SA Live : Feb 26, 2020

SA Live : Feb 26, 2020

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A, couple. Guys just gonna have to pick up the scoring a little bit probably gonna play a little bit more fast-paced. Jakob. And the Spurs will play the Mavericks without LA, and big board sports. Back. Home and they will face the maps tonight without LaMarcus. Aldridge he's out with the right shoulder, soreness, so that means the Spurs will play without their second leading scorer, this season with 26 games left in the regular season. Spurs are certainly running out of time to make the playoffs every, game is very important, plus there's, always Texas, pride on the line when the Spurs faced the Rockets or the Mavs. Yeah. That's huge I mean all, the games are massive. Yeah just take it one at a time, you. Know we don't have a lot of time left so we gotta be ready, to go from the jump yeah. I mean. Well. Texas pride you know you. Only do active feet I mean right. Now there's other things at stake but it's. Always a, consideration. Yeah. Spurs. Will host the Mavs tonight at 7:30 Dallas. Is favored by five. Government. Cowboys. Vice-president, Stephen Jones dropping, a bombshell during, his appearance at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, revealing. That he and representatives. Of dak Prescott, haven't talked since September. That some reports indicated, the Cowboys quarterback went up on his price for a new long-term contract. Extension, the clock is ticking since the window for getting a new long-term deal, done. Closes, March 10th that's they the Cowboys would have to use the franchise, tag to hold on the Prescott and give him a one year's salary of twenty-seven million dollars now there's also the new collective, bargaining agreement, that is being offered to the players by the NFL, still. Is Jones, surprised, the new deal has not gotten. Done. Once. We didn't, get it done you know right there at the beginning of the season it certainly doesn't surprise me that it's not done yet right, now. I was, surprised that we didn't get it done at, the beginning of the season and, obviously. You know Jerry's thoughts, on it we all thought we were close you know I wouldn't say there was anything acrimonious. We just we, felt like we were kind of where we were and we. Never really got going again. Texans. General manager, and head coach Bill O'Brien made, the trip to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, and check out what future draft, picks can, help out his team it's the first time we've heard from O'Brien since, he fired Romeo Crennel as his defensive, coordinator, following, that meltdown against the Chiefs in their season and promoting. Anthony, Weaver. We've. And I have spent a lot of time together talking about defense.

You. Know I've I've interviewed, we've, talked. To him about what, he would do, if. He was ever the defensive, coordinator and, he did, a great job in those meetings very, bright guy has a really good grasp of the whole defense and, he'll bring his own his. Own you, know style to our defense and I think the players will be excited about it and. For the Texans sake hopefully, his new defensive, mentality will, help take that B to another level, yeah they blew that one it gives the cheese know I think the cheese actually. Look. Who wonders who yeah, right yeah it's a college football season yet we always talk about Patrick mahomes the context is check. It's. Always time for sa live it is. Oh. How, about this how about some free stuff are you ready for this don't say we don't take care of our audience because we are about to can, I get a drumroll please. Thank. You for that assist all right we're gonna tell you how you can win a family, four pack of, tickets to, the San Antonio Spring. Homes, and garden show also, to, Sea World a family four pack to Sea World and this, drum roll again we're gonna need that the. Spurs. Tickets yeah, courtside. Yeah, Spurs tickets, that's. Fine, courtside now we have, food and and Naomi Hendricks oh yeah okay owner of rooted soul food is here and she brought lunch, broccoli. Cheese soup I love it in a bread bowl, all. Vegan, this is an all vegan Brackley, cheddar soup made with whole, foods it's just vegetables on time special vegetables, on top of vegetables but you would never be able to tell by the flavor I can't. Mmm. So, what I did was I used potatoes, and cashews. To make that creamy flavor you taste in there and there's actually, no artificial cheese involved, that is really, really creamy, we're gonna have some more great recipes as, well hey we're going to dogs yeah that's okay the San Antonio Spring, Home and Garden Show has it all you can even pick up some training tips so, we. Are going to show you how you can help get your fur baby up to speed the tallest the fastest, wooden roller coaster in Texas at SeaWorld we ride it yes with, my ride-or-die right there. Debra. Mrs. Dori what's right but when you want San Antonio's, latest news and weather streaming, free on KCT me.

