Revisiting Old Minecraft Worlds In 2019

Revisiting Old Minecraft Worlds In 2019

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Back, from 2012, to 2014, minecraft. Was the real deal everyone. Played it everyone, talked about it and Minecon was unfortunately. A thing and it. Was a very awkward thing I, was. Wondering, um what's. The, what commended, amount of detonated. Wham eyes it have to serve like. Very. Awkward. But. The point is minecraft was poppin billions. Of hours were played billions, of blocks replaced and everyone loved it myself included around. This time I was in late middle school in early high school and, after a long day of sitting around and being awkward and I would come home and play some minecraft with friends, but, I wasn't a very big PC, kid at the time and, I played primarily on xbox360. It was a lot of fun and I spent hours and hours creating, new things and building really ugly and disgusting garbage. Buildings. On tons of different worlds, but times, change and I would end up moving on to other games and eventually other consoles, the friends that I played with moved, on with life and so did I I started doing YouTube some of my friends moved away and others have gotten married and have even had kids but. While life and everything, else has completely changed these. Worlds that we spent so many hours on have been sitting there completely. Untouched, items. Are still exactly where we left them and buildings, are half built waiting for the day where someone logs on and finishes them minecraft, is basically a time capsule of my childhood thoughts ideas and creations so, when I started up my xbox360. A few weeks ago to play guitar hero and I saw it in my game library, I decided, to go back and take a look I pulled, out my old capture, card and hooked it up to record my gameplay just to see what it would be like I wasn't expecting, it to be like this but it ended up feeling like a walk down memory lane. It was nostalgic, and exciting to take a look at things that I remember from over 5 years ago I somehow remembered, where specific, things were in the world and, I could even find my secret chest where I hid all my diamonds from friends, since I recorded everything I figured that I would make this video to show you guys how cool of an experience, it actually, was that. Experience is what you're going to be witnessing in today's video where, I revisit, old minecraft, worlds and feel the nostalgia.

Speaking. Of nostalgia, I have a super, exciting announcement, I have officially launched, my new line of apparel, called nostalgic, all of these shirts have designs that represent, old pop culture gaming, and nostalgic, things that were popular back in the day I've been working on this for quite a while now and I've made sure that everything is the best possible, quality the. Current designs will only be up for a limited time so, if you're interested at all now, is the best time to get them I really, do appreciate all of the support lately. And none of this would be possible without, all of my amazing viewers. So I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I'm doing this and I'll leave a link in the description below if you're interested. So. I connected my xbox to the internet for the first time and what felt like a decade and, I updated pretty much everything, on it it, took forever with, my garbage internet but eventually I got minecraft, to start and everything, was good and before, I even hit play I realized, how much had changed with this game to. Put this into perspective the, last time I played this game was when it was on title update 19, which, was when they added the new tutorial, world now. As a comparison, the game is now on title update like. 74. So, it's, been a little while I mean, there's like a billion new texture, packs so there's somehow now mini games on the home screen and, everything, just looks different so. I opened up my world list, and realized how many worlds, I actually made, back in the day I had, a tendency to play on one for like a month and then get bored and decide to move on to a new one so, we're not gonna check out every single one of these but we are gonna go talk about the most notable ones so, the first world that we visited has the beautiful name of regular. Because, I was very creative with naming my names and it, was actually one of the first survival world that I ever continued.

To Play on so, I clicked play and after waiting literally, forever I ended up spawning into the world and I instantly realized, oh my god I was bad at building you want to see some good building skills well, look at my glowstone, floors, smooth stone walls doors, that don't even line up and roofs that are only tall enough for people who are 3 foot 5 I'll admit I wasn't the best at building but this was probably when I enjoyed the game more than any other time so. To get a tour of this wonderfully, hideous world we have a couple main areas, first. Of all there's my beautifully, tall house which, was obviously the best house on the map then, there was my friend Ryan's, house which was like you know slightly below mine but nowhere. Near as cool and then, there was a main area connecting, the two with a couple of things attached to it now, this world was nothing special it wasn't something that we spent a ton of time on but, I would say that it was one of the first main worlds, that I actually continued. To play on back. In the day we thought this was the coolest thing ever made and we were like wow look at our wonderful buildings, but looking. Back they're. Not that impressive so, I walked into my with my lovely doors that for some reason didn't, line up and I, was faced with the worst carpet, I'd ever seen in my life out of all the possible minecraft, floor designs I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to make a red carpet with, teal next to it with, a path going to my beds and my ladder it's, 2019 we don't ask questions but honestly we probably should looking. Around I felt like something was missing what. Was something that old robo cast aka low C scopes aka cast shadows, would do and then, I realized I have to have a secret room it's basically, rule number one of playing Minecraft in 2013, so I looked towards the door and I saw those paintings, and they raised a red flag because everybody, knows there's, always a secret passageway, behind paintings, so I finally found one but, I realized it was just an enchanting, room so nothing too promising, but, I can guarantee there, is definitely a hidden chests in here somewhere now, where would 2013, me put the entrance to my secret room my first guess was definitely under the ladder but it wasn't there so, I figured, might as well check all the corners first one not, so much maybe this one ah there. It is I know, me like the back of my own hand so, I walked into the secret room and realized that it was kind of depressing, I definitely, duplicated. Obsidian, because there was no way I had that much and the, other chests were pretty much empty for the most part now keep in mind I did load up the world and creative but this world was never putting creative it was a survival, world and, I just loaded it up to get around easier so, I kept looking but, I never ended up finding my diamonds so I figured there had to be another secret, chest somewhere because, your boy was always strapped with diamonds, moving. Up to the second floor of the house I had like a nice little kitchen area with way too many furnaces, and a roof that you literally hit your head on honestly, my rating for this world is going down every second I look at my buildings, the third story wasn't much better where I still hit my head in the roof it was pretty ugly and another thing I duplicated was gold I could, just see myself back in the day arguing, with my friend Ryan and saying no, dude I swear it's not duplicated. But, it definitely was so, I left this disaster, of a house and walked out into the hallway towards Ryan's house it, was definitely a little bit better than mine but for some reason the doors still didn't line up I guess, we just had a thing for non, lining up doors don't ask why now, one thing I want to mention about Ryan is one there. Was always cake, in the, world when Ryan was here I I don't mean that in the way you think this, man was obsessed with Minecraft, cakes like he did not consider himself successful. Until, he had a Minecraft cake so if he, had one that's, how you know he played on the world quite often and the number of cakes represented, how much he played now you think I'm joking, but I promise, you that's how it worked honestly, his house wasn't that interesting, either but, I just had to throw this world in the showcase because it was one of the first worlds that we ever played on but, like I said this world wasn't really that impressive, so on my scale I give it a seven. Point zero. The. Only reason it's not a zero point zero is because you know it was kind of the world that started everything so again that's why I put it in this video now, this next world is pretty interesting, it's, called fort low C and it was made by me and Ryan now.

My Xbox gamertag, at the time was low C's scopes with like 20 X's in it and Ryan's. Was low C outdoors and we were a clan of like three, people so you, know back in the day you always wanted to make your own clan but, anyways we decided to build this world for a youtuber, showcase, I honestly, don't remember his name but there was this youtuber, that him and I both watched back in the day I think it was like something, wolf can't. Remember but. This guy did world showcases. Where he showed off like crazy minecraft. Creations so. Ryan and I had the idea well. Why don't we just build something crazy and then we could be YouTube famous I'm, still waiting on that moment but. Anyways we started spending a lot of time in this world and we built what we called fort, Losey to, make a long story short the guy ended up being a total douche and he like cut me off and like never talked to me again and quit youtube or something I don't even know honestly, I don't really care but he kind of did make me mad back in the day and made, our work feel like it was for nothing but. Now I'm making this video so the, world is technically, now on YouTube look at that problem. Solving anyways. We built this giant fort, entirely, by hand you, see every single one of these blocks they were all built by hand by two people I know I know we had no life but honestly it's kind of cool to go back and look at it because there. Was a lot of work put into this, it definitely ups the standard, a little bit from the previous, world I showed you where I could barely build a walkway and honestly. I was kind of proud of this but. The main attraction of this world is this giant thing called fort Losey which is this big wooden structure, everything. Here was built by hand and if you walk inside there's like an armory, and a potion place and a restaurant, and a bunch of villagers to represent, the army people and honestly. We spent a lot of work on the inside of this because again it, was supposed to go on YouTube I'd have to say my favorite part of this was the stairway, that went up to the top I spent, a lot of time trying to make that look good and I was so happy when it turned out like it did going. Up to the top there's like some barracks, and paintings. Over the door that I really don't understand, the purpose of but hey again, don't ask questions, it also has like a little banner around the side and there's like cannons, washing, out over the area and honestly, I still feel like it's a pretty cool creation, for like a 12 or 13 year old at the time and the, best part about this we, didn't forget our secret, room if you, go around to the side there's like a little door which I actually couldn't find for awhile and that door, takes you into this storage room for, some reason even though is a creative, world we loaded up every single chest with like every item imaginable. Maybe you were gonna try to lie and tell the youtuber that we did it by hand and survival, but I mean come on it's pretty obvious that we did it now, don't ask any questions about Tommy I don't, know if it was a human that we drowned or if it was a fish, or a squid or a dog that we drowned I don't know okay I really. Don't know but for some reason he's not there anymore he, must have migrated, or died, so, again, I don't know where Tommy went I don't know what he was but apparently we had a pet too but this secret room was like the best one we made at the time it had like a pool table and I'm sure Ryan put some cakes somewhere because he always dieppe there they are and I felt like it was a good addition to this giant, fort, because what's a fort without a secret room but, that wasn't it and there was actually quite a bit more to this world you can follow the minecart path and go over to a hotel with like a really weird entrance, and staircase, that goes into a lobby that, hotel had an indoor pool and two rooms that weren't finished I guess, this was kind of like the thing we were working on when we switched to something else but.

At The end of this world showcase, there's, something that is probably, the most influential, building, I have ever built in Minecraft Oh Robo, what's so influential, about a Minecraft, Bank this, was the bank that started, everything, and I mean literally, everything, I could, go as far to say that this bank is the reason I'm doing YouTube welcome. To the bank where you can trade in your gold ingots diamonds, or gunpowder for sponge which is our currency and you can use your sponge to purchase houses and shop items now, it sounds like a really simple concept but I promise, you this. Bank just. Like the previous world went on to create everything, it, gave me an idea okay, the, bank was one of the last things we built in this world and I thought why. Don't we make an entire world, dedicated. With an economy and houses. And jobs and stuff like that this. Bank was what gave me that idea overall. I rate this world a eight. Point nine seven, out of ten now. Back to the bank story and, after this world was when I had the idea for the economy, world it, was basically the, future of what would become my unturned, RP server my. Minecraft server that I had before that and my, entire RP, series, that basically, started me out on YouTube so again, kind of important, this. World was called town and to, be fair I had like 20 other worlds with the name town in it because this this was an idea that was refined multiple, times but. This was called town and it was the start of the first ever town world and as, I was revisiting, all of these worlds, this is where the nostalgia, and the memories really started getting to me welcome. To the wonderful town, of New Haven I guess this is when I started playing Skyrim, the currency, is gold nuggets you get paid for doing jobs so, get out of your mom's basement and, get a job and, make, sure you look for Easter eggs along, the way go. To the town hall and meet up with PL GTL, GX scopes with. A Z so a little footnote here tlg scopes was also me so I started, out as a I, got, a P 99 don't. Ask questions then, I changed my name to low C scopes and then I changed my name to tlg, scopes now I don't know what tlg meant but I guess that was my other attempt at making my own clan and this is where the start of what I said in the intro starts to come into play everything. Was just left, exactly. As it was with, nobody touching it like it's waiting for somebody else so, when you first walk out of the Town Hall you come across a couple of shops and the first one was owned by a guy named redneck boy think, about this one, day me and redneck boy were just playing Minecraft he had his little shop I had my town and one. Day we just got off and haven't, talked to each other since his. Items are still in his chest and this world that was bustling with people at one point trading, and fighting, and pvping, and buying stuff is just. Silent the. Streets are empty and, nobody's, walking around trading, and shops, are dead, honestly. I kind of got my feelings right around here you know I was kind of sad it felt like a big part of my childhood was just like empty. And desolate but. Anyways there were a couple of different shops there, was some shops for sale then, of course there was my beautiful, tlg scope shop where I had all my goods that I totally, didn't bring in from creative mode I had all my items in there just like I was planning to get back on and continue working it's. Just crazy to me then, you walk over to the back there's like a little village where you can sell houses, nobody, bought these houses I don't think because they were too expensive and everybody, just stole stuff from each other but. There were pretty cool houses and we had the idea of selling them on the server and then. I came across these little mining Lots that I guess people could purchase with gold to mine on and one of the signs said backhand Stu's mining, lot back, ends do is my friend Austin who I've known since third grade and it's crazy to think that we used to just chill and play Minecraft together and now. He has a fiancee, I did, some more exploring came across a hotel, that literally, that, literally had one bed in a door that I charged money for why would you pay money to, sleep in a bed like there's no point not everybody's gonna go to sleep so, you're literally paying money to sit, in a 2x2 room with a bed in it like come, on Robo aka tlg scopes come on you can do better there, were a couple other shops, some enchanting, rooms the bank and all types of other things the bank was a pretty interesting thing to look at because going.

