Rocks to Reefs Ep 3 - Offroading, Hiking, Camping, Karijini, Circular Pool, Weano & Hancock Gorge

Rocks to Reefs Ep 3 - Offroading, Hiking, Camping, Karijini, Circular Pool, Weano & Hancock Gorge

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Good. Morning everyone welcome. To day, 4 of the trip just. Watched. A gorgeous, sunrise behind you. We've. Just had a quick bit of break here we got up early today because we want to go and and make a start before it gets too busy over at. We. Own a gorge side, go. And do the spider walk and those sort of things so. Yeah. We're just about ready to pack up the awning and hop into cars and hit the road so. It should be another, action-packed. Flodden. Long, day today. Having. Fun thank everybody also they're having fun nice that's the bit that matters we're. Having fun and we're on holiday so anyway. Start. Packing up you, noticed a lot of people packing, up and leaving this morning which, is Eastern Monday and. Shows the importance of planning researching. And timing your trip my. Suggestion, if possible, is to avoid school holidays on Easter that, will give you that nice remote feeling, and will give you the best chance of having the place to yourselves it's. A lot of the major sort. Of arterial, roads and routes through, karijini. They're. All being pitching-wise because. The place is popular, you know it's it's hard work to maintain gravel, roads and. People. Want to come and explore these places you can't always just, have full drive tractors to get to them so no cars there making roads good, on them, you. Know it's, an absolute, magic places to explore but we. Obviously like you to forward driving, and so, just to give you guys a heads up we, do have some more coming up we are tomorrow, afternoon, heading. Out to place, called magic pool my, mechanic, in Perth put me on - so thanks, Mike. I've, been told there's a few little gnarly sections, and creek crossings. So. We'll see how we go should be should, be good fun that, bit and he said that's, his favourite place in a lot of Pilbara so, see. What it looks like when we get there looking, forward to everybody actually, even in a campaign is that's. Where we're up to you, mate, we're about to depart, camp. Hit off the smoke exploring. Right. The we, know Gorge day. Area, now and, we're. Gonna go and take on I think it's. Called the spider walk it's, in hancock, gorge and it's, it's, that karijini. Shot where you've got your hands on each side of the wall having. To climb down so I'm, leaving all the camera gear.

Here. In the car and. I'm. Just taking the GoPro so hopefully, it looks good, anyway. We're, just finishing getting ready and we set off on the walk. Its. Inception. It's, easier to come down now. We're. About halfway down hancock. Gorge we. Just hit. Amphitheater. Have, a look. Pretty, cool even with the, steps and the rocker like chairs, it's. Pretty cool, anyway. Makes bit spider walk a bit, more action. How, are you fun. This, is Karen's Paul it's. Just, stunning. The gorges are so, steep, and tall cotton. Can't even show you and. I'll. Do my best, just. Enjoy the view. You. The. All-night state. You. Well. We got to the end of we're know gorgeous two cameras pull now. We're just making our way back up to the cars. Yeah. Good, just can't. Get over how beautiful it is it's, good fun. To. Climb in and out of hancock gorge to, Kermit's pool is not for the faint-hearted, it's, steep, loose and unformed in a lot of places but. It was totally worth it the, key is to remember here, that slow and steady still, wins the race. Well. We, are making it the. Next. Steep descent. Into. We. Anno gorge. And. We're heading for handrail, pool and. The. View on the way down is. Pretty. Good they. Keep saying good, views good views, so. Anyway. I'll. Show you some of it from here. Is. It swimming to get there. There's not a nice all the network. Yeah. It is wighting. Do, you want me to come and get something. Well. Right now I am. In. Green. Ring racers. Tagging. And thinking about it off. Here. We are, handrail. Pool. Worth. To climb, but. If you do come in here. Make. Sure you use the handrail because, I nearly. Lost my footing once. Or twice and, as. You, can see. You'll. Just go straight down on the rock and into the water so. Probably. Worthwhile. Using. A bit of caution when you come in here. Well. We've thoroughly enjoyed, our relax here at handrail pool, we're. Just going to make our way back to the car now so it'll be about a half-hour walk or so back up the gorge should. Get up there in time for lunch. And. Then this. Afternoon we'll go and check out some, of the lookouts I, think we want to check out officer lookout and Joffrey, Falls and. On. The way back to camp even check out talimena Gorge. Anyway. We've. Got the. Exciting. Walk back to camp first, of all we got to get up a handrail. If. We made up the handrail. Comes. Boy. Back. In the car back in the aircon finished, our lunch, we're. Just gonna go and have. A quick look at ox, are looking at which. Is where. The, Three Gorges come, together so. You've got Knox Gorge, hancock. Gorge and, we. A no gorge they all form together into one one. Gorge and, you. Can look out the junction, from the top so. We're just gonna go ahead there now. Well. We're just going in to check out. It's. Not going in anywhere would, walking. Across the top we're going to go and look at the. Ox. Ox, a lookout the. Connection, of the three gorges. It. Was pretty hot up here it's, high. 30s, probably close, to 40 degrees, standing. On a on. A piece of metal at this lookout, with. No shade I'm, not going to hang around too long but. Definitely. Taking in the view it's, stunning, hopefully. Captures enough video to show, you how good it is but. Yeah. It's awesome I mean. You. Don't you, can't, really. See. How big it is on camera, but it's huge. Oh. Get. That air come on it's. Hot. You. Just. Doing once over the car today. Because you've gotten back to camp a little bit earlier. So. I pulled, the intercooler cover off as you can see started. Removing this RW, screen. For. Some velcro's or in this case because they the, glues come loose. You. Can see. Just. Always spinifex. Flowers. I guess seeds. Seeds. In here so I'm just gonna clean them all up you can. See them all over my plastic box where I started, when I laid the cover I'll put the cover first so. You. Can see why they're so bad because. They. Literally fly in like a little dot. Straight. In and then they sit there you. Get enough of them in and just blocks up so, I'm. Pretty glad I've got this s RW screen, on the intercooler as.

