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We're. Skipping town and, taking a trip to the beach, but. Not just any beach beautiful. Port Aransas on Mustang, island. It's. Been nearly two years since the coastal town was ravaged, by Hurricane, Harvey it, was a long journey of recovery but. Now Port Aransas is back and it is better than ever, it's. A fun destination. For families with, plenty for the kids to do like pirate, and dolphin, tours surfing. And parasailing, and, plenty. Of great food and, if you're traveling without the kids there's a thriving nightlife scene a gorgeous. Golf course and heck everything. You would have done with kids why, not this. Is sa live in, Port, Aransas. I'm. Mike and I did surfing I'm, getting, and I think dolphins are guru D and. I'm David elder and I love food cowabunga. And. We would welcome you to sa lives special. Tourism. Bureau so this is welcome San Antonio, it's. Just awesome you would never know that just. About two years ago that. Hurricane was going right through here it did kept, going and we've come back 100%, we are ready to rock and roll host everybody, from San Antonio in around Texas, for some great times. Have. A great time first, we're gonna lead off with this, guys. Are gonna be beets, in it yeah, sandcastle, in it that's right golf. Cart in it yeah music, it and a lot of eating a lot of easy what a great restaurant are excited, to try them already it's souvenirs we got we got what to do what to do what to do all right I need shirts to buy in town in. Souvenirs. For Kyoto baguette remember Kel go yeah. Let's. Not talk about it let's go. One. Two three four. Well, you can't come down to the beach at Port a without. Build a sandcastle it's like therapy I got my bucket on I got my shovel and my, guys got the big kits didn't you the. Only thing you brought oh yeah, what else do you need okay. You've got the little good yeah and, I think between all of this stuff we're good to go I think we're gonna make a really good sandcastle, I do too, what do you think have you ever done one before of, course. In. Barnet aka Sam, Cassell Kenny and, you're a professional sandcastle. Building except, act and we're ready to go right this is all you need that's great, stuff kids. You. Have helped the economy in, town here immensely. By going, through the shops and picking that stuff but you have a real shuttle and I do I, make. Sand castles old-school. Style before. There, was so much plastic, in the world and. We. Use real shovels, we use real buckets, we use forms, that, are free. Forms, and we, do hand stacking, and we have pools you're. Just here to have fun what, you know and we're gonna have fun we're gonna actually we're, gonna build some sand castles, and then can you target it we're gonna challenge you okay all right and we're gonna see if we can come up with something, that. Can probably rival something that you can create. Inspiration. Tension. You will do that now we're gonna do the sand castle pledge okay. And how that is done is you raise your right hand and. You. Repeat after me, I promise. To have fun. And. I promise to, help others, have fun I promise to, help others have fun and, I promise to unlit, err and, I promise. Oh. It. Starts if you're ready to start yeah, it's wherever I want my sandcastle. I stand okay and I take my shovel and I make us urinate now. Then. The sand that I'm going to make my sand castle with comes, from outside that circle and I, just go around the circle, and start, making a I, call, it a sand mountain.

So. The next task is to go down and do the syrup and get some water oh the, water feels great, today oh, man. This feels fantastic. We. Call this a rat forum and it's just clamped, together and, how, it works is, we'll just nestle. It into, that, soft pack like so pour. Some water in. And. It mixes with the sand it's, like a beach stew, yeah, a beach. - okay now we take our shovels, of a shovel sand into the form like so. And. What you need to do is wiggle it once in a while like, so and it, settles, that sand and compacts. It next. Step hand, stacking. You, get your bucket you get one of them that you took the water out of and, you start putting sand, in it like so so the deal here, is to mix the sand with the water so it's doing this kind of stuff okay, see how it's doing that yeah it, needs to be that way. So. Now what well you build this up to a point. So, we start the shaping by finding. The center of your tower and then, you just start, working, it down into, a point. And once, it's off take. The sand that surround it and push. It up into it like so bulldoze, yeah, there we go that's it bulldoze, it all up. Tools. Down what a wonderful, job I'm gonna judge these things well we're gonna go for. First prize with. All. Of the. First. Prize today, sandcastle. Kenny thank you very much and now we got some great tips yes I think we can supposed up to our pledge we all had fun. Now. Let's go on glitter let's go find some tracks like. Littered with the. Thank. You okay. Have you knew this but you want to hang ten this, is the place to do it down here at Forte because you can actually take lessons, like, from Brittany Potter here who is a surfing, pro surfing instructor so. I would have never thought of this. Kind of wave to be surfing waves yeah. Texas has some of the best waves to learn on actually, do. That and you got I did not and. You teach down you're right I do I've been teaching at Texas surf camps for fifteen years our, most of the camps for kids, are, they for adults everybody, it's for everybody we do have a limit, of six, so, six and, up and, your lung cancer with us so, a six year old do. They do pretty good serving that's, some of the best surfers it ok, what's the trick because I've, seen on TV laughs people get out there and they fall, down get up fall down get up fall down yeah it does happen a lot, falling, is part of surfing but um you, know you just got to have good balance and stick with it have a positive attitude yeah.

