Russia, China on Defense and No Iranian Nuclear Bomb - US Intelligence Report

Russia, China on Defense and No Iranian Nuclear Bomb - US Intelligence Report

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This. Is taya Graham reporting, for the real news network. There, is a 42, page statement called the worldwide threat assessment, of the US intelligence community, and it, is causing controversy this, is a critical, report that reflects the thinking of all the American intelligence agencies, on threats, supposed to us security, but some of the key points seem to be at odds with the policies, of the Trump administration and, in fact they may exaggerate. The balance of power here. To discuss this with me is Paul Jay the editor in chief so. Paul, we're gonna focus on this report first give, me some of your takeaways from it, well. There's. A lot in this report, and I haven't read the whole report but. Something, jumps, out at me which is simply being completely, underreported. In. The corporate media I would say two big, issues. Number. One the. The reportage. The analysis. Of the report on Iran continues. The view of the American, intelligence agencies. That. Iran is not building a, bomb, and. That has been lost in the coverage of the report, now. You can find it in some, of the newspaper, reporting. But. Especially on CNN, and MSNBC they've. Been focusing, on the reports, talking. About North Korea not really, wanting to give up its, bomb program. They've. Been talking about the lack of discussion, about. That there isn't the national, security, threat at the Mexican American border so, why have a wall. Which. Is all. True that's what. Is and isn't in the report, but it's by far not. The most significant, stuff in the report, and I think the most significant, piece of the report is, the part about Iran you. Do find this, to, some extent in the prim and you know you can find it in a New York Times article Washington. Post article kind. Of where the elites get, their news but. Where the mass audience gets, their news you barely, hear that, according, to this report. Iran, is not building a, bomb has not violated, the. Nuclear. Agreement with the United States and the other European countries, and here's, a quote from the report. We. Continue, to assess that Iran is not currently. Undertaking the, key nuclear weapons, development activities. We judge necessary to. Produce a nuclear device. However. Iranian. Officials have publicly, threatened, to, reverse some of Iran's joint comprehensive, plan of action, commitments. That's the deal made, with Obama let, me finish sorry. A ranch joint comprehensive plan of action commitments. And resumed. Nuclear, activities, that, the jcpoa. Limits. If Iran, does not gain the tangible, trade and investment. Benefits it expected, from the deal so. Essentially. It's the abrogation, of the treaty. That's. Causing the possibility. That Iran might, start. To develop some, kind of movement towards, a nuclear weapon. So it's Trump that's created, the situation that's, made the. World more dangerous if in fact Iran, actually even has a plan to move towards a nuclear weapon, which, is entirely not, clear. Because. Back, in and, let me just said there's a long history of, American. Governments, and certainly the media, completely. Ignoring what the American intelligence community says. About Iranian, nuclear weapons, back in 2007. There was a National, Intelligence. Estimate. Which. In, defiance. Of the Bush administration. At the time the, same way this one kind of upsets. The Trump administration, said. That Iran. Had stopped, building a bomb in 2003. And that there's, no evidence that there was a weapons, program after. 2003. And and, as far, as I understand, I'm no expert on this but my. Understanding talking. To experts, that. There has never been any evidence that, they, are building, a bomb there may be some, evidence that they, were approaching. The, potential. Of a breakout. Possibility. But. Even Joe Biden said and anyone. That followed this said it was it would take a year to five, years, to actually go from the breakout, to, actually accomplishing, the bomb which.

Is When you listen to the Trump, ministration, you listen to people like Lindsey Graham or even people on the Democratic Party, side like Chuck Schumer and certainly Netanyahu, in Israel the, idea is there they're furiously. Making a bomb in Iran and that even, after this agreement. With Obama they, were secretly, making a bomb it's. Really it's really ridiculous. So. If Trump, and Netanyahu are absolutely. Disagreeing. With this report they're saying that Iran is not living up to its part of this agreement, what, kind of impact is this report going to have when the Trump administration its, policies, everything, he says completely. Contradicts, it well I think their. Approach will, be the. Way the Bush administration. Dealt with the earlier National Intelligence, Estimate which is to bury it to, ignore it and this, is what happened in the already. As, I say on CNN, and MSNBC and. The the mass media is already, not even talking about this Iran provision, but, there's a very there's an important part of the report, and, we've, been saying us on the real news for a long time. They're. Not really concerned, they being the. Military-industrial. Complex the. Foreign, policy, complex, the congressional, foreign policy, military-industrial, complex they're. Not really worried about a nuclear weapons program, in Iran because they know there never really has, been one that's. Anywhere near a bomb even if they, were trying, which is not clear what. They really, our concern is about Iran's. Regional strength, the power of, Iran, in the region, and its, u.s. foreign policy not to allow, contending. Regional. Powers, they don't like it in the Middle East in that area with Iran they don't like the fact that Russia is is a power in that region they certainly don't like China's, a power in Asia but. They particularly, don't like Iran. As an as a power outside the, American sphere of influence so what, they're really concerned, about Iran, is that. Iran is developing the, capability. Of defending. Itself against. Regime change and so. Here's another quote, from the report. Iran's. Ballistic missile programs. Which include the largest, inventory, of ballistic, missiles in the region. Continue to pose a threat get, this pose a threat to. Countries across the Middle East Iran's, work on a space launch vehicle, including, on, its, Simorgh, I'm sure, I'm pronouncing it incorrectly, shortens. The time line to an ICBM, because SLE vs and ICBMs, use similar technologies. They. Don't like that Iran is developing enough. Ballistic. Missile power, not. Nuclear. Conventional. But. Still, formidable. That. If they're attacked the. Counter-attack. Will, be very significant. And those missiles. Might hit Saudi Arabia those his missiles, might hit Israel, they. Might hit American, bases, in, one place or another but. It's clearly. Defensive. In. A million years one could not imagine that Iran, will start firing missiles, at either Saudi, Arabia, or Israel or. An American, base as. A first, strike because, what happens, next, there's. No Iran after that I mean, it's, it's clear, that the United States, some. Extent Israel I don't know if it goes nuclear but even if it stays conventional. There'd. Be little, left of an Iran if. There was an all-out bombing. Assault on Iran which would surely, follow, an. Offensive. First strike by Iran, against. Any of the u.s. you know allies, or, countries. Within their sphere of influence and that's, a theme that actually runs throughout the report. The. So-called, adversaries. Of the United States Russia. China Iran. Are. Actually, in a defensive, posture I wanted to ask you about that because when.

