Sam's Chowder House, Sangeetha Restaurant, Gerard's Paella Y Tapas: Check, Please! Bay Area Kids

Sam's Chowder House, Sangeetha Restaurant, Gerard's Paella Y Tapas: Check, Please! Bay Area Kids

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Oh. Chocolate. Creme brulee you blew, our minds. That's. Probably the best part kind, of what makes it to pay it I. Love. Crispiness, on the outside and, that was amazing. Check. Please Bay Area is made possible by the members of KQED and, by, its, the room that's less sort, of private and more. Private. It's. A thousand, things big, and small Sutter. Health. The. Bay Area Airport that's close and reliable, I fly. Oayk a comm. Hi. I'm Leslie Sbrocco welcome, to check please Bay, Area the, show where regular Bay Area residents review, and talk about their favorite restaurants. We, have three guests and each one recommends, one of their favorite spots and the other two go, check them out to see what they think but. This week's something, special, kids, are having their say at the check please table, and the first for us twelve-year-old. Twins. Callie is a bookworm, who loves to debate her sister, achelle is a free spirit who loves to dance ballet and hip hop will they both agree when it comes to their favorite restaurant mmm, stay tuned and 11. Year old Jonah was so inspired, by Hamilton, the musical he's. Constantly. Rhyming, and rapping, as his alter-ego, MC. Sassy, J but first Surf's, Up for eleven-year-old, soleil who, hangs ten whenever, the conditions, are right luckily. Her favorite, paddle, out is just steps from her restaurant in Half Moon Bay a coastal. Getaway offering. Fruits of the sea live, jazz and killer sunsets, it's Sam's, chowder, house. When. People come, to Sam's, we want them to have a getaway we want them to forget about all of their problems and have, a really great meal I'm Julie. Shankman I'm the co-owner of, Sam's, chowder house and, we're, here in beautiful Half, Moon Bay. My, husband. And co-founder, of Sam's, grew, up on the East Coast in a little coastal town so. We wanted to have, an East Coast style, seafood, house, we're. Really really fresh, seafood. Is prepared very simply, and really letting the ingredients, shine through, we. Chose this spot because it, is just so beautiful and. The. North side of the restaurant faces, the harbor and the south side it's just open ocean it's really quite beautiful for. Us our mantra, is fresh. Local, when possible and seasonal. Everything, is grown all over the coast here our lettuce sometimes is, in the fields, in the morning and by. Evening we'll be serving it on our place we, serve sustainably. Fish, to seafood and. During. Crab, season, we will be serving, local, crab that's caught right here within Half Moon Bay, Sands.

