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We are overwhelmed by the love you gave to our first season of Heaven is Myth, Nepal is real. This year we are back with a brand new second season. Like the previous year this year too, we will be traveling to different parts of Nepal. For the first episode of this second season, we are traveling to Bardia to celebrate Holi After a few minutes of travel from Kathmandu, we stopped at Sikrekhola for our lunch. Whenever we travel this way, we always stop here to have a plate of noodles.

Hello! Everyone welcome to the second season of heaven is myth Nepal is Real. This time we have our new team with us to shoot this series of 12 episodes. I would like to thank our sponsors, Nepal Tourism Board, Honda Nepal, Toyota Nepal, and yarchagumba. This season we are going to travel to 12 different destinations with our new team. Right now, we are at Sikrekhola .

We had our lunch here and we are heading towards Bardia this time. The first episode for season one was also shot in Bardia and the first episode for this season is also being shot in Bardia but the major difference this time is, we are going to celebrate Holi at Bardia . With a new team and a desire to celebrate Holi, we were headed towards Bardiya We are finally here at Malekhu for a tea break. As you can see this place is famous for fish. So if ever happen to travel this way don't forget to taste it. After half an hour of drive from Malekhu, we stopped at Ramailo danda to have our lunch It is a little hot here, anyway, we are having fun traveling.

. Our team is traveling on the Toyota and I am traveling on my honda bike. Thanks to our sponsors Toyota and honda we are worried that we may get late to reach our destination. . As soon as we finish our cups of tea we will be heading to our destination for today, Tharu community lodge. After the Lunch at Ramailo Danda, we headed towards Tharu Community Lodge. We just reached Narayangadh, due to the setting sun the temperature seems to be a little cooler than before. It's about a two-hour drive to our destination from this place. The combination of the Plain lands of Terai and the setting sun was like an amazing landscape painting. It is about 7:00 pm and we just arrived at Tharu community lodge.

Our arrival delay made us cancel our camping plans so we will be staying in our rooms today. Tomorrow we will be heading towards Bardia and we will find a suitable place to stay on the way. Sonam what is that you are eating? This dish is called ghoongi and it is a special Tharu dish. It tastes amazing. I am confused about how should I eat this thing.

We gathered near a bonfire at Tharu community lodge and spent some quality time. The gathering made us forget our tiredness. Goodmorning from Tharu community homestay.

As you can see I just woke up. Our team already got up and went to the Narayani river to capture the sunrise. I slept late because I need to ride my bike for the whole day today. We are feeling unfortunate that we could not camp here because we were late yesterday. Today we will be heading towards Bardia after our breakfast.

We will find a good place to sleep somewhere on the way. We are planning to at least reach bhalubang but we are not sure how the road is so let's see what happens Traveling from Pokhara and Kathmandu we have two ways that lead to the Tharu community lodge. One is from the Thakali chowk located at kawasoti bazar. We have signboards to show you the way and the next way is from the danda Bazaar. When you cross the gate of danda Bazar you will start seeing signboards that will lead you here. Our friend Sonam, due to some problems needs to return to Kathmandu.

It is unfortunate that I need to return but I wish you a great journey ahead, we will travel again someday. After Lunch, we waved goodbye to our friend Sonam and traveled towards Bhalubang. Some drivers working in this route saw our new Toyota Hiace and are trying to get information about this new model. They are inquiring about the price and seat capacity. The one there is his old model Toyota. We are heading towards Dang , we still don't know where we are going to spend our night today.

As you can see, the road is full of dust, we have heard that there is still a few kilometers of dusty road. Look at my new T-shirt, it's all dirty. Despite traveling in this dusty road we all are having fun. We just reached Bardaghat, the road was full of traffic and dust. . It took us about one and a half hours to cross that road. We will probably reach Butwal after half an hour drive from here. After reaching Butwal we are planning to have a coffee and Fulki. Our friend Prem is from Butwal, so he will be guiding us there.

The condition of the road was so poor, look at my face it's all dirty. If you ever travel to Butwal don't forget to taste Fulki. It's something you must not miss On the way to Bhalubang, we passed a place called Buddhanagar In front of us, we could see a never-ending road of Terai.

We also stopped for few minutes to grab some tea on the way. Spending time with friends is always amazing. These things make life happening.

. After the short tea break, our journey continued. We just reached Bhalubang. we will be staying here at hotel Everland today. It was a long journey and we all are very much tired despite travelling on such comfortable vehicles. Good morning from Bhalubang. It is Day three and we will hopefully reach Bardiya today.

We are planning to move right away and grab some breakfast later on the way. This is a portable fan, you can even charge your mobile on this. How is the trip? It's hot You can see Binod working on the footage. Say something about the trip We have come to West Nepal.

It is really hot here and we are having fun We are enjoying ourselves a lot, we are planning to have breakfast here. by the way, where are we going today? Look at this guy he doesn't even know where we are headed to. [sarcastic claps] We are here at Banke national park, we just finished doing our entries. Two more hours to reach Bardia.

