RBC Canadian Open 2019 Live Podcast / PGA Tour Golf

RBC Canadian Open 2019 Live Podcast / PGA Tour Golf

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What's. Up golf, addicts. DB. Here, I got Pat Perry it is the tour junkies, podcast, for the RBC. Canadian to, open a. 2019. Eight and. We're. Excited we're pumped we are live. On YouTube yet again for another fun. Technology. You. Can see Pat I can see Pat's lovely face as I record which I always always, enjoy, Pat, good to see you buddy good to talk to you it's. A big week for us and it, doesn't have a lot to do with the RBC Canadian Open but it's, good to see you man how you doing I'm, good man it's good to see you as well I'm. Ready for an exciting, week yeah, like you said not not just at the Canadian, Open I'm, gonna get crazy tonight on the podcast just, gonna tell you right now well. I'm gonna get a little crazy on the podcast tonight. Okay. I mean, I'll get them I'm gonna get in plant at Tito's I'm just I'm, ready for the US Open I, mean. Look I put in the work put in the research but. I'll. It's just not all that exciting, to me there. No there. Are no words that I'll enjoy hearing more than Pat, saying he's gonna get to plant if he goes it, really it really makes me happy I'm. Excited, about what, could happen tonight we've, got a good chunk and run going, tonight we're gonna hit a couple of big issue that went down this. Week I might get a little serious on the chunk run tonight so. It's gonna be great it'd be great. Let's, get right to it man Patrick can't lay one the, memorial. And. You know what I mean we. Talked him up plenty I absolutely loved, Patrick, Kent late last week I think everything, else that I got right stops, about, there yeah I think it stops it out there it, was a horrible. Week you know I had a great week the week before at Colonial. Synthetic. And then last week I almost. Lost, everything so you know if you're if, you're in this lots. Of ups and downs lots. Of ups and downs you know it's. Betting it's gambling it, is what it is mmm. Hope. We did have I saw a few tweets apparently. Our listeners, we may have steered them a poor. Direction last week as well. Saw a few tweets that some people had some green screens one a little bit of money fantastic. But. All. In all it was not a good week for yours, truly but a great see Patrick can't lay win he's just a stop he's just a solid player there's not many acts I'm not on Patrick in. Well. Of course you. Know I'm the same way I'm usually never not. On him but some. Reason just decided. When, I'm gonna play him this week and. Then. Work out for me and I literally have them at least one at least a lineup. Actually. Yeah. We were talking about this like I had, it been like 70%, of lineups in my, in, DFS on my player pool, and. It didn't matter. Miss. Cuts, between. You, know Kuchar, and Keegan Bradley Cooper was chalk that I hate Keegan. Bradley, really. Really. Screwed me late in the late. In the day on Friday missing, the cut some other guys it was just it. Wasn't pretty Kevin, Streelman was a bright spot for me I did have some Kevin Streelman Hideki, as I knew. He'd be solid. But. Yeah. So, we just had a listener comment I had a really good Thursday, and then it all went to crap so he got drunk all weekend shout out smoking, guns way, to go yeah I mean yeah like that yeah yeah. And. It's gambling you know what's gonna happen it happens to everybody and and that's a good lesson you know like just. Smooth. On it's, a great tournament to watch though I did I did enjoy watching the, memorial. You. Know that's about it but, Patrick. Can't lay winning was probably, the. Most. Low-key. Storyline. Of the golf world this. Math leak you know we talked about golf. Has been a very interesting there's been interesting, things go down in 2019, felt like we were in a lull and then, all of a sudden it started with you, know a lot of people forget but, it, started with Bryson to Shambo, and.

Getting, A warning for his slow ass play. That. Then was directly, forgotten. Almost. Immediately because. Of Matt Kuchar, pitch. Mark ruling, and his. Ridiculousness. Continued, and, then you had the Hank Haney thing happened, last week which it we will discuss in the chunk and run portion. Of tonight's podcast, but there, was just a lot of activity going on last week Pat any thoughts on the Bryson, or Kuchar, situate your boy Kuchar I mean do you want to you want to be the the, old man apologist. Here for your boy Matt Kuchar and his shit-eating, grin self no. You know I mean that that, whole episode was, just so freakin, weird to me and I mean. At. First I'm trying to I had to watch it over and over trying to understand what the hell it was he was actually trying to argue for I mean. It just was it was, I agree, it was it. He. Could have been right to with with what he was arguing about I don't know but the whole like way you're, asking for a second, opinion and then he goes well can I get a third yeah. Just. Give it a rest I mean yeah. It. Was a little bit ridiculous and Bryson is Bryson, I don't, know I mean I was. Sure he actually got his game a little getting bit together over the the tournament, I I'm I'm, kind of like with Bryson, I think you know you definitely, have to ride him when he's hot but, he's got all this scientific crap. Going on in his mind so like when, the when the gears aren't working, all correctly, you know like everything's, not moving, in sync I definitely. Like to fade him but he he. Was actually okay especially over the weekend but a. Nice. Yeah and then he the comment, though about how well maybe people, should just get to the ball quicker like it's it's not just what, they are over the ball no it is it is. He. Part over the ball I mean. That. Was a stupid comment well, on the Kuchar thing it just further. It. Just further says what a tool that guy really is and and it's, just all his crap has come to the surface in 2019. It is not the year of Kuchar I continue. To be anti, Kuchar, I will, play him and I will bet on him but I am, out on one, Kuchar do. You think he just got tired of being loved for so long like, but, he's just he's like mr. nice gallant or he's you know he's just. Everybody, loves some cage do you think he just decided this year maybe I could actually back in the fall. Maybe he, was just gonna be bad, couch he, was just gonna he just wanted to see what it was gonna be like for everybody to not, like him and actually, boo him on the course as opposed to to. Say in couch I, don't. Know man I think, he's I think he's just I. Mean. How is it over all this time I mean. However long he's been on tour I mean what twenty-something years that, this one year is the is the year that everybody. Finds out like who he who he actually is I mean not a peep from anybody, not a peep from Tour players he, hasn't let anything out it's made him look really like much of a douche, bag and then Austin this year like, well that's kinda that's a long time, to be able to hide, had a character. Flaw like that if if this, is a character, flaw in Matt Kuchar he. Has certainly held. Kept. It under wraps for. A pretty long time so I mean is it could, these two. Incidents be outliers, just, the same playing a little devil's advocate. Here at akavit. Does. A keep it we're already. You. Have to discount the first half of Cooter's career, because you didn't have mobile, phones all, over the place and social media doing what it's doing and then, I mean even just in the last year now with the social media policy on, the pga at a PGA Tour event you've. Got even more cameras, everywhere, catching. The Salone people on their phones out there going, viral the, way that it's gone however. The, PGA Tour to speak to the how. Come players haven't, said anything to me the PGA Tour I mean it's such a golf is is there, is still a a resemblance, of, the gentlemen's game, elements.

