San Diego Realtor | Matterport | 5 Things to know about 3D Tours

San Diego Realtor | Matterport |  5 Things to know about 3D Tours

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Recording. Hello. Everyone, very good to see you thank you for joining us this evening I've got a really nice surprise for you Alan, the curry tease from. Is. Going to be joining us and discussing, the five most, important. Things that a, real tour needs to know about matter port and of course if a realtor, needs to know homeowners, want to know too this, is going to be part of the advertising campaign that is utilized for their home I'm. Gonna start this off with a short, 14, second, motion graphic, that I did this weekend, then, we're gonna roll in. Advertisements. In video format, while the connection, is made without and, then, right, into the interview and we'll get to the five top, things. That's. Excellent. Hello. Everybody. Oh al. We got a little bit of a problem here I'm gonna get it fixed right away we. Had a, I. Need. To pull your your, screen down a little bit we've. We've. Had a little bit of a modification everyone. I apologize, deeply what. Ended up happening was we did a prior. Broadcast. To. Get. All. Of this all set up and, a. Little. Problem, developed. Let's see if I can't get. This to come out Berg. Go. In so. How, I. Had. Another screen I was going to go to and I wanted to point out to everybody this, is entirely. Not. Sponsored, by anybody, our opinions, about this are entirely. Our own and. The. We're. Not sponsored, by anybody, so I just wanted to make that entirely, clear, to everyone, as I try and, readjust. The size of your frame you're looking better you're, looking better, so. What's. What's the weather like in Canada today it was a pleasant. 70. Degrees, here. Well. I'll tell you we saw a little bit of flurries but nothing to work the sticking around so you, know it seems winter hasn't left us one 100%. Just, yet okay, so, so, tell, me a little bit about. Yourself. You're, you. Know exactly what you do, so. That everybody knows. So. I'm here tour has been around for about eight nine years now. We. We. Basically were born, out of, out. Of thinking a look at the, industry, of you know the virtual tour photographer. Providers. And well. We looked at it said my god this is a way too complicated, it shouldn't be this complicated. You, know let's you know let's do, this thing and keep it smart and simple you, know when, a realtor. Gets a listing they need you know they need media they don't need you know runarounds, they don't need to be hustled, or so. What. We did is we came up with basically four packages that. Keep, it simple and you know when it's pick, a B C or D and there's. No feature, difference, between, them there's just quantity, differences, so we, tried to try, to attack it as you, know simple, fresh and you, know we work. We've. Got realtor hours you know that you guys. Are our clients and you. Know it doesn't make sense to you know when you need us and you know sorry we're not available you know and, in. Terms of you know the our, we're. Always in development there's always something, that we're building, and all. Our developments, always been client. Driven it's always been the real trip driving this stuff way, back when I used to be a realtor so I mean, I brought, that experience. Forward. And I'll, give you an example where, that, was really beneficial were we. As. A realtor, but, back in the 90s I hated, making. Feature, sheets you, know those little the brochures, I mean, I wasn't you know at all tech, a, abled. And, all the software back then was nowhere near what it is today and. It. Turned to our team when I said you know is, it there a way we can automate, this stuff I mean we do have the photography. We've got the you, know all the the information, we. Have the you know the agents photos logos our systems should be able to put this thing together so that was one of the things we built was you know have our system automatically. Produce you. Know feature sheets out of you know to various different templates, and all, realtor needs to do is you, know download, the PDF put, it on a memory stick or send it to the printer and or. They could just order from us to have it printed and shipped straight to the home that kind, of stuff you, know we, mean, unless you're, a realtor you don't understand, the kind of pain, you. Know it is to do some of this stuff so we always look at how, can we make things easier. Better you know and be able to help you guys be more effective, mm-hmm. Now what. Would one, of the things that I found a little bit funny and I'm having to readjust these screens a little bit to make sure that you, know you're you're featured, here.

