SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT: A Documentary About Backpacking | How To Travel Alone - Solo Travel Stories

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT: A Documentary About Backpacking | How To Travel Alone - Solo Travel Stories

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The. Past few years my Facebook, and Instagram feeds, are full fixtures, and stories of friends, are making the most incredible, and crazy trips all over the world they. Call it backpacking. And, I didn't know much about his backpacking, thing but. Every time I saw the pictures, I wanted. To know more, what. Is the story behind us, and evil moments. Where. Do they sleep how, do they meet what. Do they do others days and how do they get in all those interesting, situations. And as. All this traveling change then I, really. Wanted to know what. Is backpacking, life and there's. Only one way to find out, just. Go and, experience. It for myself. I. Had. No clue what to expect but. Deciding, to go turn. Out to be one of the best choices of my life. After. 16 hours of flying for, the first time in my life I arrived somewhere outside of my own continent. I arrived. At the place where so many backpackers. Start their adventure with, the unknown the. Overwhelming, packed packed capital, of the world, Bangkok. 24. Hours before I was partying, with my friends and. Now the life that I was going to live the upcoming nine months has started, it. Took me some time to get used to describe change, and I was doubting a little bit if I made the right decision to backpack and to. Backpack for such a long time but. Slowly slowly I was getting used to the craziness, of Asia and. Even start to like Bangkok, after. All it was a great place to hang out as well but. Now it was time to start to travel make. Some friends and became, my search on backpacking, and. Making. Friends I did on my trip I spoke, to many people to understand, what backpacking, is. My. Name is. I'm. The. Senior. Ishikawa, from, Japan. 31. Years old. I'm. Cooking. Chef, my. Name is Nathaniel Damon Capra I. Am. 24. Years old, and, so I came to, Southeast. Asia to look for a job and live with my uncle. That. Didn't really work out so now I'm traveling that's, kind of why, in. Hanoi at this point in time, hello. My name is frank kearney. I'm. From Ireland I'm. 27. Years old, I'm. Naomi Lucy. 37. Years old, Japanese. Nationality. My name is a carbonate I am. 28. Years old and my, profession, is a registered, nurse I work in Canada and that's me it's 125. Years from the Netherlands, studying. Lawn and going to travel for nine months to see what backpacking, actually, is one. Of the first things I wanted to know was, are my backpack, friends experienced, their last days leading, up to the trip, didn't.

Know What to expect from. Eater. Anyone. It's. Such a complicated time right, I mean that's not. Sleeping, because I didn't know what to expect when I went to Southeast Asia I left. What I I think it's a 27, litre bag and that's it. Two, pairs of underwear. Three. Shirts and one. Pair of shorts and some jeans a laptop, the camera I figured. I'd pick up the rest on the way so didn't. Do very well at planning, because. On the plane. You. Know the what. You do is take. Sleeping pills and sleep, through the, entire flight. Or. You know go to the bar and drink, too. Many very, expensive, beers I, slept. On my, my. Floor, for. Like barely, an. Hour and, then a morning. Flight and then I arrived, in Bangkok and once you get your. Order. To your destination. It's. Not going to be nearly, as as crazy. As you imagined it because it's. Something only your imagination could, do right yeah all the time I. Feel tense, before. Get out of Japan. Yeah. Even. I. Spend. A lot of time in the foreign. Country yes, till I feel. No. Tents. Before before. The part where. Will you be after one week. And, that's I guess one, of the scariest and greatest elements, I discovered, that he start about backpacking, my. New life has started have, absolutely. No clue what to expect. And. When I enter Thailand I was a little bit afraid now you get in touch with other backpackers, I, even. Thought I might have a hard time to find other people but. Believe me this, is no problem at all Thailand, this, is actually, the perfect country, to start your trip to, get rid of all your travel fries and shyness, why. Because. There are so many possibilities, to get in touch with other people in, a country that's completely, loaded with tourists and travelers, really. Throw. A rock and you hit a fellow backpacker. Okay. About. The traveling part in Thailand, you could say with so many people who were visiting the country, it, becomes more holiday, than traveling but. It was perfect, for me because. Everything was new for me and I wanted to meet other backpackers. A meeting. Other backpackers, you do for sure in Thailand. You're, forced to come. Into contact with people here a lot more your staying in hostels, but, you end up talking to somebody, and. You're talking to new people and, being. Alone and travelling alone it's. Fun. But. It's. He just is boring I think you're just forced to talk to the hook. Well. My way. I. Like, to play in Suman obviously, it makes, people. Connect sometimes. It's, become good friend there. May be. Trouble. Together. Just. On the road. We. Say hi each other and then, we, start, talking yeah maybe, we can have one join together or, have a cup of coffee when you're going through the same countries you. Probably. Good chance you'll run into them again because the most of them we visit to this space. Would. Usually go like. How. Long have you been travelling for where, are you from, purview. Bean where, are you going, etc. Etc, everyone's. Very open. And friendly and, you. Can strike, a strike, up a conversation with, like, anybody. You need sort of thing you, know we're all on the same boat and we're, all trying you.