I Was looking at this report it talks about China. Having defensive. Development, and developing. A second strike capability but. Isn't the u.s. actually developing, first strike capability. I mean why is it being framed in this here's some quotes from the report right. From the very beginning, and the forward to the report it says, this China. And Russia are more aligned that at any point since the mid 1950s. Now that's very significant, that, this there's been a lot of contention, between Russia, and China certainly, during the time of Mao Zedong and the Soviet Union China. Denounced. The Soviet Union and there is the it almost came close to war at times and there are some, disputed, territories, between Russia and China the. Militaries, have faced off against, each other, there's. A there's a lot of you, know reasons. Sort. Of why, they could be contending, but they're not they're. Becoming more allied, with each other and why here's, it says in the report. The. Relationship. Is likely. To strengthen, in the coming year as some of their interest, and threat, perceptions. Converge. Get. The word perceptions. As if that's not real and here's, the next sentence again the word perceptions. Sort of. Particularly. Regarding perceived. U.s. unilateralism. And interventionism. As if. This is only perceived. You. Know there's no real interventions. Going on I mean what's going on in Venezuela is just a perception, that's not an not an intervention. The. The recognition. Of the Honduran, coup, is not a intervention. It's, just a perception, I mean even go on in terms of framing. American. Unilateralism. And intervention, ISM. Syria. And go on and on anyway let me continue reading. Perceived. US unilateralism. Interventionism. And Western promotion, of democratic. Values and, human rights, well of course that's, what the United States when. They project power, it's, always about democratic, values and human rights we know what that really means it's the democratic. Values the, democratic, right that. American, capital gets to go wherever it wants to go and if, American, capital, isn't dominant. Then. It's not democratic, if, they really gave a damn about democracy. And human rights then. How is the pillars. Of power in, the Middle East for. The United States Saudi Arabia. Where's. The democratic, values Israel. And the occupation. Where's, the democratic, values and, you, can go on from there and always a nurturing, of these right-wing governments, in. In Latin America now I mean the guy the, new president, of Brazil is threatening, to be Philippines, like like Duarte and going, starting, arrests and shooting people and, and. So. Democratic. Values is, simply, about the ability, of American. Capital. To. Be dominant, and if and, they don't actually give a damn that, what the political, institutions, for, the people of those countries are it's, all rhetoric people, make the argument that there really are expansionist. Ik policies, on the part of Russia and China for example Russia's. Pushing. Into Crimea and Ukraine and, then China actually has an economic, strategy called the 2025 plan, that's, this huge economic, push couldn't you make the argument they, are making expansionist, plans as well. Well. In general. No. Doubt. Russia. Is a capitalist, power and China. Is a state capitalist, power, and. It's the nature of big, capitalist, powers to expand so, in, a general way absolutely. I think Crimea is a very exceptional case even. Kissinger, said that. Because. Of the history that Crimea, was kind of given by the Soviet, Union to the Ukraine and they, took it back and one can argue that it. Wasn't done properly or, not but. It's a very exceptional, story, Crimea. But. As a. Mid-sized. Capitalist. Power does. It want to expand, of course. It does I mean Canada, wants to expand Canada has banks, in the Caribbean. Canada. Canadian mining, companies are, all, over South, America Latin, America. Completely. Ruining, the environment, involved. In developing. The corrupt politics, of the local oligarchies. It's. In the very nature of. Capitalist. Powers at one size or another to, want to expand, they're ruled, by you know elites and oligarchies, who want to be the the. Winning monopoly, is the most successful, rich people in the world and you, know the Chinese billionaires. Compete, with the American, billionaires, and so on so. Yeah of course they want to expand. But. In this at least in this historic. Period, it, could change the. Dominant. Power and certainly, the dominant, military, power is the, United States there's simply no comparison and, none, of these countries whether it's China or Russia, or. Canada. Have. Committed, crimes. Against. International, law against. Humanity. Any. You can't even compare to what the United States has done we should take the Iraq war you, can't say they haven't committed crimes against international law I'm not saying that I'm, taking them to scale you.

Can't Compare, the United States in terms of the Iraq war in, terms, of allowing and nurturing, the the Saudis and Turkish into interventions, in Syria, which destroyed, Syria, I mean, the US policy, is more or less destroyed, Syria destroyed, Iraq destroyed. Libya, I mean. There's nothing the, other kept powers, listen if history. Had been different and it may be different, you know who knows what China, you, know where the balance of forces will be in 50 years or 75, years it's. Not like in that some nature of the DNA, that Americans, are evil it's. The dominant power, and the dominant, power fights to maintain its dominance, and and, if, China was the dominant power you know who, knows what what, would they might do but they're, not the dominant power and we as people. Who. Are you, know on peoples of the world that, are getting destroyed by these, US. Policies. Need. To speak out and at, the moment when Russia and China push back on US policies, like. Over Venezuela, where they you know are refusing, to play ball on. Recognizing. This, imposter. As president. And. And and and don't, want to recognize, or. Support, American. Interference in Venezuela, I, don't. Know what their intention. Is and I'm, not saying there's something pure, about the intent but it doesn't matter because right now in the balance of forces it's very, important, to defend the. Principle, of non-interference, and, and given, where the balance of forces are even. This report, makes it clear, that Russia, and China are. In a defensive, posture not a none aggressive, posture, towards. The united states and that's, a critical concept, for Americans, to get because, the narrative of the military-industrial, complex, right. From World War Two on. Is. That wean, Americans. Are you, know the Soviets, are out to get us they're gonna Russians, are coming the Russians are coming they're on the attack they're gonna take over Europe they're, gonna take over the, United States but, like you asked about China is China, has the ability, to launch cyberattacks, that cause localized. Temporary. Disruptive. Effects on critical infrastructure, such. As disruption. Of a natural gas pipeline. For. Days to weeks in the, United States, now. Imagine. Why. And when would China ever want. To disrupt natural. Gas pipelines, in the United States let's assume this is true they, have that capacity. China. Owns more. Than one trillion, dollars, of US debt. The. Whole GDP, of China is you. Know somewhere. North of 12 trillion. Dollars. 1/12. Of the whole GDP. Of China is tied, up in owning. American. T-bills. Do. They want to destroy the American economy. How. Much of China's economy is dependent on the American, market for, products, I, mean. This trade war that's going on now it's. It's hurting, the Chinese economy economy, just, to have these tariffs, you're. Gonna destroy, your, market, and cut, off disrupt, natural, gas pipelines. For days to weeks only, as a defensive, measure only. As a second. Strike capability, it. Would never be you, know oh we want to destroy America because, we hate your values, I mean what a crock, maybe. The most overt. Recognition. Of China, in a defensive, posture in relationship, the United States and remember. That that Steve Bannon, and this. Is Trump's, real ideologies, and, bannon's. The real person. That articulates. I think, what Trump believes, sees, China as the real threat, to the United States. But this report defies. That idea in this, way and, here's the quote, China. Continues, its multi-year, effort to, modernize its, nuclear missile forces including, deploying sea based weapons, improving. Its road-mobile, on, silo-based weapons, and testing.

