Relaxing Weekend in Okeechobee, Florida - Driving to the West 2019 Preview

Relaxing Weekend in Okeechobee, Florida - Driving to the West 2019 Preview

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Hello. Everybody on, the road again today, we're going to Okeechobee. Florida. I'm, riding. Riding. Riding, riding. In. My RV, i RV. Wherever. -. You. Guys haven't, bring in. Miami. One. Of the main purposes of this road, trip is you know it's like a shakedown cruise before. Our long. Road. Trip to the west I want, to test out my, new GPS. System. Here, I want to test our, new, hitch. We got the appropriate hitch, and so far so good and, you. Know solar panels, I put two new solar panels make, sure that I'm you know fly, off the roof or anything like that and. And. See what's going, on in the lake okeechobee. We. Haven't actually been, there. We're. Taking, i-75. North here and then we are going to merge onto us-27. We're. Averaging almost, 13. Miles per gallon at, bad that's. Bad at all. Here, around Lake Okeechobee very. Agricultural, area mainly, sugarcane, fields. That's. Lake. Okeechobee right, there. What, are the few places where you can actually see, the like the, thing with Lake Okeechobee is that it has levees, all around it so, you have to be on top of the levee or some other elevated, position, to actually see the lake and. Here. We are we, have arrived. Hello. Everybody here we are the Okeechobee. Koat first time here a, little. Bit of a tight waters but that's fine now we're gonna explore, the. Campground, and, see what but it has it has a pool it has a bunch of stuff. The. Way December. What it is at the December 29th, and it is like 85, degrees of you, welcome. To Florida. All. Right let's go to the to, the lounge and things that way this, place is huge, here we are at the shanty. Lounge. Adult. Food. The. Bar between the pool and the golf course not very busy, at this time, yes. There is supposed to be live entertainment that, night but for now we'll, just enjoy looking at the wildlife, I was. Thinking of getting into the pool but it is a little bit too crowded, for my taste this, is the kiddie pool which is actually a lot emptier, than the adults, pool so we might come to this one, but. This, one doesn't have a bar so. General. Store is here something. Smells good well yeah we later found out that the reason the kiddie pool was empty was because the heater had broken down and, they were letting the youngsters, use the adult pool that's, why it was so crowded. We're. Going to eat here at lights east fish company it has good reviews. Good, the craft beer selection, and very. Tasty, clam chowder and I'm having the catfish, Elise having the stone crab and. They have all kinds of animals on, the walls. Well. Good morning. Very. Foggy, morning, here in Okeechobee. We. Didn't really do much last. Night after, our late, lunch or early, dinner but, today we are going to explore a little bit. We're. Going over the levee on to Lake Okeechobee park, and I think it is a perfect, opportunity to fly the drone but, first let's. Walk up to the pier. The. Fog gives. It a sort of eerie, spooky. Air and, all. These spider, webs. Hopefully. The fog will lift, soon and we'll get a better view. So, many, pelicans, and, other birds as well. Hey. Gator alert. One. Of these days I'm going to learn how to fish. Well. The fog is slowly. Dissipating. I think, that would be a good time to fly the drone. Lake. Okeechobee is, really. Big, even on a clear day you wouldn't, be able to see the other side not. Even from 400. Feet above ground. It. Is the, Florida Trail. Do. It see. The rainbow in the grass. The, Morning Sun reflected. On all the do covered, spiderwebs. This, is the, florida trail, goes. Around the lake. I. Have. To further trail very nice we were walking back now of. Course but there's lake okeechobee south. And here. Looking north is the town of Okeechobee, some, fishing, boats. By, the way this is pretty much just basically a shakedown trip, and in preparation, for our upcoming trip, out west which. It's, gonna happen in three days you know test that, new hitch that I got from pro pride and, and.

