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so i've decided that i'm going to leave everything  behind and travel Indonesia from end to end But not like this More like this starting from Jakarta  i'll be driving on the eastern side of Sumatra   all the way up to the very tip of Indonesia  called kilometer Nol also known as Sabang then   Then officially start the mighty journey called Sabang  sampai Merauke which ends in kilometer Nol in Papua   at the border towards papua new guinea this trip  could realistically take three months if all i did   was driving every day but this is not the goal the  goal is to explore to learn to meet new people and   maybe make a few videos on the way one thing is to  plan and pack for a weekend or for one week that's   easy but when riding for a full year you have  to think about a lot more in terms of packing   safety planning it's a big commitment in today's video we're going to take a closer look at how the preparation has been like for  me so let's go ahead and jump back in time   good morning guys so today it is January 4th i'm currently at 161 subscribers   it's now four o'clock in the morning um and i  just wake up and i can't sleep because i have   so many ideas let's see how far i can take it if it works it works if it doesn't then   oh well at least i tried right? February was the second month with my youtube channel i would   work on it from four to seven before heading to  my office job from nine to five then come back   have dinner and continue on the channel from 6 to 11 my fourth video called upgrading my bike in Bekasi   was actually the first time i mentioned  the big trip on my channel sumatra even sulawesi   i would appreciate some tips because i'm gonna  make a long list of places to go over hopefully   so now with boxes on my bike february became the  month where i did my first proper touring with   full gear while filming it all and making my first  ever motorcycle travel video and i was hooked! Busy day.. Tons of emails again.. In March i for the first time met up with   another youtuber alexander white and i said yes  to try a youtube collab without actually having   any idea how that worked but we made it work  so there are around 50 kids living here going   to school every day and they're here because  they either don't have their parents anymore   or because that their parents are not able to  take care of them anymore April became the month   where i realized i suddenly had the opportunity  to use my channel to actually make a difference   and i'm all about personal development so i tried  this on my channel as well but ended up deciding   to put that on the shelf for later my name is Kristian and i am a christian living in the   largest muslim country in the world i decided  to try fasting for three days for ramadan   both to learn more about it and to show respect  to my muslim friends followers and subscribers   and with may came ramadan and i saw the  opportunity to learn share and inspire   while experimenting with a different kind of video  How a day in the office looks like and oh yeah   one thing i forgot to tell you it's gonna be my last it was finally time to reveal i had resigned from my job as it was no longer serving  my goals and dreams and it was time to focus on   my new hobby and my new dream I am here with my buddy Harry hello what's up guys with more time on my hands i could finally start networking with the  motorcycle community and i made some great friends   so in mid-july after being apart from my family  for a long time i went back home to visit them   knowing it would be a while before i would get  to see them again what i did not expect was for   jakarta to go into lockdown and i couldn't return  to indonesia so to spend my time productively i   packed my bags borrowed my father's ducati and  toured europe for four weeks to keep fueling my   channel with travel experiences from a motorcycle  and after almost 4 months of being stuck in Europe   i could finally return home to indonesia after  a bit of quarantine of course finally back in Jakarta i met up with my videographer Jun and it  was time to plan upcoming content and the big trip   what's up guys welcome back to the channel my name  is Kristian Hansen today is a special day because   i'm picking up my new motorcycle this was something i had been looking forward to for a long time buying a new motorcycle and so  the final months of preparations could begin and what's up you guys and welcome back to the  channel my name is Kristian Hansen today i'm here   with Handy from SHAD Indonesia and Ganesh from  Thrill Bitz so we're gonna install the shad   terra system on the back of my KTM 390 so guys today i'm also here with Alex    Alex is with KTM and with Thrill Bitz Double agent ya? okay uh today we will prepare Kris bike with the  KTM 390 Adventure with the Shad top box here my team preparing the bike yeah i can't wait to see the boxes let's get them on and let's see how it looks like all right guys raining is starting so  we have pulled the bike inside because now we're   installing the bracket here on the back for  the top box the terra top box and this is the   one that's going to carry the majority of my  luggage when we're going on these trips   This is waterproof super smart yeah so when you tour everywhere you have to use this phone holder Nice yea? Wooow so cool! So Kris This box you can operate it with one hand you can open it with one hand   you can also remove it from your motorbike  with only one hand Wooey it's just like luggage   