Hypersonic. Glide, vehicles. Here's. The key line these new capabilities, are intended, to ensure the viability of, China's, strategic. Deterrent. By. Providing, a second, strike capability get. That second. Strike capability and. A. Way to overcome, missile. Defenses. Second. Strike capability means. You're ready to defend yourself, against. A first strike, it's. The there's, no attempt, on the part of China to develop first, strike technology. My, question is is why, is the media focusing, so much on China's. Defensive. Position, them developing, second, strike capability as, opposed to looking at the u.s. developing, first strike capability, yeah that's a great question and that's that goes to the very heart, of the the whole mythology, of American. Foreign policy and, almost. All the media buys analysts that. America. Is this defender, of democracy and. We're. Always threatened. Because of our values, and these. Non. Democracies. Would like to destroy us and all this the. Truth is the country, that's really developing. First strike capabilities. Is the United States it's. Not new it's from the very beginning, of the development of the nuclear, arsenals. And, people should watch this series I did with Daniel Ellsberg. It's. A crit, and maybe one of the most important things we've ever done on the real news network and Ellsberg. Makes it clear that in the late 1950s, into, 1960-61. When, they were talking about a missile gap you. Know they said the Russians had like a thousand, missiles and the, United States only has 200, and we're going to get destroyed and it turned, out that the Soviet Union had four missiles, at the time and, never. Had neither. A plan to try to dominate the, world through a nuclear threat. Also never had a plan to invade Western Europe the whole rationale. For NATO and all that a total. Crock but. Who is got. What 600, or more military. Bases all over the world who, is developing, nuclear weapons with first strike capability, and very. Concerning. And. Trump, has ordered a new nuclear weapon, which has already gone into, production. Which. Is a new, very. Low yield nuclear, weapon, well. About something around half of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Which. Means they really have, some intent to use this on the battlefield. Or. At least to threaten, somebody with it and I. Don't think they're gonna threaten Russia and China with it this. Is to threaten like an Iran. That. If you screw with us you. Don't do what we want you, don't submit, because. We'll Russia and China step, in with, an all-out nuclear war. That will end life on Earth and it will any. Even, the small. H-bomb. War ends, life on earth as, far, as we know. But. A small low yield bomb, dropped. Into an Iran. Maybe. Russia and China don't do, anything about it and so, it becomes a real weapon to threaten mid-sized. Powers, that, don't want to come under American, dominance, and that, weapons, actually, in production as we speak, it's out there they're getting ready to let go and it's not the first small tactical ball in the United States has created, but. If I understand it correctly it's smaller. Which. Makes it more, usable, well. That is incredibly, disturbing, but. That's. Incredibly disturbing but what's interesting is that Elizabeth Warren, has just crafted. A no first use bill so there is some push in the United States to make this pledge no we are not going to be the ones to first use any sort of nuclear weapons how. Does that work now that you've just told me about this, sort of small. Size or mid size nuclear, weapon that President Trump is currently working on how does a no, first use bill work. Yes, that knowledge they did exactly. I mean it's worn and I've Lee and and, Marquis have. This bill. It. Would say, there's no point building these if. They were to pass, a bill that says no first strike. You. Get rid of this stuff because you then you can't threaten people, and then if you you know if we pass a bill like that then you say well let's not spend money on these small tactical. Bombs, because they are only first strike, weapons. Of. Course the only real solution is there has to be a massive. Reduction. In the nuclear stockpile, not what the United States and, Russia are planning, to do which, is spend about a trillion, dollars, over the next 30 years most. Of it in the next 10 years to, enlarge. And upgrade and modernize their. Nuclear weapons, when. When it would take 10, or 15. To. End life on earth and in fact it's interesting according. To Daniel Ellsberg China. Is actually only, building a handful they've only got a very small number of bombs you only need a handful, you, only need a handful, so why build these great big Arsenal's, because.