All. Right well not sick of the forecast weird 52. Degrees go. Like the wind Justin. We, only have a few seconds, left guys, listen I'm more than impressed by this 54. Today winds. To die down tonight. There. You go 30, tomorrow, morning 63, on Thursday look out for that freeze tonight okay. Live. It's good to start right now. Hey. Did you by chance partying. In too, much on Fat Tuesday we've, got one cure that can help you bounce, right, back on the healthy track, and. Guys if you're looking to impress your date. Night look, these. Outfits might help make you a shoo-in, for date number two and, it's the start of let, you see, we're making some delicious who to help make sure you're not getting a flavor ese live starts, right now. Celebrate. San Antonio's. Coming. To you live from historic Market. Square this. Is sa, live. Adoptable. Pups in the studio and in just a few minutes you, can find out how you can help with on April, ever home, good. Afternoon everyone I'm Laura Sousa and I'm Mike ghoster hey J and not only is a rescue Wincy it's also Ash Wednesday and of course a lot of people are giving up something, for, Lent, and we. Wanted to know this, question so wrong which is, harder to give up coffee. Or car but Sophie's Choice. Sophie's. Choice coffee. Or carbs coffee or carbs, I would, think carbs, would be easier like caffeine. Or caffeine caffeine, Wow. Caffeine, yeah that's everything I, know do you know that stuff so I would think carbs would be easier, cuz. I can go ahead without a slice of bread morning. Coffee Oh got, to have that yeah so we want to know what, you think which is gonna be easier. Or tougher mm-hmm, there's no one si life case that on Facebook and Twitter all right well if you happen to be giving up meat for Lent, or maybe, you're trying to eat a little healthier vegan. Cooking is becoming a tasty, and less, scary, option. Yes indeed anyway Hendricks oh you go Kay owner of rooted soul food is here to show us a healthy, food can be made without. Meat. Good afternoon, hello. Okay. So earlier. My mouths were watering across, the area because we were looking at your broccoli and cheese soup and you said it didn't have any dairy cheese, or. Or, vegan, cheese not, even any vegan cheese so what, does it made out of real quick okay I used, cashews, and potatoes, and nutritional. Yeast is the key to get that cheesy flavor to blend it all together to make you feel like you're, doing something wrong but it's actually so healthy, for you it felt so right yeah right. No. Soup like that is thick and rich and you, know it's, hearty it is comforting. So okay so we are making. A burger. But. That, cajun a cajun black bean burgers so you're gonna get our toppings ready all right all right fantastic okay so, the, first thing we're gonna do is get the so, I already pre pulsed, some tortilla, chips and I'm using the h-e-b. Sea. Salt tortilla chips if you guys have not tried those they are the best tortilla, chips and they're super salty so we're gonna add these in I'm already we pre both pre blended those those.

Chips Got major, stamps as approval from absolutely. Absolutely, I. Took. Two cans of beans and I already rinsed, them out but what I did was reserved the, liquid. That came out of the beans this is important, so you have to reserve that cuz we're gonna use that later, okay, okay so we're gonna dump our beans in here. And. We're. Just gonna give this a quick pulse. Go. Ahead. Okay. I think that looks good so we still can see some of the beans in there they look beautiful so you want to be able to see. Those so. Now we're going to get the rest of the ingredients ready we're going to mix together the flour goes. In here with. The reserved, liquid from, the beans and, this is a secret you're doing this is the secret part that I'm talking about so this is a going, to become our binder, it's basically an egg replacer. So that we can hold together the. Burner. The patties I'm gonna turn this down just. Cause it's smoking, up a little bit so mix that together and we get that mixed in really well and then I think about the black beans like that means we get the good protein absolutely. Would get absolutely. It's very hearty and filling, satisfying. So. We're gonna mix in some, cilantro, mmm we. Have some, garlic because, of course we have garlic let's. Get all that garlic in there yes. I. Mean no, garlic left behind none and. Then we have green onions and. I'm. Only I'm only having to use one seasoning, blend this is the Cajun seasoning because we have enough salt in the tortilla chips and then, the pepper that's included in this Cajun blend, is gonna be enough okay perfect so it's just a Cajun Cajun. Blend we're. Gonna put in there, and. Mix all the black bean and the chip absolutely. There and then you follow up your burger patties, absolutely. You get started into doing all the vegetarian. And vegan well. Um a documentary. So, I was watching Netflix, one night and I, saw a. Documentary, about how. Plants. Just fuel your body and you really don't need much else to get. All that fuel and it's so clean, and healthy and I just really wanted to give it a shot so about, seven years ago my husband and I decided to. Give. Up the meat and the, dairy and see what it was all about and, it's.