At Play in. That these competitors, I don't. Think are going to talk about each other and throw each other under the bus the, way that like I don't know the NFL and like juju, Smiths Shuster and antoniou Brown are doing right now or like at the Steelers or you. Know it or, the the trash-talking that, goes on in, the NBA when a player leaves, one locker room and goes to another and the teammates from the former locker room are doing nothing but talking about him a badmouth and I'm like it, just doesn't happen on the PGA Tour but. I think when the whole thing came out about all - can we did see a few things you. Know a few, anonymous. Tour, players kind. Of coming, out of the woodwork and saying that didn't really surprise they'd. Seen behavior, like this from, kucik before I think, he's just a miserly. Georgia. Tech guy, so. Problem. But, I got, to get in my bryson punches, here it. Was kind of interesting because on, Wednesday. I sat, down and I watched Bryson's. Press conference, at. The memorial as. Defending, champ is like a 17, minute press, conference, is the worst 17, minutes of My Week last week and. How, did you hang on for that long to watch that I was hoping for a nugget of was like you trying, to torture yourself no I was hoping for something and nothing nothing came of it just frustration, you, know ever since Bryson, came out on tour it's documented, on the podcast I'm sure if you went back and looked at it but ever, since he's come out on tour both on the podcast and in our own private conversations. Between me and you I've. Waffled. On Bryson I've been like man I like the guy I don't like the guy I can't, really tell I'm not really sure I don't. Know how I feel about Bryson, and not that it matters to anybody but me. But. I was. Sitting there on Wednesday, and I'm watching his press conference, and, I. Just. Was. Listening to the, the. Just. Sewage. That, was pouring, from his mouth and the. Look on his face it's, not just about listening to the audio you, have to watch his face I have. Never seen a more arrogant. Just. I am so, I am the smartest, guy in this room I know it, and I'm gonna act like it and I, am so, love you, and not only us as the press in the room but, I'm so above the people that I'm playing against, in. What. I've got in my dome you know that that I am just I am i, think. Bryson gets a boner for himself, I think he I think he just starts thinking about himself a little bit and, he pops a chub I think he's so full of himself, and he just exudes. Just. Arrogance, and to, listen to the crap that he was spewing about golf, I literally. Watched the press conference said all right I've decided I'm out I'm out on Bryson to Shambo again not that I'm not gonna play him he's not one of these guys I'm gonna write off in like, playing him on DFS, or betting on him but, in terms of liking, the dude and pulling, for the dude he. Is gonna go on the list of PGA, Tour players that I will pull against, at all cost there, are a handful, of those players okay a handful. Of those players that I will, pull I will pull against. If they are on Sunday. In the, hunt he, is now on that list I texted, you and our boy Ben little on Wednesday. And said it's official, I'm out on Bryson, I'm done I'm out the very next day what does he do it, gets put on the clock and he spits all this BS excuses. About. Being. A slow-ass guy on the PGA Tour it frustrates, me to no end like I wish somebody would just penalize, the guy for. Being it for being and and I just and then, when you see Brooks play and Brooks, is like it's. A golf shot like I've hit millions. Of them in my lifetime I'm gonna step up there and I'm gonna hit it did. You see what he's doing versus Bryson, and and. We're all subjected, to his mumbo-jumbo and these press conferences and these commercials. And articles, and crap and I'm I'm, and I'm now out and, and, there are certain villains on the PGA Tour that are villains that, I kind of like to embrace, like. I kind of like to embrace Patrick, Reed a little bit but.

Basically Bow is no. Is not a villain, that I am going to embrace, absolutely. Not it is official, market. Down I am. Out on Bryson, to shamba. Cheers. Yeah I mean. Good. For you good, for you I'm glad that you were able to come to this decision and. Yeah. I'm. Proud of you I guess should that be promise you you, can be yeah I'm, I'm, proud of you for this and, you. Know Bryson, yeah he's just I. Mean he's an easy guy not to like he is, yeah he is, I'm getting a lot of I'm getting a lot of affection. For this take on YouTube from those, watching live which I appreciate thank you guys makes. Me feel good are they proud of you too I don't, know about pride but they're at, least an agreement, here's the thing, we. Have before, we get into this golf course it's. A huge week for us Pat it's the member guest at my club champions, retreat I'm, excited, I can't wait to see your face I can't wait to to, play some golf with you and, you. Know a lot of people are gonna skip this part of the podcast, and that's fine so. Before you skip I just want to let you know you may not be you may not have any interest in listening to us talk about this for the next couple of minutes but. You definitely, need to queue, up the notifications. On periscope, and. And. On Instagram, life you need to do that because. Because. It's, gonna be good and if. You missed last year's, periscopes. When we did the post round press conferences. You. Missed some. Of the best tour, junkies, content, in 40 years am I wrong Pat no. It was some it, was some really good stuff it was you know an amazing content. And a lot of it too of course you. Know in the morning, that we had a morning in an evening press conference. Very, different. Contrasting. Things happening. But. You know I will say like when I when I was up, for the for the press conference in the evenings, I. Mean, I was definitely buzzed there, was there wasn't. Probably drunk but, I, kept. It together like it was still like you, could understand, me you know there wasn't any you know slurring, was, it maybe a little bit of slurring but you could understand me and it, was really just more funny like, that kind of stuff yeah but in the mornings the mornings was a little bit different. A little more serious. Debatable. Relatively. Serious yeah, day, two I, mean here they do we get here's, what the listeners need to know is that last year Pat, woke, up and accidentally. Drank. A loogie. That I had spit in a water cup and. The, the recap, of that on the periscope, was worth every. Everything. It. Was just electric, this is the biggest tournament of the year at my club is is definitely, a major, it's. A it's it's got a very, intense, vibe the shootout, making. It to the shootout is our goal that is our goal we just want to get to the shootout. It's. It's an electric, shootout, it really is and we were close last year they were very close came down to our last match. From. Mark Melton, shows up I don't know anything, more than his name and what he did to us last year I doubt. He I doubt he I. Doubt. He follows. Us he. Was the guest out-of-town. Guests of the member last year but if Mark Melton, you mark my words listeners.

