooke. The call you bank. Kelsey. Lynn short. Terrianna. DKC. Mega. And Ramos, just. Govern, a Roth II Michaela. Camille, Morgan. J, Murrey Morgan. Breanna. Cold ham. Jessica. Nicole Hudson.

Mikayla, And sorrell, Oakland. Lindsey. T Faulkner. Andrew. Wallace patent. Britney, ray Throckmorton. Marissa. Taylor, Midgley. Cassidy. Brooke McDaniel. Shandra. Autumn, Goodson. Tiffany. And folks. Are. Me dawn era would. Amanda. Beth Bailey. Aaliyah. Rose Valdez. Carly. M Glasscock. Megan. Ashley Dunning, Adriana. Gonzalez. Muchacho. Grace. Elizabeth McKnight. Lindsey. Morgan Stansfield. Robyn, Skylar, Foley. Victoria. Elizabeth Perry. Russell. Brian, Smith Jr. Mariah. Elizabeth. Mariah, Israel, debris. Alexis. M Claybourne. Kellyanne. Congruous. Loga. And Amory Martin. James. Robert Ruffner. Riley. Steven, graves. Bailey. Robertson, bean. Bevers. Gregory. Allen Toma. Jared. Carson Haga. Brittany. Michele Ritter. Edward. Miles Whitmore, Harbin. Mitchell. Alan Bentley. Taylor. L Blanton. Dominique. Lecce. Ridley. Adi. M our reef Fame. Ellis. At Virginia Fernandez. Jennifer. Christine, Thompson. Benjamin. L Vickers. Laura. Danielle, Keely. Abraham. Martin McKinney. Sarah. Gabriel, who d. Alexandra. Catherine Ashley. Nicole. J, Herrera. Kendra. Page Hawes. Shannon. Maria Mariah, curly. Reagan. Nicole, Google is. Sarah. And Hart. Marshall. Russell Jenkins. Nicole. Nicholas. Gregory. Ketchum. Ian. Thomas. James learner. There. We go. The. Department, of Health and Human Performance. Mr.. Mack hold away. Miss. Tiara Jimmy's Lucas. Alexander. Rudolph Robbins. Mr.. Jordan Delaney Epperly. Stevie. Nicole Sifford. Kathleen. LeAnn, Herman. Miss. Carolyn, Elena, Clary. Scattering. Warren. Marilyn. Kelly Whittaker. Luke. Thomas Ashworth. Joshua. James Vaughn. Mr.. James Benjamin scales. Meghan. D Sigmund. Ashton. Lanie Davis. Mr.. Luke Blevins. Ronald. James, Smith. Mr.. Phillip Steven, cash. Mr.. Spencer. Steven, Varner. Harrison. Baden Adams. Nathan. S longer. Beam. Thora. May Stickney. Jerrica. Murray Mingo. Mr.. Jacob East. Mr.. Joseph, Donald Miller. Is. Bailey, Reed Washburn. Mr.. Stephen Thomas Luka wits. Mr.. Christian Andrew Wallace. Okay. Mr. heavens Montgomery. Mr.. Timothy wit. This. Anya Theodora, Hepburn. Miss. Kira Bonnie. Mayfield. Miss. Vanessa Nunez. Miss. Bethany Lynne Brown. Cheyenne. Phone Davis. This. Megan Renee farmer. Miss. Abigail and, Punk 'some. Miss. Brittany, marie mills, hashtag, fire. Miss. Karlie grace pope. Miss. Kelly marie Hartman. Hashtag big fire. It's. Meghan Sorrell D ATC. Mr. Hayden Douglas, birch. Miss. Rachel leigh in Clarkston. Miss. Holly K Rader hashtag, ATC. Miss. Briana Francis, Terry. Miss. Shan a Westry. Miss. Janek WA Keanu Ashton. Miss. Carolyn, Gibson. Miss. Taylor Thomas. Miss. Jessica Master. Cynthia. Alexis, vanassa. Miss. Chelsea Townsend. The. Stasia Bonet Calloway. Mr.. Stephen Kyle Marshall, bring. The rain with. Savannah Adrian, Patton. Mr.. Collins Blake Mullins. Miss. Megan marie sullivan. Miss. Melissa and Nichols. The. Savannah lien Ludwig. Miss. Taylor Bertrand. Miss. Danielle, Rock. Mr.. Wyatt Austin, Underwood. Miss. Megan Lynn 1s co-owned, ESCO. Miss. Bryer Marie Cote. Miss. Morgan Danielle Wyatt. Miss. Jennifer Helen, cook. Miss. Emily page Wales. Alexandra. Ray Harris. Miss. Courtney Burton. Miss. Alea, bercovich. I love. Bercovich, please ila. Miss. Lauren Sigmund. Miss. Meredith Shay Brubaker. Mr.. Zachary, Thomas, Manuel. Mr.. Chorus ray Tolar. Miss. Brittany Blanco. Miss. Brittany feko. Miss. Kaeleen Michelle moon. Miss. Hannah Hancock. Miss. Anna Jade Burton. Mr.. Tyler, Shawn