Roots | Foundations of Freeskiing (Full Movie)

Roots | Foundations of Freeskiing (Full Movie)

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The backcountry for me is kind of like the ultimate playground  it's just all so perfect like when you go out there and you get on top of a line and you see, like,   what just gets made by the elements and the  wind and the sun and the snow and everything and    how you can just ride down it and there's like perfect jumps formed everywhere like everywhere you look around every corner, every notch that you go through you can look  and be like, that is a perfect jump right there, that is a perfect spine or a perfect ridge or cliff. So just like kind of the being able to keep exploring that, is definitely why I ski backcountry. It's what's around the next corner.

I think you can kind of say that style is literally everything that kind of  reflects your personality in what you're doing.   Usually when I feel pressure before a technical  descent I try to really let it sink in and    try to remind myself why the pressure is there and to know that it has a purpose and it's actually there to like keep you alive and, you know, make you aware of your  environment and the dangers that I could be in.   I think there's definitely a part of me that's addicted to adrenaline, otherwise   I wouldn't do what I do and I wouldn't seek to get out of my comfort zone on my skis.

But I also approach adrenaline with, you know, a bit of caution because it's a reaction your body creates when you're in danger or when you put yourself in danger. So yes, it can make you feel super confident but it's also what you feel when you have done something on your skis that you probably shouldn't have done. It could be the people, it could  be the traveling, going to new places the skiing itself, just sliding down the mountain, going fast, cruising around and just being disconnected from the world, like sometimes the homies does the job and it's the best day ever.

Sometimes you just want to be by yourself, listening to music, being  disconnected and just, you know, mob the the mountain or just I don't know, do something in the park. I don't know what makes skiing fun, probably  skiing, like it's the best thing ever  like without skiing I probably wouldn't  be here so it's pretty sick, skiing is fun. "Snuck your tip around dude, coming in  you just snuck it in it was lit!" "It's early!" "Hello!" "Hi!" "You are awake!" Skiing definitely has created a lot of friendships in my life,   just because it's putting you in these places and situations and mindsets that you know is just totally passion driven. "There's like one big tree at the bottom" When you get multiple people with  that same mindset and that same passion it's  going to create for opportunities to vibe and just relate with people in a way that you don't do necessarily  on a day-to-day basis and there's certainly other opportunities to find that connection   that connection with people but skiing I think, coming from a person who grew    up doing it and it's just such a basis of my lifestyle and life, it puts you in situations where you can connect on a bit of a deeper level that you can't  really necessarily put words into but you get this feeling   of kind of a deeper, I think, connection  with friends that you don't necessarily get,   that I don't necessarily get in other  areas of my life. I feel like we're in an era of skiing that is progressing so fast, that I want to be a   part of that progression. I just want to be one of those girls or athletes that people will remember hopefully and I think it's so important  as well for the younger girls who can watch this progression and you know it's   bit by bit it's making our, women's free skiing  it's making our sport so much more interesting   and cooler to watch and hopefully we'll get  more and more girls involved in this sport.

Adventure... What I like about adventure  is just the feeling of unknown. You wake up, you drive to somewhere you don't know   and then you just let yourself be guided by what you see.

You just have to be more present and  that makes things much more interesting. Yeah, that's adventure for me, it's  not knowing everything before and   and just discovering the journey as it goes on. Ski adventures for me is really traveling to new places to bring my riding into the specific   terrain and sharing it with people,  with Simon, with Yann, it's like super fun  because we're together exploring a new mountain range,  we have the local guys Manu and Matteo   who are helping us out and it's like a real good team  spirit and at the end of the day it's super fun.

The crazy thing about here is that in every couloir that you ski you see another couloir and another one and  it's like, you're not getting tired of it, you want to explore further "It's 9:15 in the morning in the Dolomites  and warm up is gonna be a straight line!" "So it's not the best snow, but still a bit "edge-able". You like it?" I feel like I've always just  enjoyed being in the air. I don't know, just going off a big jump and chilling in the air, you can't really do it too many other ways if you think about it, like, maybe cliff jumping, you can get that much air time but it's not like smooth and fun like skis and you hit a nice jump, it's just like you fall up and you're weightless for a sec and you just come down and like hit the landing so perfect... being weightless. It is a good feeling, if it's a good jump and you're in control, it's one of the   best feelings for sure. That's  what I've been doing my whole life  

pretty much. I don't know anything  better and I like it, it's the best.

2021-11-27 04:15

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