Road Trip Costa Rica! Driving from San Jose to La Fortuna

Road Trip Costa Rica! Driving from San Jose to La Fortuna

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If the, internet, was, a little. Better we, would probably be living here right now I would, still. Probably wouldn't, know that one of what two existed, it's. So weird how this has taken so many twists, and turns I just. Hope that there are Taco Bell. On. The Internet we're using Berkeley cards insurance so, knock. On wood we don't have to use it okay. We. Are packed. And. Fed. And, ready. To go. Today, we are driving to Gracia. First. Which. Is actually, the city that we intended. To move, to when we first started. Thinking about leaving the United States the, only, reason, that we. Did not move to Gracia. Was, that, we found out the internet may not quite, be, up. To where we need it to be for Jesse's work, so, so we, switched. The. Idea to Mexico, but, we are now here. In, Costa Rica and we are gonna go see the place we researched, like. A, year. And a half over a year and a half ago. After. That I think we'll drive through sarchie, on our way to La Fortuna which, is our next destination, let's. Go. Okay. We've stopped for coffee at. Starbucks. I know. But. It's also right. Across the street from our place. I'm. Talking, to the people on YouTube. Yeah. Them and other people to. Starbucks. A touch of home. Naomi. Oh. Well. That's where my coins went in there. I wanna. Know if you'll stay. Deep. In your eyes I see the truth. Just. Take my hand because, I, won't let go because. I, believe. In. You. Chantix, memories. Things. We did at 22. So. Jessie do you remember every time we would go south. To, go back to Florida to visit family, for like Christmas and Thanksgiving as, soon, as we got in range I, would make you turn the radio to. 100.3. To listen to the reggaeton. And. Turn. It up and. Turn the bass up the. Car, door panels, rattle. So. Jessie you're, saying goodbye to San Jose today I, just. Hope that they are Taco Bell the other. On. The Internet, do you want to say anything to the people online, I, don't know.

Okay. There's, a lot of fascinating differences. Between Mexicans. And Costa Ricans but one of the most interesting I have noticed is. The. Guys tend, to look friendlier, here and the, women tend to look a lot, less friendly, and. In Mexico it's the other way around where dudes tend to look less friendly and women tend to look more friendly I have no idea why this is the case but it's something either, I have. Generally, found the Mexican, to be very friendly, yeah. Okay. We have stopped in Gracia, at the, main, central. Square, which has this big beautiful, church. And a. Really. Nice, little playground, that. Harper is enjoying right now here. Let, me show you what it looks like. Today, we'll. Take this. Happy. Face because, it's time. Take this Harbor. Each, morning, Erica. So. Weird. For me to be here right now because I. Spent. So much time looking. At pictures, and watching, YouTube videos, every. Bit that, I could get my hands on about Gracia. Because this was the place that we had picked out the, climate, is good it's. Close. To San Jose but, it's a small town. And. The. Cost of living seems, to be pretty reasonable here. From what we gather online though, that kind of stuff as you know is so hard so. Hard to figure out online and. Yeah. It's just it's really pretty, what. We've seen of it it's. Nuts to be here. If. The. Internet, was. A little. Better we, would probably be living here right now I would still. Probably wouldn't, know the Guanajuato, existed. It's. So weird how this has taken so many twists, and turns I do, find myself missing, certain, aspects, of Guanajuato, I certainly. Missed the prices, in Mexico, y'all. Were not kidding when you were saying that Costa Rica's. If. We can extract Harper from the playground, that's, a big if then. We're gonna drive up to sarchie, which is another little town that's supposed to be real cute and, maybe, get something, to eat before, we, head on to, our next Airbnb. At La Fortuna. Okay. We're stopped, for, gas, Costa. Rica is a, like. New Jersey New. Jersey and, Maine you, don't pump your gas so. The guys are pumping, it. For us and we, just told them which kind of gas we needed and they asked if we wanted it so tankful. Yes. It. Just occurred to me that my driving here is as, bad as mine communicating. Oh. Yeah. That's the same thing I don't understand, what I'm doing that's. A one-way street I, just I never know what's going on it's. Just like me talking to people all right I think you're going where that truck is going okay. Should. I be worried about this yes. Should. I be driving. I'm. Not sure you do any better but. How. About driving it's about understanding of the sign. Yes. I, believe. Okay. So we, have rented, this car with. A vamos, rent-a-car, it is, a Costa, Rican car. Rental company. Everything. So far has been very easy and, great and people. Have been very friendly I also knew it didn't even have a license plate yet yeah, it, has that new car smell. Vamos. For. What we were looking for was, cheaper, than, the, major car, rental companies in inc alamo was another one we were looking at not. Only was this cheaper. But. They include a second driver for. Free and we got a. Bump, up in the car class it. Was cheaper, we. Got a better car, second. Driver was free which is, significant. Because our other rental, to add a second driver was almost going to double, the. Cost, of the rental in Costa Rica you can there. Are certain. Insurances. That are just mandatory, you cannot decline, them even if you have insurance. On your credit card so there's, like the first tier of insurance. You cannot decline it you, have to pay for that and then the second tier of insurance, and that's what you can use your credit card. Insurance, for so we. Are you we put this on the Berkeley card and we're, using Berkeley cards insurance, so, knock. On wood we don't have to use it. Seemed. Like that was intentional. I. Gotta. Say like I'm really, loving the car, I'm loving having the card this Drive is amazing. It is so beautiful. And. It's. Just so nice to have a little bit more freedom and flexibility, that comes with having a car, we. Stopped. For lunch in this soda. In, sarchie. Soda is like, the mom and pops Costa. Rican restaurant and, it was. I had. A, casado. Which. Is like a lunch plate, I had. Fried chicken. Beans. And, rice and. Plantains. And some. Kind of, green. Salad, and some kind of vegetable, Eve, Thanks a vegetable, medley.