The Best surfer in the world is the one having the most fun today we have about, three feet of surf and you can learn to surf in anything from one to two feet so you don't need the big ways to learn would you like me to demonstrate for you sure okay gee so you lay this down on, your board first that's the first step second, step is you have to catch the wave so. Paddling. Helps a lot with that you, paddle just like this and. Then after you feel that you caught the wave and you're. Gliding with it you're gonna put your hands on the sides and, do a push up next. Up you slide your foot under like so hands. Rales until. You're ready to stand up knees. Bent perfectly. Centered on the board all right well we need to see the expert do it so okay I'll go show you let me grab my board. Of, course down here at forte there are so many activities on, the water but how about above. The water and that's, where Tim comes in so you put, people off the back of boat but they're going up right absolutely. Parasailing, what's that like it's awesome it's, really smooth it's quiet peaceful. Those are the all, the terms we kind of hear when we all our guests come back down most. People are pretty nervous at the beginning but we go out there we inflate the chute on our back of our boat we. Hook you up you'll be like sitting in the swing the lifejacket on and we just take off and slowly let you out. About. 200 feet above the water wow. That. Seems like it would make. People a little bit nervous, yeah as far as heights it's not so bad because of the water there's nothing really around here to compare yourself to so, it, feels like maybe 50 feet you. See stuff in the water yeah absolutely like yeah we see dolphins almost, every day stingrays. We, saw a whale shark yesterday, off the beach really yeah he's amazing oh wow so. How do you convince somebody if you're like oh no I can't do that I can't do that we. Just tell them to come out for the ride and then they always end up going anyway yep, absolutely okay. And. How many times have you done it oh man that's zero I'm scared of heights Oh. Literally. Just strap you in and you're sitting in a swing that's all there is to it yeah just enjoy anything I can imagine the view is fantastic how long can you see two hundred feet of it oh wow. Miles. Yeah. You see the whole town see, the whole island you can see st.. Joe's Island see the lighthouse. See. Offshore so. Take your camera up there and oh yeah take some selfies and yep enjoy the view yes sir all right. Coming. Up next on the SA live port a special, we take you out on an adventure into the Gulf of Mexico for, a deep-sea, fishing trip. We're. Hitting the high seas, learning, how to be pirates, yes. We're. What Zeke, the quartermaster. It kind. Of in charge other, than the captain on this ship right. So. You got a lot of scallywags, out here are they making good pirates well I'll tell you what mate I'm really impressed with the croc that we've got today they've been quite impressive they can finish they can plunder they can do a little bit of everything, now. I want to ask about this one does she look like a pirate, she, looks pretty decent to be on sunny right pirates. Our. Eggs. Well it takes a lot of skill I love, training. Come. Out here yes yes, so we do an amazing two hour show around, okay it's nothing but fun for the family fun for the kids we, have jokes for all ages and what we do is we have sword fight training we do a water gun training we, have ourselves a treasure hunt and then we put mustaches on all the kids and, the mum sometimes they do appreciate it. Can. We ask you to give us sure. Okay. So the main thing you want to do is you got to work on your pirate lingo, all right so I yes. Okay. Okay what's your like another wrong bang ah that's, right would you like to go on a pirate adventure hey I don't. Want to give me all your money mate no okay. All.

