S2Ep17 Let's Sail Balkans - Albanian Coast (14-22.08.2019)

S2Ep17 Let's Sail Balkans -  Albanian Coast (14-22.08.2019)

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I. Was. Just in the narrative arcs between Corfu, and Albania and, we. To, win acceleration, zone, so we're after going from 10, knots to 30 knots there's a saleable. Like we'll put out the sails would be on our air so. May. Know. Sixty. Degrees of. For. About. I'd. Say once it stops close to one to two there are you go. Back forward, so, it's not worse company, more cells have. Been beautiful when our listening, to the radio. They. Call the radio, some. Of the assisting, a jet. Jet, ski. Rocks, somewhere especially Niko's. And the, poor gerotor trying to assist couldn't, actually, assistant. But she's got a fan killed sailboat. She's company rocks and, then they're requesting, her to stand by on through Coast Guard came what, still completely. And, at the end they say and now call Albanians God. Is. The Greek Coast Guard she's funny. Yes we are no different than the life on the lot we live on somebody scandals. We. Made it Tyrande. In. The commercial port, that. Sister and a marina, surrounding, Marina marina, support. Role 30 boats land Soviet technically. This is the no man's land where you check-in. They're, just. From, here two defenses are you allowed on to get clearance, what. Pretty, efficient agent Metis haven't. Seen a closest official and doesn't, look like we're going to they're. Handing everything. Considering. I spent. Four, hours of my day today. Greeks, checking out. Spent. Four hours checking in here hand somebody 45 bucks and just be done it. Is a breeze and she's back 40. Minutes later with our passports, so, yeah make, sense sometimes. Yeah. Just one to have a wall on the ferries going past or a bobbing up and down and, you have this big, bouncers. For. Paris. And, we just between, them between. The bouncers they. Explored. Internet the last. In. The circus, we're okay you managed, to pick up a bit. We're. Getting bits of pieces in kind of a no you have to put in time no that's just yeah. You've been okay. Once. We got from Athens onwards, it just got so hard. Absolutely. We're, here in Albania and unfortunately did we check internet hey Bing, most, of most of them out there no, passwords, with, our. Internet. Area downtown around the pocket above grab the grab the signal do you have reasonable. It's not super, powerful reasonable, internet straightaway, and thousands, of arrives. So. Here we are in, Albania. In. Saranda. Okay we already said when we've been on the boat but now we're actually in the town. Yes. That's true. The. Style of people little, bit like Polish people they're still back to that I want my few bucks you, know your dog is not coming in my restaurant because could, be a family with kids. It. Could be not a--not you just lost family. So. We. Actually had to do we. Walk the streets and we found an empty restaurant who is looking for their business and. Approach. Them to, consider the street here on their table. It's probably the first place we being that is not so dog friendly people. Are scared of the dog for sure and, the second person made the huge eyes I. Gave, the face or. The. Avoid. 20. Meters like crazy yes. Ta'rhonda, is a touristy, seaside town it's kind of a crescent shape, beach. But. Not a beach because every, 50. Meters the beach disappears. And it just becomes wall and and bit, of beach and cold water it's. Not a clean Beach. It's. A nightmare. Everything, what you could have the, most drinking, and allowed as it's all in here. All. This, like. Blinking. Balloons they're, all flying. Shining. Whatever. And. The. Street tubes night, groups night. Ultimate. Pizza. Parlor, game city. Polar game the girls with the red short dresses the, girls in dresses. And. Guys. Ready. Yeah. That's what the town is affecting. You you're getting crazier, so City on why. Are you hiding over there come. On, Mike. So. You think I do not have to storm now yes, okay. So because of that, start. To protect. Our, things. From. We. Don't want the flying candles. And stuff. So. Blast-off. Usually I'm taking down. Everything. On, the floor, dishes. To the sink. Closes, shirts. Don't. Like them. Okay, the flowers down take a man down no, take. A mean dough. What. Stocks. Okay. The. Holding. Oh. I hope, for. A cardiac, surgeon. Nice. For acetone no it's a totally, Shore and, pretty. Exposed, there's. Only two ports of protection. Maybe. Three the quantity for Montenegro but to, the main ports of protection, with. Huge cut the body greens they're. Going. Into blowers is opens the door to the.

