RH Negative Blood Origins - Part 3: South American Giants & Megalithic Structures (Mar 2019)

RH Negative Blood Origins - Part 3: South American Giants & Megalithic Structures (Mar 2019)

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You. You. You. You. Now. With. Your kind attention. A submission. I have, the other, presenting. To you one. Of the most remarkable, name, in, the world how remarkable. Hello. My. Name is fritz KO welcome. To my youtube channel, Fritz, ko bids. You. Want answers I think I'm entitled you want, the. Truth you can't handle the truth. Hello. My, name is Fritz Keo and welcome, back to my youtube channel and. Welcome to my youtube channel this is the first time you've, ever visited it, and this is actually part. Three of a three-part, series so, I should probably start with part one and then. Part two and, then come back and watch part 3 you might be a little lost on the whole perspective. Of the whole thing. Here. On my youtube channel I, like to focus on a lot of different mysteries. Conspiratorial. Subjects. And, various other different topics, if you think these are things you're interested in, I'd go ahead and hit the like button hit, the subscribe button and, then hit the notification. Bell right next to the subscribe button if. You want to be updated about future, videos that, I make and upload to YouTube. I'm. Currently. Celebrating, over 5 years here on YouTube and over 8,000, subscribers I'd, like to thank you all very much for your participation on. My youtube channel it's. Because of viewers like you and your comments, that, actually, pursue me to, research further into different topics and give me extra. Ideas for. New videos. Consistently. Throughout the years so. Without you guys and your, guys's help my, content, would, be different, I wouldn't, have as many different videos as I do have uploaded, so. Pat yourself on the back keep. Watching keep like and keep. Telling your friends about my youtube channel I really, appreciate, all my subscribers. And all the things you guys do for me I actually. Generate, a little bit of funds off of, YouTube and that, helps me put. Money back forth into, the, recording. Equipment all. Sorts of different things and as you can see on my channel people, who have been around watching it for a long time and again I apologize for long intro but, people who have been watching my youtube channel for a long time I'm sure, you've noticed that I'm. Really trying to develop a style here and I. Mean I'm working with new software and, I'm. Doing a lot of my own research that takes time. Unfortunately. My. Son's mother just recently, passed away those, who keep up on my YouTube channel, I'm sure if keep tup on events, in the past my. Son is about four years old he's just started going to school and. He's. Lived with me for the last three years anyway. Full-time, and so. That makes things challenging, my. Father is, old and disabled. He, retired and, he, actually just, came to live with me too so. I I find. Sometimes. It's hard to come up with enough time to, be able to make these videos and, that's. Why I experimented.

