San Diego 2021 Vlog

San Diego 2021 Vlog

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So, this is my first official vlog Hi, mom. *embarrassed* I'm vlogging our trip. So. This is my first official vlog.

*awkwardness intensifies* Libbi and I are about to go on a roadtrip to San Diego I think now my dad's setting up the car. Kaia. Bye kitty. Won't see you for a week. Dad:Your car is full of cheezits.

Me:Oh yeah, I know. It is full of cheezits We need to vacuum it up. Bye! See you! Me: Forgotten goods. Attempt number two. She's so done You're squishing me! Agh sorry. [Calling academic counselor about getting an AST and getting my first rejection letter. yay.] Hey, so I've been up for like an hour.

I'm just doing homework right now. But, I just wanted to show you Kate's desk It's pretty nice. Her little like, cheat sheet desk. Food. Kate:I actually think it's not too bad Me: Doesn't it taste like a..yam? Wait, Libbi, help Kate pull up a personality test Kate made lattes.

Professional latte maker. Kate: I'm such a sweet host Me: Yes, you are. Me: We finally left. Why were we so slow this morning? Me: [obnoxious laugh] It's because of me. We're going to ...San Diego–UC San Diego right now It's gonna be great.

We're gonna bike and skate. Mahyar: You guys don't have any exams? Me:Uh, nope. Actually, yes. I do. [*attempted* to skate down the driveway to Black's] Libbi: So you have tried skating! Kate: You what? Isabel has stuffed you in these [We pulled over into the mostly empty parking lot of the San Diego zoo] Burritooo [Studied for OChem lab exam] Me: Hey Me: How late is it? What time is it? Kate: Uh, I don't even know what time is it. Me: Is it like 3? Kate: 3pm and we are outtt. Me: I had an exam, so..

Kate: I'm taking them to Me: You have to be further away, you gotta extend it. Kate: to sunset cliffs. Kate: Isabelll. You are making me nervous. Me: She's nervous! Me: [singing in the background] Me: I regret giving you permission [to use the camera] Are we at Point Loma? I think we're at Point Loma. Libbi's shoes have no traction Oh! There she goes.

Libbi: I'm like ready to slip right off Libbi: Look at that–I would've slipped right off. Libbi: That was really smart Me: Owww. Kate: Uh...are you sure it's safe– Me: edible? Me: no. Me:Actually I feel like I've had this before but it wasn't quite so sour.

[Libbi's apple breakfasts] She works too hard I've been up since what–9? [8 actually] And I've gotten zero, nada, zilch done. We finally going out to the ocean yeet Me: Like why are there so few people swimming Libbi: Cause it's freezing! Ah bird! no I wasn't in focus :( Me: I was trying to take Libbi's phone in the water to video all the fish ..the garibaldi, and now it might be dead. But, we're going to take it to a repair shop or let it dry out and see what happens. It would really suck...

How are you feeling? I'm sorry. Libbi: I'm okay Kate: Libbi is so chill about that I am–Libbi, you are something. Libbi: I don't think I'm emotionally attached to this phone yet.

Me: Oh I guess you haven't had it for very long. Kate: Did you see anything? Me: Not much. Did you see anything in the water? Kate: No, it's just clean water We're calling stores to see if they have silica gel packs because the internet says that silica gel packs pull water out of i phones better than rice so We'll see.

C'mon, Walmart, pick up. It's really pretty out right now. So uh, silica buying trip was unsuccessful but at least we bought the pizza supplies [The car is] screaming because I didn't put on my seat belt. And Libbi's about to give her practice talk for, um, her speech which is going to be exciting. We'll watch her– Libbi: I'm totally not prepared Me: You'll–it'll be good Me: Libbi's about to give her talk How many kids are rolling in? Libbi: Um, currently it looks like, subtracting let's see–three, four...

fifteen so far. Sixteen.  Me: Oh, that's pretty cool. Um, this is the book that Josh gave us. He also gave us a small surfboard which is crazy because I don't know how to surf.

Look at all those fishies! Issa lobster look at him! Me: Shoot! Where'd he go? Libbi! Libbi: It's okay, we got a photo Me: No, it's not okay Look at him! He's so cool Why are they called brittle stars? Are they brittle? It's pretty here You're a large kitty Me: Show us your tan real quick and eat this Yeah, that's her tan. From like what, two hours? Not even in direct sunlight. Kate: She's restoring her energy Ooh, nice! Nice! Libbi: Yeah, these skates are not as stable... Kate: You put it up here and you smash it! Okay, Kate made the Kate: Well, you made as well. We made. Me: She made the dough and then Look at that. Wow. So cheesy. So goodness.

And uh, Libbi Libbi didn't–she sat there and DJed so It was a group effort! Me: What do you think? I think mine is too cheesy. Like, I think I should've added more salt or something. But it's good Kate: It's never too cheesy. Libbi: Yeah, it's good. You can never tell if [the tidepooling spots] will be good or not Libbi: Yeah–this is nice [not seagulls–just a pack of small children screeching in the background] Me: Yeah, I'm trying to grab an octopus, I just don't want him to bite me Me: Oh my god Libbi: Woah woah woah woah Me: Ah! Dude–finally! Oh my god I'm so happy Oh my gosh Look how pretty! Hey! Do you guys want to see an octopus? Me: [again] Oh my gosh Libbi: I'm still videoing Me: Do you want to video with my phone? Libbi: Your phone's almost dead Me: It's okay Libbi: No, we need to be able to get back Me: I don't–think we do.

Okay buddy, bye bye OH! Did you see the jet? Oh my god. Me: We just found an octopus and look how disgusting my mask is from trying to get it. Me: Okay, so now we're trying to head back from tide pooling at Bird rock And the phone died so We're about like 25 minutes away from Kate's apartment Libbi: We can't even call Kate Me: Nope. We COULD stop by a gas station and buy an expensive charger but I guess– But I guess we're going to take our chances and see where this goes. I think we made it Libbi made it.

Me: What did we learn from being lost for not very long Libbi: Five minutes? Ten minutes? Me: Yeah. We did good. You did good. End of the trip. Bye, Kate. Bye, monter basil.

2021-02-14 05:46

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