I Was. Really good. This. Beautiful, green church, its arching. The. Giant. Box. Cartage. Ient, ox cart, of doom--. Yeah. In, a cloud we're. Driving through a cloud it's. A cloud. If. I simply, wanna trace. You. To. Feel your color on my hand. And. If. I simply, can't, erase, you from. All. My simple, future, plans. And. If I always, want to call you. To. Hear the softness, in your voice. Larger. Simply, want to love you. And. Simply feel a lack, Joyce. Suggests. You and I were just talking about how much. This. Reminds, us of West Virginia, it is like West. Virginia with, tropical. Foliage of, the kree's. OK. We've stopped, for snacks because, you just can't, you can't have a road trip without snacks. Also. Harper fell, asleep which means nobody. Is going to bed at a reasonable hour, tonight. Parents. Of little ones, solidarity. Okay, what's the situation, what. Is this I don't. Know I think it might be pig skin covered in caramel I. Don't. Think this is a chicharrón but, it looks similar. Mmm. You're. Just a sweet thing I. Know. That, you feel that. And. You. Simply are, to. Say. Does, it have, to, be. Complicated. It's as simple. Animals. Me, and you. Come. Back oh geez come. On where we can see you. Dance. So, another monkey, but it hurt of her foot. So, I got his toes one over by some car. Or something. Okay, we can see the volcano, it. It's. Covered, in clouds, which. We're, told to expect. But. It's really, big and really cool and this like little valley area, is so, pretty. We're, we're, down out of the clouds now, but you can still see the tops of the mountains are, all clouded, over, Jesse. You're. Kind of you're, bummed yeah. I can tell. All. Right so what, are you bummed about oh, you. Just, rushed through the description of the volcano, so fast that I couldn't, make well that's what she said joke. We. Can sing. When we say I do. All. Right we, made it to the apartment, and you can, say about Kano. It's. Really, cool there's a, mist, on the top of it it's. Super. Big, and majestic. Jesse, is laying. In bed, so can not make, a joke about it, I. Can. Never get him to wake up. We're gonna go to dinner. If. We simply, start a family. Scrape. The barrel, to get by. That, will simply, be enough. To. Find meaning, in this life. Okay. Look, who's awake and. Just. Jesse, woke up with some persuasion, and now we are going to dinner and that's, the volcano. We. Know that forever. Is. Just not long. It. Doesn't, have, to, be. Complicated. It's a simple. And, me. And. Love's a, symphony. Already. Orchestrated. We. Can say. When. We say I do. When we say. It. Doesn't, have to, be. Complicated. It's. As simple, as. Me. And you. Loves. A symphony. Okay. So this, is, I, can't. Remember the name of it but it's, a pasta with like. Tomato. Cream sauce and. Sausage. Stuff. It's. Really good. There's. No sourness, and creamy. Okay. I got a salmon pasta, with, capers. Parmesan. Pretty. Good salmon. We. Can say. When. We say. Okay. We are home, dinner. Was delicious. It, was also $60. Which. Yes. You, totally. Can do Costa. Rica on a budget. You. Can eat local. Food and pay a fraction, of the price. We're. Just we're, spoiled by Mexico. We're like. You can go to the touristy, restaurants, and order. Whatever and, you. Know splurge. And then it's like $30, and you're like oh my gosh $30, we spent so much. So. Yeah spoiled, by a Mexican prices, we're. Gonna get to bed because, tomorrow. We. Are going, to. The. Waterfall. Don't. Forget to subscribe and, I will see, you in the next video bye, guys Matt. It. Doesn't have. To, be. Complicated. It's. As simple, as. Me. And you. Love's, a symphony. Already. Orchestra.