Around In part two with. The, narrated, computer, voice that. Of which I do apologize, for cuz even I was not pleased with that but. Unfortunately, I had. Loaded up everything, that I came up with that. I was gonna read for you guys myself, into, that program and when I shut it down and created, the audio file it. Took me a couple hours to do that and then, several. Days of research to come up with that what I was gonna say I. Accidentally. Deleted everything, that I typed up so I wasn't able to go back through and read it for you guys myself and. That's something that, I've. Always took pride in doing myself and but I figured I'd try the computer, voice see. How it worked out I have, a newer computer voice I might, play it for you guys in a little bit just in this video at the end or so or maybe right, here I don't know and then. You guys can tell me what you think if I do about, that the. Name of this computer, voice I believe is, Jeannie and, it. Is pretty, realistic. But it's a girl and, that's the only reason why I'm like I don't know if I want to use it because I, don't. You know want me coming across as. A girl to you guys I said with a girly, computer voice not that there's anything wrong with that just. Not what I really want to do. Okay. Part three is, about. Ancient. Cultures of South America. And the. Giant, connection, this, is Rh, negative blood, origins. Video part 3 so. Buckle. In and sit back get, some popcorn and, let's. Talk about some stuff guys, I'm. Just winging it this time I don't, have anything particularly, prepared, other than, what I know on a couple little things I have thrown up on my desktop to read off for you guys. Basically. Like. In America, and South, America. At some, point people. Came across the, land bridge that's the proposed theory, you. Know and I mean from the Russia area there Asia, and. The. Areas over there through Alaska, and whatnot there is supposedly a land bridge and it. Makes sense to me it's. Debatable, nowadays. Scientists. Are saying there is a different. Type of hominid. On every. Continent, just like there's different types of cats different, types of lizards different. Types of insects, this. That and the other I, could go on and, on, so. It's. Interesting. We're. At a day. And age here, where, it's, highly. Debated. Human. Origins, and one. Thing that is a fact and, scientists. Admit this themselves. Is they have no idea, with, the Rh negative blood, lines, originated. From. Because. Rh positives. Sherry. Link the, D antigen. They. Share a link with. The. Rhesus, monkey. And. That, is interesting, I've also heard other. Scientists. Say. That there's something. In the DNA code of every creature that exists, on this planet that. Links, it to, this planet, and the, one thing that doesn't possess this, the, creature who is on this planet it doesn't possess the same linking. Attribute, is, humans, in general all, of us but, the only thing that does link us in general is the, positives, with, this D antigen I. Thought. That was interesting I wish I had that prepared here for you to tell you who did the research on that cuz I'm normally pretty good about that but I don't this is something I've read many years ago and I've been looking for sometimes. It's just hard to Google these certain things like. I don't take it for fact it's just something I read a long time ago. Now. In South America, these, cultures. They're. Just you know small bands of humans. They. Later. Developed, into, civilizations. Technologic. Considered technologically. Advanced, compared. To the, natives that, were in the surrounding, areas, and a good video, to, watch a, movie, a very popular, movie from, 2006. Is Mel. Gibson's, Apocalypto. And it, kind, of shows you exactly. How they were. When. You think about people like the Spanish, and I'm not just saying this because I got a Spanish last name they, came in contact, with. These guys and these guys would have these massive parties, where they would go out in the middle of nowhere and they, would defeat small little cultures, and then, drag them back to, these massive temples, and have these huge. Execution. Sacrifice. Sacrifice, parties. Where, they would rip out their hearts while they're still alive cut. Off their heads do. All kinds of crazy stuff just because they thought they, needed to be doing this.

To. Appease. The gods I guess. But. Anyway, it, really makes you wonder because people say that that we're going back to ancient Egypt here lots. Of scientists, say that they an, archaeologists. Certain. Sects say that they don't believe that Pharaoh's, the people that the Romans who, the Romans ran into were the people were actually built the pyramids, I'm not everyone, says us but. There's a significant, portion of people who, at least speculate. On this and the. Same thing goes with. The structures, that are in, South. America, and also. As, I've. Talked about previously, there are mummies that have been found with, cocaine, and tobacco. So, it's debatable, that these cultures, were. Linked. With in trade, or part, of the same massive. Ancient, culture, that. Existed. Pre-flood. Or something, you know this is all debatable. But one thing that really drives me crazy about all this is. It's something that's never talked fountain has never really talked about in school that, we do not really have a for-sure idea how these pyramids, and some of these other structures across the world were, built and, how they were aligned with star. Systems, in the sky and just. Various, different other aspects. Of how, they were, built lead. One to believe that. They were built, by an advanced, culture that. No longer existed. By a you, know normal. Standard normal. Recognized recorded, history you. Know what I mean like if there was a proof that there was a flood this. Culture was probably like a massive worldwide flood this culture probably existed before, that and. All. This. Is highly debatable, and. Highly. Speculative, on my part because, I don't necessarily have a whole bunch of facts a lot of this is basic, theory here for me and I'm. Interested in your guys's opinion obviously on what I've said thus far so. Please leave a comment and if you haven't subscribed, feel free to subscribe. It's, hit the like button as a notification bell. So. Basically. We. Had these different cultures that sprung up all over South. America. Like. He. Had the Maya the, Aztec. He. Had the Mississippian, which is interesting just. The name in general the Inca all, these different different all these different cultures. Spread. Up all over. South. America and. Basically. In Central, America was. Known as Central America today and. These. Cultures at megalithic, structures. Like, the pyramids, and, they. Also did talk about, giants, I mean, just in. Example. And North, America. For. For example. There's. Been described, in ancient race of white giants. Many. Different tribes described. An ancient race of white giants. Now. And I have an article here. By, Tara maca. Lassic, from the epic times, several. Native American, tribes have passed down legends, of a race of white giants who were wiped out. We'll. Take a look at a few such legends, including, those, among, the, Choctaw, the. Comanches, of the United States and, the. Manta of Peru so. I. Mean. I could go on this in in detail, and I probably will, here in a second but oh my. God I can read these little stories for you guys but. Like. I said they're. Throughout. All, these different, early, somewhat. Advanced, cultures, I mean if you don't agree with me that maybe some other culture. Could have possibly, built, all these different places, the structures in South America, are in Egypt. It's. Still interesting, that. All these different cultures, recognized, that there was a race of giants, running around controlling. Different things. Anyway. The chalk tossed hold of a race of giants, that once inhabited the. Now state, of Tennessee, and with. Whom their ancestors, fought when they arrived in Mississippi. And their migration, from the West the. Tradition, states that the race of giants, was.

