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Are. You buying, a property to, rent out on Airbnb what's, the first question you want someone, who is. Remodel. As if that building so that's, nice as, Puerto Rico recovered, from the hurricane so far I think this is my proposed. Get. A pass eros wouldn't be nice to wake up like this every day, in. This video we're gonna find out what, it would take to do that we're gonna talk real estate in San Juan what. 30. So. The, most, important. Due, diligence, that I think you can do is to, come. Out rent, a furnished place to, live, get. A feel for each of the neighborhoods, that you considering. Before, you buy so, if you're watching this in 2020, and beyond to make sure to check out life for calm, the, first apartments, that are gonna be ready will be the plaza, cologne Hotel & Suites in also one so, once you've got a feel for what you want to live let's, talk about the next step so, two areas. Of San Juan that I won't be covering in this video are Old San Juan and. Calle. Luisa. Coming. Them briefly in all the videos check. Them out here if you'd like to learn more about those areas. So. The next step is grabbing. A coffee it's, kind of like the job interview, for real estate agents. To get to know each other. I you know what type of clients, are you helping, what, are you doing in Santa, Monica. Well for the last four years I've, been working mainly. With our 2022, clients. Probably. Eighty to ninety percent of my clientele our Americans, they, come from states where the. Taxes. Are high like York, California, and. They, love it here some, of them come. With our whole family, if they are married and they move into dorada so, moving to come now it all depends, on their lifestyle, we, don't have a photo, rican mls, so. Some people come it's, a little bit, we'll just find information, here it is that's, why you have to hire a realtor that has the local knowledge and, the expertise, on a day-to-day basis, like. Top brokers, here we have this Canadian system, and through the Canadian system, we, have handshakes. Between, each other and, then we see for example I wake up in the morning and I see what all the brokers, in Puerto Rico posted. Last night on this a. Website. Called point to comm and that's. How we exchanged. Our listings. And that's, how we know what what is happening also I see comparable, if I sell something I have seen appraisals. I have seen comparables, when that appraisal, comes to me so I'm every, day reading appraisals, knowing comparables, knowing, prices, knowing how, much if things, are renting for and basically they know how the, information. Is here. All, right so. Just like in Columbia it's important to get to know a good realtor and, and, to collect various perspectives. From. Realtors who, are seeing, firsthand what's happening what's, the first question you ask someone, who is considering, moving to San Juan, what is your lifestyle. Are. You a beach person. Do you want to be close to the beach to do exercise. Is there, something in particular you want to do in Puerto Rico ie learn how to kite surf you're a desert or you're a golf player and then you want to live in one of the resource with of courses, some, people like, to walk they don't want to have a car so old San Juan is great for them because in Old San Juan it's, it's a walkable, city so there's, so many questions I ask them like, their lifestyle, also do you want a bathtub do you want to walk in closet do you love cooking then do you want to have a kitchen, that has an ocean view so, many questions, that you have Yeah right so. That's that's, the important part about you. Know coming in renting, first I think you're gonna have you're gonna find answers, to those questions that you may not know. Yet what. Areas are we going to cover today in this department. They'll luxury. Real estate. Very, nice apartment in 30 vilasa which is in episode 13 one, of the most exclusive new. Developments. In, and then we're going to show some, areas. Like Isla, Verde condado Ocean, Park which come. Okay. So we met at gallery Plaza, which. Apparently, is one of the most popular. Quarters. Of the apartment you. 1444. A 2-bedroom 2-bathroom many, brain disease sales fries between, three. Dollars. You, can rent a unit for 4,500. Furnish, with an ocean view and. The great. Surge. In. Them you have a spa you, have everything, I. Mean the location. Couldn't, be better you're right next to KJ Louisa, should.

Park A few blocks from the beach on. To condado so, far I think this is my preferred place to. Live that's, the number one thing that, I tell the clients before you tell me anything. You'll. Want to leave it in place with a generator and they're like okay. So. You've said you, know the i-20 act 22 crowd are. Some. Of the most, common, clients, you open what, kind of industries, are they involve, a. Lot, of them are into. Cannabis. Or. Marketing. The internet. And a, lot of financing. And he. Built that house it is great because he hire Porto, Rican architect, to design a quarter. Again people to build a house and. Now, they, live there and they love it beachfront. Oceanfront. Will be four to five million if you can find one there's none available at, the moment and if, you have one that is a block or two from the, water you'll, be paying between one and a half and three million. For, maybe, a house with a thousand, meters or less and, three. To four thousand, square feet, yeah pretty limited, supply, though right yeah inventory. Is very very. Low. For buying, a property to, rent out on Airbnb a very popular. Investment model, these days what, does somebody need to know if they're considering, that model here. In San Juan very, important, if you're buying in a building you have to make sure with that mini straighter and checking, the original, deed of the building if it's allowed or not and if, you're moving into a community like Ocean Park that is gated, you also have to ask the administration, if, the, residents, and owners, allow it in, general what's the Airbnb, business. Like for, investors. Like them it will, mean they're renting, probably. Between 70. And 80 percent is. Their occupancy. Rate okay. In terms of legality in, terms of legislation. You know is it friendly to these types of Airbnb investors, some, areas. And some buildings are okay. With it some. Communities. Are not okay with it they think. That it might be a problem with security how, many people are. So. It's been an issue so. You have, to find out before you buy a property it's very important, okay. So that was Ocean Park the level houses, now, we're entering pon, da de condado. Is a lot of high-rises and it has a Main Avenue called Ashford, Avenue, you're not sure Avenue you find. Restaurants. Shops. Pharmacy. And, then a lot of nice buildings that have access. To the beach fool a guard a gym and. Luxury. Properties, basically she, was saying that this area, was one of the first to be developed, so you have a lot of the buildings that are were, built in the 70s, and 80s yes, how. Does that play out in terms of prices, in terms of what's available right now so if you get something that is beachfront, is always gonna be more expensive and also you have to take in consideration what.

Facilities. The. Building. Has some, buildings, don't have anything at all but some others have very modern lobbies. Tennis. Court basketball court. Barbecue. Areas so once you have all that, the, HOAs. Are higher, and that therefore. The, rents are higher if. It's an John's is the main school, in San Juan it's, nondenominational. So, anyone, that, comes, here that is from a Jewish. Or Indian or from any other country they, go here because it's not Catholic, in, Puerto Rico a lot of the private schools are Catholic, but not these two and they are both in English, fully, fully. In English what, are the investment opportunities. That you're seeing right now in condado, well now is the most expensive thing so as an investment, you wouldn't be, buying older renovating, a. Me, yes, but you still pray, high price it's, not like cheap if, you want something cheap you gotta go outside come now now though it's very saturated and, low inventory, so we're, moving into some tours and we're moving into the other areas that are close to Khandala a some, tours say. Miramar. And. All, the other, side, of the highway so, when you're in Khandala you're next, to the beach and if you cross the highway you're moving into Santurce and the city is growing that way there, are multi level I use, buildings. There, are buildings, that have been abandoned, for years you can buy repo, or. Buildings. That you can buy in a shell and turn, them into a hotel or turn them into Airbnb. So that's, the kind of opportunity, we're seeing here so. No much left in condado. Yes. So this is something that I've heard as well that there's, you. Know some people who are coming, to qualify, for the. Act 20 act 22, benefits. You, know with. The expectation, that they're just gonna spend you, know the bare minimum of 183. Days here, I've. Seen that some people come, for that but end up staying longer is that something you've seen yes once you come to Puerto Rico there's, something, that sucks, you mean is the puerto rican vortex. And then you just want me what, it what is that effect what is i think it's, a mix of our great weather our, salsa, our, good food our warm people our people are very welcoming. And very friendly, and i think that's the number one reason they stay this, building that we see here is new. Construction, and it's gonna start i believe, in over. Two millions each unit that's the newest, construction. Hi, and. Alright. So we're leaving condado now, crossing. The bridge towards. On san juan but not quite paseo. Caribe, yes. Is. A very exclusive. Development. The three residential, buildings, are called laguna, plaza Caribe. Plaza and bahia plaza i will, be showing you a unit, at caribe, Plaza which is the largest. Unit. Of our almost 4,000, square feet. It's. One of the most luxurious buildings. The lobby is super. Beautiful and, you. Have a search. Take. Care of parking. Your car bringing. Your backs up there East full-service, all. Right so this morning, I put out on my Instagram. Questions. That you have about real, estate in, San Juan while, we're still talking about condado, and Ocean Park, question. Are they, neighborhoods, worth buying investment properties in, of course, now, Ocean. Park also Monty's lover there are great, options everything, fire. Engine. You. Can find, cheaper. Square footage, right on the beach some. Of those older buildings you're gonna have to put quite a bit into it and that.

