Sailing into Mexican Quarantine & We find my bilge stash! SV Delos Ep 332

Sailing into Mexican Quarantine & We find my bilge stash!  SV Delos Ep 332

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(ocean waves crashing and wind rustling) - [Karin] I can see land! - What? Like, ho? - [Karin] Yes! Land, ho! - Land, ho! - Land ho! (upbeat Cha-Cha instrumental) - Super excited to get there! - [Karin] Mexico! - Well, there it is! It's Mexico! We can see land! (upbeat Cha-Cha instrumental) - [Brian] Look at this water, though! - [Karin] I know! So blue. [Brian] It's like that Mexican-Caribbean blue. - [Karin] It's ice blue! Cool-like blue.

- [Brian] We're just gonna make a little jibe. We gotta jibe around this, uh, marker over here. We're gonna run downwind for a bit and then we'll go (mouth popping) pop into the lagoon. Mexico! (trumpets slowly blaring) Here we go. Ready? 3, 2, 1. Jibing!

(boat sail squeaking and turning) (Cha-cha instrumental) - [Brian] Release! (boat sail squeaking and wind rustling) Wow! Look at that! - No cheating for me! - [Brian] We'll let you use the electric rotor sooner. - Eventually! After this passage? - [Brian] Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. (rotor squeaking)

(Cha-cha instrumental) (wind rustling) (guitar instrumental interlude) (introduction song) (paper rustling) (beer can opening) (beer pouring) (paper rustling) - [Brian] After days and hundreds of miles of sailing, there is one thing and only one thing on our minds: we wanted to get off, let the Nugget loose and explore Mexico! Of course, times are strange for traveling sailors like ourselves. And there is only one, slightly minor detail, holding us back. (rewinding) COVID. - Quarantine flag, going up! - In quarantine, we cannot leave the boat. - [Brian] Even though we were safely tied up to the dock and itching to step foot on land, we were held captive onboard until we cleared quarantine.

And we just happen to arrive during a public holiday which was, of course, on a Friday. So, before we could explore the magical land of Isla Mujeres, we need to find a way to entertain ourselves for the entire weekend. - [Brian] Okay. - [Taylor] Ah! - [Brian] You've earned it! - So, I guess, after this passage, I'm finally allowed to raise... - [Brian] Whaaaaat? - The special Canadian flag.

- [Brian] First passage honors. Dun, tada! (woman giggling) [Man] Word of advice, never laugh at the guy winching you up the mast. - Okay! Advice taken! So, we had to take a little, uh, drastic measures in order to get these flags. They're kind of tangled up, up there. So, first time up the mast! - [Brian] Yeah! [Brian] How high do you wanna go? - [Taylor] I got a good view of Mexico! - [Brian] Me-hi-co! (rotor turning) (wind rustling) [Brian] How's the view up there? - Pretty freakin' nice, aye? [Taylor] I'm at the top of the world! The boat looks really big from up here! Say hi, Calico! - [Karin] Hi! - [Brian] We made it to Mexico! - [Taylor] Yahoo! (wind rustling) - [Brian] Yeah, how was that? - [Taylor] That was epic! Really, really great view up there of the sunset and, and the whole, like, waterway and everything around here. - [Brian] Pretty nice, right?

- Good first trip up the mast on Delos. Totally worth it! Now I gotta get my Canadian flag up! - [Brian] Let's do it! - [Karin] Do you wanna help? Are you filming a Nugget cam right now? - All right, are we ready? - [Brian] Hoist 'em! - This is for Canada, eh? - [Brian] Do you know the Canadian national anthem and if so, can you sing it? ♪ Oh, Canada! ♪ [Taylor] That's it, that's all you're gettin'. That's all you're gettin'. - [Brian] What do you think baby Nugs? - [Karin] Woohoo! - [Brian] We officially have a new crew.

- [Brian] Yeah, good job. Good job, Taylor! - [Taylor] Woohoo! - [Karin] So proud! - [Brian] We've come upon a dilemma... - [Taylor] Yeah. Of too much alcohol. - [Brian] Customs is coming in tomorrow.

- [Brian] And... (wheezing and laughing) - [Taylor] Look at the spread! - [Brian] We may have slightly forgotten about most of what we have on board. [Brian] Pulling out more? - Yeah, there's more in here! - [Brian] We got some work to get done. - You better start drinking! - We are quarantined in the Marina until we check-in, which means we have absolutely nothing to do, except drink Margaritas on our boat until we're checked in, which could be 2 or 3 days. So, cheers! - Full out on Margaritas! Cheers! - Cheers! - Cheers! - And we'll watch the fireworks with that! (people cheering) All right! (Rock instrumental) - [Brian] Check-in complete! - We're on legal! We can take down the Q flag and go and have some tacos.