i think we are ready for touring now Alex thank you so much bro i appreciate it   Kris take care you are welcome Fantastic Handy thank you so much thank you so much we now have the box on the KTM and we are ready for adventures so thank  you so much to Ganesh, to Alex   and Handy from Shad thank you so much guys now let's go touring! the best things about these practical days with getting ready is that i always end up making  new friends and it was then time to test out   the new bike try my new luggage system and do some  networking so i went on a trip to central java  But what a lot of you didn't know was that this was actually a test trip before my upcoming   Sabang to Merauke trip all right guys i am in Muntilan right now actually  preparing for the big trip this has been kind of   like a test trip so i could see how would be to be  on the road for a longer period of time shooting   footage packing my stuff bringing Jun my first  plan was to go solo then i met Jun and it was   the plan that we were going to go together but  a lot of things changed and i realized that   this trip would make most sense for me if i  went on my own there will be something that   i will talk about for the rest of my life the  most difficult part is i don't know anyone who's   done something like this before that's why i think  it's so frightening and exciting at the same time   hopefully it'll be a great success let's see i have a little more than three weeks until i'm   planning to leave Jakarta leave my apartment leave  everything behind and go to Aceh yeah now i'm   going through some of my old stuff and i'm finding  like approaching new customer tips from when i was   working for DSV i remember at this point last year  i was so tired of it  today is january 7th 2021  today my company canceled my biggest bonus for the  year so um from today it'll be officially one year  and i will be my own boss and here i am a year  later i'm about to leave my apartment sell off   my all of my stuff live on the road for an entire  year that's why i love this documenting things   like this so this is a memory that will stay  with me another good long day i've been sitting  here in the mess it's now 8 30 at night and i  started sitting here at five o'clock this morning   i'm going to bed i'm extremely grateful for all  the support i've gotten from my followers and friends here and i think it's important that  we remember to give back to the people that   have helped us along the way so i took out day  out of the calendar to support my good friend   Fitri's mini touring event ah there she is Hiiiiii everybody Good morning guys at this point i highly doubt that i will make  it for my original departure which was meant to be  january 1st i'm still waiting for my visa i've had   so many problems with the visa it's now taken  six weeks at the moment there's honestly so   many things that isn't ready yet the new  videos are doing great which is good but   the days are just going too fast and i feel like  there's still a million things that i have to do   but honestly i don't think i will be 100 ready at some point i just have to go i'm trying to sell  out the last things i have that i don't need if you bring too much too many things it's going to   be a hassle every time you have to pack on pack  going in and out of hotels homestays so yeah   i'm so excited to go so nervous at the  same time it is time to throw out a ton of  it's almost christmas but for me christmas  this year is kind of cancelled because i can't   stay with my family but right now i'm in  the middle of packing and i'm just realizing   actually i don't have a lot of clothes this full  stack here is just going out or i'm giving it to   my uh cleaning lady, Kristin she sometimes gives  some of my stuff to her kids   It's actually so liberating throwing out most of my stuff all this that i'm packing in the suitcase now and in this   is the stuff that i'm not gonna use until  the end of the trip i'm just starting to realize  i have no idea when i'm gonna come back it's so weird honestly so weird tomorrow i'm going to a place called tommy's airbrush because i'm doing a custom paint job for my helmet let me finish my packing and let's go to Tomi's airbrush alright guys i am here now at Tomi's airbrush   so what we've been doing now if we have been  testing the color off Turangga so that we   can get exactly the same color on my helmet as we  have on the motorcycle so it's going to be orange   and then a titanium black which is more or less  the same as we have on Turangga's secondary color   but yeah let's go in and say hi to Tomi alright guys so i'm finally here at Tomi's airbrush Tomi, nice to meet you yea, nice to meet you so Tomi tell me a little bit about your place  yeah uh my place in tomi airbrush west jakarta i  make like modifications like this car   airbrush, for car, motorcycle, helmet sometimes bicycle  How much do you normally charge for a custom paint job? for the helmet you sometimes start from 300 dollars   until 500 for the start look the design and then the color and then like sometimes if the design is hard the price is more high but for the motorcycle the price from 500 until 2000 look the design look  look for the color same like helmet so actually i saw on your instagram that Atta Halilintar has been here as well many people youtuber  sometimes painting in here sometimes airbrush sometimes modification wow that's so cool yeah.. so how long will it take to finish my helmet? 7 days until 10 days 7 to 10 days, okay okay all right? it's okay! thank you, thank you Okay let's go guys so while Tomi got to work on the helmet I rode back to the apartment to do some research because when product says waterproof I learned that there's   apparently different levels on how waterproof  it actually is so i did some testing on my own gear as well but working myself too hard for too  many days were taking its toll on me honestly this is one of those nights when i'm thinking  What the hell am i doing? the worst part is i know that there is no reason to think  like that because as soon as i'm on the road   it's gonna be awesome i don't have any reason why  i should be complaining but still.. it's still hard  

