RVing in Norway: Lofoten

RVing in Norway: Lofoten

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Isn't. This a gorgeous, place. Well. This, is where we slept last night at this, rest area or parking, area as they are also called, just, off the e10 Highway we've. Been driving for the past two, days from the North Cape to, make it here, where. Are we you might ask well. We are just arriving, at this idyllic place, called, La Fulton, which, is this archipelago protruding. Of the western, coast of Norway, let's. Check it out. I'm riding. Riding. Riding, riding. In. My RV area. Wherever. I want. To be. You. Guys I'm free, in. My RV. Well. Good. Morning this, is where. We stayed last night. We. Have our neighbors, from, the Netherlands, and. Let's. Try to do a little bit of hike on, this trail, here. So. Gorgeous, out here, well you saw the drone food is probably. It's. A little muddy and, just rained, it's. Big it's been raining on and off all night. As. You can see is kind. Of wet. But. It's safe. See. A beautiful, area. Near. The Fulton will right before, the. Actual official, entrance, to the Fulton. Check. It out. Jeannie. To get out that's. What we're going. Would. You look at that tall, waterfall, I just. Wish it wasn't, so hazy. There, seems to be a village right. Next, door to us. Norway. Is a country, of unimaginable. Beauty. Let's. Hit the road okay. Let's, stop here real quick, and you. Know what I'm tempted to do I'm tempted, to drive, across that narrow causeway, and explore. This village. It's amazing, and, you know what I'm. Gonna do it don't. Tell my friend Petrie. Well. The, island is called hold Oya and according, to the norwegian, wikipedia, it is nowadays almost completely, uninhabited. Only. Six, inhabitants. As of 2001, it. Does, look pretty well-maintained, for a ghost town, maybe, that Wikipedia, article, I read is outdated. Okay. Let's turn around. Stunning. Landscape. Well. It's. Raining. It. Keeps raining here, in northern, Norway, I'll. Check out that cute. Quaint. Town. Looks. Like the Sun wants to keep it pick out but it's not, picking out yet. Good. Very. Nice. Well. Cameras getting wet let's get back, on the road. Look. At that. Here's, a rest, stop, and it looks like there is an observation deck, so let's check it out let's do a little hike here under the rain. Let's. Go back, looks. Like the Sun might want to come out eventually. Yeah wishful. Thinking. Gorgeous. Scenery here in the Fulton. Now. With the weight. That. Ride. On our crib, for, this. Well, here we are suave. Are the, largest town in the area, I have several points of interest here marked on my map so, let's see what we get to see. I mean, pretty large marina they have here. The, first place that had marked is apparently, some, ruins, and I think it is through this narrow bridge, here. It. Is becoming evident that, it might be a challenge to park the RV here, in this area. Well. This looks like a dead end, perhaps. I made a wrong, turn somewhere. This. Looks like another dead end and, some construction going on. You. Know what I'm just gonna, turn around let's. Look for something else to do these narrow streets they. Make me nervous, especially, driving a large vehicle, like the RV the. Idea here is to enjoy this, beautiful, landscape, instead. Of stressing over traffic. We're. Also totally out of wine, and some essentials, so let's stop by the supermarket. Here. We are there's, an automatic machine to pay for parking. Automatic. Machine we. Were able to pay for parking and now let's check, this out this is a Norwegian. Shopping, mall here, check. It out. Okay. This is the only place where you can buy liquor, no. Way yeah. Just like alcohol in Finland this is a government, monopoly which, by the way closes, early on Saturdays, and doesn't, open at all on Sundays, so you better plan ahead, now. Let's go to the regular supermarket. Did. I tell you I love, going, into supermarkets, especially. If I am in a foreign country, yeah. Our, next destination is called magic ice and, there is an ice bar, but not just, your regular ice bar inside, there is a permanent exhibition of, ice sculptures. Sounds. Really cool right or cold. Rather, it is -6. Degrees Celsius. Which is around 20, Fahrenheit, inside.

