Random Walking Tour in Hanoi City 2018 | VIETNAM WALK

Random Walking Tour in Hanoi City 2018 | VIETNAM WALK

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Good afternoon everyone it's Cory here I'm a few, blocks away from my house here in Hanoi and I. Kind of wanted to walk around because it's a really beautiful day we've. Been experiencing, massive heat waves and tons, of rain for July, and a, lot of August, but, now that it's September. About. Two days ago the weather broke and so, it's actually about 27. Degrees Celsius, instead, of 38. Or 39 degrees, Celsius. And so, I'm able to actually like walk around for a little bit longer than usual and. Film. It for you guys this time now I'm. Still gonna be sweaty but it, just feels so nice. There's a cool breeze coming through here so let's. Go walk around guys. So. It's about 12 p.m., right now it's lunchtime just, started, so a lot of people are, you. Know heading. Out of the office gonna eat lunch go. To cafes, and chill for a bit do, the Vietnamese. Yes to our and. Yeah. It's Monday, afternoon. And. I. Haven't done a walk like this for, you guys on the video. But. Um if. You've been following my social media and Instagram, and stuff like that you'll, know that I was, posting some updates about why I haven't been making videos. Recently. But. Wow. Sorry. I got distracted look at all these koi fish that is beautiful. Hey. Guys. Safa. Pot, restaurant. Very. Cool architecture. Reminds, me of a resort I. Want. To go swimming in the head it looks so inviting. Anyway. The point of this is that I've, been doing photo walks I haven't. Really been taking video recently. Just. Haven't been up to it but. You. Know going on these photo walks around Hanoi, it's. Inspired. Me again. To start filming. Just walking videos for you guys and. Yeah. The weather oh it's so night you're like I wish you guys could feel this breeze it, reminds me of Hawaii, you. Know Hawaii could be around you. Know between 85, and 90, degrees, Fahrenheit. All year round but. They have the wonderful, trade winds, keeps. It nice and cool blows all the humidity and heat out and so. That's exactly what this feels like right now. So let's scope out. Just. Some of the cool architecture, some of the cool features of, this part of the city. If. You guys seen my recent. Instagram post I posted this pink building here with the beard Papa's on the first floor. I'm. Gonna cross this way, try not to die in. The process. All, right. Check, out this place. Huge. Yeah, we're kind of near D, Anquan lake hope, I said that right probably. Not. The. Flakes rip, up my house about, two blocks away I don't. Come here often enough but. It's pretty chill a lot of cafes a lot of dudes fishing, a lot. Of shade, trees. Daily. Life and Vietnam guys. These. Jumble of wires. So here's a really cool temple. Let's go take a look. Briefly. Nice. Nice. And quiet. Seems, people, are inside praying. I'm not gonna bother them, by. Going in there and filming. But. I did want to show you this jackfruit. Tree. Look. At this jackfruit just hang in here. Very, nice. All. Right let's continue to walk. Oh ho, ho this, little boy has styrofoam, statically. Stuck to his head. Is. It or no it's, piece of gosh okay. Maybe he's hurt I think. He had stitches or something I thought. It was a piece of white styrofoam, just like statically, clinging, to the back of his head, that. Would have been plenty but, it. Actually was. Gauze. So, over here we have a. Part. Of the lake.