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I remember taking my parents to La Fortunate and Arenal 30 years ago. We walked a little ways up the volcano, but our boot soles started to get hot before we went far. Thanks for waking up the memories....


A couple of things here. If you like Mexico, go back. I like Mexico, but I NEVER felt safe there. Second, why would you order Salmon in Costa Rica? Is an imported fish so that's why the price. Mahi Mahi or any of the local fish would have cost you a fraction. For the future go eat at a Soda.

Yes, you're totally right, and honestly I liked the food at sodas much better. But it had been months since I'd had salmon, and it's one of my faves, so I ordered it. :)

Costa Rica Spanish is different then Mexico Spanish have you notice the difference? Costa Rica looks beautiful but I am not to sure about that volcano

Yes that what I was trying to say

Yes! It felt a little softer, almost like it had flavors of French mixed in. Jesse was dismayed that “torta” means a bad situation in Costa Rica

Y'all are too awesome! I was at work when I got the notification and couldn't wait to go home and watch the whole video.

The price of food in Mexico is so cheap lol I love that

Costa rica looks beautiful!! No wonder they always say "pura vida". Wish I can go visit costa rica one day.

The countryside was beautiful! How do you find such wonderful music for your videos?

Artlist! I’ve been loving it!

You should try

For me, I was born in a jungle-like state like Costa Rica. I think I can give you some advice. it is not the same to visit a place of those in winter at 70 degrees without humidity and mosquitoes, or to live it in spring at more than 100 degrees and with a suffocating humidity night and day! Now. That I see you, with summer clothes, while I live in the USA, under freezing temperatures and snow to the waist. Yes. I would really envy living in a central state of Mexico. and more in Guanajuato. why I had to worry about paying more than 4 thousand dollars a month. only on receipts for household and car expenses?.... If I say to pay tuition for children or some vacations. the sum of money. It is very difficult to mention. Really Mexico. it is a wonder. From where you want to look!


Hi Erin, I Found costA Rica Expensive too when I Went

Greetings . I saw your video in Spanish , you really speak very well , better than I speak English . Congratulations Erin . Sigue practicando tu Español .

We used Vamos at least six times...and I was such a regular annual customer that I talked them into giving me one of their shirts. The car trip to Arenal brought back good memories. Thanks.

Yay! Our experience with them was so good. I’d definitely rent with them again!

I was gonna comment in ur recent videos that if only u could find a city in Mexico with taco bell (and fast internet)... Jesse seems more alive being tin CR (although supposedly place doesn't matter to him) Costa Rica looks beautiful, and I can see that u all enjoy the landscape and greenery... a lot more natural, and less "urban".. prices at restaurants r definitely higher.. Mexicans r very jeleaous and possessive (maybe territorial) so of course they (we) would want u to live in Mexico and some of their comments reflect that.. you seem happy in Costa Rica (obviously short time).. there r a few places in Mexico that came to mind, one in particular that have some of the elements that u seem to enjoy.. Veracruz and Chiapas both have mountainous green landscapes..some nice cities, like Cordoba (Veracruz), San crustobal De Las Casas (Chiapas).. Veracruz seems a bit "troubled".. San crustobal seems beautiful.. a bit isolated.. Oaxaca is another beautiful city, and state.. Morelia in Michoacan, with nearby Patzcuaro.. BUT the one city that i thought of is Merida... now, there r no mountains in Merida.. it's a larger city (not like CDMX or GDL).. it is green.. it is colonial.. it is Maya, it has a bit of the look of other Caribbean Spanish colonial cities, but it's inland a bit (in the Yucatan peninsula).. at a short drive/bus ride north u reach the gulf of Mexico at Progreso (also strangely nice and affordable).. From Merida u can visit island mujeres , plays Del careen, and other places on the Caribbean.. it's a short flight to the US.. they probably have good internet and not sure they have taco bell.. Campeche, a but west of Merida , on the water, is a colonial fortified city.. very pretty.. So, that is my suggestion.. look at Merida.. if u absolutely fall in love with Costa Rica and you guys decide to go there, you can't go wrong