The, Camera is getting all confused with all these colored. LEDs, but anyways here's. The ice bar. Let's wait for our bartender. To come. By, the way apparently when the cruise ship docks this place gets swamped, with tourists, but, lucky for us today were the only ones we, got a berry, liquor, included. In the price of admission. Nice. Presentation here. With dramatic. Lighting and whimsical. Music. Again. Very hard for, the camera to capture it the way it really, looks because, of the lighting of course. It, looks like this used to be a refrigerated. Fish, warehouse, before, they turned it into the magic, ice bar, and it. Probably, falls into the tourist trap category, kind of but, in any case it, is a very unique, one at that the, bar. By, Congress. And for this under my. It's. Okay. This was fun let's, continue. Riding. Riding. In, my RV. Wherever. I want. Gasps. I'm through, admire, as. We approach the village of Kabul fog we, encountered, the vagan church which is also known as the Lofoten Cathedral. Is the largest wooden, building, in all of northern, Norway. Epicfail. With a parking, it would have been nice to see it inside. Our our next stop is going to be Hennings, var which is a little out of the way because, we're gonna have to take a detour from, the e10 which is the main highway, but, it might be worth it. Okay. Here's where we get off the main road and turn left. If. This road feels a little narrower, that's because, it is it. Is in fact a one lane, road although. Every few meters there they have this slightly. Wider areas, that can accommodate, for, two cars otherwise, it, is one lane road. Let, me tell you it is a little, bit of a way to knuckle, drive, here, luckily, there is not that much traffic, otherwise, this, could be a nightmare. The. Views are absolutely. Fantastic. Let's. Stop, at the caviar, Factory, I'm hungry, oh. Well. I was hoping to sample, some sturgeon, roe it, turns out the caviar, factory is an art gallery so. The joke's on me. In. Fact the, whole town is full of art galleries it, seems, to be the thing here. We. Might do a little bit of that but right now we, are very hungry, so let's find somewhere, to park and, something. To eat. It. Looks like this could. Be a parking, lot. Hmmm maybe not. Hmmm, I wonder what's all this junk, here, but definitely. Not a parking, lot, let's. Continue looking. Destroyers. Date. Number, six time alright I see, a bunch of RVs, so this, must be it, we, decide to walk under. The sprinkling. Rain towards. The center of town, yeah. Our umbrellas, are back in Miami, okay. It's really not raining. That hard. Okay. This is where we're going to eat which, actually, turns out to be a French, restaurant. We. Had some kind of fisherman's. Soup very good very, small very. Expensive. Nice. Collar on the world ooh. Watch. Out little, kid on bicycle. Next. We are going to drive to this looted, beach I found on the map where if the weather improves, it is going to be my last chance this, trip to make a time-lapse, of the Midnight, Sun. Let's. Stop right here and fly. We. Passed by this famous, Viking, Museum. They have here it, seems to be very popular, but we're not really in the museum, mood, today, if, you know what I mean, eventually. We, deviate, once, again from the e10, and take one of these secondary, one-lane, roads. But. We. Barely, fit. There's. A big tour bus coming our way. Yeah. That was a little, too close. First. Beach here, is called Holland, Beach but, this is not where we're going this, one faces, west which is not good if we wanna see the Midnight, Sun. Here. We are. Yes, I found out about this bitch online, and now we are finally, here. There, are sheep, everywhere.

Even Right here right next to the campground, which is basically, a parking. Lot. Hello. There. The sun's coming out, the. Improving, weather, gives me hope that we might actually be able to see the Midnight, Sun and so even though it is early, I think we're gonna stick around here until tomorrow. Let's. Walk down to the beach and check out this heart shape to rock here, at totally, artificial by the way the, way there is sheep, poop all over, the place. It's. The heart of the ocean. Pretty. Interesting phenomenon, with these rainbow. Colors, on the clouds pretty, cool. Very, strange. Well, we made it here too I think it's pronounced puta Cleve beach. And. The. Midnight Sun is, supposed to come down this, way and. Look. At this place, I mean, this. Is this is. Only. Money unimaginable, beauty, here. At this piece here in the, fortune. Camp, site is up there and. Yeah. I'm speechless. Let's. Just. Take. A break, Westy I've driven, way, too much. As. I usually do you, know I I. Underestimate. That. The length of the drive and I try to do too many things in, too, short a time but we only had two weeks here so, I. Wanted. To. To. Achieve as much as possible unity, to fit in as mass many as many things as possible to, see in this video and. Well. At. The beginning, of the day didn't start out so well but right now this is amazing. Let's, go back to the RV but, we would have have internet, here you. Barely have a cell phone signal you. Like make calls that's. That's the one the one negative. About. This idyllic, place right, here super. Health we're surrounded by all this shape here. Grazing. In this. This. Valley here. They're. Very friendly there's, sheep poop all over the place so we have to like be careful when we walk but. Wouldn't. You agree that we, once, again found the, perfect spot to spend the night at or. The Midnight Sun or whatever, not having a proper night gets, really, confusing after. A few days, they.