There's. A guy barber, shop here. Yeah. Not the cleanest, body of water. But. You definitely see guys fishing here all the time I don't know if if, they actually eat the fish I'm gonna assume they do. But. This waters pretty foul. And, I think that's one of the unfortunate things about a lot of places in Vietnam it's really beautiful you. Know water is always beautiful but then a lot of the bodies of water that I've seen, are. Just really, polluted there's just, no, way I'm gonna even put my toe in there. You'll. Probably get, like hepatitis, or some kind of septic, shock just from going in there. But. Yeah. Surprise. There's no guys fishing here usually there's a whole bunch of them right under this tree in, the. Shade and just fishing like right here. So. I grabbed motorbike, driver chilling, out in the shade on his motorcycle. Yeah. I want to look closer, just a little bit so, you could see there's like plastic, and it just looks like really, gross but. You can see a lot of like minnows and stuff in there. I'm not exactly sure what's, that. Building, right there. But. I know there's a restaurant on that little island thing that sticks out as well in the lake. Now. There's some guys fishing let's, go check them out. Across, the street there's a pretty, big like botanical. Garden kind of a place. I've. Never been in it but I've. Seen a lot of people coming in and out of there and you. Know it's one of the major, like. Garden. Parks of the city. Here. Let's go look at these guys. Yeah. So there's the restaurant, across the way, there's. Just some guy suspicions right there. Well. I don't want to walk around the lake this way I kind of want to go back more into. Where. All the buildings and stuff are. This, direction. Kind. Of get into the thick of it you know. I think, it makes for a much more interesting video don't get me wrong parks are beautiful I love, seeing parks, loved. Walking in parks but uh. Yeah, you guys are probably watching this to see what other. Parts of Vietnam look like right other parts of Hanoi. I want, to cross the street. But, they're about to go. All, right now's my chance to, go. Where. That van comes. A broken-down. Car. They. Don't see too many broken-down cars. Like. Can we take a peek into the park I can't. Really see it very well from here. What I want out. Well this is place it's, a fitness center with, some tennis courts. How big these trees are. Super. Cool very, shady. Love. It. Oh yeah, there's some treadmills and stuff. This, is a thing that I discovered the other day when walking around on my photo walk, I, had, no idea that this is here. But, this is a, circus. There's, a frickin circus like, two blocks three blocks from my house I had, no idea. Until. The other day although. I do see some sad things in this photo like bears, and. Pigs. And other animals. For. Being. Used for human entertainment, I'm. Not one to support those kind of things. But. They have that cool what. Is this. This. Is where those people climb on. The outside, of it while it spins. Anyway. So. If you're wondering if there's a circus in Hanoi you. Know the answer is yes. And now we're getting back into the thick. Of it up, here. Buildings. Traffic. Alleys. Interesting. Things. So, the goal of this video there there really is no actual, goal if something just after what the streets and. Buildings look like for you guys you, know this is a Vietnam walk video. You. Know I don't have a set like root in my mind of where I'm gonna go I'm just kind of randomly, going places and, seeing. What I see, but. Instead of taking photos and just capturing, it with the GoPro here, hopefully. It turns out all right for you guys. Even, though there is that cool breeze I mentioned earlier that Sun is still baking hot. Like. I'm not drenched in sweat yet but I'm definitely. We feel the sweat, starting, to come. Now. If you've seen my. Previous walking. Video of the Train Street where, I actually saw, the Train. It's. Right there right where that green. Little Miata. Looking car or whatever that is um.

Right. There at the train crossing and that is the southern, Train, Street there. I want to say there's two train streets in Hanoi that are worth checking out. North. Of the hanoi railway station, and south. With the hanoi railway station and, that. Little part over there is south, and there's. Also a really cool alley that goes through a marketplace and stuff so if you want to see what that looks like check, out the. Link right, here or, in, the description box down below you. Can go check that out see what that's like to walk through there and see. All the cool little things. Yeah so right now we're just walking parallel, to the train track whether. That's going southbound it, goes all the way to Saigon. Way. In the south, the. Whole stretch, of, Vietnam. Because, of the parking I can't walk on the sidewalk so I do have to walk kind of on the side of the road like this and. Now's my chance to cross. I. Just. Made it. And. What do you know guys. We've got, chandeliers. Via. Chandelier. Lots, of chandeliers actually. Should. I walk on that side or on this side when I walk on this side. These, are neat. Many, of these shops on this side here, where, I'm walking it's. Actually, shops. That sell like, home decorations. And furniture. So, we saw some light fixtures and chandeliers. The lanterns and stuff back there but. Up here we got some nice like. Really. Beautiful, hand-carved wood. Traditional. Style. Ooh white. Lab. Guy, what you're doing. Yeah. So as you walk through here you can just snow lots of wood, this you can smell. The wood sanding. Lekker, and, stuff like that. What's. Down here. I've, never been over, here so just. Randomly going seeing. Where places take me. Where. To go or where to go. No. Traffic is coming from that way the traffic is coming from this way so. There's. Got to be a way out I. Could. Have kept walking along the train tracks but. I don't, want to make another train. Track. Walking, video you know I already. Have two of those. So. Now we're just doing some, neighborhood. Exploration. I. Can. Hear those birds, awesome. And, all these wires. Oh. There's. A plant a tree. This. Root system it must have fell off a balcony now it's just there, completely. Dead and dry. Kind. Of sucks. There's. A pharmacy. This. Way goes towards. This, street that one Street. They will just keep following this. What. Is this place moon black shop. It's. A shoe shop. We'll. Keep going. I've. Never been here so I'm like should I turn left or turn right. But. I'm, just going where I see the motorcycles. Where. They're coming from. Okay. I have to turn around because I saw something here. What. Happened. Here, why is there red paint splattered. All over this. Someone. Not like this place, that. Mean it's condemned, I don't. Know. Wow. How. Far can I go in here. Like. A. Super. Maze. I'm. Gonna go this side. I'm, actually really glad I came in here because it's like 10, degrees cooler in. These alleys plus, that cool breeze is actually flowing through here so it's like really nice feels, like air-conditioning. Keep going. Yeah, just recently on my Instagram. Post there. Were some wires and stuff and someone commented about like how crazy it is and is it safe, you. Know it's safe as long as you don't touch it and I. Did want to mention that in Vietnam a lot of the wires and stuff are like more kind. Of unorganized, looking, just, very. Tangled, and you know just. There they, didn't really. Organize. It too well. But. The. Reason I'm saying this is because when. I was in Thailand, there was way, more wires. Like, 20. Times the, amount of wires you'd see right now but in. Thailand, from my experience, in Bangkok, they're. All organized. The wires are like nice and needs, they're. All straightened, out and bundled nicely. What. Is going on here. Old. Buildings. Old, walls. Yeah. So. Why. Might be talking about this oh yeah. Wires huh. Yeah. So that was just my little. Train of thought there while walking, wires. In Vietnam. Not. As much as Thailand. But. More chaotic here than Thailand Thailand is very organized, I. Heard. It sound like kpop back there. Man. There are so, many phone numbers stenciled. And stamped, on these walls. And in. A previous video, I did a long time ago about a year ago after. I first moved to Hanoi I did. A video where. There's. A lot of these phone numbers on.

