RVing in Norway: Road Trip to the North Cape (Nordkapp)

RVing in Norway: Road Trip to the North Cape (Nordkapp)

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I'm, riding. Riding. Riding, riding. In. My the. IRB. Wherever. I want. To be. You. Guys I'm free in. My RV. Greetings. From, Norway, today, the plan is to drive to the northernmost, place. On the planet that. You can drive to that is the. North Cape nordkapp. In the region. We're. Going to a pretty remote, area here, so let's begin by emptying, our grey water tank and so we can be as autonomous, as possible, as. Well. Soon find out it is not nearly as remote, as we originally anticipated but, it. Is better to be prepared just in case. Would. You take a look at those mountains, coming. Over the horizon and, that's, just a preview, of what's coming up ahead here, in Norway. The. Further north we, go the more surreal, the landscape, becomes. Hey. Check it out wildlife. Well. It is our first reindeer. First of many I'm sure. And. There. It is that, body of water in the distance is part of the poor Sanger, fjord which. Empties into the Bering, Sea which, is basically the, Arctic. Check, out that narrow waterfall. Coming down that mountain, isn't. That beautiful. We're. Gonna tell you the. Landscape has become, incorrect. Beautiful. Here. This. Will approach, the. Arctic. Yep. I am totally, mesmerised. By the change, in scenery here. This. Rose around here are so narrow that there's, barely, enough room, for two vehicles, they, don't even bother painting, a line in the middle. And. We've got some sheep here. And here. We encounter, a herd, of reindeer. Unpredictable. Little animals. Well. Yeah this is beyond, picturesque. It is almost surreal, can. You imagine it with nice, sunny, weather no. Matter how remote we, are as we go deeper, into this Arctic, region there's, always a gas station or, a campground. And cell, phone coverage pretty much everywhere. At least along, the main road which oddly enough is, this narrow strip, of pavement. All. Right quick, stop here to stretch, our legs and, admire, the scenery. Yeah. They, are all over, the place this, reindeer. We. Are about to cross here a pretty narrow and dangerous, tunnel. I don't, know exactly what, you Lee has, punked means but. It sounds dangerous it, is a very, narrow, entrance, and, according. To Google Translate you. Lacasse punked a minx accident, point sounds, but right, apparently. The narrow entrance, is, actually a gate that, opens, and closes automatically. In the winter, as cars. Approach, the tunnel in, order to keep the cold out and, avoid ice formations. On the rock walls and look, at what's waiting, for us at the narrow exit, luckily. We are both expert. Drivers, huh anyways. That was a pretty long and scary, tunnel, particularly. The entrance, and the exit so, let's, take, a break it, looks like there is a parking, area up ahead by. The way that was the scarf burg tunnel almost, three kilometers, long. Yes. Very, nice place, to take a break here with views of this waterfall, and the, fury. By. The way you won't believe how many RVs. We've seen in this area. We. Still get an hour and 40 minutes. Until. The, very top. Of the world this. Is RV, central, here in Norway. So. Many. Motorhomes. Let's. Go. And. The. Sun came out if, ever so, briefly. Well, perhaps not, so briefly, after all. I. Am. Still amazed, at, how many reindeer, are grazing, in this area, and check. Out the faint rainbow, can't barely see it. I. Didn't. Notice when it happened, but the landscape, has certainly, turned, a lot more barren.

