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do you know ryall in indonesia before i tell you all about ryol don't forget to click subscribe to support me in my youtube channel maul on a relaxing official and i will ask you around the world thank you ryo is a province of indonesia it is located in the central eastern coast of sumatra along the strait of malacca until 2004 the province included the offshore rail islands a large group of small islands of which the principal islands are bataam and bin located east of sumatra island and south of singapore before these islands were split off as a province in july 2004. the provincial capital and the largest city of raya is bakanbaru the province shares land borders with north sumatra to the northwest west sumatra to the west and jambi to the south the total area for ryal province is 8723.66 square kilometers 33 600.02 square miles which stretches from the slopes of the bucket bay areas into the strait of malacca rya has a wet tropical climate with average rainfall ranging between 2000 and 3000 millimeters per year and the average rainfall per year is about 160 days ryo is currently one of the richest provinces in indonesia and is rich in natural resources particularly petroleum natural gas rubber palm oil and fiber plantations extensive logging and plantation development in has led to a massive decline in forest cover ryaw and associated fires have contributed to haze across the larger region ryaw is considered part of the malay world it is currently considered as the cultural center of the malays in indonesia nevertheless ryo is considered a very diverse province as it is inhabited by many ethnic groups such as malay menang cabal chinese and attack the local rya dialect of malay is considered as the lingua franca in the province but indonesia the standardized form of malay is used as the official language and also as the second language of many people other than that different languages such as menang cabal hakian and varieties of batac languages are also spoken rail allegedly has been inhabited since the period between 10 000 to 40.000 bc between 5th to 12th century ad traders and merchants from the indian subcontinent visited the region to trade with the local people spreading hinduism and buddhism in the process therefore rio was under the control of several hindu buddhist kingdoms such as the melayu kingdom and the srivijaya empire in the 14th century muslim traders from india and the arabian peninsula visited the region beginning the spread of islam in the region by the end of the 14th century hindu and buddhist influence are waning while islam influence are growing leading to the dissolution of many hindu buddhist kingdoms in rya those kingdoms who still existed transformed itself into an islamic sultanates by the 16th century there are three great malay sultanates in the region namely the siak's reindra pure sultanate indragiri sultanates and the joe or sultanate the latter which would split in the 19th century into the modern joe or sultanate in the malay peninsula and the ryolingu sultanate in the rye archipelago however by that time europeans began frequenting the region first the portuguese then the dutch and the british in 1824 the dutch and british agreed to divide the sphere of influence in the region with the malay peninsula falling under the british and sumatra falling under the dutch soon afterwards the power of the sultanates in the region began to wane the sultanates soon became protectorate of the dutch and was reduced to nothing but a puppet states of the dutch east indies with the dutch having the authority to intervene in the everyday's affair this happens until 1942 when the japanese invaded and occupied rya during the pacific theater of world war ii after three years of occupation which was marked by atrocities and war crimes the japanese surrendered in 1945. the dutch soon returned to assume control of the region but left in 1949 after the dutch indonesian roundtable conference in which the dutch agreed to transfer sovereignty of the dutch east indies to the republic of indonesia since then rya has been part of the unitary state of indonesia geographically ryoll which has thousands of cities in pakanbaru is located at position 02 degrees 25 lu001 degrees 15 degrees ls and 100 degrees o3 104 degrees oobt the area is quite extensive and is located in the central part of sumatra rya is directly adjacent to north sumatra and the straits of malacca in the north jambi to the south west sumatra to the west and the rya islands in the east the province shares maritime borders with singapore and malaysia in general the geography of raya consists of mountains lowlands and islands the mountain area lies in the western part namely the bucket bay reason mountains near the border of west sumatra the elevation decreases towards the east making most of the central and eastern part of the province covered with lowlands off the eastern coast lies the strait of malacca where several island lies in climate in general ryan province has a wet tropical climate that is influenced by two seasons namely the rainy and dry seasons the average rainfall received by ryle province is between 2000 to 3000 millimeters year with an average annual rainfall of 160 days the areas that received the most rain were rock and hulu regency and pecan bar city meanwhile the area that received the least rainfall was sayak regency the average air temperature of ryo is 25.9 degrees celsius with maximum