The. Walls and I. Didn't, know what they were and people, were asking in the comments like what is that what is that all about because, it's everywhere and, people. Are saying it's like, demolition. Or, construction. Companies advertising. There's. So many different numbers. But. I mean it's kind of sad because it's everywhere. Like. Even a nice building someone you know stamped, it with their phone number and business, name. It's kind of sad, I've. Seen it on, natural. Objects, too like rocks and trees. And. It's. Kind of a shame there's, like no respect. But. The, other half. Of it. Is. You. Know if you get kind. Of like a cool texture, of. Colors. And stuff on these walls so yeah. Where, am i this is crazy this alley. It's. Like the neverending alley. Look. Up. Narrow. The gap is. But. Seriously, like what. Where, does this pop out. Man. I feel like I'm in a an. Air-conditioned. Hallway. Check. This out. Balcony. Is like touching the next building. Well. Really, dark, do. People live right here yep. The answer is probably yes and they're probably all that work. All. Right feel like I'm getting closer to a main road. Yeah, there we go. Little restaurants, and shops right here in this, entranceway. That's law this way. Buildings across the street just, amazing. Back, home, so. I'm. Gonna cross the street at some point I'm gonna walk in the shade right now but there's. An alley or a street, on, that side that. Connects. Back over to behind the Hanoi railway, station, and then, I can walk home. So it's kind of like a giant, Hulu, if you're, curious literally. Where I walked I'm, gonna have a google map link. In. The description, box and. You guys can check out you. Can follow this exact, route if you wanted to. So I do have to check my map on my phone, real quick while I'm walking. Just double-check where that little side road is. It's coming up. It's coming up. So, alley 98. As if this heli. Hold on let me check. Okay so. I go down this alley it connects, to the alley. To about home security, there's, just like barbed wire crammed, into the window for him and it's, just been there for so long. Completely. Rusted together. It's. Quiet, back here. I. Hope. This is not a dead end. According. To the map, this. Alley is the alley that I need to go. It's. A small shrine right here. Very, tiny. Okay. Yeah perfect, this. Is exactly. Where I wanted to go. So. It pops out on this one, street back here. If. I go to, the right it's. Gonna take me all the way to the train station, behind, it. Oh. And she's cooking up some wings huh, on this path as fish, it seems a cat. Thought, it was Bonita but it's just fish. Which. Is a grilled pork. This, place is pretty cool this. Is a beer hall on the left side where, those plastic, stools, I'm sorry plastic chairs and tables are my. Friend Jeff and I we drank a few beers here before it's, very chill lots. Of people watching. Yeah. So I think it's probably around 12:30, maybe a little after and, this, is the time you know everyone's already eaten their food and now they're chilling they're gonna drink coffee, those. Other. Guys are gonna just be drinking beer. Probably. Go back to work I'm, gonna assume they're wearing business. Clothing. It's the little cart, vendor for children, children.