Know We all just want to do the same things and. Have. A good time at it so it's. Not how to meet you some, people. It. Started, with hi but we became very, very, close friends, I never. Know when. Good. Coincidence. Happens. And. Good, coincidence, happened I had no problem, in meeting other travelers, now. Afterwards I laugh about my knife thoughts I had back home being. Lonely and me having a hard time to find other backpackers, it. Was so easy you. Were meeting people everywhere, and one. Good chat could be enough to decide to travel together those. Are the good coincidences, a good. Example of this are the new friends I met on the boat from Thailand to LA with. Who I decided after beer, to travel the country together, so. We did we, travel throughout the, country that was last turistic, much, more untouched, landscapes, compared. To the Thai neighbors. During. The trip to allow I was getting more used to the ASEAN climate and backpacking lifestyle, most. Of the time I stayed in hostels and. I discovered, that the hostel life was also a particular, kind of culture, but, people coming and going every day and. It was time for me to get a crash course about the hostel life because. Living in dorms will be my new lifestyle, the upcoming months. With. Dirty. War, the, curtain, which. Is not enough, to cover the window, Walter. Always. Leaking. In the bathroom. But. I feel. Positive. I'm. Pretty, easygoing, when it comes to sleeping in a dorm with you. Know twenty other beds I don't really care about. Fame luxurious, I've heard the term flash, packer before, and that's, someone who stays and like still, backpacking. Hostels. Or hotels but they're a bit more upscale. I don't. Really care about. Staying. In more, tingly place, sometimes. Possible, to get the bedbugs, it, was a small. Insect. And even. If it's one. It. Can bite. You hole your body sometimes. Cheap. Means, the you take risk, the. Atmosphere, in the hostel is similar to my to, the, atmosphere, and university. You know you wake up whenever you want and, go. Out go out and do your thing you get the people who go to sleep early maybe. 9, or 10 o'clock get the people who come in at 3 a.m. a couple people who went to sleep at 9 or 10. Most. People get up at 6 7 you never really see you except. In bed and, or. Yelling at you, my. Intent I mean that's that's kind of like the like the hustle around the clock my, friends and I would want to just like walk, around and explore, and find, out what. The city is all about me where everything is and, you. Know we, always like to find, like. A good street food, the average backpacker, is the 25, year old male he's from Canada, he has a lonely planet in his backpack. He, is finished. His university, degree he's, probably worked, a couple of years and he, saved up some money to travel. They, care, about snow, money. But. They. Try. To bargain, as, much, as they can. My. Back is. That. Everything. Which belongs to me. It's. Good. Recently. A cat has been sleeping in it which. Just had kittens, my backpack is good I keep it light just. Close and I have my backpack so all, my important, things going back yeah. We travel. One backpack, nothing. Nothing. At all if, I treat the bag well it treats me well so, so far so good. Certain. People live to certain places. Cambodia. Is very popular for. For. French people for, German people for, Dutch people. Swedish. People. English. People but. It. Seems to be that they're the biggest travelers. Of. English. The. English are. Everywhere. So. Are the Australians. They're. Fun people. Sometimes. You don't want to have fun though thanks, for trying to sleep and you're trying to be that asshole who's going to sleep at nine o'clock ten o'clock and.