Make. Sure that my solar panel solar panels for example don't fall off the roof you know when I'm going on the highway streets that kind of thing and they're. So far so good so, far so good and. Looking. Forward to driving. To the west. Into. The sunset in a. Couple of days. Let's. See what else is there to do in the in this town of Okeechobee, that doesn't seem to be a little whole lot to do here but you know it's it's. The beautiful nature of. Florida. Here and the Lake Okeechobee, behind. Me, one. Of these days not today because it is kind of warm one of these days we're gonna, we. Do like the whole around, the Lake Trail. Be cool maybe. Bike. Because. Walking, is gonna take place. Here. We are downtown. Okeechobee. Florida Flagler. Park here with this tank, and, this helicopter. Let's, face it it is not the most vibrant, downtown. I've ever seen but at least let's. Go see the tank and the helicopter. For. The tank used to be. They, removed it, well. I am not crazy, I remember, seeing a tank here in the park the last time we passed by Okeechobee. Which was what like four, years ago on our way to Orlando. I think. Can't imagine sight. Let's. Continue exploring. Now. There's the Okeechobee, historic. Battlefield. More. Research, into. This. Beware. Of the alligators. Well, yeah that's, it we, decided to return to the shanty lounge the, pool area much, less, crowded today. Beautiful. Day for the pool. It. Is truly a beautiful. Day not, a cloud in the sky a. Refreshing. Gin, and tonic and more. Wildlife. Watching. On. The, other side of the lounge the. Golf Course. Our. Friendly, Birds. Well. Here I am at the heated pool and the, temperature, is. Perfect I have no idea what it is but it's super. Purposed outside is like 81, degrees and it's pretty. Much the same temperature, in the water. 485. Degrees and there's really taking a picture of me taking a picture of myself and, but, there's that's it, it's. A shanty lounge which is the bar here. Good. Drinks and very cheap I mean it's three bucks for a gin and tonic and yesterday, was a dollar. And change for, real, England, so yeah. Very. Relaxing, weekend here in Okeechobee, for, sure. I. Have. An idea let's, go to the nearby Brighton. Seminole, casino, nearby. Being a relative, term here, since it is almost, 30, miles away but. We're, kind of running out of things to do here. After. Putting a couple of bucks in the slot machines Ely won enough money to invite me to dinner at the restaurant, mistake. Meatloaf. That. Was a great, meal, lucky. For us he won like a hundred and twenty. Dollars you, know. 150. Oh very good hundred and fifty sold so. Our. $40. Meal was. Pretty much free which. Actually. Four, dollars for what, we ate it's a, great, deal. Everything. Seems kind of cheap when you leave Miami. Another. Color around this one is actually Colorado. Cool, all. Right let's go back. In. The morning we, return, to Miami, ending. A relaxing. Weekend, and a successful, shakedown. Cruise for, many tini the, Colorado and all, the upgrades I, performed, with the upcoming, cross-country. Road trip in, mind in. Fact this. Is the last, video, filmed. In 2018. And before we go I want, to give you a quick preview of what's, coming up ahead in. The driving to the West 2019. Series. Product. I received on the mail a couple of days ago and actually very timely, and I. Got, it I, had, it shipped at my friend's, house, in Las Vegas and it, is called other clans, and then it. Is an order remover, and and you know when you live in close quarters, like a smaller view like I like mine or. Even. A larger RV you know you can have displacing. Odors that linger. For days on, end because. It is such as such a small enclosed, space on the other day I had this brilliant, idea, of cooking some fish it. Was not God but it was something similar. Stunk. It's you know, it. Smelt like fish in here for days on end actually what was in Death Valley that. I cooked it and that's. Also where I got this nice t-shirt by the way and. Incidentally. A couple of days later I had scheduled, this product, to arrive in Las Vegas and I used that era the launch was, cold in Las Vegas actually, it snowed. Two, days later I can't wait to share all those videos with you guys and, I. Notice, a laundry auditive, and additive, this, thing you put your detergent, you you have to fill up the. Washer. A little bit with water and then you put your detergent you put a things. A half a cup or it depends on the size of the load like. Half a cup for a side for a large, load and. And. It removes, all the smells it doesn't mask the smells with without like a like a like an artificial flowery. Smell it. Is. Have like zinc. Oxide, and some. Some. Stuff all, whole earth friendly, and and, natural, and it. Removes the. Smells they have this laundry, line they have a line for like pets and for. Pet products, like if you want to clean your your sofa, because you know sometimes bats also have like these.