Style, Of investment, is pretty much done so, now we're looking at one of the most exclusive properties, in San Juan. That commercial building, then you have the Cartesian, Hilton, Hotel that he's going to reopen now it's a very famous hotel. Great. Spacious, leading, energy, versus leader. In. Area. A, beautiful. Dining table. It. Has sub-zero. Appliances. So. The kitchen has a breakfast, area and. Then it connects to the family room, these, will be turning to a fourth bedroom someone. Thinks. The Carlmont, has an. Amazing. View. From the, master bedroom you, have the ocean you, see the cruise ships at night you. See the lagoon which, light ups beautifully. You see the planes flying out to planaria, you see the Convention Center and you see the marina from here at night it's also beautiful sometimes. Clients say I want all ocean, view but I remind them that at night it's, going to be dark. 1.9. Million gets you a private, elevator as, well as three parking. Spaces which were also pretty valuable, here. In San Juan, so, someone buying this are they coming with cash are they getting financed, both. All. Right so that brings me to the, next Instagram, question, you. Know Puerto Rico is a territory of, the US does. That mean that, financing. Is, just. As easy as it is in the US or is there a different procedure. Should. Be getting. A mortgage, without any problem in a banking photo Rico we are regulated. By the FDA. Okay. So, a similar process, for financing. In Puerto Rico correct. All right Swiss Wien through the Caribe. Hilton. Looks, like they've just reopened, yes, just, reopened, last week after the hurricane, now he's rebound, more, beautiful than ever as. Puerto Rico recovered. From the turkey yes. Berto Rico, was. Power washed and. We're, doing better than ever we, got a lot of funds from the US a lot of money from the insurance claims. In Puerto. Rico's coming back stronger, than ever, the, a convention, district, it's gonna have new concert, venues, hotels, restaurants. Shops is, gonna have film studios, for, when Hollywood producers, want to do their movies here and, it's the largest project being built at the moment it's. A 90 million. Investment. So. Condado, Ocean, Park Old, San Juan, you, know those are the most common. Favorite. You, know preferred, areas, of town, what's. What, are the up-and-coming, areas. Miramar. Is open, coming area it's, all, about, becoming. A walkable, city new restaurants, new shops new pharmacies. And, you're gonna see now that these, two new blogs that we're gonna see all buildings, that were full of graffiti are, now remodeled, and beautiful, all, structures, are now turning to restaurants. And boutiques so we're gonna say that now there's a lot of money going into you, know revamping. Coming back stronger. You know real long-term investments. I think. In general the. The. The. Populace, is becoming, more optimistic. I think even, you. Know in these down, cycles, there. Are there. Are ways to make money the safeguards. There's, investments. That hold inherent. Value and I think we're seeing less fear all. Around what, are what are you seeing here. People. Are very optimistic they, come and they see that, an area might have one nice remodel building and three abandoned, buildings and they want to fix the other three they want to buy them they want to fix them right away put, them on Airbnb make, offices, and the, streets that were completely, dark and I may be a bit dangerous at night are becoming, hip, and new, restaurants, and looking good and safe, to walk around so it's. Positive. In many many senses, okay what about the local population, are they optimistic, the. Local population, is always, optimistic, and at the same time the people are more optimistic are the ones that are benefitting from those investors, coming because, when that day investors, come and buy a property they hire a Puerto Rican architect.

A Puerto Rican contractor. Whether he can clean people, Puerto Rican companies, to build their windows, or, the Rican companies, to buy the paint from so everyone. Is benefited from this what. Areas do you think investors, should keep, their eye on that are open coming portal, which, is close to Old San Juan Carrie Luisa in. This, areas on tour say is it, was back, in the 70s, the place to be then it was renowned for a couple of decades and now it's coming back check, out this new development super, modern and, a. Lot of people walking around with new restaurants. It's a great, area to invest you still see that building over there with their graffiti, everything. Around it is remodeled, as if that building so that's, next. Okay, so we're entering Isla Verde you're. Saying this is the best ceviche. Yeah it's. A different market in his library you can find like in one of these two buildings a three-bedroom. Apartment, with an ocean view for. Half. A million versus. In Khandala that would be over seven or eight hundred thousand, okay I mean the beach is right on the other side of this right here, it has pool, it, has the beach it has everything, and most the most important, eat allows Airbnb. So it's a great, return on investment. Okay so what's the is love out of this story, why is it coming back into fashion. Right now Isla, Verde is. Coming, back because, back. In the 70s, it was a very nice area where, all the tourists will comment all the hotels were here then, Khandala, became, more here and now again, isla, bird that has investors, and there's a kid son Claire that, just bought the building we're gonna drive by it's called the esj, and he, has built three other buildings. One, is called hua Jade, and blue where, he's doing short-term, rentals, and hotel, like, buildings. He, actually spoke at Puerto. Rico investor. Conference, make sure to check out when our next one's coming up for Rico conference calm. So, we're entering the yesterday, it, has around, 400. Villas. Condos, half, of them like. 177. Are locally, or personally. Owned and then the others are rented, are used, as a hotel, operated.

Risotto I have for sale here. Two-bedroom. Unit with two bathroom, for three hundred and ninety nine thousand, with a balcony and, a parking spot and I also have a three-bedroom, unit. With ocean, view a parking, so completely. Furnished and equipped for, four hundred and fifty thousand what. Kind of returns, what what nightly, rental rate, the. Two-bedroom, you can rent for two hundred fifty a night in the low season occupancy. Rates for, that unit are like eighty percent and then the three-bedroom you can rent approximately. For $400. This, is quite a talent, you know citing, those numbers, vault driving, as well I think she's doing a pretty good job so far yeah, the first couple of days you're gonna be in college not, married at a bad thing used to right once. You want to go to the rain forest, or you want to go to the west definitely, ran a car. Taxes. Aren't either your, property taxes are also high but our property, taxes are super dope for example, a million-dollar. Properties. My I, pay, four. Thousand dollars a year. What. Other concerns, do. Foreign. Investors, have. Their. Concern. About. The. Contractors. And we have good people can. They have a good team a reliable. Good, quality, team yes, I heard, that many, of them many of the best. You know so in demand because of the renovations, after. The hurricane is. That still happening or is that getting a little bit easy to find that Talent now. People, are very busy very easy, after Maria, and he's good we're happy about it. Sitting. There, how. Long is island time, what is the difference principle island, time I got the beer first you got a later person to mate in Porto Rico buddies good. It's. Friday afternoon, on. A long weekend, Memorial, Day weekend, what. Better way to kick it off our. People. A. Lot of drinking, a little dancing a. Lot of late nights. All. Over the island the people leave sign on or come to San Juan I'm if you live in San Juan you go to the west you go is you go to different beaches you, go anywhere. But you go out of your house have fun, for. The part. No. That's, alright numero uno beach house one, of the only places. Inside. Foreign real estate so, if people want to get in contact with you how do they do. You. Can get my info. Now when. Okay. I'm gonna wrap this vlog up before, the next margarita, arrives, so I recommend her, assistance, if you're looking for a knowledgeable, realtor. With experience, that's key for making investment decisions I also. Recommend, you to check out what investments, we have available. Whenever, you see this video go to life of our investments. Comm. We're, gonna have our latest, Puerto, Rico investments, we. Make these type of investments, turnkey, saves, a lot of running around is we understand, one of the most valuable, assets that you have is, time, and San, Juan provides you with a lifestyle, that has that modern convenience, of the, US with. The Latin, flavor mix, of which I haven't seen too much so if you are ready to embrace, your fears embrace. Your dreams, embrace. The, unknown in, a lifestyle, that, you may not even know exist yet you, might want to consider coming out and visiting Puerto Rico, check out life for calm to check to see what spaces, we have available, if you've got any questions comments. About, real. Estate in San Juan leave them in the comments below will be pending there so until the next video make, sure to click like click Subscribe, I've got more Puerto, Rico content, coming your way, we'll, see you guys.

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San juan is meh

We are not stronger than ever. She is clearly lying cause it won't be good for her business to be truthful. Sad woman. She knows she is lying unless she is a zombie.

We are doing great


That's my sister best realtor in Condado,Miramar..

Sabe lo que hace great job

Yo prefiero vivir en otros pueblos que en San Juan. San Juan es bonito para visitar pero para vivir prefiero otros lugares de la isla que son más tranquilos y el costo de las casas o apartamentos no son caros.