On From this to the next world to the next world you, can tell how much it's improved, this bank was literally just a wooden building with doors and places. To get your money at but, you'll see how it changes in the next one and then, on the other end was the jail which was literally just the stone brick building with some little iron, doors and bars for people to sit in the, way it worked was that if you broke one of the rules or you stole something you, got put in jail and then, finally, on the far side, outside, of the town there were two houses and, before I even flew over to these I realized. Exactly, what they were these. Were gonna be the governor's mansions, that me and my friend Ryan were gonna build I pretty, much finished mine and he was in the middle of working on his when we just suddenly stopped, playing on this world and moved on to a new one at this point my building skills have gotten a little bit better but, again nothing, too crazy I mean I don't even have doors on my house then, I flew over to Ryan's house and I realized like I said he just suddenly stopped, working on it one, day he just decided hey, we're, gonna go on a new world and I'm gonna I'm gonna leave my doors backwards, for some reason and not fix them and it. Just happened, overall. I would give this world okay. My scale is getting a little confusing because I don't really know what I'm basing it off of but overall I would give this world a uh. 8.6. For we. Got two more worlds guys two more worlds, and I'll explain how this all connects at the end the. Next world is another town world but this time on our timeline my name is now cast, shadows. Cast. Shadows. The. First part of that name sure does sound pretty familiar, boom. Story time you see this ugly skin yeah, I thought it looked like a robot right this, is when I first got my capture card and I figured hey I have, this skin that looks like a robot, and my name is cached xx shadows, so, let's combine Robo. And cast. And, make. My youtube name Robo cast and then we'll make Minecraft videos on xbox it was, a genius idea and that's, the actual story of how I cut my youtube name anyways. This town world was a little bit more improved than other ones the, other ones were kind of just like oh you get money from mining, and then you can use it to buy stuff but, this one there were actual jobs you, can kind of see how the rules and regulations, started, to kind of form world, to world the, first world was an idea that was the fort Losey the, second world was kind of like an idea turned into a concept, oh let's, make an economy and the, third world is the actual, foundation of that economy, how, are we gonna make money by, making jobs we. Have the guard who kills mobs and caches animals we have the farmer who owns the farmers market he, farms and sells stuff obviously that's what a farmer does we, have the handyman, we, have the enchanter, we have the blacksmith, and smelter, and that. Was pretty much it then, we had me the dictator the guy who literally, made all the rules but yeah that was the job sign and the whole concept of this server like I said was pretty similar to the other ones we. Had shops like my clan mate his name was Drew vide cast, xx Killa you, know great great names basically. Like the number of X's you have is the amount of clout you had so, honestly we all could have used some more X's but, the difference with this world is that there wasn't really like asset building theme we kind of just experimented.

To See what would look the best, and somehow, the bank was even a downgrade, from the previous one but again, trial, and error we'll figure it out there. Was a town mine which really doesn't make much sense because, everybody, would be mining in the same area which means all the resources, would be gone and then, we came across the, shop of Awesomeness, again owned by me mr. cast xx, shadows azuz this, was kind of like my general, store type thing I had a farm to the side and it's pretty much where I sold all of my items the fact that people didn't just come in and like mine through walls and steal stuff honestly, amazes, me I don't, know why they didn't because today, if you had any sort of world like this I would probably be the first thing that happens but like I said this world was pretty much taking me ideas from the previous world and trying to implement them into a way that was organized even, though I feel like it was less organized than the previous one overall. The idea was progressing, but this world is nowhere as good as the last one and I give it a 7, point 4 I feel, like I said 7 point 4 for the first world but it's just a number that comes to mind so it's been a long video so far but all of this rambling, isn't for nothing yeah, there's, a purpose to all of this right so. All of these worlds lead into the next one which then leads me to this last world ok, this, is the full town, that we had always tried to make, perfected. In this town everything had a theme we had a bank that was surrounded, by bedrock, we, had a battle arena, we, had a job board we, had houses and shops and all types of exploration. And Sparta. Pits that you could kick people into we, had a working Jail we had farms, we had everything this, world was the man station of all of our ideas from, the start of that very first world this world was probably, the world that I spent the most amount of time on of any of them everything. Went so smoothly and I'm not gonna go around touring everything because again it's pretty much the same thing just rescanned, and a lot nicer and more organized but it feels the same it feels, like a world that was just left behind by. Everybody who is in it and it's just sitting there ever since but. There is one thing that I have to mention remember. How I was searching for those secret rooms in the first two worlds oh this. World the. Secret room was on a whole new level when Bill Gates wants to design his secret room he's, probably gonna come to me after this video because this. Was the best secret room ever. Okay. So, if you go out from the town a little ways there's this like very obvious, mountain with jungle trees on top of it you know doesn't give away anything and if. You fly over there there's a lever in the side of the mountain this, lever opens up a trapdoor which goes into the bunker now in the bunker you can walk straight to that door and get through or can. You if you step on the bottom set of pressure plates TNT. Falls out from underneath you and you fall unto your death but, there's, a secret lever in this secret bunker that opens another secret, passage this, secret passage leads you into another secret, section, which, had its own secret section, seriously. We had a secret room within a secret room within a secret room and you, know what Ryan's edition was to this world of course. A secret, trashcan. That, is the most Ryan thing I've ever heard in my life because we all know like, I said Ryan, love's trash cans in the, back of our secret room within a secret room within a secret room was, a secret lever and you know what that lever opened another, secret room if you. Drop down into the pool of water you get into the bottom, of the, secret room sections. I guess you could say this. Was, the secret man cave and it was complete with a lot of cakes refrigerators. And even. Another, Trash Can we. Had the man cave fridge and a computer, that could only be used for man's stuff winky-face not, gonna lie I probably didn't even know what that meant at the time but Ryan, you were corrupting, my young mind you, may think we're done but oh no we're just getting started you see that painting right there you. Wanna know what's in that painting right there oh you, guessed it a secret. Lever. You know what that secret lever does it unlocks. Another, secret lever and you know, what that secret lever does it unlocks.

The Door to the secret room it's, been a front the whole time this is the real secret room even. Though there's nothing in it we literally built a secret room for no reason but. Yeah this is what you call high-tech security and, the, chance that somebody would manage to get in not. Fall on the TNT and find. All of these levers was, like basically zero this was the real deal my friend but. Other than this there wasn't that much different in this world from the previous ones except, like I said the fact that it was more organized had some structure and looked better but, this would only be the start of what would become of our ideas, it's. Really cool to look back and see ideas, and what they've turned into and this idea turned, into something bigger than I could ever imagine after. This is when I branched out to Minecraft, and I opened up a server that was a townie server because, I liked the idea of towns apparently, and this. County server was called mince anomia, townie i don't, know where i got the name from but, it was something i was going for like a medieval. Type, thing I guess but, it was a town server with jobs and ranks and all types of crazy stuff and it. Is actually, what made me my first bit of income on my own I set, up donations, on the server and it kind of made me like it wasn't a ton of money but at the time it felt like a large amount of money it's, probably like 150, bucks total but still like, I actually made money from, playing minecraft this is around the time when I rebuilt, my server and started, making videos on, it and I made a let's play of my. Townie server this, let's play was the first series I'd ever posted, on YouTube and it led on to what would become my channel right now from, this point I used the money that I made with the server to upgrade my PC, which, I then started playing unturned. On I think you guys are seeing how this is connecting, now and why this is such a big deal for me to go back over me. Playing on turn would lead to me opening a server which, would eventually lead to me getting my first 100,000. Subscribers, from playing on that server it's. Honestly pretty crazy to think about all this because building one bank in a world that was supposed to get me on YouTube and didn't allowed. Me to start this entire, thing that I'm doing now I would honestly have to say that that Bank is the reason why I'm on YouTube today because. If the bank did - all these town servers, I would, have never had the idea for Mensa no Meah I would have never had the idea to start youtube on it make, the money to upgrade my computer and, then move on to unturned, and there's, no telling what I'd be doing today, now this video is definitely much different from what I usually make but I think I got the point across pretty, well the, entire purpose of this video was to show that while everything, changes, video, games are still there for you there, will always be there for you and they will always be a way to pass the time and if you really enjoy something you, never know what it could lead on - I enjoyed. Building these worlds, and now I'm making YouTube videos for a living which is something I would have never dreamed, of before but. I hope you guys enjoyed this type of video and while it was a little bit different let me know in the comments if you would like to see something else like this anyways. Guys that is going to be it so I hope you enjoyed I will see you guys next time and peace.

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Wow damn straight

i had a friend on my xbox called xxklownkillaxx (i believe) and I haven't talked to him since 2013.


I wished I could play on my old worlds


so good that the ps4 still updates Minecraft.

The things I'd do to get my worlds from my xbox 360 that I played back in 2013 and 14, At least I've always had the PC worlds with me

Minecraft is being revive bc of fortnite also SecretRoomCeption

I youst to follow the trend that "Minecraft sucks" but I now realize that it is a good game.

Play minecraft agian

I love Minecraft, but when they added the new pvp action it just ruined me. I’ll go back when that is gone.

the doors are messed up from an update probably

All I hear is communism communism communism

Holy shit title updates i remember always watching stampys videos on them

Seeing all this is just sending me all back to my crappy xbox 360 worlds and the worlds kn my ipads holy shit

That merch is fire i wish i could get some

Ya see, I only have an Xbox 360 and I still PLAY Minecraft ON my Xbox 360, ssoooooooo, yeh

Its more popular then fortnight i hate fortnight

secret room-ception

One of my deepest Minecraft memories was me complaining to my mom because I thought Title Update 8 came out on June 4th, but it was actually just a teaser ad. Thankfully a few days later it came out though.

17:07 Oml what a coincidence

22:10 xd ;)

I bought the java version of Minecraft two days ago and it brought back so many memories of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and pocket edition

Dediwuated wham


2014: No one cares 2019: OMGFG RECCOMMENDDD PLSLWLA

i have been getting into minecraft recently

Why would u burn that master piece

7:20 aha truly a portal gamer


My old minecraft worlds are at a random GameStop or completely gone

Not even going to lie, I remember seeing you once on rainbow six like 2 years ago, subscribed to you and finally watched one of your videos

Make another one

Can you replay unturned?

The sad thing is that I had minecraft friends I haven't seen them for years I have new friends on xbox and the same thing will happen again the sad thing is one day we won't even speak again I just want to say enjoy what you have as a kid because it won't always be there

I want to play minecraft now

My old computer broke and I lost all the data that contained my world's from when I was 8 years old. Now that I'm playing it again, I miss so much of the old days

still hate how they stopped updating xbox one edition

14:42 press F to pay respects


rip tommy

only ps3 kids remember "last seen over 2 years ago" makes me cry

kind of like in real life, even two completely different minds can think alike to do something specific even though there is no objective

I’ve always wanted to make a Minecraft world like that with houses and jobs but whenever I try to do it with my friends it doesn’t work

RoboCraft RIP, used to take up ALL of my childhood... until I got into an argument with Robo and got banned :P

I would still play on it if it was still up

Tommy had to be a squid, because fish didn't exist and shoving any other mob into water would drown lol

To be honest, that fort losi base you made kind of inspired me to want to make something like that again, brings me back to being a kid.