One. They were huge. They. Said a wonderful statue just, sound weird read. These. Giants came to, be used, well. Anyway, the, name that they called them the Naha Lou, came. To be used to describe all white people but, it originally. Referred, specifically. To a giant, white race which. Whom the Choctaw, came, in contact with when they first crossed the Mississippi River, the, Nahal were said to be cannibals. With. Whom the Choctaw killed whenever, the opportunity arose. And I'm wonder if in this article it's gonna come out that there I think was the Hopi talked. About a race of red-haired, Giants, that were cannibals, - that's, interesting. Tell. Me what you think in the comments section, the. Comanches. Chief. Rolling Thunder of the Comanches, a tribe from the Great Plains, gave the following account of an ancient race of white giants, in 1857. Innumerable. Moons, ago a race of white men 10 feet high and far. More rich and more, powerful, than any white people now living. They. Inhabited, a large range, of the country, extended, from the right from, the rising. To the Setting Sun their. Fortifications. Crowned. The summit's, of the mountains protecting. Their populous, cities situated. In the. In the, valleys that's, interesting. And. You hear about all these huge dirt mounds, you guys can google those if you think I'm to be asking you here on this but. There's all these dirt, mount pyramids, that are being found all over America, nowadays and, if you're like where is this well, google dirt mound pyramids. In Illinois's, and, like. The Chicago area I'm not sure but this, is something I spent a couple of years ago looking, up because I thought it was interesting, it's. Thought that also, the. Phoenicians, came, here and it's, also thought that the Romans, were here, along, the Mississippi, that they had forts built this, is all stuff you guys can google if you're interested, in it I could, make the videos about this specifically, in a later date. It, says that they excelled over every other nation that existed, there on the continent, at the time easily.