Slippers, Toys, balloons. Now, if you come to Hanoi you definitely have. To go to the old quarter, that, is like the main place. To visit, when. You come to Hanoi but I. Also, love, this, like, I'm. Far an old quarter. And get the real like, backstreet. Action. Veggie, stand. It's a florist. But. It's funny of those are. Pick flowers. Dougy. Tsingtao. What, are you doing it's, so hot you need to go in the shade. Under this place. That's a public restroom, for. Men numb. The. Women that's. A public restroom. I'm, gonna have to come back here with my, my. Camera, to take photos I. Didn't. Bring it this time just because, trying. To show this to you guys on video. But. I saw some really interesting things back there that I wanted to take a photo of. But. Not with my cell phone. I need. To upgrade my cellphone actually hit camera. Is kind of outdated there's, a speck of dust under, the lens that I could not clean it's. Been there for well over a, year, and a half at least. I think. We're right on the backside of the Hanoi railway, station, these, shops are. Like. The back of the shop is where the train, station is. Sounds, like a printing, machine back there. With a bakery. Like industrial laundry machine. There's, a beer hall. It. Seems kind of nice and cool. There's. A bunch of ducks and pigeons, in that, coop right there. Guaranteed. They, will be eaten later. It's like rice, plate lunch you can choose like veggies. Meats. Like. All kinds of stuff, it's. Like buffet style plate lunch, yeah. So this is the back of the train station. Yeah, we're, gonna keep going this way. This, place has a lot of birds a lot of bird cages I. See. It Japanese, WiDi. They're. All Japanese why does. There's. More, and. Their windows right there and. On this shop, small. Little cafe. I don't. Know what these buildings, are but they definitely look, old. I wonder, if it was like an office or. The, train station. That's, my guess cuz it's painted the same color. And. It's right behind it. Admin. Building. A lot. Of these. Storefronts. Are just condemned. Or something like shut down or abandoned, there's like broken glass and just crap. Inside. Check, out all these plants on, these balconies. Beautiful. Very. Lush. Lunch spot. Okay. And we've, popped out here. My. Latest walking, video the one before this the, sealian, market, is, actually just right over there and, I. Want to say that, Street is in that video that I made so. Let's. Walk up just a little bit further than I'll end the video and, then just to show you this is oh well, if you can't see the trains but, that is the train station in there, and. Here's a giant beer hall and. A lot of trash in the foreground. Here. Drilling up wins. Huh. Oh that. Breeze can. You hear it in the mic the wind blowing it. Feels wonderful. The backside, was. A ticket office. I could, see like that white building across the way there's. Another one in the distance those are all like on. My block or. I'm sorry one. Block away from my house. All. Right guys that was it. If you're curious about the sealian market where. I filmed, before this video make, sure to check out the link above or in the description box down below if, you have any comments, or questions about, this walk about where I went you. Can check out the google map link, ask. Me the questions down, below in the comment section and I'll definitely, reply, and. Yeah. I'm. Excited to do more walking videos now that the weather is cooling down so. I'll see you guys in the next video take, care bye.

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It's been a while since I've uploaded any videos. Here's a walking tour around some random alleys and back streets in Hanoi! Did you see anything you had questions about? Leave them in the comments below. Thanks for watching everyone!

Wonderful to have you back! Amazing job with this vid. Thanks and glad you are producing content again. More importantly hope you are getting well!

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Thanks Suzannah! ^^

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Thanks! Cheers for leaving a comment!

BROOOOOOO, FINALLYYYY A VIDEOOOO!!!!!!! i was ready to start a search party for you man lol lol, keep the vidz comin dont forget about ur OG fans who love ur walking videos. Be well !

lol Yeah, I disappeared for a bit. Talked about why in an Instagram post. I'm doing better, just taking it day-by-day. If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram, hurry up and do so! (@FeedTheCory) It's where you'll get updates and see other things that I post not related to YouTube. ^^

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Thanks Dom, I really appreciate it!

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Thanks! Slowly getting better, which is better than nothing! hehehe Thanks for commenting!

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Thanks so much Kimmy, really glad you enjoyed this one. Cheers for commenting!

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I would love to make 4K walking videos with a proper camera and lens with gimbal stabilizer. Unfortunately, this was with my out-dated GoPro HERO 4 Black. It's just not good anymore, but at least gets the job done since I have a stabilizer (Zhiyun Z1-Pround) for it. My dream setup would be a Panasonic GH5s recording at 4K60fps, with a 7-14mm lens and any handheld stabilizer like a Zhiyun Crane 2 or similar. I've seen some amazing walking channels on YouTube with a similar setup and the quality is 50000000% better than any of my walking videos. hehe

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Thanks David. I'm glad the map link helps too! Cheers

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Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for commenting!

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Oh, during Tet, for about a week everything will be closed. Many shops and restaurants will be shut down as families return to their hometowns to visit family and visit temples and stuff. The streets of Hanoi and other cities will be like ghost towns. Last Tet, I forgot to buy groceries beforehand, so for a week I couldn't shop anywhere. Nothing was open. And handful of restaurants might open a day or two after Tet, but for nearly a week after Tet it was so quiet. Hope you plan for that!

Thank you for sharing. Among your vlogs, i think i enjoy your walks the most. Take care and be good to yourself.

Thank you very much! Will do! ^^

I was so scared when you crossed the street. How long did it take you to get used to that?

Yeah, crossing is intimidating for people who've never done it before. It didn't take me long at all, actually, I think the very first time I was already used to it. Just be cautious, but also confident when you cross. Everyone will go around you. But never walk in front of cars, 99.9% of them will try to speed up and pass in front of you instead of stopping or slowing down. Let the cars pass first, then cross.

Cory! Glad you're back with another video

Thanks, Michelle, glad you caught this upload. ^^ Things are slowly getting better, still not 100%, but getting there. I hope you're taking care of yourself too!

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I think it would take a lot of alcohol or just unawareness to walk into the pond. lol There's also a security guard at all times outside who deals with parking and safety. When I was walking by, you can see the security guard in the video.