Chatter House is really well known for our lobster, roll and we, use a pound, and a quarter lobster, in every lobster roll it's a huge amount. And. There's just nothing more delicious than you, know eating a fresh. Oyster, with the salt air and you're tasting the brine enos of an oyster and it's just a really wonderful combination, I personally, like it with champagne. But, it's good with a beer as well. So. Lay no Sam's, chowder house is a bit of a special treat for you isn't it yeah how often do you get to go I probably. Go like, maybe, once, a month I usually, go after surf, practice, after, surfing and surfing in Half Moon Bay is pretty tough isn't it what's your favorite thing to get there the, point raised Elise they're. Super, fresh and the point raised ones, have the most flavor to me mm-hmm, and do you get any sauce with them yeah, I put a new vinegar, sauce and lemon and that's. Just perfect I don't really get the horseradish I um so, do, you like the texture, of oysters, I used. To hate it honestly, are you saying. Why did you change the sauce Mexican, but. I don't know why it's a weird food. What. Else do you get for another advertiser, I get, the lobster ceviche. It, comes in this like a little tostada, chip, Bowl and then, surrounding, it is like mango, sauce and, inside. It you have lobster, cabbage. This. Sauce, is super, creamy and salty and. Then you take a little chip, from the bowl and scoop, it and it's really good is that your favorite more than the oysters, or you know nothing. Beats the oysters, okay Jonah, do you remember what you had when you went to Sam's I had the crispy juicy from, the artichokes, and I loved them they, were crunchy. And flaky, on the outside, and soft on the inside and. Then they came with this sour. Rich. Creamy. Lemon, aioli, grace I, also, have their, Manhattan clam, chowder, now I had a New England clam chowder before, and I thought I loved that best, out of all the soups but I've been converted Manhattan, clam chowder I just loved the tomato a base for Hannah and I love the spice kick that's. So good. I think, my favorite out of all of them, we're the roasted, garlic chili, prawns I love, those fresh, prawns, but, those spicy, chilies. And that, creamy, rich. Feta, cheese it's. So, good nice, alright I want to ask you - what was your experience, at Sam's right, it was really good judging, that we don't usually prefer, fish so. The first thing we had was. Halibut. Tartare and, it, was, some of the freshest, fish I've ever had and if you don't like fish I mean tartar is is going pretty fish so. Basically it was like this fish on top of avocado. You wouldn't even taste, the fish you can only taste avocado, so, it just basically tasted. Like whack-a-mole. A yeah then we, had fish. And chips and that I love the fish and chips because it, was super crunchy. And you, couldn't even tell, that it was fish well that's a sign of you know someplace with really fresh fish yeah and what else did you have we had the cioppino and one. Of my childhood memories is my grandma would come over and she would make cioppino. And. I just. Loved the sauce yes, the, bell pepper flavor really came out in it was it as good as your grandma's yes. And, I I really. Liked. The bright that it came with it just soaked up all this chili no and I liked how, that was, so what, else do you get oh yeah, for my main course I hope I got grandma's. Homemade, special, spaghetti. And meatballs. Spaghetti, and, meatballs, at Sam's chowder house what's. Going on there. Their spaghetti is the, best the noodles, are so thick and, they make the, sauce there, the sauce is super. Fresh. Yeah for, a chowder, house like, usually you'd expect that it's mostly, focused on fish but, even, like the side dishes like, spaghetti. Which isn't focused on fish or like the desserts, everything. Was perfect, it. Was yeah. Hope, you agree on that one the, twins agree on that one okay, well, let's talk about the place for a minute because it's pretty spectacular isn't. It the place Jonah's going yeah tell me about your thoughts, I love to see the Sun set over the Oh we kid with my dog on that beach before such, a pretty Beach to look over while eating fresh, seafood, does. Not just arrest on in this experience, oh we, loved it, afterwards. We went down to the beach and just laid there for a real long time one thing I do have to say though is the line is so. Long you, don't have a reservation, yeah I think they handled it well cuz we were in by the in the first five minutes and the line was out at the door and.