Porter. Miss. Kendra Lyn bolt. The. Sadhana cheek. Miss. Lauren, Bush miss. Christie Brazil. Olivia. Madison. Mr.. John Rolfe Flanagan. Miss. Sarah Peck. Miss. Mason Murray Dylan. Mr.. Rashad Harris. Miss. Jasmine Renee Jones. Mr.. Teja Shaniqua, Davis. Mr.. Kam Blake Taylor. Mr.. Harrison, be huge. Mr.. Tyler CAD. Mr.. Zachary at would. Go. Which way mr., Dre Maurice, Tillery. Okay. Miss, Maddie Miller, white. Miss. Ursula, Jane said zip dope. Mr.. Zachary wayne Harrison. Mr.. Evan gearheart. Mr.. Drew Christopher, Kavanagh, miss. Ashley Morgan. Lucas. Mr.. Kobe Dane Johnson. Miss. Me Lea Michele Martin. Mr.. Kevin Andrew or Theodore. Mr.. Curtis Wade Kennedy, the, fourth. Mr.. Eric Michael Williams. Scaler. Murray Nash. Mr.. Zachary, Martin, York. Mr.. Carlton, Brandon. And fair be. Brianna, Coleman. Missed. Asia, Booker. Good. Marty, ax pain. Looks. Familiar miss, Marte, pain. Miss. Ashley Nicole Haynes. Miss. Khloe Alice, Brownlee. Miss. Morgan, Elizabeth, fielding. Miss. ELISA and, Holland.

The. School of teacher education, and leadership. Autumn. Nicole Dishman. Catalina. Edith, Lopez. Emily. Mcmillian. Ashley. Brielle, Cochran. Tiffany. Manning. Rebecca. And Alan. Irene. Nicole the Bell. Valerie. Nicole, Wallace. Nicole. Christina. : tez. Sarah. Paige, cutlet. Shana. Lead Carol. Maiko. Elmore. Allison. Brooke Gilbert's. Nanette. Vaughn Baker. Christina. Maria, de. La lo. Tucker. Danielle. Abshire. Janel. Furman. Jenamae. Mullins. Blakely. Kogan our. Meredith. Linwood's. Allison. Nicole Rudisill. Brittany. Lynn Campbell. Alison. Page Toller. Rebecca. Joe Bruton. Erin. Elizabeth, tryam. Emily. Shas. Kathryn. Lyndell, Grande. McKenzie. Lynn Ziegler. Emily. Erin Prince. Alexander. And, Nicole Lange. Brock. Andrew, Adams. Rachel. Christine mole. Payton. Leigh Saunders. Katie. Lauren smith. Madison. Kate Simonis. Kayla. Elizabeth. Triano. Jessica. Ann johnson. Delano. Renee, Dooley. Mallory. Ellen, Tanner. Cassady. Kaitlyn, heart shot. Just. Lina, Tatyana Santos. Jamie. Leah keen. Leslie. Renee angle. Jordan. Gray Bolin. Courtney. Grace Conroy. Caitlyn. Marie Whitehead. Kelsey. Leanne SAP. Morgan. Elizabeth, Cox. Bailey. Octavia. Chandler. Cydney. Michele Crossan. Alexis. Georgeanna, Brown. Lindsay. II Tigerettes. Karissa. And Hayden. Hayley. Nicole, ruble. Katherine. And Turner. Tabitha. Renee Nelson. Ashley. Cheyenne, ISIL. Ashley. Nicole Carol. Betsy. Renee Doss. Rachel. Lynn beard. Natalie. Erin Taber. Married. On Mays. Lindsay. Michelle bars. Zoey. Foul Stevenson. Maria. And Downey. Caitlyn. Marie Haynes. Courtney. Marie yato. Brittany. Amber, Spencer. Rachel. Miller simmers. Brittany. Jade Williams. It. Is my honor to introduce, the. College, of Business and, Economics. You. The Department, of accounting and finance, and business law. Ivn. Our ball. Helen. Katherine Dawson. Three. Anna Nicole, Monroe Gregory. Archie. Wilbur dibond. Nicholas. George Lehman. Gue. Straw bail, Flores. Lee. Morgan Frasier. Ryan. Col David. Tristan. Kreger. Cheyenne. Our bolt. Alicia. Lynne Reese. Nicholas. Campbell, ARF. Eric. Priest. Matthew. Burton home. Igor. Ponyo bitch. Nathan. Burr green. Putter. Darren. Kevin. Joseph Stafford. Sergio. Martinez. Autumn. Elizabeth, all's. Celia. Joanna Blankenship. Ian. Thomas Morgan. Kenton. Alexander. Wilson. Richard. Lee, Stansbury. Andrew. Steven, Pienaar. Michael. Tyler Lowry. Adam. Drove Garf Allah. Christopher. Oaks tomahto. Angela. Joanie Renee Reed. Danielle. Eugene's, at Pedraza. Joseph. Walter, Hudson. Jason. Patric Crosby. Connor. Alexander. Williams. Victor. Alexander, Padilla.