If Mark Melton shows up to the champions retreat 2019, member guest with, a handicap, over a nine, DB. Is gonna roll some heads that's all I gotta say that we're. Gonna roll some heads I as, a ten last year I gave him two shots. Through. Nine holes and he, proceeded, to shoot a even, par 36. Gross. I, think. You hit every fairway did not miss a fairway, and did not miss a green and that's, how we lost going, into the shootout if Mark Melton shows up I'm just telling you I'm lit somebody. On YouTube, Casey Waltons, asking how our games are looking heading the member guests I mean. I think we've played this perfectly pet, now. If you guys have a memory guess you need to you need to take notes and here's one of the notes you need to take you. Know definitely. Do what it takes to get your handicap, up in the in the of in the the rounds of golf leading, up to leading. Up to your member guest okay but. Then. Really. Hustle and put in a work hit, the range right. Get, the game in and do what I did yesterday go play a round of golf by yourself, don't let people play with you don't let somebody else play with you you know why you play by yourself so, that when you log you, know when laga a score three shots better than your, handicap, would suggest you. Don't you don't have to record it because again says you shouldn't, record, you're not allowed to record. Rounds. Individually. That. Count for the handicap and that. Is what I did yesterday played, quite well yesterday, Pat so personally. My, game feels really good right now I know you've been grinding you've. Been practising we both giving each other the swing thoughts that. We need to we need to remind each other so I've told Pat you know it's like we're, on the buddy system here I've said hey Pat if, if, I start getting wild this is what I need you to tell me this is what I'm working on right now and I've also said don't let me get bust because I'm one of the few golfers, who, does not play better when I am buzz or drunk, that is not me a lot of people opposite, will, promise it over here, yeah. I. Need, a coke. And a smile that's what I need well it's like last year we regulated. That well I thought you know we did you. Helped me with my regulation. From from a drinking standpoint and the tea we talk about the tea tea tea tea to beard ratio, say, hi we. Were we, were spot on last year with that we I mean we didn't really we didn't have any incidences. Where it was it was bad, so, I think we just we take that what we learned with that and then. We go into this, year. For. One not running up a guess, a buzz saw that is mark. Melton but. You. Know we will I. Feel, like we're games, are good and we have a warm-up, session really, I would say in my memory guess which was which is kind of like an exhibition kind of kind of deal it wasn't this it wasn't as big as this one is yeah and you.

Know And actually, when it came down to the alternate, shot we, did we did do a little shootout it was sort of a sad thing it wasn't to win the tournament we, played pretty well in that you know we had had. A huge mistake, points. A shank but yeah. Shake. Can happen to, the best of us we've seen Justin Thomas. Have one this year pretty bad so, yeah. Anyway, it's, gonna be exciting you, know we got a Calcutta, on Thursday. Night a lot, of gambling going on a lot of big dollars being slung around myself. And Pat will have a stake in our own team hopefully. No one else jumps in and wants to buy us so we can flash here nobody knew who we were and got in cheap I don't think that's gonna happen this year but, we'll see we'll see how it goes you. Mentioned did making sure everybody's following us on Instagram you. Know we do, a lot of this home through the stories on the Instagram, so sorry, that's right yeah. At tor underscore, junkies, on Instagram, as well yeah, I definitely want to do that but we tend to do more stories, during these tournaments and stuff now. We have we have talked about this before and actually my wife asked me about it yesterday and, now we're getting a question on YouTube about it are we doing matching outfits at, any point Pat what are your thoughts on the automatic, the matching is Dale you have those I'm. Pretty ants I'm anti, I'm one of these guys that wants to be comfortable in a golf course but but, I'll say this. David. If you want us to do that if. You feel like that's gonna give us an edge then, I'll do it but I feel like if we're gonna do it I want to request day one, matching. Instead of day two matching. See. III if, we're gonna match I think day two is the day because that could be the day we're in the Calcutta that's when the team chemistry, has, to be the strongest, if we're, in that Calcutta, and there are a hundred golf, carts, and one. I mean they mean the shootout I mean, the shootout and and everyone, is watching we, need to be in those azalea, polo stand as strong as TGA and, and I've been thinking about this a lot because I know the last time we talked about it it got kind of heated you were very against it I've, been thinking about this a lot and I'm willing to concede, the. Matching. Outfits, I want. To concede that because I know that you are a mental. Midget and when it comes to like. Feeling, comfortable, and like being out of your your. Head, space or whatever and I just know that if we're wearing those matching outfits against, your will you will, be thinking about it and stewing, over it and commenting. On it all freaking, day and I just don't want that to happen I just don't so I. Wish that I had a partner that was a little more comfortable with that and could embrace the. Marketing, kind, of team side, of this thing with those matching polos you. Know it's not it's.

Not Like we're some tools that like just, bought matching pillows at a store and decided to wear like there are polos, like it's this is us homey so like you know somebody wants I'm, like look bro this is this is our company, like we designed these things these, are ours when, they're. Not they're not TJ. Max's, that you bought off the rack just so you can match your boy like we created these things this is us we're, wearing our brand that's, what's different than these other guys or, you know that want to match at these events that's what's different but you, know I mean I guess I guess, it's ridiculous, that are our Ryder. Cup and Presidents Cup steam teams, do this but you know God forbid Pat happened. To match somebody so, I being. The mental midget that you are I'm just not gonna make it happen I think you should wear the azalea shirt on Friday, and. I will not and then I will wear the Azalea shirt on Saturday, and you can wear whatever makes you happy. Well. That's, the compromise we can do that. All. Right I'm excited about it you guys need to make sure you follow along on social, it's always, electric. Always. Yeah. Coming, in Pat. You. Know I do need to remind the people actually we've. Had a couple of people ask us about, this lately we've. Been talking about the, franchise program, through elite events and tickets and, we've. Had a couple people already, you know kind of add to, the. The. Value, of us talking about it because they've really elite. Events and tickets at so, tremendous, success already, with, some franchisees. Coming right out of Tour juggy so you know like hey. Look like one of these days maybe, 10. Years from now you got something what do you guys like a millionaire, and it's all because you listen our stupid show and, not because you want a million dollars in DFS it's, because you want a million dollars listening. To an ad read of ours that made you a franchisee. And you crushed it and now, you're a millionaire so I think, that's that's a really cool thing we know and trust the, guys at elite events and tickets.com. They. Are your, stop for concerts. Sporting, event it's. Festival. Anything you want to go to shows. Anything, that's got a ticket basically, Aleta Vincent tickets can hook you up we know them personally we've, known them over a decade, they're trustworthy, folks, these are not your you, know, underground.