Saw the stampy in the thumbnail vid and came fast

Charlie wolfe

This inspired me to make my own server with a town, thank you.

recreate or remodel fort loci in 1.14 on the xbox one or pc please, because they added specialised villagers.

i remember watching stampylongnose and when i emailed him hi im a big fan on my dads phone he just emailed me back and said poop and my dad said thats groos and said i couldnt watch him anymore

unturned suckksss

i used to like it but i absolutly trash on it

now its twice popular

"How I turned my server into an anarchocapitalistic nightmare, a historical journey"

Thanks. Thanks for this... I litterly got goosebups from this video. Its so sad that i used to play minecraft on my pc and deleted all the worlds :(

Minecraft on the 360 has the best color to it

I hope that Minecraft can also help shape the futures of other generations of kids and experience what I have experienced

I remember my world from 2012. I remember the tutorial also from 2012. 2014: I had 4 friends and we played on a server call A - 4 district. 2014: My 4 friends turned into 6 friends and we expanded A - 4 into a much larger community. 2014: Our server was finished and we had atleast 20 players in 5 days 2015: We had loads of players and loads of friends, we thought we were the king of the servers. 2015: My 6 friends turned into 4. ( 2 got jobs, left home, went to college. ) 2015: That 4 went to 2. One went to GTA V and Unturned. The other, well... I remember me and him the day before he went offline. (Forever) Our last words were, Me: " I have so many plans." Him: " Woah, really?" Me: " Yeah dude, wanna play tomorrow?" Him: "Alright dude, see you tomorrow!" Me: " I'll see you after school." Him: " I'll see you too." And that was the last I ever heard of my best friend. ( I would still say he is my best friend still ) 2016: All My friends left, most of them just got tired of Minecraft and moved on. 2016: I knew I had to move on too, but it was too late. 2016: My server was shutdown, more than 20 people joined for the last hour on the world. 2016: I went offline, forever to never log on. It was the end... 2017: BBA Nirrlex was online. After six months I came back! 2017: Things changed, I had to upload a lot of stuff on the server to get it back online. (Over 3 months went into it) 2017: The server was finished, All the old players came back and got special benefits. 2018: My Minecraft account was banned for, "Being a bad rolemodel." 2019: Remembers all that he built.

its kinda sad, i went through 2 xbox accounts and on those account have some of the best worlds ive made back in 2010 sadly ill never get them back

Is it just me or was Xbox 360 Minecraft graphics better than next gen Minecraft graphics? Back then the game seemed so much smoother

Too bad I have deleted all the worlds I created

why not play with your friends again

When I revisited mine there was a nether reactor core in the chest and a pyramid made out of bricks (BRICK PYRAMIDS spawns naturally in worlds)

14:00 This... Hit me so hard, the amount of times I hop onto my Playstation Messages and just revisit all the people I used to play BO2 with whom I shared laughs, tears and so many hours with, to now have not a single person to which I speak to from back then

RIP Tomy Stark :( I Love MineCraft 3000

Yo dawg, I heard you liked secret rooms, so we put a secret room inside a secret room, that led to a secret room

This brings me down to tears when I might forget about my XBOX 360 when I might get an XBOX One or a gaming PC.

Can you please make a map?

we used to play minecraft everyday on our minecraft 360 with a timelimit because my parents watch tv. now we use our computers playing all day.

22:10 “this computer is only to be used for man stuff”

RIP Fort Loci

I'm glad I grew up with a diamond sword and not a gold scar...


the whole video is just a flex

When I first played Minecraft I used creative mode to get resources and showed it to my cute little sister and she loved and she gave me ideas to what to build. It was nice. But right now I know that how to craft a crafting table in a crafting table in a crafting server of a crafting man.

I remember building a giant stickman out of dirt with a penis that is peeing lava and at the face has a grinder that leads to the 100 blocks high leap of death on my first world at mcpe when I was 7 yrs old (2012)


"This computer is ment to be only used for man stuff coming from a 13 ish or 14 ish year old

That xbox 360 menu brings back some memories, I remember seeing all my worlds and thinking.. I play way too much minecraft. I think I have at least like 2-3000 thousand hours I called myself a redstone master but just copied redstone things from yt and people believed I was really good with redstone, I think

Sad cuz when fortnite kids grow up they will regret their existence

Why does everyone call xbox og? PC is the real kings minecraft, and has always been that way

Damn i remeber me and my friend playing Minecraft back in the day and one day he said "ill be back i have to eat" and now its been 5 years since

Charlie Wolfie? Just seen it there shile you were scrolling

All of my old Minecraft worlds on 360 are on my cloud save but for my old Xbox LIVE account so I canf go back to them withoufht getting old. As for my minecraft worlds on mac, my hard drive died and I lost almost all of my worlds with it

Dude 10 bucks when u finished this vid u started tearing up?

bro scooby doo night of 100 frights was my fucking favorite

I was a mobile kid since I couldn't afford a good PC. Sadly all of my worlds were lost to time because of me upgrading phones and being locked out. I remember vaguely what some worlds look like, but it's a shame I can't go back.

Fortnite kids will never know how much fun this was

Wtf why does Xbox Minecraft seem smoother than ps:(

Alooooooot of time and love went into these individual worlds I'm still playing on the same world I've had since TU24

The perfect game doesn’t exi... Minecraft:Ahem

I'm watching you since your first video and last time I watched your vids was on bootleg RP you seriously have grown in subscribers since then

/time set 2012

Rip Tomy

**wats the wecommended amount of wam**

Am I really an og of minecraft xbox360? I remember tu14

Wow you must be dumb you showed us where your diamonds are......smh

I also use splosion man as my skin. Wow

0:39 brother at this time I'm watching chicken little and "click the time stamp"

I played in 2012 so I know what it was like

Your boi is always strapped with diemands

Wait a minute, is that rust??? Edit: that final world deserves a tour.

This actually made me sad because I lost my USB with all of my minecraft games

Quite a lot of kids still game on a 360, quite a lot of parents just can't afford to buy anything new.

even if your wifi is slow mine is even worse i got 84 KB/s max

why do you keep saying "I dont remember" and destroying the shit you built lmao.

Everyone spam kappa in the chat XD

I still play Minecraft, even on PS4 P.S: I still play other games. I'm FINALLY going through Severed on the 3DS

You grew so much I remember when you played Unturned and only had 5k

Amazing storytelling with amazing music

Bruh if you didn't play alpha you missed out on real minecraft. Server mods ruined that game.

Wish my old worlds looked that good

Ayeee he had warface Warface on Xbox 360 was the best few months it was on Xbox 360 in 2013

I’ll give a bj to the person who can find the douch that he used to watches channel lol.

I am missing out on my childhood...I haven't had a friend in 4 years and I am 14

lol noob


there was this guy thegaminglemon who did a series called top 5 structures

I haven't played Minecraft on a daily basis for about 4 years now. I used to play it on Xbox so darn much. I recently built a gaming pc and i can't wait to get back into Minecraft. I just haven't found the time to do so since i've been busy with high school graduation.

Finds secret chest after several years: I'm still worthy

I remember title update 19 because I didn’t have internet so I was stuck on that update Then I made the mistake of trying to update it offline and downgraded it

Anyone ever figure out who the wolf guy was?

cant have nostalgia without runescape tho

Dedidated wambugini

Secret room simulator 2019

The sad thing is, i was so perfectionist when i was younger, that i deleted all my worlds because they weren't that good And now i have a hollow sort of feeling of nostalgia incomplete



2019 still flexing his diamonds

Did I hear that correctly? “A fish that we drowned”

This reminds me of my first minecraft world where I spent my entire time slowly mining for hours

Dude I can relate with your life story From Minecraft so much. I even did an economy world too. Great vid and best of luck!

Hey I’ll be back I need to eat dinner Ok see you later! *Last online 9 years ago*

I revisited Minecraft too. I went from Minecraft, to Unturned (I was actually a Mod on Robos old RP severs) to CSGO, to Fortnite and back to Minecraft. Btw that bank that gave you the idea to make your RP servers is a very interesting backstory.

i wish i could do this but i dont have the console i had. :( cue i suppose its only a memory now meme

Man back in the day like 7 years ago, I’d play Minecraft every day with my older brother. We only ever had two worlds, a creative and a survival. One day we just moved on, I turned to mobile games and my brother played cod. It’s been a couple years, and last week we both went back to Minecraft. I guess it’s just such an unforgettable and beloved game that everyone’s coming back to it after a couple years.

ayyy rust i saw that boi

i wish i could do this but my xbox 360 files are corrupt

I have a lot of memory on minecraft of me and my friends but sadly the Xbox broke and the world's got deleted. All my memory from before 2016 were videos until my YouTube channel got hacked and all the videos got deleted. I have tried to contact YouTube but they did nothing to help. I have some old videos that I still have and I reuploaded but the others are gone

I actually got emotional as I when i was little I used to play with my cousin. Countless happy hours, until one days she moved states because her parent divorce and everyonce in a while I go back, remebering the good times and not the bad.

This got me right in the feels

0:32 UnstoppableLuck yup I know it’s unstoppableluck because 1, it’s on Xbox, 2, placing tnt, 3, hiding it underground so no one sees it

1:58 we all have trust issues when it comes on storing diamonds with your friends around

I miss playing minecraft when I was 10, good days.

Ryan is confirmed Stumpy from _Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior_


me saw rust me like rust

Has soon as you said world showcase I knew who you where talking about because my friend made a cruise ship his name was wolf something but the W was with 2 V like this VVolf

Something wolf, hmmmmmm, maybe you scrolled past it

7:22 THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!

It just turns out that, economy and banking is the key to making a functioning society.

Where’s that Monkey Quest video?

There is almost no evidence of my Minecraft childhood

Some times it feels like when you log on now it doesnt feel like it was in the old days

Something wolf? xXSniperWolf ?

When I was got ps3 I bought minecraft when its came at first time I still remember that tutorial world damn...

13:16 most forced laughter ever

14:10. Dude but same. Same with minecraft and terraria. Me and my one friend played like 24/7 then one day he got off and never saw him again. This has happened to me with friends on GTA4, Minecraft, and also Terraria. Like 5 amazing friends gone. So it messes with me too

15:23 capsule hotels

I regret deleting my first minecraft world so much

He was talking about Psychowolf... I used to watch that guy all the time

I tried to do this, but my account had a frickin’ passcode. I also played on Xbox 360 as a kid. I also had like a thousand worlds xD I also was very creative with names. “AWESOME COASTER”

The old build styles gave me so much nostalgia

If i hear secret room or secret lever one more time i swear i will start playing survival again

This video reminded me of my childhood aswell, you my friend deserve way more subs, Great job man, +1 Sub


Why is this so depressing to watch...

This video made me boot up my old XBOX 360 and check my worlds, great times.

Minecraft is the game that describes my whole childhood

You say you know people who are married with kids in this, did you play with older people or are they really dumb eneough to have a child at 20 years old?

Bro this made me so excited to login on my Xbox and go back my worlds I used to play back in 2013 2014 as well. I used to play more on PC back in 2012 but my HD broke and I couldn't save my Minecraft worlds. It's a shame cause I had an entire city that I built with some friends and my cousin. But I still have my Xbox so I'll do it anyway

i wish i could see my old worlds on minecraft. But my dumbass deleted minecraft 2 years ago, so fml.

Robokast revisits unturned :DDDD


new world

TLG? The legit Gamer that doesn’t duplicate

Who else remembers the old tutorial world

See you tomorrow dude *Last online 5 years ago*

uh why did this make me emotional

This is very weird, we had very similar build style back then and our map names are the same

Oh look the butterfly is bacc again Gratz to those who get it

TLG = Totally legit gamer?

This vid made me want to return in this game and stop at mobile legends

I logged on and all my worlds were gone ;(

Casually uses undertale music

How old is robo?


I haven’t played Minecraft in a while too and I was surprised!

I’ve never moved on and still play it to this day

I've been working on my own realm with my friend chris, and we have lots of things being built at the moment.

U hit me in my feels with every one of them down to the cake friend and the arguing over if people duped

17:04 the timing of the yellow text with what you just said.

Anyone else freaking cry at 1:10?? No just me ok.

17:05 RoboKast: "I'll explain how this all works."  The splash text: "You can't explain that!" lol

Do you still talk to your friends?

I'm not crying.... are!!