and i'm still doubting myself it's time to get some food and go to bed tomorrow i'm going to monkey garage   good morning guys it is december 23rd and today  i'm here at monkey work garage so in order to get   the bike fully prepared for the big trip i talked  to monkeyboard garage and they suggested to do a   ECU mapping which is gonna increase the torque of  the KTM it's gonna be able to go faster and it'll   be able to go longer per.. we will ask them how  it works because as you know i'm still a rookie   but we're also going to be meeting with Aren  inside from CTX and Rizal so yeah let's get started   and see how it looks like let's go so the bike is already up and getting ready it's supposed to take   around 30 minutes so Ery are we ready? uh we must open the fuel tank and we pull the ECU and then   we upgrade to mapping can you explain the people in the screen here what exactly is it going to do? is it going to do to make a more powerful  more torsion and exactly that's very good for your KTM now we're writing a new program to your ECU so efficiency you have power you you have have and speed you have maybe 2.5 more horse power nice! nice and i know Aren is in here somewhere   i haven't seen him since i went to Europe bro! hey  good to see you! how you are bro? it's been like   six months, seven months? Six months it's crazy! we are going to change the oil today ya? change the oil yea, what else are you doing? Re-map? uuh mapping, ya yea we can change the oil today too, i think Fantastic esther prime ya? esther prime 10v50  10w50? that's the one yes he is the expert so guys i'm just chatting here with Aren while they're  finishing up the mapping and listen what he has to say about Sumatra So like i was saying uh like  many many years ago i also went touring through Europe much like you did but the moment you leave  java on the boat to sumatra that's when the beauty start and nothing has compared yet surrounding  the best place i've ever been beautiful   i can't wait honestly you're gonna love it man  it's like uh..

it's the trip of a lifetime trip of a lifetime really hopefully it will be yeah this makes me excited! okay we put it back   so that's it now my bike is much  faster yeah yeah thank you guys (Turangga roaring like a beast!) nice! and as i still have many things to  learn i asked Ery if he could teach   me how to tighten the chain  well you have to do it yeah not necessary too loose okay this is enough ya? Up - This is more tight you tighten this is more tightened yeah  this is good okay and then this and then i   tighten this again you you you must be like  this so it's not moving no it's not moving   that's fantastic and just like that  i learned how to tighten up my chain   so guys a good test to see that eric is actually  an expert i found this small bolt here right and   i said oh where does this belong and he told me  actually the ktm doesn't make bolts like this   this is good sign that he is expert ya? it's always a good thing to be curious so whenever i   meet a professional i always try to ask questions  so hopefully i can learn a thing or two and as   we changed the oil i once again learned something new how long before i should change the filter? for this, only if the broken But for this everytime you change oil you must change this filter i'm basically learning so many things about motorcycles today which i just told the guys it's pretty good to know considering   that i will be driving on one for a full year so  Aren what were you saying about the coolant?   i can't remember.. no I am joking aduh sumatra obviously much hotter than it is here in java   so obviously once you change the oil it's  probably a good idea to change the coolent as well   we have this one here a friend of mine made this  one local product Vitesse Vitesse super engine coolent the oem stuff yeah it's pretty good it's enough but this stuff is my recommendation   i think much better for you what are you smoking in that pipe Ery? Tobacco from Aceh? No.. This is illegal so guys it's been a busy day here at monkey world garage as of today   bro herman here from monkey work garage will become  an official sponsor for my big trip so we will do   a separate episode of upgrading my bike here at  monkey work garage fitting it with all the gear   needs but now i want to go home tomorrow is going  to be another busy day christmas eve and i will editing Thank you guys Thanks for your help ya even though it was christmas day i had  preparations to take care of so i went   to Komine Indonesia for a business meeting one thing that is extremely important when driving on  a motorcycle is protection and i've noticed that  many riders here they don't wear proper protection   and it seems like it's not very cool so together  with komine we have made it a mission to hopefully   make it more popular to ride with proper safety  equipment through my