Is We. Had a discussion last night you called me in an anomaly. I told. You there might my friends call me a freak because, what I did was I went out and I taught myself video, matter port address specific websites but I maintained. My strong, ties to the real estate community so. You, have really, a. Better, view. Of exactly what we need because you've been in our field correct. Correct. And, that's. That's the kind of thing that we're, mean. Realtors, for the most part I mean you're not expecting, them to be tech. Savvy number. One or, to be it to. Be. Masters, of all trades. I mean, and yes in in this you are definitely an anomaly, that, you know you are you, know your, exemplary in in your field but as as, well that you have tech. Understanding. You have a media, understanding, of a social marketing artist so you, bring a lot to the table and, that, to, that that that is definitely an anomaly, in this industry so, but really I'm not a freak because you used to do the same thing you just went to one side, what. One, of our viewers. Christina. Small born she had a rich she had someone tell her to stay in her own lane which meant you know don't get out of your bailiwick and, get into this video thing and I, really see, that you know, we're. Going to be moving, this direction or industries moving in that direction as, I told you earlier if, if, I were really bright broker, and in in Toronto, and I know our markets, are different. But I come and buy you I, would, insist everybody, use the, program, that you provide, and there'd, be no question you, know yes it would cost more you wouldn't be able to give the exact same Commission but I would be known as absolutely, having the best for. Anybody that's watching what's, playing at the side is, an, IVR, tour which, is part of the matter port and a little, bit of. You. Know it's part of the presentation, that. Al, provides. To, realtor's, in the area so if if I were in Toronto I could hire you to, this entire, presentation, correct. You, betcha I mean what one of the things that we looked at was that I mean it when. When an agent, needs listing, media, it's, I mean we don't want these things to become islands, so, we, mean. We wanted everything, under about a single house I mean. You, yourself that use the the property websites you. Need you need basically something that you can take, and sit under that website, so what we did is we went, we've combined, the. Photo media, the, panoramic, media the videos the, 3d, showcase, all that stuff under. One URL that. You can then but. I'll buy your domain and all one two three somewhere, calm and, nest. All of this stuff underneath there and it's it means from our perspective, you, want you want to have a you, want to have this stuff sitting all, in one place but it's also easier, for easier. For the viewer that, we found that when, we first, looked at all of this media we. Started to take a look at numbers timing, how much how much time of, viewers, engaged with, this stuff and you, know how much what sort of tolerance there is so, you had been. In, the folder of first get photos and you. Know the people would watch so many photos and then they'd be done with and I'll. Tell you when we first started we were looking at the a no other providers, and we saw some, of them are providing 50 and 60, and 70 photos and we, were scratching our heads I mean the Realtors themselves, wouldn't look through this stuff how would you expect the potential, homeowner to go through that many photos on a single property so, the the interest would drop really quickly so. We tried to measure that and into and find out you know what is that magic number and it was really low I mean we're talking in between you know seven photos and you, know when they get to the 8th they've kind of seen enough, they want to move on to something else. So. So the, the next thing, that came in to the interplay, were they 360, panoramas were once, what's, this thing did a lap you kind of seen enough and, now, you want to go up move on to something else that whole experience, was, measured, in like not. Even minutes. You. Know it's. If you if he has to meet three to five seconds per photo you, know times seven photos and then a couple of panoramas it's very short engagement, time we. Were blown away when, we saw the. Engagement, time when. We deployed the, 3d, showcase via well with matter port into, our tours because that, number ballooned. To 15, even up to 20 minutes so. Romantic. Now, a. Prospect, is now engaged in a listing, that you got for. That much time you, know the longer. That their spend in their you know their their emotional attachment, to that property grows and we.