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Joshua. Andrew Darden. Joshua. Thomas Romano. Gina. Maria. Miguel. Ian. Morgan. Marie sharee. Leo. T. Ana.k Davis. Katherine. Norman. Austin. Lee Smith. Tyler. Marine, a marine. Dalton. Kitchen. William. Ransom. Nicole. Tanya, Taryn. Jeana. Lynne, huff. Callie. McLean militant. Taylor. Gomez. Corey. New, Newberry. Taylor. Madison, Brown. Brunette. Wade. Benjamin. Brett Elvis. Andrew. Sherwood keys. Sean. Luke Phillips. Claudia. Provider, Padilla. Jordan. J2e. Mitchell. Thomas, Pacino. James. Brian Raines. Cori. James Nemeth. The. Department, of Economics, Benjamin. Robert, RP. Filmin. Gillard. Use. Jonah. William, Clark. Michael. Dwayne Harris. K. Co a dell, brian. Cabell cerruti. Benjamin. Brendan, Gerard. Fiona's, shaky, Benga. Kylie. Anna Knutson. Called. Matthew Keesler. J. Christopher mas. Rachel. Emily Warwick. Joseph. Cloud Dobbins. Ryan. Anthony, bustling. Zachary. James Crawford. Jordan. Douglas, Ewbank. Steve. And Daniel Roman. Carson. Lloyd women. Tyler. Bryce and Mullins. Colonists. Molly. Here's. My honor to, introduce the. College, of Humanities and behavioral, sciences. You. Dean. Scholar, Julia, Makayla Kelly. Alicia. Lynn Cardwell. Nina. Sam, Williams. Jessica. Wyoming. More. Vainly. Alexandria. Hickel. Robert. S Pringle. Justin. Tyler, Smith. Rosalia. Lapa. Piccolo. Glen. Carmichael. Cassandra. Lynn Mitchell. Jessica. Lauren Kirby. Page. Geisler. Misty. Eat Garcia. Daryl. Keith, Waller. Brittany. L Johnson. Alyssa. Kylene, lon. Lauren. Nicole. Bro. Adrian. Elizabeth. Magette, came. Emily. LR Mullins. Taran. Stanley. Hanna. Holiday. Emily. Rose, schemes. Adam. McKay. Beland. Jonathan. David, Ward. Justin. Cat will. Matthew. Daniel, Johnson. And. Shay, Walters. The. Department, of Criminal Justice. Carolyn. And keavy. Megan. Elizabeth DeHart. Rachel. Elise, Neff. Lakeisha. Regina, Williams. Crystal. See Thomas. Jack. Way L was. Imani. Michelle, Robinson. Kayla. Joelle, Wiggins. Asia. Rene, Marshall. India. Jasmine. Neville. Patrice. Jayla, Malone. China. Alexis. Davis. Gabriela. Lucas. Shall. Be Rene Oliver. Lauren. Gabrielle. Robinson. Kayla. Dawn, Schrader. Kristen. Nicole, Morris. Taylor. Michael Bell. Elaine. A bane. Austin. Brendan's. Caloric. Michael. Anthony. Nosaka. Daniel. S fake. Oleg. Ivanovich talansky. Michael. Conrad, Jenson. Jose. Ray : gates. Jack. David, Meredith. William. Tanner fix. Tyler. Andrew. Athey. Chris. Muak. Trent. Giuliani, Markey. Nathaniel. Caleb, Grove. Daniel. Thomas Puckett. McKinley. Dalton, garland. Nicholas. Stephen, Brown. Caitlyn. Elizabeth, Reeves. Milady's. Marine, mal Dona dog. Shawn. Piazza, caps. Megan. Joe in Demetrius. David. Tyler brace key. Katherine. Nicole Kremen. Christopher. Michael Haney. Jordan. Natalya every. Up, Aviana. Green. Maggie. Lin, balls. McKenna. Joe, banks. Abigail. May Davenport. Brandon. Are Navarrete. Brian. Austin, walls. Siren. Maleic Phillips, a. Bell. Zachary, zecharias. Brandon. Thomas Kennedy. Lucky. Sebastian. Trexler. Sara. Elizabeth. Catrin. Kerry. Reagan. Tomlinson. KTM. Haines. Lauren. Taylor more. Rachel. And Odin. Kyle. Martin. Pulver. Ryan's. Urkel. Matthew. Phillip Chapman. K, Dallas. Gravity. Leanne. Celine Mullin. Natalie. Brooke Tachi. Lauren. Christine, Hale. Shannon. Michelle, Arceneaux. Item. Michelle, Rhee's Bonnie. Kayla. Sierra, a bid. Jonathan. N Baxter. David. Andrew, Weddell. Jada. Renee, worthy. Osmond. @eo Ronquillo. Morgan. Michelle Brown. Tracy. Perez, Vaughn. Dexter. Do it Dowling. Jessica. Pento, Lima. Danielle. Sivan, pompe. Cowie. An O'Connell. William. Lee, would McLeod. Bradley. Noted Jacomo. Daniel. Roger further. Christopher. Tyler, Purvis. Adam. Jackson, Turk.

