Rocks to Reefs Ep 4 - 4WDing, Overlanding, Camping, Magic Pool, Pilbara

Rocks to Reefs Ep 4 - 4WDing, Overlanding, Camping, Magic Pool, Pilbara

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Welcome. Back to Rox Therese, having. Just left karijini, we stopped in a mountain aimless just outside a Tom Price, the. Views were simply, amazing but, sadly it had to come to an end and was time to head towards our camp for the night we've. Been recommended, to check out a place called magic pool and little. Did we know just, how magical, it was going to be it. Was easily one of the highlights of the whole trip for me. We. Just finished tearing down. 20. Psi Prime 23. Back this. Um. This, iron ore appears, it's, really sharp the, rocks it's, not like pea gravel we got back home so. We, should. We see how the tires hold up I can really see a little bit of chipping on them that's, generally what happens up here on these roads so, look. These. Tires already had 50 60, thousand honorable boy start of the trip if, they get chipped out and few cuts and bruises and stuff from a trip on the, end of the world least my brand new set. Anyway. So I've got any punctures no computer, picked up by one screw the other day but I think there's more bad luck than um bad driving. Right. Hit, the track going to a magic bulldozing, offer for us. So. I hand, I was telling us about the, magic pool track, says. There's a couple of creek crossings, on it you, know is there maybe a bit of water in it but, he goes I've got a hard bottom so they should be fairly straight across, but. That's. The case with Walker you might find out for ourselves. The. Drive into magic pool is relatively, straight forwards there, are a couple little steep, sections, and some ruts but nothing a stock full drive with low range and ground clearance couldn't easily manage. We've. Right now at I, definitely. Arrived now at our campsite so. Mike. At Henderson mechanicals, put me on to magic pool and, he said this is his favorite spot in all the Pilbara, and. We're here so. We've. Got this awesome, Red, Cliff behind us we've got the creek running some. Water to go swim in lovely. Soft sand camp on I can. See why it's his favorite spot we, definitely get to enjoy camp tonight we've gotten here at 4:30 so, we've got a bit of time just to chill. Out and enjoy the holiday. Anyway. We'll. See you again once camp setup. So. We had this idea in the car while we're driving here though I'll sit down and answer. A few questions so, we came up with two questions as a group the. Favorite. Spot in karijini, and why and, would.

You Go back to karijini, and what, would you do differently so does anyone want to lead, us off I'll. Take up go, for it Kyra, my favorite spot in kg, was fern. Pool. Just. It's just really nice it's quite, an easy access, the. Water is beautiful. Doesn't. Really need more explanation than notice those as. To where, when. I come back to karijini again definitely. What would I do differently probably. Take longer maybe, five days and. Just. Take it easy do it do the big walks one. Each day get up early start, and try. And get to the, walk and first up get. Through it and, then. Just relax at one of the the easy access pools for, the afternoon. Rather, than trying to cram it all into three or four days but that's, just the nature of, traveling. Yep. Anyone. Else so shall I go thank. You okay, gopher diva um. My. Favorite spot was burnt all this one it, was amazing. Nice water color really. Nice for swim I've really enjoyed the, climbing. As well especially the spider walk was really nice I, would. Definitely come back to karijini, and we'll, probably take one more one. Or two days more, and. We'll. Go for longer hikes and yet, more hikes even. Live. Everybody again. Be thankful. And we dream. The truth we often, were joking. Reward. First effort, and, turn. Fall is definitely one where there is a minimum effort and. Local. Reward. We. May have been blown away medellin was the first one we got to enter and i think it's a saw that's. Quite by, um by surprised. At how lovely it was, couldn't. Get much better than there although, I do want to do an honorable mention to Hamersley Gorge you, know to swim through a gorgeous, something I never thought I would, do and be. Able to do that was pretty fantastic. This. Is my second trip to karijini, and yes I will still come back in a heartbeat I will. Probably plan my days a little bit differently again doing, only one walk in the morning planning. Maybe a drive in the afternoon, or, you, know set up a gazebo with. Um you know things to do at, camp, so, you. Know I'm just pushing. Yourself to go on Warcraft and Warcraft a walk, and, you, definitely even look at maybe camping, at with learning it's possible, I don't, want to say phone and pool because everyone center and pull but look fern, pool is awesome but, and, Hammersley, Gorge is awesome I think, I really, enjoyed. Kermit. Pool the bottom of the spider walk into, the hancock gorge. I'll. Suggest that one, it's. A class 5 trail so it's probably suitable. For, teenagers. And older because you you, sort of need to keep your wits about you. But. The walk in is awesome and the, reward is is pretty. Cool going, through that you, know tight, narrow gorge same, going at the handrail pool that. Really feels like an adventure really, feels like you, know the quintessential, carriage, anything, you know the. Big gorges, right, tight close-up, in-your-face sort, of thing so that would, be my favorite spot and yeah. I would with. You know in. A heartbeat come back to karijini. What. I do things differently yep. Definitely. I probably. Echo what everyone else said, I'd. Planned, one big walk, each day and, then relax, in the afternoon, we, sort of got there and had. A relaxed in the afternoon the first day then to dour day, of driving to go to Whitney manned Hammersley, and then we had a big day of walking on. The third day and. We were pretty knackered you just seen that at the end of the video at the end of that day so yeah. That's. Probably my thoughts anyone would add it at anything. Just recalling, the last time I was here was in October, of 2012. And. It has been after a bit of a bit of wet so that's.

