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Most. Notorious, gangster, tsukamoto, Jamaica. Nyan, the name alone came with the movies like Jim, Brown for, instance Jimbo. Is a notorious, my new official, Posse and Jim, was, a movie character it's, Charlie Chaplin, as a recording artist, Charlie Chaplin was a character, what I'm a western movie so, I realize, even from another 1980s, and even before that the. Culture influenced, by American or, mainstream, thing everybody really want to whatever see American a gangsta moving in to influence, you every material that Steve's not that is the only thing because there's, so much consumption, but that is one of the most major consumption. Yeah. In. Think it's I know. That is it poses, them, a lot because there's, getting down there and their games are named after games. Of the you guys like the Bloods and the Crips oh they have Bloods and Crips Don, I think it's not know for a fact that like. The US mainstream, will. Really influence them just over that based on yeah. I agree, they, have, Bloods and Crips tearing my. Family is supposedly, involved, but they don't even know that Bloods. And Crips are acronyms, they don't even know where those, names came from they don't even understand. The gravity of those. Names, in. America, so they just take what, they hear and see, the the. Environment and then they just like me cuz, my business was never known. To be an ultra, violent. Place. Said. It keeps on Bobby then I'm done Crips I'll say because I'm up. I, really. Don't understand, how Bloods and Cripps found their way to Barbados. Ed really doesn't make any sense they, they're. Like turf warring, and. You're. On the same island. You're five minutes away from each other how can you turf war five, minutes away from each other like they. Don't get what it means they don't know where it came from. All I did was watch a couple documentaries. And that's, just their life now his Bloods and Cripps Maurice doesn't make you said. It. Is ridiculous, I don't understand, how, vision people can sit here and take names that mean something and, try to twist them in and separate, themselves on this, small island I mean the island is the size of Suffolk County and you. Took, my Bloods and Cripps like you, guys are next-door made this. The. Craziest, thing I ever heard was that there's Mali in Antigua, like. That, was just so I. Just. Could not believe that Mali. Cocaine. And all that nonsense like, I definitely think it's more accepted, now because, every, song, every. Popping. Song, has, Mali. Cocaine, it's. What he tours to before. I had connections, and things like that you don't have to go around look and. It. Would be like so you want this you want that no, bredrin. I just, want greedy but, Barbados isn't known for marijuana, or any type of drug except for wrong there. Now they're just starting to get all these other stuff and they're all just. In. 1980. In 1988. Or one year the, US government, in, the jail people of integers, and they went, and kill 152. Already, I would, shoot that scenario no, they went and the Pisan are coconuts, in Jamaica, after, the party's never got a draft in continuity, jokes, and jewel them bringing that joke sample that's when they set the precedent, style of, what is happening right no yes, or no no, still a bit more tell you anything your ear then top them China and then highlight America.

To This this, world stays young one. With a water Mykonos, is Sylvester Stallone, with a lucid even, a sea of alkaline eliminate the stamina to listen to the music academy, destiny. Know. The name of some of these pills if. It weren't for the music that. Guy wouldn't know that people, got -, cough syrup if it weren't for future, like I just wouldn't know and, so it really does you, know when you listen to that music, yeah, and then with. American. Artist putting Caribbean. You know spice, in terrific it's. Now, people. Are starting to the middle of the Caribbean is somewhere like they want to vacation. Another. Thing is the. Deportees, them they, have more knowledge of foreign, life. Thank. God, Ian. And I mean they gotta make no money so whatever. And everyone's rub they're the ones running their, drug control and the, violence control, in the, islands because they come back to, the others with all this knowledge of whatever, America. Or whatever. Section. II or wherever they came from and they're, bringing in this, knowledge you're bringing in this mindset, and the. You sir Jamaica. We at Amelia theater, decriminalize, marijuana and. Then they decriminalize, marijuana the. Exact. Section that they put in in the world Constitution to build to. Demonize, it is to me that you see the exact why is it true find another. One. One, more one, more exactly, after New York City when Jamaicans, don't fit in most, potent, marijuana burner and wait until, new addition I realized I'm really improve inspired, by the do er and by America, generally speaking. I'm an, experimental next immunity for, sale it's. A social effect when I put forward to you know the currents when us quiet and president, Park from, Cuba, know on a certain, other culture you can automatically, feel other kids if they align themselves with, us culture, and the mainstream coalition where they put our s demography, led to the naginata from it's now another thing that worried and we'll go to answer, when it comes to us the current culture about respect, I whatever it is assuming, the, way to Barbados, sucks.

