Sam and Adam do Disney - Part Five - December 2018

Sam and Adam do Disney - Part Five - December 2018

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Morning. Absolutely. Not. So. Today, we, are up very early because we have Toy. Story lands early morning magic now I personally, don't understand how you can put the words early morning and magic in the same sentence, but I. Think. This woman's having an emotional breakdown. Are. You ok hon. Just picked up my, wristband. And. Now we're off. So. Christmas. Oh. He's. Off he's. Off there. He goes, areas. So. For anyone that doesn't know early-morning, magic gets you entrance, to the park from 7:30, just. To Toy Story land so. You, can get stinky dog - alien. Swelling sources and restoring. Midway mania all, done before, 9:00 a.m. and. There's a breakfast included and that runs till 10:00 I did, that last time it's very very good I may. Have just jinxed it. The. Queues are probably gonna be horrendous and oversold now. It's. Got a little scarf any cute. Last. Ride of the day Toy. Story Midway mania. Welcome. Oh. Jesus. Like. Hi. I'm the winner I, don't. Like this right I. Liked. It better when I was here on my own because that meant I always want on my side. No. So. To recover from the trauma of losing that, game twice, first. Time my vehicle was a little bit faulty I mean it kind of was the second time but we won't get into it it's. Time to stinky dog. I think, the gas. So, I've only just joined the queue. And. Here we. Walk. You, early. Morning magic. Was, it even a ten-minute wait. Such. A good right such a good right such a good right. So. I think it four times is probably enough for now. Yes. You, did, you did, good. Now me. It's. Time for a lien swelling so says Oh. My. Goddess Christmas, music. The cast member said we could say on I'm. Using that so I have to say it. It's. Like hardcore Christmas, like. Look. At this, Christmas. Cookie or gingerbread. You. Know what I mean again no, I, no. Time. Literally. No queue. Great. Great, illustration, of no to you Sam really, doing well, we. Got on and off that in five minutes. Well. When. We got on with, the kingdom Caitlyn, and we've. Got Haley in the line yeah, but when we got on Kingdom was like the other guests are coming covering. The. Gates, oh. Yes. And. This. One's I've arrived. So. It's a little bit late than when I left last time so hopefully the key is for a Tower of Terror and rach mulli are still non-existent, we're gonna try and do both of those and then get breakfast. Hey. I could smell food at. All the Christmas oh my oh my god oh there's, more people than there were last time I'm not liking this. Not. Even doing it, because. Kind of. When. It's a walk on my country. So, I've never been the biggest advocate of rock Imola like I enjoy it and I'll do it for like Adam. You have a very good tip which is sit at the front and you get the wind rush and completely. Different experience. Would. Do over and over. I have. Waited patiently for, six, days to, do this right as patiently. Did, I just think you're going rock'n'roller first. Thank. You, I love. Sperry, honey. I'm Stevie. I love. This right I love this right I know this right I love this right. Terrifying. See. That wasn't so bad was it it, wasn't so fab because we went up and, then down going. Down it. Does it every time I swear I possible. Say you can do it it's gonna be fine it's gonna be okay pots getting a little bit busier now so it's time for breakfast, you. Ready for the food. Wonderful. What are you wearing. Got. Plenty of time that's funny shows. It's. Mostly a potable. So. Once again we've got the breakfast, included, I went, through the avocado, smash and Adams. Gone for the avocado smash, and then a fried chicken bowl I've. Got some pastries on the side so is you. Probably. Gonna steal one of these off in. Orange. Which is unlimited, coffee. Which is unlimited and then cokes you just order from up there if you want. I. Don't. Know what happens I do, it, will happen so far. So. Somehow, this. One has, never done this very, being, a frozen, fan as well what the hell. We've. Even fast-fast it for the occasion could pretty much done everything else.