Do you still play with ryan

I think the YouTuber name you are looking for is direwolf20

Love how u said where I hid my diamonds from my friends so relatable

Bro Got this in recommendations and I click on it and minutes later my sister yells at me cuz she found our old ipod touch 4 which I used to play mc on

1000th comment :)

i only would play with friends when there was free xbox live gold for like the weekend sometimes... they were the best days ever, i would beg my mom to buy me a membership but she wouldn’t.

why then undertale theme

Hey shit like that a casual build nowadays so saying by hand is like yeah ok but like a deadass like ok

lol my gamer tag used to be xXD3STROYER12Xx for Xbox 360 I deleted the account but it’s crazy how I had friends from like 2012 on my friends list

i played minecraft when i was like, 4. at that moment minecraft was 4. happy 10th bithday, Minecraft (A.K.A. Cave game)

just a friendly reminder, a kid making a house with sponge currency lead to a profitable YouTube career

this made me cry

time to go through my worlds now

This video was... beautiful...

Please go back to unturned

I’m not crying you are

Fortnite kids will never experience this glory

bro stop ur making me cry

*N O S T A L G I C* edit: Also, a 2 block high wall is approximately equivalent to 6.56168 feet, since the height of one block is 1 meter. So your statement saying "and roofs that are only tall enough for people who are three-foot-five." is technically wrong. And yes, I do know it was somewhat a joke. edit 2: You destroying parts of your old world and placing them back saddens me.

if i remember right you had a server for pc and you were kingtanner

This made me sad

If people are making videos about replaying Minecraft from the beginning I’m afraid that in a few years people will make videos about when they first played Fortnite.

15:42 cursed nether portal Edit: 24:15 there are more

I miss my old minecraft friends.....


i read "igottapee" as "I got tape e"

Sub to me

i always die and loose all my stuff so i gave up everytime

you play alot of the games I do unturned enter the gungeon minecraft ect... I like that

*dedotated wam*

Whats the game youre playing at the beginning when you say you started your channel

All of these kind of videos get me on the verge of tears

what why would you change your survival would into creative

The comments the video the music the game I’m literally crying

The cake is a lie is a thing from portal it is a achievement that you get if you finish every mission and you get a cake and than you get an achievement named THE CAKE IS A LIE

Dang, I haven't played Unturned in a while, and now I miss it

Your first world is actually really good back when it was made

17:03 it says “you can’t explain that” when he says he’ll explain it

I'm not really a merch guy.... But that pink shirt kinda tough tho

Do a new series on the world town plz

That nostalgic merch actually looks really good no lie

'old minecraft' *sees item frames* it's crazy the differences from others' "old" to my "old". To me, trying to figure out how the new hunger bar worked is the old minecraft

I had my first worlds on my ipod and I let my friend play minecraft on it one time and I watched him delete minecraft So I lost my Gucci worlds

Wow u must have spent years building

I played on my iPad most of the time but 360 was the shit

You’re so funny without trying to be funny

I hate you

Fuck you

#billgatesnewsecrectroomplans LOL

This is so heartfelt

Don't worry, your not the only one who made a new world every week.


Redneckboy9065: ok dude I need to get off to eat I’ll be on tmrw Present day: last seen online 6 years ago

Friend: See you tomorrow man. Xbox One: Last online 5 years ago


revive your childhood dreams and make Minecraft RP server

I have 16gb of wham Is this Whecommended amout of Wham for a serWer ?

At 22:00 I thought he was going to say Ryan is trash

13:58 that's one of the most saddest thing we all can relate to

I was very good at naming my names What

I miss this

¿Member Minecraft? Oh, I member. :)

Why does his voice remind me of zombie land?

Watching this video was like getting on a time machine. Back in summer of 2013 I was forced to move to the other side of the country due to my family's financial problems, meaning I had to leave all my friends behind. I knew about games like Minecraft, but wasn't able to play it as our family PC was from like 2004 with no OpenGL support. For the rest of the summer I was watching Minecraft lets plays on YouTube, got hang of the game and also learned to speak English. On top of that I was playing some sort of MMO on my phone where I made a few good friends with who I unfortunately haven't talked in years. In summer of 2014 my family got a bit better laptop (from like 2007), meaning I was finally able to pirate (welcome to Eastern Europe) Minecraft and get on some local servers with my 20FPS. I met a guy who gave me some stuff and invited me to Skype. I had never used Skype nor did I know does this laptop have a microphone, but fortunately it did. So we played together for a few days, built some houses and then he invited his other online friends to play with us. Long story short, we played together for the rest of the summer and out of these 6 or so people I still hang around with one. Since that laptop died in autumn I got back into mobile gaming for nearly 1.5 years until I managed to gather like 200 euros and buy myself a Thinkpad T400. That's when I messaged that one friend I still had contact with from that group and started playing Minecraft together again. He introduced me to his classmate and a few other IRL friends and continued on to playing Minecraft with a group of 5 people. Around that time I decided to make my big dream a reality and started making Minecraft videos myself, entertaining people who weren't able to play. I was able to monetize my videos and made a few euros, but my main goal was to entertain people afterall. At some point we got bored of Minecraft and were discussing on Teamspeak what should we play now. Then we remembered that we tried out Unturned in 2014, but because we played on toasters, none of us were able to play it properly. That's when I got into making Unturned videos and watching people like 2RGames, MeLikeBigBoom and of course Robocast. We played the game for hundreds of hours. We played on public servers, on our private servers and ran a handful of public servers ourselves that didn't last for long, because hosting got expensive for us. But then as we grew older, we also left all these games behind and continued on to new adventures. Because most of us were busy with school, we weren't able to have these 12h Teamspeak sits anymore and also started playing other games. One of my friends got into race simulators, other got into CSGO and Arma, but I ventured on with roleplay on SAMP. I left my humble YouTube career behind and eventually deleted the channel altogether, because I found it to be cringy. Now, in 2019, I still talk with these 2 friends, we occasionally meet up and we play games together maybe like once or twice a month, but that's really it. I've lost contact with the other people in our groups and I also haven't talked for years with my friends in the other side of the country who I occasionally invited to our Teamspeak. This video really reminded me all these moments I had with my friends and makes me want to watch my old lets plays which I unfortunately can't. It really rung the bell inside me and makes me want to get back to entertaining people with gaming content and play games with my friends again. Seems like I've got the perfect plan for my summer holiday!

Minecraft is actually an amazing game it’s sad to see it’s hated so much for no reason

I’ve never seen your channel before, but watching this video just feels so wholesome and nostalgic

50 people used to live here... Now it’s a Ghost Town

You make it sound like minecraft was a century ago.

Robocast: its like a time capsule Me: not if you lose everything due your computer breaking

undertale took over minecraft 0:04 (the music)

Just seeing that one clip of Stampy’s vid gave me stupid amounts of nostalgia

Am I the only one who gets nostalgia from the Minecraft music in the background when u play

OMG when I was like 7 years old on my birthday I got a minecraft cake

I don‘t really know why but that makes me crying

God brings back memory’s from just thinking about it- I remember me and my brother built so much on his 360, we built a town aswell and I remember we put so much time into it ahh.

I did this, I played like 4 years ago and started playing again like a month ago and found my survival worlds. Apparently i was very good at redstone but know I can barely build a house :)

“this computer is only to be used for man stuff ;)” Hahaha that was on the sign he broke at the last secret room

I miss my old worlds lmao I had to sell my 360 for xbone

This honestly make me feel sad... I don’t want to get older. :(

MAN STUFF computer

I'm so curious on who Tommy was now

I really appreciate the stampy cat video start at the begging it bring back many many memories The nostalgia hurt

B-but I like teal and red...

Truly a great video.

I wish we could get the seed for the 2nd place cus its really good and...AWSOME!

Minecraft is strange

Well that nostalgia just got you my subscription

Started playing in 2010 and haven’t stopped ever since. And I’m proud of that

The duplication glitch was the best man. I remember long summer nights playing this game

I feel sorry for him 0:12

Fort losi looks cool af

lmao the cake tho. I had a friend like that.


the cake is al... portal ….

Wow I can imagine how much effort u guys put into those world's. That feeling of nostalgia though.

Actually an amazing video, nice seeing people that still don't and didn't grow up with Fortnite.

I can relat8

I done this before, very sad

Your Wolf is still waiting for you..

TLG=the laggy gamer

Undertale music!!!

How about you remake your “TOWN NEW HAVEN” That would be awesome!!

Watching this while playing Minecraft

Glad to see fortnite die and minecraft being revived.

18:17 you said catches animals, but it is catches criminals.

I think its getting popular again

Reminds me of my memories on Minecraft... I had a PC server that me and my friends would play on after school, and I was the ruler of the world. It was a place to escape, and we all built our giant mansions on a cliff overlooking the sea. I remember having to solve disputes between my friends (stealing, griefing , etc), I remember leaving messages on wooden signs for my friends to see when they logged back on... And I guess one day they never did log back on. When I tell my parents about my Minecraft-related nostalgia they just laugh and say all those memories that mean so much to me are just "pieces of my brain rotting away from too much videogames". My father deleted the game many years ago, along with all of my worlds and I never saw them again :( It's annoying when someone tells you that something you're doing isn't worth your time, because every once in a while you look back and think about it, a feeling that NOBODY will ever understand except our YOU, and you're satisfied with those memories you're created for yourself. We love you Minecraft

i always love seeing that someone else play rust

dude ive been playing since it was released. I remember when beds were a big deal

Me & My Friends: Ill see you online tomorrow Last Online:3 Years ago This is sad

I wish i had all of my old world but i dont because i would delete them after i left them for about 2 months

I recently did this and man I got in the feels. :, (

Who got a Xbox 360 account with Minecraft (asking for a friend)

there have been many minecraft vids about people trying to become noticed by coping jshlatt and at first i thought u did that but u really did a good job on this

bruh the intro describes me. I’m in late middle school (now early highschool) and almost everyday after school i call my friends on discord and play minecraft.

bro minecraft is making a quick comeback. I’m 14 and i just got back playing it lmao

All of the memories just came flooding back oml

18:18 bruh it says criminals not animals smh

I’m not crying I swear

lol. Before you mentioned it, I immediately thought there's gotta be a secret room behind those, when you passed by the paintings...

had a world called monster city i made with a friend and it had the same concept as your town and same thing happened

Alredy did this on my channel before you checkmate subscribe to me

U Could Probably Make The Fort World In Sround 10 Mins With Worldedit

this made me actually sad a bit since you'll know what happens next through your life, leave the old things and move on.

You said back in the day like a million times

holy shit this just reminded me of my old xbox worlds Damn I had so much progress

So what happened to Ryan?

i actually had the same fucking idea for an economy world holy shit

You know what I’m going to check out that series

I would give that world a broken marriage/10

Damn middle school/early high school and your friends are having kids or getting married in 5 years wow

Dddddddedated wam

Rip tommy

Man you're making me think of my old worlds

Fr I would do a lot just to talk to some of my old Xbox 360 friends

Uhm, I was wondering, uhm, what's the wecommended amount of detitaded wam I should have to sewvew?

You should go back to all these levels and upgrade them

This makes me sad that i had countless worlds just like this that i had put so much time and effort into then one day I just didnt log back on. I wish i could revisit these worlds and just see what I built. its weird to think that anytime you do anything, or talk to anyone it could just be the last time and you just might not talk to them or see something ever again and you didnt even know that so you werent able to cherish it

Ha! You think your building was bad? I built a house made up of orange and blue wool. It actually hurts to watch

Lol literally just did this then went on YouTube and found this vid

depitipated wam

i hope you made copies instead of going on the original worlds

This actually hit me in the feels. I'm actually gonna cry

Man this Video is depressing

17:05 I’ll explained later in background you can’t explain that

The music at the start was flowey from undertale

Ug me and my brother spent days on Minecraft world's just like this. Our Xbox broke, so we got a new one and used the hard drive from the old one. For some reason that we still don't understand, the only thing that didn't transfer when we moved the hard drive was Minecraft and all our world's. Depressing.

22:09 .50x this computer is to be used only for "man stuff"

The "cake is a lie" came from portal 2


Hit me hard when you started talking about old friends, i thought of about 20 people i haven't heard from since 2014

The "REGULAR" map was actually the most creative buildings for me

My first world on the xbox 360 in 2012 i built a tiny little house on. My dad he begun to build massive projects on this world and one day found my tiny house and built around it preserving it. But the second world I made i was so proud of. A girl i played with at the time used her brothers acc. And when creative mode came out her brother’s friend joined and griefed the entire world. My little brother and mom rebuilt the world but better in a few days that i was in girls scout camp.

back when this game was good :(

Just subbed, amazing channel and amazing guy

The cake is a lie, if you know, you know


This is really cool I used to play on PE back in 2011-14

I’ve been playing mine craft since it came out and I still am oof

Got me right in the feels

The minecraft song :((

Wecommended amount of de- dedidated wam?