Naci en Palenque Chis.. Pero vivi en san cristobal, Ocosingo, tabasco, campeche, xalapa, cordoba, Merida, Tuxtla Gtz, xalapa, oaxaca y por una decada en Veracruz puerto y otros lugares.. Lol. Muy Pata de perro. Por el trabajo de mi papa. Pero ahora. en USA. Comiendo taco Bell. white castle and chipolets"s Lol...... No saben mal. Mientras que sepamos separar un taco Mexicano de un Crossover. Saludos

dorianbelen I mention taco Bell because Jesse likes taco bell.. she doesn't as much.. which city we're u born in?

Enrique Marquez Interestingly I was born in one of the places you mentioned and I have lived in several cities as well. My father was an engineer and we lived for months in each place. That gave me a great perspective of the wonderful places that Mexico has. Many foreigners live too. Especially from Germany and Asia. So used are they in Mexico. They never returned to their country. The taco bell type food. you find it in any southern state. Beginning with Veracruz. But the only way to taste them. It's not going to restaurants a la carte. But visiting food places in any local market. there are empanadas, flute tacos (hard shell), tostadas,, Panuchos,picadas, gorditas Etc. the difference is that they put more salad than salsa. It's like Bell taco. but more varied and tasty

An IRIE day in Beautiful and Tropical Costa Rica, that theme music you played at the beginning and then again when you were explaining the car rental, I've come to associate the song with Li'l Harper, playing with Jesse bro, strolling the streets with you, playing in a pool, on a playground with other li'l kids, that city center ya guys drove through first looked similar to the downtown area of Aguascalientes, but the countryside is oh so BEAUTIFUL! Love the yummy eats, fried chicken, black beans and rice, black beans and rice and the way they finish off their churches look kinda similar to the churches in Veracruz or the Yucatan Peninsula, so could this be characteristic of what a REAL TROPICAL PARADISE is? Loved seeing the monkey but saddened quickly seeing it was hurt, hopefully it was something minor, but LOL, ROFLMAO at Jesse, I mean Harper singing sounds quaint and nice, but Jesse bro, STARTLED ME, what was that about, because of the proximity to the Arenal Volcanoe? Hehehehe...Harper and Jesse, the first sleeping well in the backseat of the Suzuki and Jesse bro sleeping so soundly and then you come along: "Hon, I'm hungry, get up, please, I'm hungry" but the yummy pasta made up for the lost snoozin'! ;)


Thank you for posting your music! ¡Felix año nuevo!

La Fortuna , a Good choice for family . you must check out the Aguas Termales , at Tabacon and Baldi , dream like experience . pricey but so worth it . free hot springs across the street . lots to do .

Costa Rica is beautiful, but a bit to behind its times. When you rent a house, it takes forever to get your services (phone, gas, etc.) connected; the 2-lines roads makes me crazy. Could not live there for more than 1 month. Good luck.

So nice to see our home away from home in this one! We've spent around 2.5 years out of the last six there (in Grecia and Atenas)--in separate stays. Wish that playground was there in Grecia when we were there with our little ones! I'm excited to hear your comparison of the dining out prices between Mexico and CR, though--we are going to San Miguel de Allende next month. And I didn't know Guanajuato existed before I found your vlog either lol.

+Erin's Travels that would be fun! How far is it from SMA?

Oh how wonderful! I would love to hear more of what you thought about both Grecia and Atenas. If you make it over to GTO during your stay in SMA, shoot me an email and maybe I can meet you for coffee and pick your brain!

