SAN FRANCISCO VLOG! [We saw more than we wanted to..]

SAN FRANCISCO VLOG! [We saw more than we wanted to..]

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Thanks. Chris can, I need to see that. Okay. So that. Was crazy we, just sat down and. We. Made it though we, got to the counter, and we're like hey we're here today and the lady was like oh actually the I'm. Like, we. Were like out of breath like, I'm just joking so. We're, sitting down our planes a little bit late thank. Goodness and we. Still don't have a place to, stay. I, guess we like to live on the edge but. San. Francisco. We, gotta go. This. Is my first, Jo Malone I've ever seen and I've heard their perfumes, are amazing. Burger. King Kyle home of the whopper. Let's. Find something a little bit better maybe sushi, and noodle ooh. I can maybe do this I can do fishing needle doesn't like it. The. USO, Center, invites all actors. In. Reserve. Guard first. Meal is Fanfan delicious. Okay, guys so he is so hungry so we're, walking and. Eating and, trying, to find how to get on the. Train I. Hope. This is right. Dude. Just. Got, like all here a. Nice. Stuff they got a Gucci. I. Got. So. Now we're gonna go get on fire report. Just, you know if you need a little Gucci bag for a gift. How's. It going Hanna. She's. Happy now that she's eating. She, didn't want to take the time to learn the bus. It's. Kind of relax. He's. Got it chill. I got, my food done. Who. That $0.35, tilt left Carroll so say it was just loading, all you were doing was loading, the ticket, yeah. Just. To okay oh my god Hey look there's a guru Delhi. Belly. Look. Let us help you. Guys, were here. No. I got my drain jacket, man here. It says is. That where you gonna go in Oh check. It out that's actually pretty cool I don't. Know. Okay, look this is so cool. This. Thing does really well at night. New. Montgomery. Hannah. We're. Here this is actually this. Would. You just look at it, just. Look at it, you. Know when I see something like that I say would you just look at it. Dude. I love the trim look at the trim yeah. That. Is really cool. I. Think. It's way cooler though because it's like. Chill. And all the little, electrical, lines hanging, up because of the Tramp. Do. We got a ride that. Yeah. It's electric. Show. And know what. What. Is Joe and the juice. Much. More oh we. Should go check it out. They. Got a ton of great. Yeah. This is probably. Gonna. Have all your coffee shop people. Are coming to get their coffee. So. Literally. As our plane was about to shoot the plane, wasn't, literally starting to take off right it's, like she could afford you got a bug in on like, putting in my credit card. Is awesome. Just. A wagon, and well Fargo's, bank. I. Don't, know if that's how they deliver mail oh yes his u.s. mail no way. Welcome. To Hilton. They. Did a better job making I look better downstairs. Okay. I like that I would. Think piece now is that what that was. Hmm. Oh, I, see. Really. I. Hate. When they don't put lights in a place. There. We go. Good morning. Princess. Good. Morning guys we just woke up we, have this beautiful view, outside. And. We only have one day to explore. So. Let's. Go I gotta get ready ok so there's really funny.

So. I picked, up some new clothes while I was, in, Nashville - we're here already kind of got these dirty which is really sad but. I picked up these nude, mules, and I've actually never had a pair of mules and, I really really like these because you can wear them with any outfit that I have brought so, that's, super, super nice I only brought three pairs, of shoes which I was only gonna bring two but. These are better for walking, so if I just want to throw them on for walking I got these but, I got these from, the store, Malik green and, it's just a little boutique in Nashville. They also have it online if, you guys want to check it out I think these are adorable. Ok, guys so here is my first outfit, of the day it's very cash, I, love. This leopard, is this cheetah leopard. Cheetah. Cheetah. Why, don't I know my price I think it's cheetah print cheetah. Girls sheet is sisters. So. Yes. I got this from Molly green and I love it because it's long and it can cover your butt so you can wear with leggings but I'm wearing black jeans today I wear, black jeans all the. Time like in every one of my Instagram photos this. Is from ASOS these, are from ASOS which I really like and I. Just bought brought a ton, of different, neutral, shirts which, are really, easy to change out with black pants and then, my nude, shoes. Which. Are really cool and. Just some gold jewelry. So. Kyle. What are you wearing today oh I love this on him okay so where'd, you get this. Eddie. Bauer right yes, that's so cute. And. Look look, at us next to each other. Okay. Greatness. Now so we got it morning ladies and gentlemen since day yeah you guys tell me guy all your clothes yeah, okay outfit of the day OOTD, I'm. Forcing him to do this. How. Do you power there. You go. Thank. You sir, Nikes. York, I was really grossed out of this carpet yeah dude this carpet is named Mike onto. The bed like it's. Just my feet feel like I don't know describe it like they're they feel like, itchy engrossed, crime, anyways. Today. We're. Gonna go have some fun people I gotta get caught the most. Important part most important part coffee Oh in the lip color I'm bringing you with me today is Matt scandal. And. It's by bare minerals so that's. What I'm wearing let's go. To. It's, all blurry anybody, saw the lights having trouble focusing on you.