TU74?!!???? I remember getting excited for TU12

Did anyone see the sign he destroyed?

22:10 nobody gonna mansion: “this computer is only made to be used for “Man Stuff”” XD

Robokast: all my friends are Married and have Jobs and family Robokast: wait a minute what have i become

You are so lucky to still have your world sitting there in your Xbox, back in the day switching mobile phones meant risking your greatest minecraft worlds. RIP New World

Am i the only one who still plays minecraft?

My first ever world was my mum and dad's Minecraft Server (Java) which no longer exists anymore and I remember there was a mob farm and under that was a magenta wool hut that sold....mushroom stew. We also had a village that my brother blew up and my dad fixed and for whatever reason, I had a pumpkin shop that sold pumpkins and pumpkin pie. The buildings were horrible and the only good ones were downloaded from some website. We even had a huge area of duplicated houses that we thought were amazing but most likely would not compare to how good today's builds are. 1.5-1.7 was some wild times. If we ever got that server back somehow, we'd probably be cringing from all the horrible builds and explosion holes.

why did i delete all my worlds T^T

Minecraft Nostalgia "Plays Undertale music in background

You where very creative with naming your names

Bruh I live in newhaven lol

Bro my feels dude, you cant do this.

I was obsessed with building little mini -towns that no one would come to.I had a pet shop,a house for myself,and a track that took me to a base if anything went wrong.Vistited not so long ago.I was stupid then so all the undomesticated dogs ate the rest if the animals,my iron golem was in the same place,and my little rooms where still there.I started to get the feels for no reason,so I just blew up everything. P.s I also loved building stuff that did jobs for me.I made a slaughter house,yes a literal slaughter house, for animals.I would press a button that let the animals out in water and pressed another that shot them with arrows and killed them.The water then took the meat down into a furnace where it got cooked and stored. I guess this was amusing to little 7 year old girl me...let's just say my friends got worried about me

17:05 he says “and i’ll explain that all at the end”.....look at what the minecraft message says.......

wish i have pals to play with.

I still play it

16:20 as the music started playing, the nostalgia hit me

brought tears to my eyes

i relogged recently to see if some of my friends and I’s servers were still there and sure enough, they were

I like how the jail cells are bigger than the hotel rooms

You can see his building skills getting better troughout the video

Butterfly effect

I wasn't much of a single-player person, so I never had any saved words because they were either on my friend's or mine server.... My servers always had a town system and my house was always partly inside a mountain, I even did it when I played on Minecraft's anniversary this year (im proud of it tbh). I would play with my four friends from school, ellaellalingling, redlegoguy2, greencreeper, and i cant remember the last ones username. I remember how I would always ask my dad to turn it on as I called my friends on Skype so we could play together, GreenCreeper never had Skype and just typed in chat. It makes me cry to think that I have lost my server now and I will probably never see it again or see my friends again. The only person I still know who was apart of my minecraft server is redlegoguy2 and he's become a little bit of a dick.....he's not the same person he was. I remember thinking Herobrine was real, I remember saying butter instead of gold, I remember always making a rule board for my server and having a house inside a mountain every single time i made one. I remember specifically saying to my mom as she gave me a sandwich and asked what I was playing, "I'm playing minecraft with my friends on a MY server! I will never stop playing minecraft." The last time ive played minecraft (besides the anniversary) was in 2015...

Will you play Minecraft again

Robo kast you should make a separate YouTube channel were you play games

The real feelings bro

Can we get a link I can get my friend's to play on there to

This video was really cool, please do more

I hate watching these videos they make me remember my clan mates from black ops 2 which was everyday when I got home from school and when the switch from ps3 to ps4 happened and we never re added each other and havent talked to this day theres still days I miss those damn kids

my ign wouldve been kqke_XxxXXxxXXxXxXxx

if anyone wanna play minecraft on ps4 dm me

Imagine giving up on minecraft and stop playing it. Just like all those people who hated on minecraft for being a kids game throughout 2013-2017 and now the entire internet loves it because "Oh its so nostalgic!!" and "This was my childhood!!!". Its so dumb that you would give up playing the game in the first place.

I think you’re talking about huskey dip

The good old days


"Whats the recommended amount of dedicated ram i should add to the server" - superkai64

Did anyone else see at 17:08 he said he’ll explain and the Minecraft said “ you can’t explain that!” Anyone!???!?!!!?!? Like if you saw that

A tribute to minecraft wants to know your location

Now thinking about all the time I spent on Minecraft makes me sad to lose those memories those years was the best years of my life honestly

This video detitades my wam

This was the first YouTube video I watched of yours when you said the bank started it all I teamed up a bit idk why but I did. Thank for Sharing this with us

God I fucking love unturned sadly my computer decide to end itself and now I've Ben left wanting to play it but I can't The frustration

Is "Ryan" Stampy?!?

I actually still play on the Xbox 360

Minecraft has shaped so many young people and led them to bright futures. This game will in my heart always be 1#

I straight hopped on my xbox and got back on Minecraft and played around in my old world after I saw this.

14:00 really had to hit me with the feels

This made me cry

I played in 2012, the game came with my Xbox, and it does feel sad when you visit back then, I also have friends who are now pretty popular YouTubers, one with over 200k. I do comment I played with you and say my gamertag. Makes me feel happy that they moved on. I'll admit I still kinda play, and I finished a building we started in 2013. Minecraft for me, was a amazing game and it really did deserve the popularity it had.

I want to see my old worlds but my 360 saves won't transfer, my 360 doesn't work anymore, and on top of that I deleted all of my worlds thinking I would get more storage.... yeah...

I wish I could go back to my old world and the 2 friend I always played with was Jason broady 682 and lil lost girl 9

17:05 I'll explain how this all connects at the end You can't explain that!

Update title 74 I was playing back in 1.72


i wish i played minecraft with u on xbox ur worlds were so nice and organized

Wi love this vid, but you don't burn that thing down

We sould start a PS4 “town” I’m so down

A world from 2014... that gold would be known as butter... like if you remember

I’ve been playing Minecraft since it came out. Oh my god the nostalgia.

the undertale music in the background

minecraft tributes lately have been so touching

I think the lesson of this video means never forget about your old friends, you might not think it's cool to still play minecraft or any games when your older but it's cool to still hangout with your old friends whether it's just hanging out and watching football or having a barbecue and drinking together it doesn't matter all that matters is the friendship never died and wasn't forgotten. ps I kinda forgot what I said it beginning so it might not line up but you get the point

I’m playing Minecraft again, thanks to you I will be adding a secret room to my house

calls minecon cringy, uses undertale music.

I remember being like 9 and playing old school Minecraft PE on an iPad while my sister and her friend both played on their phones with me. I remember always saying “alright this time we won’t cheat on this world” but then going back on the promise 20 minutes later. I remember having so much fun on that game. No worries about whether or not I’ll make it to high school or whether life has a meaning farther than we live to die. I want to go back. I want to be there again. I remember being in that same friends house and telling scary stories in their garage with the lights off. I reminisce about the times we would bike to school after hours and just play and run around for hours until nighttime, why can’t I go back their again? I want to watch movies on the TV past “bedtime” and avoid getting caught. I miss the times when my sister and her aforementioned friend didn’t hate each other because of a mutual love interest. Ahhh.... the fabled “Good Olé Days” I’m sad now after writing this.

F*ck man

What's the name of the first background song

Bro,I found my 2014 worlds from the Xbox360

2:32 “Best possible quality: a pink shirt with tiny writing for 20 dollars.”

It is so sad dude you meet so many people in video games and they become your best friend and then you just move on in life never seeing them again

Bro something happens to me 5 months ago

Wait, I’m not crying, honestly. I miss these times... I want ‘em back....

Some of my worst builds were my best times. I wish i could forget it all and go back to dirt castles.. I kinda miss my creative world too.. I built so many little things.

I still remember building graves for everyone I knew that died then outing one diamond in every grave My grandpa died but I couldn’t go to his grave because he was buried in his town near my grandma My dog didn’t have a grave I don’t wanna go into more reasoning but I’d face a problem each time Who’s grave first? I don’t really know ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Bruh start a fricking minecraft server again with an economy

Lmao I made like a 6 floor house for my siblings and my sister flood it and blew it up

Bill Gates: *Takes notes*

Fort Losi actually looks like a pretty cool world

Yo i started on minecraft then upgraded to unterned then to other games also.

Even if you had terrible building skills (which I think are fine) but you have to agree that it’s incredibly charming to see the buildings.

“ this computer is only made to be used for “man stuff” lmao 22:11

the sign he broke in the last word said “this computer is only made to be used for ‘man stuff’ ;)”

It’s coming back I am so happy

This guy needs small scale of his bank

Floweys theme! Then Sans! Then... then... i don’t know...

I feel genuinely sad for him

watching videos like this puts me on the verge of tears because the computer i had all of my worlds and backups on got stolen, making it so i will never be able to go back to the worlds i made 5 years ago. i hate that fact.

Why dont you bring back those servers and let people play on them and find all your old friends

the amount of double ads are killing me, good vid tho

Man I’ve been through this damn Xbox 360 feel this idk if it’s even possible to get those people back but if you could I would love to see a video with you playing with them

I feel like Jschlatt started this nostalgic trend.

Nice video, I played on Xbox 360 too. It would be cool to see more videos like this.

When on your town map "50,000 people used to live here and now it's just a ghost town"

A friend I played minecraft with passed away sadly I wish we could go back on our old worlds together:(

Anoestly This is the best video iv ever seen

I cried at the tutorial part because of many memories

Wait.. their *CHILDHOOD* was mine craft *and now some of them had kids* Wow


10:47 yeah, because fishes drown

I had a world once where i made a massive hotel someone blew half of it up and i redid it. Never went on since but god it was popular god my old yt channel where i played Minecraft still up on yt cringing hard

My cuz has my old xbox 360 *rings cuz* GIVE ME MY XBOX BACK I NEED IT

I used to play Minecraft on my xbox 360 with my friend dan and i lost xbox live stuff never was able to connected again so my 15 year old friend dan if you watch this and remember a name ldshadowlady then like two letters after Or weirdsky something its me talk to me

I feel lonely when im playing a single player mincraft lets play.....

Literally booting up my 360 to check out my old worlds now xD

22:11 is nobody going to talk about the sign

Minecraft is good


I skipped through the minecon clips because I actually couldn't handle it

17:05  RoboKast: "I'll explain how this all connects at the end" Minecraft splash screen: "You can't explain that!"

Was the youtuber u used to watch called Charlie wolfie

The Minecraft ‘The Cake is a Lie’ cake in Ryan’s house is a reference to Portal.

“I don’t know who Tommy is. Either a human we drowned or a fish we drowned.” Fish?

Bum buterfly effect

Good Video ❤️

19:34 lol today we dig under the chested to steel items

0:12 thats F/ing kai jacksucksatlifes editor xD

Best video ever ❤️

Your buildings are better than mine lmao

Tommy might be a fish because there weren’t really fish that you can see actively moving and swimming so you might’ve just like left it there and said there was a fish eventhough you just dropped a fish in there.

Man this makes me depressed but it’s good to look back at it

My ign is xXxViggoxXx lmao

The cake is a lie

Why not open that town map to public? I would enjoy it

No-one: RoboKast: *another secret room*

2020 anyone??

I wish that i was in 2012 forever

Good old times when i was 6 xD

Just kinda makes you think how stuff just stops.

Pshhh....My world names are better which issss... My World. Thats it.

Who's the guy that screamed make some noise? Can anyone tell me.

Stampy wolf...? Also, 2019 anyone?

I used to make secret rooms with levers to other secret room. But you could only acces the ladder when you flicked a lever in another secret room

I miss the old Minecraft, but the Minecraft we have today is alright

This makes me wanna cry

I hope I’m the only one that noticed but at 17:05 he says he’ll explain it and then the Minecraft title says u can’t explain that.

Who else went on minecraft after this to do the same-

im a pocket edition player, and I lost all my old worlds(data didn't transfer, supposedly and i lost my iPod). Weirdly enough, I can still remember my first world.

Bc this vid I found my PS3 and found my world from 6 years ago updated it to PS4 and I'm playing it again with my little bro and a friend from kindergarten,I've known this kid for 9 years of school and we still hang out, thx for getting me a my old world back

I was wondering um... what's the wecommended amount of d-ded-d-d-dated wam I should have to serrrver?