The half of million houses a block away from the water view she was talking are right next to a huge project section 8 buildings

Ohh shit bro! Im colombian and i live in puerto rico! Ive watched alot of your videos in colombia and cali thays where im from, i stay near calle loiza what ever you need bro ley me know parcero!

please leave this tiny island to it's people

@Edwin Justiniano airbnb already gentrified old san juan, made it unaffordable for Puertorricans.. you think this is good for island and it isn't. btw i am not alone in this position, my opinion is shared by a lot of people.

Thos island is for everyone that want to come down here, stopt the hate you dont represent us

Before buy please check radiation levels and drug traffic ahaha.... Antes de comprar deberian medir los niveles de radiación y trafico de droga..... ajaja

Marbella de Caribe dos cuartos, un bańo un estacionamiento por 525,000 se le fue el avión un edificio viejo sin planta eléctrica ? De donde saco esa comparable ? Por dios. Quiere decir que en Metro plaza un edificio nuevo con gimnasio, planta eléctrica, dos estacionamientos restaurante , cine a un minuto del Condado y Miramar , cinco de Isla verde tienen que costar 1 millón.

interesting that with all the beaches in PR, they found the only place to eat on the beach. its true, the only other place that i know is in guanica

How about crime and traffic?

Crime has been going down for the last 5 6 year, most crimes are druh related, and the one we realy hate is domestic violence, ypu migjt hear a few cases a year of dome innocent person dying fr roberies or home invsnciom tje cops are great tjey do.t abuse anyome and do t ask gor money, for no reason try to give tesimony cause they will take you to jail

@Edward Wild la hay, pero tu no ves a gente usanfola en las calle ni en stios publico a menos q sea un loquito

@Sam - LifeAFAR Then you didnt actually experience the island lol

JBR GUITAR Y la droga?

Según hay lugares malos también hay lugares buenos y tranquilos para vivir aquí. El crimen no es solamente aquí , es a nivel mundial.

My experience is still limited, but I felt safe the whole time getting around the island, and I didn't get any traffic, but then again I wasn't doing a rush hour commute.

It appears we don't know each other

@Sam - LifeAFAR Yep, it's in my top 5. Lots of investment opportunities.

Possibly the best location right?

@Sam - LifeAFAR please don't listen to someone who can't even spelled mistake correctly.. Our island is beautiful and it might not be in the best position right now but little by little we're getting there


We the boricuas de verdad want to e a territory yoi on the other hand show that yoiu are anti american but lives in the states

@M. B. Bey complicated history. Moving forward: the US government is corrupt looking to benefit itself. The PR government admin is corrupt looking to benefit itself. Now what?

Blah, blah, blah..

@Sam - LifeAFAR First, the United States is corrupt. Let's establish that fact before we go any further. The United States was built off the murder and stealing of indigenous American lands... which the Borinquen people are... Americans. So them traveling freely to another part of America is an unalienable right.. not a privilege. America is not the United States. The United States is a FOREIGN OCCUPATIONAL de facto government corporation operating on American land and has been been doing so for over 243 years. Killing indigenous Americans for nearly 500. Americans are not the European population who immigrated to these lands years ago and passed legislation to call themselves Americans. So why should these people benefit from American resources more than Americans? Boriken can survive quite nicely as a sovereign nation without U.S. interference... hence the U.S. being the problem with Puerto Rico, which is the false name given to the island during the Spanish Inquisition of the new European European Christian Moors. They named it that because they killed the indigenous Arawak and Taino people and stole their wealth.. at times chopping off the limbs of the women to steal the gold and jewels... those tribes inheritance for the next generation. After they killed off almost everyone.. they repopulated the island with natives from nearby islands. The United States came in and continued and continues the same practice. The U.S. economy is booming because they go into other nations and set up trade agreements that drastically lower the fsor market value of that nations resources... and while they benefit, the people of the land live in poverty. The areas you were riding in were tourists attractions... not the real Borinquen. The same independence P.R. is fighting for is the same independence Cuba sought.. and finally achieved by nationalizing the country and kicking out the foreign U.S. corporation. You know whay happened then? The Bay of Pigs... not because Cuba was a communist nation who threatened U.S. democracy (which is bullshit because the nation was founded as a Republic) ... but because Castro wasn't into making deals with the devils who already killed off the ancestors of their land... America. So when the people get the rights to there land back.. and are able to make a living INDEPENDENTLY without the dependence of a corporation masquerading as a government... then I will change my position... until then... this is just a presentation to make more profit... which I understand... but if the people of the land are not benefitting... its clear to see the M.O. of the United States OF America. Power and greed.... and that I don't afree with or condone. Its simply the same old world politics. Oppression and dominance over the natural people of the land. Islam.

I have heard your position before. I'd like to understand it before. From my novice perspective I have a couple questions; - what is the best solution to getting assistance to the parts of the island that still need it? - the PR economy has been through tough times. It seems like some people are upset about this and want independence. What is the economic plan moving forward with independence? - the USA economy is absolutely booming. An island such as PR would benefit incredibly by attaching itself to this. The president seems to be chasing deals that inflate his ego. Why doesn't the island see this as an Opportunity to make a deal (and inflate his irrelevant ego) that will allow the island to bounce back stronger than ever? - the local leadership of PR has been failing in various administrative aspects and investigated for corruption. -Boriquens have been freely traveling to USA mainland for economic opportunity, aren't you worried these people will be not have such easy access to the booming US economy if PR were to go sovereign? As I said my understanding is amateur at best. It does seem political bias, white colonial shaming, an undecided local identity is only hurting the island as opposed to allowing it to love forward.

Sam - LifeAFAR another great way would be exposing USA capitalism crime over their default colony. Freeing the island from vulture and disaster capitalism. Greed has fuck up this world. Independence for PR.

Una buena manera sería buscar un camino para impulsar la economía adelante. Trump y su ego quieren un trato. Haz un trato. Aprovéchalo.

@Sam - LifeAFAR I hear what your saying, BUT, that's the biggest "cop out" people always say. So now that we robbed you, raped you, enslaved you and I took your land let us be friends..............Ain't that a bitch!! Some people are afraid of payback from the most high. Yes, you benefit from what your ancestors set up for you. Nothing personal and I'm glad your piece was nice, but the fact remains that what I'm telling you is the truth. At any rate welcome to the island..

If every conversation starts with blaming people for what their ancestors did when the world was a different place, there's only racism and no communication.

@dbbrainer dbbrainer i recomemd you find an imdependant contractor one that you trust to make a real inpection

I got lucky my niece is an imgeneer, and my daughter step dad is and independant contractor he was the one that inspected every inch of the house and told me it was a great deal

@dbbrainer dbbrainer i think what i mean is what i said

@N Esq yes , many

And actually learn how to speak SOME spanish. That should be first on your list.

There was a lot of fresh food and food tastes better than what I find in nyc with better prices. Maybe to a local its expensive but coming from nyc everything feels like a deal including restaurants.

I don't like the metro area to live, i live in Gurabo minutes away from mayor highways, in a golf resort 425k home with almost 3,000 sqf with private school and double security

@Pj Silence except there is no infrastructure, your on your own. unless of course you have a friend in the PR government

Thomas Russo why you feel this way?

I've met quite a few happy, long term residents. I have a feeling you are blurring your experience with everyone's experience.

True, but in marketing, it's easier to create a product that people demand, instead of demanding that peor want a product.

@dbbrainer dbbrainer LoL same here.

So let's just focus on the negative? I bet you you're not even from PR so for you to be throwing shots like that you need to be careful yes there is crime but it happens like anywhere else in the world so stop your bullshit if you don't like the island that's your problem not everybody's else

You have to be careful when it come to buol your own home


@Simeón El Barbaro simeon check añasco thats the town next to rincon they blend into each other i know a beutiful home there that goes for aboit 150 a day high season room like for 10 1 minute walk to the beach, gated,.

Rincon is great and has a great public bilingual school free for everyone

You are right Dan 100% her prices are to high i got me a beutiful gated comunity with double secutity and a golf course close to mayor high ways 25min. From San Juan original prices 424 thousand i got it for 190, you should also cheack out palmas del mar

@MrDjwillzone lo.mas seguro um.mojao

Te recomiemdo compres en la florida te hagas residente de alka y a los dos años te muevas puerto rico bajo las leyes 20-22 pero no te inscribas par votar en la isla

Sir. Fuentes lying

krlitos Most people in PR want statehood. What do you think will happen in Puerto Rico if that ever happens? It wont be Puertro Rico as you know it. Puerto Rico has to change it's status quo and Puerto Ricans need to get rid of their slave mentality if progress is to flourish again on the island.