Were Really excited to see this because it only reaffirmed what we already we already believe when, he first came across my report that you know this is something that you, know every listing, should have, yeah. What, I've just posted, up now and I don't know why all these screens wanted to readjust on, me we did this in a in a in a pre, experiment. You know to make sure this wouldn't happen in here goes I guess that's the beauty of live but, exactly there, will be an, email address linked, in a link to anything, that you'd like to provide in the description, is. We. As. We close this off tonight and. Here's. You know one of the reasons that I wanted to do this I'm in San Diego and I'm about the only person that I know and, I know of no company, in San Diego that'll provide all the solutions, that you do like, on this site you literally have panoramas you have a video link everything. Is there, and inter contained so, although, you're in Canada, you, know in. A way in. Comparison to you. Know Southern California, which is supposed to be one of the high tech centers the. Information, hasn't come out you, know it's, not reached into our market, I would. Speculate, it's because of the cost of this and then, the technical integration, that would have to come from you. Know my. You. Know from my, part of the industry you, know it is, and. I know that, some people in Toronto will, watch this you guys are like years ahead of us you, just had a Southern California and paint, you a couple, of be, attacked Lee in my opinion, so, I gotta be real careful I may be persona, non grata as I walk down the street of my own realtor Association, doors, are always welcome, here wide. Open now. And, you. Know I don't, want you to disclose this you didn't share with me yesterday but it's my understanding your, boards work a little bit differently and you're working on something that's, even in advance, of this stuff with your own board correct oh yeah, yeah I, mean, we're as I said we've been we're in constant development and. There's. A there's a project that we've been working on, now for a long, time that, I mean as, you mentioned before I mean anybody who looks at what, we do and what you guys do it only makes, sense to sort of merge, this stuff put it you know put it put it under a single. House or you, just create a standardization. So, that you know anybody, looking. At a listing, has, the same expectation. From listening to listening and, not that and that I mean you're. Like I mean in in this year be a bit of a maverick you're you're Kurt you're carving pass down, there and that's fantastic I mean. We we. Looked when we when we came into the industry one of the things we wanted to do away with was. We, looked at the the even. The terminology you. Know what's a virtual tour and. Back. When we started a lot of people understood, a virtual tour being a 360. Panorama yes. That's over, that's a virtual tour but what. We put together the, whole thing itself is a, virtual, tour the. Tour doesn't have to end when the panorama, completes a 360, spin we, look at it and say you, know if we can take you to a property, virtually, and this is one of our tags as you know no we take you there I don't. Mean. With with, this stuff like matter port we literally take you there and, open put on it you know grab. Yourself a you know the VR, glasses and, launch, the viewer version of the of that of, that scan and you're, literally in the property, and. I do I do have to say something with regards, to a. Distinction, with matter, port versus some of the other other. So-called. 3d, tours, because. There are other other ones and when we started to look at the look, at this stuff and this. Was years ago when, we, were down in New, Orleans and, saw the and. So first time we saw matter. Port they. Know I mean the key difference, with what, matter port provides with, a lot, of these others is that they create, this thing called a point cloud and you. Have this this, 3d, object, so you have this you can get a perspective call don't that the dollhouse and what's. Really interesting then I came. Across this, while looking at one of the one of these scans that, there. Is no way to be able to demonstrate to, someone more effectively. That, you, know the kitchen is let's, say the kitchen is located right here that. May, be a bedroom, that might be located right above it and, you. Wouldn't, necessarily be, able to visualize, this stuff unless, you're looking at a dollhouse so you, can actually understand, hey this is a noisy, area of the home if, the last thing you want to do is put a bedroom right above the noisy area and the home and. That, and without, that without that view you cannot get that perspective a camera, you know the camera taking a picture of the two doesn't.