temperatures reaching 34.4 degrees celsius and minimum temperatures reach 20.1 degrees celsius the highest temperature occurs in urban areas on the coast on the contrary the lowest temperature covers the high mountains and mountains air humidity can reach an average of 75 slightly different for the island region in the eastern region is also influenced by the characteristics of the sea climate in government the province of rya is led by a governor who is elected directly with his representative for a five-year term in addition to being a regional government the governor also acts as a representative or extension of the central government in the province whose authority is regulated in law number 32 of 2004 and government regulation number 19 of 2010. while the relationship between the provincial government and the regency and city governments is not a subordinate each of these regional governments governs and manages government affairs according to the principle of autonomy and co-administration ryaw is subdivided into 10 regencies cabaputan and two autonomous cities cota in ethnic ryo is considered a very ethnically diverse province as of 2015 the ethnic groups in ryokan cystoph malaise 37.74 percent javanese 25.05 percent menang cabal

11.26 percent batac 7.31 bondra 3.78 chinese 3.72 percent and bugis 2.27 the malays are the largest ethnic group with a composition of 37.7 percent of the entire population of rya they generally come from coastal areas in rock and hiller dumai bengalis pulamaranti up to pelolawan sayak indira ghiyari hulu and indira ghiri hiller ryall was once the seat of great malay sultanates such as the sultanate of siak sri indrapura pelalowan and indragyori sultanate there is also a sizeable population men and gaba people living in ryol mostly in the areas bordering west sumatra such as rock and hulu kampar kuantan singhini and part of indira girihulu bakanbaru the capital of rya has a menang cabal majority since it was once one of the mining gabor anta migration area many mana and pekanbaru have lived there for generations and has since assimilated into the malay community most mana and rail generally work as merchants and live in urban areas such as pakanbaru bangkanan durie and dumaii there are many other ethnic groups migrating from other province of indonesia such as the batac mandaling people who mostly lives in areas bordering north sumatra such as rock and hulu most of the mandaling people now identify themselves as malay rather than as menang kaba arb attack in the 19th century the bonjiris of south kulamantan and the bugas of south sulawesi also began arriving in riyadh to seek better lives most of them settled in the indragiri hillar areas especially around temblahan the opening of coltec's oil mining company in the 1940s in rumbai encouraged people from throughout the country to migrate to rya there are sizable javanese and sundanese population in rya javanese forms the second largest ethnic group in the province forming 25.05 of the total population

most of them migrated to ryan due to the transmigration program dating from the dutch east indies and continued during the soa hearto administration the majority of them lives in transmigration communities spread throughout the region likewise the chinese people are generally similar to the menang cuba as many of them also work as merchants many rya chinese lives in the capital pekanbaru and many can also found in coastal areas in the east such as bagansi apiyapi salad panjang rupat and bengalis most of the chinese people in raya are hakula people whose ancestors migrated from kwanzu in modern-day fuji and from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century some of the rail chinese has migrated to other parts of indonesia such as medina and jakarta to seek better life opportunities while some have also migrated to other countries such as singapore and taiwan there are also some groups of indigenous people who live in rural areas and riverbanks such as the sake akit talang mamak and orang lot some of them still leading the nomadic and hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the remote interior of ryo while most settled into major cities and towns and with the rise of industrialization in a religion based on the composition of the population of ryol which is full of diversity with different socio-cultural linguistic and religious backgrounds it is basically an asset for the rya region itself the religions embraced by the inhabitants of this province are very diverse including islam protestantism catholicism hinduism buddhism and confucianism islam is the dominant religion in the province forming 86.87 percent of the total population in economic the economy of ryo expands faster 8.66 in 2006 than the indonesian average 6.04 in 2006 and is largely a resource-based economy including crude oil 600 000 bpd palm oil rubber trees and other forest products local government income benefits from a greater share of tax revenue mainly from crude oil due to the decentralization law of 2004. the province has natural resources both riches contained in the bowels of the earth in the form of oil and gas as well as gold as well as forest products and plantations along with the implementation of regional autonomy gradually began to apply the system for results or financial balance between central and local the new rules provide expressly limits the obligations of investors resource utilization and revenue sharing with the surrounding environment rile's economy in the first quarter of 2017 grew by 2.82