Could Get used to the constant daylight, though even if it only lasts, a few days. Totally. Mesmerised. At, this place. Ha. I think, the drones gird the sheep. As the. Day progresses, it starts, to get cloudy, hmm. Not a good sign. He's. Our feast while. We wait for. The Midnight Sun here. It's. Darker, and closer. Nice. Almost, midnight, and with these clouds there's very, little hope I will get to see the Midnight, Sun, which. Only means I will have to come back to this beach someday. With more time and wait, for the ideal weather conditions. While. The time-lapse is going I decided to go for a little hike it. Kind, of interrupted. By a light rain. Isn't, this a surreal place. Know. What I was going to do a hike but. It. Looks like the rain is coming. And. It's coming fast and. Then, you go back to the RV where it looks like this is as good as it's going to get for us today for, the Midnight Sun. But. It is now about 1:00 a.m. which is the astronomical. Midnight. Here. In Fortune, Island, the. Sun should be coming I mean shouldn't, be coming question, the Sun should be right, around there two degrees above, the horizon right, on the true north and, as. You can see it is cloudy so. We're. Getting the Midnight Sun today I. Think. I'm gonna go to sleep, I'll. Leave the camera the way the time-lapse them. Well. Yeah that was kind of disappointing. But still I feel so lucky, I was, able to come here even if I didn't, get to see the Midnight, Sun yeah. I know I'm obsessed. 1:35. A.m. well. The Sun kind of made an appearance leading. To the quote-unquote, night. The, view from. Our room, that's, reverse sleep. Well. Good morning. It, is time, to go. We. Are actually taking a different route, back another, one of these narrow. Roads. Here. We are back, on the e10. The. Most striking. Views, should, be coming up in this area towards, the end of the archipelago. But with these low-hanging, clouds I don't, know if we are going to be able to see them. All. Those racks, you see everywhere, they, are drying fish stuck. Fish cut, to be exact the drying of food happens to be the world's, oldest-known. Preservation. Method, Oh No. Let's. Take a quick break here. We're. Almost towards. The end of, the island chain. Here. We are made the picture-perfect. Village. Of Hanoi. This. Is the village called rainy, famous. For, the views. Perhaps. We should have gone for a hike on these granite, formations, but. The weather it's, not, the most inviting, besides. Our time here is running out, in just. Five days we, have to be back in helsinki, to return the RV and take, a plane back to Miami I. Have. Promised, myself I, will return to, this place someday. With. Much more, time because I don't think we've seen Lofoten, at its best, nor, the best of, Lawson. Take. An excellent, doctor it's vegetate Rick's ready. We. Are arriving at Muskaan's. Where, the ferry to the mainland, departs. Originally. The idea was just to find out exactly the times and returned later but. Seeing the long line we've decided, to stay and wait, the two hours until departure right, here. For. The ferry. In. Three and a half hours we'll, be in buddho where, we will drive across Norway, into, Sweden, but, that will be on the next episode. I know, we, missed a couple of villages towards the end of the island chain and particularly, the one called our which, is a fishing, village Museum. But, as I said this. Is one of those places in the world worth, repeating. So, we'll be back someday.

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Fine video Robert! Loved the drone footage at the beach, and your time lapse. I've got a lot to learn from you with how you shoot your footage. Working on my first time lapse now. Not as easy as it looks. Loving this trip!