@RayAndBarbie OE full of drugs, crime is a nalco state and drug carters

@Alma Rosado Absurdo porque, es que no podían echarse un buen polvito por pura cortesía?

Ardilliton Canalla q comentario tan absurdo por no decir otra cosa la muchacja muy bpnita,elehante y sobre todo muy professional Conoce bien si trabajo.

Puerto Rico have: Beautiful city's such as Guaynabo, Carolina, Ponce, Mayagüez, Guayama etc... Museums... Big infrastructures (Milla de oro, Condado, Isla Verde, Santurce)... National reserves like El Yunque National Forest, Bosque seco, Cuevas, dunas, etc... University's with a iconic architecture and beautiful campus... The most beautiful colonial architecture in all the American continent... Etc... Etc...

@masterdeeable11 Apuesto lo que sea que no eres de PR y estás tirando la mala infeliz si a la gente les gusta nuestra isla pues dejalos quieto y no vivas calenturas ajenas

en pr se vive superr..

The Caribe Plaza 1,500 sq ft apartment that was posted for $1.9 million, I believe she said it was 4,000 sq ft.

Thanks, its the first time I look for vídeos like this. Its been very helpful one and not boring.

En Puerto Rico

Que malo, como se manifiesta en la vida? Osea what kind of things are happening? Puerto Rican racism specifically or is it latino in general?

Mr. Thomas Russo, please, go to hell. Mother Fucker !!!

Llegaron los Yankees ricos a sacar a nuestra gente de la isla para acomodarse ellos , como siempre usan su poder económico para aplastar a los debiles.

Dulce sueno segui dormiendo de ese lado somos un terriotorio USA y si no te guste vete pal caraja. Bienvenido todos los inversionista del continente Americano a mi isla. Welcome paradise island.

Podría ser cualquiere persona con plata buscando un lugar bueno para vivir? Por que quieres pintar algunos como "aplastadores de poblaciones?"

Please spend some money on a proper mic dude!!!


Take your invasive business elsewhere! And to our star real estate agent, stay home.

It’s the kindness that has us bent over and begging. Wake up.

Luis O Perez you dont seem like a kind person. Sad.

It must be nice to live in our Borinken without any oppression or racism from our Indigenous people while our people were forced out of our Borinken with a #GEOSTORM so you Europeans can come in and steal our land while poisoning our people with all that poisonous foods & drinks.SMH.Tainos wake up.

andres pacheco quieren hacer como hawaii que le robaron todo a los hawaianos

andres pacheco que se larguen de la isla estos invasores

I have no idea what agenda, which Europeans and which food you are referring to.

As a young active guy, I would prefer San Juan as a base to live the whole island fully.

Atencion boricuas.estos son los pendejos que nos quieren dejar sin pais para que tengamos que emigrar a trumplandia y discriminen contra nosotros.estos son los enemigos del bienestar de nuestro pueblo.esta gentusa con dinero que les importa un carajo lo que nos pasa como Pueblo y MIENTRAS nosotros cada vez menos podemos disfrutar de nuestras playas estos tiburones vienen a quedarse con lo que queda.esta gentusa hay que pararla y dejarle saber que no van a poder eliminarnos como pueblo.despierten puertorriquenos.estos son el enemigo.y con respecto a la vendedora es ovio que su pais es el signo de prostitution tiene muchas formas.vender a tu pais es una de ellas.

Acomplejado de mente pequeña...

Y todo el mundo que compran bienes raíces son ratas o solo si compren cerca donde tu vives? Los boricuas que estan compran en comunidades en Florida, están aplastando víctimas allá o están invertiendo?

@Sam - LifeAFAR yo hablo de lo que pasa en Puerto rico porque vivo aqui pero seguramente pasa en otras partes del mundo.donde quiera hay ratas.


Estas hablando de bienes raíces solo en Puerto Rico, o en todo el mundo?

That woman is so full of shit.selling our resources to people who dont give a fuck about us puertorricans.go beck to trump land white boy.we dont like you here.dont believe the lady.she is taking you for a ride.

Mate, I'm Australian, I grew up on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. People from all over the world (with more money than me) are coming and buying land at market prides. I can decide to compete or complain. I welcome them and understand we live in a global property market. You sound like you've been hurt and have a clear agenda against certain people. If there is some way I can help you, let me know. Otherwise, please do not bring your hateful agenda against a faceless enemy to this channel. Judging me by my race and not me as a person is racism.

Fuck you colonizers! We don't want you here!!! This is not your playground! This is our families, culture and life! Leave now

I'm from Australia. It seems like you consider people going to the states as emigrants, and people going to the island as colonizers... Both peoples are just looking for a better life and are on the same team. You're both humans. There have been bad actors on both sides of course, but you guys are judging people by their race or as individuals?

Yea.well said.get the fuck out of here.we dont like white boys taking over.go back to fuking trump land.

Grab a coffee in a starbusk no make sense you are near very good coffee local shop

Al final sigue siendo un cafe barato que lo venden carisimo cerca tenia las mejores panaderias del area con buen cafe expreso simple


What was the web site that she mention at the beginning? I believe

Muy documentada la chica.SJ es un lugar bonito y Dorado.Pero no tienen las mejores playas y el costo de vida muy alto.Calle Loiza y otros lugares altos en incidencia criminal.Lugares cómo Guanica ,Cabo Rojo, Aguada ,Rincón,Aguadilla,Isabela,Palmas del mar .Mucho mejor para vivir.Y los campos mucho mejor.Puerto Rico es más que SJ.

The gentrification of an entire Island Colony continues.

Currently my home town in Australia (an island colony) is gentrifying due to wealthier locals, Chinese buyers, investors from other states etc. Considering I don't own real estate yet, I could consider myself a victim of gentrification. Instead, I consider myself an individual in a capitalist economy that is very firmly in place, and that I have the opportunity to become more successful, and wealthier than the very people who are currently gentrifying one particular market I grew up in. Become self aware that if you have a DESIRE to live somewhere (regardless if you rent or buy there), you are part of the gentrification process. In the system we live in, growth mindsets win and scarcity mindsets get punished. Choose your mindset wisely. You and I have different perspectives, and that is fine. Just be sure that yours is taking you to a better place.

@Sam - LifeAFAR And that makes it okay, right?

@Sam - LifeAFAR Only those places receiving "freedom" from the USA

Carlos Reyes que se larguen los invasores, quieren quitarnos la isla poco a poco .

Sam - LifeAFAR te duele la verdad?

Pretty sure the entire planet is gentrifying.

Alaska. Yea.we should let know we dont like this people here.

Coming back stronger than ever is what I think she meant. The remote parts of the island are still taking time, but it was my 4th trip to the island and Memorial Day weekend had SJ absolutely pumping! I felt the Puerto Rican energy and vibes in full swing!

She wants to sell a condo to the dumb gringo.we dont like you here gringo.

I dont know if am.right but i think Aida might be the grandaughter of someone my parents know. He died already. Am almost sure.

Gracias por tu Perspectiva

Right on, yeah calle loiza is great, next time!

If you're suggesting the Puerto Rico should not be part of a free capitalist market, I'm not sure what you would suggest the alternative to be.

@Jorje Santana I agree. This people are sharks who dont give a fuck about our people. While we suffer the bad economy and corrupt politicians this white people who treat us like dirt when we are in the states pretent to take our island while we suffer in our own land.puertorricans invest in our own place so we dont need to have around us jerks like this.and this lady shoud have more dignity and think about the damage this does to our own people. Of course she dont give a shit about our people. She should buy herself a condo in alaska.

Have you ever heard of Google Maps?

Crime is everywhere, traffic is everywhere -there's your answer. But I love living in Puerto Rico never had a bad incident and I don't plan to move out of this beautiful island. I'm a transplant from the Chicagoland area.

Yea.they shoud get the fuck out of here.we dont like them.

I was thinking the same...$4000 a month it's just to ensure Boricuas are not near you.

We should unite against those scumbag who come here and BENEFIT from our suffering while the corrupt politicians in the inland sell our resources and is harder and harder for us to make a decent living.we have to fight this people to protect our inland.

Yea.hell yea.fuck this white colonizer bich.we dont like you here.we had enough of this shit already.want a condo go back to fuking florida.

Same thing in Colombia, great coffee and it's cool to hate on Starbucks. Not to worry, I drink enough coffee to patron all of them!