Right And then of course is always a sword fighting I see you're ready today yes hi so what you always want to do is either aim for the vital organs or, stab them in the back when they're not. So. I don't suppose a dragon, had to ride out the hurricane a couple years ago no yes actually we actually took it over to Corpus Christi and so instead of staying here in Port Aransas and took it to Corpus Christi showing something minor damages cosmetic, really but, you know she's a beautiful girl and she does her thing. And. Ever since that hurricane, the Red Dragons been sailing, and watching, the high seas right I tell you what every year we just try to do a little bit better and we thank everyone that's come down and actually supported. I said here the red dragon everybody special from San Antonio and all the areas hosting everywhere like they, keep us going down here. Your. Favorite thing about being about it being. A pirate. Just. In general. Well. Here's here's the quarterback susyq our. Pirates. Ow. For a offers, a lot to do one of the best things you can do when you're out there deep-sea. Fishing. And. Located. In Port Aransas deep-sea, headquarters, is the place, for deep-sea fishing, tours, of the bay and dolphin. Watch cruises you, can create long lasting memories, with family and friends in the beautiful, Gulf, of Mexico, with deep sea headquarters. So we woke up early got, out there got, on the boat and headed, out to go on a great fishing trip. Waters. For a little, rocky but it didn't stop us from getting out to our destination. And on the schedule for us to be catching today red, snapper. It's a two and a half hour ride out into the Gulf of Mexico to, get to about a hundred and fifty feet deep of water now, when we got there we, set up we, dropped anchor and we, started, fishing, everybody. On the ship got to catch two red snapper, you, can throw the small ones back and you can go for an even bigger one if you really want to and if they're not hitting in one spot well, you just go find another the. Captains are great and they know all the big hit and fishing spots there in the Gulf so they'll take you on over to another spot and you get another chance of fishing once you catch your fish the friendly deckhands, come on by put, them on a line with a number and put them in the back of the boat for you that way when you get back to land you know which ones are yours the trip just flies by and then once you make it back to the mainland, you get to stand in line and wait for your fish to be called out all the fish get put up so you can go and take a picture which you got to take a picture with your fish then. You. Get your fish and now you have the opportunity, to have it filleted they're at the, place and, there's a restaurant located right next to deep sea headquarters, where you can bring your fish and they'll actually fillet it for you and you can eat it right there at the restaurant how cool is that coming, up this week on elder eats at 1:30 on Thursday, I'm going to show you guys how to make a black and red snapper taco, that's going to blow your mind a great, recipe so make sure you're tuning in to elder eats 1:30. This Thursday, for a brand new episode and, we're going to continue this deep sea journey by, creating, a delicious, fish taco recipe, coming, up next on the SA live port a special, I'm taking you inside some delicious, restaurants, across the island, you won't believe the kind of stuff they have on the menu all of it is absolutely. Delicious. You gotta check it out coming up next.

There's, A lot of stuff to do in the little beach town of Florida including eating, some delicious food, so we're stopping in at the black marlin to try out what they got other menu now that we've been out of the beach we've been out here all day were you gonna build up an appetite and one of the best places you can come out here and four day is the black marlin we're gonna go inside go inside the kitchen and we're gonna see what they're cook it up here but, it. Already smells delicious, let's go check it out. What's, going on guys we're inside the kitchen you in the black marlin chef's deal you would be right here and you're cooking up some tasty food I am and you got a pimento burger, right had a pimento cheese burger, there's roasted. Jalapeno, real. Healthy new an onion and bacon on there we're, all gonna be to our blackened mahi tacos which. Has always been one of our bestsellers and then, our award-winning Sherman, ribs for, wedding, shrimp, and grits I know what you get when you're out here the south so what's the first thing you're going to be making so the first thing I'm going to do is the shrimp and grits okay. Get. My. Jumbo. Shrimp in there smoked. Andouille sausage, oh watch. Also goes back and then corn. Creole. Seasoning. And. Then the magic know of heavy cream this, is a half pound burger. That is custom-made for us oh wow. That. Is a dear excitement, in my voice. We're. Also going to toast a burger bun got, a butter them up put it up his, butt is better and better reshma, he we get mahi sides, in here and then we skin, him and fillet them and cut them down a little. Bit of black nature shake a little shake and beat. That's. The secret ingredient cheese. Cheese. Sausage. And quarter get finished with cheese and poured, over a bed of cheese, grits covered in green onions, and ready to go the burger and the tacos are also finished up and I'm ready to chow down around, ribeye pimento, house-made. Pimento. Cheese on their toasted. Buns and then of course you have the jalapenos, and onions that, just get a nice carmelization, to, them on the flattop and then, a bed of lettuce why not right just not colored and you know a little bit of healthiness to it right. The. Pimento cheese this, Houston I mean, the burgers killer toasted, bun really allows you to have extra crunch on there you're not gonna have a soggy bun and, I, mean everything, on there it's, a very multi-dimensional. Prank, great, textures great flavor and Chucky also you can't just happen those are beer better friends beer batter. I didn't, give you touch up sorry, you know I. Mean. These are the mahi tacos yes and you, you did blackened, seasoning on them but here cheers Cheers. Oh wow. The. Fresh bite it's crunchy, all.