You Can see there's. Bugger, all. Actually. Snuck in the intercooler there's nothing there so no. Bugs no muck, well, protected so, pretty. Happy happy, days. Anyway. Finish. Cleaning this check, the air filter. Go. Over the fluids, and we'll, be good to go for the next few days and then drive out to Exmouth so just, wanted to do it now because you got a few hundred kilometres coming up a few. Big days of driving. Well. How, gremlins, continue. One. Gremlin I've, got a boost leak I'm just trying to fix and, Kieran. Has. He. Showed me earlier on he ran over screw, so. We're. Just going to plug it quick, we, pulled the screw out and it's got the my new two slowest, little league in the world but. Given we've got some kilometers coming up figure. We just plug it straight up. Anyway. Come over looking tire oh. It's. This is. The smallest little hole so I mean. That's. All. Oh. Nina. Struggle to get a plug in there. Donsky. You. Wouldn't even know it. Was. Pretty easy to plug that tie it was just a case of we put, some spray and wife we could see was leaking just, had to enlarge that hole a little bit with the I, guess they called the cleaning piece. Yep. The wrost as, Kira, knows all the technical, terms I'm. The muscle, he's the technician. Anyway. Look. Nice and easy cleaned, it up gonna rubber glue plug. Straight, in done. We'll check the pressures in, in. About a half hour see if it's go down or not and then if. It has we'll spray some more spray, and wipe and see that it's sealed but I'm pretty sure that's good to go. I'm. Still liking that point I'll just change the wheel. After. Finishing our checks and repairs we settled in for a lazy night it, was, so peaceful and quiet now that most the other campers had cleared off we. Had definitely gotten that remote feeling back especially. When we could hear the dingoes howling, throughout the night. Morning. Everyone so. We, got a bit carried away last night we had a couple fellow campers, come over, they, subscribe, to the channel and. We. Send up chatting away, a, good, few hours lost track of time lost, track of the, video camera, so look. Who is really nice to see you guys I don't wanna throw your names in cuz it a nice yesterday, but look anyway. Thanks for coming over a good chat and look at any of my other subscribers, if you see me getting around come over say hello always, happy to have a chat and tell you about what trips are on and where we're going and what's. Coming up also to hear about your trip so what you guys are planning yeah absolutely so.