Probably The other thing I'd do is come at a different time of year after. Summer after, it's been wet so that there's a lot more water and the gorges, you. Have to be careful, then but it, does make the experience, significantly. Different there's a lot more water. So. It. Can be a bit colder but it can also be quite a lot more interesting, because just. Things. Just deeper and they it. Changes, the whole nature of the walk do you do the. Waterfalls, are more grand, and that sort of thing from. A photographer's, point of view that's probably something to take on board oh I. Think we'll leave that there shall we do another one of these after Exmouth yeah. Sounds. Good alright well I. Think. We'll relax a bit more this afternoon we got to camp early it's awesome, Suns, just, gonna. Go down soon and light us up with some golden. Colors so Cheers. Yeah. Cheers thanks for the company, yeah. Cheers, - oh yes smooth remainder. Of the trip yep as. The. Sun set magic, pool definitely, lived up to its name it was nothing short of magical, and the, Pilbara put on a display of colour that I haven't seen anywhere, else like it in Australia it. Was so relaxing and enjoyable to already have camp set up and to, be able to sit back and take it all in. With. Dinner tonight is another premade. Meal. We. Sat down before. The trip and. Works. Out where we were aiming to camp each night and. My head talks going flat, worked. Out what, we'd like to eat, how, many pre-made meals we could get away with where, we'd like to cook like. Steaks, and hamburgers, and kebabs etc. Plan. For our bigger days to have pre-made. Meals I. Guess. We, got fortunate, today today was not necessarily, a big, day and we have. Pre-made meals so we got really easy tonight. So. Jess is just, putting. Together the chicken, curry and. We'll. Sit down and enjoy it. After. Dinner we sat down around the fire for a couple more hours we. Enjoyed some cold drinks, relaxed. And then turned in for the night. Hey. Everyone, welcome to day. 6. Yeah. It's day 6. This. Is our last day in the inland Pilbara and I. Think we capped it off with probably, my. Favorite spot so far I love karijini, but, camping. Here at magic pool is just. Superb. It's. Been so, peaceful from, the minute we got here and. It's, gonna be the same until we leave we. Were, just getting ready to do some brekkie. The. Views around this place are insane the. Light. That was awesome, the Sun went down last night as with golden, colors. Cliff. Was lit up with all these, bright, colors of red, it. Was just superb so. I. Am. Putting, this now, as one of my favorite. Campsites in in all of w-a I've, got, some absolute. Favorite. Favorite campsites down south but this. Is up there with them it's. Just been so. Peaceful. Which. Is what we needed after the hustle, and bustle of karijini, we needed somewhere we could just do, nothing so, that's what we've done we've done nothing yesterday afternoon, since we arrived and. We're gonna do nothing all morning until we have to leave, so. That's, what your holidays about, that's. Why you have your floral drive to get to these nice. Secret, you, know word-of-mouth, places. Anyway. My. Brick is sitting. On the tailgate waiting, for me to go and cook it so I think, I'd better go and get stuck into that I lies we may never leave here. Well. We got scrambled, eggs for. Breaking. Back. Impact our bacon boy left Bertha in the freezer, everything. We've done this we've done three week four week trips and all, the food that we do this way is just fine, it's perfect so anyway. That's. Just, starting. To floor, out. It's. Overcooked, out but there's some toast and then we'll do some scrambled eggs. Flies. You. Tell them have the flies Karen. After. Finishing our yummy breakfast, our lazy time at magic pool had to come to an end it. Was time for us to tackle the track out and then hit the open road across to Exmouth. Sadly. Our time and magic, Paul or Bob swim because I was, looking around on the Hema and. There's. A water. Hole there and it's caught Bob swim when, I searched the Internet I found pictures, for Bob swim and a. Match here so I think where, we camp goes by two names it goes by magic pool and it goes by Bob swim bugs, are the same place, but.