Happy new year. I missed a couple of episodes. Gotta catch up. We didn’t see much of Costa Rica on this episode. I already miss Guanajuato. Costa Rica looks gloomy. I’ve heard people there are some of the happiest on earth. Then again I’ve heard Mexico is happier. Must be the tequila. Jesse looks like he’s in a good mood. Taco Bell? Dude....did you bring the green salsa too?

I miss GTO too! Can't wait to be back. I think once I get to the nature-heavy vlogs, you'll see a prettier side to CR (coming up this week). He did not have salsa verde in Costa Rica and was quite sad about it, LOL.

Way too much Blair witch project movement. Please put down the new toy.

Ohh Blair Witch Project, one of my all-time favorite movies! Haven’t seen it in years...

Oh my gosh Jessie!! I am in Paris and I looked to see id taco bell is here!!! Are you guys going to be in guanojuato soon???

PARIS?!?!? You guys are killing me! hahahah! Jesse is so proud. (And I'm just totally jealous that you're in Paris!) We're going to be in GTO very soon! Packing our bags (and repacking and shuffling and buying new suitcases and packing again) and getting our cats their papers now! Will have a few more weeks of CR vlogs before I finish that series, but I'll shoot a video when we're back in GTO!

Harper singing the skeleton song...maybe she misses “las momias”L0L.

hahaha I think so--this kid is perfect for Mexico. Halloween is her favorite, and she's happy anytime she sees a skeleton!

So here's the funny thing. I commented on your other video about how much we LOVE Costa Rica. When I started following you guys you had Costa Rica on your list and I was thinking..." I wonder where they will go?" because I was thinking it would be cool to catch up with you (I'm an expat vlogger). Then I think you loved Mexico so much I figured you wouldn't come - but you did and then i thought you were gonna be stuck in SJ but you weren't and then you came to Grecia - where we live and I missed you!!! Bummer! We love Grecia, great expat community and BTW our internet speeds are fine here. It's just some areas where it's a problem . You just have to verify. Anyway, happy you came. Happy travels!! Happy New Year!

+Erin's Travels Yes we are getting fiber optics! The whole country. Also since watching you we want to check out Guanajuato (just to visit - we think LOL), so maybe we will catch up with you there - if we make our visit before you return to CR. BTW- Your videos are very thoughtfully done. I really enjoy them. Good job! Keep up the good work!!

OMG!! Oh no we missed you! Well, we will just have to come back! Actually I've already told Jesse I'm going to need to go back to CR regularly, because I just loved it. The problem with Jesse's work is that he has to download and upload really huge files (like multiple GBs) so he needs faster-than-usual internet. I could get by with a regular, reliable connection, but for him to do his work, he has to have certain speeds. But I've heard that Grecia is going to get fiber internet soon? So who knows what the future holds! The expat community sounded wonderful from what I heard online, so I'm glad to know you're enjoying it there.

Loved the car banter haha. And that price difference is so crazy! We are definitely spoiled in Mexico, even in Cancun! Just as long as you avoided the touristy spots though lol

I have been in La Fortuna for a day and it was fun. I would like to go back. Pero, no quiero nunca Taco Bell. Okay maybe never is a little strong.

The bean and cheese burritos are my faves too. :)

Sometimes, Taco Bell hits the spot. I had two bean and cheese burritos and Doritos taco the other day. Dang it was so good.

Beautiful costa rica mexico.s little brother

Beautiful, beautiful countryside! Truly paradise! I’m sure they have all kinds of delicious fruits that I’ve never heard of but would be addicted to after one bite! It would ruin my day to see the injured monkey! I’m such an animal lover! Y’all are one up on me. I’ve been traveling internationally for many years but have never rented a car abroad.

It was so heartbreaking to see that little hurt monkey! This was our first time renting a car too. We almost didn't do it, but since we didn't have much time in CR, and the places we wanted to see were so spread out, we went for it.

Jesse’s deep thought on the Mexicans and the Ticos is dead on. Song playing “I believe in you “ while Jesse drives! Lol.

Happy new year,those sweet snacks are called prestiños (buñuelos in Mexico). Costa Rica is a beautiful country but I find it boring after a couple of months, Mexico has more to see and do,more culture to explore,AND A LOT CHEAPER.

+Michalina Mazurek Feliz año tambien

Feliz Año!!

So much cheaper! For sure!

Yes yes is wonderful...but did you get to see Dinosaurs!! Lol - you guys are like coffee, milk and sugar, different elements but together are delicious. Have a good time !