Yeah. We're. On to day, 5, now, which, is our last bit of time at karijini, we've sort of got half a day we got the morning here at karijini. To. Go and look over circular. Pool because that was about the one that, we've one thing that we've missed. Yeah. And um, and then after that we got to get into Tom Price I, got, to buy a new 10 mil socket because, I lost it and. Refill. The water tanks. Yeah. Visit a toilet, grab, some fresh food comb, it yeah climb out nameless. Get, some fuel and then we, are on the road to. Magic. Pool and, then. From there across, 2x now tomorrow, so it's coming up for us but. We've. Through a half a campsite to pack, up so I better get into doing that and then we. Can go, outside see. Well. We're just leaving. Our, campground. Now in bong era Luke karijini. So that was our last night last night, we're, gonna check out circular, pool this morning on our way out the National Park and then, head for Tom Price so. Circular. Pool is quite close their campground, it's very, easy to get to. Where. Are we guys. Circular. Pool awesome. It's gonna check it out. The, view from above circular, pool is nothing short of breathtaking. After. Taking it all in we made the short but somewhat tricky walk into the gorge. I've. Got a concentrate, where I walk here because the steps are pretty uneven, but. We're making our way down into dales, gorge again. This. Time we're heading to the other side and we're going to circular. Pool, so. Hopefully. It's as good as fern pool I've mean mum you. Go this way I've, been told it is and, we'll just wait and see what it looks like, but. It's. Good fun and now. That's after Easter, we noticed that yesterday yesterday was Easter, Monday, now it's Tuesday, it's, a lot quieter is um there was two other cars in the car park when, we pulled up here, the, place is so so, much more peaceful there's. Only about five other people camping, at five, other groups camping, it at, Dale's campground. So. Yeah. That's awesome, so. Much more peaceful and enjoyable now. Shane. We're not staying on a bit longer. The. Walkin of the gorge is not as tricky or as rugged as Hancock, or we are no but, it hasn't been made into a highway either I did, find the workin of the gorge probably, the most enjoyable because. You follow the gorge upstream, along the creek passing, a little waterfalls on the way. We. Have made it to. Circular. Pool. Looks. Pretty cool this place that's, for sure. Would. Make an awesome waterfall, in winter. Anyway. I think we're gonna get. Get. Ready for a bit of a swim, with. Hot walk walking in. Everyone. Say. Again. Right. Yeah. That has no credibility. After. A little bit of relaxing, and swimming around we. Sadly had to fare well karijini, and make our way across the top price. We've. Made it to Tom priors and no issues we're. Down the bottom of about, nameless, with that big burger in the background. Just. Done some offloading, in memory cards and stuff on the drive, now. Humans. Been up before so. He's. Gonna take us up we'll follow him up and we'll. Check out what Mount nameless has in store for us and I. Imagine. A pretty, good view from the top get. Stuck straight into it. So. Now nameless, is right on the edge of Tom Price. Sort. Of overlooks, the town, so. Two. To. The east and to the South sorry. To the west and to the south of Mount nameless, not, mounts. On parts of mine, they're. Still mine, off today, and then. To. The north of mouths nameless, and a little bit to the east. You've. Got the absolute Tom. Price count side so. That. Gives you some. Idea of what we're gonna be looking at and get the top to do the view from. The photos I've seen this, is, awesome, I've never been here before so this is new one for me karen, says he's been up and he says it's worth it, so. See. What it looks like when we get up. Karen, reckons our coming up on the base of the climb now. He. Reckons probably, best just to start with low range from the bottom so that's.

What I'll be doing, I. Think. We're here now. The. Drive up Mount nameless, is not overly, challenging but. It is steep so I would recommend having a vehicle with low range and the, reward from the top is absolutely. Worth it I reckon. The view were challenged, out of mount Maharis, or even bluff Knowles. Well. We made it to top of Mount nameless no, issues flick, the awning out and just. Having a bite eat for lunch so. Let's. Take a look at the view well just, gets the lunch ready for us a liar, thing I've got to go back and make my own two-minute noodles. That's. Tom price down. There you. Can see the, access. Road for my insight we. Just watched this massive, train go through sadly. I'll miss that on the video but oh well. I'm sure we will hopefully it see another one but. The, view from up here is just simply. Stunning. Anyway. We're. Ducked back over, the far side and. Look. At Tom. Price mine. I'll. Zoom, in a bit. But. That's. Tom. Price mine down there. Mining. For iron, ore obviously. Everything's. Just a lovely. Shade of red. I'll. Put some information up on the screen about. Volume. Of a vinyl that comes out of there if I can find it. After. Enjoying some lunch and taking, in the views it was time to head to our camp at magic pool it's. Possibly, our most favorite campsite, from the whole trip but, I'm gonna leave that for episode 4 I hope. You're enjoying rocks to reefs if so, hit, that subscribe button and the bell so, you get notified when our next episode, is out and as, always drop us a comment if that like button we always appreciate getting, your feedback, anyway. Happy. Safe adventuring, and we'll see you next time.

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