Radreise Altmühltal-Radweg, Tag 2 von 3, Altmühlsee bis Kipfenberg

Radreise Altmühltal-Radweg, Tag 2 von 3, Altmühlsee bis Kipfenberg

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The time now is 7:45 AM. We start at the hotel. We start a little earlier today because we have our corona test in Treuchtlingen (30 km) at 10 a.m. So we have to cover about 30 km in 2 hours. And we also want to have breakfast. The weather is still rainy. But in the course of the day it should get better. Here is a beach with DLRG lifeguards.

This time I can do it on my own. I have gloves with me. Gunzenhausen center. That looks a lot like a baker with a cafe.

Perfect, cool. You see Mario in his almost complete rain outfit. He wears the rain pants and the rain jacket.

He didn't put on the overshoes for his shoes. This is also the first time that I have been wearing the pants for a long time. It's really okay, doesn't get wet. Keep the camera straight.

Yes, I was just scared because of the dog that hopped in our direction. Here is the 1. FC Aha 1976 eV Anne is not yet wearing any rain gear. I have the rain jacket on. Yes, that's right. But no pants.

I am also surprised this morning how many layers you can wear while cycling and still it doesn’t get too warm. Have you ever had your rain pants on? No, I haven't had them on yet. Owned for more than a year, but not yet used. Yes okay, once. But there, for whatever reason, we didn't wear her. If you look at us like that, you might think the sun is coming out, right? This is our route for today. We drive from the Altmühlsee to the campsite in Kipfenberg. That is approx. 105 km.

You can access the route via my Komoot profile in the video description. Anne was just about to have to drive in my slipstream. Now it looks like this. Muddled. A dalmatian inverted. We have arrived at the thermal baths. It's 9:56 a.m. This is a precision landing for our corona test.

I would guess that the testing is done here. Altmühl Vital in Treuchtlingen. My test has already been taken, Anne is inside now. She took care of the bikes for so long. And they look pretty dirty now. Pretty muddy.

We already knew why we didn't clean the bikes before the tour. We're going on now. We are both tested. We will receive the results by email in the next few minutes.

It is 10:23 a.m. and 73 km are still ahead of us. So it's a total of 105 km. And it tickled my nose a lot. What are you saying? And it tickled my nose a lot.

It tickled my nose a lot. I have the impression that the first kilometers to Treuchtlingen were rather dreary and now it's going to be really nice. I got the test result and I am negative.

We still have to look at Anne. But she has already been vaccinated twice. We are not expecting a positive result here. We're going to a small island.

What is with the? Is she sleeping there? Yes, she sleeps. It was cool. I didn't see the head at all. She must have had earplugs in and sleeping glasses on. I should be able to understand that. You are already in your own world. You make me very dirty! It's starting to rain. The first drops are coming.

Anne doesn't have rain pants on yet. Let's see how it develops in the next few minutes. It rained really hard for 2 to 3 minutes. But there was a suitable bus stop. Five minutes later: We are at a bus stop and the sun is shining again.

We just got a coffee and in the meantime Anne has put on her rain pants. I think I'll take them off right away. This is a passenger bank. We thought that was really funny. Here you can choose where you want to go. You have four choices. We go on again and get on again.

Now I have another shift on. Now it's raining. Exactly. It's good that I didn't take off my rain pants. There was just the sign of the Eichstätt district. Here the incidence has long been below 100. Indoor catering is possible again.

Yes, I also believe that it was possible here again. That is also the keyword. The time now is 11:50 AM.

We already have 52 km, 54 km are left. Then let's see if we can get something to eat in the next town. Since we just ate the second piece.

Yeah okay, maybe we'll wait another hour. Now comes the hammer mill. The campsite is pretty full. No, I don't go on singing. I wanted to document the raindrops on your glasses.

Mario is now also out and about with the shoe covers. Alpe Adria Day 2, 2.0 Yes, exactly.

If the weather isn't great. Today even with wind. We can only hope that where we camp it hasn't rained as much as it did here.

At noon we went to the Hirschenwirt and the weather got better. The break is over. Can you imagine that it was raining earlier? No right? The wheels look hot and it's just as hot now. It is 2:10 p.m. and there are still 34 km to the campsite in Kipfenberg. 1,005 km! The first 1,000 km on this bike.

19.5 km to Kipfenberg. And Anne? Are you ready to go camping? Now more again. OK that's good. Me too. If the clouds don't come back there How is the situation? Wet. Your mood was already better.

What's happening? I know you differently. You know me differently. You're having the quiet moment after the rain, right? Exactly.

That's okay. We're doing a sound test right now. We have our microphones on again. We are 3.8 km from the campsite and are just driving through a forest with up and down.

And then we'll be right there. The campsite can be seen straight ahead. I've already brought water with me. He recommended with me to go back there where the bench seats were because of the bicycles and electricity. There is a campsite and there is a power box.

We should see if the place is free. And if not, we can look elsewhere for something. To what extent anywhere else? Because they are all standard parking spaces. If one is free, you can get on it. It is not possible to reserve a specific space. There are also these bike lodges. But we didn't choose that because we need electricity. But it will be interesting for others.

He probably meant this power box. How do you find it? Yes it’s good. Then we also have the proximity to the benches back there. In sight of the tent and the bicycles.

Since it will be a bit colder today, I have my new, warmer sleeping bag with me. The previous sleeping bag fit into this pack sack as normal. There was even room for slippers. The new sleeping bag is much bigger. But I compressed it.

I'll show you a comparison of both sleeping bags. So the new one would of course never fit in the pack sack. So I bought a compression bag. This is the one with four such compression straps.

This allows me to compress the sleeping bag so that it fits in here. It's still a bit tight then. But it fits. Then I'll be curious to see whether it will do me a warming service. We have now set up the tent. I can briefly show what it looks like from the inside.

I sleep up here, Anne back there in her new sleeping bag. We cleaned the bikes a bit for the next day. Here we load the various things, such as cell phones, cameras, microphones.

Via this 5 cube with the 5 meter extension cable. That goes into the distribution box, into the CEE adapter and we have number 12. Electricity was included in this standard course.

Okay, then we'll have a shower and cook afterwards. It was delicious. We didn't have to add seasoning either. Eaten everything, nice and simple. Pasta with tomato sauce.

Yes, good mood food. I am happy. I can put the power cord in the tent. Everything loads, tent and we make our round about the campsite.

The day today was of course really blatant, with that back and forth. After the first rain we thought it was over. But no, more rain came. We're really lucky tonight. It's dry.

The campsite is really cool. Yes, very big and pleasant. Very new sanitary facilities and the entire building is relatively new. We were also lucky with the tent and the electricity. That fits. This is the tent field on the other side. Nothing going on. Now we're going back along the river.

Here we end the rest of the day. And we say good night, see you tomorrow! See you tomorrow, ciao!

2021-07-13 22:59

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