That's pretty exciting! - [Brian] Yeah! Dun, tada! Are you ready for some tacos, little one? - Oh, I'm so ready! Been ready for a couple days now, now we finally get to be free! And explore! - [Brian] Are you hungover today? - Um... Maybe? - [Brian] Liar! (woman giggling) - We celebrated arriving in Mexico in style! - [Brian] We did! Wow, look at that guy! - [Karin] Oh, big boy! Big fella! - [Brian] Big, big fella! - [Brian] At this point, we had two things on our mind: tacos, and more tacos. So, I lined us up with some local transportation and we were off! (woman giggling) - [Brian] This is us! - I love it! - [Bryan] What do you think about that parking spot? - That's a good parking spot. - [Bryan] Yeah! - [Karin] Wow, front row. - [Bryan] You guys ready? - I'm so ready! - [Bryan] A little exploration.

- Go for a little rip, around town? - [Bryan] A rip? - Oh, heck yeah! - Let's go! - [Taylor] Oh, are you gonna drive? Are you gonna drive? Okay, all aboard the Nugget express! - Back it up! - Wow! You don't start it. Ready! - [Brian] You ready baby Nugs? - [Karin] Here we go! Wooh! Oh, easy! (giggling) (slow LoFi instrumental) - [Bryan] Isla Mujeres is just off the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, about 8 miles northeast of Cancún. The island's only about 5 miles long and a half mile at its widest point. And, by far, the most fun way to explore is by golf cart! (golf cart engine revving) So, we were just, we were just driving down the road and we got lost and we're making a U-turn and then this guy [Bryan] that's in front of us right now, pulls over and he's like, 'Hey! I came from Cancún, to see if I can find you guys.'

And uh, he's a tour guide it turns out and then he's just gonna take us around. Random, right? - [Karin] That's good timing! - [Bryan] Hi, so your name's Juan! We randomly just met you on the road. (laughing) - Oh, it wasn't that random I did chase you around. (laughing) - [Bryan] Meet Juan. Not only is he an avid Delos follower, and Nacho Libre impersonator, but just an all-around good, fun dude to hang out with. I had a feeling we were gonna get on just fine.

- Yeah, so what are we gonna be up to, today? - So, it's completely up to you how the adventure is gonna go. But here, what we're gonna do right now, this is called a turtle farm. What happens here is that, um, the locals they find turtles, they bring them here and they breed them here. Every turtle nest that is found on the island is brought here. They, uh, when they're big enough to go out into the wild and they release them.

- [Bryan] That is cool. - Yeah, that's why I let... I bring people here. These animals are not in captivity, they are being released into the wild at some point. - [Karin] Wow, they're so little! Look at them! That's awesome! - [Bryan] You're allowed to feed the turtles. - How do you feed them? - [Brian] Just drop it down.

- [Bryan] Oh no, you missed it! - See that? See? Oh! Bright! It's really nice to see that they have a turtle sanctuary on the island and that they take in turtles that are in trouble or injured and stuff like that and that they can like recover here and then they, they're letting them out into the wild again! They're so cute, though. It's very rare that you see them this close, you know? But they're beautiful. - [Bryan] Wow! Those are... Whoa! Even bigger one's knows. - [Karin] I know! - She loves it! - [Karin] She loves it. - She just can't get enough of it.

Those ones are bigger than you, Sierra! (guitar interlude) - Let's go! - Wooh! - It really is a tropical island. It's so different than The Bahamas and The Keys, right? - Yup! (guitar interlude) (cars revving) (wind rustling) - [Bryan] And now, a short message to pay you the bills. Isjborn! Isjborn! This is the Delos shore party, over.

(wind rustling) (rock instrumental) - Oh man! The (redacted sound) we do, huh? (rock instrumental) - Bears! - [Man] So, if you're looking for something to cozy up with and watch at night, head on over to (people chattering and wind rustling) (waves crashing) - Is this southern-most point of the island? But eastern-most point of Mexico or what? - [Juan] Correct! - Oh, okay, cool! So when we sailed in, we sailed from this way, right around the shallows and then made a turn. But it's uh, the southern-most point of this island and the eastern-most point of Mexico. Right here.

- [Brian] Isla Mujeres has two faces. Each very distinct. The east coast faces the open Caribbean sea and bears the brunt of open ocean waves on their rocky shores.

While the western coast, facing the Mexican mainland, is much more sheltered and provides some incredibly calm water. - [Taylor] You found the biggest iguana ever! - Yeah, so it turns out this is the, this is a copy of the largest iguana ever captured here on the island. Full-scale replica, like a 1 to 1. - [Taylor] No! That's not true! - You don't believe it? - [Taylor] I call (seagull squawking) on that one. - Dang it! - That's the kind of story I used to tell all the tourists, I'd always tell them stories like that one. - They don't believe you, though? - Exactly like that. No, yeah, they did!

- Nobody believes me when I say that. - [Bryan] And finally, with our bellies grumbling, we were off in search of our first taste of the local cuisine. - There we go! Wassup! - Yeah! (laughing) - So we put out a little Instagram post and a lot of you guys told us to go to this like hidden little restaurant, and what was it called again, Bri? - La Palapa del Capitan.

