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The cool thing is, we are facing towards the west. But now we are starting the hike in the Store Mosse National Park. That is going to be expensive. Oh Sweden. I think we'll stay here for one or two nights.

We finished our last video at this incredibly great campspot on the island of Sturkö. We start from here and take you to the island of Öland, Sweden's second largest island, and then back to the mainland, where we explore the Store Mosse National Park and then find a wonderful campspot at one of Sweden's many lakes. Have fun! Look at our new coffee mugs! Many, many thanks to our friends in Hamburg, who sent them to us. The coffee tastes twice as good in the morning now. So we just drove over to Öland to what is, I believe, the largest island in Sweden in the very south-east of the country. Found this campspot right by the sea. Very very cool. There is no kilometer-long sandy beach, everything is

stony, but still very, very beautiful and right on the waterfront. The cool thing is we are facing towards the west, that means we can finally after a long time see a sunset over the sea again. So hopefully at least. Let's see how the clouds develop. Yes, everything looks overexposed for you now, but there is a bit of blue sky. and yes the sunset, well it will be very, very late, probably around 11pm, because it's summer and it's Sweden, but we're excited. Today is a very stormy day and bad weather and that's why we actually only spent the day in here. Which

has become even cooler because we have now bought a TV. Tina is watching some nonsense on Netflix again. We have upgraded our home cinema system from an iPad to a TV and since we now have unlimited data and fast WiFi, it works really well. There are nine historic houses right next to our campspot. They form the fishing village of

Bruddesta, which has been abandoned for decades and has been a listed building since 1985. Today it can be visited as a kind of open air museum. There is only one information board and unfortunately it is only in Swedish, but Wikipedia has told us that there is a historic boat, jetty and a lime kiln in addition to the thatched houses. Oh wonderful! That was a really really cool campspot. We

stayed longer than planned, but now we're moving on. First we want to drive a little bit around the island Öland and have a look around and then we go back to the mainland, because we have entered the first national park into our navigation system. We will explore the Store Mosse Nationalpark, I think it's called. Be curious. For all of you who were wondering: yes, Tina can drive this car. And that is worth mentioning, because even if Tina has a driver's license, she didn't dare to drive the big car. The small coastal road, without a lot of traffic, was a perfect test track and I think she did very well. I can finally work while driving.

In addition to its endless coastline, agricultural use, nature reserves and bird sanctuaries, Öland is primarily known for its windmills. Around 400 of what were once over 2,000 are still here today. In the 19th century, owning a mill had developed into a rural status symbol and almost every farm built one that was then only intended for their own use. The 400 remaining mills are protected today and noticeably shape the landscape of Öland. In the Ottenby nature reserve, at the southern tip of Öland, there is not only a large lighthouse, but above all countless species of birds. You should also be able to see seals here.

Unfortunately we weren't lucky and since the wind whistled around our ears and we didn't have good binoculars either, we moved on again after a short walk around. After we have just been to the supermarket in Sweden for the first time and drove to a Lidl so that it is not so expensive and the prices, I thought, were not as bad as expected, now it is the first time to refuel in Sweden and we already know how expensive it will be, because prices are clearly visible. Diesel per liter costs 16.22 kroner so 1.62 € for a liter of diesel. That will be expensive. Just under 130 euros or 125 euros, we have to see. Saving fuel is the order of the day.

Yes € 125.90 for a range of 970 kilometers. It is an expensive pleasure driving this car in Sweden. But it's also nice. After a very relaxed night here in the parking lot of the national park, no two relaxed nights, because we stayed here all day yesterday because it was raining and the weather was not that good. We then used the time to work on the next video, but now we're starting the hike in the Store Mosse National Park. We take the 12 km route around the lake. Every national park in Sweden, 30 of them spread across the country, has a so-called naturum, if I understood that correctly. This is

basically a national park center. This is it here. Unfortunately there are signs everywhere that it is currently closed due to Corona. That's a shame, but then the actual park has to speak. I already like it here because of the walkways. How cool is that? Yes, very practical. Well, maybe it could have been done as an app , I don't know, maybe there is also an app, but that's super practical. Damn it, I was just so happy, but I had taken the wrong pamphlet

for a one-kilometer hiking trail. The whole thing is also available for the big one, but thats only available in swedish. I think we slept in for too long. We are almost at the end of our hike. It was really really cool. Well, there weren't any totally spectacular views or anything like it, but it was just beautiful. A nice walk here in nature. We can recommend it. Oh Sweden, I think we'll stay here for one or two nights. In the meantime we have left the wonderful campspot by the lake and moved on. You could also say we had to leave it. But we'll tell you all about it in the next

video.We will also take you with us to the great Tivedens National Park, drive back to the east coast and from there further and further north. At this point, a huge thank you to all of you who gave ous tips and recommended excursion destinations. There were definitely some really cool Ones that we didn't know about yet, and our Google map, on which we always mark the destinations that we might still want to go to, is getting fuller and fuller with marked spots. So thank you very much for that. I'm just afraid there won't be enough time visit all the great things Sweden has to offer, but that's okay too. We try to pick our highlights and enjoy Sweden to the fullest. If you would like to follow us further, please click

on the subscription button below in order not to miss a new video from us and if you liked this video, please give us a thumbs up, that would make us very happy as always. Now let's end the video. Thank you for watching, greetings from Sweden and see you next time!

2021-07-01 17:41

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