We will stop somewhere ahead and grab our lunch. After we reached Banke National Park, we took some photos and videos. Are you Ready? Ready - action At this time we are at a place called Dhakeri which lies in Banke District. . We started our journey at 10 in the morning but due to our video shoots, we arrived a bit late. We are about to have our lunch here. The long journey of Terai and the team of good friends, made us think that we are living a very beautiful moment which someday in the future will make us look back and smile at how we used to be. Everybody needs to go someday So this day is for celebration By living these moments I need to hide time from time itself This day shall pass, so does the year This youthfulness shall pass, so does life Only thing is to laugh and make laughter And one day lying on a soft pillow of memories Memories and I shall go on a deep sleep We are now at the Bardia Jungle area.

The speed limit here is 40 km/hr. I am happy you came to visit Bardia. You can find a video named Hamro Bardiya Ramro Bardiya on YouTube which will help you to know more about Bardiya. We just reached the Dalla community homestay at Bardia and as you can see they are waiting to welcome us. It's Day 4 and we are going on a jungle walk from Dalla.

Guys are you excited? We are going to capture a tiger today. I have never seen a tiger in my life before. what about you guys? Yes, I once saw it at the zoo This is the shiva community forest. We will be camping in this forest later in the evening. Your treehouse stay will be in the community forest too. We will be walking around three hours inside the jungle.

We just completed our jungle walk and after our lunch, we will be heading towards our camping site. We are packing our things for the camping . Everyone is excited. We will be carrying all the things required for camping in this vehicle and I will be riding on my bike. I was about to travel on my bike and look what they did to me. We saw a tiger it was there to dring water from the river. Was this your first time? ? No, this was my second time.

Due to the low ground clearance of the vehicle, the bushes need to be cut down. After arriving at the camping spot, we set up some tents, cut down some of the bushes, and made arrangements to spend the night. A huge roof of the sky, below the deadly silence of the jungle, and a few of us sleeping inside the tent. The feeling was something that cant be described in words.

We just finished setting up our tents. The necessary things for camping are being unloaded from the vehicle. The main reason to camp here is because it is said tigers move around this area in the morning to drink water. There are more chances of seeing a tiger in the morning. lets hope we will see it. We got a buffet system here in this forest We are very lucky to get such great food here. The food is too good Earlier I didn't get the spinach, but I got it finally I loved the pickle a lot.

This is the area from where the elephant walks, but at this time of the year, they are probably in India. We are going to sleep after having a cup of tea We are here especially to celebrate Holi. This was not a major part of our trip but this happened to us and we all are having a lot of fun. This is completely a new experience for me and I am loving every bit of it. This amazing experience has made me speechless. Goodnight

Good morning! the sleep in the tent was good but it was a little colder at night. we also heard a roar of a tiger in the forest nearby at night. Now we will have some tea and chapatis, after having chapatis we will go back to homestay, we will freshen ourselves and head towards Bardia National Park for Jeep Safari. Are You filming me? Hello Everyone I just woke up How was your sleep? It was good but some mosquitoes disturbed me. I can still see some of them. I used to see hammock only in the movies. This is like a dream come true for me. It is day 5, we just returned from our camping.

We are now going on a jeep safari. We hope to see many animals today, especially tigers. The jungle safari is expected to be 4 -5 hours long. In the evening we are planning to see burning Holika. In the Tharu culture only after the burning of Holika people are allowed to celebrate Holi. we are here at the gate of National Park.

We will be doing our entries here. We just heard that people traveling before us saw a tiger so we are hoping to see a tiger too. When the prince of Britain Prince Harry came here. He watched the footage of the tigers from the cameras set up at this location. So this place was named Harry chowk as a gesture of appreciation to the prince. We are in the spot and are keeping silent so that the tiger can be seen.

This is the place where a local woman was recently killed by a tiger. Our Jeep safari just ended, we waited for about 3-4 hours just to see the tiger but we weren't lucky enough to see one. We will be staying two more days at Bardiya We have ordered our lunch here. After we finish our lunch we will head to the homestay to see the burning Holika in the evening.

Tomorrow is the day for the celebration of Holi. Before a day of celebration of Holi, there is a tradition to burn Holika. Every people in the community gather to complete this tradition Before burning Holika, we dig a big hole where we place a mixture of rice, sweet, dubho, and turmeric powder. In the same hole, we place a plant called "rer" and we make it stable. After it is stable we bring some dry bushes and light a fire around the plant.

After firing, a young boy goes and catches the stem of the plant and he circles about 3 -4 four rounds around the fire. When the flame gets low we through the mud on the flame and try to extinguish it. Finally, when the fire is extinguished we dig the hole and take out the rice and distribute it among the people as offerings.