Now. We're gonna, copy, of a good deal as you can see we. Were running some breakfast. Egg. Braised, kale, and. Whoa. You're, really zoomed in hold on all right where were ya Hannah. Walk. Down Fisherman's. Wharf, so he had a really good like uber driver yeah wish we could have caught on camera he was really cool he was telling all the different places that we could go. And. So. He, just dropped us off here and so we could walk around and then head towards. It's. Really nice in order. I think, after this we're gonna go to the Golden Gate Bridge. Yeah. Okay. Guys so we just saw Alta Travis oh you're, not going there but it's, right over. Can't. Really see it it's on the top of that mountain right there hold on oh yeah. It's about that I. Okay. Guys so you can't really see them but there's a bunch of seals. Everyone's. Like over on the other side video. Smells. Terrible. All right guys so I'm letting my feet tan. It's. The key to life. Really. Hot lately so I've been uh I don't. Know it's I, don't know from having issues or what but some kind of let them just you. Soak in this decision they've. Been getting really hot so. Very. Slow sense considering. I'm plenty can get hotter yeah. That's weird, they feel like like I. Gotta. Gross. It's. Really is the Sun is like. Perfectly. Just, beating down and. It's. Like kind of chilly outside the, sun's hot. It's perfect. Okay, guys so we, want to go in here and see how much it is to get clam chowder in a bread bowl they. Said it's like really really good. Yeah, Hannah. Is. Clam, chowder. Let's go try I've never had clam chowder. Alright. So we just got done eating our clam chowder. Yeah, we are kind of a little so. I don't feel like I got a lot of energy but I think it's just because yeah. Like, we went a bit like 2 o'clock our time. This is. Okay. So. There's some old guy and, completely. Naked, you. Think yours home. That. Make sense, jus-just. Was completely, naked from this huge crowd and just walks into the water naked, naked. Yeah. That. Was Chris did, not need to see that say that's, awesome hi guys so we're gonna go to hurry, go. Check. Out this little little, I don't even know what this is. It's, a go-kart we should rent one. It's. Like a little two person. Please. Everyone it's awesome, oh. Dude. Check out the hipster, her, hippie. San. Francisco, love tours here. Whoa, all. Right Hannah where we are. Yeah. Drew. Deli square, that is an Instagram, picture right there. Hey. You just got a free sample. Focusing. How. Is it, pepper. Net pepper mint mark no, I love, it no I don't need another one you, know. You're. Kind of just going around here. I wish Dylan. I'm gonna get this for you. That. Is hilarious you, have got to get that point I gotta send it I got it oh dude, you. Okay. Guys so we found our favorite thing to do. Scooters. I'm. So glad to have these because these hills are in, sane. Man, I hate that they can't see like it looks so far away in here so. We just found a little cool like Hill. All. Right guys skip. Sponsored. By skip today I'm Francisco. Check. This out. Look. At that that is so beautiful, right over there I wish they could see that. Look. At that all in the hills. These. Hills are crazy though. I don't. Know. Maybe. If. You cool that. Yeah. This is a nice rich section. Oh. Yeah no just a Mercedes, this is a slow class. Oh yeah. That. Lumbered straight guys the, courteous state in the world. Okay. We're trying to find an uber to go back home but. I think are like 30 minutes away. From. Home. So. Let's see how much a new burr costs all right guys so. Okay. You. Know I are, exhausted actually, like my eyes are still really don't mind idea, I can't, go to sleep again, yeah. I wouldn't say going to San Francisco for the weekends, relaxing, one but. We're. Gonna go down to we found something cool like, Italian. Place on Google. That was saying it's like everything's, homemade at, one I, sorry. It's really right but, we, should have just kept going and not take taking, a nap because now I felt a little tired. Yeah. Has a nap person, I do I love, a good nap but this one did not make me feel better if I take like a 20-minute when it makes me feel good to. Have, a few hours here or wasting, anything I know it's helped bedroom. From, focusing. Homemade, pasta, so. Glad we went, here. Whatever in comparison, to like some fancy place in school. They. Will show you. That's, awesome. Okay. Guys if you're ever in, San, Francisco. Go to the Italian homemade. Company. Company you guys gotta go check it out it's awesome it's so good family-owned. You could just tell all the brothers yeah. Cool. So. Now we're full but. It's not like a really heavy full right, no it was great aye it, was and the, meatballs were like so.