@A_Active I thought you said that " grabbing a coffe is like the job interview for real estate agents". And since you were in Starbucks I just wanted you to remember puertorican coffee as an asset to living in PR. And promote it at the same time. Lol.

@Ivy Lebrón I said I had a Air BnB next to Starbucks, but never went INTO Starbucks. I don't even drink coffee lol.

@A_Active Very good coffee in PR. Puertorican coffee is the best. Dont get stuck on Starbucks for Gods sake!

@D' V-H sam.go back to trump land.we dont want you here.the lady is lying to you.

M. B. Bey la masacre de Ponce y muchas cosas que le han escondido a las nuevas generaciones para quitarnos nuestra identidad como Puertorriqueños para luego quedarse con nuestra tierra.

Is not good for us puertorricans and we dont like people like this jerk to come here to BENEFIT of our tragegies.and that lady has no morals and no loyalty to this country.she should move to Florida with the white boy and live in florida.

@Sam - LifeAFAR Like I posted before....a deal with Trump is meaningless. No deal is possible. Congress has full authority to at any moment make PR a state, give PR freedom, or cede PR to another country. It could happen tomorrow if Congress wanted to. That is how the law is written.

...pero y si no tienen chavos pa' comprar???

@Carlos Reyes y tu moron vete pa' cuba batata independientista socialista como tu jefa la Yulin.

Defender de que moron. ?? Dime de que voy a defender mi Isla.

Bien dicho.que se vaya al carajo el gringo.

Yea.dont come here to capitalize on our struggles. Stay in fuking trump land. We dont like these people. Dont believe the bullshit lady.


If it took you six years to discover the cons vs the pros, it simply suggests that you're a moron and finished your gringo bloodsucking.

Yea.we dont want more jerks like you here.

PR is a USA USA banking rules apply.

​@D' V-H First and foremost, I must say that I stand on 3 things, that is Truth, Justice and Equality. Secondly, we know that the Island known as Puerto Rico (Rich Port) is no longer rich. That is True. It depends highly on the US, again True. In my comments I took no shots at the Island or the people of Boriken (original name). I'll rephrase it again. The Island is in the top ten per capita as the country with the most Homicides in the world. True again. Thirdly, the Island is rooted on White Supremacy. True again. 4) Are Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, major factors in the developments of our babies, children and well being of the people of the Island? Absolutely. True Again. How can one not look at the negatives, when it is destroying human life consistently? Is that not liking the Island? We must be Conscious on what is really going on. In this video, it is showcasing to the world that the Island is for sell. Which means driving out the ones who cannot afford the million dollar homes and lands up for sale. The majority of the people are poor. One must be on the tails of these opportunists, liars and deceivers. These people suck the living blood off the people trying to live a stable tranquil life. These people are called Blood Suckers. What you should do is expose the ones who are lying about the Island. All I have written on this thread is Truth. What are the positives of the People of the Island? Hope. The hope of us being a free Nation, a nation that lives in Righteousness. An island free of Drugs, Alcohol, Guns, Corruption, a new Government that loves and cares truly for its people. A brand new BORIKEN, "Land of the true Noble Gods!" After all, in the scriptures it tells us, "Ye are Gods, children of the most high God."

Please. Take him to colombia.we dont want assholes like him here

If somebody shoud invest from the us is the boricuas from the states.the fucking gringos should buy in Florida.wake up people

Go fuck yourself.we dont like you here.

@Carlos Reyes the reason Puerto Rico is where it is today is because of Puerto Rican government corruption. Who are you trying to fool? Investment in Puerto Rico means business jobs for those with an education.

@migueldELLO what Puerto rico needs is to stop sharks like this piece of shit of taking over our resources while the people of the island are suffering the treachery of dirty politicians.

@dbbrainer dbbrainer I agree.they want us out of our own island. We dont want them here.they shoud go back to trump land.

Sir. Fuentes the notion most of people on the island wants statehood. Most of people don't know the responsibility of that nor the history or language of USA. I know their is no official language in the US but statehooders most are poor and dependent of welfare. Uneducated as well and have no idea about what statehood really means. Plus usa will never approve of this while the boricuas are the majority of the inhabitants. Only way possible is by doing what the once did in Hawaii. Another crime.

Cesar D. Almodovar I respect your opinion, but where is the lie?

I find it quite interesting that a british person with opererative tendencies in colombia has the audacity to speak on the affairs of Puerto Ricans. Perhaps your interests should be better served assiting Nourthen Ireland and Scotland achieve independence from England.

@Alma Rosado Ayyy, ya vas a decir que nunca disfrutaste de un buen pene que te hiciera gozar

@ardilliton canalla tus comentarios demuestran exactamentr tu calidad d prrsons q eres. Espero q ningun bombre trate a las mujeres en tu fa.milia igual

@masterdeeable11 que negativa eres.

@Dulce sueños P.R. Borinquen V exacto

consciousness 666 si , los invasores se están aprovechando de la desgracia que nuestra gente pasó con maria, fuera!!

@D' V-H Puerto Rico esta a la venta,

@D' V-H desafortunamente el senor masterdeeable tiene much razon. Sera totalmente moronico NO enfocar en lo negativo. Como uno vaz a correjir lo negativo sin enfocarse en el.

She is amazing. Is she married? :)

Ah yes, the gentrification of Puerto Rico and my native San Juan is in full effect, and according to plan. American Ibiza in the making. Yai, colonialism and ethnocentric condescension.

Loved the video, if in a future you can do a similar one within Dorado and/or Humacao, too. Aida is very resourceful!

Quiero ir a puerto ricoooo,saludos de un venezolano en México!!!

I hate this fucking guy. He thinks he knows it all. Gringo piece of shit. Get out of Puerto Rico

@Sam - LifeAFAR Australia not a colony. But nice try.

Puerto Ricans buy your own property in Puerto Rico or you gona get gentrify like the blacks and Puerto Ricans from New York.

@Thomas Russo including you. Stay out of the affairs of others.

@Thomas Russo i totally agree in regards to doing for self through total independence. However, that most basic principle will only manifest through a new mind among the people. Secondly, although i will always adhere to the human principle of independence, you are in no position to decide, define no attempt to inspire, why? Because at the end of the day GRINGOS SHOULD NEVER BE TRUSTED.

@consciousness 666 PR needs a good revolution to help you guys break free from your continued oppression. this way you can truly feel as equals to gringos. i am here to tell you that you are not second to the gringos. PR independence! start a brand new govt, run by the people of PR weather they are black, white, indians or transplanted from other places. as long as they have one goal in mind, which is to take care of the people. because right not, you are treated and will continue to be a second thought.

Puerto Rico is gorgeous and worth the investment you are an idiot that try’s to sell sand on the beach and can’t find a buyer keep your bullshit and your ugly ass off the island

@Ed Rod I didnt see any real issues in san juan. Check out nyc and miami and you will see real zombie land

Compren sus casas apartamentos en Puerto Rico o les va pasar lo que les paso a los negros y latinos de Nueva York que se tuvieron que ir de Nueva York por las rentas tan altas.

Glad to have come across your video. We just stayed at the Caribe Hilton the week you filmed this! Great Hotel, Great Island, and she is right, it's the people that make me want to go back!! Not to mention the views and the island itself. It was a wonderful experience!

Puerto Rico was not power washed. There is still a lot of work to be done. Especially with power lines. Maybe in 3-5 years things will be better. Condado beaches are ugly. If you want nice beaches go west or east.

Im gonna have to go to Puerto Rico again, she’s gorgeous

If i speak 0 Spanish, will I struggle in PR?

Yes, so learn some, just like we have to learn English when we go to the States.

No problem at all for visits, mostly. Bilingual unless you get really off the beaten track, but then it's fun

Puerto Rico is not only about Old San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado...there are lots of beautiful homes in towns in the interior of the island, the mountainous part of the island (Las Marías, Maricao), or the west coast (Rincón, Cabo Rojo, La Parguera), east coast (Humacao, Fajardo) or the smaller islands off that coast (Culebra, Vieques).

Yep, will need to be done in a different video


I loved wathing your videos and what you do for puerto rico i live in aguadilla and would like for you to go to the west side.

She’s gorgeous !!! Glad to see Puerto Rico booming again. Fingers crossed the next downturn has a positive impact on investment in Puerto Rico.. not just more job sucking by big corporations

1500 sq. Ft is probably correct.