Do It a video. Of it traveling. From the kitchen all the way upstairs into the room again doesn't, give you that same perspective but. When you're seeing this in a dollhouse where. There's, no wall so you just seen the floors and, the room and the rooms above and below each other you, now have that perspective this. Is the this, was a something that but that the, other providers that provide what they call a 3d, tour well. It's I mean you're traveling in seeing, panoramas, but with, with the dollhouse it literally, is 3d. And from this they can actually create the, VR version. Property. And that. Really is like you know next gen technology right, and this is this is the direction of where we see stuff going you. Know that step, one capture. The home I'll capture all areas of the home so that a person can see, and understand, the areas in the home step. To put. Him inside the home now, I heard III heard, this from another. And I've. Gained so much attention from matter poor service providers that want, my perspective, because I'm, doing, this from a realtor standpoint, and they know that I'm pretty easy about, sharing, and one. Of them mentioned, a term and he called a digital trash, and, what he was talking about was now I've manufactured. All this but if I don't have a way or a platform to put it out then. It might as well be in the trash I've just paid for it and it's sitting there now with your system, because, you have you. Know you've placed it all together you, can put it in one website address, and they can blast it out you. What's. Traveling. On the other screen is an avi file that I made that, basically. Leads everybody to believe that we're interrelated. In facebook Instagram, YouTube, that. You know we're playing all of these fields do, you provide that service, for and, will you promote, in social media for your agents, and actually. What. We've done is we've, on. Our honor, because we provide the agents a variety, of links. To this to, this media set and, of. Course we provide them the you. Know the MLS, compliant, you know unbranded, to the tour, but. We. Of course provide them a fully branded one where, they, that, we allow, the public to be able to share. And post that particular. Property, even on their own walls or you know amongst, themselves not. Just within, not, not just the realtor to his you know on his own wall but we actually leverage, the public's of the viewing public mm-hmm. In, that regard, also. With with all of our all of our tours one, of the things we give the Realtors is, the, ability to with, the click of a button have, our system commander system to take, all the photo media turn it into a video slideshow and post. It up to YouTube automatically. So. Hold on a minute hold on a minute yep you. Just said, that you you. Generated. An automated. Video. From. All of your slides and then post it to YouTube so that they've. Got access to a video immediately oh yeah. And it's and we also we don't just put it on a YouTube, before them, system will then go, and put it into the. Link to the video it, puts it into it, puts it in their their account on our system and it also gives them the mp4, file so that the realtor, can then take that video, file and upload, it to Vimeo or, any other, video. Hosting website that they were that they, choose and again, this is we provide this included. It's free we and the, funny the thing is we tell all our all, our clients go. Ahead and make, that video not, because you know hey it's free money, I'm it's a bonus but we don't make it because we don't just index the property, but, we index the realtor, so, I mean their online presence, grows. Simply. By the volume, of listings, and videos, that they've made automated. Through our system so so, you really, are our from, start, to finish their, entire marketing program, well. We try, to be in I mean the depth, that I don't think that job ever finishes, because I mean they did the is, the nature, of technology, that they're what this stuff will always evolve there's always something, new around the corner okay okay so so now I'm gonna get a little more firm with you so, you were in real estate what's the 80/20, rule. Gotcha. This. Is this is the thing that we've I mean imagine, you know even stuff like you know what we talked about were here, there's something it's good for you it's free and you. Know it really will help out and. Maybe. 20%. Will. Use it reliably. And the, 80% you. Know we, with, every because we speak to every agent on pretty much every, with. Every listing mm-hmm, but we. Tell them imagine. We tell them all the time make, it it's, free yeah it's good well you know this the, point that I'm driving to is I I see, big changes in our industry taking place and the the type of service, that you're providing is, not limited to just matter port you're literally providing.

An, Integrated. Program for, the realtor, if, you were in San Diego, I would tell people to, you, know utilize, you, there's some things that I do just a little bit bit different, and watching, your program, but there's, nothing, that I'm doing that I don't see that you couldn't duplicate, almost, instantaneously. If you wanted to so. Yeah. Their regional there are certain regional, things that are that, mean for. Example the the you know the laws, for you know you, know owning and operating a, drone for, business that's, it's very different here in Canada than it is down in the US you know the the, the rules, that each board has you. Know they vary, and then they may be slight, variances, and but, when we look at is is, you. Know what what, does an agent really need and we want to try to do our best to deliver this stuff so, to me we're operating down in San Diego you, know you bet your bottom dollar that we will be you, know looking at every, option that's available and, then, taking, in you know some thought into the process testing, it out you know we we, don't have we haven't ever launched anything. That we've gone backwards, on and, the reason. For that is that you, know it's it, goes through a really, arduous process, before, it, gets to go out, to. The you know the realtor, public so, that you know because. We stand behind all the stuff we do man, you know we, mean. We, don't want the realtor looking, at us as been thinking hey we're supposed to be the experts but, I mean the. Only thing we want to be experts at is understanding you. Guys mm-hmm. Okay. Can, you think