Guy Never had anything like it it was very like, it was was. A different flavor who's almost gamey but it was good yeah, seasoning. They use. Yeah. This is kind of cool well, maybe have to know. Yeah well we didn't have to but if you want to walk through you don't want to walk 30 minutes and uh yeah. But. Guys you really gotta go check out that Italian place I am like pumped, about that. We just went to super, authentic, like. Family. Italian, guys talking. Like. Making, pasta in the back awesome. So. Look at this. Okay. Here's the church from the other side it's so, cool. It's. Not even showing it's like pretty as it is but we, really like this Little Italy part of town yeah this is cool man they got great restaurants. Come back. We. Go. Okay guys so we just touch a lot Oh. Durga, neato. I think the cinema could get mixed. Good. Morning guys so, today, is I want to say, and. Finally. Feel adjusted, it, seems like it takes about it I'm feel good now like get lat yesterday. I. Told you anyway. But. Anyway. So we're gonna go try to get some pictures. For Hannah we're, gonna save the Golden Gate Bridge it's just because it's far away from where we're staying, yeah. We're, gonna I think that's like a whole day thing that now petrest, yeah, so you want to come back so we want to do like outdoors, you next time yeah do you like reading. Hike get, some cool hikes. So. You come outside and the first thing is you get a nice. Fresh. Breath, a weed in the morning, great. Dudes. Like everywhere. It's. Pretty bad, there was a smoker like cig hey, wait where we going, so. I'm wearing a pink hat and a red coat I only brought a red coat here and, it doesn't really match but it's a goodie it's. All good, hey, guys so if you ever try to come to San Francisco. A. Lot. Yourself a little longer than a day. And a, half cuz, I don't. Know why yes I was just. I. Just kind of felt like Spacey. Ya. Know now I'm like I'm ready for a full day I'm like alright let's do this. Sucks. So we're gonna come back here and I'm, gonna need two days yeah. You need two full days. You. Guys have a grid of a boot brought hold your boots up. Yeah. The walls cool-looking. It's. Amazing, and. Then Kyle got a honey, cappuccino. Yep. Alright. Guys we are packing, up our room we just went and took a lot of pictures which, was so much fun. Gotta. Get packed right. Kyle, is packing. Up his backpack real tight. Why. Because. We. Didn't see everything okay finally, lie and back. In. A day cuz you just have to do it no but I was exhausted yesterday. Man yeah, so I was too but now I feel a little bit better and I feel great, now. Really now we're gonna go. Thanks. So much for watching we'll, see you guys next time bye.

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Hannah Denton I loved seeing all the traditional Japanese temples! They’re so elaborate. I’d say my most favorite part was having a traditional Japanese dinner in Kyoto. We had a full course dinner with karaoke afterwards, which is a popular Japanese tradition after dinner parties. I hope you & Kyle get to go someday!

Jay Sap we were thinking about Japan!! I bet that would be amazing!! What was your favorite part?

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Japan! I went a couple of years ago and loved it! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime ❤️

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I love homemade food from family run businesses. I want to go to the Ghiradeli store someday.

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Aw so cute! You guys should definitely consider Cincinnati, OH in the spring or summer. It would be a good 1-2 day trip. The food is wonderful and there are really pretty parks along the river. Also, probably won't smell so much weed :)

Madelyn Dinkins haha thank YOU!! We will definitely add that to our list! I've never thought of going there! ❤️❤️

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Hannah Denton that’s so fun!! I love it! Way to be spontaneous

Kendra Christine we made it our goal to travel more this year and we had super cheap flights so we decided to just pick up and go! It was so much fun!

So excited to watch this a little later on. As mentioned to you before, San Fran is such a special city to me and my husband and I can’t wait to your take on it!

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Christine D it's one of our favorite spots we've been. I love how quaint it is and so many cool things to see and do

Jaime Brooke30 it was AMAZING!! I love that they give you free chocolate when you go in the store! ♥️

spend some time downtown, see how good SF really is, 24 hours.... pffff, 8 out of every 1000 live on the streets, the city plans to spend $60 mill this year just cleaning up the needles rubbish and poo that these leave behind that figure is up from $54 mill last year, while it has some great sites, its mayhem if you live there a fly by doesn't equate to a true analysis of the filthiest city in the US ... sorry but very disgruntled true some research

+Hannah Denton sorry Hannah but i was so disappointed in my trip, glad you enjoyed yours sorry for raining on it.

Wow that’s depressing. We didn’t see needles and poop but there were a lot of homeless sadly. We thoroughly enjoyed our 24 hours there though and would recommend to anyone looking to see some cool sights.

You should come back to San Francisco. You hit a lot of great touristy spots but there's so much more to do in SF! Check out some of my vlogs to get an idea of more to do.

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Omg you guys are so cute I’m an sf native and it’s so cute to see someone see sf for the first time. Also there’s a way to make the shower water go from the top spout

@Hannah Denton sorry Hannah but i was so disappointed in my trip, glad you enjoyed yours sorry for raining on it.

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Mary Currin sorry you felt that way! We really enjoyed our time

Maybe somewhere where we will learn something about where you visit and not about yourselves

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