@afonseca138 no sabes ni escribir bien español

@afonseca138 vendido! Púdrete

@Marie Munoz maybe hes not nice becase of the 100-SOMETHING YEARS OF THE U.S. USING PUERTO RICO!

Vivo en aguadilla y es perfecto

@Sam - LifeAFAR im sorry you have to have people tell you this it is unfair becouse you are actually trying to help the economy forget about the comments you're doing great

Ernesto Cruz it’s too dry. Looks like a dessert. Dead grass and trees. No beaches. Not as appealing as other areas.

Spends millions there please

@seneca ponce needs high rise is way bigger than san juan

No beach there and right now, it looks like a dessert. Massive droght

Great video! I just got back from a 2 week back in Georgia and putting my home up for sale on opendoor, cash out and come back to buy there bu mid augu6...single momma tow babies and its gonna happen

Pedro Luciano sounds like you have a personal problem! I am coming to provide a service to people who need it. As a Black woman whose entire existence have been gentrified, I think I have the right to exist wherever I want and don’t need your permission

@Not So Obscure gentrification! You would be a part of it.

@Pedro Luciano give me a good reason why

Please, don't. Don't be a part of this gentrification process.

Super crappy sound.

Are there any public housing projects under construction? What about low income houses and affordable dwellings for rent? I lived in PR until age 17 and all I remember is that there is a lackadaisical attitude by the local govt in terms of maintaining infrastructure. Streets and roads not maintained; power outages are the norm. The powers that be don't manage funds properly and there's no accountability for the mismanagement of assets. Crime rate is high; no adequate law enforcement. Scary amd disgusting!

Take advantage of laws that benefit outsider not locals and make everything more expensive for All of us locals, Huh? Equal playing field Anyone? How can you live with yourselves? Gentrification 101!

I think so far our investment strategy is (that we open to crowdfunding to local and foreign investment) more like riding the wave of up and coming areas.

People going to Puerto Rico and staying there has nothing to do with the weather or the music,... Pleeeeeaaaseee!!!... unless!!. You are a citizen of the United States!.. Everyone else.. specialty!!.. people fron Central and South America go there with an Agenda on mind and the intentions to some how get documents so that they can crossover to the United States... That is the reality that people won't talk about perhaps because there is a lot of corruptions in the system and the government could care less...

Thanks! What a great testimony for people venturing into the comments section

@William D But I'm retarded, so learning is hard for me. :=(

Looks like will need a revolution.

Glori Sol!!... Everyone knows that!!..

@Guasa Guasa Tienes razón hay mucho vago, pero todos no son vagos, te lo aseguro. Hace falta más oportunidad y más educación, quitarle a los muchachos la idea que el trabajo del campo es de jíbaro y de pobretón. Y no estoy en contra de todo este desarrollo, pero sin supervición y con la corrupción, sólo va a ser ganancia de pocos y maldición para muchos, ejemplo Dubai, Hawaii y la lista es larga. Por cada edificio que se construye para capital extranjero, se tiene que contruir uno para el local, que tal vez no tenga millones para invertir, pero que tiene alguito y tiene deseos de invertir en su patria. Si no es así, no es negocio justo.

Para despertar hay que ponerse a sembrar y cultivar para así producir nuestros propios alimentos sin tener que depender de nadie... cosa que yo no veo a ningún puertorriqueño hacer porque estan de vagos y cómodos..


@AAA AAA es un país muy bonito su gente es muy gentil y muy dichoso de estar aquí por lo menos en mi caso he recibido mucho apoyo.Dios bendiga su gente

Que te parace Mexico?

Dulce sueños P.R. Borinquen V / Siempre trató a la gente con respecto y consideración especialmente si vienen de la isla. Este comentario es erróneo !!! Hay racismo y todas partes del mundo.

Prefieres estar independiente y ser como cuba?

@Marie Munoz kindnes is one thing, complacency and bending over, is another. Only oblivious idiots prefer rich white americans buying their land over their own people.

@Adrian Crespo crespo, this is only helping them. Why do people leave? Where all the jobs and money? You are suffering stockolm syndrome dude!

@Sam - LifeAFAR you forgot: die trying or leave! AKA: gentrification

@Sam - LifeAFAR no dude, not true. But this here is not a continent.

@Sam - LifeAFAR good for you. Go on and let's talk in 10 yrs. Oh wait, there will not be any of us left.

@Edwin Justiniano yeah, leaving and being foreclosed to hell. And bieng replaced by rich white americans. Great hub. Im sure you see this in amovie and cry, but not in real life.

You can also go to hell!

No son caros ahora, deja que los gringuitos empiezen a llegar!

@Sam - LifeAFAR crooked captilaism is an even bigger problem. Your tricks are old.

@Edwin Justiniano oh, but you do? Don Eleuterio from Florida!

Raúl Parada what about radiation levels?

@Carlos Reyes I hope you feel the same way tours the Dominicans and the rest of the Latinos Americanos who are the real Fucking scumbags!!.. their the ones using Puerto Rico as a bridge to get to the States!!.. and guess what they do??!!... when they get to the States!!.. the mock us!!.. The people buying those Condos are money people!!!, not some scumbags who come to take advantage of us like people usually do...

@Sam - LifeAFAR Level playing field? Dude, change dealers! Wan't to help? Stop trying to own the everything. Raise aweranes of the gentrification process taking place. Stop and keep in check your saviour complex!

Let's be loyal to progress and development with a level playing field for all. Competition, cooperation and curiosity can grow what needs to be grown.

@Sam - LifeAFAR your mind is quiete clear, you trully believe yourselves saviours! Wow.

@Sam - LifeAFAR now, we wake up and kick you out of here.

@afonseca138 defender la isla de focas chupa gringos como tu, que de seguro te pones en 4 si te lo piden, lambon vende patria!

@Sam - LifeAFAR solo un idiota cree en tratos con Trump! Y de hacerlo, solo el y los suyos ganan.

Thomas Russo you talk about the oppressors and you ran to back to them? Where did you run away to? Cuba?

Thomas Russo I know lots.

I don't blame him, nor doubt it.

Sam hit that before and after the tour.

Machetero Hasta La Muerte, Good to know, I did not know that fact.

I agree she should have promoted Medalla, Silver Key or Magna but PR women don’t know what loyalty is so you can’t expect them to promote Puerto Rican products. Did you know Corona was a Puerto Rican beer until it was purchased by Cervecería Modelo de Mexico in the 80’s.

@Jay Park Yes. As a colony of the USA...Puerto Rico does not have monetary sovereignty.

So the current US fed interest rates also apply to PR?

@Ernesto Cruz wow, que lambón. Tipo, no te da vergüenza?

ED J Ponce you are out of your mind!!!... leave Ponce the way it is... virgin and beautiful..

@Pedro Luciano i am talking about the bilingual school not the gay oriented school.

@Edwin Justiniano my kids were going there. You lie.

Please really!!.. how much construction can a 100 x 35 Island can take???... we have problems with Hurricanes, pretty soon we're going to start having problems with Earthquakes, iiifff!! we're not already having them..

Dan you are very welcome here, din't listen to this broke ass pigs

You are a part of a serious problem.

Good yo know, If public unrest follows, we know were to find you!

Stay ignorant and stay out of the island. We want nice people to arrive...

@Sir. Fuentes of course! We call them petty yankees!

@Pedro Luciano you don't think there's rampant corruption in the government of Puerto Rico?

@Sir. Fuentes really? You think a few guys from around here were able to take wall street for idiots diring more than a decade? Man, check your self in som psych ward, anywhere.

@Cesar D. Almodovar which is being done as we speak.

@Edwin Justiniano en verdad, eres una plaga.

@migueldELLO Miguel, PR needs a strong local econony, empowerment of the local people, not a take over. What you claim sounds good but that is not what is going on. Soon these rich americans will want more, control of the beaches, land, everything. And then what? How does this serve the people? Look around, necer before so many american investments, Sam's, Wall Mart, massive real estate investments and is it getting better? Really?

@migueldELLO business that benefits locals, dude! Not business for Rich american or whatever, idiot.

Guasa Guasa ok lol

@Cesar D. Almodovar you're talking none sense..

inquisitive871 great food, amazing mountains, great music, great history, great people. What more you want?

I hate it that it's so easy for white people to come here and buy, but when a local wants to buy everything is so difficult.

The chick is hott. Caliente


Gentrification, Ghetto. Gentrification, Ghetto.. I'll take gentrification.

@Pedro Luciano Your writing to the wrong person. You see... she will have it so easy here, she won't resist herself. It's us the locals that get fucked over all the time. We need to stand up to all this BS.