youtube videos if something breaks on your motorcycle easy lah change the spare part Something breaks on your body there's no spare part let's do it today i'm here at what's called Idimitsu so my friend Om Bobby  is opening a new coffee shop here so they  are making a big motorcycle event here today   so i'm here to support and for the big trip  it's also fantastic for me to increase my   network you know promote the trip a bit so i'm  gonna show you guys a bit of clips from today   so that you can see another part of preparation  for the big trip is also networking there's a lot   of noise in there so it's gonna be without  the audio but wow there's a lot of bikes So guys i'm just here outside talking to some  of the KAI guys (KTM Group) and they're saying that there's  gonna be 300 riders at this event today that's just crazy But we are ready ya? He is crazy He's crazy too! good people Uncle Kristian i was happily surprised to find out that Uncle Tajul  i met in muntilan was the speaker for the day   and i was also honored to get a bit of speaking  time on stage to promote my upcoming big trip so many good people here and there's going to be 300 riders it's going to be crazy   normally i don't like to ride in massive groups  like that because it's kind of dangerous but   today you know it's all about the communities  and it's okay lah it's gonna to be a good day all right guys it is december 28th and today  i'm back at Thrill Bitz with SHAD with Alex from   2wheelies and we will be fitting the SHAD E48  semi-rigid soft backs on the KTM so we're getting   ready to do that now because i will be carrying  a lot of gear with me right a lot of clothes   so yeah let's get to it so while the guys got  cracking with the install i took the opportunity   to ask handy and alex a few questions not many people who wants to explore Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke but this time it's Kris that's why i'm very surprised Woa Kris wants to go explore Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke because you know i mentioned before that you are loving   what you are doing and you love riding in your  motorcycle you love meeting people we wanted to be   a part of your exciting journey here in indonesia  to explore indonesia it's not easy We have many islands here Kris will find not only problem with  Bike so i like to support Kris with everything he needs you know Indonesia is blessed with all it's  beautiful views and most of the time you can only   access it with your motorcycles that's why right now in Indonesian Adventure bikes is very famous here   especially if Kris already explored Indonesia  with two wheels yes man of course that's a dream you're living a dream yes i might wanna ask my wife oh yeah one thing in indonesia there  is a term is called Kambang Desa Kambang Desa is  the most beautiful girl in a village so maybe   you can try to find one and who knows she  might be your future mrs Kristian Hansen and just like that i now have 2x25 liter  capacity on each side good tips from handy and alex and i was one step closer to the big trip  Good morning guys from Sentul i am here today to do   a bit of off-roading with a guy called Marsel the  CEO of Ripple motor rental so i'm here waiting for   him and his team now and i'm doing this to learn  a bit more about off-roading before my big trip   and to network i have actually a video i need to  finish pretty soon my preparation episode but yeah   sometimes you have to take the opportunities as  they come along hopefully i don't break anything today all right guys here we are in front of  the bikes wish me luck ya and so we set off from Sentul and drove to something called Hambalang a  rather famous place for off-roading enthusiasts   little did i know that i was gonna be way in  over my head guys i have a bad feeling about this No front brake in off road and then a lot of gass over there continue yeah made it oh that was fun five minutes in and i thought  this is gonna be easy well.. it was not in off roading don't worry about falling you will it will happen you will fall that is good it's like a Uncle Uki says you know Fall down? it's just another celebration you know (____) me this is hard Let's (_______) go! oh it's like a workout you know best thing about off-roading so far is that sometimes you have to wait for  other people that allows me to breathe this is nice i like this! oh shit oh shit oh shit (____) me this is hot oooh (____) okay let's slow down keep going! oh well okay I will pretend I am dead Mr? Mr? Mr Go! Hey! are you ready Mr? I'm okay bro! gotcha Don't Praaaank You dog Dog (slang) There is a problem? All good just going too fast he got super nervous Mr, Mr.. you okay Mr? All right? All good! Cold ice tea in the front Thank god Thank god! Don't forget to subscribe He is the real MVP (most valuable player) unfortunately my gopro ran out of battery  but this is what we've been dealing with   for the last 30 minutes this is without a  doubt one of the most fun things i've tried   here in indonesia very hard but a lot of fun Keep high spirit Mr oh ooh we are going up there? Yes This is Tanjakanan (high incline hill) check this out Kristian! How? Come on Kristian! No thank you This is insane! So there are going from here, down that and then straight up that is one of the craziest things i've  seen there's absolutely no way in hell   i'm going up that hill oh there we go Can not Even the other guys are turning around it's too muddy you are a dirty camera now that we just have a little piece of quiet i  just