Rjukan class tour autumn 2017

Rjukan class tour autumn 2017

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Intro music music Fish balls live in the sea, the sea is the home of the fish ball. This is the first verse, now there are only 99 left. everyone join in, on the fishball song. How to sing it? Fish balls live in the sea ... 1, 2, 3 Fish balls live in the sea, the sea is the home of the fish ball.

This is the first verse, now there are only 99 left. Hannah`ne on the bus says hush. The whole town The farmers say bæ, bæ, bæ. all day long. The bus is going to Rjukan. throughout Rjukan.

Music I'm going up there on Friday. And today is Wednesday. There is kvitåvatn mountain lodge, where we will sleep. Shall we sleep up there? Shall we sleep so high ?! It is located at 950 m above sea level, the lodge. Oy, it's loud Look there now then. wooow! Damn, think how cool it is then, it's coming over you.

Now we take up the cable car. Music OMG! All the way down we were, now we are all the way up here. Now I'm in the climbing park as you might see. And yes, I'm trying to climb. It's not going so well, not so well. Or, really, pretty good.

Now I'm going to go here. Where Music Now the next step, that gadget. oh i'm shit nervous. Shit nervous. Let's go guys.

OMG! (scream) It, (Scream) Shit Scary Think about this crack now, yes think about this crack now. Ehhh, then you break your legs. Luckily I'm stuck so I can not fall. also, it's just getting out of here. Yes, the climbing wall tour. I look forward.

I'm just going to climb my way. Now it's coming. Or comes the cod.

Imagine if it does not appear then Yoshura No, you have it to use. Wow, is that how you do it? I did not understand that. (Laughter) I was so stupid, yeah.

Let's start this. How do I climb with one arm? Yes, I find out. I think you must, No I will.

OMG! It is difficult to climb and film. Music Well I managed to film while I did it, as far as it was. Then I have to bring the rope.

And this climbing wall is very scary. But, yes I did. Frida? yes? I'm coming soon or it's coming soon. Now I'm going to run the zip line. This will be fun.

(Screams) Oh no to no. You forgot, I know. Martin, help Can you come with the bag? Now I'm on a blue one. And I'm shit nervous, because I have height check. Look as high down as it is. I just took it, and it was the horror of death.

This is the fear of death. I'm shaking because I'm so scared. Also, there's an even worse zip line over there. I do not know if you see it. There We also end in 1 hour and 15 min. to my Lord I am life scared.

I just have to think fast. It's 105 minutes until we finish. So I have to, if I do not do something I can not do, so I have to. Music Now we eat food. Music It's almost like a road, can you see it? Music This is where we live, look there. Music Now I'm going to Gaustatoppen.

All the way up to your top. And it will be very tiring, no not very, it will be very fun. I look forward.

And I'll be filming, so then you can join in for a bit. and I'm really looking forward to it. Right up there, by the antenna there I go. and it's blowing a lot already. A little mountain and a little like that here. Now we've been a while. And I'm totally okay.

mmmm. We have walked about, maybe 10 min. and must walk 3 hours. and it is 4.5 km approx. up to Gaustatoppen. Down there where the cars are there we were, but now we are here. My loop is going to fall off. It's blowing something insane.

I'm blowing away. (Cheers scream) Music Yes yes, thank you thank you Wow! So seriously why is your camera like that when you take pictures? I do not know, it was just a white picture. Just look Look so beautiful. The pond that looks like Norway. And there's still a pond there.

We also have some cabins like approx. Music Well, mmmm We're walking a damn path, I can only say that right away. Sick digg (mumbling) It's almost insane almost. It's better than Sabotørstien that we walked yesterday. and that way to the museum.

Thought this is better really. It was even more insane. Now we go and we are almost up. Now we'll just go to the other mountain. Music Are you okay? Now we're going over to the other mountain. Now it's blowing damn well, so I do not know if you hear me well enough.

I almost have to shout (Laughter) I vlog a bit so it's hard. Yes, vlogger to Youtube Baldur. yes Do you want to say hey? Hey, Hey Had, folks So then we still go up over.

