Sam and Adam do Disney - Part Two - December 2018

Sam and Adam do Disney - Part Two - December 2018

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Good, morning, good morning. It's. Another, lovely day and all I go but it's freezing outside. It's. Magic Kingdom day I'm. So excited so today. We are starting off in Magic Kingdom we've had a bit of a chill morning which is quite nice and, for. A man that likes the sleep it's appreciated, Thank You Adam. But. No so we're gonna, Magic Kingdom. Coffee. Fast buses and, then we've got Mickey's, very Merry Christmas, party, oh. I've. Never been I'm excited, it. Is a kind, of lovely day it is absolutely. Ice cold out there but, look how lovely that is like Hogwarts. No. I'm excited. Magic. Kingdom after my solo trip, Magic, Kingdom is probably, my favourite park which I never thought I would say so. I'm quite. Excited. He's. Still better because I said, I didn't like f qor and that Hollywood studios might be better. It's. Not the best park on your own but with people is fine it's. A great park. Seven. Days of this so. Yeah. Very. Brisk. So. When I walk into Magic Kingdom. We. Managed, to we were like Oh golly you. So. Yeah we had a Splash Mountain in Fast. Pass for like 350, because. It's a little, bit cold this is very misleading it's freezing. We. Were like oh there's, a five-minute wait let's just change that first bus and then just, by, pure. Luck. The. First fast bus that we were able to modify it to as seven, doors and Wine Train for 11:55. Which. I'm, not so proud of him I'm so proud of him. So. Yeah we're now, heading, in to do that. There's, our Pluto. So. Because it's cold there's like a five-minute wait for Splash Mountain so. We're. Gonna be those terrible, people that make bad decisions there's. A reason it's five minutes. Let's. Do it, all. So I just elbow someone in the face nearly then they probably deserved, it. His ten minutes we're leaving. Outrageous. There's. A great big beautiful tomorrow. He. Tonight. That. Was me getting your mission space. So. We survived Splash, Mountain, I, think we handled it pretty well I, don't. Think anybody was over to my head. And. Now we're going to seven doors for that cheeky little bus. We. Are. Some. Excellent fast passing, there. And. Now we're gonna do our favorite right which is people. Mover. So. I just introduced Adam to a Cheshire cat tail. On. The way to the people mover the plan was to have a lunch maybe on the right if you're allowed but I don't, think you last that long. Yes. Let's go. When, you check your bank account. Yeah. Oh. You. Excited yeah, yeah. It's. Time for our second boss boss. Starburns. Guess. Who got a last-minute be our guest lunch, reservation. I did. That's. It, does. That's the clip. It's, christmasing, the, table this time is a lot better than last time before, I was hidden all the way over there in the corner trying to keep out of everybody's way because I was on my own and now we'll literally by the Christmas, tree and. It's. Snowing and, it's, so nice. French. Onion soup is back. Yes. Stop. Looking like a slob Thank, You Larry.

Work. Miracles. Take. That out, no we. Destroyed. That, food. How. Was it. Yeah. It was it's. Very it's very well. Framed. So. It's time for our third and final. Pre-booked. Fast bus, and. It might, be one of my favorite rights. Which. Offers, you this killing, the challenge, to. Find a. Way out. There's. Always my, way I. Love. That right so much and. Now we're gonna eat because I'm desperate, ready. For tonight, I'm. So excited, alright, so cuz reviews I'm a fast fastest we're gonna put quite a few more outs so I'll. Do a little montage rather, than film it between each drop. It's really busy am I so tired so, we're just doing a bit of shopping while, we wait for the, ELSA. Show like up it's. Got a frozen bitch thank, you but don't be sure say. Even. Shopping was busy so, we're just about magic mustered. Up the energy for. Their. Current amount him I. Will. See if I will sleep I will sleep I will sir. Your. Holidays. To be so beautiful. It. Is beautiful. On us. Oh my. God it's Mary. And. It was nicely lit up and it snowed. Help. That sore Elsa and Olaf. And. Now we're in line for Winnie the Pooh so. I'm very excited. Candy. Canes equals. Better, games. They. Just keep you cookies. It I got, a hot chocolate and they literally like. This. Is all this left. Door. Over to Adams log to see us eat them and. Get our opinions. I'm. Gonna eat so many more, we're. Feeling tired again so with that. It's. Time for a pretzel. Okay. So treat station number two, we've. Got a snow cone. Snowman. Pretzel. Which. I'm very excited for and, I'm very hungry so I'm gonna smash this into my face I've. Been told I get to be Santa. Have. You been a good boy. Did. I just meet Santa, Claus in Magic Kingdom as a 27, year old adult yes, I did she. Had style, she had grace Rita Hayworth gave good faith. Adams. Currently seizing, up because, there's an acapella, thing on and. That's one of his white pet hates is a cappella music. He's, away he's away but. Not now we're going on I, saw. A. Wind. Shear oh sick flight remain, seated with your seatbelt, fastened, keeping, your hands arms feet and legs inside. Oh. That. Was a very snug. Adam. Was an absolute, babe and got me for peppermint cookies. Okay. So we've got some time to kill before the, parade, and the shows that we want to see for Mickey's very Merry Christmas party. So. Yeah. I'm, just gonna throw loads of clips together like, some rides that we do we're currently going to this, you. Probably guys. Thanks. Adam. He. Made me go at the front I. Did. Not like that. It's, not as cold as it was, to. The. Now I head in for the holiday, was just. True. We do. That. Was so cute. Did you like that and I, actually, love that so and, now we've found a spot for the parade I'm. Withholding. That. Was so good. Very. Festive very festive a very cold very festive.