Powders, And, and. They, have a sports line. So, you know if. This is something you're interested in it check it out I have a discount code it, is travel, 15 and you get a 15% off, whenever. You ordered this and I'm going to put the, link in the video description and, somewhere here on the, screen so, you can check it out this cold order, cleanse, and. This is the one that I get is the laundry under the additive, and. So. Far it's been great because anything. It doesn't smell like fish anymore, and that's I love, fish but I love. To eat it not the, lingering smell of fish that. Is a good thing now. Now, what I'm going to do next I'm gonna give you a quick preview of all the marvelous. Places I think two of them this road. Trip, the beginning. Of the 2019. Season which will, begin next Sunday. At first we're gonna do a video you know traveling north in Florida, they're so good songs nice, to see in Florida and we visited some places I actually, um. You. Know scenic drive with with. This traveler, fellow youtuber, and friend. And patron. Here. In the channel and then, I mean I was, going through Louisiana, and I stayed at this State Park and I said you know what I'm an hour away from New Orleans let's, go to New, Orleans for, breakfast, so, I went to New Orleans for breakfast I'm gonna show you that it was. A couple of hours but New York is this is such a unique. Iconic, city that and, I had to do it and. And. Then. Drove to the West and then in California, with it so much well in Arizona, California Nevada. Utah. We're, going to Zion National Park, in Utah that, was amazing, and then. On the way back I visited, some of that flyover. Country which is actually very nice I visited Oklahoma City, I really liked it very clean, very, Sin City and also Little, Rock Arkansas and I, really, liked Little Rock Arkansas it's actually probably what a place where I could leave in at. Some point you, know it's a it's a nice clean the. Relatively quiet city very. Nice and, well. That's that and. I. Hope. You have enjoyed all my 2018. Videos and in 2019, I promise you it's gonna be great. Until. Next time thank you so much for watching. Let's. See, the. Real. Riding. In my RV. Wherever. I want. And. Guys, I'm bring, it. By. RVM. Writing. Writing. Writing I'm. Writing. Here my RB. By RB. Wherever. I want, to be. You. Guys I'm free, if, I are ready. Whatever. I want. To be. Because. I'm. Freaking. My, army air. We're. Riding, in by, RB. By RB. Wherever. I want. To be. -. I'm free. Break. It down. All. Right, in my. Be. Whatever. I, want to. Be Oh. Whenever. I want. To be. Cause, I'm free. My. Riding. Riding. Riding. I'm riding. In my army. My RV. Wherever. I, want. To. Because. I'm free. In. My army. Writing. Writing from. Florida, to Tennessee. By RV mean. Whatever I want. To be. Because. I'm, free in. My RV. Riding. Riding. In, my RV. Wherever. I, want. To, be. Coz. I'm free. In. My. Army.

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Thanks for the odor Klein’s info, we can’t find products to remove smells of cologne fabric softener etc, my wife has hyper chemical sensitivity and our clothing gets saturated in public places. We either have to air it out for days or weeks before washing to get it to a place that doesn’t agitate her chemical allergies. Thank you Robert will check it out.

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+Traveling Robert There is so many good options to choose from now. I was liking the Winnebago Views a year ago, but not leaning toward a new pick up and trailer (was just looking at truck campers for fun too). But my current fav's are the newest version of the Rockwood 2011S, and I do like some of the Eagle HT 5th wheels now too, but not really sure I want something that big right now. Almost too many options too choose can drive you crazy trying to compare and decide! LOL

Probably not. Unless Winnebago gives me an offer I can't refuse... highly unlikely, I will probably keep Minitini for a while. I have made so many upgrades that anything else they have would be a downgrade. Now we are looking into a B+, but who knows what the future will bring.

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YAY Okeechobee!! passed directly in front of both my Family's Campgrounds on your route. We are on the water and 3 miles before the KOA (at 5:50 when you show the Alligator you notice the radio tower in the background - my family's Parks are just before and just after that tower). You made a great choice choosing the Lightseys restaurant (they just relocated there 2years ago). They used to be located a few miles to the West on Hwy 78 directly where the Kissimmee River connects into the Lake (you passed it when you went to Brighton Indian Reservation). Congratulations Ileana for winning the $150...I also had similar luck my 1st time there was $220 after just 15mins playing...I ate then left too :-). Both their restaurant and family have been featured on many TV networks. The restaurant has a very interesting story and started from very humble beginnings, originally just helping at the local boat ramp and then creative in how they grew from that. They have a very interesting story and recognized in contributions to the history around Okeechobee. Alot of fun memories there, and always great place to eat. Next time you pass by I recommend you also try Parrot Island restaurant and Cowboys BBQ. You mentioned the 'tank' at 10:46...the answer is they removed it a couple months ago for restoration and rebuilding, so the tank will be back soon when they finish the makeover. at 11:50 you visited the Okeechobee Historic Battlefield...they have a dedicated group of people who perform reenactments each year during the last week of February. I like the teaser video at the end of this video. Thanks for making & sharing. Keep up the great work! Your channel has really grown and improved.