Being, That I was a lifelong. Passionate. Home chef, it, was a challenge. At first cuz I really wanted all those foods that I was used to so. It was it was it, was a lot of experimentation and, a lot of fun trying to recreate all of those dishes in a vegan version and like getting the the thickness and the richness with, the soup, there and also the juices as the worker so we formed a patties here and goes. Right into a nice hot skillet right yes okay, and what, are the toppings and you said this is kind of a nail replacer, yes, I, called avocado, nature's. Mayo so, it's so it's full of fat it's so healthy and it's gonna give you that same creaminess, that you would get from a mayonnaise instead, of putting. The mayonnaise on your burger you can just take out of kado and what's your trick okay so let's, see you're gonna grab a fork okay. And instead of using a lot more utensils. Let me give one to you and, a whole nother Bowl you, want just a scrape on you can just take your fork and just kind of like squish, it down in there okay, and you're. Gonna just, push. It around right in there and then you can just uh, take. It with the fork and spread. It right on top of the your, burger so it just saves a step, it's a yeah it's a the set and most importantly it saves dirty dishes because. So. Many times when you're cooking I mean it's all same you look good did I use that many dishes exactly, exactly so you definitely lather, that avocado on the top and bottom because, more avocado is always, better, I like that mantra. Lipsy. Lost a little hunk there yeah let, me know if you need more all, right, money on here. And if, folks want to get a hold of you you don't have a brick-and-mortar, place though I do not have a brick-and-mortar but, I do call, LA Botanica, my home you. Guys familiar with LA Botanica down on st. Mary's Street yes it's a fabulous, place they, have welcomed me in so every Sunday night I go and I cook dinner out from 6 to 8 p.m. so, I do what they call a kitchen takeover and I serve my food and my my. Recipes, and you, can also hire. Me for catering ok and then I'm also all around the city at a lot of different pop-ups all, around San Antonio so you can find me you'll, find me um you. Can find where I'm gonna be located on my Instagram page at rooted soul food and on Facebook as well ok, so if, someone, is looking to switch to vegan what are some small ways they can start well there's so many plant-based, milks, out there ok now like you go to the dairy section and there's just a vast. Variety of. Plant-based. Milks, made from everything. Now, so bananas. Oats. Almonds. Cashews. So that's, a really easy step to like, easily change out that one, thing and. Then I like to say like don't beat yourself up you know it's a it's a transition, so, any, steps are better than those steps at all and then oh my, wife buys that that's pretty good Scott absolutely ok let's see how, is it I. Love. The cajun spices in there. I'm. The creaminess of the Mayo yeah, everything. On there. For. More information, on rooted soul food just head to our website ese, and click on the as seen on, si, live tab, ok, there is a new king of coasters, and it is right here at 0 it is the, tallest and fastest, wooden, roller coaster, yeah so you know we. We're. One of the first ones to check, it out for you so we kind of tested it yeah. All. Right we are here at SeaWorld. Oh you're about to ride the new Texas. Stingray, it is a wooden, roller coaster technically, it has a metal burglar and in, this I'm looking forward, to I've been tuning the stingrays I've never ridden on one if, it is the tallest and, fastest. Wooden little Church in Texas, yes. No. Are. You hurt, are you sure. I. Am. So glad you were my ride-or-die. That. Was fine, 50. 55, 55. Miles, an hour remember Texas stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio is the tallest longest, fastest, wooden roller coaster, in, Texas, 55, miles an hour, 100-foot. Drop, 16. Airtime, moments those are those moments where your stomach just kind of got. I think 16 of those and it's kind of it's got the metal frame the wooden deck, for the for the rails it's, a little bit tighter a little bit faster than normal wooden roller coasters, it's not I I think so, I've written it umpteen. Times and. It's. It's a lot smoother, than other roller coasters but yet it still has that roller coaster feel.