Oh That's, okay. We missed Flynn Flynn. Was on the other side dev oh absolutely. Devil, but we've got a few ones we got Prince Charming we've got prince charming. Charming. He was we're. Very cold but, it's been a really good day really long day really tiring day so we're gonna chill out of it I think in the morning before. Universal. So. Yeah this that's that's the day the. Day I will not film anymore. You.

2019-01-10 15:19

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Keep making content. It's fun to watch you and I think you have talent for it!

Magic Kingdom during Christmas is so beautiful!! We were the for Christmas 2016 and I loved it. Thanks for bringing back lovely memories. You are very good at vlogging love your videos! I also love your Magic Band! Very cool looking

Fab vlogs you and Adam are really funny together. Looking forward to the next one

You are adoooorable! Thanks for sharing your trip. What days were you in the parks? We have a trip planned for early December 2019 and wondering how crowds were.

Haunted Mansion is a ride I have to go on every visit to say I've done it but I hate every second

Nice vlog. thank you. cant wait for part 3.

Love the subtle bitching between you and Adam. or wel maybe not so subtle

Once again I enjoyed your vlog. Can't wait to see more of your adventures at Disney and Universal Studio.

Fantastic and fun vlog. Thank you so much! Took me longer to get to it today. But only because I was booking my next visit to WDW! Fun to see you and Adam having fun. Cheers!

Marla in CA I’ll let you off then

Such a nice vlog! Your reaction to the xmas decorations was wonderful - and you are in great company - everyone I know (and including myself) gets that lump in the throat, and tears up when you see them for the first time each xmas season! Oh and love that rendition of the Carousel of Progress theme! Hope your tomorrow is great and big! Thanks for sharing

You were brave saying Hollywood Studios is better than Epcot in Adam's presence. The pink AH hoodie suits you. "Horribly cold" "very brisk" AKA "we are British & don't forge it!" I'm sat here thinking: this seems familiar...then I realised, I've watched Adam's vlog! I'm used to being the other person, I've never had the Disney deja vu before! Disney World at Christmas is just amazing. I need to go back & do the party again! :D

Gary c, Adam and Sam would be great

Gary C The people want a Gary C and Adam trip in 2019

Love the video. The two of you together are goofy sweet :)

I was 27 years old the first time I went to WDW. At 53 I visited the Christmas Party in 2018. Your vlog sums up the joyful experience. Thank you.

Love the combo of you and Adam. You guys have helped “sway” me into booking into a December trip myself! Cheers!

Adam Hattan thank you

Have the best time!

Yay! Thank you much. So much fun.

Great job Sam!! I love the Christmas Party, I know it's $$$ but I still love it.

Love your vlogging! You bring a different humour to the love of Disney!

At this point I'm basically just here for your French Onion Soup food porn!!!!

Wonderful vid!

Yayy! Looking forward to Part three next week!

love you guys together, such a lovely vlog

Loving the vlogs Sam!