Hey It's been a while I was your student in 2014 when you was in Shinbanghak :) good to see you again XD

I don't remember well... maybe When I was 12 years old

Oh wow, very cool! Hello, how are you? What class number were you? Thank you for leaving a comment. ^^

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You're welcome, glad you enjoyed watching this video! ^^

Maybe you should of made this video into 3 parts.. Just a thought. When I was in Ninh Binh and Halong bay the water was green and I saw a pool at a homestay that had green water : there were people swimming in there. Is that save?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've found out from experience of making these long types of videos that most people will not watch part 2 or part 3 once part 1 is over. They'll move onto some other video, so the most viewing time comes from one single long video. The great thing about YouTube is that if you leave the video and come back later, it'll play from where you left off. ^^ I can't speak about the safety of green water in a swimming pool... sounds like algae bloom, which my pond has from all the daily sunlight. I wouldn't swim in an algae-infested pool. In this video, the koi pond had green tiles, but the water was crystal clear. I'd swim in that for sure. hehe

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You're welcome, I'm glad I can take you and other people on these first-person point of view walking tours. ^^

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I was kind of thinking something like that, but I didn't want to just say it on the video, which is why I only said "Maybe someone doesn't like them." hahaha In Korea, they do the same thing. Hired thugs come and break windows and break everything inside, then splash or spray paint red all over the outside. Hiring thugs doesn't happen all the time, but it still happens.

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Thanks Victoria. ^^

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A bit better, thanks. Enough to walk and film it. lol

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I'm so glad you caught that, I paused on it for a second or two, because I thought the same thing. And it is the Wonder Woman symbol. I was waiting to see who would be the first to comment about that! ^^

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Will do, stay tuned. ^^

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WOW awesome video quality bro, those koi look looked like i can actually touch them lol, at any rate missed you on youtube and glad to have you back, i'm not sure if you remember me but i'm the guy that's moving to Da Nang, from California, an to give you a update, i was Viet Nam for over a month got to HCMC in late July then made my way to Da Nang, an just got back to Cali, on Sept 4th, but man it was a blast to see it for myself the beach scene was very Miami Beach with a very chilled out beach lifestyle with fresh air galore compared to HCMC, plus there's so much to do and see it was mind boggling, also Da Nang is a hub city, to Hoi An, Hue and Ha Noi...etc which are all not too far away; Da Nang also have a great night life as well, but to conclude Da Nang is everything and more everyone who has been there said it is...peace out, bro...I'll be back in Vietnam indefinitely after the new year.

Feed The Cory Nice...if possible in the near future will love to link up with you and do a couple of vlogs, maybe in Da Nang if you're there, or I'll fly up to Ha Noi and we can set up a tour or the city etc...i'm new to the vlogging experience although i've been doing short videos with my phone and putting it on my Facebook page so the people i know back in America can see Vietnam and experience, it without the propaganda since alot of Americans still view the Vietnamese people and Viet Nam as it was 50yrs ago.

Glad you enjoyed the video! Yes, I remember you from a while back. Glad you were able to make it to Vietnam and see some cool places. Da Nang is a wonderful place and it's on the top of my list of places to move to after the New Year. ^^

So glad to see you posting vids again. Siesta time in Hanoi seems nice and chill. Smiles -Linda

Thanks! I'm taking it slowly so I'm avoiding filming that involves tons of editing. These walking videos are pretty easy to edit. And yes, siesta hour is awesome in Vietnam. I think countries that have siesta are just awesome!

Yay, a video! So glad you were able to do a tour. Are you still in your tiny exotic apartment with the pond? Just wondering if you and your girlfriend are sharing your tiny abode? Or is she set up else where? Thanks for sharing!

Feed The Cory. I imagine it's very cozy in your apartment! Now that the weather is better you both can enjoy your patio area! I would be so tempted to put plants every where outside lol. But you have no room when the weather gets cold to bring them in. I live in Indiana USA and we are beginning to feel fall creeping in - love it! Fall fever ha ha. Apple cider and pumpkin donuts :-).

Thank you! Yes, my girlfriend moved i with me in June and we still live at the rooftop apartment with the pond. We are looki g to move south early next year, so that should be exciting!

Glad to see you're doing fine. The phone camera is great! The more i see these places, the more i'm curious how it looked during the war. I guess it's just me. My father was in vietnam when it was crazy war time. I have once gathered a few aunts and uncles (parents included) to watch some of your korea vlogs. Everyone had a great time! For that, i thank you! On the other hand, my dad don't seem to wanna watch vietnam vlogs, unless it's the actual war. Lol. Have a great day!

+Feed The Cory yes, i gathered them to watch those korea walks a while back! Haha!!! I put it on two screens! I think the video that sticks out in my memory the most is your bike ride, though. All your videos are great!