They're Coming in 3:00 a.m. both waking everybody up I think. Actually like most of the places that stand, out to me in my mind or because of the people that were there with me at the time more. So than just it. Was you know the, place itself. And. What ouka said was true the. Last two months of traveling I met great people and, didn't pay much interest, to the places I visited and. Actually they started to bother me I did, nice activities, with other backpackers. During the day and group, partying, in the night but. Did I really came to the other side of the world to do those things I could do back home as well I decided. That I need to get advantage, of the fact that I was in a different country with a different culture I, start. To understand, that I wasn't gonna find a real easy on adventure, if the travel agent arranged all my trips transport, and activities, so. I decided to do things on my own again to. Visit the more unexplored, area. Find. The adventure, and get in touch with the real Asian culture, someone. Decided to go to me Amaru and I couldn't wish myself a better country to get my wishes served, because. Myanmar, is completely, not touristy, at all what, makes it much more easy to get in touch with locals, who, are more than happy to show you the beautiful country, Waimea. Mars not touristy, that's, because they open up the border since 2011, after, being closed for years because of a crew, Terry dictatorship. And, that I made the right choice was immediately, confirmed, when I got on the plane before, him at ochre west, be raised in Myanmar and left to the states with experience, when he was a teenager he. Was. Now returning to me amar after, travelling in Southeast, Asia to visit, his family again, ochre. And his family were so kind to adopt me and show me the country from the perspective, of a local this. Was really the experience that I was looking for and I felt from this point on that the real traffic has started, after. Two months of celebrating, holiday. Things, were bad things got, worse. Then, things got even worse and now things are getting a little bit better. But. I think, that yeah, the people are nice. It's. Still it's still it's, different in the sense that it's less developed, compared, to the other Southeast Asian countries, but. To. Compensate I think there's a lot. Yeah, if you if you want if you want my highlight it was definitely meeting, the three of you on the airplane. Spending. A few nights at my aunts house introducing. You to my whole. Entire family. Which. There is many and then, traveling, all, over the country. Yes. This. Was really the experience that I was looking for and. I felt really lucky to meet okar and his family and. I felt ashamed to tell them that I wasn't sure if they're gonna get the same treatment if they would visit Europe, so. Strange, that those people have less than we do see. Even more friendly, a thing. That's also something that's really part of the beautiful Asian culture, the. Culture that experienced, my first two months of traveling and had, been part of ami amar. I find. That something, very typical Asia. Is. Just. The. Way they treat, each other the way they work for each other the way their. Families, work, they. Just have so much love and. Beauty. For each other and they just want, to help they all do just want to help they, just live such amazing, lives and, two. People. Who have grown up in Europe, America. And stuff. It's. Just so different the, way their families, were - what the way life works. But, the travel, makes, you. Lots. Of sync, what's. Our about your life about. Your future, about. How. You. Leave. Traveling. Is stepping. Away from your life and. Experiencing. A new on experiencing. Many different, new ones. While. Trying, to spend as little money as you possibly can to make this travel, last as long as it possibly can. Holiday. It's. Very, limited. Like. I have, one. Week, to. Do. This, two. Weeks of, spending. A. Lot. Of money, and. It's not seeing much just trout the whole thing is kind of relaxing. Get. Away from your career, you. Know I'm. Away from bunk tower to Penn. Thiet I. Seem. To have lost. Both. The people I was traveling with and so I was in a foreign country with, a motorbike. That, I didn't completely know how to use and. Scared. Because I had planned to drive. Up to Hanoi and I was gonna do that by myself and so I I. Was. Sitting. In a bar that's. Where you contemplate, heavy decisions, like this and, three.