@Sam - LifeAFAR More like enslaving us more.

@William D Exactly, Thank you.

@gonstotwriter So stay in the states, we already have too many enslaving us over here.

@Pedro Luciano I'm down for it.

Please leave them in San Juan, don't infest all the island.

@Guasa Guasa Para despertar, Hay que sacar a Monsanto que se esta quedando con nuestras tierras en Juana Diaz asi contaminando todo en su paso. Y ahi nadie dice nada. Oye, y aqui hay mas que la siembra, dejen el miedo. Que nos quiten el Jones Act y nos dejen levantar. Que nos devuelvan lo nuestro. Tiene usted idea de cuanto dinero envia P.R. a E.U. ? Nosotros no le debemos nada a E.U.

Cojan para PRico k Alla Todo El Mundo es bien recivido

Este tipo se cree que todos aun caminamos con tapa rabos. Haciendose el Pen** jo y todo.

Yvette Santiago sigue acomplejada y buscando a quien echar la culpa. Váyase a cuba....libre y feliz!

@seneca Read: My intention with this post is to educate those who think that we have a debt of gratitude for the economic help we receive from the USA on a yearly basis. So please bare with me while I prove that it is the USA that should have a debt of gratitude towards us and not the other way around. There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA! 1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year for welfare, pell grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population. 2) They send $13 billion a year for Social Security. This is not unilateral! This is money that is RETAINED FROM OUR PAYCHECKS!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send. On top of that, our Medicare benefits are the lowest in the nation, even though we contribute exactly the same percentage as every other state in the nation. 3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods, making PR a huge customer for the USA. 4) Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship in US Flag ships, which happens to be the most expensive in the world! This act 100 years ago was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!! 5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, $34 billion leaves the island toward bank accounts for US businesses. No other territory in the world allows that much money to leave. 6) In summary: USA to PR $4.7 Billion; PR to USA $72 Billion. 7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor. The truth is that it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you will want to get that gold mine up and running again!!


Dulce sueños P.R. Borinquen V puertorriqueños abandonan la tierra para irse a donde??? A cuba? A la republica dominicana? NO! Abandonan la isla la irse a............donde viven los Yankees!!! Ja ja. Que gracioso. Corren a donde están los más pillos... ja ja

@seneca Pues ves como me das las razon. E.U. es un atraso. Puerto Rico Libre!!!✊Vende patria. De estupideces dejese usted y quitese la venda de los ojos.

Yvette Santiago todo el mundo tiene trabas, no solamente los puertorriqueños. Nadie te debe nada. Se de muchos que van a comer pólvo sin los cupones. Y se muchos que estuvieran sin casas sin la ayuda de los Yankees. Cuantos puertorriqueños ves viviendo en la calle??!! Y sin seguro médico???? Pero vete a California y ve cuantos están en las calles. Mientras 30 millones de Yankees no tienen seguro médico. Y los desechos de ellos??? Déjese de eatupideses.

Yvette Santiago Como ya digue, tiene mentalidad de víctima. Usted se cree que Puerto Rico estuviera mejor sin los Yankees? Ese es tu error. Mira al resto del mundo. Mira a tus vecinos. Esta mejor Cuba y la republica dominicana y Haití? Déjese de soñar y culpar. Estuviéramos jibaritos y mucho más pobrecitos sin los Yankees.

@seneca Y quien le ha dicho a usted que no soy una persona exitosa? Por eso puedo opinar con base y fundamento. Porque bastante trabas se me ha puesto por los mismos mios mientras estos cagacatress vienen aqui y personas como usted rapidamente le basan el culo asi haciendole todo facil. Mas claro? Adonde estan los mismos derechos de que usted habla?

Que ignorante es usted, por los ricos es que el mundo está sumergido en la pobreza, ya que le roban todo a los pobres mientras se hacen cada día más ricos, se nota que usted es sumamente ignorante, mire el ejemplo de nuestra gente , muchísimos tienen que abandonar nuestra tierra porque ya no pueden más con la opresion de los mafiosos ricos y el corrupto gobierno ¿ porque se tienen que ir los nuestros y los invasores dándose la buena vida?

Yvette Santiago si no se trata de ricos o pobres, porque entonces habla de “poder económico” y “los débiles”. Eso implica $$$. Solo ves lo que quieres ver. Tienes todos los derechos para superarte y no ser víctima de los Yankees.

@seneca Creeme usted, no soy victima, pero tampoco soy ciega. Si a nosotros los locales nos dieran el mismo derecho y trato, otro fuera el cantar. O acaso usted es de las que cree que aun caminamos con tapa rabos entre las piernas? No se trata de ser pobre o ricos, se trata de tener los mismos derechos.

Yvette Santiago hablas como una víctima. Sin los ricos, solo hay más pobreza.

@seneca Y que mas dictador, que el que tenemos ahora. ( Obviamente estadista) Usted hablan como si les debieramos la vida a E.U.

Yankees go home.

@Dulce sueños P.R. Borinquen V Y lamentablemente lo estamos permitiendo. Actuan como si les deberiamos la vida, y son ellos los que nos deben a nosotros. Arrogante que son.

@Sam - LifeAFAR look Europe...and stay the fuck out of the Caribbean. Our people are constantly being displaced because of you and the other disaster capitalists vultures! My hope is that this Caribbean sun burn the flesh off your bones! May you and your desecendants be forever cursed.

@Sam - LifeAFARJust asking. Why not invest in Santo Domingo?

@Pedro Luciano Only because the U.S. is the one messing us up. These rich gringos only come here, cause they got it easy here. We owe nothing to the U.S. they owe us.

Dangic23 Australia is still tied to The UK, a commonwealth. Sounds familiar?

She's kissing the whole butt hole. LMFAO

@Pedro Luciano I know, I'm not going anywhere. Can't make it to easy for them.

@Sam - LifeAFAR What market? Marketing with whom? We don't have the freedom to do marketing with whom we want.

At least nobody calls me Spick or Nigger here.

Just like New York, Washington DC, but not as bad as Detroit or LA. Crime is World wide. At least we don't shoot kids in school or kill people in Malls.

@Guasa Guasa The same money people who treat our people like shit, but then again here they are invading our island having it easy.

@Sam - LifeAFAR My intention with this post is to educate those who think that we have a debt of gratitude for the economic help we receive from the USA on a yearly basis. So please bare with me while I prove that it is the USA that should have a debt of gratitude towards us and not the other way around. There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA! 1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year for welfare, pell grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population. 2) They send $13 billion a year for Social Security. This is not unilateral! This is money that is RETAINED FROM OUR PAYCHECKS!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send. On top of that, our Medicare benefits are the lowest in the nation, even though we contribute exactly the same percentage as every other state in the nation. 3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods, making PR a huge customer for the USA. 4) Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship in US Flag ships, which happens to be the most expensive in the world! This act 100 years ago was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!! 5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, $34 billion leaves the island toward bank accounts for US businesses. No other territory in the world allows that much money to leave. 6) In summary: USA to PR $4.7 Billion; PR to USA $72 Billion. 7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor. The truth is that it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you will want to get that gold mine up and running again!!

@Sam - LifeAFAR Thing is we are still getting fucked over. It probably has nothing to do with you, but you will get this reaction.

Thank you. Please keep telling your side of the story, so they can stay the fuck off our island.

@Edwin Justiniano Yo lo que me refiero es a permisologia. A mi por ser local ARPE me pone mil trabas por construcciones, pero viene estas personas de afuera y le ponen todos los permisos en bandeja de oro.

@Edwin Justiniano Eso lo entiendo perfectamente.

@Yvette Santiago pero aqui hay que tener cuidado hay mucho vicio de construccion y tu no puedes irte con lo que te dice el dueño o el realtor, vi una mansion de casa en las piedras y entre en negociaciones cuando lleve a un contratista amigo mio me fijo que no le gustaba como se veia el terreno, cuando hicomos averiguaciones encobtramos que casas estaban clausuradas por deslisamiento de terreno y el vecino de al frente me dijo que habia gastado casi 20 mil en refortalecer la casa debido a hundimiento, confronte al realtor y lo mande al carajo

@Mari G Exacto. Aqui se lo hacen muy facil a ellos, y aun asi se quejan. Que pantalones!

But then again you always end up having it your way, Right?