Great tour! Thank you.

Un saludo. Ojalá disfruten mucho de Costa Rica. Muchas gracias por venir a este lindo país.

I cant wait tell im in mexico! I didn't want to come back to WA when i was in mexico, but my daughter's we're still here in the USA with my husband it was just me and my sons in mexico. I told my mother in law if my daughter's we're with me i would have never went back to WA. My moms family is from Cuernavaca i hope to one day visit there!

Ohh yes! I know what you mean!

Happy new year!!!! I hope 2019 brings in lots of new adventures and happiness. I hope 2019 is an amazing and awesome year!!!

And for you as well! xo!

Did you say Grecia? That means Greece lol

Yes, it cracked me up because sometimes when I'd try to get directions to something on Google maps, it would try to give me directions to Greece... not helpful, Google!

A. Decasas there are several towns in that area with Hellenic names (Grecia,esparta, Athenas),I don't know why.

I'd be interested in seeing your complete list of places you researched in deciding where to live and the process that you went through as you made your decisions.

So true Romeo. I love the pargo fish

We say Pura vida to everything.

You are right about comparing Costa Rica to West Virginia, they have a couple of things in common, they are very similar in size (Costa Rica is like 19.500 square miles and West Virginia is about 22.000 square miles) and they have so many mountains.

The volcano has had some activity in the past couple of years, but just ashes and smoke come out of it's crater, it hasn't had a real eruption since the 60's.

+SigmaTV I'm not saying Costa Rica sucks,I'm just comparing both countries and I find Mexico a more interesting and diverse place.btw I've lived in both countries for extended periods of time.

I beg to differ, Costa Rica may be way smaller but there are way to many things to see. You can spend a couple of months or even a couple of years and I can assure you there will always be a new adventure.

You never felt safe there? What were you doing , selling drugs?

Harper is a soulful singer!

Guanacaste dumb shit!

You are just as dumb as you look.+juan vargas

Ahaha, yes, you got reality check from costa rica, 60$ for a dinner for 3 is still cheap, i was expecting more in the range of 120$, and for us costa ricans, that is ultra expensive, when we go to vacations, we bring our own food, specially when costa rican food is easy and fast to make.

Costa Rican food is so delicious!

I bumped into your videos accidentally. I love them. Im happy that you love my country. I was first attracted with so much advertising about Costa Rica and flew there. Costa Rica is ok but if you compare it to Mexico it is not even close. The hotels for instance, infrastruce in terms of tourism we are much advanced. Quality service in most touristy places is awesome, lots of colonial places first class resorts, museums, awesome big cities. I was really disappointmented with Costa Rica. It brags about being a wow destination when in fact it aint. I wanted to fly ahead of time but it was too expensive to make changes. I learnt my lesson Well. Mexico has it all, why going south the border. Live Mexico love Mexico and thanks a lot for sharing to the world how awesome Mexico is.

Yes erin somos más friendly

I been to both la fortuna and Santa Teresa, I think la fortuna is beautiful, I didnt like the beach in Santa Teresa, I prefer the clear blue water here in Miami Beach.

Ahh, say hi to Miami Beach for me!

Could you tell me what type of navigation system or app you used? We’re heading there in May and heading from the airport to La Fortuna!

We just used Google maps on our phones, which was fine until one of the last days when our phones decided to randomly stop connecting to the internet.

Another amazing video! Thanks for sharing!

+Erin's TravelsSo, percentage wise, how much more expensive is Costa Rica than Mexico?

You have to go to an AUTOMERCADO.

You are just as dumb as you look.@juan vargas

@Erin's Travels that would be fun! How far is it from SMA?

@Erin's Travels Yes we are getting fiber optics! The whole country. Also since watching you we want to check out Guanajuato (just to visit - we think LOL), so maybe we will catch up with you there - if we make our visit before you return to CR. BTW- Your videos are very thoughtfully done. I really enjoy them. Good job! Keep up the good work!!

@Erin's TravelsSo, percentage wise, how much more expensive is Costa Rica than Mexico?

@SigmaTV I'm not saying Costa Rica sucks,I'm just comparing both countries and I find Mexico a more interesting and diverse place.btw I've lived in both countries for extended periods of time.

@Michalina Mazurek Feliz año tambien

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