Or Four beers into it I decided, to email, my dad I get an email back and I had told him that I was thinking about selling the bike or given the whole project up and he said you. Can either have a vacation, or you. Could have a story, and. I. Think that's what a. Backpackers. Kind of want is a story more than the. They, hate fun part you know. When. You're traveling you're doing you're doing it for the long term you're you. Know you're doing your laundry on the road and you want to learn, a little bit of their their. Culture and their language and. You. Know what makes what, makes what. Makes them unique I like to. Meet. With rocker. Also. I like. To go local, place for eating, yeah. But. I don't need you know Japanese. Food in India I. Just. Great. I can't wait to come back yeah. This, is not the end no. No. Not. Easy to see the. The. The culture in the short term. With. This advice of shin and my great experience, in Myanmar still fresh in my mind, the bus was driving me into Cambodia, the. Country of the world-famous Angkor, Wat temples. Well. Was entering my next country, I immediately. Struggled, with the change from being the only backpacker, in Myanmar to, be one of the hundreds again in Cambodia, I want. Him to experience the country like a dead Myanmar, instead. Of the holiday experience I had in Thailand and Laos it. Is difficult to experience the culture in the local life if a country is used too much tourists and backpackers, self. Decided, that from now on if the country itself didn't, provide me adventure, I would, start looking for it. And, from this point on I took the boat to go. To, a completely, different world a rope. That, was connected, by a ferry that went twice a day a room. Where, no paved roads exist, only. Be chicks an, island. With only locals, and backpackers, who. Love the simple life, go. Wrong island where. People have no more worries than how to maximize, their stay and. I. Found my way to stay long around the island and to, start every day with a swim in the beautiful sea I was. Going to move you. Work at the place and they provide you with free food drinks, and accommodation. And, it's also where I met my coworker, and backpacker Frank it's. Just so it's been such a good experience living, the.

Cambodian, Village on. This island and. Just living. In the culture and just, getting. To know mother's. Father's, grandmother's. Children. You. Know just animals. It's just a wild. Place but it's absolutely, just amazing, Asia's. Great. I can't wait to come back, this. Is not the end. This. Island will change very, much in the next 5-10 years backpackers. Don't necessarily, have the money to, turn. The place into greed. And you, know. But. It's, one sound like my family, start coming it's like you know like. Tourists. With money who want to stay in a place with a swimming pool. I'm. Happy. Working. For. Accommodation. Food and alcohol well like beers I'm. Happy to do that as long as I'm living a good life and I'm happy and. I. Am. I am happy working. For no money I don't care as long as I've got a small in my face. When. I got a break I like to go down to the beach. Yeah. And either I try sleep on the beach go for a swim and the beautiful, beautiful water. And, then just, yeah be uncomfortable, on the beach all day because it's so hot. I. Am. An amazing time on this backpack half an island at. Night that worked in a restaurant on the beach and party, with the locals and the backpackers, and, when I wake up in front of the beach I spent, a day with a book in the hammock and then, the cycle started over again. Well. Was working the restaurant, I got, bitten by a dog nothing. Serious but, I had to go to the hospital a few times and in, the same week I got lost alone in the jungle for a few weeks before another tourist had been killed as they, told me after, they. Were major, things but, for the first time in four months I missed, out but. The good thing of backpackers is that they always see everything from the fun side, even. When times are a bit shitty. The, real great, stories are. Happen. When you know something, is shitty and then. It gets shittier and then. By. Some act of God. Just. Spitting, on you, gets just shittier, actually. I was sleeping, then. They. Woke up on the train. I. Got. The, follow-up. On. My pants. Then. Yeah, I went to the toilet and. Wash my pants. Then. You. Know even you have seat on the train India. If. You leave the seat thereafter, come back, it. Will be occupied, most, of times. And. This time also. But. It. Was full, of my. It's. Lonely especially staying, in places off the tourist track here you're paying for a double room you have you, know you it's it's like you, know you're. Sitting at a table and there's dinner. For two and you're just going for person you're kind of giving you there, are many times when I was I was. At a really, nice cool place and, I was thinking I wish I had someone to share this, with, I wish, I had someone to talk to while. I'm here and you, know experiencing. This this, unique location, that I'm in. You. Can choose the way but you are you. Want to go you know if I want to get lost in. A. City, one day I don't have to tell anybody hey I'm getting lost in, the city I don't know what I'm gonna be back. Actually. We, all the time miss something, right missing. Something. Because. If you I, I'm. Always, with a friend and. My. Family. We. Don't see. How, much important, they are you know. Sheen was right all. The time we feel like something is missing, at. This time of my trip I had to say goodbye, this. Time to Frank and my other friends, on the island, and. For sure I was going to miss them again. I was by myself but. With four months of travel experience, I could, comfort myself with the thought that I would make new friends, real soon. And. While drove into Vietnam had, one of Frank's advices, in the back of my mind. Okay. I've got a big regret in Vietnam he's not singing all over Vietnam, I, only. Saw halong, bay and Hanoi. So. I if I was to do it again I would. Spend, less time in Hanoi and, more, time on, a motorbike, driving. Safe, which. A lot of backpackers, seem to do and, I've. Only heard the most amazing, stories from my friends. When. Frank told me this I was doubting this biking, thing people. Were telling me that the roads in Vietnam are like Star Wars every. Day people die in accidents, my, insurance wouldn't cover any, damage the. Vietnamese, only care about your money and the bike service scam you all the time I didn't. Even have my driving license, back home but. Sometimes, there are so many reasons not to do something, but. The one reason to do it can be decisive and I. Wanted to experience the real Vietnam, and have a good story, so.

