S3Ep6 Let's Sail Canary Islands - Lanzarote & Fuertaventura

S3Ep6 Let's Sail Canary Islands  - Lanzarote & Fuertaventura

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Foreign. Do. So that was our home for about, eight months, and the lifestyle, in the marina, is different than on the sea, but for us was great. Yeah we got a really good deal. And for 45, foot cats. It was 900, per month, to include water electricity. Internet. So and we, felt really safe there. Considering where we were, and. There's no movement in the marina. It could be very very windy outside. Big cities but we didn't move around at all, yeah, and uh, now we know because now we're around the, canary, islands we know that's a good place. Yeah i mean we've had some crazy, prices. Thrown at us from marinas. So we cannot compare it to the turkey or to greece, that's the different story, so 900, euros per month, on our island that was great yeah, that basically. Translates, to a. Plus 90 day contract. So then you start getting discounts. I think we were on a 30 percent discount, for plus 90 days, so that's what got it down to the, 900., it's 900 and change. And in this pandemic, time they, kept us on the winter prices so that was good, yeah we had um. We're rolling over every month, because no one knew the situation. And they still kept us on the on the discounted, price. You can see the silhouette, of our dog in the background, yeah. Of course before pandemia, it was really busy place, we had all the restaurants. Bars, social, life available. Every week, was local. Market. We also, had time to hire a car and we drove around this. Volcanic, island and really enjoy the place. And. Really cool we have family even come and stay with. Us. Who's there. He's there. He's coming. Martinka. Who is. It. Oh. But then all this pandemia, started, so we needed to slow down. But we still had each other we still had space, we weren't locked down like we would be if we were at home. We had so much time to do things together. Monica, even started to paint. Max and leon had friends. So all was. Great. The second brush. We need another, brush. Because they fight for. Brushes. Charlie look at me in the, water. And the baby ones, wow that's. My small how did you catch it on the fishing rod yes. The big one, good job, yeah i got all the small ones, okay. Did you name them, no, no. You should a b c d, oh, no gary. I think you found that out. Now. Now. I'm sure you're all fed up of this coronavirus. Pandemic, lockdown so we're not gonna talk about this anymore. Uh. Then we have, we made about a separate, episode, about our situation, in the marina, so if you want to hear about this again, come back and watch other episodes, yeah and also we.

Went Through a bit of boat maintenance, in this time and again that we covered that in our last episode. Yeah so after all this, came time to move on we could finally leave a marina. And back to the sea. So start off baby steps, so just around the corner to papagayo, beach, which is basically, on the southern shore of lanzarote. We wanted to be sure that after all this what we've done to our boat, because our efforts, is still available, to float. And, she did, she did and you know all systems are working you're putting strain on your batteries, and the solar panels lifting it back up again. Water maker is working. They're all working, to the moment but about this, in few minutes. Okay. We stayed in papagayo. Yeah tonight, yeah we first we said to upper beach to check all the systems, and we stayed there a few nights. How was your first two nights on the sea. Good. Back to having a lullaby. Because, rocking the sleep is lovely. And it's actually quite pleasant here just difficult with the dog. The dog thinking again he owes the sea. You see there is a boat, and this boat not allowed to be here. It's our scene. Yeah this is coc. Yes. But he's been very brave. He didn't forget, anything, after, wintering, yes he's remembered all the stains. And uh. Was difficult, to get him ashore because it's a breaking wave on the beach here. This is not a shaded, t-shirt. It's just wet. Yep breaking waves. Trying to get the dog onto the boat but um, he's very brave didn't jump out really proud of him. Okay let's start let's go. Are we going there. Puerto ventura. It's only one hour away from here but we're going on the bottom of the island what, will be 12 hours. Hello. How is it back on the sea. Good. Good. Oh not so good yes. Good good, good not so good because we're going for 12 hours and we are it is only our second. The day of summer okay you wanted the smaller steps and now it's a big jump yeah. One small, step for men.