Before Since, an all manner of cunning, handcraft, they. Were brave and warlike, ruling, over the land they had arrested. From its ancient. Possessors. With a high and haughty hand. Compared. With them the pale faces of the present day that. Um the. Whites pale faces were pygmies, I guess is what they said in both, art and arms, which, is interesting. The. Chief explained, that when his raised five just. Excuse. Me the. Chief explained, that when his race forgot. Justice, and mercy and became too proud the, Great Spirit wiped it out and, all that was left of their society, where, the mounds still visible on the table lands this. Account was documented, by dr. Paul and Panther Yates a researcher. And author of, books. A Native, American history, on his blog. Interesting. To look for that, he. Hates also writes of the star knack people the, Navy legend, describing. Them as a regal. Race of white giants, endowed, with mining, technology, who dominated, the West enslaved. Lesser tribes and had, strong walls all throughout. The Americas, they, were either extinguished. Or went back to the heavens which. Is interesting, that they describe it as such like their extraterrestrials. Anything's. Possible it's, possible all, this is made-up it's possible, none of this is, true. But. When you think about all the different ancient cultures across. The world who. Talked about it I talked. About giants it's. Really, interesting, it makes you think that there had to have been some sort of ancient race, culture, of giants, and that. Would make sense if that, culture wasn't. Worldwide, and they, built some of these structures that we can never figure out that. They built I always, like to think okay. I mean if you look through ancient, times, even back to Alexander. The Great they always had war elephants, and all these different things so it's not too hard for, me to theorize the. You, know 1020, hundred elephants at a time or used to move some of these blocks so I, don't, lead to the theory some people say that these had to be built by giants there's no way Jat people could have built them why, couldn't they had teams of elephants dragon blocks across the desert it makes perfect sense to me a lot. Of times these quarries ancient, aliens really drives me crazy because a lot of time these quarries where these structures, were built not. Necessarily, the ones that are, not. Not. Not the ones that can't be explained, like the ancient, Pyramids of Giza and whatnot but some of these smaller structures, that are in South America, that you can't, understand, that people built these but, you can't understand, how they set the blocks together in some of these other things but. The. Quarries are only like a couple miles away a lot of times and, a lot of times there's different parts of the year where. Moisture. Will play a factor to where rocks, are able to just be pushed across the, desert which, is interesting, you. Should watch some of these videos on YouTube called debunking, ancient, aliens, I spent. A significant, amount of time a couple years ago maybe. Actually, several several years back when ancient aliens was extremely, popular, watching. Debunking, videos, because. Some of it just seems a little too much. For me especially the people that were putting, forth the information, the, dude with the wild Einstein, here number one I can't, remember his name off the top of my head. Anyway. The. Natives. Relate. The following tradition, which had been received from their ancestors, from the very remote from very remote times they.

Arrived On the coast and boats made of reeds as big as large ships a, party. Of men of, such, size from. The knee downwards. Their height was as great as the entire height of an. Ordinary, man though. He might be of good stature, their. Limbs weren't all in proportion to, the, deform size of their bodies and it was a monstrous, thing to. See their heads with. Hair reaching, to their shoulders, their. Eyes were, as large as small, plates. Let. Me think about that that's a pretty, huge person. All. Right Leon. Said the sexual habits of the Giants, were, revolting, to the natives, and and heaven. Eventually, wiped, out the Giants because of those habits. And. Here we go, there's said to be an old tradition, that tone of red-haired, white cannibals, about ten feet tall who lived her near what is now known as Lovelock. Cave in, Nevada it, is unclear, whether this oral tradition about. The so called. Siskin. Giants, existed. Or if it was an exaggerated. Or distortion. Of the of their, legends, made. After. This. This, original, Indians had told them were mostly killed or dispersed, in 1833. By an expedition. It. Was. Conducted by an explorer, named Joseph Walker. So. That's the thing some of these cultures, that won't told these things no longer exist to, answer questions, about what they excite about certain things. It's, interesting because, this, guy looked into the legends found no mention of them actually being Giants it seems. There was how every people practiced, cannibalism who, lived in Lovelock cave human. Remains have been found there and a few of the human bones had the mayoral removed, suggesting. The marrow was he eaten, cannibalism. Seems to have been a rare practiced, among these peoples however. The. Remains do have red hair but. This may be because black hair can turn red with time. Interesting. All. Right let's keep moving forward, here, okay, so we got that, as tax. And the ancient, Giants of Mesoamerica. Not. Only, are giants being mentioned in cultures, and ancient civilizations around. Their world their. Existence, is a key part of folklore, and, history, of these cultures, and civilizations. Their. Presence, in existence. Are. Confirmed, in religious texts such as the Bible as, I previously brought, up in other videos and many other ancient sacred, texts, like, yo Manos from India. Sanskrit. From. Mesopotamia. What could go on and on yet. For some mysterious reason. Mainstream. Scholars have, found it very hard to believe that. Such beings, existed, in the past even. Though we found various. Different sizes of humans stature, as far as pygmies on continents. That have been, living there for tens of thousands of years untouched. According. To, the Codex Royals. Or, the, Vatican a codex, the Italian translation, of an ancient manuscripts, written during the Spanish, conquest. Giant. Beans, lived, in Mesoamerica. According. To the depictions, of the Codex, Aztecs, warriors, fought against these beings. The. Quinna Metzen giants, according, to that Aztec, mythology populated. This world during. The previous area, of the. Sun rain. Whatever. That means. Interestingly. It, has said that the Giants, built the, ancient citadel, of, the chicken not to the. Place where men become gods and the Great Pyramid, of Chaco holy. Ten. Of these Giants are mentioned, in ancient Aztec, mythology, it. Is said that when the Spanish, conquest udders, came to America, they saw real. Flesh-and-blood, Giants. According. To legend, the accounts of the Spanish, invasion in the book the broken spheres Giants. Lived. Among the Aztecs and, one, of their heroes a name I'm not even gonna try to say help, fight the Spanish during an attempt, of a. Hostile takeover of, the ancient, city of T Kanako. Or. Maybe that's pronounced, hecho tonight, alone man. These names. These. Giants this giant managed to defend that, city by throwing the huge stones that the Spanish conquistadors.