West. This, way is coming to then all West give. Me salon call me see the White House building in the distance the disabilities character you, just cut the main down just the time, and. Turkey, knots on the nose. Speedo. Around and. Not 1.6. 1.6. Because. Really quick actually maybe. Four, minutes before Michael, seen the ways, to put the cells down to the grass down not. Too. You don't something go young so. He put, his life jacket on so fast like history, a little just now. When. I waiting. For something I've been burning is gonna happen we just have to change a setting, of our voltage. To, be prepared for this or further what. You wasn't ready, for five, minutes ago because nobody know that gonna be right I am. Riders. On the storm. Don't. Edit, down. Of. Course we have to seen it because if I want to put this music on our video, I have to pay, so. You're going to t be virtual, Monique I see even, she shouldn't, ever sing. In public. The. Other point that is not reacting. Fast enough right away. So, we'll be charged too much sideways, to the wind. The. Windage others cash bond is huge and in that auto boy that kind of pulled the nose that have fought back again. We, can steer strange difficult, erect li out the winds with. We've had costs on the way money there or something inside of the foot water in, his Porsche. So, now and you can show off your skills. We're. Doing the plan speed okay we're actually off the tree now it's, not bad you're actually doing whatever half past. Okay. Produced all power the engines are only at 1600, rpm both engines but, there's, no point in stopping it to this. Breaking. Every day. Move it on. Thank, you how long this is going to be for but it was forecasted, as. You see on the our flag, it's just directly, on our nose just. Straight. How, many. People. River we. Have so many, thoughts. Or, the votes to stop and of course it's gone to 35. But, remember. The loan in our first store, I look. At him now he. Is not arriving that much anymore. But trying to figure out what we're taking which wind probably. Is. Maestro. Because. That's from. Northwest. Little bit, so. Has to be - thank. You very much. Exactly. I was thinking about this if, he's too scary or too.

If. It's out of control, we could turn, back and go with wind, and. We'll be there in two hours. Yes. Interesting, passage today so yeah we left surround a yesterday, and, headed. For Palermo. Stay. There overnight in. His glasses like the port of refuge it's. Pretty. Well protected from most. Tackles, so yeah we went in and it's an old military base I'm. Funny enough to just confined to maybe, 1 or 2 spots to, anchor. Your. Install, so we try to get to the beach this guy just ran oh whoa. Doesn't. Kill is moving that was his job to scream for every single boat but. They not that all could be done. So. So. That was yeah it was a nice base you had a swim water was cold and. Then the Sun started, once. The Sun went down the katabatic, winds came and. We had up to 35 knots to the night. So. They say that you know who, do anchor watch without a rocks around not a lot of places to run off the anchor, dragged and. You want to be pretty sharpish, then you, don't get into it then a lot of chain that we, integrate on the in there needs a source of water we have to keep interchange but. Still, there. Old space and say we. Started today big, raghida tired. That's, the port at 9 a.m.. Beautiful. And. Beautiful. Morning. Then. We. Say that I see little white cups for distance ahead this. Is Don coming. So. You, know what you just came closer I first actually I thought it when I see the line at hopefully, Jesus. Will be sticking out there quite above they went down to check the charts. Check. Two different job offers to make sure that one wasn't. Telling. Fibs and I just. Seen ok there's. A scene with this and solitary. Star coming but literally Monica came out and said what they do I said. Let's, get the main down one. Implicitly had just stood on the roof our next, thing dirty. Dancer breeze you know we've. Got the main down cut it away and. We had up to 44, not as wealthy and as a highest cost. I've. Had this for six seven hours at. One point we're doing one and a half dollars, you. Know 1800. Rpm I mean but the engines up higher you know the. Half of yeah woman would've just slamming. Great and, that's you know we have the stable in them at the palace on and then we do speak wait this, table. Is jumping. Way. Open, and seeks video was just exploded. So, that's how it because else yes, those are what you can do. Yeah that. Were catchy too much wine we're drinking out of the carton. Now. We, know we. Just said. Let. The more excited. We didn't particularly to go to a big city again because. We've checked in and so on that we don't have to check in here you, can do all the formalities to the marine animal burning, it down as Markham. Markham. Only. One marine I know I've been a distant. Operation. Between Italian, and Albanian a. Little. Bit. Nine. Years ago my pain is quite basic it's, only one month. But. People think a few. Need. To you I'll be burned a lot of diesel today just to try and make a delay. And. We need some rest you 14-ounce on the nose but. Just. Seasoning. Seeds at. Least two men are seeds to not working today, and we didn't sleep last night mr., grassman and their last previous tonight because we've been surrounded the, music, all the time we didn't sleep there neither feel, really really pirates so before. We went for night job probably us thank you tonight, the. To nighty really, cool don't. Know if, I'm. Just some song. You. Didn't, notice. It's all enemies, and fennel. Before. Just get in it some piece have. An easy night tonight, have. A beer well. Posterior, clock need. To sort our poor dog because, Peter. This morning. Honey. Now was, 45. Knots. Of wind and, he just slide down and on this plant he just walk outside it's, like. 24. Knots in the notes is just under, 45. Is something, called they don't like but I'm not panicking, anymore, that's how it decays and, then. The clothes of Albania, was all the way so low snow. Very big, cliffs no accidents, or an office at all it's, a seashore for the, prevailing, wind by. The dangerous, and, we, stayed outside the hundred, meter contour, line all the way up and. Just. A case of top of that we did have a little bit of room to turn, around up, what to say about, next. Up Corfu it's, not maybe. Ten.