Ticket. Broker people they're, fair and they're offering a franchisee, program, just. Started offering it here at twenty nineteen but they've got a proven track record, proven. Program, that's, gonna make this thing work for you they give you the software they give you the program the training both, initially, and ongoing you. Have them to lean back and fall back on and you can run your own elite, events and tickets franchise, from. Your busy, it's, pretty cool so, you can reach out to our friends of elite events and tickets, go. To elite, events in tickets franchise, com. It. Is a long URL elite. Variants, and tickets. Franchise, dot-com. Elite, events at tickets franchise calm and it's on the tour junkies sent you inquire, it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't you know hold you to anything you can just inquire, and be like no I'm out but. It'd, be pretty cool if it worked out we've already, heard some good stories of some TJ listeners kind, of getting deep in the process, of, being a, franchise. Owner so very cool and, we appreciate them sponsoring the podcast and, with that Pat we've, got it not. A new course but new in the last few years, hosting. The RBC, Canadian Open. So. I know you want to tell us about Hamilton, not, the. Broadway show, Alexander. Hamilton. Hamilton. But. About I've never seen have you seen that I have. I've. Actually listened to a fair amount of the soundtrack I've never soundtracks. Pretty good oh that's. Another thing that's another thing we've. Got a playlist on, Apple. Music for. Our, it's, our member guest playlist, it's absolutely. Full of heaters, and. You can go subscribe to that and look, it up it's called the, Boehm B, ome, playlist. Just Google boom yeah, you must not a like my suggestion for that I do not like your suggestion in fact I listened to it last night it, was bad say, that song is I like, I mean it's a it's a it's a nice song the story, is nice.

But, It is not I'm like what. If I'm standing I'm standing. Over a tee shot and this song comes on I don't know where they hit the ball or it was actually it was actually given to me by by, 2.0. And. Ice listen, to the first time on the boat durable, and I. Thought I was like this is a great boat song but then when I started listening to them more I was like now this probably isn't a good golf song it's a fine boat song but yeah you. Guys need to get on Apple music and check out the Bohm playlist. I'll, share it courtesy, david barnett will be shared by david barnett on Apple, music it's. Mainly, hip-hop, so if you don't like hip-hop chronic I like it it's mainly hip-hop it's got a lot. Of country, in it as well it's, got a little bit of journey. And. Then, I'm waiting on Pat to give me a few suggestions but, if they're anything I'm going to add to this. Yes. If the listeners have any suggestions that'd be great too we want this to be something. That just lights our fire we're on the Gulf I wouldn't mind if we added some some ninety stuff like some pearl jam in there would really love some of that, give. Me some songs yeah. I'm, gonna put. Some of that stuff in there you know, what I don't, even love some widespread panic in there let's, throw some panic. Be. Good yeah I. Wasn't really a wad I wasn't really a widespread, guy. Yeah. Well, you're good I wouldn't have pictured you honestly, as a as. A widespread guy man. When I was in college when I was in college in Georgia that was that, was a thing, yeah. Best concert, I've ever been to was widespread panic, play, in downtown, Athens I'm sure we have some listeners who may, be at that concert, it. Was just the most incredible thing ever anyway so I, got pretty drunk too by the way no you, don't say all. Right while you while you do the, Chuck and run I need a refill. You. Still have not learned to have your impersonal, bar next to I like to keep it your person, so I want to keep it in the fridge, and. Then you know I was gonna get a I was gonna put it in a big Yeti that would last me the whole show but then I knew everybody be pissed at him moaning because they could hear the Getty aluminum, ice rattling, around on the microphone so. I. Take, Yeti fill. It with ice with, the vodka in it not all the way to the top and so so it keeps the vodka cold but then I also can use the ice so this is literally like my so. Then and then it's got the top on it so you can pour it out ice it you just gotten back to there and then. Cup. You. Know with ice and my mixers right. Here you're the Bryson to Shambo of alcoholic. Accessibility. It's, very impressed so all right you. Excited. For this course actually I like when we get a new course on - okay I say new this this they have played this the, tournament here five times at.

Hamilton, Golf & Country Club but we have not seen it since 2012. The. Course is a great kind of classic, design plays just in there 7,000. Yards so one of those shorter courses on tour that we'll get this year it's, planned as a part 70. As I, mentioned just a good old classic course, you, got small greens, tight. Lines off, the tee one. Of the things I will say is, that the. Last time they played it they had a lot more trees, along, the fairways, so they've taken out a lot of these trees they've opened it up a little bit which, could start to favor the Bombers I think ruff is gonna be difficult I definitely think this is a ball strikers, course you got it hit fairways and you, got to hit greens, very. Small greens like I mentioned so you've got to hit them in the right spots. They're very undulating, I don't think they're gonna be that quick because of the undulation I think they're gonna be you know decent. Speed but not anything, out, of the norm it, kind of reminds me a little bit of what we saw just a couple of weeks ago colonial, again. And of course where you've got to just you know hit fairways, hit greens, you got to be able to work the ball left and right there are several dog legs off the tee here on this course, so, I think you know looking. At guys who you know they're. Out there they like the work work the ball they're. Hitting the greens and right spot in the right spots when, you're looking at you, know the par fives out here there's two par 5s both, of them are get a bowl I mean number four is playing. At 5:42, it's straightforward, actually both of these courses, very straightforward, as far as both of these par fives just. Right off the tee there's nothing, really, out of the ordinary. Number, four does have water to. The right of the green but, it's really not, I mean for, these guys are going good forward into that water is not in play I mean you really have to just just. Flare, it off the tee for, that to even be an, issue they're, 17, is the other par-5 is planet far about 550. Again, another just really straightforward par-5, one, that they can hit there. Is a risk/reward, hole out here. You. Know number five is, planned probably, about 320. To 340, so some of your longer hitters your Brits catco's your DJ's may, go after number five and try to reach that green off. The tee which they can do. But. I'm gonna keep it pretty simple again. This week I think you know I'm gonna look at form I'm gonna look at ball striking I'm gonna look at strokes gained approach scrambling.