When part 3 can't come soon enough! Wishful thinking: I wouldn't mind longer videos

Good morning good morning, to you, and you, AAAAND you! (Shrek 2 reference for those playing at home)

love seeing you two together. we get to see a side of Adam that we dont see on his channel. :D

Sam, you guys are a great duo!

OMG you and Adam are perfect vlog duo ... I have been a subscriber of Adams for a while and he’s done trips with other vloggers quite a bit but I have to say that you two together have such a great chemistry and I did not think that I could love watching Adam anymore than I already do until you came into the picture… I really hope that you 2 consider doing weekly vlogs together… Your subscribers would go through the roof... I love this❤️❤️❤️

This was the nicest comment

lynnarro I’m not crying you are

Great vlog, love the banter between you & Adam !

I forgot how tired we were that day!

Ok snowflakes.... the coolest day in Orlando can’t be that bad, you ARE from the UK right? Bahahahaha!

Yay just in time for lunch time

Thanks for sharing guys!

It was fun to see the point of view of the delicate flower..... Great vlog.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a 27 year old man and meeting Santa at Disney... that's what i keep telling myself anyway haha. Love the vlogs guys x

Maybe if you both just walked round rather than dance and shimmy rounds the park then you would not be as tired!!

Awesome!! Can’t wait for part three! ❤️

Ha you 2 are so funny together. Great vlog

Great Vlog guys, you two work well together, I’m going back to California this year for Star Wars Land

Love your vids! Love your energy! Thanks for sharing!!!

Please keep on vlogging! You're funny and cute :-)

TravelFloh he’s taken, back off.

First in! Ha ha love the vids! ❤️

As a (non-disclosed) year old adult, I met Santa at the Santa-themed park in Colorado. It was great. But what was with that montage music? Suddenly it was like the in-memoriam montage during the oscars.

Just editing-Sam thinking he's hilarious, we can ignore him...

Hey Sam, I don't mean to jump to conclusions but I was just wondering if you and Adam are together because you would be so cute together?!?!?!?!?!

Disney at Christmas just looks so magical!!

I’m not crying, you are

We were there 9th-16th and crowds in magic kingdom were quiet on party days until about 4pm. Saturdays where crowded to the brim

Hi, is there a specific reason you don’t rent a car? I allways do, but I start to find the cost of parking at the parks a bit high. (Travelling solo) In june I’m going back to Universal Orlando and staying in a hotel off site I’ve found last time. As it’s only a 20 min walk. And after 6 pm If I return parking is free then. Sorry if the question is already asked and answered.

I love a cheeky last minute fast pass, especially for Seven Dwarves! Is it really that cold? I can't even imagine it being so cold in Florida for hoodies and jackets!

​+Sam Mealey Wow, most people escape the UK for that very same reason haha The Christmas decorations look stunning though!!

Freezing!! It was freezing Ryan! You can’t see it on camera but we could see our breath when we spoke

So good seeing your vlogs for this holiday and Magic Kingdom looks gloriously magical :)

Hi funny vlog of you and adam! What phone do you use to vlog?

how was transportation from Cabana Bay to WDW parks? or did you rent a car?

There’s a bus from Cabana bay to Citywalk for Universal and then we just used Uber if we were going to Disney parks. Adam got something called ridepass which seemed to keep the care around $11 each way. On a couple busy nights it went up to $30 but if that happened we just got a bus from the parks to Disney Springs and got an Uber from there for cheaper

An iPhone 8

Sam Mealey

A few reasons but with the price of car hire, fuel and parking at Disney it works out cheaper to get an Uber each way. Plus that way you don’t have to drive on the opposite side of the road

Loving your VLOGS with Adam as well as your solo trip you two make my day xx

Epcot is my least favorite park there I said it out loud lol

Great vlog, you show bits of the rides and shows that I’ve not seen before. It’s lovely see Adam happy & relaxed

oh that santa pictures love them

We were there at the same time as are not wrong when you said it was cold! #freezingflorida

Sam Mealey i was literally wearing two T shirts under a jumper to try and keep warm

So cold... just so cold

Adam Hattan - I'm late to the party but she speaks for a lot of us I think! Love you two together.

Disney in December looks amazing! I can't imagine Florida cold, Was it less that 15'C? Also how did you score free cookies?

​@Sam Mealey Wow, most people escape the UK for that very same reason haha The Christmas decorations look stunning though!!

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