Hours To get here and could, be back above. And. This big that's a beautiful moment so it's like to show I don't know will you be, able to see. Just. Leaving blown out. It's just the. Quarter past 7:00. So. Not just peeping over the mountains. Beautiful. Morning. Through. The mist. Not, much wind about 10 knots, yes. Misty, ahead, don't, forget this wind that we are promised. Slow. Going at the moment just five thousand dollars a day, ten. Nos breeze, and the nose I. Came. Ready to go up what's no point in poisoning, yes just keeps logging. You. Nice get a little bit of lift from the wind. Police. Are speed make, better time we're heading to the dress. Which, is, exactly. 60, nautical miles. Yeah. You. Could do it under there 12 hours that there. Navigation. Software is showing us at the moment is our ETA. Will. Be racing here. And. Us, it's. Really big city now. Starting. Down there, it's. Not. It's actually study there, no, yeah. Because it buildings, there on the very spin fast and moon there. Cutes TV. We eat old buildings, big fault as Michael say probably, poor food is transporting. What. Is taking ships with transport, to Macedonia. Inland. But. Still funny that there is normal enough of sailing. Here so. We have to go through the big. Port, yes. It's the main horse so I'll be busy in here although. Uh neither rifles, are pretty positive about this pig Nepal. Let's. See what its gonna be like, they, also mention that security, is very good what, are they feeling there's a curfew on the games that have to be in my certain coming off of the, harbor. To do wrong. Tomorrow. Yeah, we're not alone anyway there's other understanding. Does. On, the front of us showing the same agent. This is us. Thank. You we are in. The direst port is not a marine I support. Of. Course max pings is the best place on the world because, it's. Like. Yeah. We are in it. What. Are we like a 300, meters away from the ferry we have a, market. And some, jobs in somewhere here's us where the bakery. Now. Maximus, wasn't here. Maximus. But. There was a gladiators. What. Did you discover that there was gladiators. Fights now. Okay. And. Why could we not go inside now because, of what. Minister. Of the Interior arrived, so, okay. Guys. I. Didn't. Know in Rome in, those time they had that. Good horse. Yeah. That's not a definite, signal cover house, brand is now the Romans, period. Right. If, it's not wise in there all right. You. Already have. People, spending money. The. Old people, young people. Later, we're going to party. My. Boys a dancer and I see the, bar tonight. You.

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