To It just a little bit of the vibration, to it and that's what people like about it it's. The first of its kind here in San Antonio yeah and it's got some some really nice angled, tight turns and everything but you're not getting just yanked, and roll them right but it that's exhilarating, no I knew go I mean I'm riding. It and then all of a sudden my body's totally this way and then I'm this way and then it's totally this way I'm like oh my gosh what's going on and then there's that 100, foot tunnel that you go, it's. Exhilarating it's, fantastic, it's new for, this year and see where we want you to come on out and see it so, we, got the sneak peek okay, tested, it out. You. Folks can try it out this weekend right absolutely, Texas stingray opens, it debuts, to the public, on Saturday February, 29th. Get, here early we open at 10:00 o'clock it's, just gonna be a lot of fun for more information, of course on SeaWorld San Antonio and the Texas stingray just head to SeaWorld San Antonio, calm. Well. You can win a family for back to SeaWorld so you can ride all the, fun rides and see all the amazing marine, life just entered to win right now on sa That, was a fun coaster, all right we are switching gears and it. Is. These, two are just I mean, talk about attached. At the hip basically, good, pals a Kimberly Cahoon, founder of lucky spot Dog Rescue is here to introduce us to these two great dogs looking for a home good at. Good afternoon who do we have here, there's, no precious. This. Little guy here is Adkins, you can't tell, that he only has three legs his, other leg had to be amputated, he. Was rescued, from a, pallet. Of like. It was like a wood pile and, a lady found him and coaxed him out with chicken, for two weeks to. Gain his trust and, his we, found his leg was just so broken we don't know how but it had to be amputated, but, he is just doing so much better now without it he runs around great, on three legs and he is well I was gonna say even Adkins can't tell you know really, about his leg he sees we've, been watching him just here around the studio he's been bouncing, around the happiest, dog it doesn't faze him at all it doesn't faze him at all he's a happy, boy he, loves other dogs but he loves a kid.

And. Then again who's the one that we said look like they got you know he got in a fight with a McFlurry, yes, no we're here with Larry Kelly, McFlurry yes so, she, was rescued actually in the same area, and she was found as skin and bones she had just had no meat on her whatsoever and, it seems that her back leg was caught in something so. She. Has an injury to her back leg but it wasn't, as bad to where it needed to be amputated, so, she still actually uses that leg and she'll run on it sometimes when she feels like it and you, can see in that picture you, know and now I mean she feels great and the food love to play tell. You one thing when, she pulls on this leash you better be ready because she's. A stronger but look at that I mean just if you could show some. Attention, at, you - yes no, so if somebody wants to adopt these two what, do they need to do you can contact us through our website or, Facebook Instagram. We have an application, you can fill out and then. We'll set up a meet and greet with you and bring the dog to you and just make sure that's a great fit for your home and your kids or other pets that you have okay and lucky spot dog rescue can always use donations, and always means we, always need foster the, more fosters we have the more dogs. That we can take in and rescue because we are a foster, based rescue in San Antonio oh well, if you'd like more information on. The. Lucky, dog mm-hmm, yes thank you so much Lauren place the lucky spot. You've. Got your hands full maybe for more information, to the wicked smaht dog rescue just head to our website sa,, and click on the as seen on, si live ha. Very. Much whoops. Oh right. Now it's okay there we go okay hey, still ahead on sa, live it's a double dose of dogs where you can catch an amazing. Show from this etching in let the paint out but. First did you overindulge, yesterday. For Mardi Gras it's time to detox, what's, in these drinks that could help find out next on sa live. You. Welcome. Back to ese live while healthy living has never been so easy with, these fresh pressed raw juices that are ready for you to just grab and go robber bonnie is the owner of farm juice and is here to show us how we can squeeze. The. Most out of life. Indulging. On the not so healthy stuff and you have something of course that they can switch to right well we have one that we call detox, but we have several different juices, that's great for detoxing the, body but. Today we're going to demonstrate. On, how to make a detox juice and then of, course we already have a wide. Variety of ones, to choose from that we can simply, need today so what. We want to do here we're gonna go ahead and turn this one on here. And. We're gonna let you just start. Squeeze in a way they're just pressing, down this. Here is a slow masticating, juicer. We do have cold-pressed, juices at our store and so. And. Can, you juice on, anything, yep. Alright. And. What. Are the benefits of juicing, well, it's just a great way of getting your daily. Fruits and vegetables, if.