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Jawanda, Davenport. Saw. Neww. Diallo. Elena. Marie Fanning. Janae. Lelache white. Erica. And Peters. President. Hemphill and members of the board visitors upon. The recommendation. Of all, of the deans at Radford University I, nominate. These candidates, for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor. Of Business Administration, Bachelor. Of Fine Arts Bachelor. Of music. Bachelor of. Science, Bachelor, of. Bachelor. Of Science, in Nursing and, Bachelor of. Social, Work. Dr.. Colley by, the authority, vested in me by the Radford University, Board of Visitors as president, I hereby. Formally confer, upon. Each degree candidates, together. With their fellows in absentia who have been certified by the faculty as. Having, successfully. Completed the prescribed. Requirements. Bachelor. Of Arts Bachelor. Of Business Administration, Bachelor. Of Fine Arts. Bachelor. Of music, Bachelor. Of. Science, Bachelor. Of. Science in Nursing. And. Bachelor of, Social Work degrees. For. Which they eligible, accordingly. You are invested with all of the privileges and responsibilities. Appropriate, to that degree and at, this moment become, alumni, of Radford University. Congratulations. Now. It is customary, that you move your tassel, from the right to the left signifying, that you've earned your baccalaureate, degree. Congratulations. Congratulations. Please be seated please be seated I. Promise. You three more minutes. The. First of all good afternoon once, again and I. Appreciate, you hanging in there on this beautiful Highlander. Day truly. Commencement. Is truly a wonderful time to. Reflect on the past celebrate. The present, and anticipate. The future and to commits really means to begin to, embark on a new project, or journey and you're, certainly doing that today as. Each of you contemplate, the unique journey ahead of you I would like to view to think about the vital role that an educated, person plays in our society, you're. Among the most fortunate people in one of the most fortunate countries on earth and because. Of the special status that you hold as they educated, person, others. Will look to you for leadership, and. I'm confident, that they will find in you what, they find in so many Radford, University, graduates, and that, is a heartfelt, commitment to public service and social, justice the. Values of education goes so far beyond. The preparation, for a career it develops. Our ability, to make good judgments and, to listen with, both a critical ear and an, open mind it, is the role of an educated person those. Who seek knowledge and, develop superior thinking, skills it is, their role and responsibility. To support people and champion, ideas of substance, and to, reject loudly that. Which is artificial. Hypocritical. Or self-serving. So. Whether your career takes you into the classroom, the, newsroom, the, hospital, room or the boardroom I hope, that you will take your Highlander, values with you values. Of service to others about above, all else and a commitment, to justice for all members, of our society, every. Career and every life contains, the opportunity, to serve even. At the highest levels, of our chosen fields. We can be what some have called servant. Leaders when. We are true to the ideals of our calling when we weave service, into the fabric of our lives it doesn't matter whether we're teaching in front of a classroom or, providing, patient care in that hospital room are performing, on a stage