Whenever. Like I mentioned you know we've had small, greens lately with colonial, Memorial, and now here I think I actually think you know Muirfield. Village is a very comparable course acceptable, link because it's much longer than this one but as far as going, into the greens you're, gonna have to be a good scrambler out here with the rough and. Things like that looking. At past champs, I mean really doesn't matter all that much because. Like the last four were Glen Abbey but, DJ did win last year Johnny, Vegas had two wins in a row then he had Jason Day in 2015. The, last two champs, here though were scott Piercy, in 2012. Playing. Good right now could, be an interesting play and then, Jim Furyk another guy that's playing really well he won in 2006. A, couple. Notes I will say we're back to a larger. Field we've had in invitationals, the last couple tournaments so about, 120. Hundred 22 players this week we're gonna get 156, players so. Back to really to a full field event will, have even more next. Week for the US Open there. You go that is Hamilton. Golf and Country Club, looking. Looking forward to see in this course it's, it's one I don't, know if I really remember, 2012. All. That much I. Don't. Remember May 12th. Very. Good, speaking. Of the US Open had the had the sectional, qualifiers, today, a lot of guys qualifying, handful. Of them in this field this week. Handful. I'm in this field that didn't qualify. Really. Hated to see Jill diamond not qualify, today missed it by a shot for the second, year row. Well. He's not as a field though no I know he's just somebody he just ya, know I hate I hated that by the way he was in the field but last week would, jury. You. Know it turns a Hamilton, man III think it's I think it's wide open I don't I think. It's a short hitter I think it's a bomber I think it's I think it could be any of those, you. Look at obviously it's a par 70, so I waited par for scoring, with you. Know a higher percentage of these holes being par fours and a lot of them are shorter. Par fours you. Know by PGA Tour standards, this, is a pretty short course, like. You said the par fives both are reachable both gettable, you, know if you're new to this definitely.

A Different course than the one DJ has dominated, the past couple years. DJ's. Gonna have to Club down a little bit, guys like that are gonna have to Club down a little bit here at Hamilton I. You. Know I'm I'm. Waiting, fairways, gained I'm. Waiting opportunities, gained both. Of those stats proprietary. To fantasy National Golf Club calm. Fantasy national calm. Fairways. Game just talking about you know it's different than it's different than driving accuracy you're stressing it off the tee as it's compared relative, to, the field that they played in so. I'm looking at fairways gang guys who are hitting fairways, versus. You know where they stack up in the field and opportunities. Gain. Another. Proprietary, stat that, just tells you how many times a guy hits it within 15 feet for, birdie or Eagle, 15. Feet of the hole in. You know in regulation, or less guys. Were just dialed in with their irons both, of those proprietary fantasy, national you, can join fantasy, national by. Going to fantasy national calm /tj. Fantasy. National calm, /tj, get 20% off, your subscription. 20%, off your monthly weekly, monthly, or annual. That's our number-one stat, engine, lineup generator, to do all that fun stuff, with. The strokes gained approach and. It's. Just it's just hidden in the fairway and iron play actually. You know what I did I looked at par. For scoring, over the last 100. Rounds, I decided. To really expand, the. Number of rounds I'm looking at there with all the other stats I looked at more recent stuff like the last 24, rounds, but. With par for scoring out I wanted to get a bigger picture like, long-term, who's. Who scores well on par fours and par 70, type courses consistently. And. So I looked at the last hundred rounds, over on fantasy national for. That. Obviously, course history is a thing. You. Know but out, here this. Week it really you, really don't have a lot of course history to work off of because. The last time they played it was 2012 and I just don't know that it's really relative, this yeah I didn't even I didn't look at it at all not relative relevant yeah it's. Just not worth to me this is one of those rare weeks where it's not really worth looking at you can look back at 2012, and see who played well but it. Is, probably, not worth the noise if you ask me. So. It's, it's an interesting week it's like a little more of a gut feel week it's a little more of a you. Know who do I feel good about. Who. Where's the ownership going, if you're playing in DFS, or in tournaments. I. Don't. Unlike, last week I don't really see in terms of DFS I don't really see a lot of guys in the 6k, that I liked last week there's a lot of guys in the 6k that I like I don't, really find that to be the case this week there's a couple and I don't even feel great about them.

So. I could see myself rolling. With a little more balanced, approach in, terms of DFS, now. In terms of outright, betting, there are a few long shots that I like I just don't want playing in DFS. So. We will get to those obviously as they come along but let's. Start off 9k. And above we're gonna roll off a draftkings pricing, 19 above we're gonna give you 3 GPP plays that we like a cash, play in a fade Oh. Pat's, I will starts I. Am. Gonna play Matt Kuchar. I. Don't. Like him but, I said I plan I'm. Gonna play Matt Kuchar coming off the missed cut he just checks every, single box I mentioned, he's 5th in the field in a long-term par for scoring, he's. Got, a great history in the RBC Canadian but, obviously, again this courses, at, hadn't, been seen since 2012, but I like. Being able to jump on couch, where. He may have a little lower ownership, than we then were used to seeing him. After. An. Abysmal miscut. And. Then you know I don't know I'm just hoping that's the case maybe it's not but. He's as high as I really care to go this week. I'll. Go ahead and say a DJ's, a fate is my fate in this range. Just, because. I can't and it's not because I don't really like him it's, because for the value and the price on draftkings at 11 nine I, cannot. Find enough low, 6k. Guys in low 7k, guys that I like my line up construction with that knowing, that, also, because, I'm paying that much for him I really need DJ you, know I really need him top five or better, which. He could definitely do I'm, not saying I don't like him in terms of how he'll perform but. Yeah. You know if you yeah. So I just I can't, it's just from, a DFS perspective, it's a pure line, up construction fade, for me so. I'm gonna go couch at ten thousand five I'm gonna go, Webb Simpson at 97. I really like Webb this week, he's. Had a good year solid. Year he, struggled, a little bit with the irons but, I'm I'm I feel like he's gonna get that worked out it's a great course for him great, little you know great little tune up for the US Open second. In the field in over the last hundred rounds, in par four scoring, he always plays, really well on par fours deadly. Accurate, off the tee don't, see him getting in a lot of trouble so. I feel like he's a really good value at 97, I feel like he's got as much upside, or. Not as much upside but I think he fits this course, as. Good as anyone priced above him maybe other than Matt Kuchar so, I love Webb Simpson here, and then, finally I am going to go to the, the champ, that. That won, the last time this event was played here scott. Piercy, at 9300, on draftkings originally, when I saw the prices like yeah I don't know if I want to pay, ninety. Three hundred for Scott but when you really dig in and see just I mean we've.