It Makes money. Because. The companies, that are making this stuff are making a fortune. Making. These weapons, and the, problem, is they're making money but. The more you increase the numbers of these bombs the, more you increase the possibility, of accidental. Use of these bombs I don't think anybody's. Mad enough in any, of any, country, frankly to. Start a war that ends all life on Earth in a deliberate, conscious way, but. The possibility. Of accidental. Accidental. Nuclear, war goes, up the, more bombs you got and we're, building more and more it's. A very dangerous situation and, the it's. Very good to see Warren and these others. Supporting. A bill like that because, for a long time people have just been in denial about the threat of this now. Let, me switch gears a little bit and ask you about Venezuela. Where does Venezuela show up in this report, on security, threats well it doesn't that's. The whole point and and the whole idea. Of interfering. Non-interference. Is you're only allowed, to. Take measures, against the country if it's threatening, you and that's why at the UN a lot of the countries that oppose the American, position. On Venezuela we're saying you're, violating the UN Charter because Venezuela, is no threat to you well, there's no there's, nothing in this report that Venezuela, is a threat the United States so again. It's, it's it's it's, an aggressive posture but by the United States that's the problem, whatever, the problems are in the Maduro government it's, up to the Venezuelans, to figure it out. Paul. I want to thank you for helping me discussed as complicated and exceptionally. Scary, topic so thank you so much for your time I think, we might have to delve back into this again I think there's even more there to discuss. No, doubt and. I want to thank you for joining me at the real news network.

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oha a bright new face. hello taya graham. welcome to the real news network.

What the civilian population in America just doesn't understand is that they are being propagandized by the rich and being used in economic warfare against other countries via all means including clandestine operations publicly financed. Our democracy is not a democracy at all. Public opinion is cranked out by the public opinion factories....all owned by billionaires.

I think a lot of them realize it, and just think they can't do anything to change it.

World superpowers always had eyes on oilfields of world. Be Iraq, Iran and now Venezuela.

+Sandy fantasy

so the answer is easy - green energy

The Zionist MSM will not say anything about Iran that is in its favor. Israel needs an eternal enemy to be cohesive internally.

China has figured out how to garner good will by building infrastructure for poorer countries. We just bomb em into rubble. Which one would you want in your country?

Iran has many times said they don't want nuclear weapons, they have the ability to develop one but because they believe it's immoral to have or use such weapons, SAD PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN OR LOOK AT THEIR ACTION, they have had chemical weapons used against them with the help of U.S. and Europe

Lmao, the moment they start Israel would bomb it to kingdom come, just like in Iraq

Why do capitalist powers necessarily become expansionist? It seems to me that expansionism is like imperialism. Capitalism doesn't have to become imperialist or expansionist. Wasn't the USSR expansionist or imperialist ? It was a socialist power, or not? You may be correct in the history regarding capitalist or even socialist imperialism. True capitalism can be content to be a non-interventionist foreign policy if there are enough people with the wisdom and power to have the influence to keep the polity in that direction.

USSR was imperialistic & it was fascist not socialist - younger people need to take history classes because it wasn't taught in public schools.

This guys is worth listening. He is objectively accurate.

China is the real threat to the US Empire.

Jay dodaj - no US is our own enemy we need no help

It would be the ultimate 'war to end all wars.'

+Sandy Would that not end all wars, genius?

upperatmos no the end of human beings

Great discussion Paul and Taya on a side note would you please have Jaqueline Luqman on again to talk about the US shutdown and about Kamala Harris and Cory booker using identity politics instead of policy to speak to the needs of the African American community.

Nice presenter Taya Graham. Paul Jay please avoid the tendency to dominate the discussion. Allow Taya some breathing space to analyze, even differ. Thanks.

+Sandy Thanks for the 'compliment' and for the education. I thought interview or 'entreveue' also means interaction -and not a one-sided monologue. It should not hinder the ability of the interviewer to ask questions and express opinions without being curtly cut -off by the interviewer.

Muhammad Ali Aziz silly comment, Paul Jay is acting as the guest being interviewed - this is not a debate.

Bravo! Gratitude! :-)

Michal Parenti has been saying this for years. US military primary role is to destroy all adversaries for US corporations.

This is the classic deception tactic that defines Capitalism. Establish a false narrative and have dialogue around that narrative. The Hegel dialectic with a Machiavellian twist. This Anglo-American Empire is one part Capitalism and one part Church/State Feudalism. When England cut off their King's head and tried to establish a Democratic Republic the Church wouldn't allow it. When France cut off the heads of their Royalty; the Feudal Nation States wouldn't allow it. When Luther and Protestantism threatened the Catholic Church Feudalism wouldn't allow it. Pretty soon people are going to wake up and ask themselves with the Climate Emergency we're in can this kind of theater be tolerated. $5 Billion requested for a Wall to keep out refuges that are a part of the Latin/South American crisis that Empire has created when weather whip-lashing is destroying our roads. At some point reality overrules cognitive dissonance. Would love to comment more on the subject but I think people get the point.

Tony Demasso It is fascism.

What do you mean church state feudalism

Capitalist societies exists for one another as representatives of, and owners of commodities. In the expanded form, each capitalist nation's government views the rest; as particular equivalents. I disagree with the up/down theory of dominance the US imposes in the world. This is true in relation to nations in the South. But in the West, each capitalist government looks upon every other capitalist government as a form of appearance of the value that nation possesses. So that each capitalist nation is owner of the annual product of that country has but one particular use for that annual product which is being a means for exchange against annual products of other nations. The annual product is never made for itself but made for others in exchange. So that no country produces for itself and then trades with other nations, rather, all nations produce for each other and each government a representative of their nation's wealth. When America is not exchanging its products for some of China's products the annual product in the US is nothing more than a mass product of labor of no value at all to itself!  Hence, the Crisis of Capitalism.

+Baraka Hagatanga Why did Trump not push to dismantle NATO?

Yeah sure, that's why there are thousands of us troops in Europe defending their asses

+Mason DeRoss These are my words, I never plagiarize, but I do agree with you on the subject-verb form. I am aware of this problem. Will work on it, thx.

A good name, it would seem, since your post reads like a copy/paste from a particularly dense treatise on political economic theory. Your sentences need more subject-verb agreement, instead of being so abstract, if you want people to read it. You should make your writing about "someone," even if it's just yourself, instead of generalized and vague concepts. For example, you might have worded the previous sentence "Make writing, instead of generalized and vague concepts, about someone." And, I hope you'll agree, that wording is clearly less stimulating; you can't invest-in or relate-to the "subject" of that thought.

No matter how small, once a nuclear weapon is used in an offensive attack,...All bets are off.