we. Can still maintain our, commitment, to serve, finally. I urge you to make education, a lifelong, pursuit you will need to update your knowledge base and stay current in today's high-tech marketplace. But, beyond that you. Will contribute more meaningfully, in your role as parents, partners. Community. Leaders if you put a premium on continuing, your own personal, and intellectual. Growth and I. Know that this group of graduates, not only has the potential to meet these expectations but, exceed them please. Know that like everyone here I'm immensely. Proud of each of you and as, your membership, in the Radford family, evolves, with today's transition, from, student to alumni that. Pride will continue to grow in the years to come so congratulations. To each of you once again. Now. I want to make sure that you join me in expressing once, again a genuine, sense of gratitude to a group of very special, people for, several semesters now they have worked with you as you pursued your educational, goals they've, invested, in your lives please. Join me in acknowledging our, outstanding, faculty that, are sitting to my left as, well as on the stage to. Knowledge our faculty one more time. Let. May I take this opportunity, to express to all the parents, spouses children family.

And Friends the gratitude and appreciation that. We feel for your loyalty, and support over the years we, understand, that these folks would not be sitting here in these seats if we're not for you and all of your support so, our family members please stand as you're able and allow the graduates, to salute you. Now. Finally. Graduates. Says you've expressed gratitude to, your faculty parents. And supporters, I would, ask that you consider one more bit of recognition and, that's recognition, for your University, your, alma mater you're now graduates, of one of the finest, universities in the country and yes. And. Without. Question, your, degree from Rapid University, will take you far as far, as you want to go and we, ask now that you do your part in helping to maintain the practical, value of that, degree and uphold. The ethical values for which it stands when. You leave this campus today I want, you to ponder five commitments, that you can make to your alma mater in the years to come as. A proud rapid university graduate, you should remain committed, to the principles, of service and inclusion, as a. Proud Radford, University, graduate, you should share your Highlander, pride and encourage others to do likewise and. As a proud Radford, University, graduate you should continue your relationship, with your university, as an active, and engaged alumni, maybe, when it gives back as well as. A. Proud Radford, University, graduate you should do what you can to put in education, within reach of other talented, prospective, students and finally. As a proud Radford, University, graduate, you should uphold the, Radford family's, commitment, to lifelong learning and personal, growth. So, as these commencement exercises draw to a close I wish each and every one of you best wishes for, a happy prosperous. And, successful life, thank, you for allowing us the privilege of working with you and thank. You for choosing Radford. University, god bless each of you and go Highlanders thank, you. Ladies. And gentlemen, we ask that you please stand for the singing of the alma mater by the Radford singers, and remained standing during, the recessional, after. The alma mater the platform, party will recess, followed, by our students, thank you.

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