Now, She does garbage. Oh. Mainstream, when, it comes to fashion and, materialistic. Things - it, brings a lot of crime. Violence. Watching. This TV and, it's in these sneakers, these, jeans. All. These things. Everything. Bring me back to the movie shot says how you know you have Kimani he has the Florida, and the Jamaica side and the niggas like put it together you. Know at the end so you know he was just doing his dirty amiga, then he come over here now he's a dude you know now, he knows that world, so both of his worlds get fused together and it becomes. They. Are. Different. - no but Jamaica uncertain, our culture our. Business, credit system is, so, whenever I come back come back into my life same cool it are so much I try, meaning. That are duplicated. Up and then I realize that I'm duplicates, in, question or. First. Meteor people, are from jamia calling me at the mobile IP Thanksgiving. First of all fire one more, Thanksgiving feed, not about tongues even understand, my people in them. Get influenced, by the American culture so much that they might do things with him not even know the mean enough Thanksgiving, is a blood sacrifice near, fire and indeed no worse than that I'm, a cinema celebrate our Halloween, party so, that name, thing that shows that the mainstream American, culture, I'm, really important, to them and kind of seeps, affinity, with a mentality a senior which is I really is a really stringent thing, for no said that really I take place on it in extremely, sunny Caribbean culture, Caribbean, people a mother to Africans, and we are 10 tickets in it then I suppose target influenced, by something like America. Which, is a Soaker, for. Fool, fool illusion, fire so that my stance pan until this evening everybody's. Getting a handy gardens in Barbados, well there's just no. Reason. For, guns it's just like you guys are just too close to each other and the, body it, has skyrocketed, like, even the only time they ever stop sweeping underneath the rug was recently when Rihanna's, cousin cuts shot and then, it was like oh, this. Is a problem just. You know she run that play doctor, she, does she does he run when. That, happened, it was like okay now we actually have to start doing something about this but, Barbados has no means to deal with this I. Think. That's. Wasn't the changes with me changes, I think that, Rihanna posted, about it so much that, I bought, a light that, was usually so, no it's not right you have to talk about exactly rather, than oh you know what's happening but you're not saying anything about it you're, not trying to do anything about it but now that it's mainstream it's like well we have to talk about it because she's dirty when she's turning these hashtags it's, turned these gun violence gun violence that because, obviously she's, a native she knows what's going on but, obviously it doesn't affect you it just it happens to your family so, now there is advocate, involved, now she needs to get involved and now the government has to get involved because it's.

Being Brought to light she has such a following. And such a such power in such a sphere of influence that, now it has to be under the police are correct oh also I feel like that if you talk about corruption in America, with police and I think. I'll. Wake, her up. Memories. Of the core of the car watchin over when, there are certain things against, them like the momma said son I just imagined uh police I get them outside next, to me if I don't make it to us after. Pack cement our 70 tools I don't know if you like to in court in the name today I Gordon, whistling. Like my name see I'm on your car traffic violator, 99 Ixtapa vol 1 today I know the ticket cars 10,000. Because. America, they concentrate. On the corruption through color and race and, with a Caribbean, everybody's, you know the same I don't think it's it's a separation, thing is in your corrupt, your corrupt its money yeah the. Only normally, factor, is social. Class and money and, that's really what it is is if you can afford to. Be. Close to him, break the rules can, be worn to break the rules and it ties back into what, you said about the. Caribbean culture I think we're pretty. Close. To minimalists. In the Caribbean, compared, to Americans, you, know so it's like we live there, I live there for until I was 17, and I came here and my friends had credit cards if I didn't know about I didn't know that they had credit cards so, they have the nicest shoes of, the nicest ballots, exactly. They, look so, put together and, I'm like. What. Do I need to do to like you know I was like trying to do the math in my head but. It's all materialism. Here it's like that's what it's about, so I think that, then in the tape now black 20. You. Can almost flex even more on it and like when you go by. You. Can't tell who's a no cause anymore, myself. And I feel, like I can tell I can't tell but I feel addicted definitely, telling. Dr.. Cole. Dr. Finkel laptop. In : hey. Mommy. Ho, between. De-ice. Alicia. Using. Dignity. They. Say they love me. But, they don't. Funny, the. I. Don't. Need a closed entry but. Many people. They, would have I to get to your incident, secretly. Then. Would I find your data. Into. The body. When, the bill Bissett, emperor, what, does it hurt to. See them man I can't, even. Oh. Oh. They. Don't. Mia. Home. And. Be. Able to travel come, here get, their pools of shoes and different bags and then go arrive and flex. Mansion. Without it many go back to the music for me for. Me personally I blame another music. For. Me I blame, the violence. Music. Everything. Are certain possibly, but, I think music is mainly. In. The movies. Also yeah, you know really, you. Get the music industry, the entertainment, industry that is usually. Dominantly. Bad, that, is really projecting. A bad image which, is really the most popular thing these days yeah it. Actually does feel good that you know like today we got we, and we got the Black Panther movie out and like I felt so proud especially for me personally I can't get up black Ponte tattoo right here because, I'm. Saying get it up good. Parties. And so on there's, a constant, competition, yeah, especially, the rapper's and so on you gotta. Shit. So there, it is a it becomes a certain way, when you get so cool, that's so proud of it son yeah, even. Kids if a little five-year-old child, is, listening to this use it you still gotta put all this. Why. Is it not I. Mean. They are good, people. Really. I. Know they focus on the back so cartel. Commissar, up about time to design go I knew. Everybody. I. Lose. The people gravity, it to warrant, it more. It's, not their fault that they're not taking, that. This. Was saying about the Caribbean be a minimalistic, I just feel like the grass is always greener on the other side so, if there's something that they don't know it's just yeah the gravity, right but.