Been On Scott a few weeks here but he's playing really really solid right now, always. A good ball striker pretty. Steady, I don't, see a lot, of opportunities, for him to like make big numbers and really crap the bed here at this golf course. Wind. Can be a factor here we don't really talk about the weather but wind can be at play here especially. Having eliminated a lot of the trees that they have and he's a pretty. Decent wind player so. Those are my three GP piece kuch, webb scott, Piercy, my, cash play is Webb I feel as good about Webb, as anybody in this field and I like the nine case starting, point for cash and then, the fade is DJ. Cheers. Well, Wow okay, well we've got some agreement, here because I'll. Get it out of the way my cash play and GPP, one of them is Webb Simpson, I love them so I'm totally with you there for all the reasons you said so, I think that. You. Can definitely lock in Webb this week it's just a perfect course for him it really is so, I, like, that and, you know we've really had seen a lot from them lately and so you might get a little bit lower ownership, so. I. Think he's gonna be no unpopular no you think it'll be pretty shocking I would love it if they did but we'll. See what Pam chair says. As. Far as other GPP plays besides, Webb I like henrik stenson, down at the bottom they're at 90 100 he's a guy that I've just kind of been on steadily, lately, I mean he's just cut his, game is coming around I mean you look at the stats he's number, five in ball striking number. One in strokes came to proach you mentioned fairways gained he's six, in the field as far as that'sthat's concerned. You. Know he's twelfth in the field and par for scoring, I just, think Stenson and this is another good court for him I mean just. Of course where you've you've got to hit fairways gotta hit greens in the right spot I think he can do that so I like Stenson, as a good maybe. Low on GPB play we'll see there and then up, top I think there really is going to be some. Struggle, between. Your. Guy couch. JT, and, Rory, I think, that's kind of a little. Bit of a hot. Spot there, and maybe. Some guys our folks are gonna look at you know who are they gonna choose right there and I like Rory you know I think this. Could be a course that he could just, eat alive with his distance, you know he's he's definitely, I mean off the tee he's.

Number, One in the field he's seventh in greens in regulation he's, fourth and approach first in ball striking you. Know I just think Rory could have definite. Lower ownership, then you might typically see for him coming off a miscut, he's. Really just been average. This year but, you. Saw him and of course like you know the Players Championship where, he just absolutely, played. Incredible. And I think he could see that again this week so, I like Roy his GP people yeah I think he's, and. You know what I don't mind that price at all I think that's just about right and I'm with you I'm DJ I'm gonna fade DJ because of the exact same reason I just don't feel like I'm fitting in a good. Tournament. Team GPP. Team with some DJ in there at least I got a little more room with a guy like Rory so. So. There you go Rory. Is gonna be one, of my GPP plays also, henrik stenson, web in cash, and GPP and DJ, will be the fade, okay. So yeah yeah. Good, bit of agreement, there and I gotta say I don't hate be or other I don't, hate the other two gvp place. Rory. Online. Spinning, up I mean, I don't like spinning, up but maybe. If there's a little little. Little ownership leverage, there he's, obviously a powerhouse. All. Right let's get down to the 8k range on draft kings and also we, start with a couple guys or at least one guy that I'm gonna have some bets on when. We talk about the sports work side of things. $8,800. I've, been on him all year I love, me some old man Jim Furyk I love, ya I love Jim Furyk here former winner here playing. Really. Well as, good as he's played in a, lot of years, right now checks, all. The boxes for, me eight. Over the last 100, rounds and strokes getting par-4 hits. Fairways, like no other the, irons are dialed in I love, the price at 8800, he is also likely gonna be chalky, in terms of tournaments, but I'm eating it, he's at 45, to 1 over on my bookie AG, I think that's a really. Great number for Furyk, you. Know you guys know I mean if you followed us for any length of time, we're. Not big fans on giving you at least I'm not pass really not either well, giving you super short odds, guys. To win golf tournaments you know those guys you can figure out on your own I mean if you didn't see Patrick can't like come in last week I don't know what you're looking at if you're interested in betting shorter odds guys in, golf that's. Fine i I just, golf, is so variable I love kind of starting in the more you know high 30s, you. Know 30-something. To one and higher. Just. Because of how variable, it can be and typically it's not hard for a. Listener, to to pick out who may be a, short. Guy, who could pop but I think Furyk at 45 to 1 is criminally. Under, valued. I mean, I'd rather have fearing, I'd, rather have Furyk than Bubba. Then. Probably. Even as much as I like pearcy I probably. I, think, Furyk, I'd might rather have him over over, pearcy. Like. What here's. It here's an interesting question for you. Justin. Thomas now, in any other scenario, at. Any other time of the year without, an injury. Without. Coming off an, abysmal Friday, afternoon, that he had at Memorial, if, you. Were the odds maker how. Close would you make the odds with. Furyk, and Justin, Thomas, because. I think they're I think considering. The. State of JT's, you. Know, we. Said, that last week was gonna be a warm-up week for him let you know we are, I did, I said you should fade Justin Thomas we. Knew that last week was kind of shaking the rust off. Which. Maybe he did but I think, the odds should. Be closer, I think I think given. JT's pedigree. His. ID should probably be shorter, but I think that his odds should be closer.

To Furyk s' than, they, are right now and I think Eurex undervalued. That. Make any sense or, is that the vodka talking I'm not really sure yeah. I. Don't. Know yeah, I mean what. Are the odds of you did you say him well. No no Furyk, is 45 to 1 and JT, I'm, looking on I'm looking on my bookie AG probably, 15 to 1 JT, is 16, to 1 I just, think it's. More than twice, the odds of Furyk right now given. The injury and the Friday performance. If you're talking about odds to win to. Win the golf tournament I mean. I feel like my money safer a lot yeah, safer, legit Furyk right now yeah. I. Like the way he sets up here so. I'm gonna go with Furyk and GPP s enough enough time on him and, then in. Terms of draftkings I'm gonna go Ryan Palmer at 8200. Playing. Really well and. Plays. Good on tracks like this place good on you. Know more traditional. Old-school. Tracks, likes, to work the golf ball played well at Colonial, we just saw him playing at Colonial a couple weeks ago not, as a home as a home event for him, but. Finished, finished sixth. There. Gained. A ton of strokes tee to green gained eight strokes tee to green I. Just. I like the ball striking ability of Ryan Palmer and, it's been pretty good here lately so. I'm gonna go with Palmer and G peepees and then Furyk, is my cash boy if you hadn't already figured that out based on my left my five-minute, lovefest, on Jim Furyk and then, I'm gonna fade the Canadian, Adam hat I'm, fading, Adam had when he's just you. Know this is a course, built, for Adam had one so. You. Know if one Wednesday, night you're like hey fan. Shear sports, calm, has Adam had one projected, it like 5% which, I don't think is gonna happen because he's Canadian and people gonna want to play him but, if you were to tell me that and say like should I play him I probably be like okay if you want to play them that's fine because this, should be a golf course that Adam had one plays really well in this, for. 2018. Adam, had one would be crushing this, golf course but. 2019. Adam hadwin has not been very good the. Ball striking is not there like it has been historically his iron play has. Been very, poor. Lately. In, 2019, is what I mean and, even the Taylor into 2018, so, I just I'm. Not I'm not feeling the Canadian, I feel like he's getting a little bump in price and I feel like he's gonna get a little pop in ownership all because he's. The Canadian and this you know this should feel like a good event for him that also may add extra, pressure on, Adam, Patton so I think he's the fade at, 8,300, I apologized, to the Canadians, for, that take. And. Then yeah. That's my that's my que range. Well. I'm. Actually witty on had when I he's not my fade but I. Was. Kind. Of tinkering between. Him and who I am in a fade but I. Also. Will say Furyk. Was my cache play I did want to give a couple more TPP, plays outside. Of Furyk I think he could play them both in GP peas in cash but he was my cash play so, I'm, with you there totally, I mean just just in, great form perfect, for this course and obviously. Is wanted on this course before so. But. I like Bubba this week at 8900, you know I know this is a course that's shorter, and everybody, tends to look. At Bubba and they see, as linked and everything off the tee and whatever else but I think, he can play well in this course he likes to work the ball left, and right he likes it away whatever, it is he likes to to. Kind, of see the shots you know in his mind and I think this is one of those courses where you have to do that so. It's a little bit more of a feel tight play with Bubba but I just feel like he's gonna have a good week but you know he does have a stats to back it up I mean he's 9th in the field in ball striking he's, second, off the tee obviously, but he's, scrambling, the ball right now you. Got it you got a do well here on that cook on this course as far as that's concerned and, he's gonna be loaned I mean I just don't I don't think a whole lot of people are gonna be on Bubba this week I. Could. Be wrong I mean, that's, the worst thing about this you thing, by the way is like I like I get to actually look at your face when. I say something and, I'm like what the hell is he what are you picking I like he said this like yeah, I don't I think you. Kind. Of picked up on like. Maybe. He thought he wasn't a good scrambler, or something I don't know you did there was something I just said that you well, you reacted to that I was like actually, actually, you know this is the thing if you're listening to us on the podcast that's, we appreciate, it all the time but I gotta say right now for the early adopters, of watching, us on YouTube do the show live props.