of any other companies. That are similarly, situated you, say, in. Florida. Las. Vegas I, mean. You based. Upon my view of everything that I've seen and you know I'm watching this stuff you're about the best that out there you know, with which, the thing, is we try to we. Try to be holistic in this approach but, it. Was funny in in very, early on we. Took a look at a variety of the. People in this space and the variety of business models and, you. Know we, I mean, we said we kind of set a rule that said you, know it'll, find the best in the industry and. You. Know either copy them or better them. And. We, did. Probably, four you know the year. One the. Man then. But then we, kind, of put a pause on that and said you know how. About we just don't, look over our shoulders anymore and just think, about and do what's right and I'll, give you a great example of, an eight things, like the the, domains the. Property. Specific domains now. We. Could say okay you know we all sell them to you but. I looked, at it and I did it didn't sit right with me I mean there are ten dollars or whatever at the GoDaddy, and now some of these other providers, how. Could i with any conscience, turn around and charge you more, than that which, providers. In this space we're doing it is know what rather, than tell it rather than you know doing this for you on your behalf and then you, know hitting, you with an upcharge, I'd rather just tell you go do that you, know we're experts, at what we do but. We're. Not experts in hosting, you, know you mate we're. Not that that's not our space and, we even know best advice I can give to a realtor is you, know if you're gonna work with a partner you, know you're gonna partner with them partner, with pros you. Know left, they, know leverage, their best strengths, you, know and if it's, if it's not their main field then. Obviously you, know there's it's unrealistic to expect that you're gonna get the best there is so. A. General. Question and you don't have to answer this if you don't want it but, I would. Bet you that the majority of the people that, utilize your service are probably, teams. Of agents you. Know within because I know in, Canada just like in the United States you, know teams are getting more and more popular, because, some. Some one person will do really well with buyers another do really go well with sellers if. You. Were. If. You were to take in survey. And again you don't have to answer this would. You say the majority of your business is generated. Out of teams per capita, or out of individual, agents do. You know what, I'll. Tell you we have, we. Have a fair a fair, size, of. Our. Clients, or our teams but, that the thing about them is that you know they, you know there's maybe ten, people in the team you, know hey, it's although, it's a team we, still deal with each individual, each, individual. Agent the the culture, though, and. There are certain behavioral, differences. With, well when you're talking about you, know teams of agents versus, an individual, agent now, and we, we, started to look at this carefully because, the. The again you, know underwear our, main goal was to better understand, Realtors, we, were looking at these really teams and we realized, some some really interesting things that they were doing that.

Was Not you know even, the individual, Realtors could benefit from this and I'll give you some really simple examples, some a, lot, of the teams were. You. Know with the way they work because of the amount of what they had to do they. Would just send, us you know that they would go to place in an order and say you, know are the listing comes out on such as such day, here, is the here's, the contact information and, all the person you need to get ahold of to get into the place away. You go and then, our, team, would jump in and do, all the coordination set up all the appointments and everything and the. Realtor only. Gets notified once it's all said and done here you go now. An individual, realtor, in most, cases is caught. Playing the middleman you, know between you. Know between. A service provider like us or when, can he come out what time who how what and then going back to the homeowner, saying, oh can you do this time or this it and you. Know we can, imagine, how much work we take off their, plate when. All they really need to do is just say I need this ready. By this date here. Set it up see one of the things that you know not every many, people come into our businesses, you know you were, in this business they come in with an entrepreneurial. Spirit that is solely. Their. Goal they, don't want to go in and necessarily, work with a team it. Would be my view if, you were available in San Diego I would take you to all the people that I know that are that way and say look you, better put this in your toolbox because. You know the bigger teams are that you know they, have this you, know a little more structured, yes you a 10-hour day where someone, else is working an eight-hour day to make this happen but, you, know I really. Feel as though what you're providing, to. The. Readers in your community, is a fantastic. Tool that's not available, in many communities, I can, see where. I would, probably make more money if I would pick up my skills, and abilities and go to a slightly, smaller, community. Where. There were fewer realtor's, and I would really be the rising star when, you're working amongst 20,000, readers in a city of you, know in a community, of 3.5, million people it's harder, to stand out and it's more expensive to, stand out but, yeah what you're doing what you're doing is, you're.