They Would train more of like the negative hard to trap music all this stuff and people. Ribbing. Like most Caribbean, islands well a lot of carbon atoms are doing bad right now and in, times of in times of depression and negativity people lead, towards, negative things when they feel like it's good put, them out of the situation. Temporarily. They all lead to like, good. Media, and all that stuff um it's only a few of them but, most you. Can see the Caribbean islands what's going on right now most of us are leaning towards an activity, that New, York well that the United States is portraying, and then all these famous artists, is also, everybody, follow the feeling exactly they say oh they get it money like this why, we can do this. What. The atom so that I'm comfortable with, being with. People. Too. Far it's society, there's, always someone, looking for someone. Yeah. I think we, can attribute, the drugs and the violence issues, in the premium to. Us. The. U.s. against. The. Demon can see me, and Carly comes in at the new room the. Console at the new room and the new robots are real and fluency with an apartment, where the meat come from but Mr docken car. We was we have the artistic team we have identically DT when, I was about us and really, for was fun us ministry shall we to the desire I shall leave in we have a herb just when the herbs I read is gonna need to get it on a cool college in the financier dr., lo innocent it yeah, I feel. Like we need to localize and, get. Like real. Local eyes our culture because we're leaning towards the United States culture and we can show like a TV. Program, we need more of our, local, show. We. Have too. Much outer shows, United States and stuff I mean you just. Like. The media like not, the whole media like I'm talking about like the backside, it's, like it's just for, me it's like it's training like, yourself. Conscious, mind and you don't even know it's. Like it's. Like everybody, is there however we have no like gravitated, toward the back side stuff consciously because itself times this - being trained like that or, even if you don't even listen to the bottom using the bob music, is the boundaries, right now so if you need to put forgive. On here that's going to get me here with some way since that he must carry is. That a demon, or a spirit in, that then you must hear your comment, yes, I was saying so I. Feel. Sorry for this generation. Mainstream. On drugs, the violence towards. True. Or the Kirby and I just think people. As. Individuals with, again some sense. That's. Correct. The. United, States and all ISM most powerful. So-called. Machine or so dear for every country our Father had many new regime innocence. If America. Lena valance I expects. Of the Caribbean will follow because so, we. Cannot, depend on them to do certain things for us yeah. Next time so. Can. Expect no better people find a sudden use of wouldn't end but, then I get people don't father because they, like to be led. The. U.s. definitely.