To Them and, their being interactive, and the. Fun thing about this for me is that you can't see the production of the YouTube live broadcast, I can't. See anything as it's happy I can. And so, I. Am. Seeing the comments of the people on YouTube live. As they're happening and then I can even throw a comment up on the screen, for. The for the viewers. To see while, you're talking and and believe it or not so everybody, needs to know this is very one-sided when, you're watching this on yeah, but it's it's a technology gap it's not because I can't it's not because it I'm, in tenth you share your screen so I can see what's know I was going on no it's part of this production software that we're using I only, the producer which is moi, can, can, see what's happening down right so I'm gonna suggest, anybody, out there that wants to be a tour junkies producer, that. Will can can learn how to let. Me see what actually is going on when this is, YouTube what here's, the thing believe it you, were not being made fun of it, was actually rather timely, take on but just, gotten a question from, Alan lion who's watching on YouTube, any thoughts on Bubba and so all I did was throw Alan's questions, on the screen that just said any thoughts on Bubba as you were talking about Bubba that's, really all it was happened so, good. For you okay all, right okay. Those. Are my thoughts on Bubba I like top of this okay I think he I think, he's a good GPP place so there. You go. Also. A guy that I've been on recently I know you've been kind of you've been questioning this but he keeps coming through, time. And time again over life few weeks and that's Jason, Dufner I mean, the guy is just checking. Boxes he's, he, is 11th, in the field in ball striking 13th, and strokes gained approach night. And driving accuracy which is fairways, gained on, fantasy, national he's, you. Know checks, a box off the tee 22nd. In the field he's 19th, and par for scoring, I mean the guys just he's, very solid, right now and he had a seventh place finished, last week at the Memorial you, know had a tee for at Wells Fargo which i think is a very comparable course also, outside, of Muirfield, Village Wells. Fargo, you think Clos hallow is comparable to this place, from. A standpoint off not off the tee but, from, an approach standpoint, I think it is I think it's one of those courses where you got to hit greens you got it you got a scramble, well yeah of all every golf course but, you got to do that you got to do what heat what Jason, Dufner is doing well every single week this, is one of those courses I like that it's not a bombers course which, is weird Edgar has to hit your irons every week typically. On a PGA Tour of that I think, I said the. Wells Fargo is a horrible, course comparison, of this place I. Think. Actually. Disappear. Because of it there's. The rough was the rough was what, how was the rough at Wells Fargo pretty. High right. Rough, around the Greens was pretty tough not, easy I think it is a very it's, definitely, I think Wells, Fargo, was actually a great, course, comparable. To last week's tournament I think this proves what you said in the beginning of the podcast that you're gonna get on the planet, Tita you're gonna arrive to, plant at Tito's early, in the podcast I think clearly you're there clearly. You're there anyway, what's the difference what's the biggest difference like why is it wiser issues difference it's just so much, longer, and don't bring up link I don't want to hear length don't, tell me length okay, I need something outside of lengthwise you can't say that the course is comparable just because they have to hit irons into greens yeah. So. Yesterday I don't every course. Whoa. Whoa, whoa we're trying to keep this a family friendly, show buddy, use, a family friendly show, I'm.

Just Saying it's a ball strikers site course where you can't you can't, screens you, got to hit fairways which you have to do at the Wells Fargo which a quail Hollow you have to do at Muirfield Village you can't just get away with missing the fairways it's, it's a ball strikers, course you gotta hit the fairways got to hit the Greens okay. For. The second time he'll move on what I don't, understand actually, don't hate the Jason Dufner play now and you're right you have been on him and I, have not been able to pull the trigger but, I. Just. Don't I don't buy into that, Quail, Hollow is a comparable, golf course for. The reasons I understand but why not that's what I'm trying to figure out why not I mean. By your logic any golf course is comparable if you have to hit greens and you have to be in the fairway like great like I don't. Think I don't even think, but. What I'm saying is what I'm saying is the weight does matter because it means you have more. Penal off the tee and in both of these it's more penal, off the tee at Muirfield Village we saw that it's, the same way at Quail, Hollow and it's, more penal if you miss the Greens so what I'm saying cuz because there are a lot of courses out there where that doesn't even really matter you can you can hit it all over the freaking place so. That's what I'm saying is it's, you know and they have a classic, design to them to where, you, know you got to work the ball off the tee it's not everything, straightforward. That's what I'm talking about when, I'm when I'm trying to compare courses, I'm saying as far as the I four, guys that are playing those courses it's a little bit different we're neither Byron, Nelson where you just freaking bomb it away it, doesn't matter if you miss a fairway, doesn't, matter really if you miss a green I mean you want to hit everybody wants to hit the greens I'm not saying that but, it's not as penal where it is at Quail, Hollow and it is at Muirfield Village if you are missing those greens so, if you're checking the box when, it comes to ball striking meaning you're hitting those fairways you're hitting greens you're not you're gonna give yourself more chances, on average, that's what I'm saying okay that's my point, as to why it's more I'm not I'm not saying they're the exact, same courses, of course they're not the exact same courses but. If a guy's played well on those two courses then. Yeah I'm gonna take that into you. Know into an account. You're. Speechless because, I. Frickin made a good point please. I'm. Fading, King him Bradley, and only because, since.