Actually this, and all my walking videos, are filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Black. Only my live streams are filmed with my phone. I can't wait to get some new equipment to film 4K walking videos! And that's so funny you gathered people together to watch my videos. hehehe

Hanoi is so beautiful in the autumn

I agree, it's the best time of year!

+Feed The Cory Welcome Friend!

Hi Megan. Thanks!!!!

nice, dude, very descriptive walk'n show! great job, ever find out why the storefront was splattered with red paint? I watched a Chinese Drama once that showed Gangsters who were bought to ruin the business because of Debt. Don't quote me, it was a movie. By the way who does your subs? Lakker>Lacquer, need>neat, alli> alley, xin chào>Tsingtao, are you using a local translator developed in Vietnam? Not knocking you at all, just curious.

No idea about the paint splatter yet. Oh, I used auto-English subtitles and didn't review it. I will go in and add my own subtitles later today. Thanks for letting me know the auto one is full of errors!

How are Vietnamese towards westerners? Any job opportunities there for foreigners?

+Feed The Cory That's awesome. My brother worked in Egypt for awhile doing TEFL. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I've always wanted to visit Japanese and other places. I keep hearing that the English teaching gig seems to be the way to go as someone who wants to travel, and make a decent living. I'd love to get a sweet little apartment there, paying cheap rent and eating great food! The language barrier is a bit scary to think about, though.

Vietnamese are very friendly towards foreigners. Sharing food and drinks is always a good time. While there are lots of job opportunities for foreigners here, the huge majority of jobs are all English teaching positions. It is possible to work in other fields but the language barrier is the biggest problem, unless a company has many English speaking staff and are open to hiring a non-Vietnamese speaker. A lot of foreigners also do the digital nomad thing, working online for their own business or for some company remotely.

Bwahaha I like how when you came out of that long alley there wasn’t even a second of “um ok, where am I?” TY, google maps.

Yeah, I immediately knew where I was. Only had to use the map to make sure I turned down the right alley after that part. hehehe

My answer to all yu internet guys is based on average speed via tests. Conducted by different companies. And I.read that there is only one submarine cable which goes down once per month cause the cable breaks. And due to only one cable the download speeds from that media is only 5 whereas download speeds from internal source's much faster....was planning on trading crude oil which requires very robust internet and speed

Yay!! Cor-man is back! Video quality is amazing.

Thanks KSJ! Although I have to disagree about the video quality. lol I want to save up for a wider angle lens for my camera, plus a gimbal stabilizer so I can film these walks with a proper camera in 4K. The GoPro I have is so out-dated... T_T

I like your videos. Your voice is so chill and relaxing. Keep making walking videos please.

Yeah, a train ride to the next town might be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!

+Feed The Cory yes, I agree! I love these chill walking videos. Maybe a train ride to the next closest town? That'd be cool!

Thanks so much Lady Lazer, I appreciate the nice comment ^^

Best Part Was The Koi Goldfish Pool. Glad Not To Live In An Urban Environment. At Least Your Back Alley Tour Was Paved!! Most Third World Towns And Cities Have A Wire and Cable Routing Problem And A Stream And River Pollution Problem. What Does The Front Of The Train Station Look Like??

Well, You Kept Repeating 'This Is The Back Of The Train Station', Making Me Wonder What The Hell The Front Of The Train Station Looked Like!! I Thoroughly enjoyed your videos walking down the tracks and also of the train actually passing through. Nice!!

Ah, you edited your comment since I first saw it. Now it's way longer. haha I'll have to film a different video for you to show the front of the station. ^^

If I could, I'd live on a farm out in the countryside, but located close to the ocean. hehehe Thanks for commenting!

I was strongly considering moving there but the download speed is horrible

I use the Chrome extension, Hola, and nothing else. It's free and built into the browser, very easy to turn on and off. I don't use any paid VPNs. And this video was just my out-dated GoPro HERO 4 Black.

Vietnam has some of the fastest internet speeds in southeast asia. Cafes, restaurants and cities like Da Nang is completely free

Feed The Cory Huh, interesting. When I try to use Netflix over VPN (PIA), it doesn’t work for me. What VPN are you using? Also, what camera/lens did you use for this video? Looks great.

I use a VPN to connect to the American content. There is Netflix Korea, Vietnam, etc... the content isn't always the same as US though. Sometimes movies or shows that are playing in the US aren't in Vietnam, so that's when I pop on the VPN. GO HBO requires a service provider selected while logging in, and I use my family's account in the States so it's DirectTV, which isn't in Asia. That's usually how I watch Game of Thrones when the season is airing. ^^

Feed The Cory Are you sure you’re connecting to servers in the US? Pretty sure Netflix has servers in Asia, probably HBO too.

Ah yes, the speed tests were to local servers. Hmm... I stream Netflix and HBO from the US in HD no problem, and I also play some games online with US servers. Anyway, sorry to hear you had those problems.