These All these little side items you get added onto that and that Apple has a rich flavor to it still but. You're gonna get sweetness, from the angle that's in here and the mango that's in here yeah and it really balanced against the spiciness, from the blackening seasoning and, the sauce it's awesome that's the bite of it right there. Oh. My. Goodness digging up great. Flavors and smokiness from the abilities sausage shrimp is good perfect, the cheese has a little kick to it and really. When the heavy cream gets reduced, down like that you get this delicious sauce, that, melts with that cheese chef. Gail is an incredible, award-winning, chef and her career didn't start in the kitchen he didn't start as a chef you. Were actually you're, a French teacher yeah, high school French an English teacher. Oui. Oui oui I have, a love for culture. I have a love, for history and, to, me I mean food is all about culture. And history yeah you, understand, more about what people eat based. On where it is where, it comes from then, you need to learn about the people who you, know brought that dish to that region or created, in that region so, it is it's all about culture it's all about history and. It's. All about comfort to me that's what, food is restaurant. Is the black marlin, chef, Dale's gonna be here and she's gonna be cranking out delicious food, for you you can make your trip phenomenal. Take it to that next level by getting this shrimp, and grits, unlike, anything else I've ever had anything else that you'll ever have there's a lovely bar outside we have a lot more places to take you out to now for a quick bite we're travelling across the island, to Tortugas, a new restaurant that's serving up some modern, twists on some classic, favorites, our last restaurant stop here in the 4-day special is that Tortugas. Saltwater grill we're gonna go inside chef Kristen's gonna take us into the kitchen we're, going to show you guys all the delicious food that they have to offer let's go check it out and we came up with this concept we, really all just kind of decided. That we. Wanted to take different elements, of seafood, from, different. Parts of the country and even different parts of the world and kind of bring it to port a you know you've got a crispy. Wonton. Chip. Just. A little bit of cabbage, and. Of. Course fresh, yellowfin. Tuna sashimi, great yellowfin, tuna little, mango salsa. Sriracha. Aioli and, fresh, jalapeno there. We go let's dive in. That's absolutely, incredible chef this is definitely one of my favorites, the shrimp and grits right yeah, this is definitely. Actually. This is our number one seller, on the dinner menu you can't go wrong with shrimp and grits yeah it's a check it's Texas baby it's just a great combination let's dive in let's try it out Cheers. Great. Cheesy. Flavor it's almost smoky, yeah. The smokiness comes from the charred. Poblano paste that we put in the sauce and there's a little bit of bacon in there too so you, kind of get it from two sides under our final main, course here this one absolutely gorgeous, as well talk to me about this what are we looking at so this is a blue crab crusted red, snapper, it's. Served over some. Sweet corn risotto. Some. Charred vegetables on, the side it's. Finished, with a lemon. Butter a little, bit of green, onion and tomato and Parmesan cheese, that's, the bite you want when you come out here check, that out. That's, what's up. I'm. Gonna keep this one yeah. Chef. Great job man Thank You bull chef thank you so much for inviting us out here absolutely. Delicious, all the food is just a home run I couldn't imagine even how delicious your steaks are they, have a lot of different options on the menu fun for the whole family you come out here a big outdoor seating area, - coming, up on si live we have more from port a as the port a special, continues, I'm gonna keep eating this dessert coming, up we are hitting the links here at for Mia Beach and we're gonna see how this, course sort, of had a rebirth, much more family-friendly all, that after, hurricane Hardy hit, still.