Influences, A Caribbean, but I also feel as vice versa Philly at the grassman's minute there's always being on the other side just like how. Trini. Said he. Said that do you want we want to see more local channels, and you watching and I knew watching shows aren't you may be watching shows you see you know America, is being. Glamorized. But I also feel like in America, a lot of black people like to glamorize. Caribbean, people like to glamorize. The Caribbean, so the grass is just always greener I feel that we both influence, each other, Americans. Just extremely, influential period. Things. And even have their own channels where, they, broadcast all the time like that like, the, visitors channel they have their own, local. Channels to watch I still feel like American. Or the US media still influenced them there it's gonna continue in influence, of them and I don't think it's gonna stop anytime something honestly yeah I, think. That a Caribbean. Law enforcement, needs to be aware of what they're doing. Because. I, think that while, we're in, ingesting. American. Culture they're, ingesting. American, law. Enforcement culture. Too and so, it's just going to just turn into this vicious cycle, of like, violence. Against, each. Other and violence, against, during. Like law because, like them criminalizing, certain jobs to a certain extent it's just, going to make things worse because. They're. Just following what America's doing anyways I feel like it's all aspects, not, just to usually I feel like it's the society. To and, when. Society, follows, American. Society, and the Caribbean, societies, just it's not gonna work yeah, it's not gonna work I. Think. People in the Caribbean need, to remember what their culture, is and there's a reason why Americans, are coming in and taken our culture and injecting, it into what. They're doing right now and. Then we look at what they're doing and, we're like oh look at them flexing, and then they make music about flexing, and then we hear their music and then it's like we. Forget who we are as, a culture so, I think we need to think about that more because, we. Are minimalist, and that's why everybody, thinks the Caribbean is like this great place. And then you know we come to America, and start to go with their ideals so it's just I think they have a huge influence over, us. And it's like they have a grasp on us and I think we need to remember, what our punches and remember that they're coming and taking from us so, we don't yell someone jump in there we, don't need to go jump in there a pilot, I'm and. Money and all that stuff we have to remember what is this yeah. Chatterbox.

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Really loved this topic. I think US media has a heavy influence on the Caribbean like Autarchii said I got family members down there telling me about thanksgiving and celebrating Halloween. It’s very annoying and sad. US imperialism is so powerful, I fear we might start losing big chunks of our culture trying to follow America. We need to cling to our culture. Like Kiambu said we gotta localize, shed light on our own people and showcase their talents and arts instead of supporting other nations’ stuff

big up to the woke brother @autarchii , most logical person on the panel

Bloods and crips in the West Indies is interesting but you all know that there were gangs in the islands from long. Gangs are not something that was taken from the us. Differences creates division. Its unfortunate but its true.

Gangs are everywhere but the fact that the caribbean has named theirs after American gangs was the point I believe, thanks for watching!

Autarchii bless up

Very valid points made, I really enjoyed this episode I don't see the sense of the drug dealing, killings and all. We as Caribbean people need to wise up and lead and not to follow. Its really sad to see my lil island having so many guns and we don't produce any at all just pure madness.

thank you for watching!

Baby Autarchii❤

Chattabox. Yaaay! poeticmusic17@gmail.com thank you!

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baby callistus

Baby Autarchii

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Baby Trey Sancho

There were some really good points made in this video. I agree that both cultures frequently borrow from each other, however, most of the time this exchange isn’t mutually beneficial. When America borrows from the Caribbean, it gets the positive attributes— the food, dances, music, lingo, vibes, etc. While the Caribbean gets America’s negative qualities in the form of materialism, drug culture, gang culture, etc. I don’t think the solution is extreme ethnocentrism, where the Caribbean rejects all aspects of America culture. After all one of the beauties of the world we live in is that were able to be exposed to cultures we might not have known existed 50/60 years ago. Like you all said the solution lies in establishing with the current generation a deep appreciation and a strong sense of pride in their heritage/culture; as well as finding a way to make the cultural exchange between The Caribbean and America more positive and healthy for both parties. As always thank you for another great episode.

Connect030 as always thank you for the great feedback

Violence won’t stop unless we over power it with love ❤️

I really enjoyed this topic. I agree with everything you all pointed out about America's influence in the Caribbean. As a Haitian gyal I notice the same issue with our music. Haitian music was always Kompa, trowbado, and zouk, Although it is still played; "Haitian trap" is the new thing. There was always rap in Haiti but not the kind where so-called rappers are mumbling words that make no sense. The trap is the music that is consumed today by the young population, which is growing. When it comes to drugs weed is one of the things that is consumed but I haven't heard of the crazy drugs that some people in America take. Overall you guys are doing a good job keep it up.

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I like the concept of this show and keep up the good work. However, you need a more informed panel that uses facts vs. anecdotal or half-chewed information.

Yes, clearly, it's not meant to replace "research and education;" that much is obvious. However, when serious topics-which have nothing to do with "entertainment"- are discussed, facts are important.

We like our panel, this show is for entertainment and about opinions not to replace actual research & education and we'd hope no one would think other wise. thanks for watching!

I disagree that due to Rihanna's cousin passing that the government in Barbados "started" to pay attention to gun violence. I pay more attention to the media in Barbados than I do to the Uk (where I reside). I agree that it became more internationally visual to the world because of Rihanna's cousin passing but works already in place to combat the gun violence in Barbados.

Poverty causes all this stop deflecting

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