Feed The Cory Were those speed tests to a local server? Local speeds are fast (I get 50 Mbps up/down locally in Saigon), but speeds to servers in the US are pretty bad — around 5-7 Mbps, and much worse with the AAG cable has problems.

Really? Where were you and when did you experience that? I always get around 60Mbps upload, 50Mbps download with low ping on my home router and cell phone with Viettel carrier. Some cafes or restaurants are slow cause their bandwidth is maxed out. I lived in Seoul for nearly 5 years and loved the internet speeds there, so I was surprised many parts of Vietnam have fast internet. Maybe you had some bad luck?

First Hi Cory

Feed The Cory wow! Thanks for answering....

No question is a weird question, hehehe I have never seen a snake in the city, but I'm sure there are some. There's plenty of public parks and lush vegetation all over for snakes to thrive. But I think you can find them much easier out in the countryside farmland just outside of Hanoi. In the Long Bien area, just across the river from Old Quarter, there are several snake meat restaurants that cook up a snake 11 different ways, including taking a shot with the snake blood and heart in it. When my friend who lives here comes back from vacation, I want to go there and film that!

Feed The Cory weird question, are there snakes in the city where you are walking?

Feed The Cory Good, I am glad that you are getting better slowly

Thanks! I'm getting better slowly, just taking my time. ^^

Feed The Cory Hi


thank you Cory, I love these type of videos and I miss them! I enjoyed watching the tour

Corey, these are just fabulous. You do a great job!!

Hi - may I suggest that you do a walking video through the alleyways around St Joseph's Cathedral. Also, your subscribers may wish to see a walking video around the perimeter of West Lake. Cheers!

You will see me fishing at that small part of the lake and heck no I’m not eating anything out of it. Catch photo and release.

Tet is possibly the worst time to visit. I'd recommend changing your flights if you can.

I've been into street photography long before I even started my YouTube channel in late 2012. If you look at my Instagram, you can see street photos going back to 2010 when Instagram first came out. (@FeedTheCory) But I was taking street photos way before Instagram or smart phones even existed. hehehe I started getting back into taking photos on the streets recently, as a kind of self-therapy. My equipment list is in the description box, along with a link to actually buy it if you wanted. I'm not really interested in making a video about my equipment, because it's nothing fancy and just not my style. hehe

so you're into street photography now? btw, what gimbal do you use? have you done a vid on your equipment? that dead plant hanging on the wires...lol

some of those old buildings are from the 20s when my Dad was growing up there.

Oh wow, that's very cool. Do you know if he grew up in this area of the city?

Ohmygosh, this walk is so beautiful and relaxing. The person lying on his bike LOL! Your alley walks are your signature. Love them!

Yes, the laying on the motorobike thing is very common. You see many guys taking naps like that all around Vietnam. How they sleep and stay balanced is amazing to me. hehehe

I enjoyed this video with my lunch and coffee. So relaxing as always. Love your walking videos sooooo much. Thanks for sharing and missed you.

You're welcome! It sounds like a chill lunch break. Glad you enjoyed it!!!

Nice one bro... I'm also in Hanoi. It would be great to shoot some content with you!

How long are you visiting Hanoi for? I'm a bit busy these days, so I can't promising anything. If you see me around the streets of Hanoi, definitely say what's up!

You're welcome! Glad you liked it!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Jodi, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^ Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for the suggestion Phillip! I did a live stream walking tour of the French Quarter, including St. Joseph's Cathedral, but I streamed it on Instagram only. I couldn't download the video afterwards to upload to YouTube, so I've been meaning to get back out there and properly film a video about the French Quarter and French-inspired architecture. West Lake is 17 kilometers in circumference, and it took me almost 5 hours to walk around it at a leisurely pace. I made a video about it here: https://youtu.be/xuJfg5wf6iA A first-person point-of-view walking video of the lake would be just too long, unfortunately.

haha But they're just small minnows and other baby-sized fish. Still probably fun, though. I miss fishing, haven't gone fishing since I lived in DC. I'd drive to Great Falls, VA and do fishing up there.

Thanks Jamie, just taking it slowly, day-by-day. Will keep trying to post weekly videos!

Hi Cory! I've got a question. Have you ever had any problem or situation when filming or blogging in any of the places you have been to? Just wanted know in case any of your viewers are going do so.

No, I've never had any major problems at all filming during my entire time on YouTube (2012 until now). Only a few times some people quickly covered their face or turned around because they didn't want to be filmed, but no one has come out yelling or saying to stop filming. The only ONE time someone did was a security guard in Seoul for the Mirae Asset building in Jongno area. I was only taking pictures of it, and a guard came out and said no photos in Korean. I knew what he said, but I pretended to be a dumb tourist and just kept taking pictures. When he finally came up to me, I pretended only to know English, and I kept saying "Why? This is a beautiful building. EVERYONE is taking pictures of it." and he didn't know what to say, so he just walked away. I will never take a video or picture of someone up close without their permission. Many of my clips where it's somewhat up close to a person, I've asked if I can take a picture and almost everyone says yes. So common sense and a respectful nature always work out. ^^

Hi - many thanks for the detailed update. Great to see that you are switched on (no pun intended) and ahead of the curve. Always enjoy your videos. Cheers!

hi... from the shadows, the time is around noon? on a weekday? will be at hanoi this December and plan to run a 10k loop early mornings. the traffic seems less daunting in this video

Ty bro for stil in Vietnam u know what i mean.