Ahead On sa live we are out at sea Scarlet, lady Dobbin adventure toys I'm out here looking for dolphins and we're gonna tell you how you and your family can experience this, - at Port, Aransas stay, with us. Alright. Here we are at the beautiful Pawnee, of each Golf Course here right along the coast and the only Lynx course who said the only things course in Texas ok now after the hurricane, said. That was almost kind of a blessing in disguise because you've, made this more family friendly right absolutely. We took the opportunity. Before. We rebuilt the Golf Course to kind of really look at the industry and where it was going and so we transitioned. From catering. To the avid golfer, as much to. Catering, to all, family-friendly, activities, so, you said it's a nine-hole course now and it's almost not. Quite like a tapa but you know something fun like that right we've shortened, the golf course made it more family-friendly and, then also built a little three-hole short course that folks can can go around that younger, golfers non. Golfers, novices, they, can all play it and have fun you can get around this golf course in an hour and a half so you could come out in the morning and play for, an hour and a half and then, go to the beach and be with the family all day and, these are the golf spikes now right we want to make off less, intimidating. So you can play in board shorts or bare. Feet yeah, absolutely and. Everyone's will welcome it Palmilla Beach okay, what's your hand again about. The 10. My handicap, is just my game oh, really. Here's. Another hidden, gem in Port Aransas dolphin. Watching. The. Scarlet lady dolphin, adventure tour is a must do on your port a itinerary. This, tour cruises, along the waters of the Lydia and channel, in search of these beautiful, aquatic, mammals. The. Voyage is fun for all ages. You, can even grab a cold adult drink to sip on during, the 90-minute excursion. The. Scarlet lady being a catamaran, style, vessel, can cruise through the easy waters, without any worry of their passengers feeling, motion, sickness. Also. On the voyage the Aransas, Pass Lydia, and lighthouse, the, second oldest lighthouse on the Texas, coast this. Excursion, is fun, for, everyone. I'm. Now joined by Whitney back is and you are a marine biologist. And, let's talk dolphins, because we could up-close here when you're on the tour what. Are some things that you'd like people to know about dolphins, so, the best way to actually look for them is gonna be by the dorsal, fin or that fin that's on the back side of their body that's. Very important in balance and stability but it's also very unique in a form of identification, as, well because each one is unique to each it's, often kind of like a fingerprint, is to. Us so, it is important to know that these dolphins are wild. And they are very unpredictable, you cannot predict their nature where they're gonna be what times are going to be it changes from day to day it changes from season to season it changes from year to year but the important thing is we have a great captain that, knows the spots we, know how to find them we have a great group of coastal, bottlenose. Dolphins here. That, stay in this general area those coastal bottlenose, bottlenose, dolphins usually, stay within the same 20 mile diameter radius, of this area so we have our own community here there's some right the officer has their own community, there's some right out here splashing, around yes. So there is a lot of, first-time. Families, out here we have a lot of repeat. Families that come from all over the nation not, just Texas, we have a lot of San Antonio people that come of course we like to interact we, make it fun for the kids we have the hula hoops on a boat we have a hula hoop jams and, everything.

Just. Come on out like I said we have a great crew, out here y'all and we absolutely love, our job so it is a fantastic energy, and y'all should come experience. This moment with your families all right so yeah you said, it community coming together so, come on out to Port Aransas and enjoy the tours where can people go for more information so, we leave out of deep sea headquarters, right over here in Puerto ances Texas so you can call the, main desk at deep sea headquarters, to inquire about any of our trips we do leave at 11:00 2:30 and we have a sunset cruise at 7 o'clock which is our most popular and. You get to see the, sunset, behind the lighthouse and it's a great photo opportunity. But, that is our most popular one and right now we are running all three trips today. Sunset. Or if you want to come early with the kiddos get it all over here all right thank you so much thank, you I'm sorry look at the Dolphins again. There's like seven oh yeah oh. Right. It beautiful. Right. Next. On sa live from three feet of hurricane, debris to a thriving, local coffee shop we'll take you inside coffee waves for, a taste of their java frozen. Drinks and all the positive vibes stay, with us you're watching as they live in Port Aransas. The. Community, here in Port Aransas really, came together after Harvey. I, just. Wrapped I. Have. So much that I have artwork but level lies into what, we excel for. So many years, was. Lost overnight. And, I thought to myself how, could I not remember because. This. Community is supported you for so long, move. Forward to today. Coffee. Waste coffee shop is thriving, in Port Aransas owner, David, Bennett and his wife Amber Credit, the community, on, helping, them rebuild we. Had volunteers, people. From Corpus people, are from Rock for people. From Dallas come down and also help, us pull. Everything out because. They did not have flood insurance on. Their coffee and gelato equipment, they, had to raise a hundred, and fifty thousand, dollars to replace everything. Walking. Inside this place today. You wouldn't, even know nearly, three feet of sand debris. And seaweed, covered, the floors we were really scared that maybe we. Weren't gonna be able to bounce back the way we were and it takes years to get back to where we were gonna be. Especially. Having to remodel. Right after the hurricane, and what, an atmosphere the, stuff is dedicated. And always, smiling the java worth, the weight and the shop well look, at this space.