If. It's a wonderful time to go, indoors. Training. Ladies, and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome. To for, the first time in forever, frozen. Sea long celebration. Ivana, the rain was. A fan of Christmas frozen. Ice. All, I have to say I'm. A fan of doing more of the indoor thing so, second, bus bus of the day. That, was a really good sequence we started off with like, the suction cup robot going. Around the stardestroyer chips, he. Felt he'll he didn't like it and. Then we got the podraces and then we finished, with Boba, Fett and the. Desktop and we. Had Admiral Ackbar so that was just great a trap. Yeah. That, so. Got like, 50 minutes for a fast bus for the Tower of Terror. So. I'm just gonna have our coffee and catch. Some of the Star Wars done. You. Having a good time Adam having, a great time. It's. Crazy I'm having such a good day I can't. Believe I'm back already it's been like two months since others last year I feel like I'm dreaming thank. You oh please no no no I'm just. Kidding. Start our chair. You're. Moving into a land of both shadow and substance of. Things and, ideas you, just crossed over. Hello. Hollywood studios, Dennis. Definitely. A morning bar I hate the park as soon as it gets to mid taking but, definitely a morning park and now we're off to Epcot for the evening, part, of and and. Yeah. I got I got a week I did. Some. What didn't realize, I was filming. Booth. This. Guy. You. Have been alone you. Have been alone for me. Never, could do our, usual, Tigers, I'm making my yes. So. We just had something to eat in electric, umbrella. Very. Close to my face. And then to, support some stuff from last year, Christmas. Presents, and such I'm, a Shopaholic in Disney what was it and, now we're heading to Club pool because we, think we're being messed with the other day because the Beverly was delicious. So, we're wondering if they've like messed with it or if it was just a one day thing so we're going back to try it again it. Tastes nice it. Tastes nice now what. Happened. Inhale. Down. See. This is what I love about Disney, we weren't even gonna go see the Christian band but we were just walking past her. To the angelic voices and, just went. But. You can just be you can have because. Because you, often just get like limited time so you have to kind of pick and choose what you want to do you, can literally, be like how walk into, what. You want it to do and then you'll just walk past something, and, it will just grab your attention and entertain you and. Those. Are like the special moments that's what I like that's, why I like Disney and, then, we're, about to do living with the land again which is behind me somewhere. So. True to form I fell asleep on living with the land so. We're. Gonna get some coffee. I'm, sorry there must be some confusion the Fastpass - stop. Okay. So it's only half past five and we want to see illuminations, which is until 9:00 so. Just. Kind of a cheeky that will explore the world I think. So. Enjoy. We. Came in search of Julius, and, there. Was no Julius to be found. Maybe. He uses don't break he's left us. Judas. Was the beautiful. Man working in Germany that. Gives. A little magic moment with some popcorn and. He's. Parent. He's allowed today off. The, cheek about honestly. Adams. Just introduced, me to the cocktail. The magical. Star it's, the greatest thing in, the world do. You know what actually you know or is it like. It. Is. Passion. Mango. And passion fruit the cure sweet. And sour, I think, pineapple. Juice orange, juice. Topped, with spray. That's. Good. Oh. Parrot. Bay. And. We. Bumped into Taylor, who, we had a drink with I, love. Kate though she was nice, and. Now he is getting a wine glass, in. A bit oh my. God look, how amazing. This tree looks when it's all lit up. There. Were just too many emotional, things happening today Sammy's. Gonna cry. Now we're heading around to get. Someone, around your heart. Joy. On this boy's face look, at look at that look at that. Right. Well, you think just not like. Anybody. Sam. I. Knew. This was happening when I recommended, it it's. Changed change. So. Yeah I am an annual, pass holder now and. Before. You judge me like I'm. Coming back in the end of October, next, year with my friend Jesse so I'd have had to pay that same amount for tickets anyway excuses, excuses and I could just come back again it's fine it's fine everything's, fine I'm not a bad influence I really kept it together when I got it as well there's, a few clips I'll probably put in here Katzie about them Thanks. It's. My first. Ride as a pass holder. Second. Ride second, ride this bar soda. She's. Using the Gary. C fan, me. And my biggest fan as seen in such popular vogue says, October. Orlando, vlog Dade one. To. Subscribe. Love.

In This pavement what is this I. Notice. Has gone in to see if you can change this for your rod and it's. Just, hitting me what has happened and I think I'm gonna cry like I never. Thought I'd be an annual pass holder for Disney World and. I've. Had a bit of a tough year and I'm, aware how like a lucky, I am to be able to come as many times as I have already and think. That I could come. A. Holidays. Are a bit more affordable because you. Know you can book like flights and accommodation and, the tickets are sought aired so I. Don't. Know I'm. Overwhelmed I did. Yeah. Just. Sat down had some drinks and. We're. Gonna go to spaceship up again. I'm. Having a really good time. So. I put a middle finger. Walks. Lovin. This. Is my favorite. We. Lied. This is what I don't get about. That, foods way by the way than it is. This, seems way closer than it actually is. Why. So. We've just done spaceship, earth for, the fifth or sixth time this trip it's, just a relaxing, trip hole opportunity. But. No we're now going to get a spot, for the fireworks. I'll. Be watching it in a UK pavilion. Somewhere, along there I, just. Had a realization is, like the, last. Disney. Day. /, night literally. His heart like broke and I saw it come on a space has been your, and. It. Beams right, now. It's. Been a really, good day best. Day where. Do we start Magic Kingdom no lies. Which. Really, was morning. Magic, seven, times seven. Vennett. I have a really good time with Oliver studios and then, Epcot. Illuminations. Best, view I've had sound. Needs a little bit of work you need to put some speakers up in the Rose and Crown a bit of it a bit better for the little like private, viewing area Disney like. Just. Employ me I'll sort it out for you I'll sort it the world would be a better place if stamp ran it like, the. Amount of ideas have cuddled miss Holliday. Thank. You cabana. Bay have, a switch and they're playing Smash Brothers I saw, it yesterday and, I tried, to drag him down but. I forgot. To message and I just wrote it out I've never sent it but. I liked it they, came back into the room being like I was gonna be really angry at you but then I realize I didn't say. Happens. Quite a lot you, know very good day last. Is d-day since. A fighter this oh. I'm. An annual pass holder who believed, and. Yeah. Universal. Tomorrow. Hopefully. Volcano, bit. Anyway. I'm tired, so. You.

2019-01-29 17:47

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@Sam Mealey Worked out pretty good! I have an iPhone 8 too, nice to know I can do good vlogs with it! Thanks for the Vlogs!

@Sam Mealey You commented on your new vlog about my comment here. Hope I did not offend or hurt feelings, I didnt mean it insultingly, more sarcastic which is hard to convey in form of text (like taking the piss out of a mate). Love everything you've done and keep it up!

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