You Don't like to eat them mm-hmm. It's. A great way for that it's. Because. You said the equivalent, in this bottle is about what - about 2 to 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables in each one. Like. That and even though all the cells are out of there you're still getting the fiber from it right ok so what. Is it, so which one is this one this one here's the crazy kale it's our most popular one that we have so for seven years it's been for, seven years yeah, crazy case this one here it's gonna have kale spinach red cabbage, then, it's also gonna have some sweetness because it's got oh Fuji, apples Granny, Smith green apples very great this wrong baby I was good I was thinking it was gonna be like kale. But this is fantastic, so, good my mind's gone. That was really tasty I see why it's the most popular, so, besides juices, there are smoothies too right we also have smoothies, at our store and today we're going to go ahead and make one for. This. One here is just a fine smoothie, that we make at the store each day we. Also have healthy ones we can custom, any smoothie, we can custom any juice at the store and, we also have acai bowls which we custom those as well. We. Do. Advertise. As grab-and-go so you're able to come into the store at any time if you want to cleanse a three day five day you're able to just come in and grab it and go you don't have to do a 24 hour advance notice, so these are all pre-made, those that you size. And, the smoothies we make on the spot but all the juices that we're constantly making them throughout the day so. Alright, so you've got this smoothie going and you what, have you thrown in there so, what we've got here some strawberries. Pineapple. Mango. We're. Gonna put a little banana in there we put a little bit of agave. Mmm. And. I, cyi that's. One of the best thing almost like he'll it's. That unique little fruit from what's up yeah, yeah Wow, also, I get to they're worried about that one. So. It's a great smoothie, here I'm gonna let you sample this one as well alrighty. Smoothie. I'm sold on that and you're located over there 1604, and 281. Yes, okay. And you, have to pre-order products, you said now you can just walk in just walk in for all of our juices. Smoothies. And, acai bowls course we make on the on the spot we also provide, other, items. As well we do provide CBD. And since we have ups. Here today we, actually have CBD. For Pitts well okay. You. Know. Head. To our website sa,, and click on the as seen on, si live tab because AB item intricate oh I know, some. Of the guilt goes away. You. Have a chance to win free courtside, Spurs tickets, coming up at around 1:45, so. Stick around because we're gonna tell you what you need to do and how this giveaway could also bring, down your bills, and, next, training, tips with top canines, where you can catch an incredible. Show from. High-flying. Jumping. Dog learn some tricks for your pup as well, badges, straight ahead. You. Welcome. Back well whether, you're looking to learn how to make renovations, to your home entertain, the kids eat some tasty food or learn how to train your dog the San Antonio Spring Home and Garden Show has it all and it is going on a Friday through Sunday at the Alamodome, speaking, of training fight oh here's girl owner of fetching a freedom, dog training is here, and this, is what's so great about the Home. Show this weekend is it, is, literally everything, about the home it, is it is everything, it's amazing ok, and you, of course are going to be there and. There. What is a good place to start when training, your dog what are kind of the popular, in. Your home the best place to start is in your home because if your dog can't listen in your home around, your family right it's not gonna listen to anywhere else so in your home in your backyard that's the best place to start okay sometimes, you take it to the training yeah but no it's 99.9.