​+Baraka HagatangaYour response is a bit cryptic. Tel Aviv burning, good or bad? The only position I took is that nuclear weapons are madness regardless who possesses them. If you make them smaller so that they are palatable for the battle field or so-called, surgical strikes, you insure the unstoppable use of the doomsday device. Trump has just authorized the refurbishment of the entire US nuclear arsenal as I am sure, Hilary Clinton would had she become president. The people driving these policies are psychopaths and criminals. Considering this, what would you suggest?

Just imagine Tel Aviv burnin

+Sandy Hi Sandy.. You could call me a pessimist and I wouldn't disagree but when I am moved by an issue, what are my options? Our votes do not seem to count and if an issue begins to catch on, corporate media drowns it out. We have nothing left but the street. Perhaps we are in the same boat?

Larkinchance why do you think climate change has progressed to rapidily? bombs, air raids - the choice is slow death or quick via nuclear bomb. If Citizens don't do more than spout one liners on texts, we are already toast

The intelligence community is trying to justify it's budgets.

Waiting for Trump's tweet about "The Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community?" Nyah, nyah, nyah, Fake News!...

If US intelligence is saying no Iranian bomb, look for a false flag nuclear attack blamed on Iran. All it means is that we aren't spending enough trillions on the "intelligence community".

+Sandy No, no, no, no, they can never, ever spend too many trillions on the defense budget. What are you, some kind of tinfoil kook? ;~)

ipso facto no it means we are spending too much on the "defense budget"

I would really like to hear Larry Wilkerson's take on the "Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community."

It's still in the hands of Congress to stop the war posturing, step up Congress!!!

'Under-educated' ... perfect example. Let's c how to explain a rigged system even 'if we vote' : Ahm .. So we'll keep it on the education lense - ok, lemme start by asking u re Betsy DeVoss (the U.S. Secy of Education - who determines the direction of the educational system in the U.S., the funding on *ALL LEVELS* thus the principle agenda blah blah)... Wat do u know about Ms. DeVoss? (Besides the fact that she is a billionaire n donated to the trump campaign n her educational background, marital status etc etc) Wat *else do u know* about her?

Laura McConnery - really? how do they get in power? Put the responsibility where it belongs - an apathetic public who doesn't vote & is under -educated to make informed decisions

How can they step up when u have threats n they follow thru w/ 911 or Las Vegas *to get what they want?*

Laura McConney they should, but their main concern is reelection and money for their votes

Congress does what (((youknowwho))) tells them to do, as the Senate just demonstrated with the anti-BDS bill

America is being led by the nose to war by bad actors in Israel.

Laura McConney exactly, please read the late Michael Collins Piper book New Jerusalem and High Priest of War. His most important book was Final Judgement, which became the most banned book in America and the ADL hounded him to his death

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.We need a direct democracy where by the population votes on legislation via secure apps and websites. Every government is corrupt because they have power over the people. Politicians are supposed to work for the people and not enslave, suppress and incarcerate us.

Muh democracy. Lmao

DCO blah blah blah - nice rhetoric but Americans don't vote nor are they active in politics at any level so what makes you think that an under-educated populace who elected Trump would be capable of voting on legislation?

What about the drugs that are being tanked, trucked, and tunneled into Brazil under bibi-in-brazil and not LULA! As for the hundreds and thousands of nukes exploded, like all the ones Dutchsinse shows around Area 51, do you think the contractors figured out a way to make as much money disposing of these alien forces as they do raising the stakes building them to sit idle? The distraction, I think, is from their fear from the days of one beheading (1332, the Gothic Cathedral alchemical advances against the backdrop of the burning of Alexandria, or, the destruction of the Temple of Luxor) that brings them to maintain all that is around them cut off at the knees. MeullerGate. As above, so below, there is something to this auroboros, something beyond Bittorio.

As the world sole superpower, the US still self-fear of losing its position and continuing to intervene in any corner of the globe for its own political agenda.

I think it's more about how to make as much money as possible right now, than it is the self-awareness required to think about losing our position and having fear over it. They don't even get that far in their thought process.

Paul Jay- Good reporting on this subject. American intervention and imperialism has been there for a long time, however, it seem to be getting even more blatant... And good work in a previous video speaking about the U.S. initiated Coup in Venezuela with assistance of Canada within LIMA, recognizing the opposition as President....... Canada has become an arm of the CIA....with the reward of getting into the gold mining in Venezuela.... Corporate media is not reporting any of this...We count on independent journalism .... I hope we can get more on this American, and now Canadian aggression. It appears Neoliberal corporations are using America to help them steal other country's resources.....

Mason DeRoss I agree with the latter of what you said...but in all honesty.....Really...... when have we ever seen a President and an administration so full of criminality, "I am above the law", "I will pardon myself", mob boss mentality, with war mongers, war hawks, anti regulation everything, privatization everything, Neoliberal, Neocon... bold in your face, lies, frauds, declarations, threats of firings, bombings, wars, troop takeovers....just openly state whatever.... Ever?????....I mean Ever?????? By definition, blatant is....Done openly and unashamedly.... To be honest, I believe I chose very light in my wording....I just could not think of a good word to describe this craziness....So thank you...You just made me add a little more passion to what I was trying to communicate...... and so I should... lol....

It isn't more blatant, just harder to spin with everyone carrying a camera in their pocket in most parts of the world now.

The worst people got the power in our government ... Its been like this since 6 decades ago till today.... These corrupted powerful people in our government just care about their own pockets and thats why they can be bought, easily....... And when they do dirty things to foreign countries for their own pockets , our people must face the horrible consequences, soon or late.... If u travel any countries in the world u can see how much people hate us..., why?!!! Because our government did horrible things to them....We know that For any actions there r reactions.... So if we (the people) don't stop these corrupted people in government now then we will Face the worst consequences and very dark future.... People thought trump can fix such things but he did the opposite and he kept doing favors for evil billionaires either inside the country or in foreign countries.... Its not about left or right because we have vampires in both parties (dems & reps)

Run for office

What a smart and good analysis you just made .Bravo.I hope more Americains would follow.The awarness of you the American people is the only remedy because of the corruptio and mental illness of the western leaders.

p ace - No not 6 decades! Also you are putting the lions in charge of the sheep - do you really expect lions to become vegetarians? How do you think these terrible became powerful? People have become dumb & apathetic which is why we are in this mess. HOw can you expect any different results when only 37% vote once every 4 yrs & do nothing in between?

they hate iran bcoz they are not bowing to zionist as USA does

IS all the Matter of economical Fight in middle east over the welth!! Behind all Iran deformation are the Zionist and the Arabs from Persian Gulf!! They want to prevent an economical strong Iran !! That's IT!! Lots of Intriges against Iran

US nuclear missiles...made in China.