And Tundra, like. We, continue, pushing through. Just, a quick stop here to enjoy the scenery, we. Are getting close to our destination. It's. Very cold, let's. Go back inside, let's. Check out this man right. Deeply. Whoa. Check, that out let's. Stop again. You. Now, this tunnel coming up first, of all 9% grade, I've never seen a tunnel with such a high percent, grade, second. Almost seven. Kilometers, long this. Is the North Cape tunnel and we're going to go 212 meters or. 696. Feet below the surface of the sea, and, to. The right of, course I will not make you go through the whole thing anyways. The camera doesn't really do it justice can't, really tell how steep, the grades really are. And, this here is the hauntings bar the tunnel, both. Tunnels, were completed in, the late nineties, before, then you had to take a ferry. And. Here. We are Hani's. Fog the. Northernmost, city. In Norway, and the, Gateway to the North Cape of course, very touristy with, a cruise ship stopping. Here even. The welcome, sign is in English. Very. Cute, town though we, will visit tomorrow on the way back south because right now we want to make it to the North Cape, we're. Almost there I can't. Believe, we've made it all the, way up here. By, the way it is 10 p.m. but, of course it is not going to get dark tonight in fact where we are the Sun does not set for, 76. Days this, time of the year from. May 14th, to July 29th. Let's. Continue the, North Cape is just 33. Kilometers, away. The. Town from, this vantage point, here is a mixture, of cute, little houses and industrial. Facilities. Here. To the right we have the nordkapp, campground. But, we've been boondocking. Most, of the trip and we're going to continue doing that. Well. Yeah, that's, our view. This. Is the final, stretch on, this barren, frozen land. Let's. Park real quick check, out this scenery of, course. A tour bus had to arrive just after. We did. Right, down. Amazing. Landscape. Let's, continue we're almost there. I. Know. Hello. Good evening. Thank. You and. Miami, Florida. United. States yes. That's. The week's. Yes. Whoa. Check. Out all these RVs, parked, here it. Looks like we are kind, of late, to the party. Looks. Like everybody got the same idea. Okay. Let's walk to the famous, marker, which by the way ironically, is not at the true northernmost. Point, these. Markers, never, seem to be at the correct place, for some, reason, but the symbolic, aspect is. What really matters. That Peninsula. Over there that's the real northernmost, point, but after all we've traveled, what's an extra, 1,500. Meters right. Here's. The king oscar ii. Obelisk, he. Visited, this point in 1873. And declared, that, the kingdom, of Norway, reached, all the way here, hmm. So it did it looks like it might rain here. Person. There. Is the visitor center. Only. 2093. Kilometers. To the North Pole and I came in here just to defrost and, now I'm going to see the marker. Here. We have a group of rowdy Spanish, tourists, which, just arrived, as I was going to take my selfie. The. Northernmost point, in the world. You. Can drive to the. Closest. You can drive to the North Pole really, which is I just, saw the scientist a couple. Of thousand miles that. Way and, here. There's. A bunch of people here celebrating. But. The. Marker, that, marks the northernmost point. More. Or less over there is gonna be coming down. This way the midnight song I'm, gonna try to come. This way later the. Camera to make a time-lapse and. If. You have it remember we will do a live video. The. Combination, of our journey the only way now is the. Only possible way now is south this, of course is another bucket list destination. In. 2010, we made it to the northernmost point in America to Prudhoe Bay another most point in America where you could drive put away and, now this year we made it to, the northernmost point in the world that, you can drive to I. Don't. Know what's next but it is going to be hard to top this one off this. It. Is pretty mind-blowing. Once, you realize where in the world you are. There. It is the. Arctic, Ocean and, the, Midnight Sun trying, to peek out from behind, those, clouds. Also. Hard to fathom we are 1,000.