Any Room for dessert I have the soft serve ice cream what sea salt and olive oil it might sound weird but, it's so, delicious then. They like add a salty. Flavor to, the sweet ice cream kind of like salted, caramel and it was so creamy, and refreshing. What else did you guys have yeah he had the chocolate creme Blanc, Oh chocolate, creme brulee, yeah blew, our minds, it was awesome. I, have had a creme brulee before, and it was very sweet the, chocolate, kind of measured that out you know and made, it like just perfect, I just like the texture. Of it too, oh my, I can't it. Was like literally heaven, in my mouth yes. Also. Key, lime pie how's. That tangy, sweet, flavor, and. Then, they even throw like a little mint garnish on top and. It's just so creamy, and amazing. I loved it all right this is your restaurant Soleil. Give us a quick summary, famished. Our house is great for the three EPs family. Food and fun oh right. And Jonah Salmons, house is a great restaurant with a beautiful, view for, any seafood, lover or counter holic okay, and Kalyani show if you, have fresh, seafood. And a. Beachfront. View, then. Sam's chatter house is the, place for you oh great. Well. If you would like to try Sam's chowder house it's on highway 1 in Half Moon Bay it's, open every day for lunch and dinner reservations. Are recommended and, the average dinner tab per person is, around $35. Sisters. Collie and I shall are proud of their multicultural. Roots they're part German Indian, Salvadoran. And Italian. So, dinners in their family, offer a pretty amazing, mix of culinary, delights though. It was a tough one just choosing, one restaurant, to share they, finally, agreed on a South Indian spot, offering, comforting. Dosas and sweet, lassies, in Sunnyvale. It's called Sangeeta. So. Sangeeta Amin's, music. Music. And food. Are the two things that can I hit your soul. So. This is a way of bringing both together I'm Freddie, penny Adi and the, director, for Sangeeta, restaurant, in Sunnyvale. California, so. I'm a third generation restaurateur. My, grandfather, got into the business many, moons ago and it was my uncle that started, the brand Sangeeta in 1985. I miss. The food that I grew up it and I wanted to bring a little taste of that to, the community. Our. Master, chef is somebody that's been with us for, over 30 years and the, recipe that we brought over is essentially, something that he learned directly, from my uncle. So. There might be you know misconception. That Indian food is spicy the, idea is to bring the flavors out so, if a particular dish, needs, to have a certain, level of spice to get that flavor out then, we would do it but, where it's not needed we completely, avoid it and, if. Anything we, can do to make the kid eat better and eat. More, you. Know we're all for it. Those. Are for example it's easy for them to eat it's, fun for them to eat nothing, brings us more joy than to see a kids play empty, you. Know the colors and the restaurant, are all earthen. Colors my, philosophy, is that we come from the earth the. Food that we serve comes from the earth and it's, actually our guests and our customers, that add color to the restaurant, to our lives and to our livelihood. All. Right now both, of you can tell me why you love Sangeeta, what is special about it for you well, my, grandma, used to cook Indian food and, she. Would never cook South Indian food so it's really nice to like get explore the other side. Of, India you know yeah. You had good memories just around, the restaurant yeah in terms of being with your grandmother yes and some, Gita's is a very healthy, alternative, especially for, vegetarian. Folks out there because, it's only vegetarian, food yes, tell me what you get every time so, for me I always, get, the ghee dosa because, I don't like spicy food so like it's a little bit crunchy it's. A little bit soft and, it's really big and then, I love dipping it in all the sauces what are those sauces, there's a lot of chutneys, and then there's also like soups. That have tomato, flavors, and spices yeah, I really like the game salad dosa so. It's, really. Big like that. Big and it has potatoes rolled, over yeah, and I really like that right what did you have Soleil when you went um, for our appetizer we, got the poori masala, which. Is like fluff. Wheat bread and it, comes with masala. And veggie.

Kurma It was really good the masala spicy, but it wasn't like super spicy, which. Was good because I can't do SuperDuper. Spicy and, the. Veggie Karma was bright. Like sauce, with, different, vegetables there was peas. And carrots and I. Think some cabbage, Jonah, what did you have actually, we wanted to order so, much that, the, waiter told us we we couldn't because we didn't know they'd come in such big portions, so, for an appetizer. We had the plain idli, which, is pretty awesome I liked the spongy, soft texture, and I, also liked the large array of sauces. To dip it in sambar, on companies, especially the sambar, it's good plain or dip with anything, pretty much it, would it be good with your shoe. Then, we also with the Mumbai bossy dosa, and that was amazing, I love like the crispiness, on the outside the. Soft spicy, potatoes, on the inside so good dipped in like the coconut chutney and then, there's also my. Favorite thing I got drum. Roll please. Woohoo. It's so good it's like it's so soft. Delectable bread, with. Like moist. Crunchy. Onions, and spicy, chilies. So. Good. Shall. I say is you're shaking your head he, ordered right huh yeah, definitely. Cuz I feel, like anything, that restaurant, has is. Out. Of this world and my, version of heaven and. We usually get the onion Buddha pop - so it's very similar to except. It's not spicy, because I shall not handle spicy yeah. We usually, take it home and eat it like your lunches, it's. Very easy to package bumps a little bit different yeah it's like spongy, - yeah after, school my mom needed up some more of that onions earliest album because we had leftovers that was the ultimate after-school. Snack for me I kind of wish we could just drive back to Sunnyvale and get more of that, do. You have any of these so like what else did you have um next. We got the chole Butera it's. Like a huge. Huge. Fluff bread and, you, tear a little piece off and different. Types of sauces they, had the chowder, masala, the. Red onion, and the. Right. Thumb which was like the yogurt tangy, sauce which is my favorite, and I like the place because, they were metal and, they had different slots for the sauces, which I thought was kind of cool I just have a question have, you guys tried the mango lassi there yeah. There. Was two types in the menu they're salty and sweet and we, my mom got the sweet one and which was really nice as the manager gave us um them for free oh that's, nice, mango. Lassi is good everywhere but this mango. Lassi, is better, than most of the mango lassis I've tried, including. Some I've tried it Lidia really. And did you like the service were they very nice to you the, service to, me this is kind of fast but not from me it was partly because they were like kind of wanting to close down quick, we, got there kind, of like an hour before closing, so, don't go close to closing time that's them that was the real thing the moral of the story the.