Depopulation by all means at elites disposal.

Not enough views on this important topic. Paul Jay lays it out very clearly. Maybe Taya Graham will get a chance to participate in a little more detail at a future date.

In order to have world equilibrium in military power all countries that can produce weapons and nuclear bombs should have the same rights in the production of these weapons as US and Israel enjoy these rights. Frankly, US and Israel always threatens countries by the use of these weapons. How many times Bush I and II, Obama, and Trump have threated countries with these bombs. Still many countries do not care about these weapons and defenseless people in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq (among others) have defeated US imperialism and Israel. Iran does not have nuclear bombs and Trump listens to Israel only as his main source of information. Trump should think about it many times before attacking Iran, because Iran has the power and knowledge to kick asses so hard such that the pain will last for long time. US imperialism pushed Iran to the current condition because US damaged Iran in 1953 and now because of its naked support to Israel. US imperialism is digging its grave and has created its own enemies in the world. US imperialism has killed millions innocent people in the world and more than any empire in the history of the world. Finally, militarism is the best efficent way to hellfire.


+Shemi Rama 1.5 B vs 4 M, overkill, We seek a world like before 1948 or slightly before that time

+Mason DeRoss Habeby, you believe in Jim Crew’s exclusion principle and you believe in exceptionalism of some people. We are talking about the principle of equilibrium and allowing all players to compete freely. It is the principle of American competitive capitalism (freedom of entry and exit) that is the bread and butter of American capitalism. Your statement is very dangerous on humanity and it can be applied to many issues. For example, you can argue that China does not need to develop technology because this the last thing we need. Similarly, Iran cannot develop a cure for diabetes because there many cures available! And this is waste of resources. You can also argue that women are not need to run for offices because we have many leaders. Just try to have open mind and remove exclusionism and discrimination against other nations. Let people and nations compete for serving humanity. This may explain to you why I reject totally your comment.

Equal rights lmao

The last thing we need is more nuclear bombs in more hands. But, we do need the ones that have them now to keep them, because it's the only thing keeping our government in some modicum of check. Every country that has nukes increases the chance they will be used. If all 200 had nuclear weapons, that is just too dangerous that a madman like Trump will rise to power and there won't be a strong enough system in place to keep him from pushing the button on a whim. The only thing keeping Trump from using them, is that his generals and Pence know it would cause outright civil war and talk him into using MOAB instead. I am all in favor of getting nuclear weapons out of rogue regimes like the terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu. I'm not in favor of putting nuclear weapons in more hands. Russia and China absolutely must maintain nuclear weapons though, to check the US war machine, even if the US were to disarm all nuclear weapons. Conventional weapons will never deter the US again, when we have drones and space weapon platforms that can drop conventional bombs on everyone. I wish the UN would put sanctions on the US, to wake people here up to how evil we really are.

D'Essay, exactly!

I have a much better idea. Y don't the Jews n Muslims fund Elon musk's mars project (they certainly control the $bank$ n $oil$) n go there (Mars) n fight it out n leave the rest of us in peace? We'll b just as content to go back to the bartering system n fire wood!

@Adil Mouhammed: I have a better solution. You overthrow your warlords and we ours and so on for each country in the world.

US foreign policy has had to have a boogieman for the past 105 years. Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, China, terrorists, back to Russia, Iran. This nuclear threat is nothing more than a terrorist tactic being conducted on naive citizens to support the military industrial complex. Japan was ready to declare surrender when Truman dropped the two bombs on their civilian populations. The world is clearly being run by psychopaths.

+James Murphy I'm fully aware of this through Antony Sutton's work, Thanks . Point being, US foreign policy has been crafted by internationalist hands at least since Federal Reserve Act.

roadworrier11 More important look up Wall Street and Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union

+Shemi Rama Bullshit, Israel is a US base in the middle east not the other way around. They support Israel for their own selfish purposes.

+Mason DeRoss That's the pretext you learned in your books. Prime Minister Suzuki: "Japan must surrender immediately or the soviet union will take not only Manchuria, Korea, Karafuto but also Hokkaido. This would destroy the foundation of Japan. We must end the war when we can deal with the US." He's not making up stories. The arrival of Russian forces to the east after they beat the Germans would secure the capitulation of Japan. They not only used 1 atomic bomb but 2. That's one of the sickest thing a person can do to others.

Not the World but Zio-America and the Zio-west.Phsychopaths? Don't insult themthe west leaders are the most inhuman murderous scums of the earth..May God burns them here before hell theie lasting home God-willing.

That is not true at all about Japan. The military leadership went so far as to lock the Emperor up in his palace after the first bomb when they learned he was ready to surrender, to prevent him from doing so; they were forced back in a counter-coup and the Emperor was able to issue the surrender after the second bomb. There was no plan to surrender before the nuclear bombs, and it certainly would not have been entertained by the military if the Emperor had tried. You can debate whether it was right or not to use nuclear weapons, and I do think it was wrong, but don't make up stories about surrender being planned before the bombs were dropped.

this is the most important info, what you are commenting on about the A-bombs , thats the craziest and most important piece of history that will tell the world so much!!

Actually, the 'psychopaths' prefer to b called Zionists or religious fundamentalists [they certainly control the $banks$ n $oil$ that funds propaganda(s), wars, n zealous philosophies]. Leave the rest of us out of this, please.

Its nice when she can get a word in edgewise.