improving compared to the same period in the previous year which grew 2.74 year-over-year this growth was supported by growth in almost all businesses except mining and excavation which contracted 6.72 the highest growth occurred in the corporate services business field at 9.56 percent

followed by the processing industry of 7.30 and government administration defense and obligatory social security of 6.97 rile's economy in the first quarter of 2017 contracted by 4.88 compared to the fourth quarter of 2016. this contraction was influenced by seasonal factors in the agriculture forestry and fisheries business field minus 5.04

in addition contractions occur due to a decrease in several business fields including mining and excavation minus 3.50 percent processing industry minus 5.41 large trade and retail car and motorcycle repair minus 2.46 and construction minus 8.94 percent in a tourism

the prime tourist attractions of ryo can be divided into natural environment as well as the culture and history of the ryan malay people tourist attractions in ryo are diverse ranging from marine tourism because of the location of ryola which is directly facing the strait of malacca and also natural tourism is equally attractive when compared to other provinces in sumatra not to mention historical tourism and cultural tourism which are also quite interesting for us to know this multi-ethnic province has a long history and it is also certain that there are many very interesting cultural reserves in rya each of the regencies in raya has a tourist attraction within the indragiri hiller regency has a fairly long history before the dutch colonial period quite a lot of power shifts while still in the kingdom starting from keratin kingdom communion kingdom baiden in amsuku kingdom to indragiri kingdom besides having an interesting history andre indragiri hiller regency also has interesting tourist attractions and one of them is solapa beach which is also a mainstay of tourist attractions in rya as indragiri hiller was once the seat of the indragiri sultanate there are many relics from the sultanate and can be still found throughout the region such as the indragiri kings cemetery in rengat and traditional houses with typical malay architecture moreover indragiri hiller is also known for its many waterfalls similar to indragiri hiller the indragiri hulu regency is filled of many tourism spots such as waterfalls and relic of ancient malay kingdoms furthermore indragiri hulu also serves as the gateway to the bukkit tigapu national park the location of kampar regency which is directly adjacent with the province of west sumatra allows its culture to be greatly influenced by the culture of the menang kaba people kampar regency is also one of the contributors to tourist attractions in ryol which is quite interesting such as the muerticus temple there are also many spectacular waterfalls spread throughout kampar moreover there are also tombs of malay and menang cabal kings in kampar the city of bangkanin has many tourist attractions that have nuances of nature history religion and culinary that cannot be found in any parts of indonesia the kepu law in maranti regency has a variety of marine tourism destinations that are quite interesting to visit this is why kepu law in marandi has become contributors to tourist attractions in ryol that attract more both domestic and international tourists each year the capital salat ponjang has a chinese-majority population making it one of the few cities to have this characteristic this explains why the culture of salat ponjang as well as the whole of kepulah and maranti is highly influenced by both chinese and malay culture moreover there are several chinese temples that can be found in salat banjang and the surrounding area including the huankian temple which saw the oldest chinese taoism temple in salat ponjang kuantan singh any regency commonly known as kuansing is a rent migration area for the mining kaba people from west sumatra therefore the culture and customs of kuanzing is highly influenced by men and cuba culture on the other hand kuanzing also contains many tourist destinations kuwansing is known for its cultural festival that usually happens during the idol fighter and other holidays such as the bagan juan boat festival indonesia and festival parabag anjuang the bagan juang boat festival was first held as a festival in 1996. these boats are then decorated with flags coconut leaves umbrellas long clothes pumpkins photos of the president and vice president and other objects that have traditional symbols for example rice symbolizes agricultural fertility and buffalo horns that symbolize livestock in the festival guests were presented with a variety of entertainment including rarok kalimpong panjak banan and potentiug the process of making a bagan juang boat is usually blessed with a malay ceremony another festival in kuanzing is the pakujala festival baku jala is the largest annual festival for the people of the count and sing any regency especially in the capital taliyuk kuantan which is along the bank of the kuantan river originally the festival was held to commemorate the islamic holidays such as the malid or the commemoration of the new year's eve but after the indonesian independence pakujala is now usually held to celebrate the independence day of the republic of indonesia baku jala is a long-rowing boat race similar to the dragon boat race in neighboring malaysia and singapore which is a boat or canoe made of wood that can reach 25 to 40 meters in length in the taoyuk kuantan area the native people called the longboat