Me And Nate bought a bike and entered, the roads and craziness, of Vietnam. If, you handcuff each other you know then, you can probably stay together. That. Always possibility, being naked. Is. Intriguing. And interesting. You. Want to leap in America, of, the idea. I. Would. Like to get. Live. Somewhere, other. Than. But. There is a girl that I liked. The lives in America that doesn't want to say I'm Frankie school. In. Vietnam. It seems like everybody. Has their own motorbike. Like. Star Wars it's like. Like. A battle. Can't. See more of. What. The tourists don't, see. Our. Or experience. Why. Is so, important, for backpackers, to see more than a tourist, why. Do we, want to stroll around through, the streets with our backpacks in the middle of the night after. 12 hour train journey, looking, for our hostel, that's a few dollars cheaper. Why. Can we just do it the normal way we spend a few dollars more why. Do we leave our homes beloved, friends and family behind for months or even years to be with strangers in a strange country, in uncomfortable, situations. Seeing, most of the backpacker. Who. Travel hello. Looking. For something. In. The whole life yeah. Another, part of traveling is trying to find myself and, still. Searching. Something. Is, I. Think for, me something, is the difference. Yeah. Because. You are out of the. Normal. Life. I. Suppose. I'm not really looking right, now I'm. I'm. Just. Interested, in. Seeing. Different cultures now they. Always say yeah I just. Want. Something, peaceful, or. Something. Nice but. It's. Not only escaping. From something, I think. They. Don't say exactly what. It is. I've, worked. In the family business for, now, since I was a child I, was, a kid and. I. Was 23 and, I, could. Just see myself sitting. Sitting. At that desk that, my dad sits at for, the rest of my life so. When, I, was younger I, was trying. Okay from. The reality. I was facing in my country but. Now I, just I. Just. Walk after, something. Comfortable. Maybe. I'm trying, to find the place. To settle down. As. You said about career. Before. It. Does creep into the book back in my mind sometimes that maybe I've got to take some responsibility, and. The. Job that, I quit. When. I first. Started traveling was. A family business I'm not, still there. So. I'm. Not too sure if that's gonna be my career but I've got that option and. Yeah. I feel, slightly responsible, to get into the business. For, some this looking, for something, that Frank and all the backpackers, keep telling me about is actually, running.