I've Already cussed, he's just a, asshole in on my plane. Somebody. Just sat on YouTube, both, courses have green grass. Jason. Miles well. Played both, courses, have green grass good. I'm. So confused now have you have you mentioned all of your picks for the 8k cash face I have but I won't say this your Kegan radar you said you had a great great Keegan radar but it did not it did not turn out last week, I'm. Just I'm, just not gonna play them. All. Right while. You're all, hot, and bothered why, don't you start off the 7k range, all. Right so here we go dear God get us through the picks on the RBC Canadian oh, this is this is I forgot this. One's gonna get even better for you now. That we're in the 7k range so I'm gonna start with a, little. Eric van Ryan he's. Been levy ours PPR. He's been popping for me you know checks, the box he's 9th in the field and par for scoring, I. Lost. My spot where. The hell. Huh. You. Got me all confused now. What. Else about this dude oh yeah so. He's 15th in ball shine and return yeah. South Africans. Whatever that means. 37. Literally means from. Whatever. That means I meant, like whatever, that means as far as the why, you would play them I don't think that really matters as. To why you would play freakin. Eric van rooijen but I appreciate the info good for you the. Canadian, that I will go with is Corey, Connors I do like him as you get 75 under, I think that's a great play. Look. And the, guys then if you're, gonna pick a Canadian, this week just go with Connors you know he's got to win this with this year. Great. Talent. Yes. Fantastic player. We know irons. You got actually hit irons into these greens irons, mom you're, not hitting putter into the greens so. You want to go with those good iron players, as. You mentioned earlier so. I like him and you know who I really like I'm, gonna play and I'm bringing him back back. To, the show. Jonas. Mother-effing. Blixt. Jonas. Blixt, 7800. Second. Boxes for me and ball striking he's 22nd, in the field 15th, and driving, accuracy you like that I want to argument as to why you can't play blips 26. Off the tee 29th. And greens in regulation he's made 12 of 18 cuts, this year with, four top 20 finishes, played. Extremely. Well from, the start, last. Week or a couple weeks ago at the colonial and, kind of faltered a little bit over the weekend, but. He still had a fifth, place finish so, I like some Jonas blixt, I think he's actually. In, play for, the one time that. I will have mentioned his name in. Freaking. Years, but. He's got his game back together and we've seen it, okay. Who's your cash play out of that group out. Of cash. Actually, of those three I'm not playing in cash I think KH Lee is a good cash play at 7400, I mean he's a guy I, mean if you're, looking at solid guys he's made 10 of his last 11 cuts 25th. And ball-striking 32nd. And a driving, accuracy 13th, off the tee look the guy's just been extreme, Saudi you play him in tournaments as well but I think for cash he. Is as solid as they come in this range all. Right look out fades. Fade. I don't know I just going, easy here JB Holmes just terrible, form, whatever, else and paints, I just. I don't I can't you gotta have two fades in this range is your other one. You're. By, the way oh you're, out you're just your. Jonas blixt Howell is getting a lot of a lot of love on you, too. Sungeum. By, the way is my other fade at 7,900. I forgot. To mention him just, I mean is he gonna play a thousand. Turn I mean. This. The Strokes, bled grinding. Is in, play here for this guy I mean there's, only 48, tournaments. On the PGA Tour every year and seungjae, M is playing all 53, of them yes. And he's not really in the greatest. Form to pay 7904. I mean he's missed three of his last six cuts and even.

When He has maybe cut lately he's not really doing all that much so I just I'm not I'm, not playing in this week well, this should be quite the electric. 7 K range first, of all while we're on topic, I am also fading seungjae, M I said the same thing he's definitely he's, definitely fallen off I mean he was he was everybody's favorite. But. At, 7,900. I don't think you can play him given the recent form, it's kind of tough to pull the trigger on, another. While we're on the topic of fades I feel. Like it's kind of a bold fade because he's only $7,600. He's making, cuts he's an RBC guy the. Course should, fit him but, Ivan grand McDowell is is. Actually. A fade right now when. You look over those, key, stats that I mentioned, he actually checks none of the boxes, he comes close, to checking, the par for scoring, box but. I mean really since April, he's done nothing. Nothing. At all, except. Lose a lot of strokes off the tee and approach, and around the green. He's, been pretty abysmal so I think Graeme McDowell although yes I see him as a cut maker if you're, trying to win a tournament you, need more than that at a GMAC and, I can see him being a little more popular play down here I liked. Your Cory Connors, call I'd much rather have Connors, in. This range so I'm, out on him I. Like. I like Nick Watney, Watney. Is my cash play he, is also a GPP, play for me I. Just like where he's I don't know I kind, of like I like the iron ability, right now he's always, you, know fairly low loans he's, had a good couple of tournaments here at both the colonial, and I'm sorry on Colonial Charles Schwab and memorial, he's. Played pretty well gaining, strokes with, his irons, a lot of strokes with his irons actually, if the putter is just average Nick, Watney could, could give you a top 15 top 20, no problema, so he's my cash play, he's one of my GPP plays you. Know because we feel like we got to pick some Canadians, here you know you said Cory Connors I'll give you McKenzie Hughes, I mean. 7,500. Bucks it. Feels, a little pricey for McKenzie, Hughes but everybody, feels a little pricey from the kit McKenzie, Hughes but, what a great event. He played a couple weeks ago at the Charles Schwab. Yeah, that was colonial what am I thinking that was close. You. Know gained, five strokes, tee to green he's, putting well I. Just, you, know he's not a long hitter but he's fairly accurate, so I think the Kinzie Hughes is maybe you're less chalky, Canadian. In this range, so. I think he's interesting, but my last, GPP, play. Is. Is. An interesting play I think I think you'll be interested in this one over, the last 100. Rounds this golfer, is 18th, in strokes, gained par. Force, okay, so gaining, strokes on par fours he, checks the box in driving, accuracy fairways. Gain, relative. To his price he's, actually pretty. Good in strokes gained approach he's not fantastic, but. He's pretty good in strokes gained approach and. He's in pretty, good form and, he's making cuts and, this. Is now the second, time in a, four year tour. Junkies history that, I will be playing one. Jonas. Blixt who, I already had written down. Huh. And, actually I believe it's the second time this year you, know. 40. TJ, listeners, who are new who. Are not around in year one I have a major. Grudge. Against. Jo

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