Look, It's so peaceful there if you've got if you've got some time to kill between. Paraburdoo. And Tom Price it's, worthwhile, coming. In and and camping. Here. It's. Just. Peaceful. And, beautiful it's. An, awesome campsite, but look we, need to keep. The show on the road and so. Today, we've got a fairly, big day of driving we've. Got to get back out to, parable. Moon out and then. From, there we head across to, Exmouth so our. Time in the spinifex, grass, and red dirt is coming, to an end and. We're. Going to go to the beaches and the little, water now looking, forward to it. We're. All sinking. Is a slide. Life had taken the road and, then it's clear, to the horizon. Yeah. Well. We've arrived in Exmouth no, issues at all got. Our spots in the caravan park and, we're. Just working out what pub we're going to go to for dinner tonight, and. Big. Day tomorrow we're, on the whale shark boat all day so. This. Will probably be a sign off for the night so. Look hope you guys enjoying the video so far if, you are, awesome. Give us a like tries to comment subscribe you, know the deal and. Yeah there's still plenty more to go we've we've got all that time in Exmouth still and we've got all that time down a shark bay so really looking forward to bringing you guys heaps, more awesome episodes. Time. To go and relax enjoy a holiday. Well. That pretty much sums it up so here's what's coming up in episode 5 as we, jump into the water with ocean eco adventures, and explore, the stunning Ningaloo, reef. You.

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Another great episode update on your series Graham. Enjoyed the wrap up of the Pilbara. As always, look forward to the next........

Cheers mate - yeah I wanted to share some of the tips & tricks we had learnt from our time up there. Glad you liked it.

Another great video, thanks mate! Is there a website that lists all you vehicles mods anywhere? Just interested in what sußpnsion set up you are running. Keep the videos coming, really enjoying them.

No website at the moment, but “watch this space” - I also plan on doing a walk around on my vehicle soon and covering off on mods. I’ll also try and do it with Kiran’s car and a couple of my other usual travellers.

Loving the series so far, but I must admit with my upcoming trip to Exmouth and Shark Bay areas I am pretty excited about the next couple of episodes!!

You’ll love them mate - Ep4 is a good one, but some of the next ones are ever better.....some beautiful scenery coming up.

The Pilbara is an incredible place. It is my personal favourite of all the places we have been to in Australia. The wide shots from the drone are just mind blowing. I hope I get the chance to go up that way again one more time.

Very true - I love the Pilbara....will definitely be going back again.

Excellent video!! You are becoming my favorite show. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the comments mate - glad your enjoying them.

Great video! Looks like and awesome adventure, Can't wait for the next video.

Thanks mate - it was an awesome trip, I’m glad your enjoying the videos.

Do you have the pin drop for magic pool?

I suggest you send my FB page a message, I won’t list it publicly because I don’t want the place to get trashed. I might not get back to you on FB for the next week either, sorry, will be busy filming the Variety Bash.

Great episode guys !!

Magic pools are how far from Tom Price and in what direction. Thanks mate

1/2 between Tomprice and Para and then East of the road.....that’s all I’ll say

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