Away From responsibilities. Culture, or reality, for. Others is just opportunity. To get to know another culture, during. My travel, I learned you can roughly divide two travelers into these two groups I consider. Myself to be someone, who wants to experience something different, but. Something different than the other Southeast, Asian countries. Was, the biggest shopping mall in the world where just arrived a tiny. Part of Western world in Asia. Singapore. After. Two nights I returned to the real Asia I start. To spend more time with the locals again because. In general Indonesia, is a little less popular, for backpackers, compared, to their party countries, in Southeast Asia I enjoyed. Spending more time with the locals again they, loved to practice, the English and to share the things they have with you at. This moment I was looking back on the first six months of my trip and started. Realizing, that I already made a lot of changes I, was. Becoming a backpacker. In. The. Beginning I was afraid of every, Ice Cube fetch the ball or fruit that could have been washed with dirty water I was, afraid that if I didn't move my hustle on it funds that, there was a possibility, that I would have no place to sleep I was, afraid that every, room contains spiders, snakes or, cockroaches and, now. Six, months later I didn't. Care about all this anymore, I knew. That if something would go wrong I could. Find a solution, no. Worries as backpackers, like to say. In, the end it's about the change of attitude, that travelling brings to. Accept, the unknown, and get comfortable with losing your own comfort, all. Those locals, living, in small huts sleeping. On mattresses of, bamboo, and having, barely enough money to buy food they. Live their lives and they, look happier than most people back home I know, it's a cliche but in, the end I found, out it's true, by. Accepting, their the situation, they look more relief than we do they. Don't need too much to be satisfied, and happy they. Live in incredible, environments have tasty, food enough, place for the kids to play around and most, of their relatives, and friends live next door with. Them they, can enjoy a beer and a sunset at the end of the day I know. And might. Sound like a romantic, but. For me it was wonderful to. See that life can. Be so simple. I think. The backpacking, makes you see things in perspective it. Makes you appreciate small, things a daily. Shower for example, normal. Toilets, are trains that only have a delay of 10 minutes instead of one day. Organizing. A trip all by yourself, and managing everything, alone gives, you a sense of independence and freedom, traveling. More men learning more. After. Small stop in Malaysia it was time for a change of scenery. It. Was time to see the beautiful peaks of the Himalaya. So. Entered Nepal, another. Sub continent, of Asia home. Of the Buddha and the Himalaya. Where. I didn't spend as much time as a shoe Dev because. My actual reason, to be in Nepal was to get my visa arranged, for my next country, a country. Where I wasn't really looking forward to at the beginning of my trip because. Of all the mixed stories I've read in the media, but. All this traveling may be more adventurous and, I, knew that this country would be definitely an adventure, and something.

Completely Different from everything I've experienced, so far in Asia. Some. Called the highest level to achieve as a backpacker, I don't. Know if that's true but you're, really on your own because, the few tours to go there is sulphur to the gigantic, mass of people, took. The bus from Nepal, to. Drive to the most intense, beautiful. Crazy and final, destination of my trip, maybe. You already guessed it, India. I. Can. Say I hate, India, but. At the same time I love. In, here. But. I still don't understand. Why, I. Love. This complex, doesn't, make sense at all. There. Is no underground, India. Everything. Up. Indian, people. Every, kind of people in India. Indian, never, supply. Schedule. Is nothing, we, can never plan. Yeah. It's, just a wideness and. We're in India who, knows. I'd be in there for. Maybe. One. Year with something, but. There's not. It. Was unbelievable. How much these nine months of experiences far outside, of my comfort zone changed, me one. Of the most important, things I learned is to get comfortable within certainty, you. Can't always plan all the things in life especially. Not, when you're traveling. Also. Backpacking, made me see that borders are just bureaucratic lines, that we draw maps and it. Doesn't, matter if someone grew up on the other side of the ocean speaks. A different language or, looks. Different, while. Traveling you don't always realize, how much you're learning but, when you get home and go, back to your daily routine you. Start realizing you, see things in a different perspective and, home. Was near because, my time in the continent, that has started to love was, unfortunately. Running, out I. Try. To take. Learning. Examples, from everything that I do in. Day, to day life even back home so, when you're on a big, backpacking, trip and you're seeing so many new things how. Can it not be a learning, curve can I find. It a lot easier to meet new people and, to approach someone who. I've. Never met before and just start. Up a conversation I. Think, after the, death in my family, I. Became. Very impatient, and, this, trip was and I had noticed that in myself that I just became agitated very, easily and this trip has taught me to just like be, calm and, patient and allow things to happen as. They happen and, not, try and rush anything I can.