Percent Of the time it's in it's enough and that's where most people have problems and they want helpless in their home and I think one one of the things that a lot of people deal with is jumping. Right or or or just teaching. Them to sit yes, a are just a few of the ones they do and, one of the things that I tell people is Alisha's your best friends so this. Is just a six foot leash and to help with jumping and sitting if, she was to jump Riley come here I'm. Just gonna drop this down and step on it she, can't jump now right right so now I can hide. There. Might be a lot of food on the ground oh yeah right, but there she can't jump up and so I can get her attention sure. I, can. Get her to sit right just up with the end and then, good job for not jumping okay right so I've stopped the jumping and now I can word reward her for saying, innocent. Step on a short note so they're not like yanking, it their neck trying to jump up right right exactly, but not so much that it's pulling them to the ground Riley come all. Right now so. That goes in conjunction with sit, them, in the sit like and that's it and then you talked about doing a place teach a place yes so place can be anything in your home it's something elevated we have this platform here today but I use dog beds you can use a chair at your house and it's a spot that's designated that you've taught your dog go to this go. To this and hang out and it really helps when people come over you can ask the dog hey go to place they, run over to place they. Hang out you're able to open the door they're not rushing out they're not jump being around the people and they've calmed down so, like with Riley I can again take this leash right. And I can she knows it but please, good. Girl right, so I can just have her get up on it you reward them when they're on here right, good job for being on here mm-hmm. Practicing. That and then they'll stay there when people are there now could the place also be their crate no crate chaining is good it could yes okay it could be the crate with the door wide open they go in and they stay in until, you, ask them to come out okay now say, say you have dogs, at home that are you know don't. Know anything, okay, and they might be a little older is it possible. Yes. You can train dogs of any age I've trained dogs up to 12 years old even, you, have different, expectations, because a dog that's 12 has 12 years of habits so, you got to think about that and your expectation, of how quickly it's going to happen but it's about consistency and, showing. Them what you want so any age can learn okay and you're gonna be putting on a demonstration and an ting questioners at the Home Show right yes we are we're gonna be doing demonstrations. Of how to we're. Gonna be doing tricks and then we'll also be showing do. A question and answer for people who have questions. For. Both the shows and you're gonna be there Friday and Sunday. Yes all right on the main stage and then after that if somebody wants to get a hold of you they can have you come to their home base yes they can and we'll have a booth there as well, all weekend, so you can see us all weekend with dogs and come. By and ask us questions and you, have this, guy has some tricks right she does she has some tricks okay so just real quickly there we go let's. See what you can do. I'm. Already impressed Riley come here deal yes. We've. Nope, yep we've yes. Good girl we've yes. Please. Good. Girl huh Freddie said. There. You go yes. Reverse. And. Spider. Julia. Colin davidson from America's Test Kitchen the spring San Antonio Home & Garden Show is this Friday through Sunday at the Alamodome get, two tickets for the price of one with the promo code case at at check, out on their website San, Antonio spring home And, you can enter to win a family four pack for free right now on our website sa, again, the spring a San Antonio Home, and Garden Show is this. Friday through Sunday at the Alamodome thank, you so much Karen all. Right up next how you can, observe link and still get a delicious meal at the new Familia Cortez restaurant, at the rim ready, to give you a taste so don't go anywhere, so. Right now here's a look at what's coming to the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts brought to you by BMW, of San Antonio. Welcome. Back to the essay line and of course is Lin season event in the open many of us are giving up the thing but don't have to give up a good meal, Gilbert.