- So, we'll see. We'll have a little bit of lunch - [Brian] Mojitos, margaritas, piña coladas, cervezas ceviche, guacamole, and chicken fajitas. - [Karin] Oh! That sounds pretty good! - That one's just for customers. (giggling)

- [Brian] Oh! - [Karin] Sweet! - [Brian] What'd you order, Kazza? - Uh, some fish tacos. Mhmm! - [Brian] Beef tacos? - Beef tacos. - Ceviche! - [Brian] Ceviche! - [Taylor] Oh, yum! - [Brian] Ceviche, oh! Get a little bite! (crunching) - [Brian] Is it good? - Mmm, that's good! - Mmm, mmm! That is amazing shrimp tacos! That is so good! I'm in food heaven! Food heaven! (chattering and laughing) (upbeat LoFi instrumental) - [Brian] Oh, yeah! - (laughing) Why do you look so unsure? She's like... You want more? No? Okay.

- [Brian] Well, mommy likes it. That's what counts. Now, we're gonna go to, uh, the north beach, Playa Norte, to check out the water! (upbeat LoFi instrumental) - Mia's here on the back! (upbeat LoFi instrumental) - [Brian] What's this called? (laughing) This is called Isla Mujeres. No, no. This is The Malecon of Isla Mujeres. Every city that is close to the water in Mexico has a malecon and this is the one in Isla Mujeres. This is the, where you would go for a walk close to the beach and they have the big letters for the tourists so they can get a picture with the letters of the island, right? (giggling and laughing) - [Brian] So, what are your thoughts on Isla Mujeres so far? - I really like it! It's a very chill vibe. It's kinda,

you know, it's tourist-y but everything is so easy and I like that tourists is zooming around with golf carts most of the time. - [Brian] That is so cool, isn't it? - I know! And it's so, like, the water on here is beautiful. So it's been really nice to kind of like explore the land. But I feel like with two days, with the scooter, like we could probably see everything.

- [Brian] We've already gone around the island like 3 times. - Yeah, I know! - [Brian] Takes 40 minutes, a lot! Yeah, for me, it's really about the food. Mmm, mmm! That is amazing shrimp tacos! I love Mexican food. I've always said if, like I could only have to eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican food. And so, for me to be here, it's like I'm in food heaven.

- [Karin] We've been having some great food! - [Brian] We've been having some incredible food! (slow Moroccan drums playing) - I love this tour, like what is the chances we ran into this guy like right at the beginning of our day - Like at the cart he goes like, 'Hello!' - Like souls passing, he was sitting and having a beer or something and we just happen to pass him, and it's like, that's like karma I feel like. - Yup! - Just meant to be. I love driving around! There's something like really cool, like, we never really drive around in cars and stuff. Such a novelty to just like sit and have a lookout.

- And move! And move fast! - It's like a land dinghy. - Land dinghy! Yeah! It's great! (slow guitar instrumental) (waves rustling) - Look at this, huh? You guys found the beach! - We did! And it's pretty nice! - [Brian] Yeah! - Look at all these boats over there! - [Brian] I know! We could totally anchor Maggie over here. - Yeah! (soft guitar instrumental) (waves crashing) - [Taylor] Nugget! Nugget! You look like a little mermaid! (Brian and Nugget laughing and giggling) (water splashing) - [Karin] Weeee! - [Brian] Oooh! (Nugget coughing) - [Brian] Look at the, look at the sand monster! (laughing) - [Karin] We put 'em here, right at the beach.

- [Brian] No! We're filming right now. Well thank you for everything today, man. That was amazin' meeting you, yeah.

Just, serendipity is what it is. - Man! You don't understand the like, I, seriously, dropped off my parents don't know when, okay how am I gonna go find them? And you guys like, rolled past me. And I was like, yep, that's them! Run back to the car! Yeah, I chased you! - [Brian] Well, thank you for the tour. That was probably the best tour you could have. - I tried. (laughing) Thanks guys! - [Brian] Up next on Delos... We leave Delos for a road trip

across the Yucatán Peninsula of mainland Mexico. We explore the amazing underground caverns, known as Cenotes. Look at this view! Visit the ancient Mayan runes. And get a private tour of a hacienda.

(soft guitar instrumental) - [Brian] I have a string that you could use. What do you think about that? - Ugh! - [Brian] Kazza drinking beer? - Ooop! - [Brian] What do you think? - Mmm, I like the lime. - [Brian] Stand there, and act like you're looking for your lost husband who's been stranded on a boat at sea. (noir instrumental) - Where is, where art thou husband? You like to drive? - [Karin] Okay, Sierra, come back here with me. - No mom, I'm drivin'! - [Brian] Let me just zoom right into this, little pawn on your face here.

♪ Can't nothing, bring me down! ♪ ♪ Your love is too ♪

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