One. One huge, leaper. From lanzarote, to fort ventura, we had a lovely sail with. Company. And we just ripped our sail. So, that's bad news, and we're nearly, after. Destination. And. Like, so there you go here. We have a fish farm around, here that's our boat and we're trying to go around. Where is this. Here. And. I don't know what this is called but i think it's called like a wind shadow. Because we had huge waves and i think, it's called the one shadow i'm not sure. And the one shadow, kind of, make the big waves, go. So, yeah, that's okay. Oh you can see that. It's right here. Actually i don't think you can see it but now you can. That's all white because, it went through the window but now it's closed. Let me check if it's what in here. Uh i'm, not sure if it's wet in here it's not what's in here though. Well canary islands. Are well known for their wind acceleration, zones, so basically the wind is funneling through the islands, and creates, um. An increased wind, it could be double. It can yes it goes double and also creates, a few seas, steeper, seas. Waves. And. Breaking waves where you wouldn't expect to get breaking waves. So we had the pleasure to experience, this um pleasure. And after the lonely sail with the elephants we've been hit by the unexpected. Thing. We told our main. Computer, is no working navigation, computer. Yeah well we have backup for us, yeah but there's no two autopilots, and both of them not working so, we think it's a, we don't know if they share the same flux skate computer. Our compass i mean so we have to check it out. And we have a bigger waist than we expected. And. We couldn't swim because, too deep too wavy. Too big, swell. Confidence, waves there's a breaking wave and then the rebounding, wave off the shore, it was um, quite low. I didn't live about, four days already. It looks. That's normal to you, not really. You do that in the brain but it's different by choice michael. And the different one you don't have pictures. What's happened to our sail. Okay. Um. We blew out the main we blew, out a section, about a meter long, just, close to the leech, and. And yeah look luckily it did spread it just it's all within one big panel. So. It was repairable. How it happened, we. Spinning down one of the waves we had an involuntary, job. And. The sail. Just caught, and. Four on the leech line, so why our alpha titles, stop working, two of them. We don't know, um, exactly. But um. One we got sorted out was a loose connection bad bad connection, that explained one pilot, autopilot, going, the second one, is still work in progress, we've had a raymarine, guy out on numerous occasions. And i still can't find it, it's one of these faults. It's. Intermittent, fault, which is really hard to diagnose, because. How do you know you fixed. It. There wasn't a reason. Okay yeah when the rain marine guy came out he was pretty shocked, and. He was exploring where we have our flux gate. Compasses. And. One of them we had all our tools around it and on the other we had all our electrical, cables, and. Um. Cams for. For charging, our and soldering, iron and stuff like that so. Enough to set the compass is going crazy. Mind you that wasn't necessarily your issue, you're still getting positive real, proper readings on, our course, but. It was still tracking down all the different photos that was a lesson for us, it was a lesson yeah, yeah, and what's happened to our navigation, system. New computer whatever, we bought a new computer. And. Purposely, for. For this. Our old system is quite old and, have fallen out of the support line from windows, so. We bought, a new, digital yachts, computer. And yeah it just keeps crashing, blue screen of death. All we have on it is our, navigation, program. And. We run this from the. Laptops. So, yeah, i had a backup on my laptop so i can still run it on my laptop so it's not like nothing. Which is so annoying, go and spend this money on a dedicated, computer. And, it's not working. It has to go back. And we know we stopped over one night yeah but we did we're not supposed to start we're supposed to stop but we are hand steering because with no autopilot. And yes we pulled in to get some relief. Obviously our main was damaged, so we didn't use the main after that. And, yeah we moved on then, put it down. Tomorrow. Because we're a little wild people we prefer quiet places. So we murdered on the other side of the port with an empty beach. Because we are a little wild people we prefer quiet places. So we moved to the other side of the port, where there was a large empty beach, leon was delighted. The only problem could be fairies turning to go into the port, but for us it wasn't the.

Problem. And this is our, latest, treasure. We bought the sewing machine. Vintage, one. A few weeks ago. Our friends in lanzarote, were selling they bought. So they were selling out everything, what was on the boat and wasn't the part of the boat. And one of those was a, piano, collapse. And another, thing was a sewing machine. So we're bowing and we just actually we bought this and we're actually so, lucky. Because. With herself. I would have a big trouble. Being nowhere. To fall in the cell and still big. Trip on the front of us to do and. Now we can fix it so now we can think by ourselves. So that's what is the lifestyle, now, don't buy the new one just fix the old one, but if everything goes how we want we wouldn't have any story to say would be boring, so what's happened to us, well, the only thing that could happen the needle broke we have only one needle with this machine. And broke, so what we did, we started to hand sewing. Yeah with the system literally in the boom, um, it was 29. Knots of wind on that day yeah 29 30 knots of wind. And sun beating down and we're just in this bench pushed over position. Hand sewing the sail, and we burned our necks we've been just. Couldn't move that night couldn't sleep had to sleep like traps, like two crabs. Just only shoulders, and necks. But we were sitting there like for, three hours three four hours, i was actually sitting in the boom. And, you know because, the needle what you use for the hand sewing, is that size, so one of us was pushing the other was sticking there, and, her colors, put the thread in thread in, and then. By hand, so, but we were grating, we made it, made us i'm still holding out actually so how long is that it's two months later, two months later yeah i'm still still fine, still fine. That's it and, we're not gonna tell you where we are now because that's, three episodes, later. And. If you want to know just you have to watch next three episodes. So see you then okay. Cheers. You.

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