Its nice to see Youtubers and Players see their old creations. I hope your old minecraft friends who moved on see these creations! We surely did built memories :,) edit: I showed my friends who had moved on our old creations! :_D_

I remember that tutorial, I remember when I climbed up those stairs when I comepleted it and I got the bow and stuff. And I turn to my right and saw those “shops” and raided all of them xd. And on the left I raided all the animals and took the stuff inside the chest xd.

"nostalgic" is becoming an overused word and most people don't even knows the feeling or what it means.

Back in 2012 we made a cake dessert we just filled a dessert with cake and when you were able to stack cakes on top of each other we made CAKE TOWERS

‘A fish or a squid that we drowned’

It’s a good build for a 13 and 12 year old at the time, Im So OfFeNdEd, I’m 13 and I bet I can do a better fort...

I love Minecraft I never left it

Now u are utube famous

Fuck oofffff

Who's kast?

"We had a fish or squid but they drowned"

My heart is aching

But why would you stop playing this amazing game (not a nerd I just love the game, especially survival)

Me: wanna spawn the wither boss tommorow? Friend: yeah let’s do it :D *Last online 8 years ago*

Now I'm sad

Also, you should invite Austin back to reminisce on your childhoods

I think tlg means The Ligit Gamer

I think changing modes does something with the doors.

This video hit me in the feels. Fuck fortnite and everything else. Minecraft and BO2 was my childhood

I lost all my old mc worlds because I got a new laptop

*Talking About Minecraft* (Undertale Flowey Theme Plays)

Everything. Happens. For. A. Reason.

Damn now I'm sad, I'm thinking about all the cool shit i built back in the day. Back when nothing bothered you

Make another one it makes my childhood feel better


I had a MASSIVE world. I spent a year playing only the one map and it had a fuckton of stuff in it. Too bad my xbox decided it didn't want it anymore and it disappeared one day

My minecraft friends’s lives got way weird There’s me, the idiot that still plays the game There’s my buddy who also still plays the game with me One of my buddies became a drug addict and i havent talked to him in months And the rest of the random buddies are MIA for all i know

Free my nigga tommy

the whole "one day we logged off and just.. never got back on" thing made me feel.. i don't even know. it's almost loneliness like i'm sympathizing with the worlds, but i'm not? i guess i just can't explain

Minecraft got me through my childhood, I really miss when I was 11.

How does he remember the code but every thing else is a blur

I wish I could revisit mine but one day my shitty xbox 360 did something and for some reason my FAVORITE minecraft world was reset. The seed was the same I think, but everything I built was gone. I wish I could go see it one last time

It was stampylonghead

Man this actually hit me in the feels

I used to play Minecraft a lot and now I play Rust :)

this is honestly deep af I miss all the things ive done in minecraft

Not gonna lie this one gave me the feels

that’s insane. i remember playing on mincenomia with my cousins when i was younger. props to you for making my childhood great

22:11 has me dead

and people always say that playing videos wont get u anywhere now look at him

I also played in 360

New here, and subbed

The dislikes are 9 year old fortnite kids

You call your building trash but I call your building beautiful

Damn I wish i still had all my old Minecraft worlds... for some reason I completely deleted Minecraft and the hundreds of worlds I had made with 4 years. I think MC was taking up too much space.

22:10 oh—ok

Visiting abandoned Minecraft worlds probably gives off a similar feeling to that of a 700 BC Pompeii time-traveler would feel if he came to his city's ruins.

I remember the time when i used to play with my friend and he was 10 so was I but one day he said to me “Aidan , it’s time for me to go” I’ve never seen him online ever again in 6 years

i havn't touch vinilla minecraft in years. i've been all about the mods baby.

My brother maid the tutorial world

What are you talking about Minecraft is still popping!

I haven’t talked to my friends in years on this game

And upload more

The game that started all games

Poor tommy

I got an Minecraft ad

Minecraft isn’t really dead it’s because of the new games fortnite especially.

Imagine being that kid in the beginning and being out of breath when asking a small question

I lost my old minecraft worlds it’s really sad

I remember when I was like 7, about when that new tutorial came out (3:24), me and my sister would go up to our parents bedroom and just mine a stone cave into the ground. We wanted to get past that invisible wall by completing the tutorial, but of course we have 3 brain cells and we thought you could do it by buying the game so we did. Wow, I've had such great experiences on Minecraft. What a game. I wanna play Minecraft

Thanks for playing that undertale music

You can already do this

Such an iconic game, mad to see how it changed your life

I still playing minecraft on xbox 360

This year its ten years old

I miss the people who I used to play with. I don’t think think i’ll ever remember their usernames. I went on to a few old worlds on my xbox 360 the other day and jesus christ did this hit me hard

I kinda feel bad at the old memories we built with my friends since 2015 and now its 2019 some of my friend move to life and some played different game And now I started to play different games like Roblox Terraria and many different games I miss all buildings

Omg I started minecraft when I was around 6 on X box 360 with my brother he loved minecraft he is 6 years older than me omg I miss playing with him he is 17 now I'm a girl as well so it's a bit surprising that he played minecraft with me the other day I was on minecraft ps4 and my mum was saying about OUr old world and she's a sarcastic noodle so she was like AWWW BEBE DON CRYYYYYYYYYYYYY then I started crying

well good birthday for 10 years of this game a game i still play some times just for the nostalgia

I like this, here a subscriber

You sound like Daily Dose Of Internet dude

The last world secret was basicaly a panic room

You can become a puzzle master


When your ocd won’t let you keep the Minecraft worlds that you don’t use anymore because it’s uneven and so you only have the world that you are now using :/

I should play Minecraft again,I really miss my worlds now.The nostalgia

1:50 If you were in Middle School when you started playing Minecraft How in 5 years does some of your friends get Married and have kids?????

I had a world were i changed a Sand castle in a big Fort i made lavatraps so you cant get in i mad some path to walk arround in it but i lost it :( i was so proud of myself when it was done

I dont personally buy any merch but that pink t-shirt My fancy has been tickled

0:09 Did I hear floweys theme

Oh wow this was what I was just doing yesterday.

im 11 and i created a whole village with a blacksmith, butcher, community shop, windmill and a crane

I want be like ryan I dont know why Maybe cuz the cakes?

I would actually play on one of ur town worlds and not grief and actually play

I miss my old days

ℓєтѕ αℓℓ мαкє α вιg ѕєяνєя αи∂ ʝσιи ιт αи∂ ωє ѕнαℓℓ υиιтє αℓℓ мιиє¢яαfт ℓσνєяѕ

you should rebuild those worlds for a video

bruh i had a nostalgia trip recently when i booted up my old xbox 360 and popped in halo 3, still had my old rank of captain i could never improve and all my old forge maps me and my friends derped on.

I dunno but to clear my boredom in minecraft...i just play random maps

Where it all started... When all ps player (including me) had to go to there cousins house just to play minecraft cuz they had a xbox Cuz minecraft wasnt for ps3


This is actually sad

18:16 We Have The Guard Who Kills Mobs And Catches *Animals* ?.??.?.?.

Im crying (

now go back to unturned

I can hear undertale music

I miss the Nyan seed.

Minecraft aged like fine wine

I still play Minecraft version 15

It’s been that long since I’ve played minecraft that I forgot how to play it

For me it was wanting to go back to unsaved worlds from servers on the PC. Unfortunately, all I have is stories of what it was like back then. Friends of mine played Jedi Academy together and then some of us would play Minecraft too. So anyways, if you didn't save your worlds on PC then, they're lost forever. Watching this video, it seems like the consoles were a lot better about storing the server's world data locally automatically. Anyone else had trouble with that on PC servers or notice the amount of multiplayer backups console players have?

8:14 wanted to? Bitch I had like 6 clans

13:15 there is a road near my school called new haven

Ummm..... Fish and squid can’t drown!? 10:48

( / \ that not my name) | Whan I was a kid I built a cube house kinda cube but little bit?? It was my most beautiful (not at all ) and it not done and I love it

I swear Ive been on this server before I even remember red neck I think do you remember anyone named r2cpo ?

I’m not joking but I literally had a friend called lilgamerjc I played Minecraft with all the time THE LAST TIME I HEARD FROM HIM WAS 4 YEARS AGO he got off and never got back on

Imagine putting all the buildings you’ve ever made with your friends on minecraft into one world and then playing it with your friends

Minecraft is now ten year old

Should Revisiting the exact location I mined diamond for the first time

rip minecraft jk i still play dat shit well da demo but i still play it minecraft will never die yeeeeet

Gold is really not that rare, and if you played so much and that long ago, you definitely have that much gold

Really undertale ost

i miss my old xbox 360 minecraft friends

My brothers friend is the guy behind the dedicated ram kid

What the fuck did you say about MineCraft nigga

I have a feeling that this video will make your channel grow bigger

I played minecraft on the wii u for literally 3 years straight All of my online friends and I played together everyday, until the updates stopped coming, or one of us had to move to a different state/country. I really loved those times, I hold them very dear to me as I can say wholeheartedly. That the worlds,friends,games, and every other thing we built with eachother was the best time of my entire life.

Bro that’s my last name losi

dedowated wam

is pretty impressive being the first world, my first world was shiiit

Went back to my old world. It was full of signs and one was one a tree nearby the house we made, it said something like "Blank was here". We planted a tree beside the house and put a sign on it called "Mother Nature ❤" We each had our own furnaces and chests. Eventually we got lazy organizing our items so we made a thing called a "Lazy box" where you basically just put any item in it and organize it when you feel like it the next day. Our house had a glass roof that (In the texture pack) made an emerald-like light on the floor, I'm mentioning this because the world was named "Emerald survival" Unfortunately we had to update our Minecraft which made the texture pack unusable. We got a new one though.

Yall remember mini games

fuck you

Too bad I didn’t care about progress when I was 8 years old. So I did ‘t have my 2015 worlds.

Grandson: Grandpa I found this in your old stuff what is it Robokast: sit down Jimmy I'm going to tell you the tail of Minecraft and how it defeated fortnite

i was looking for rust videos but found the rust experience video the watched it ad i started to watch most of your videos. everything is really nodtalgic and i love it

Honestly, when I look back at my things, like my art, let's say, they really also hit me with nastolgia. It's very weird, idk

Lots of undertale background music

Wish I could buy merch but I can’t

Just seeing you revisit your minecraft worlds make me miss the old days of when I was younger I wish minecraft would come back to life I really miss the friends I made playing minecraft

Hey.................. do you want play that town game with everyone one day? :-)

14:00 is like deep lol

This makes me want to hug a Minecraft world

This video hit me with nostalgia and and saddness

are we not going to mention that the computer sign said "this computer is made only for man stuff" :)

I have to go eat dinner. I'll be back tomorrow *Last seen online 5 years ago*

Damn I really wish younger me actually built stuff in my survival world instead of me just having chest and a bed with just torches

I did have a iPad with 20 plus worlds fulled to the brim with random shit that got deleted due to forgetting password. There was a world with Mario party boards and mini games And 3 roller coaster worlds based around Alton towers And their was a RPG world where it was just buildings that where monsters. A medieval world And a parkour world I have no idea why but an entire world of penis statues Man I’m actually so sad that all the worlds got deleted.

Why would you dislike Minecraft. If you did then what went bad in your child hood.

Damn, nice video, this game brings back so much memories and I even just started playing Minecraft a week ago for nostalgia, Minecraft will always have a special place in my heart

I did this and I cried. Me and my brother had fun when we were little, and created a real cool world.

"The Butterfly Affect" (blockified)

I remember world of tanks

Why is everyone going back in 2019? Not hating, just wondering

Minecraft looks so good on console but looks shit on pcs and phones

I played on Xbox 360 also

I remember stampy in the tutorial

HOLY CRAP I THINK I WAS IN ONE OF YOUR TOWN WORLDS!!!!!!!!!! Do you remember anyone with the gamer tag Nata?

anyone notice the undertale music in the background

do you know the clip in the first like 10 seconds what is that video called i what tot show my friends lol

You in 2013. “ I want my world on YouTube so i can be famous.” 6 years later “ oh wait I can put it on YouTube myself and get famous”

Good ol days

This video remember my old worlds on Minecraft Xbox 360

Feel like I’ve seen your vids before but I can’t remember what it was but holy shit you legit played all the games I did and all the same things in mc hahaha, unturned mc all that shit

I got a mc realm I just started it any wants to join to just reply

I was playing minecraft with my friend then my friend told me im going to sleep, see you tomorow. He wasnt online for 8 years... One time i was playing still becuase i had some stuff on it then i checked my friend list and i saw him and remembered him instantly i was so happy, i send him a message: Hey dude long time no see. He responded:Who are you? I almost died

I’m glad I grew up with Minecraft Instead of Fortnite..