And His, courage rank strength, can be seen in the, Florentine, codex. Here's. A photo of him that, is really interesting. Moving. Forward. You. Know as you can see giants beings. Are widely mentioned, in ancient times, and not only were some, of these giant, beings considered, as divine some of them and real. Flesh and blood, proof. That such beings lived among humans and distant past stories. An ancient, religious, texts back up like David and Goliath I've, mentioned, that before -. All. Right he goes on into just highly speculative, a. Speckled have thought here and, I mean these are things that brought. Up now that you guys can look up on your own and. Hopefully. Me reading this for you guys there's a lot better and. You guys going out and. Haven't. Listened to my video with a computer voice because, quite, honestly I write here for that either so. Tell me what you guys think I plan. On taking all these videos, mashing. Them together in a more professional way and making, a long drawn-out. Two, to three-hour documentary, like, I like to do called. Ori Rh, negative blood. Origins. And. I have a pamphlet I'll make another video here in a little bit of. My. Doctor's, visit, this pamphlet they gave me at the doctor's office that talks about my large negative blood, I'm. Rh. Negative so. I mean III really, love reading, all your guys as different comments on your, blood types. I'm, gonna put a link in. The. Description here. To a Facebook, to a Facebook, forum, it's. A Rh, negative blood, origins. Forum. And feel. Free to join me and various other different. Rh. Negative people, who are just looking for the truth there's. Not a lot of wizard people drop there or a lot of a lot, of other different crazy propaganda. But like, I said we. Look at everything. So. If you want to join that forum go ahead and feel free to hit the like button subscribe, thank. You for watching my videos and I hope you all have a nice day. You.

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Fallen angels before the flood and after that. King James Bible would be good to help you. We are in the end times now. My Pastor teaches this one of the few that do Pastor Mike Hoggard Bethel Church Festus Mo. Unbelievable but they were the little gods we were told were myths. I am o- studying this for a long time we have been lied to about history so very difficult to get to the truth. They are still sacrificing today. I pray rh- is not this bloodline but even so Jesus and the blood He shed cleanses those who beleve in Him. This is my first comment ever on youtube just may be Lifesaving to someone.

most of this video is about his personal stuff and not about the video title.

@FritzCayoVids I'm RH O- also! I really enjoyed all 3 parts of RH NEGATIVE ORIGINS! I recently found ur channel and looking forward to watching the rest of ur vids. I'm very sorry for the loss of your wife. I send you love and prayers that THE CREATOR guides and gives your precious son Mason all the healthcare that he needs to make a full recovery. And may THE CREATOR also watch over you and your beautiful children, and father.

@bluedogguy What is ur problem?! Seriously, how can u be such a dick? It was only a couple of minutes. THAT'S JUST WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS WHAT U SAID! I'm gonna assume you don't have any children yourself, otherwise you wouldn't have left such an cold,rude, heartless and insensitive comment! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Most of the video? 2 minutes is about my kid have to have life threating brain surgery. The other 32 minutes is the video.