Be. Kindly. To. Other. People. Because. Now I understand. The difference, then. No. Tension. You. Know in college I was muslin library, you. Agreed, to close. At 11:45, and, studying. Or reading or walking through the dials, and I didn't have to talk to anybody it's, nice you, know get home my roommates drunk he's passed out on the couch don't have to talk to him just steal his food and that's it, yeah. I mean here's here's, you. Talk to people and you want to talk to people because everybody's, kind of of. The same mind you know we're from different countries but they're still. The same people, looking. To be open-minded and looking good looking, for something to kind of alter, the stagnant. Conventional. Lives. That we maybe. Have seen ourselves leading, and maybe, don't want to lead first. Day step off the plane. It's. Completely, grey raining. That's, what I can picture and first. Days will. Be good because I can see everybody again I'll. Travel, around and, just say hello it's all my friends and family yeah seeing everybody. Brunch. I will. Be cooking some Japanese, rice with. My lovely. Rice, cooker, obviously. Going back to like a stricter, set of rules within my city it's, always. Gonna be a little bit difficult to get used to. But. Then maybe. Two. Weeks I think I, will be. Probably. Unhappy, I. Really. Start. My business, small. Bit small restaurant, try to make success, then I want. To make. Environment. To. Keep. Continuous, repair. When. I go back home. I. Have. No, clue I have no clue what. I'm gonna do. Anything. So. I'm, gonna I'm gonna find a job I'm, I'm. Gonna see how I feel and if, I'm feeling good, I'll stay for a while if not all these lined. Up backpacking. Doesn't set you up for success. In. Business. Law. Doesn't. Yeah. Doesn't it doesn't give you much. Of an. Education in, that in that way that. That can make them let you know help you make money. If. Anything it's kind of opposite it gives you a whole bunch of ideas that opens. Your mind to a whole bunch of ideas that if you hadn't, known maybe you would make a lot more money and. Maybe you would be able to be a lot more successful because he would just be that. Narrow-minded. For, me this trip was over I checked. Out for the last time and made my trip to the airport for my final flight I spoke. About this moment with people many times and. Now the time has finally come as, other. Travelers, told me the, feeling you have when you return home is, a strange, mixture between sadness. And some kind of happiness. Nine. Months of exploring, the world meeting. So many people making. New friends, see, incredible landscapes. And experience, things that I would never think. About back home it all. Came to an end but. At least I had some answers I. Learned. Why so many people straw, all over the world in her sweaty singlets, and with a loaded backpack I didn't. Know much about them, before but. In nine months I became, one of them I became. A backpacker, and I, learned what makes us backpackers, we. Are all looking for something but. The something is different for all of us we. Are all looking for the something far from home between people, who are living in a completely, different life, we. Go to a country that's on the same earth as our own country, but, completely, different we. Go abroad like holiday, tourists but, look for adventure, instead of rest we. Are all forced, to step outside our comfort zone and stretch our limits, in, the, end we. Backpackers. Are all the same but. Do what we do slightly, different and with different reasons. Same, same but different. To. This trip, Frank spent two years in Ireland, after. He moved to Canada because he liked the country and he was chasing an Australian, girl he, met on one of his trips in Australia, with. Success, they're. Currently living together, the. Only recently, got married were their Belgian husband and had a baby of. The year they spent in Kuala Lumpur running, a gemstone, business the. Other half year are travelling with their family she, told me she will keep traveling till the end. Bronwen. Bravely went back to Canada but quickly left to Trevor in Australia, for eight months after. That she returned home where she got into in love photography and, started, studying again, she. Is hoping to travel to Europe next, year. Oka. Returned to Canada where I decided to work part-time as a nurse he. Started his own film and photography studio. Now, without success, this. Year is planning to fill this family in Myanmar again and he might do some traveling in Europe as well Shin, opened his own Japanese, restaurant, in Madrid which, is very successful and he's planning to open a second location in, Spain he. Hardly has time to travel but for the time being he's enjoying Madrid and having his own business. This, documentary is dedicated to, my friend Nate who. Unfortunately passed away, way, way way, too soon after. Our travels, together and they decided, to work on a farm in Chiang Mai where.

He Got his own motorbike, again and had, a fatal accident with, a church tonight. I still, miss you. You.

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