Customer, Service could be better but, for me the food is what really matters, um when, we went there the service was really good, our leader. He. Gave us like a history, lesson about. The place, and I had places in India yeah there's like 83. All over India and then there's one in America, and he, was real nice he gave us free dessert. Which, was that semolina, pineapple. Pudding and the, pineapple, flavor was not, over-exaggerated, and it was really oh now you guys are gonna get that next time yes, try. It alright girls wrap it up for us this is your restaurant, if you want to go to India, and you don't want to pay for tickets then Sangeeta is a place for you alright, and Jona if you want on authentic, South Indian, experience with, it with tasty, spicy food, and large portions, go, to Sangeeta, Indian restaurant, in Seoul a if you, want to try some of South India's best food let us thinking if, you would like to try some geeta restaurant, it's on East out camino Royale in Sunnyvale it's, open every day for breakfast lunch and dinner and the average dinner tab per person is, around $25. As. You. Guessed by now Jonah, is definitely, not shy when it comes to meeting strangers, so, it comes as no surprise he's, made fast friends, with the chef at his restaurant a festive. Place that's earning a reputation for its fresh take on one of Spain's most famous, dishes in Santa. Rosa it's Gerard's, paella. The, feeling we wanted to have in here is very much like a European style a Spanish style tapas, restaurant, people are sharing stuff it's loud it's crazy it's all kinds of good things going on I'm, driving the best key of Gerard's, pie in downtown Santa Rosa the. Origins. Of paya originally. Are actually, Moroccan dish it's up to 300 years of the Moors occupying, Spain why they left they left their pans behind and the Spaniards adopted internet no pie is the national dish so. We've been doing this on the road pretty much about 15 years we do nationwide, our, whole setup is very portable looks, beautiful, you see go from a bare, pan to, this beautiful mosaic of food you know in a matter of an hour hour and a half we're. Making it very accessible here we always have three batches of different styles of rice cooking away and then, we have eleven inch pans that that rice goes into the. Raw proteins or veggies all get put on top and then goes into the 700, degree oven and gets flash and all cooked off in 6 minutes. The. Most, coveted part of the dish is the bottom of the pan which is called the socarrat and it's literally a sweet. Rice that's been caramelized. We've. Got a great little tapas, scene. As well as a bar scene we have a fantastic, bartender, Frank Dicey's legendary, in the area we're doing all kinds of neat stuff that's all art is no maid and we've got basically something for the whole family here but, the. True success of the dish is the social aspect of it it's afforded, me a captive. Audience. Because. I do like talking like socializing I like swapping stories with people this is a way to you. Know stand around and talk about stuff and I think it's just great I love it. Now. I understand. From Gerard that you actually got in there and learned how to make a little Paia didn't, you yeah, so, he's, kind of a local celebrity and. I met him introduced myself and he, was so nice to me and he presented, me with a pipe and two, different kinds of paella spices, and I PI a pie a recipe. And a pepper that they put him high adds that, was so nice and that wonderful is so nice and what did you like most about making, paella and then what do you like most about eating, paella what I like most about making, playa is eating it what I like most about the eating it probably. Just everything, combined not for a pan to get there is that, all Pescador, which means the fishermen in Spanish, I love all that fresh, seafood. With, that rice that's usually soft but sometimes gets amazingly, burnt, and crispy at the bottom that's, the best part it is and, it also has some creamy, aioli on this one well and you can squeeze lemon.