Highlighting. These. Teams and the quality of work that they do and, you've taken that all for them that can also be done for the individual, that's trying to come in but they've got to commit, to it so. That would be that, would be my advice to my peers if you're a realtor and you're watching this you. Need to find somebody to let out one of my friends called me and he said that he had pieced together, everything. That I would do and, I know Southern, California, is a very expensive market, live in, to. Put all that what I do together is about 2,500, bucks and he'd have to meet four different people because there's not one person that'll do it all other than me and I, want real estate commissions I don't, want to be you. Know I know I'm an anomaly everybody. I'm a freak, but you. Know I, you. Know I'm it hard a real estate broker, you, know we I wanted, to go about 30 minutes and we're almost right there so, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go, to our last screen, for, you and let, you say whatever, you'd like give. Me the one you know we started out with as being the five most important, things really there's no but. You, know with the break-in, the. Initial broadcast me, being late I'm terrible, I apologize, we, kind of broke off of what I had planned, and started, in on the discussion, right away what's, the one most powerful thing, that you could tell realtor's. About, the utilization of, media and where you think it's going to go. I'll. Tell. You that. I mean any realtor, today I mean when you're taking and competing, in this competitive. Space for listings I mean, everyone, wants. To have the the latest and greatest and. They're, there there's always going to be a latest and greatest and, you're. Gonna have what, we call bleeding, edge and then, you're gonna have leading edge well, we discover about bleeding edges of course sometimes you're gonna get cut. So I mean when you're looking at augmenting. I know, how you're. Putting. Together getting, and best servicing listings, with your offer of with their media needs always, look, at the leading. Edge and you, know fine fine the top dog in, that leading. Edge space and you. Know that those are the people to follow this is what I mean we as I said before we started from, there and then, from from, there we were able to stand up walk, and then run so, I mean when you're looking at when you're looking at, you know how do i structure, my you, know my future and you know being a competitive, agent, number. One look, at strong, solid, proven, technologies, all. Right if they're new you. Know make sure that they're stable and you, know then look at your delivery. Make sure that the people you're working with these, are pros you, know the and you know what I mean by that is you know do they deliver what. They you know what they say they're gonna deliver do they deliver it on time on, budget you. Know and in, when he's. Gonna be people that you like working with they become your team member you, know we I always, look at all of our clients, as, our, you, know these are my, realtor friends ahead, and yes, at one point I was a realtor so they literally, were my realtor friends but, they still remain this, way to. Us and this is something that when, you're sourcing out you, know partners. In this space yes. You want most competent, you, want them with a strong tool, chest you, know so you want to compete time. So go get you I mean obviously the trend right now is to, get you know to go, with 3d, 3d, scanning of properties, you know with the the matter port experience. Photos. Are never going to go away until, you know because we always need quality. Photos for printing of, for a professional, photographer has. Not, only you, know the right equipment but they have an eye and they. Have an ability to shoot things and make things look a certain way if, you don't have the skill set I mean you have their any of the drive to get it and do it like you do I highly. Recommend it it's a very gratifying, experience but.

At The same time if we, have any of that whether you don't have the budget or you don't have it only have the time or don't, have the skillset then, turn to a frog and you know give, us a call or give you know the. Local provider in whatever area you're in give. Them a call talk to them tell, them what you want and tell them what you want what you need and find out them hey what's. Going on you work because, they will bring to you you, know we're, doing this we're doing that we're doing this and this is the way to approach it this is but we educate, our clients. From the stuff we learn they. Educate, us on what they do so we can serve, them better and that's, the best advice I can give all realtors I want. To say thank you very much you. Don't, really understand you, know think maybe you do but I'm, gonna say you don't really understand how powerful. This is because, there's, absolutely no way that you and I are going to be able to do business we're actually in separate countries, we're just changing you, were chasing and utilizing, the same technology, your, legal. Structure is very similar to our legal structure. But. Being able to share what, you know what we're doing literally, by separate borders, but, with the same technology, I sold, a home I've, sold two homes to people the. Saw. Matter. Poor visual tours, and websites, just like yours and I'm sure that you've had Realtors do the same thing the home is sold without. The person even getting there you, know the offer the offer comes in you, know so there, is there, is a tremendous value, to this I. Like. I told you you know San Diego fills up with some Canadians, and you know I'd like to solve on the house before they get back up to you. But. But, if, you know someone, else you, know without, borders, being a consideration, or you'd like to come back and share anything, that the real-estate industry could, use please, let me know, oh you, know so frequently, we everyone, thinks that we're all trying to do this with a motivation. To you. Know profit, there's no profit that can, gonna, come out of this for you and I and we weren't sponsored, in any way so. I'm. Just gonna I'm gonna close this off and say thank you very much, and I. Look forward to talking to you again soon if there's ever anything I can do to help you please let me know and I'm. Gonna flip over here to a screen, that has. My license, number on it because if we don't do that an equal opportunity housing sign we get trouble in California, and let, us say you're. A realtor, you could do anything please. Subscribe. Visit. Talk. To us send, us an email all of. Our. Links. Are going to be in the description it'll, take probably about an hour and a half for YouTube to load this I wish you all the best thank, you thank.


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