Feet High. Pretty. Cool to see old birds swarming. The boat and. There's the cruise ship that just left. Honey's vogue. It. Almost looks, like there are two suns doesn't. It I was, actually expecting to encounter sea. Ice you, know like we did in Alaska, but, that doesn't happen here, apparently, the North Atlantic Current. And the, deep waters, are responsible. For that so noise, it. Is so surreal. There. I can almost see, the North Pole almost. I. Returned. To the parking lot to take a time-lapse, and, right on cue the, Sun starts, to peek out. It. Is exactly midnight, and, the, Sun is supposed to reach its lowest, point at around, 12:20. Such. A fascinating. Phenomenon, now that it's almost 1:00 a.m. the. Sun finally came out. It. Is incredibly, cold out here, but now that the words, of tourists, have dissipated. And we have. Design. All to ourselves. Right. Yeah. I didn't, come prepared, for this cold, temperatures. Here, we are. Greetings. World. Is, very, surreal. Good. Morning. I'm, going to drive to the visitors, center so, we don't have to walk in the cold. It. Is not really as much the, cold as, it is the wind actually. Here. At the Visitor Center they have some displays, a panorama. A movie more, displays, here depicting, the discovery, of the North Cape some famous tourists. Who came here and Oscar. Ii himself, claiming this land for, norway, there. Is a chapel of course. And. For. Some reason a time museum, and. Here. We have the cave of light which should, actually be called the cave of darkness unless. I'm missing something here. They. Do have a nice display, depicting. The Midnight Sun phenomenon, and all that which. Here it lasts, from May 14th, through, July 29th. Time, to head back south. I guess. Some people actually choose to do this track on foot. It. Is such an incredible drive, going down this narrow, road. Not. Having a centerline actually, makes the road feel a lot narrower. Than it really is as you can see it can accommodate two RVs, with a little, room to spare. We. Are going to checkout scar, vogue here real quick before we continue which. Happens, to be the world's northernmost. Fishing. Village. But. That was pretty much the whole town. Now. That we saw it let's continue towards. Honey's, vodka. Remember. These spots we stopped here yesterday, briefly. I guess, these people spent the night here, in their camper vans actually. I've heard a lot of people do that and then, hike the rest of the way so they can avoid the entrance, fee. Here. We can see the North Cape Horn which, is an important, point of orientation, for maritime, traffic I guess, before the invention of GPS. Lots. Of people hiking today anyways. Get ready for a rollercoaster, ride. I. Think. This road is too narrow to have so many pedestrians working. On the side of the road. It. Gets worse. This. Road is already narrow, enough, for two RVs, to go through. Who. Even people with strollers, in, the middle of the street, it. Is otherwise, a beautiful. Drive. Does. The honey's vogue Airport, and this.

Whole Thing is apparently, an event called the North Cape March. Anyways. Here we are hunting's, vogue I like to say that. Let's. Find parking, hmm. Nothing, here. I. See. An RV, I see, tour buses, hmm, yes this is it. It, seems like a nice button other, RVs. Were following, us here obviously. And. They can figure it out. The. Class a. Brother. Next to us. This. Is a. Incredibly. Beautiful place. Kind. Of touristy. Understandable. Since it is were the cruise ship stock and there, is a marching band. Hmm. I wonder what's the occasion. And I'm still wondering because, I asked, at the tourist information center. And they couldn't say either something. About the birthday, of the municipality. I, have, a feeling something that lost in translation. Anyways. Marching, bands children. In costume, sounds, like a big deal to me. Such. A picturesque, town here, running smog at, the top of the world, King, Crab House we're, looking for somewhere to eat and that sounds, like a really good, candidate. Here's. The 12-yard, cruise, ship. Yeah. We decided to eat here at the king crab, house, very. Nice, I. Ordered. A seafood, soup, and ilig at the bacalao, delicious. Both. Eyes. Bar by. The way the trollfjord, here, sails from Bergen, all the way to Kirkenes, near the Russian, border and it, stops here and then to footin which is where we're going next. There's, a Norwegian band plane or a Brazilian. Music. There's, an advantage here. Well. Here we are. Money. Makes her, visa scone. We. Are at the Norwegian. Supermarkets. Let's. See if we can find what we want. You got a check out to the supermarket, to write this is what, they have. Decco. Sauce. Actually. Very well stocked supermarkets. For being at such a remote, place but. As I mentioned at, the beginning nothing, around here feels old that, remote, because there is infrastructure, like this pretty much everywhere, and, fresh. Produce all the way up here in the Arctic I. Love. Going to supermarkets. In other countries, as you can probably tell by now well. I just love supermarkets. Period, skirt. Steak. Really eclectic mix. Of stuff and when I let, you walk back, to, the RV. That's, a big nose. Trolls. Here are very, much part of the Scandinavian folklore, and, mythology, you. Know what it's. Time to go blue, Fulton awaits, and there. Is such a beautiful day now. Riding. Riding. In my RV. Wherever. I, want. To be. Gasps. I'm free if. I RV, I'm. Writing. I'm. Writing, in, my RV, my, RV. Wherever. I, wanted. Because. I'm free if. I'm. Coming. Up on the next episode we'll, begin the journey south, towards. The Lu foot inertia, PL ago of the, Norwegian, Atlantic, coast. My, videos are made possible in part by the support, of viewers like you so do me a favor if you liked it share it with your friends, spread the word and for, more options go to travelling robert comm, slash support as, always, thank you so much and see, you on the road.