De La Paz the kitchen manager from me Familia is here to show us what's on the menu at some of the la familia Cortes, restaurants. For, the next few weeks welcome. Well thank. You for inviting me hey what smells good yes. So we're gonna be creating on the tour Tita they come out come along with. No pal Quezada, it's, one of our traditional, lent, entrees, that, we bring out to our other restaurants. You know right. There in Lynn this is the beginning of lane Ash Wednesday so, translation. What, is it it is. Shrimp. Patty mm-hmm. That we're gonna. Saute. In our, cactus. As no.5. And. Chili. Red sauce okay, so, yeah, onions but right now we're taking the onions this takes a while for the sake, of time I already started them and then. We take the nopales off Fiona if you want to just go, ahead and put all of that in there and. These. Nopales, cactus these, do have to be you, know trapped, or boiled. With. Some garlic and then. We're. Gonna take. A couple this, is ground. Up whole, shrimp, and, we're, gonna take a couple of those tablespoons, just pour it in there. Yeah. We take the whole shrimp, dried up dehydrate. It and then, we just. Butt. In the processor. And. Yeah, with, all the liquids in there it's almost making like a seafood sauce, exactly. Exactly and then, we. Take wakil, ancho. And chile albor and we. Borrow those with, a little bit of garlic and we. Blend it we, strain it and then we add that and combine. All of those flavors together and then, we just add in a few spices I, like to add in cumin. Mexican. Oregano and. A. Little bit of salt. And some, garlic puree, garlic. And, all our quiz Ithaca. Cuisine there's garlic all. The depth of flavors in this now besides this dish what else you have, so. We we, created a menu I mean we have plenty of seafood options on a menu already, we, have our enchiladas primavera, you could get year-round and then. I love. Lynn because, this is a time of year we get to create some of our you, know Mexican, recipes, this is a combination. Of two recipes for my grandmother's, you, know so I'm honoring both of them you know one use this has cheese in it though, is bolillo bread that, we toast up and then, we soak it in what's, called feel'n seal piloncillo. Is, brown. Sugar and cane sugar and we, melt that down with some water and, I. Put clove cinnamon. And, orange peel, and make, a syrup then I pour it over our toasted, bread and. Traditionally. We put raisins, some. People put almonds, pecans, and. I. Some. People put cheddar cheese here, in Texas I finally use a lot of cheddar cheese but, my grandmother's, from, Mexico they would use go. Tika or this one has queso fresco oh wow oh god the Mexican, bread pudding we enjoy it all Lindt season, well of course not only all the great. Left mini cortos family restaurants, down here but out there at the rim and, if, you'd like more, information in, cottonseed Gilbert out there at, the the rim now go to la familia Cortes dot-com. Thank you very much sir appreciating. Next. On si live guys, no need to struggle what to wear for date night how to create these style books that are also affordable. It's straight ahead. You. Alright. Guys you want to put your best foot forward especially when stepping out for date night so fashion stylist Christina Jaynes joins us and you are gonna give us three great date night looks. For guys utilizing. What they may already have in their closet we're gonna do a casual look where you have a vest and how to dress. Up some jeans and then we'll have our second look for culture, and dining which, I will show you how you can take a suit and utilize it in different ways from work and then our third will be the, sets and look because we all are from the south and have to show off our cowboy hat so our first look is the.

Casual, Date look right yes so, we have preston here in a nice. Quilted. Vest. That you can find in your closet and this great red shirt with a nice jean, that fits very well and a good, leather sneaker, boot we. Can also change, this look if you're the kind of guy that likes to leave a shirt tucked out you can undo the, vest, and. Your shirts and, still, create the same look that you're going for but just a more relaxed fit this, next look is that dinner kind of culture date look yes I wanted, to show how you can, go from work and take a suit and change it up a little bit so, we'll have our jacket that we typically wear and you don't always have to wear the same colors, it's nice to kind of change the pattern a little bit so, you'll see that there's a pattern within this structured, jacket and then a nice good, textured. Navy. Blue pant I switched, to shoes because, you can always have a shoe, that's more formal. For work and changing. It up a little bit makes it great for deep this is our Stetson. Look because we are in the south so we can't forget our cowboy hat and so, here I kind of wanted to make a little bit more casual, because sometimes, we always know we can do cowboy boots but I thought I'd switch it up and do a nice casual, boot show. That it still works with your sport, coat and a good, old Stetson, hat, and. You can't really go wrong with like a crisp white shirt every, man must, own one of those and it looks really good starched, and great. For dating so. Those are some great date night looks for the guys from fashion stylist, Christina Jane's tell folks how to find you well you can find us on insta, at southern as a mother or you can come into the shop here in Bracken village perfect. And for all that information just head to our website sa,, and click on the as seen on, si live cap. Next. On sa live who, wants to win some free port sides first, tickets, yep you heard us right you can't miss this big giveaway they can also help bring down your, bills stay with us. All. Right well you're looking for ways to save some money and improve your home making, the switch to solar can help you save big on your electric, bill dan ran VP. Of Sales at, South Texas solar systems is here, to tell us how all. Right okay. We're, gonna tell folks that the reason you're holding a basketball is because we're gonna tell them in just a few minutes about how they can win courtside. Seats, to a Spurs game exactly, okay all right but you guys stick around one. Second, all right so tell folks how switching, to solar can of course save the money well how is, by harnessing that power and, owning that power so make sure that you know please.