want to tell you that this is bloody amazing   there's so many riders we're riding so  close and just trying to get up in this mud   but it's so fun this is one of the most fun experiences aah.. i've said that already we're making a small stop here on the hill  and marcel from ripple the guy who invited   me to come out here is telling me that this  is a very normal thing you know wednesday   is apparently an off-road day so people  come here meet there's so many riders look   and people are basically trying to climb  this hill go down and go all the way up look look at him going see even the pros have a tough time doing this   it's just amazing the whole culture  out here you know whole community Let's go Hansen! Gas gas gas gas Kristian Full throttle ya? Let's go! off-roading is an incredibly  fun and thrilling activity   something i will definitely be doing more  in the future it's such a good mix of sport   outdoor adventure action and  something you can do with your friends Full throttle so with my new skill unlocked it was time to go  home because my new helmet was finally finished   and it was time to showcase some of my riding gear what's up you guys and welcome to the Krizilla  studio yeah that one goes out to the hardcore motorcycle fans but i thought i would just  quickly show you what kind of gear i'll be   bringing on the trip this is the Klim latitude  gore-tex jacket i'm not gonna lie to you it's an   expensive jacket it has a 10.700.000 price tag

here on the elbows goat leather for abrasion protection it is 100 waterproof  complete d30 protection both on the elbows on  the shoulders and on the back it has six outer vents five outer pockets and four inner pockets   and basically the good thing for me is all the  vents that's gonna keep me from not drowning in my own sweat item number two The klim dakar pants  these are not waterproof if it's gore-tex pants it will simply be too hot for me these pants  they have vents here on each side that you can   open up and actually the zipper is different on  the air vent versus the pocket so that you don't   have to look for it when riding you can just feel  which zipper is for the air vent it of course has   the hip protection and knee protection same as the  jacket the C30 and quite important for me is it's   very breathable here between the legs when you're  riding so that your doesn't get super hot and as you can see here it has goat leather on the inner thighs so that you won't get abrasion marks when   you are tightening your thighs to the tank of the  motorcycle when riding and a super cool feature on these pants is that if i ride through mud the  velcro will sometimes stop working so it has   these small metal rings that i can put together  so that i can still close the pants and they won't   be flapping when i'm riding and most important  feature for me with these pants is that it has   stretch and i've already tried these  pants on and they're really comfortable   good looking pants, very lightweight and  very comfortable item number three it is the Klim Baja S4 gloves   so i chose these gloves not  because they're waterproof because they're not   they are a mix of goat leather and mesh which  means they're quite breathable when driving   and they still have proper protection but honestly  gore-tex gloves it just becomes too hot for me so   with this kind of glove i won't have wet fingers  inside a gore-tex glove but i will still have   breathability because you have mesh in between the  fingers you have proper protection on top of the   hand the fingers and the wrists and of course  i won't buy any gloves unless they have touch   screen for the index finger and for the thumb so  i can still control my iphone for the big trip   item number four one thing i know about  riding is that if you ride in a cotton shirt it's going to be wet in like 10 minutes  that is why underneath my jacket i'll be wearing this this is the klim mojave jersey it's a dual sport off-road jersey actually of 100 percent polyester  it has these small holes in the jersey  that allows full breathability when i'm wearing   it underneath my jacket so i won't.. drown from sweat last item on the menu oooh let's get it It is the Airoh Commander and now you can see it is  fully customized by Tomi's airbrush it looks   awesome i have my Thrill Bitz logos on both sides  of the helmets i have the big open visor with the   Kristian Hansen instagram i of course have my  gopro mount and on the back i have my name as well   with the map of indonesia the thing that surprised  me the most about this helmet is this wide range   of view i will normally open the visor to get  plenty of air inside of my helmet but with this   one it has so many good vents it has a vent on top  on the sides and here in the front so even when my   visor is closed i still get plenty of air into my  helmet so I am excited to see how well this helmet is gonna do for me for a full year of riding  that's it and here we are guys now back again it is   now january 3rd 2022 and there's only a couple of  weeks until i'm supposed to leave for the big trip   so if you're interested in following the journey  all i ask is that you smash that like button and   share it with a couple of your friends stay tuned  because in the next episode we will be upgrading   Turangga to get her ready for the big trip so  thank you so much for watching today's episode   i hope you're as excited as i am i will see you in the next one aaaand until next time bye guys

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