My guess is resource wars and world war 3 will be our walking dead, mad max and hunger games. The alternatives are also not pleasant such as Last Child (1971 film), Logan's Run, Soylent Green, ZPG Zero Population Growth, Brave New World, Gattaca, etc.

Great channel. Subscribed ;-)

Doesnt matter what the reports say the united states of israel wont stop pushing for endless wars as sad as that is

Tanks real news the people have a chance to be informed

US security? I’m not aware of any threats. Outside of the US, we are the threat.

cyclamengarden MSM is a tool of propaganda. They’ve been telling us that Trump is a Russian operative. The level of absurdity is an outrage.

Iran is not an arab nation, sir.

zengalileo What are you talking about?

Just look at Roach TV 6.

I wish it were true that reality combats the negative reaction to cognitive dissonance, to use the term correctly. But people who respond negatively to cognitive dissonance with self manipulation rather than changing beliefs can have such strong will to hang on to the lie that reality in their face wont change their minds.

Men In Black Can you give me a source because I’m dead confused.

RoachTV 6 My point is the church propelled it in the case of Germany, Italy and Spain.

Men In Black Does that makes us fascists because Mussolini used identity politics to get in power?

RoachTV 6 it seems that you don’t know the history of fascism. The church, as a centralized organization, helped many fascist governments to consolidate power.

Men In Black Fascism : « a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition ». Please stop calling everything fascist when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Brian Booker Your statement is full of incoherence and nonsense.

@Altruisminservice Trump is not more 'internationally' criminal than Baby Bush or Obama, he is just so much more incredibly crude that most everyone sees it for what it is. Obama was incredibly smooth and 'well spoken' but is responsible for far worse war crimes with his outright destroying of Libya, much of Syria and Yemen and couping Honduras and the Ukraine into neoliberal Hellholes. He also used hybrid war tactics to turn pro-social South American nations into near and possibly fully fascist neoliberal lackey's. Baby Bush/Cheney was more obviously evil. But Trump, as horrible as he is, has so far done far less evil in comparison. You're right, I'm really kicking myself for falling for Obama, once. I only voted for him once and my fully propagandized family still adore him. I'm not sure if my first choice, who couldn't keep his pants zipped, or his marriage vows true, would've been as bad or worse. It seems we're on an evil roll and may hit bottom with a hellish bang.

They don’t like Iran because Iran already hates them since 1980 and illegally possess nuclear weapon plans and can sell them to far worse nations.

DAODV Israeli’s and American Jews are taught at an early age to hate Persians and Iran.

Actually we need to eliminate people who write in all caps.

promotion of democratic values and human rights? really? ask the afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, and the Yemenis about their rights to live their lives. uncle stupid and its vassal states have no shame.

Thank you Paul

Well that's what I mean about being dumb. When we're all gone, they will be, too.

+Cath' J J As long as there is no firewall to prevent oligarchs from buying a government to suit their particular interests... we are all fucked!!!! LOL

Including the US population which seems to have equal status as an enemy to them. Criminals are always dumb somewhere, however clever and ruthless they may be in other regards.

Definitely. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be standard human practice.

@CathJJ That's a huge danger for humanity. It's when we really don't (or do!) 'want' something to be true that we find ways to not believe it (or believe something false) even when the evidence is clear. That's when we convincingly lie to ourselves about how we/our cultures really are 'good' and the bad stuff never even happened. I think we are healthier when we can see clearly both the good and bad in ourselves and our cultures.

That's the drift I've been getting, Elise. Thanks for the detailed corroboration, although I'm sure we'd both rather that it not be true. sigh

+Cath' J J So sorry to burst your historical cherry, but the U.S. and Canada are both highly trained children in the evils of Empire from our Mother, the British World Empire! We have both practiced genocide on the natives of our rich lands that our cultures had to invade and steal. We, together with France, blockaded the one and only successful self-freed slave nation of Haiti, (just two years after the French Revolution!) to force their immiseration and extort them far into the 20th century for the price of their own souls and have kept that upstart culture under our impirical heel for our corporations' profit. Canada's government has supported the U.S. Corporate Empire in our many NATO outright invasions and more covert regime change policies to put the most corrupt fascistic lackeys in control of our corporations' desired foreign natural and labor resources and monopolized markets. Canada itself has let its mining corporations loose to destroy the environments of many South American nations that have never been free of colonial control since Columbus and his merry murderous and rapacious Conquistadors first invaded. Canada is like the Democratic Party 'half' of the U.S. Empire duopoly, where pretending to be progressive allows the whole culture to put far more wealth into the pockets of a very few greedy addicts' souls. Being 'not as bad as the other' only quickens humanity's race to create a fascistic Hell on Earth, when we need more Bolivarian Revolutions trying to create a garden for us all.

And now after Canada, all the European nations jumping in? What's in it for them? Have they been directly threatened by the US if they don't go along? with what? Promised something? What? - tho' it wouldn't matter, the US never keeps its promises. Pure inanity.

Elise Villemaire. Excellent points.....And yes Obama was another disappointing Neoliberal in progressive clothing.... But I do not feel any better with you reminding me that we are practicing various degrees of the definition of a good one.

What a great show.He said the things that we as Iranians want to say for so many years.

USA is the biggest hypocrite imperial empire on this planet, ramping up their own WMD program whilst threatening other countries from even thinking about them.

How can venezuela not be threat to usa when there are russian nuclear bombers there that can strike nuclear attacks FROM THE LOCATION and hit anywhere in states? what a crock of shit to think russia and china and iran there do not pose a threat to usa in that area!!! I hope the USA can keep them out of there and I feel that is the only reason they want to be there to strike USA and threaten the USA

"The EVIL in Washington (the empire of chaos) is so GREAT it has to be ISOLATED" Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Brilliant presentation. Concise and precise. Contrary to the hiperbolic narrative of the US military industrial complex. The most important point is that the United States keeps building these bombs because it makes money. Mind you, one point he missed is the expense incurred in maintaining these weapons in top condition thus minimizing the risk of accidental discharge. I have the feeling that neglect will prevail and the expense won't be incurred, and that increases the probability of accidental nuclear war, a very real threat today.