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Love it Robert! Just getting back from vacation ourselves and are getting caught up on your adventures. Really enjoying your Nordic trek so far. Great footage!

Its was the cheapest kind back in the day, now its mostly because it has become a tradition.

2:37 It's nice but that kind of waterfalls are *everywhere* in Norway. There are some that are *truly* spetacular, not to be negative, but that one is just... nice... 3:24 Hum, reminds me a bit of Iceland. I miss having such a open landscape without bloody trees everywhere obscuring most of the landscapes features. 4:30 Remember last episode you mentioned people acting as if there's a third lane in the road? Well, many of us are used to roads like this... And it's a fairly good road btw. 8:14 Dangerous? Why do you say that? 8:18 Ah, that explains it. And I suspect it's the turn and not so much the tunnel that is dangerous. "Ulykkespunk" directly translated is "accident point" basically the area has more then normal accidents statistically speaking and they've makred that fact. That kind of locations tend to be places where cars colide more then normal or where people are run over or some such so the sign is there to notify people to pay more attention then normal and to slow down. Usually the cause is a difficult turn or roads meeting at a location with poor visibility or some such. I'm guessing it was referring to the turn before the entrance of the tunnel and not the tunnel itself really as the tunnel has good visibility, looks solid, got good lighting, is reasonably big etc. (We got a *lot* of tunnels here in Norway, and there are some that genuinly *are* scary, think tiny ones that you barely can fit a small car through with no light in the roof and that is rugged with rocks sticking out on the sides etc and you have to slowly drive single file and try to avoid the rocks sticking out and watch out for traffic from the other side using your night lights only with turns... Yeah, not something you'll find in frequently used roads, but they do exist) 8:50 Honestly I'd be more worried about *that* sign... That location is pron to rock slides according to the sign. The state is of course activly fighting to keep rock slide risks low, but new rocks ends up being loose every year and no matter how much work you do to protect the road there will always be some risk. 17:43 The "Å" is *not* an "A" but a completely different letter, just so you know. ;-)

Loved the video.... so cool.... thanks Robert....

i want to see you cook in your rv

hey Robert! nice video, probably we were on the same time on the North Cape ;)

This was in early June. It is an amazing place. I hope to go back some day.

Meus Parabéns!! Belo trabalho, amo a Noruega.


Mike Le Suèdois My grandparents came from Malmo, Sweden! My mom asked my grandmother why she named her son. “Oscar.?” My Grandmother said, “If Oscar is good enough for the King of Sweden, it is good enough for my son!”

Kelly Clark You must be thinking of eastern Washington!

Beautiful pictures video

Wow! - So you actually found your way to _this_ part of the world Robert! - Such a contrast to watch when compared to your trips in the US, especially when you were down in Florida! - I think your choice of music was fitting to the rather 'monotonous' scenery approaching the cape plateau, but, after having been following you to so many interesting and beautiful places, @ 10:15 I was almost relieved to hear your original 'RV-song' again!

Thank you. It was a once in a lifetime trip.

It's nice to see that you got your wife trained to stay out of site and to be quiet tell how you do it

I grew up there.

Wonderful video!

Thank you! It was a wonderful trip.

Hurtigruten-ship from Bergen to Kirkenes

Wonderful sights. Thanks so much.

Yes it was wonderful. One of my favorite trips. You're welcome.

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