You're welcome. ^^

Nice video. Always interesting to see the uncommon stuff

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the video tour!

The "Nhà Văn Hóa Học Sinh" building is a cultural center for students. (Basically a place for kids to take day trips with school, I guess you could say.) Cool video!

Thanks Cory.

Paul the 2 marek Sørensen. Is hot here again :-/ and very humid. Next week will be cool again. Leaves are beginning to fall - we are south of Chicago about 4 hours.

Donelle Gilbert it’s so hot here in Chicago

Hi Cory! Hope you're doing okay. It's been a while since your last video. I hope to see more of walking tours around Vietnam specially during the night time. It's great when you try to make small talks with the locals or maybe other foreigners.

Hey man, how is the winter there? I was looking at the climate section of the Wiki, and it said there's about 1.5 hours of sun per day in February and March. I started getting flashbacks to Portland, Oregon after reading that...

best time to visit VN is autumn, since summer and also storm season is over so no extreme heat wave or heavy rain

Feed The Cory  Thanks for giving your input. I've been debating whether to go to the Philippines first or settle down in Hanoi first and hit the Philippines later. I don't think I can do grey anymore, at least not to start. This made my decision easier. Thanks again!

Winter is grey.... very grey.... you'd be lucky to have one full sunny day between December and April. In northern Vietnam, where Hanoi is, it is also cold. I can't speak for the south, though, such as Saigon city. I know it's hot and humid there all year round, but I don't know about the cloud cover situation.

I'm hanging in there. Thanks for the concern. ^^

Cool, thanks for the info!

You're welcome! ^^ Thanks for watching and commenting.

+Feed The Cory ah, monday afternoon... no wonder... siesta time.. thanks

Yeah, in the beginning of the video I mention the time and day. The traffic also depends on where you are going to run. There are some less dense areas than others when it comes to traffic. Running around West Lake is what many expats do, it's 17km around the whole lake.

HEY CORY IM A SUBSCRIBER.... I love your videos just needed some advice I was looking to travel this dec to one of the Asian destination ..... could u give me a suggestion.....a place worth seeing and friendly on the pocket !!!!

Hey! Thanks for subscribing!

very very beautiful walk.

Glad you enjoyed the tour. I'll be filming another walking video later today. ^^

Very cool! You are doing a valuable service. Sometimes it’s nice just to look at different stuff from what I see every day. It gets me out of my rut. Good impromptu East Coast accent! https://youtu.be/erOkH8tyycI

Vietnam is not a third world country anymore

High quality video picture! No animals should be in circuses or kept in zoos. I see some fancy cars in Hanoi.

Yeah, why people want to drove a Porsche or Jaguar in Vietnam traffic amazes me. So pointless and unnecessary to flash that kind of wealth here. They risk scratching or denting those cars.

Better if you use 360 camera for your walking tour ^^. So I can see all everything around you rather than the only sight from your current camera.

I will be very sad if one day you decide to leave Vietnam.

I'm not sure if and when I'll leave Vietnam, we'll just have to see in time. I haven't visited places just outside of Hanoi yet, but I really want to! The pottery village and flower village, there's also a snake village and some other places I've heard about. I haven't left Hanoi city in a long time, I'm long overdue to get out and see some new places!

Wow, thanks for the replies guys. Didn't even realize it because I didn't get any notification from youtube. I'm vietnamese and my family left Hanoi when I was 2 years old. It's not my first time to go there during Tet and I'm staying at my uncle's house so I'm good. But I can imagine for tourists it could be disappointing to visit Hanoi during Tet.

+Cory May ah, monday afternoon... no wonder... siesta time.. thanks

+Cory May

+Cory May lol

+Cory May Welcome Friend!

+Cory May That's awesome. My brother worked in Egypt for awhile doing TEFL. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I've always wanted to visit Japanese and other places. I keep hearing that the English teaching gig seems to be the way to go as someone who wants to travel, and make a decent living. I'd love to get a sweet little apartment there, paying cheap rent and eating great food! The language barrier is a bit scary to think about, though.

+Cory May yes, I agree! I love these chill walking videos. Maybe a train ride to the next closest town? That'd be cool!

Hope to see you back in Thailand again. :)

+Cory May Please let me know if you do. I can take you around. :)

I'll be back one day! So many places to visit!!!

Thanks for making these useful videos. Learning english via real daily activities really works for me. Keep going, bro

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