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Hi, we are Tina and Dirk from "let's get otter here". Welcome to a new video from us. In today's episode we will take you to the city of Uppsala, then here to this fantastic campspot at this small lake and then on a hike in the Skuleskogen National Park. Have fun! There is no image editing involved here. It really looks like this.

And now let's explore the city. Did we already mention that we think Sweden is really, really beautiful. Now we are parked with our very dirty car on a car park of the university in uppsala and are going to explore the city. Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden, but with around 150,000 inhabitants it is still relatively manageable. The cityscape is shaped both structurally and culturally, by the university and its 40,000 students. The castle towers over the city ​​as the former seat of archbishops and the royal family - today, among other things, part of the university and seat of the provincial government president - as well as Uppsala Cathedral, the tallest church building in Scandinavia and the burial place of many Swedish kings.

Wow, it's really, really hot, but Uppsala was really cool. Has such a vibe from Münster. Bicycle city, university city, not that big, a lot of green. Really cool. We only did a little lap, but that was really nice and now something like a summer thunderstorm seems to be coming. It looks like it's going to start raining any moment. We will see. We actually want to see old Uppsala with a few Viking graves, which is a few kilometers outside of the city. Let's see if we're still lucky and it works out. What happened there? - I do not know! And I had already walked 100 meters here before Tina saw it. What? In Gamla Uppsala or Alt Uppsala, three old Swedish kings are said to be buried under these barrows. Others

believe that this is the final resting place of the three Norse gods Thor, Odin and Frey. We cannot say what is true of it. All we see are some grassy hills made of sand and a few information boards , which also paint a rather vague picture and since the small adjacent museum is already closed, we cannot get to the bottom of the matter. But it was a nice walk. There is no image editing involved here. It really looks like this. What an insane sunset and we have I think 10 p.m., 10:30 p.m. maybe. Madness.

Unfortunately, the weather right now is anything but good. It's cold, it rains every now and then, sometimes even really hard. And that's been going on all day and that's why we retired to our van today. Made it comfortable here, which is really nice.

Tina has the opportunity to work on the new video and I have the chance to introduce you to a service that we have been using for a few weeks and that we really like: Readly. Readly is an app for digital journals and magazines that gives you access to over 5,000 publications. Basically like Spotify, only for magazines and newspapers. The variety is huge. There are camping classics like Promobil, Campervans, Reisemobil International and the Autobild, as well as magazines like Times Magazine, Rolling Stone or National Geographic and even newspapers like Die Welt or Die Bild. So there really is something for everyone. And the cool thing is, or one of the cool features is that there is not only the current issue, but also a great many from the past. At Promobil, for example, there are easily 50 issues. It goes back to 2015, which is of course super cool if you

want to read through old test reports or travel reports again. And all of this digitally in the app for the mobile phone or tablet. So perfect if you are traveling with a camper. No paper, no weight. you can read the new issues as soon as they come out, without having to wait the three weeks to get back from vacation and if you don't have internet that's no problem either. You can easily download your favorite magazines and then read them offline later. The app is super easy to use. You can leaf through wonderfully here, search for new magazines,

set favorites and also set bookmarks if you want to continue reading an article that you have started at the same point later. We think Readly is really cool and have already used the app for our trip to Sweden in a very practical way. In the search field you can search for different terms and topics and then you will be shown articles from different magazines. So we just looked for Sweden

and set the travel filter and then we saw a lot of articles with excursion tips from very different travel and car magazines. Mega cool, mega practical. If you want to try Readly, too, there is now a great promotion. You can test the app for 2 months for € 1.99, after which Readly costs € 9.99 per month and can easily be canceled at any time. For the offer just click on the link in the video description below. And the cool thing is, you can share your Readly access with up to five people. I took in my parents right away and they are just as enthusiastic. My dad can find all his gardening magazines

there, for example, and the two of them are now always sending each other test reports for e-bikes back and forth. You can do that too, you can share articles with each other and recommend each other. And yes, speaking of recommend: We can absolutely recommend Readly. Have a look at that. You can find the link and all information, as I said, in the video description below.

It is noticeably difficult for us to say goodbye to this beautiful place. We have now repeatedly extended for a day and stayed longer, simply because we think it's so beautiful here, but today the day has come. We move on. There is so much more to explore in Sweden. Today we want to do a bit of a stretch and drive about three hours to get to the Skuleskogen National Park and take advantage of the good weather to go hiking right away. Here we go! Yes, we have arrived at the Skuleskogen National Park parking lot. It is super crowded, almost

all parking spaces are occupied, both below by the campers and here by the cars. We had to park by the cars. We wouldn't have expected that on a Monday, on a working day, but well, high season. Let's see how crowded it gets in the park . There are many, many kilometers of hiking here. We're going to combine

a couple of tracks . We are sure to show a map of it now. The hike that we want to do, or rather we will show you the one that we did at the end, because let's see how far, how fast we are and we are very excited. The weather is excellent. Re you ready? Here we go! We have reached the summit. It's ultra beautiful. A bit windy up here,

I hope you can hear us, but both the ascent and the view from up here are really really nice. I hope we can capture this. Really a dream. So, if you're ever in the area, definitely come to the Skuleskogen National Park and definitely walk up to the summit here. The other highlight, the supposed highlight of the national park, is about to come. That's a little further down. We'll show you that in a moment, but we think walking up to the summit is definitely a really, really cool thing. The gorge, which is around 200 meters long and on the sides of which around 30 to 40 meters high vertical walls tower up, was created in a completely natural way. Millions

of years ago, liquid lava enclosed soft rock that was then eroded away over time. What remained was the deep, long gorge, which is now a popular destination. Did we already mention that we think Sweden is really, really beautiful. Nice private beach. But unfortunately not in the sun anymore.

So, we're back again. The last two kilometers were again really exhausting, but - as always. - yes, but it was super nice. Especially at the top of the mountain. That was really really great. I thought so too. And it took us almost four and a half hours for the ten kilometers,

but including at least half an hour break and photo breaks and so on. So a cool thing. We can recommend. We then drove a little further north to get closer to our next destination: Swedish Lapland. Because next we want to take a look at the vast landscapes and the fascinating nature in the far north of Sweden. We are already very excited and hope that we will finally see reindeer and maybe even moose. Keep your fingers crossed for us! But before the long journey starts,

we first picked out a campspot here on the coast. As so often in Sweden, that went really well again. We look forward to seeing you again next time. If you liked this video, feel free to hit the thumbs up button

below. The algorithm likes that and, as always, we are very happy. And if you haven't subscribed to our channel yet , please do so too, so that you don't miss the latest videos from us. Thank you for watching, best regards from Sweden and see you next time!

2021-07-16 03:56

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