I have just watched your trip to Oslo, via Finland to North Cape and Lofoten. It`s a shame that you visited North Norway this June, the worst in decades, weatherwise, that is. I enjoyed your videos. Greetings from Ivar

0:30 While it's technically correct that it is on the western coast of Norway in the sense that it's a coast and it's to the west we don't use the term here in Norway for that area. Here in Norway the west coast is areas roughly southwest of Trondheim and northwest of the southern most point of Norway. Basically the western part of the "bulge" to the south. Everything else we'd say northwestern or some such as those areas are further east then the actual western coast but they're further northwest. (Usually we'd just use the name of the region though, Finnmarkskysten (the Finnmark coast) or Nordlandskysten (the Nordlands coast) basically the coast of whatever the name of the region is. 2:35 Thanks =) Personally I feel we got too much forest though :-P (I got family on Iceland and the Faero islands and I've lived in some of the most forested areas in Norway so I've kind of had an overdose on trees) 4:20 No, unfortunatly it's not... That said, people who are *not* living there might still use some of the houses as vacation houses. 7:44 I'm impressed by your "Æ", it's very close to how we pronounce it. =) You pronounce our "Å" as an "A" instead of the sound it is supposed to have but your "Æ" is pretty much spot on. =) 8:07 Fishing vessels from all over Norway used to come up there to fish off the northern coast of Norway in ships perhaps 25-30% longer then your RV (I might be wrong, not easy to eyeball lengths just based on a video) all the way south from Bergen and up. 23:51 Pity. When I was in "folk high school" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folk_high_school) I sailed from Trondheim to essentially that Museum in a traditional fishing vessel from 1800 or so then we sailed one of their viking ship replicas. Unfortunatly there was no wind that day so we had to stick to just oars instead of testing their new oil covered sails (I don't remember the details of what the deal was with that sail, it was stinking at any rate, but they had apparently been hoping to test a theory with us but didn't get a chance to do so...) 24:06 Man, that almost looks like your standard rural road on Iceland. There's a lot of those on Iceland, there's quite a few in Norway too but you don't see them as much due to them mostly going to individual farms, houses, logging camps etc quite some distance from the villages and because there's usually forest in the way hiding them. 24:37 You pronounced "Haukland" as "Hakland" the "au" sound is pronounced differently in Norway (you seem to have a lot more silent letters in English then we do) 30:51 Yeah, that is a *really* good looking place even by Norwegian standards. =) Makes me want to go there. ^^ 35:40 I think I remember that stretch of road... Someone gave us a ride between the viking ship museum and where our boat was towed up. (not sure if that's the correct english word) 41:42 Oh, you *do* know how to pronounce "Å" =) That's two out of three. Only the "Ø" left to work out. 42:47 Remember when approaching Norway you filmed a Sami flag and said you where getting close to Norway because you saw a "Norwegian" flag? Well, here is the *real* Norwegian flag. ;-) The Sami one is different and got a circle in it instead of a cross like the Norwegian one does. Both flags have both Red and Blue in them but the Sami one also got some Yellow and Green while the Norwegian one also got some White.. I do hope you'll return as Norway got a lot to offer and I think you'll enjoy it if you have the time to do so. ^^ It's a bit of a luck thing too though as the part of the coast where the bad weather hits differs each year. One year they all hit to the south, another they all hit to the north, a third one they all hit in the middle etc...

Awesome travels.

Agreed, I've never heard our placenames here in norway expressed with such flair and bravado!

Would enjoy doing a puzzle of these villages!

Wonder if August-September would have nicer weather?

Tell us what you think of their food! Anything that stands out compared to American? Thought the water out of faucet only! I drink a lot of water...would be hard to find a faucet while driving! Do they put fluoride in their water?

I don't know but tap water seems to be really good. The salmon and seafood in general was really good.

18:07 That junk is actually from renovating that building. I was there a few months after you.


Reminded me of a certain radio voice in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Your intro is so Lit!

In 2015, Holdøya had 12 residents

Technically you don't enter Lofoten before you hit Vågan kommune. Everything before that is Vesterålen, where I come from. :)

I dont know if you read this but you should visit Svalbard

narrow roads, you say? ... what do you think about the lenghts?

It's nice to see they drive on the same road as folks in the US

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