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And. Now on S&J, TV - road, trip extra. Road. Trip extra, is a longer, version of the video that can be found on our main, channel smj, TV, one it. Contains bits that weren't used in the video as, well as bloopers. Hello. And welcome, to route. Rhett a. Thread. Of programs. Where we. Well, my, name's back where, we just, visit, random. Places and. We. Happen to be in Spain, in. A little village called Nevada. And. Kyndra. I'm. Waited to do a link, the. Joins just in the pharmacy, behind me I, think. There. And. All he's doing is getting some rainy or. Other, equivalent, indigestion, tablets. And. He's been in there for like worth 10 minutes. You. Good. Morning. Hello. We. Are currently, in Nevada. Which. Is in Spain you never you never heard of it I'm sorry drying your face is now gonna be obscured. By a map but, you. Can see there's the UK and Spain and if, we go in a bit closer we, can see Barcelona. Where. We landed and then. We drove up from Barcelona, to, Nevada. Which. Is close to the. Guerra figure. Figure, if the. Query again. Anyway. But. We're over here saying your parents, for. Christmas so. We. Thought we'd just get. Out a little driver we have rented a car which. Is this little piece of metal. Metal. What. Is it Citroen. C1. Knocked. About is alright takes, us to where we want to go so it makes you drive like a learner driver. Lots. Of high. Revs anyway he's not a foster, let me tell you hey, what'd your dad recommended that we should go and see a little village yes call yeah door I may not say that this isn't a little village because this is just like a church a pharmacy. And a, high, street well. I main drove and a club. Hey. Whoa. Yes. Anyway. But. This is a little, village but. We're gonna see it's, a little village, do. You what the name of it is yeah. I. Knew. It was because I've been on I've been on Google Earth just now and I was looking around to see what videos you buy the. Blow to blow yeah. So.

We're Gonna go and see ya. Door oh. Yeah. Yeah, we can go. Sometimes. I'm doubting that I'm on the right side or not hit the road, yes. And we. Drive on the right teams. So, just entering the village over yellow. Yellow. Li, at all. Nice, views right here. Mountains. And others what makes the shop taking a bit rough but there's a few mountains over there. Just, see the very back room, anyway. OOP. Let's find somewhere to park, look. We're in a church church. Those, parties, like there. So. We parked and, we're walking, we. Certainly are apparently. It's a nice little village. We've. Seen the brown sign that tells us what to see. There's. A church there's. Always a church to see isn't there I, mean when isn't there a village with the church. Yeah. Walking down. Walking. Down a very quiet street. Um. It. Smells of wood fire a little bit yeah, it's. Very nice I can, see a church. Tower. Just. In. The. The. Foreground. Coming. To another Simon. Tells. Us what, we can see. Yes. The. Church of. St.. Philip's. And. Smells, of wood, fire in here. Yeah. It's. A church. We, were tacky with no waffle ask Tonto perhaps. And. The smashed. I smashed, windows. Looks, like as a home to the pigeons that's, for sure. What. Appears to be olive trees. In. The front. I. Think. The church was deserted. Didn't. Appear. To. Be any way of getting inside it. Still. Looks. Pretty enough from the outside isn't it. Onwards. To the next exciting, thing. So. As. Everywhere in Catalonia. The. Flags of Independence, around. When. France. Was still, Catalunya, as. France now. It's. Quite a nice month I think. Oh. What. A nice square. Nice. Lovely. What's. That Oh would, be a, damn. Then. Lovely. Beers. Lovely. Independence. Jesus. It's. All just now. So. This is the. Church, of, Sant'Andrea. Looking. Things. Nice big yellow ribbon there forgive, me independence. Everywhere. You'll, be heart, defibrillator, pattern, there. Through, here. Oh. Boy. Yard. So. This is nice and cool in the summer. It's. Nice and cool rail. Or. Olive, trees I believe. Does. That church again we sold p.m. with, his. A. Well. Don't. You we call that, because. It does. Take. Rainwater, away. This. Takes us as you can see trends adverse. To work walking with me. Hey. Wait, just. A. Little yours how adverse you are to walking with me. Always. Getting in my short life. Rounded. Back. To the, Estrella. Damn. Square. Yes. Hello. Hola. See, if - speaking Spanish - Spanish dogs. Oh. I think, we're done here I think we've had a little warm to around and, theme or. There is a seal of the old placer, wasn't, the summer. For. This week bustling with people cafes. And whatever but being the, 27th, of December it's a little bit deserted, that's right it has its charm. We're. Not gonna drive to. Query. The. Guara beginner. Seguirá. See, ya vigorous, and. I. Mean the main thing to see in for Gareth's is the, Dahle, museum, but we're not gonna see that because you have enough time. It's. A nice city to walk around the street ooh lots. Of cafes, and there's a Ramblers, as well okay, so, and. If by magic we should now appear in. Figueras. Oh. And. Here we are in figueres. Well. No we. Decided not to go to forest in the end I would you tided to go to a, lot. Where. I was gonna do my joke about I was up a lot to, see and then. We decide on together either, finally. We've. Decided to come to I, want. To say Bessel ooh yes. And there's the famous Bessel, new bridge behind us there's. Lots to see and do here. So. That's her little wand around you'll. See this lovely. Old town, village or, Bethel ooh, does. That he will say no. You've, said it all okay. Yep. Right, in the way. You. Nice. Big cash. Lovely. You. Various. I was trying to do a piece to camera. We. So, once you walk across or should have my glasses off the title microsoft classes. So. Once you've walked across the, bridge you enter, is, it medieval, it. Is medieval medieval, feels very narrow streets cobblestone. Is. Average, packed. In the summer one, would feel but. Being. Winter and is a nice time to commen oh yes it's gwyne to sunshine. And. I look around to try and find a place to have a cup of coffee. Just. A different side of the bridge from, another angle. It's. All very pretty. Hello. Hi. There, what, is this, this, is the monastry. Vessel. Ooh, No. Founded. In, 977. By. Calmy row. To. The left. We. Were going to go into the, into. The church, but. We had to pay no that's a big deal could. We would have done but we just haven't got any cash on us. Well. We do on a 15 a 50. Euro note and made. All go down well. So. We're just gonna have a little wander, around get. A Coke or something.