Give Us a call right now is the best time to do this because we have a home sweet solar deal that we spoke of last month, that's, still in effect so it's $3,000. For everyone that's in the cps territory, so, please please take advantage of that give us a call three thousand dollars and then you get a tax credit of five thousand dollars so that can add up that can add up yes. Now we were talking about the Spring home and garden show a little bit earlier and then South, Texas solar systems is gonna be there right that's right we're gonna be there we're gonna display a lot of our equipment we're gonna have a lot of staff, in there, to talk. About solar the importance of solar and. Just really go over all our all our deals all our equipment, just the importance of solar again really and because here in South Texas I mean we get so much sign so this is an incredible, investment not only in your home but you, get to see those. Immediate, results, yeah immediate, I mean it's it's right, from the get-go I mean right, as soon as the power is switched, on a commission you'll see your bills start dropping take. Advantage of that right now is the best time to go solar it's, right before spring break so, please, give us a call we got guys on standby, again, give us a call that's that's money that you can save for the summer really. And with this $3,000, cash, back you can really take advantage of your Christmas debt that you just got off right and then we got summer vacations, so really it really it's a great incentive all right and as far as the installation, process you, guys take care of all, the paperwork in the red tape right right it's a turnkey operation is. It's a it's a easy, process, there's, no no headaches, to it we take care of the whole thing the whole process, installations. Two days um you got one day for the installation of the, panel is one day for the electrical of course like you mentioned all the red tape does take a few weeks you know so, that that will carry over but we take advantage we take care of that alright, and now.

You've Got another big. Thing going on which is the giveaway, right, we got Spurs court sides scores. Courtside, tickets it's, a great way to spend a great, evening watching, the game you get the best treatment ever you're right up front you get drinks. You get parking I mean you're gonna have a lot of fun so please give us a call go, to our Facebook, page you, can or just go to our website, you'll, be able to see how you can enter and, please enter it's active, right now it ends on March. 11th, and then we're gonna make the announcement that day as well okay and this is of course courtside for the game on March 16th. Again, you can enter on Facebook, you can search them on there South Texas solar, systems. And just find out exactly, how you can enter the win as we, mentioned the winner will be announced on March, 11th. All right, for more information on South Texas solar systems, and their, products you can visit them at TH solar systems, comm or, call two one zero four. Zero five, eight six, two eight you, can also follow them on social media the handles are listed right there on your screen, dan thank you so much thank you for having me alright. Spring is coming up fast so get ready we have a sneak peak into the, spring time a makeup, trends with tips and tricks on how to create these looks yourself, plus. We have a new series called real, san antonio's our first pieces takes you inside this, local, hotspot off the st. Mary's Strip to learn the story behind, the food. Earlier. We asked you which is harder to give up caffeine or, Arps, all right this is the poll on Twitter and. It, looks like oh my gosh it's a dead heat I told. You I told you this was hard. Alright. So. Here. Is what's. Going on on Facebook oh wow carbs, is flame, caffeine. So. Carbs, would be harder to give up for those on and Facebook land that's. That's. Interesting cuz I would think you know you, get that morning, cup of coffee I'm speaking. From personal well. You need it, ridiculously. Early I. Would. Have said no he's gonna give up carbs there's no way you can give up caffeine. Thanks. For. Commenting. On that though, Wow. 72%. To 20 that. Margin. Okay hey, tomorrow, we've, got a live coming, up it, is, real San Antonio is our first piece of kitchen said it's local hot spot off the trip.

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