“This computer is only be made to be used for man stuff ;)”

I remember all the good memories from Minecraft all stuff i created all mods I did

Lol portal reference: The cake is a lie

I think it was something wolf? Scrolls through youtube past a youtuber called Charlie Wolfe

You were one of the OG's

Thank you for taking us through time. I really appreciate earned 1 subcribe from me

My oldest world that is currently playable is 5 years old. I still play on it, I'm just taking a short break. (Each time the breaks are getting longer) but I know everything there is to know about Minecraft.

You played on a version that had brewing stands damn when i first played minecraft there was no special thing like enchants and other stuff it was just plain old minecraft and i was always building houses even when i don't need them and there was the nether reactor But know i get easily bored when building houses

When ur old mc world's were deleted by ur dad

You act like no one plays minecraft survival

I would do this but my old account was hacked

What your unturned rp server?

22:09 this computer is only used for manly stuff xDD

i remember playing creative with a friend in split screen and making two towers out of obsidian and then trying to hit each other with a bow from far away. haven't seen him in a long time

Those 645 dislikes are fortnite kids

Next video: visiting old unturned single player worlds

The cake is a lie is a portal reference.

The idea of revisiting a dead childhood memery just leaves a emptiness in you as you lose your sanity and emotion to the void within.

The wolds are sad

Go back to Minecraft dude

Its left lone.......waiting for its new owner.......its a good map will wait....forever.....pass it on....

Plays Minecraft 4 years ago Me:let me see if my friends are online Friend list:0 Friends Me: ;((((((((

Dawg you should hit him up and be like, you want to play some minecraft

You should start a series on Minecraft or roleplay on some of these worlds

I had to stop watching around 14:11 hits right in the feels

tears r shed I just revisted my 2013 worlds too with my old best friends I would play with everyday after school OMG

I remember having an economy world when Minecraft just came out on Xbox. Unfortunately, it was on my brother’s account. Anyway, it was a full economy, throughout many updates. Most of my brother’s friends, and then just me. I wish I had a lot a time to explain my experience in a whole, but I won’t bore you. I might try to find my brother’s account info just to play this world, once again.

Minecraft raised us when our parents never did

Seems like your friend is a Portal Fan..

The nostalgia is insane

This is exactly what I used to do. With the same nostalgic feel. I'm literally reimagining the many moments in my Xbox 360 Minecraft.


I never stopped playing Minecraft and even on my channel I built a mansion and I still am working on it

I just cried

""This computer is only made to be used for "man stuff";)""

All my old words were on my old pc, and my old pc broke a few years ago

*sniff* I’m in tears from the nostalgia.

Nostalgia 100

This made me really sad

The cake is a lie thing is a portal Reference

1:27 weak

Or 9 like me

I never thought of making pillars like the ones in town

10:45 you drowned a fish and a squid???

*elton musk wants to know your location*

Was playing the Up song and AGH it hurt

25:23 hit me like john cena.

This reminds me of when I used to build huge mansions on flat worlds


At least you played borderlands

Me: All right I have to go to bed I'll see you tomorrow for more fun friend! Friend: Last online 1025 days ago

When your childhood you is more advanced as you yourself

this is a very cool vid brov

I hate fortnite why did it come out it ruined Minecraft I loved Minecraft it was the best and most fun game everyone always played it

you might not think these worlds are too great, but literally you just gave me inspiration! thank you!

My friends and I are juniors in high school and just got back into Minecraft. The memories we have are irreplaceable!.

The doors not lining up is a glitch that is caused by loading up older worlds. You probably had them on correctly when you first placed them

diamondsword507-Hey man my mom is making me get off so my little brother can play Me-ugh ok bye man see you tommarow last online 7 years ago

I actually did just this yesterday not kidding. Right before I get this recommendation. I also played on Xbox 360 for a while

This is the type of content youtube really needs

24:14 what texture pack is that?

Fish dont drown

I miss these days

Background music is minecraft nostalgia music :( C418? :(((

dededated wam

This video is so powerful... I'm holding back tears

Minecraft is actually coming back

I think the doors are just glitches

I recently got my old PC which I pretty much had all my minecraft worlds and screenshots in. My dad unfortunately cleared out the games and all the files are gone, with all my childhood.

Why don’t you try to find or contact your old friends and talk about it

Well this went very deep very fast, I came here for the title lol

the doors are a result of the game updating

At least i grow up with this game and not forknut

You say nostalgia weird

I'm starting a Minecraft music channel! please check it out! :)

This makes me sad

Reminds me of the Minecraft version of the anime overlord

I regret deleting everything when I was 10 I can't feel the nostalgia of my worlds. But this just ups the music nostalgia so whatever.

Minecraft is coming back... Damn my worlds.

I grew up with a Diamond Pic axe ,not a Gold Scar

Bout to make a grown man cry

I recently started playing minecraft again

It’s still extremely popular. Edit: well it should be

If my Xbox 360 didn't break, I would still be doing these things :) I have a PC and a Xbox One but I just don't feel like doing these things on them

dude I feel you I had a Xbox 360 now I'm a Xbox one s I'm feel you!

You should do a video on what happened to Blacklight Retribution since it shut down for good this year

I had made so many friends on pc games and now its been like 3--2 years that ive played wit them. I remember making two reeaaal good friends ive never seen them but they were like best friends for me back then. After like 1 or 2 years we just had a discussion like we always had but since then we blocked each other and never spoke to again...

Oh my god that first opening gate is such a nostalgia trip

you know your boi Robokast is OG when the food in his chests won’t stack

Dam the old players be comming back

Minecraft is like wine... the older it is, the better it tastes

Secret room inside a secret room under a secret room inside a secret room.

Yeah sometimes I feel lonely when I am alone in minecraft and unturned.

I had a best friend on xbox360, one day I just got off (red ring of death) didn't touch my xbox for years and a couple days ago I checked my account through my phone, and i don't know if he changed his name, if he defriended me or what. I can say I had some of my best memories with him and to be honest is the only person for xbox that i remember. Vaughn74 I might see you again. From Ancientcube93

I play with my lil bro lol

i totally understand you bro, I remember when my friends would just come to my house and we would make mansions, cars, and all types of stuff #minecraftforever

I’m happy and sad now

10:44 Why tf did you leave me in the water

I remember when me and my brother wanted to go to minecon when Minecraft was fairly new on the 360

A fish or a squid that we drowned

The part where you said you came up with the idea of a world with economy nd stuff, I did the same thing.

Person: how did you start YouTube Robokast: ohh ya know a bank in Minecraft

I reamember when i loved his minecraft videos

You know minecraft is old, yes but it’s a part of our childhood and I will always come back over and over again my friends don’t play but it’s nice to take a trip back into the immersion that minecraft had given us. Minecraft isn’t a dead game there is no such thing as a dead game people still play Super Mario brothers from 1985 so is that a dead game? No come back to this game it’s a really immersive environment even by today’s standards minecraft is there to be enjoyed so why don’t we enjoy it?

*why was your name IGottaPee99?*

Wheres the unturned content?

Those old world are so old that they must be turned into Minecraft museums

"this computer is only used for man stuff" lmao

Do you still play on console or pc

*Undertale sounds intensifys*


Friend: Cya tomorrow bud! Me: Cya! ‘Last seen 854 days ago...’


Nostalgia hit me so hard in the face

Okay I dont know why but 14:18 reminds me of going to auswitz. There used to be people there, so much happened there. then a long time later when you revisit it theres no people and all the streets are empty. all the buildings were left how they were. I got the exact same feeling watching this video.

See, it's this kind of nostalgic content that hits me right in the feels. And also makes me worried that Fortnite will have a similar phase.

17:05 I'll explain how this all connects at the end, while it says "You can't explain that

I used to [make a world survival mode (on my ps3) WITH CHEATS and say ok [INSERT SISTERS NAME HERE] we're going to play real survival and an hour later we were in creative and then] repeat x ∞

This video made me want to see my old worlds but then I remembered they where deleted

i remember when i used to wake up every morning at 8 am to go play minecraft with my friends. i loved that. and i miss that. Wonder what those people are doing these days and i just hope i could gather them back just one more time to play minecraft

Me: "Hey man so even though you are moving away, we can still play right?" Them: "Yeah For Sure" *Last online 4 years ago*

My Xbox 360 basically deleted all of my old worlds :/


I'm crying

*watching up while watching this* /*up music plays*/ *Nostalgia starts to turn into tears* ;c

that "robot" is actually splosion man

I might need a painkiller right now ;(

Click in link if you want to go back to the old days

How to do that??

Do part 2

4:09 part of the new title update, door positions were changed because of the older titles analytics.

I ain't gonna lie this hit that hard that i felt tears coming out from nostalgia

Why can’t the world just go all the way back to 2014 and everyone just plays minecraft ever dam day!!!

Im crying

Minecraft ages like wine. It gets better and better as time passes.

this video made me start up my xbox look at my worlds dude almost cried so much shit left untouched my friends last seen 4 years ago raymatichene robinboywonder all gone cant believe the worlds i made when i was 8-9


0:12 guys you know this is kai from jacksucksatlife's editor

I’ve got mine on tu1

Good to know old games are always there. Except for club penguin

this is bringing me memories from other games and im sad

Oof, so nostalgic its... annoying but.. happy. Oof, NOW GET OUT MY HEAD, YOU ARE MAKING ME CRYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Ok im going now i am dieing

There should be an Animation out of it.

Fuck all I see in this comment section is overused “last seen 839 days ago” comments

So another of I find but does anyone know the first damage sound or Minecraft lite or even the biggest thing nether reactors

_Last Online: 7 years ago_

I got rid of my IPod 5 which had some crazy unique nostalgic houses R.I.P.

Do you guys ever wonder why they never got back on, like did they lose their account, get their game taken or pass away we will never know which hits the heart even worse I had a friend His name was Killzer and he lived on a different server then me so we never could connect to each others lobby and he never got back on after one day we couldn't get into each others lobby for hours, he was offline for 2 years then I gave up on him getting back on, 11 year old me was devastated I lost my best friend online never knowing what happened to him and this video made me remember him and I am really sad now, where is Killzer I would love to catch up one last time.


Hey dude I gotta go to bed cya tomorrow! Ok bye! Last seen: 978 days ago....

you fool, now i know where your diamonds are

We’ve all got that one hunger games world from a while ago

0:04 was that Stampy I see?

Minecraft Friend: see you tomorrow bro! Me: yea see tomorrow Friend p:last online 1238 days ago

17:05 "Two more worlds and I'll explain how all this connects at the end" he says, as Minecraft says "You can't explain that!"

sign says: GUARD: kills mobs and catches criminals RoboKast says: GUARD: kills mobs and catches animals Time stamp: 18:16

I think the fort is awesome

deditadet wamm

I remember going to my childhood bestfriends house every day who lived down the street from me. We played a lot in the woods and a lot on his Xbox, and It's a shame the xxbox was stolen with the games from some damn17 year old. Our worlds were gone,but not in my memories, I remember almost all of it, and we had two major worlds; Our survival world was amazing. We were walkingaround and found a floating island not too far off ground and we lived on it. We built a cobblestone wall aroundit and we had a weird room system too, I gotta say, it was the best thing in mc ever. We had ladders to get up to the island, stairs, and water. I remember specifically hunting for herobrine with him.Our creative world was great too.I made a tardis from doctor who, he made a weird blimb, I made another one (better looking) and then I made a zeppelin. We had these war thingies with them and we would throw snowballs at eachother. It was sorta like a skywars thing we did when we put it in survival, the objective was to raid eachothers aircraft. We also had a fnaf restaurant and we simulated the game in survival it was weird. And beyond that, we had just a house that he made. It was big.Anyways, I'd tell more, but I've already told enough. Anyways. I love you Minecraft, and I hate you that once was 17 year old Jarred.

I love you minecraft...

This computer was made for man stuff

22:09 "This computer is only made to be used for 'man stuff' ;)" LMAO

Minecraft? That sounds explicit

I have been playing Minecraft for almost 6 years too.


I lost my OG xbox 360 account because it was on its own USB because siblings exist.... so many memories were lost on that stick of pure minecraft worlds. I still have my second account with worlds. Same nostalgia, different memories and impacts.