And, Then head back. Back. To navaja, for. Lunch which, i believe today is a, pioneer, or, paella. As. I. Think. The best place for filming of a with the Sun behind me. That's. Better. Yes. Back. For lunch that was a piece. Let's. Do that again. So. We were gonna go into the church but, we. Had to pay which wasn't a problem you. Would have done but. All we had was a 50, euro note, and. That wasn't gonna go down very well was there, so. We're, just having a wander, see. The pretty. Pretty. Buildings, and streets. We're, on a time constraint today, because we need to get back for lunch at. 1:30. So. We're just having a wander but there is a a. Good. Map. System. Around here with, numbers. And points. Of interest. Which. You could quite easily follow, and take. Nice pictures and. Read up about it on. Wikipedia I guess but. Each. Each. Area, is. In Spanish, and. English. Probably. Catalan is it. Kathlyn. First probably. Being. Totally, area. So. Yes. Time. Do you get a coke. Hello. We're. Just standing by the Church of the st. Vincent. Don't. You know, same. Thing so, we just have a quick look in there's. A church around every corner it seems to be. Right. It's. Time to go we. Have a lunch appointment to keep. So. We, can we, can we. So. Know we'll definitely be back here. When. We have more time and. Perhaps, we. Might have Wikipedia it's a little bit to. Give you some more information, anyway you hope you enjoyed that little video that, we've done today. Some. Can't do a piece to camera I don't. I get it chitchat you gonna. Say goodbye to our lovely. Viewers. Yes. So. We hope you've enjoyed our little video next. Time you come back we'll be doing a little bit more research perhaps it you. Know we're actually talking about and have longer. Anyway. We. Shall leave you from Desilu. Until. Next time you, can like in Swiss cracks or lower lair I didn't, work very well did it yeah. You. Can like and subscribe, if you like. To. Me likes anyone. You know if you don't like yeah. Who cares you didn't force you to watch it, toodles. You.

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