The mixture of rice is called Bheli. This is a completely new experience for me . I have never seen something so unique in my life. I am so happy to be here. We are going to celebrate a great Holi tomorrow. What the plan for today? first, we will have our breakfast and we will play Holi with the farmers of the village.

What are you planning to do? It's a different Holi. In Kathmandu, we used to celebrate Holi a day earlier than this. Is this your first time? Yes, this is the first time Iam traveling to terai. It is awesome. If there were no trees here, we could see a never-ending land. I live in Butwal so I have been celebrating Holi on this same day but it is my first time here in Bardia.

All the people of the village have gathered here. There is an idol called Maruwathan which all the villagers worship. We offer the color to the idol before we start playing Holi. How are you feeling? I was afraid I will ruin my dress. Is this alcohol? Sonam will taste it. Morning alcohol instead of tea It's different from what I am used to We just changed to play Holi.

We will follow the ritual again and start playing Holi. Let me color you ....... [giggles] How is the Experience? I couldn't play Holi because I was shooting. Now all the guys are ready looking good Now it's my time, Happy Holi !! You and I already played a while ago. I dont know why I feel like I look like Vasuli [from Golmaal] character.

Vasuli wears black ok then Nepali Vasuli But you look Korean What is that you are carrying? It is water, we use it to crack volco. we will add milk to the water later [crowd cheering] HAPPY HOLI!!! We are here at homestay no 14 at Dalla community homestay. They are Preparing for the cultural dance.

I have already experienced cultural dance before but let's see what's new this time. We are now heading toward the treehouse. This is the special chapati we eat on Holi. It is called ande ko bariya. We will go to the treehouse after having tea and we will see the wildlife around it.

Can we see the tiger today? I am not sure, we are already a bit late. We are preparing food and collecting essentials for the treehouse stay today. We are pre planning for our tree house stay by taking the blankets for it might be cold at night I'll be ahead Now we are heading to the treehouse.

There are branches of the tree all over the road so to prevent scratch on our Toyota we are breaking few of them. The thorns of the branches scratched my hand and legs. let me see Our vehicle is stuck near the treehouse.

How are we going to solve this? We need to clear the sand below the front tire first. Now I'm tensed the vehicle might not reach the tree house [intense] one two three.. GO !!! ohhh noo.,.. Prasanna fell on the dirt [laughter] My digging helped I was pushing with all might, the vehicle suddenly accelerated and I fell I've eaten alot of dirt It was around 200 meters to the treehouse and our vehicle was stuck. Our friends turned out to be very strong. We just reached the treehouse. we had our essentials in the Toyota so I was worried when the vehicle was stuck.

We will be staying at this treehouse today. We are hoping to see few animals You can see here is an attached toilet on this treehouse It's been five years since the first treehouse was built. The idea was brought here by a french citizen named Richard. Our community accepted this idea and that is why this treehouse is here today. Now we are having our dinner. Here are samosa, potato dishes, chicken and lettuce. The Y here is yarshagumba and it is also trying to represent the human body The yarshagumba around the Y denotes that it is providing the nutrients of the herbs to the human body and the circle defines the infinite power of yarshagumba.

This is the first time we are staying at a treehouse and we are having an amazing time. The experience is totally different . Now we're having our dinner Everything is too good today, the food , the alcohol , the vibes I wish this place could be known to a lot of people. When you are in Bardia you must once stay in a treehouse. We will now go back to the homestay, have our lunch and we will go to see the Karnali bridge. Today is our last day at Dalla community Homestay and we are going to Karnali bridge. I was taking a GoPro shot and my cap flew away so I am running to get my cap.

We are finally here at Karnali Bridge. It took around 45 minutes for us to reach here from the homestay. The area on that side of the bridge is Kailali district and on the other side is Bardiya District. as you can see we all are having fun, we are clicking photos and making memories.

This is the first time I am trying a fish from the Karnali river. We were headed to Bardia just to see tigers and to play Holi, but these few day's journey made us realize that Bardia is not just about the tigers and Holi. Bardiya is a Dense forest of Terai, Bardiya is home to ever smiling People, Bardia in itself is a new culture. To the seekers Bardiya is not just Bardia, Bardia is Everything. These guys treated me as a friend despite being their driver. I felt a lot of happiness I am a driver by profession, it is my job to ride a vehicle I did what they told me to do Since they made me happy I wanted to do my job more sincerely to make them happier I came to Bardiya but I didn't expect things would turn out this way I've travelled a lot but never experienced this sort of road trip.

If you're planning to visit the West Nepal The Dalla Homestay can be one of your options There are alot of things you can do such as tree house experience, jungle safari and jeep safari as well During monsoon, canoeing is also available I want to thank our sponsers, Nepal Tourism Board, Honda Nepal, Toyota Nepal and Yarchagumba Without you guys this travel episode would'nt have be possible I also want to thank everyone of the viewers Keep Supporting So this time we're ending our video here. More episodes are waiting So do subscribe for more content. Thank you

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