Prayers going up for Mason man. If that's not your thing, then trying to send him some good energy. Take care man

Colorado Forest Beings-------great channel showing a lot of weirdness in Colorado. He hikes deep and finds things like boulders being balanced on small rocks, walls of piled stones that seem to mark territory or laylines, white quartz placed on top of rocks all over the place, sasquatch structures, square cut boulders, etc.

great comment and i agree. Prometheus is a Greek mythological figure who created man out of clay. He stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans so they can advance. In front of Rockefellor Center in NYC is a huge Prometheus statue. I think the "elites" are part of the bloodline and they give us clues to that all the time. The statue of liberty also has the fire of the gods.......Columbia pictures as well.

Yes the archaeological and anthropology not to mention the Etymology evidence shows a global level of techonology that I think predates the sumerians. Many types of HOMINIDS that some percieved themselves Superior to others to the point that they considered them animals and cattle.. eew.

The land bridge theory is just that. One of several possibility and theories... Evidence however shows that it was not exclusive and unlikely to have been the predominent method of migration. The question that seems to be ignored is the various forms of hominid species that did exist and what the hell happened to some of them. I'm saddened to hear of your family problems as it is familiar to me also. Keep going brother as we are all seeking truth.

Look at how South America and Africa could fit together like puzzle pieces.

How is Mason?

AB- here. Basque/Spanish, Northern Ireland/Northern European in origin. Born blonde haired (reddish tinted dark brown now). Hazel brown gold eyes. 1st hubby was also AB-. 2nd hubby is O-. Body temp and blood pressure, runs low. Truth seeker. Loner but LOVEEEE people. Super empathetic. Night owl. Aversion to sunlight and heat. Effect electronics (have even ruined my brand new car's electrical system LOL)! ARGH! Did it to my last car too. Works fine when mechanic tries it so I'm left looking like an ass. :-P Love ur videos (just found'em). Will definitely keep your sweet baby Mason in my prayers.

prayers for Mason's healing, wisdom for the doctors, and grace for your family. B- Northern European, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch. Body temp low Auburn hair, green, gold, amber, whiskey, hazel eyes with a blue ring around the outside.

I'd highly suggest keeping Him away from all Wi-fi and anything wireless, these frequencies are harmful and in my own opinion, i just feel these frequencirs are more damaging to rh negatives. Regardless, It is damaging to all of is, ESPECIALLY Children! Things will get worse with 5G. Avoid it. Kep him away from smartphones especially.

God Bless Your Child, Truly ❤️️

Shannon Gilliland masoretic text is rubbish, the septuagint is the only true one.

AB negative here. Dallas Texas. Fair skinned, brown eyes , dark brown reddish hair . After being daily radiated by microwave , and the targeted individual, my luster is now 55 years old. Given by a The Creator , Wisdom , super natural ability to teach and just know things. Creative, thinker and solution finder to everything . It’s what Rh negatives do .

+_greater point_ Chris Pinto has great documentaries on this subject if you are interested.

I’m o negative Rh negative blood type. Can I help ?

May Mason and all that's yours be blessed.

@_greater point_ Chris Pinto has great documentaries on this subject if you are interested.

skip the 6 minute intro

Great vid! I lived in a place in TN called Indian Mound....I collected several items including ancient tools. I learned of the white giants and how they buried them in caves and mounds. Theres a story that one remains that they call the white ape. They were friends at first then they became cannibalistic and turned on them stealing children, etc. I researched of course (and after some of my findings in the woods on the 22 acre area I rented) I came to the conclusion that these mounds possibly contain the remains of giants the natives sealed up and burned. Underneath much of this rural area the ruins I came across seemed to look like pyramids (even on google earth). I found steps also, most of the land though is a wildlife preserve and I also think the reason for this is so it can remain out of sight....Im a neg btw, and of native american heritage.

A reg neg neither of my parents or brother and sisters are the same , I’m youngest of 7 and have felt like I don’t belong here and find puzzles etc easy. I have always been in search of an answer but to what I’m still not sure ?

I am O negative as well and I have many of the traits. I have a granddaughter and a great granddaughter with RH negative blood types but they are not O.

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