I also have a survival world on my Xbox (I play ps4) and I went to purchase Xbox live and joined my friend. I asked how much I left them. They told me: last online 6 years ago.

18:16 You said something a bit off.

Although I LOVE shooter games, I never will forget minecraft. My childhood of gaming and everything I made in games and real life. Minecraft is still the best tbh

I used to have the best minecraft worlds but then my xbox was messed up from water damage but i still have a memory stick that i saved my games on to so maybe there is hope but this vid just reminded me of that

7:11 "there was always cake when Ryan was here" bruh, dude be sus af

the door becoming unaligned was mainly a glitch in some of the older updates when you save and quit out of the world. They may have occurred when you left the world years ago. I swear this happened to me a lot when I first got Minecraft. It was recall noticeable when I was building Luigi's mansion in my world the front door and the hallway door Alway go out of alignment when I go back onto the world

I still remember finding out how to run after playing for ages.

He has been playing portal cus the cake is a lie is a Portal phrase


My gamer tag when i was 10 was xxXsKePtIc_EyEbAlLXxx

I live in Newhaven!!!

no hate to anyone that likes fortnite but i think minecraft started to downfall bcause of fortnite

That’s exactly how I was

Sooooo original

I understand you i also have garbage internet

I still have a Xbox 360 Like if you have one tooo

Even if Fortnite took over Minecraft for a bit, doesn't mean that the legend still returns

Some people forget about minecraft But not us *Not us*

«But things isnt beautiful, because it lasts» -Vision (Endgame to the end)


No joke, I actually still play Minecraft hardcore on my ps3. The only other game I play is grand turismo 6. I'm 12. It's 2019

Anyone else join before the hunger bar and sprinting?

i miss Minecraft glory days, i really do...

For some reason my Minecraft game does not work anymore after the new update on Xbox 360. Every time I go and play it, for some reason the screen dims down to a creepy black screen and my left stick control doesn't work anymore. I know its not my controller or the disk because before the latest update it was working perfectly fine and now all of a sudden its not. If this has happened to anyone else and they know how to fix it pls holla at me.

That clip of chicken little hit my childhood hard

I wish I can still do this but I deleted all the worlds I had on my PS4 and ps3 just to try and get more game space but it didn’t even work so now I need to figure out how to get my worlds back

I remember making bikini bottom from spongebob

Glad I grew up with minecraft not fortnite

0:04 flowey theme my guy

Im not crying your crying

chalie wolfe?

The part where you said you both got off and never talked again honestly upset me. That is me and all of my 2012 minecraft in a nutshell

I ugly cried


as soon as your friends leave.... You are all alone with no one to talk to

Bro why you gotta hit me in the feels like that i could actually shed a tear right now you know

lol i just realized all the background music is from undertale

These worlds have inspired me to create a civilization world. Also, it must be nostalgic to go on these worlds

18:17 says kills mobs and catches ANIMALS when it says criminals

On the old versions of minecraft, doors or fences didn't line up lol

why... “after school I got on Minecraft with my friends” this reminds me when I play on Xbox 360, when nobody was mean to anybody. Now, if you play Minecraft like I do, you’ll get made fun of.

3:11 I loved that tutorial world The tutorial world before that one is most nostalgic for me tho as that was when I started playing

oh my god yes, you are the first person to actually know what the fuck the word teal ment

why the hell did u burn the fort?

Me and my friend spent a long time on Minecraft we made some pretty cool stuff it’s been 3-4 years and we’re actually thinking of going back

I wish Minecraft Steve had more screen time in endgame.

That is my name Tommy

He said billons of hours lol

wats da wecomended amont af deididated waam isa like the server

I was a furry and a weeb back then. My gamer-tag was xXaMANDATHEWOLFFXx My real name isn’t even Amanda...

1:04 what's that game? Rust?

THe nostalgia hurts

7:20 The cake is a lie Portal is the best game.

Umm anyone gonna mention the sign at 22:10

I don't want my friends to have babies soon then THERE NEVER GONNA PLAY WITH ME even know we are literally 10 year olds

Was it psychowolf20 and crazygamerchick that were the old xbox minecrafters that showed off their world?

I think the youtuber he was talking about was night wolf

I just want to talk to my homie one1life :((((

Minecraft is like a wine, it gets better the older it gets

Tanners Amazing World Hmm I see where you got that from

Half the comments are, "Friend: Bye, we'll finish this tomorrow. Me: Ok Last online: 3 years ago" but I can't lie, it's so true.

I actually almost started crying, after this I might because I'm getting on that old and dusty Xbox 360 and looking back at Minecraft. The word, 'forget' is starting to hit my heart harder than it ever has.

Hey so when you load up an old save after updating the doors tend to do that. I don't think it was you. My world did the same thing too

love the Flowey music actually all the undertale music

You should be a mayor

Yo im gonna go do that with a friend

17:03 he says he’s gonna explain it and Minecraft says u can’t explain that!

tommy was a squid

Wuts da deditated wam pur suvur.

The strange door placement could be entrance and exit doors

Minecraft really is timeless, and this video portrays it perfectly with how sad it is. I miss playing on MC XB360, then ps3, then pc. So many people that I knew have left, and my own server has been offline for two years.

Robokast: So today good viewers is the the day I tell you about a bank in Minecraft (I loved playing on that server with everyone miss those memories)

I wish I saved all of my old words...

Literally just gone back to look at all mine this hit me dude

I always loved building cities with a government

I think Tommy was a squid that despawned

Backwards doors are a glitch

only real og's remember stampycat

I miss when my friend Braxon and I were 7 and we just figured out how minecraft worked and played it every Friday...... it’s been a long long time ever since we played together....


I’m sad. I’m scared to play minecraft again because my friends make fun off minecraft and I played it and the next day all over my school people were saying ‘look he was playing trashcraft yesterday’ I miss minecraft...

raegan and bush

I have been playing Minecraft since I was 6. I am 12. Not all of us grew up on fortnite. ;)

1:30 Right in the feels

Lmao, so many people have their names based off of minecraft. My name Netheryk is litelarilly just Nether with an -yk at the end just because.

10:30 You were talking about something and in the blocks chest was bedrock, so whatever you were talking about was more obvious

Btw I remember getting onto my 360 last year and had unread messages from 4 years ago most of em said hey want to play in a bit that hit me hard

I went back to my old town worlds currently reviving them anyone want to play

Woah woah woah, you mean austin marrs?? I went to school with him, do i lowkey know you?

1:04 the game is rust

After watching this vid, I knew I had to sub! Great vid!

Stop nagging

I remember a big city one time in minecraft

When minecraft first came out I was in grade 1, wow so much has happened since then...


16:25-16:30 somehow I got tears from that. Was too relatable

hey watzup here i have a new car 2002 camaro Last seen:18 years ago

1:08 game name?

Did the same bro went back in time to 1.0

Dude This makes me feel really sad that your childhood was left behind,So I think you should make your fans join in on your town world and just let them play and things like that and have that final smile at it.

Now i wanna do this and record it, on my ps3.

ugh...if only i couldve gotten on my minecraft worlds that was in 2011 or whatever, press f for respects. yes, i used to play minecraft but yeah i stopped playing it

You should reunite the people and play again on the woods together

Only makes cakes hmmm I wonder if that was stampy

The first 2 minutes literally got me in tears cause I’m in like the exact same situation (even though I’m only 16)

This video can make a grown man cry

He should re open the town server misinomea and let people in!!

looks like all the work paid off, great video man.

I shed a tear

this got me in the feels because like i used to do the exact thing this guy did i was a kid that played on xbox 360, built up worlds that never got finished, REJOINS THEM IN 2019 TO FINISH THEM

Looking back, my first few Minecraft worlds on the kindle fire my brothers and I shared are nostalgic. We were like 6 then. Time flies. I’ve evolved from playing on a kindle fire to playing on a phone. We never had an Xbox or pc to play on

*He played Borderlands?* *Likes video*

God I miss Minecraft...hope it makes a comeback so kids nowadays grow up on the shit I did

Not gonna lie the Sparta pit brought back some memories xD I probably killed my friends hundreds of times for the simplest things like not sleeping when I said to xD

The two games that are still in my heart are Halo:Reach and Minecraft, the amount of content and emotion in these games puts current games to shame

This is basically what happened to my friend exotic: Exotic: Alright dude I have to go eat lunch I’ll be back in a couple minutes Me: okay I’ll try to finish our house Last seen: 879 days ago

The youtuber your talking about was probably Cameron the Wolf? she/he did videos around fhe 360 era, did showcases and had "wolf" in the name like you were talking about.

First you hit me with Minecraft... then you hit me with Undertale music... UNDERTALE FANS... UNITE!

This is so sad alexa play c418 sweden

Anyone trynna play 360 Minecraft

Have you ever really played Minecraft if you don’t have a world called spleef?

When you drown a squid

Please play some gmod for once

Bro the third world is just gmod darkrp

so nostalgic

that’s a lot of “again”

the fact the jail is more like a hotel than the actual hotel, more living space and probably would prefer to be in. I don't think you even get charged diamonds to go to jail hahahaha. lol

never despise small beginnings

My oldest Minecraft world, which I even had a backup of, got deleted when my computer was wiped :( Had the best name of: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

13:14 when he laughed does anyone else thinks that was cringe?


I'm currently crying.


I think TLG means Totally Lit God

“A fish or a squid that we drowned “ Logic??

TLG definetly means Totally Legitimate Gamer.

Never knew the context of “designated wam”.

The doors that don’t line up was just a glitch with one of the updates.

the nostalgia is real here. i need to look at my xbox 360 worlds, i have about a million lol

This actually makes me cry. I used to have a town like this, in a minecraft free realm, at some points it had over 20 players online. Where most people worked an actual economy. But, when my trial ran out. Never saw them again.Discord didnt exist or i didnt know about it at the time, and i didnt get many steam or skype names.

Bro same I haven’t played minecraft in like 3or4 years RIP my dog Wolff

Love the undertale music

*screw y'all fortnite players*

Same thing I did last week. I had created over 130 worlds lmao, good times

Moral: Everything stays right where you left it, Everything stays but it still changes, Ever so slightly, Daily and nightly, In little ways, When everything stays.

i also played on xbox 360

mInEcRaFt was my cHiLdHoOd

we all lived the same childhood damnnn

Wth do u mean, late middle school and early high school? They’re two different schools, your either one of the above

The good news is Minecraft is rising in popularity again!!!

he reminds me of kodakwk

i cried when you burnt fort losi to the ground

This city used to have 50,000 people in it, now it’s a ghost town

2019? How do you drow a squid tho lol

I’m a new youtuber and I would really love it if you guys checked out my channel and possibly gave me a sub or watch some of my videos, I will also be giving a shout out to my most recent subscribers, anyway have a good day everyone

10:27 Those dogs have been waiting for you for more than 5 years and you don’t give them any attention or food??

why is the glass not updated? Is it normally like That in the consoles cause in bedrock and java, its clear. Cause Im planning to get Minecraft in the switch or Xbox and hoping that It is updated like the bedrock (1.11) and java edition (1.14)

stop this minecraft shit where is garrysmod

13:11 i played Borderlands too

"Yo I gotta go eat dinner be right back really quickly" *_Last time played: 5 years ago_*


When I was playing Minecraft I thought everything about it was cool until I got older now I realized it wasn’t that cool and I got all my friends from that game every sence my friends stop playing it I stopped Minecraft really was the bomb no wait the nuke

Whats the wacommeded amount of d-denodddated WHAM of da surveur

Ok guys I’ll be on later, I gotta go have dinner *Last online 5 years ago*

Why did he burn the fort like isnt it special memories or so.ethi g?

I’m so glad I never went to Minecon

EXAMPLE OF A 2014 MINECRAFT NAME: xxXX_Super_Pro_Diamond_Swordz_47381_XXxx

Rip tommy Boi.... Rip tommy

Minecraft shaped my whole life. I'm sad that not many people remember it. It will always be a memory to me. I hate now that crusty 9 year olds are cursing on it. Fortnite ruined the whole world and i'm glad people still love minecraft.

This brings me so much memories

Let me just say, your “REGULAR” world is so simple and would have impressed 11 year old me. It was really cool hearing about your “economy” world, because I did the same thing and made something called CityCraft that me and my best friends used to play on ALL the damn time and that brought back a lot of cool memories.

Ryan was packing CAKE.

Thanks for stealing my video!

My friend lives in new haven irl

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