David. Really wanted, to create. A community here, when he opened coffee waves nine years ago it. Was about having a great cup of coffee and a great community and that was what it was all about for him it was never about the money, of. The profit. Here's. A look at some of the customer, favorites, the blended, frozen, drinks of course, the teens like that the, traditional, Italian, macchiato, I have to say very, creamy and delicious. And. Of course the lattes, more, caramel, please, and. Don't, worry there's something for the kids too, handmade, Italian gelato. Is, a hit whether. You, are coming. Here just to, the beach I think it's a great place to come cooled, down maybe for a little bit or grab your energy before you go out it's. A really really great place to be whether, you are tourists, or you're a local we, love this community so, much, so. Stop by coffee waves on your trip to Port Aransas, enjoy. A cup of relationship, coffee and embrace, this community, as your own after, all there's, no, storm that can stop them from serving, smiles. We. Really really tried to be. A centerpiece. For the rest of the community. And we, really felt like if we could get back up and running then the rest of the island could get back, so. Don't skip out on your Java fix while you explore and enjoy the rest of Port Aransas Cheers. Next. On as they live in Port Aransas you can't get back to San Antonio without. Some souvenirs, and goodies for the rest of your friends and family will. Show you where to go to grab some fun fines and a hidden gem for your sweet tooth stay, with us. The. Old Kandi's, new candies, and you get to and try fudging, caramel which are made daily a lot of history, in here and people. Dislike to come they, browse their, kids shop and it's, a good day the. Old fashioned candies are the next. Yes. This. Takes you back how we sugar. Daddy sugar, babies oh man, those things are, fantastic, we really really appreciate everybody. That comes down here everybody's worked so hard and, to get back and. We're. Just glad to have all the you know the tourists, the families, and friends. Come back and visit us. Well. Of course no trip deporte, is complete, without souvenirs.

Wendy. Clark from the auditor is here, oh this is so much time walk into your store things. In here. And. You're definitely I, mean an institution here, in Port a we've been here since 1972, and, in. This location since 1980, so yeah since we've been here a long time we. Need to get, souvenirs. Divide. And conquer and meet up okay ready yeah. Yes. Go. Lily, you're, kidding, no, wrong, number. So. Check this out look what, do you think I think one of these would suit Fiona you can get a shirt out here and. They, have all the shirts behind me and then you can get one of these put on there that's. Pretty cool gift no. But. I just was seen if it would look good on her. I. Forgot. One thing, message. In a bottle from. Port 8 this is for Fiona okay, okay take care of this for me alright thank you sir I'm lying. Around. All. Right Mike message, in a bottle told, me to take care of it. It, says. Wish, you were here, love. Sa, live. Wow. We had a blast in Port Aransas um doesn't seem castles. Parasailing. Hanging out in the golf course surfing, surfing, yes and see the Dolphins I got to sip on some Island coffee and learn we learned how to be pirates right. All. The delicious food that was out there of course the gorgeous, ocean views and we have to give a special, thank you to Silver Sands vacation, rentals for putting us up in their fabulous vacation. Homes and who, could, have been. It's. A sand candle. I'm. Sure he'll find a porpoise. And. A shark, tooth necklace. Yes. Yes, he, caught a deep-sea fishing, I pulled the teeth and then we related, that's right it. Was delicious and a very special extra, thank you to the Port Aransas tourism, grill for making all the arrangements yes visit Port Aransas everything, is up and running and you'll have the time of your life because we sure did it's, it's even better than that it ever was and, thank you very much for watching SI live in Port Aransas we will see you tomorrow at, 1:00 have a wonderful, evening. You.

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