On Top to, give it like a little tangy kick oh so. Good did you let have you ever had pie a year before mm-hmm. Which one did you get I got the Rose of paia it comes with marinated. Chicken. Arugula. Fennel. Cheese, so Bilbao, it was so good and actually, the arugula fennel, come on top so, you kind of mix it like a salad, and did you like that tree so in there it was super. Good that's, probably the best part kind of what makes it the pie mm-hmm. We also got the raw chopped idea I really liked it it was very smoky for me but other than that it was really really good that. Smoky, flavor at. All. Have you got tapas, yeah yeah, we. Got the Paquito look after you so how, do we go out and, arugula, is a very strong, you know flavor bitter. And kind, of spicy. After, taking out their regalo though it was really, good I like it was yeah. Very well made I could tell the, prosciutto was high quality and, the cheese was too we, also got a tortilla Espanola, and we, really liked it and then just the Yoli, sauce kind of threw it off a little but other than that I loved, it, yes it looked like a slice, of cake but like savory. I got, the bodega, salad, which, had. Roasted, mushroom, spring. Onions and cider. Vinaigrette, and crispy, jamon and it. Was so, good probably the best that I've ever had the best I'd, agree with you that was my favorite salad ever I love, those goat, cheese totes they're creamy and crunchy and, I love those crunchy, ham on bits yeah they're like four choux dough but more flavorful, the, egg on top the, poached egg. The. Best. My. Favorite topper and it's probably the stuffed piquillo peppers. So, there are these tangy, peppers. With. This creamy, goat cheese inside and. Then these chilies, on top they just give it a tiny bit of spice kick I also, got, the stuff piquillo peppers, it's super rich and it. Has a really, nice presentation. It, was really, good it's so good I, think, my second fear will be Papa's, bravas, there, are these potatoes, that are crispy, but then soft also and then they have this same thing called angry, sauce on them which is kind of a funny name it's. Spicy, and creamy, and, it's very angry, why. Are you eating me. Let's. Talk a little bit about the place very, aesthetically, pleasing mm-hmm. I really liked how the restaurant. Was set up and the, restaurant, was kind of modern, in itself but, still had that like cultural, feel the, service, was. So amazing. They came and checked on us they were very friendly they were very very nice, all right did anyone have any dessert yes. We had the Graham Catalan, so it has like a caramelized. Layer, of sugar. On top that you have to break through to get, to the pudding um it, had, three, raspberries, and I really, enjoyed just the sweet and tart, mixing, together and it tasted like gingerbread, and that. Was unexpected. But very very. Good. I had the truth, Ostrow collecting, it, was really, good cuz they make the throws there they're homemade they're, like little. And then there's a little cup of chocolate, I'm super, warm and fresh then you dip some and eat it I. Like how it's not too sweet it's sugar, and cinnamon and the chocolate is a little bit sweet a little bit better creamy, that's. Like the best part of it all right, give us a quick wrap-up, of your restaurant, if you want delicious, authentic Spanish.

Food And the beautiful, but casual atmosphere it's. A drug hi yeah okay. And so like if you want great, delicious, paella and, a cool restaurant setting. Go to Drai's is if you are a buyer lover, and you want to pleasing aesthetic then. Gerald's, buy you that bus is for you all right if you would like to try hards. Paella eat tapas it's, on 4th Street in Santa Rosa it's, open Wednesday through Monday for lunch and dinner closed on Tuesdays, and the average tab is about, $30 a person I have, to thank my terrific, guests on this week's show Soleil. Who's crazy, for the ceviche, at Sam's chowder house in Half Moon Bay, kalyani. Shell who really dig the doses, at Sunnyvale, sangeeta. And Jonah, who dons his beret to say oh hey Gerard's, Paia in Santa Rosa we, really want to hear about your experiences. At any of the restaurants we've been talking about so, keep in touch with us on facebook and follow us on twitter or better yet post your favorite food shots on instagram, with, the hashtag bay, area bytes and don't, forget that you can watch any of the shows on our website at, slash. Check please so, join us next time when three new guests, will recommend their, favorite spots right here on check please Bay Area I'm Leslie Sbrocco and, I'll see you then all right you guys you were awesome. Awesome. Check. Please Bay Area is made possible by the members of KQED and, by. The. Bay area airport, that's close and reliable, I fly. Oayk a calm. It's. The room that's less sort, of private, and more. Private. It's. A thousand, things big, and small Sutter. Health. What. Is the, craziest. Completely. Eat it my, dad kind of took me in my, mouth all. Right. Yo. I love to what taxis, Bay Area what you were though gettin hungry I dare ya I love looking at all the stuff and mouth-watering food, this Roger net puts me in the greatest mood. You.

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