Soon on the other mountain, yes. This is what the landscape looks like. There's that mountain.

Was it nice or? Yes Music Well, we have come a long way on rock. Like that And now we're soon at the top. There are 2 km left.

And we have walked over 4 km up. And I think it has taken a little over 2 hours, 2 hours and 30 min maybe. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

and then I'll film, when I'm on top. oh god i will be so happy then. So yes, talk soon.

Well now I'm going to walk on rocks like that. such small stones. It reminds me of the stone museum I was with my father and my sister at. Then there were so many stones, all over. also I have seen such fine, people have built.

We'll just continue this path up over. With all the T`s And all these buildings people have made of stone. Music It is 1.5 km left. Until we're up there. Music Now there's a staircase again, and I'll show you how close it looks.

Music yyyy jada Jippi Yes, it's deadly. See I'm on top. (Cheers) Music It's a bit rocky here then. Oh, I did it.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. yea, I hear when the wind cometh. I'm fine, it's good. aaa, wow! Now I have to solve Rubik`s cube. On top of a mountain. On top of a mountain.

Okay, I think I'll have mixed it up soon. This I think not many have done. Okay, let's start.

Okay, then I'll show Okay, let's start. Music Shouting and singing I can feel I can fly. mmmm, now we go. I do not really know where. We go We are at least on the mountain somewhere. At a museum or something, I do not know.

I found out we were at the old military museum. Music J * very cold. Music We're in an old military base, I found out.

Oh, here you can make a cupboard, as he said. You can block the internet and many other things, for the whole of Norway. You can block the fire department and many other things, yes such important things. Creepy Ehhh, if anything like that happens, the fire department. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it could be anything else.

So it was really cool to go to a military base like that. Now I have done it and. It was actually on Gaustatoppen. And now we come out. Oh no, not again. Okay Norway So we are on Gaustatoppen and now we are going down.

Now we go down from the mountain. Yes, we are halfway there. So, yes it's a little windy. Music Now we have walked a short distance, or We are soon all the way down from Gaustatoppen. (Cheers) Now, let's run.

Even more mountains. Calculate gym class this. Well, it's still intense, because the wind is blowing.

This is insane. I, recommend everyone to take the trip, but not down. mo unless blown weather is reported. Music There by that house, we shall we. Now it is not far to go. Run through these mountains. yyyy yes, whoo! Yes, we are down, well Yes, think we managed and go all the way up and down.

Imagine we did it. Had good, had Good weekend Okay Beautiful Fantastic OMG! It's going to be so beautiful. Oh I like it. You can not see that at home. It is very nice over Gaustatoppen where I have been today.

ohhh, that's amazing. Magic Hello! Now is the day before we go home. And now I was thinking that we should really show you what the room looked like.

Since I did not do it before. Now we can just get started. And we stayed in room 34. This is what the door looks like and this is how it is.

Wardrobe, with shoes and cupboards also we have the bathroom. Looks like this. And it looks like that. And yes We also have this room then. It looks like that. And here I sleep.

Also yes We also have another floor. Yes, emmm There are three mattresses up there really. I can show you. It's like the 2nd floor with mattresses.

Like this We also have a porch. Like that, I can not bear to go out, but there you see the mountain I was up yesterday. Yes, and that's what the porch really looks like, that's it Yes, now I have shown you the whole room. Now I'm ready for, or I should Go and eat. Because breakfast lasts for approx. 30 more minutes, or something like that, I do not remember.

But you may want to eat. So, yes Going home soon Music Now we're on our way home and I'm very tired. I have a beep ringing in my ear that sounds like a bell. Oh, yes, we're home soon. And the first thing I have to do when I get home is sleep.

Or I can not sleep because I am going to birthday. So yes Talk to you soon. Music Thanks to: Sandbekken and 10 class for a nice trip in the autumn of 2017. Good luck, you were / are a fantastic step. A step I will never forget.

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