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Southern Arizona

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In my experience KOA's vary greatly. The one in Gila Bend is pretty nice too

Next time you go there, go to the south end of the lake in Pahokee. There's a little gem of a "campground" run by the city. You would call there to make a RSVN. They have an awesome restaurant and bar with live outside band, a chilled pool, pool table and other outdoor games and a bike trail along the lake. No town to go to or anything, but a nice area to relax and never crowded. I think they just remodeled or are remodeling it all now. Guy Harvey used to own it I believe.

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No, I have some good stuff coming up

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That was about $80 per night. Not cheap.

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Something like what I have will probably be a good entry level camper.

i like your videos and your trip father... keep it up

Robert a suggestion: you might find it fun and interesting to travel north on I75 all the way to northern Michigan and the Canadian border. Returning to Florida either on US27 or US23. Both start in northern Michigan. Or for an adventure take US31 from northern Michigan to Mobile. Travel safe.

Driving to the west, i'm excited for the Zions footage.

Me too :-)

I just discovered your channel and I have been binge watching. I really enjoy the keys videos especially. Your theme song has been running they my head all morning...

Thank you, and welcome!

I will visit lake Okeechobee area next time when I visit in Florida, maybe Christmas season in 2019 from Detroit. and then I will upload the road trip videos as well... thanks for sharing your video foe the lake Okeechobee, Fl.

Thanks, Robert!


Well, turned out it was not cancer. I suffered a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in lung). Same symptoms. Had a mass on lung in cat scan but wasn't cancer! Long recovery but I'm alive. Thank GOD! I appreciate your kind comments. Be safe in your travels.

Love western Michigan along the lake.

Holy moly ,which literally was a steal! atm were paying 5,60$ per gallon over here. that's why Germany's designing cars which are economical on fuel

In the 90's I paid as little as 87 cents per gallon of gas. THAT was ridiculously cheap gasoline.

J Shepard it's shockingly high. I guess two thirds of the price is tax and some moronic Green Party supporters think that's still too cheap, lol

+Scotchgod Yeah, there's a direct relationship between fuel price and their motivation to get good gas mileage. I wonder how much of that high price is tax.

Holy moly ,which literally was a steal! atm were paying 5,60$ per gallon over here. that's why Germany's designing cars which are economical on fuel

I lived in Los Angeles California before, so when I moved here to Chicago. I drove the whole route 66 now 40


I drove from Bradenton to Miami by that route

Okeechobee is My Home! I Love Okeechobee!

Hot (94 degrees) will make even a KOA easier to deal with if the electricity is dependable

I live here and you make it look better then it is


@Traveling Robert There is so many good options to choose from now. I was liking the Winnebago Views a year ago, but not leaning toward a new pick up and trailer (was just looking at truck campers for fun too). But my current fav's are the newest version of the Rockwood 2011S, and I do like some of the Eagle HT 5th wheels now too, but not really sure I want something that big right now. Almost too many options too choose can drive you crazy trying to compare and decide! LOL

@Scotchgod Yeah, there's a direct relationship between fuel price and their motivation to get good gas mileage. I wonder how much of that high price is tax.

@Traveling Robert That is not good to hear. Perhaps you should of considered a Ford F150. Excellent videos none the less!

The tank is back!!! It was out getting repainted!!

Good to know

Robert thanks so much for a beautiful view of this beautiful Lake. And for all the crybabies on the coas,t well stay away. I love this area and so glad you gave us a view of this marvelous lake.

Great video I live in okeechobee and you are not crazy there was a tank there and its back in its spot they took it away to do some maintence on the tank to keep it looking good

I gotta go back :-)

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