And heres the nukes he talked about. I did not check the channel i just took the first one.

So, it is going to be the same as accusing Iraq having MWD?

unlike Russia or the US, china doesn't need parity in its nuclear arsenal. china just need enough as a deterrent. china certainly didn't beat the US in the Korean conflict. however, a stalemate was significant enough if you consider that china didn't have an air force then and its weaponry and logistics weren't even comparable. Russia and china are few of the countries can tell the US where to go if push.

Well Said Paul Jay, Need more people like U, Mr Honesty,

It is the nature of any bullies. They always talk alot of bullshits and ezacturate of everything. Another word, they are talking alot about nothing, therefore, anything they say are lies. It is sad that a country like America has become a shameless, no morality and no principles country. America now is just living on borrow time.

The US Military is the power but do you have brave soldiers???

The zionists want to start the big war ......

THE Nazi influence in USA 2 states can now offer a new born child to demons .Satans in power


Thank you for this report. Simple and straight forward, with helpful quotes, references, and historical context

Good show good job very refreshing he's a smart intelligent I didn't know thank you

Who has ears to hear, let him hear this: ISAIAH 33:8, "Treaties Broken" (think JCPOA, TPP, Paris Accords & INF). Read further to discover what's yet to come! (And take care who you discuss this with as "the times are EVIL" , Amos 5:10-13* & Micah 7:5*).

By Allah Israel will cause 3rd WW and by Allah, it can be prevented. Here is why and how: The Lord of Moses has prohibited, the children of Israel to ever have an independent state but to only live withing other nations. This prohibition is a historical fact known by all the scholars of Judaism. Some prominent contemporary Rabbis acknowledge this historical fact openly. Watch you-tube to witness it for yourself. The true owner of the planet earth has forbidden the Children of Israel to get from him an independent state. The Children of Israel are to live only within other nations. Islam has no animosity or hatred, whatsoever, against Judaism or Christianity. Moses, the prophet of Jews, and Jesus, the prophet of Christians (Peace Be Upon Them) are both in the same rank of respect and love as the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH). Christian and Jews are called “the people of book.” The Revelations reviled to Moses and Jesus are from the very same Lord who has reviled Koran. This is an absolute belief in the Islamic faith. With the creation of Israel, the foundation of WW3 was set shortly after the end of WW2. It is only a matter of time that earth will witness the disaster of that coming war. Can it be prevented? The answer is YES. Here is how: The illegal Zionist state of Israel must give up the stolen land and go back to their original border, the border before 1948. However, they can have their present properties but they must live under the flag of Islam. By doing so, they will live in absolute security. One of the laws in the Islamic Sharia is the protection of the people with different beliefs, living under the Islamic rule. Those minorities pay a small amount of one or two percent, called Jezziah, to the Islamic government for being spent for their securities. By Allah this will be beneficially to the world, in general, and to the Jews, in particular, and will prevent the soon coming disaster of WW3. We all know that the greedy Zionist Jews of Israel will rather die than to give back an inch from the stolen land. However, that land will be taken back by the Sword of Haq, the Sword of justice, in the hands of Muslims. According to the prophecy, the rocks, the walls, and the trees in Palestine, will be given the ability to talk and betray those coward Zionist Jews who will be hiding themselves behind them. This ability for rocks, walls and trees to talk will be granted by the will of the very same one who had transformed a lifeless piece of wood, the stick in the hands of Moses, to a live Snake. The cause of the fall of America will be “ISRAEL.” America is my country by choice and I hate to see my country being vanished due to her support of a heavenly cursed and oppressing Zionist nation. The West, in general, and America, in particular, are wrong seeing Islam as a threat. Islam is not, Islam was not, and Islam will never be an enemy of the East or the West. On the contrary, Islam is the best possible friend of the world. The real threat to the peace in world is the Zionist state of Israel, a heavenly prohibited to be established.

Did you just say ' intelligence' ? you mean SPY agency. Iran should have NUKES too for protection . . .

He is absolutely smart and knows what he is talking abut

CIA: "Iran does not have the components to make a nuclear weapon." Trump: "Let's ignore the report and attack Iran based on Presidential opinion."

These are a few of the intervention by the US. The list reflects just a few of.

Do not forget that maybe we have two or three Iran today as much as they have the military the irgc the Basij it is possible they are not in favour of nuclear weapons but have developed a capabilities of a new weapon Not known to the world and it could be a game changer .... Iran has been around a long time and have earned its place in the Islamic world . Iran was the first country to go to the aid of syria 5years later Russia join in the fight against Terror the result today is different from the opinion of the so call Intel of the western including Israel who thought Assad will fall .. Supposing Iran went in with its irgc Basij and its weaponry the war would have ended differently however it’s there on Advisory role ... Am sure cooler heads should prevail..

Who's the lovely lady ?

Taya can get it

Corporate socialism is fascism

Nonsence, ofcourse Iran is cheating. Keep ignoring the ambition they have and rist getting nuked

the daniel ellsberg videos are very hard to find. the real news network needs a better way of organizing new videos.

The USA is the only country in the world that needs a regime Change


@The Real News Network Sorry to contradict you but today's H-bomb's are not larger than they were in the sixties/seventies. The Russian 'Tsar' h-bomb and the biggest American nukes were about 50 megatons. The only bomb I've heard of that is bigger is the putative 100 megaton version that Putin is supposed to be putting into his drone sub to make a Tsunami weapon. The reason that they don't make infinitely large bombs is that they are inefficient - ie two smaller bombs do more damage than one larger bomb. I see your point about the burning of cities but the 'allies' burned entire cities in Germany with remorseless fire bomb raids (probably the worst war crime Ever!) and it had no appreciable effect on the climate. Like I said, I think your view of nuclear war is correct in spirit - I'm just a nit-picker :) Ps - Maybe you should look into all the times Israel has used mini nukes over the last few years? I'm much more concerned with micro-nukes than with Huge ones - and Israel is the big danger here.

@Sandy fantasy

@Sandy Would that not end all wars, genius?

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