used in the festival as jawler the boat rower team ranges from 50 to 60 people pelolawan regency has a long history even as the name pelolawan was taken from the name of the former pelolawan kingdom and the pelolawan kingdom was once victorious in 1725 and was very famous with its salt inside abduram and fokrudin apart from its history pelolawan also stores quite a lot of tourist attractions besides its history remnants of the old palalawin kingdom can still be seen throughout the regency such as sayapel olawan palace where the former sultan of pelalowan reside inside the pelalon wing palace there are many relics such as keras weapons spears and various other relics placed in the palace central room another remnants is tomb of the sultans of palawallawan most of the tourists who frequented the tomb are usually pilgrims and certain days the tomb is quite crowded with pilgrims moreover pelolawan serves as the gateway to the tesso nilo national park rockin hiller regency as one of the regencies in ryoll which is directly facing the strait of malacca was once the largest fish producer in indonesia since the dutch colonial era rauken hiller with its capital baghanzi ap yappi has already become more advanced than other region especially in terms of trade the tourism industry in rock and hiller is also quite well known both on a national and international scale rockin hiller is known for its tourist spots and festival such as the junk burning festival known in the local ryohakyan as gojek kaplak chinese semi-colon pinyon wu you shilly uber hockey and podge gogo echaplakjit the junk burning festival is an annual ritual of the community in baghandi apiappi which has been well known overseas and is included in the indonesian tourism tourist every year this ritual can attract tourists from malaysia singapore thailand taiwan to mainland china now this annual event is heavily promoted by the government of rock and hiller regency as a source of tourism the initial history of the festival was started by chinese people who lived in baghdanse apiappi to commemorate their ancestors and also as a gesture of gratitude to the god kiangya other than that baganzi ap yapi and the surrounding area has many chinese temples that can be visited the rock and hulu regency has the nickname nedry sarabusuliuk the district is bordered by two provinces namely north sumatra and west sumatra it is certain that the acculturation of culture in rock and hulu regency has become more diverse starting from customs and traditions rauken hulu contains many lakes waterfalls and caves that is spread throughout the region one of the historical assets that is still standing firmly in rock and hulu is the palace of rock and hulu this palace which is already 200 years old is a relic of the nagari chuo sultanate although there are some parts of the repair but the architecture is still intact and also the carvings on the wood are still clearly visible sayak regency is the number two richest district in ryan after bengalis regency the main export of siak regency is petroleum which finally can deliver it to become the second richest regency in the province on the other hand the regency is currently boosting the tourism sector to attract more visitors as sayak was once the house of the sultanate of psyax reindrapura the regency contains remnants of the sultanate that is still well preserved such as the sayaks reindrapura palace the palace complex has an area of about 32 000 square meters consisting of four palaces namely istana sayak istana lima istana pajang and istanabaru each of the palace including sayak palace itself has an area of 1 000 square meters the palace contains royal ceremonial objects such as a gold-plated crown set with diamonds a golden throne and personal objects of sultan serif kasiem and his wife such as the comet a multi-centennial musical instrument which is said to have been made only two copies in the world presently the comet is still functioning and is used to play works by composers such as beethoven mozart and strauss sayak is also home to the tomb of sultan sarif qasim ii the last sultan of sayak dumai is a city located in raya whose location is very strategic especially for international trade because of its location in the strait of malacca in addition dumaii is the largest city in indonesia at this time dumaii is home to many beaches and mangrove forests the capital of rya bakanbaru contains several tourist attractions the idris tintin art building is named after an indonesian artist named idris tinton judging from the architecture of the idris tintin art building almost looks like a malay royal palace even though this building functioned as an art performance venue various works by indonesian artists are displayed in the building the anur great mosque is the pride of pekanbaru a newer great mosque is one of the grandest mosques in indonesia a newer great mosque was built in 1968 from the side of its architecture which is similar to the taj mahal in india therefore many people ryo called the mosque as the taj mahal of rya solomon h dot s library is named after soamen h dots a novelist from ryo and his name is immortalized as the name of the library in downtown pakanbaru what is very interesting is the architecture of the building which is similar to open books or like a re placemats for the quran this tourist spot in raya has quite a collection of books and has even been the largest library in asia now so many cultural tourism can you journey in ryo welcome to ryaw and have a nice journey thank you you

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