@dbbrainer dbbrainer i recomemd you find an independant contractor one that you trust to make a real inpection

I got lucky my niece is an engeneer, and my daughter step dad is and independant contractor he was the one that inspected every inch of the house and told me it was a great deal

Bunch of ass kissers. This is why Puerto Rico is so fucked up. People need to stop kissing these gringo's asses. And people who are commenting on most people here on the island wanting Puerto Rico to be a state, Speak for yourself and get your facts right. Puertorricans go to the states and are forced to speak english, but here we have the gringos on our island speaking english and not spanish, now that is disrespectful. How blind can we be. These people are taking over our island.

Coming from someone called Bada Boom. WTF


@Pedro Luciano ??

migueldELLO so let me get this right, you are calling American investments foreign?

Se quieren acomodar como hacen en los Estados Unidos

For a moment I thought that the ceiling fan was going to knock him out

Sam you so smooth Bro, you know you can hit that right??? no ring and open with those sexy leggs you snuck in there lmaooo love it!!!!

So sam, hehe falling in love with my people and the island. Colombia us great but Puerto Rico is unique.but...hehe she said most of her clients are mami, you are American.puerto Ricans are Americans. Hehe

Yvette Santiago no lo que sucede es que usted tiene un problema de inferioridad. Yo también soy de aquí y no veo el problema que tú dices. Si no cualificas para lo que quieres no te lo aprueban. Y si el que viniera de afuera fuese Afroamericano dirías lo mismo? O es que simplemente eres un monigote repitiendo lo que escuchaste y piensas que es cool? Si no cualificas... NO CUALIFICAS.

Yvette Santiago no será porque el tiene el dinero para hacerlo y tú no? Que diablos tiene que ver el color? Estas comprando dentro de tu realidad? O quieres algo que no puedes pagar pero crees merecerte? Que comentario racista e ignorante...

I'm open to learn why you think it's racist.

charles caplan Hispanics are not a race. How can it be racist? Think before you speak (or type). You gentrify ghettos not nationality or "race." Be well.

Hey troll what are you talking about. You make no sense. You have no reading comprehension.

Very limited view, dude! I do,t see ghettos aroun.d here

Sir. Fuentes but that’s racist....

@Pedro Luciano sir what you are getting is me responding to your approach to me! So, now that I have responded, still in a respectful way, you have now taken it to another level. Whether or not you want me there, i will be there and will do the work i am called to do. Whatever your judgments, or preconceived notions you have of american blacks, has nothing to do with me. The angst you are displaying is more so a reflection of yourself, and nothing i will internalize, because you dont know me, my life, nor what i represent. I wish you the best, and even more, i wish you a peaceful mindset and the ability to better discern who you are rejecting. I am running away from racism here, to before even touching down, to experience racism by you, a clearly a afro latino who have convin3himself that he is of the elite, to have the gall to reject anyone who is a reflection of the same struggle you know. So, if your intent was to hurt me or to cause emotional harm, its water under the bridge, i just know now, that i have to prepare to pro9my children from more hate. Thank you sir, you are a stand up kinda man! Have a good day.

@Not So Obscure This is why some on the US right don't buy the black card. As soon as you have a chance, you behave exactly like those you claim to dislike and fight. Typical US citizen hipocrisy.

@Not So Obscure then, gentrify ahead! Thanks.

@gina lee no te entiendo

no te entiendo

Victor no !! Que

@Yvette Santiago Esta por todo el internet. Buscalo. "copy and paste". Informaccion que todos saben ya.

@seneca Quien fue quien escribio ese escrito? Busqueme el autor u autora?

Yvette Santiago El comentario original es estupido y a eso respondí.

@seneca Se que es viejo, pero no deja de ser cierto.

Yvette Santiago Copiaste eso de google?

@m sway haha right. People have some pent up feelings and perspective about why things are the way they are, and someone not from the island talking about real estate is enough to unleash

@Sam - LifeAFAR Goddam Sam you must feel like Trump with allll of this Criticism toward a Dam Video, they act as though you personally put the PR in debt back in the 1800s. If they want to change things GO TO YOUR LOCAL POLITRICKIANS!!!!!!


What local beer? Medalla

@masterdeeable11 first of all I'm not reading it because you been posting nothing but negative stuff all over even in Spanish.. No I'm not going to focused on the negative because my island can offer way more than that and just like I told you before there's crime and murder all over the world if you don't like Puerto Rico fine you don't have to but stop posting only negative things about it

@Anton TheManton

@Yvette Santiago Oh, so you prefer your PR brothers and sisters to stay poor with no jobs??? And you prefer your cities with no infrastructure to protect yourselves from the next hurricane that will stomp your little island? Where do you think all that money comes from... because its not coming from you. Good to know that my millions and I are not wanted. Guess I can take it some place a little more inviting, that is willing to share in the money with me. I'm Puerto Rican by descent btw. My parents moved to the main land just before I was born..... You know, like a huge percentage of your island population did because their are no jobs.

another comment, education, English is not taught in public schools. you have to go to private schools or watch a lot of tv. american children not learning english. PR govt doesnt recognize the importance of english language to their students or their economy. look at the statistics on how hard it is to do business in PR, they are ranked 147 with other countries in the WORLD>

Sam if you want to live in p.r. You are very welcome,,,,,,and you mr.russo let,s the sunshine in ,,,,,,peace and love.

Puerto Rico is US Territory

@Angel Sandoval Obviamente no entendio nada de lo que escribi. Si yo segun usted sufro de inferioridad

@Sir. Fuentes why don,t you tell us what a ghetto is? And then, explain why all these i vestments are not directed towards their own country/ghettos to do all those wonderfull things you claim will happen after those investments? Please, illustrate all theses wonder and how the communities are benefitted!

@Not So Obscure oh, that's more like it. Now there is the real you. That was easy. Stay true to yourself.

@Not So Obscure and just to clarify, i am a typical poor Puertorrican struggling to survive. For someone who cries foul when feeling clasified, you're pretty good. I make $7.25 an hour. I, am the elite of nothingness.

@Not So Obscure so wrong in so many ways. I dislike yoy for being a part of the gentrification process amd being in denial about it. Your colour is irrelevant, you are simply another american invader, black or white. But you, you mentioned your, your experience with gentrification, so it is hard to understand how you justify your actions, which can be done claimed by anyone.

@Sam - LifeAFAR dont listen to these people. As long as youre willing to put in the effort, the people that are also growing their capital will follow senseful practice to make the economy in the island move.

@N Esq are you kidding me again

@N Esq are you kidding mw, lol, you probably never been to NYC

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni Don't waste your time with these imbeciles Anthony, they are just spewing their anger because they are blind to how they can move up in the world, and lack a basic understanding of economics. They are like the Detroit'ers that demand more handouts and pensions from the city, yet do not understand with a 60% loss in population the money wells have ran dry... almost the same situation minus the hurricane.

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni oh, really? Those laws are for a few rich ones and only they are benefitted. This is "mantengo corporativo". Bullshit!

@Yvette Santiago the economy moves with acts like act20/22. Who the fuck cares where they come from. If they come over and are willing to pay puertoricans for their job who the fuck cares. For every investor that comes here it happens just like she said it, you buy a puertorican contractor, buy paint from a local shop, buy at local breweries, etc. This is how you move the economy

@Pedro Luciano i dont, but i dont believe driving them out will help. I believe allowing them AND getting the same benefits ourselves will be better. I think another mistake the government does is help rising businesses instead of assisting existing. The problem (as im sure you are aware) is it is a risky approach, as 80-90% of new businesses fail (as it normally happens with entrepreneurship) so assisting existing businesses in general will be more fruitful, be them from the island OR from outside. If you hurt your existing businesses in the island you take one step forward and two steps back

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni i've had 2 businesses startes from scratch, the beaurocracy is ridiculous, but i can be done. 1 of those businesses i still keep alive and maintain the vast majority of my clients. Most of them have come back many times for repeat business. And still, like a few of my colleagues, i am barely making it for so many reasons out of my control and even out of the controll of the local government. But loand behold, the white richies from wonderland with major advantages that no local can aspire to, buying all the land, making everything more expensive and so on and so forth. And you believe this to be good?

@Pedro Luciano and like i said. Ley 20 y 22 isnt my solution. Of course it is creating a protected class by doing it. I would suggest applying the same to everyone, not just foreigners. Still, the solution isnt to drive away foreigners because of this.

@Pedro Luciano in case you want to have a look.

@Pedro Luciano i dont favor it but im a realist. I dont expect the government to be COMPLETELY out of our lives. Im not an ideologue. I'm willing to find common ground on the issue, but we have a ridiculously complicated tax code in Puerto Rico. We get taxed over EVERYTHING. I was just watching several economists from the island talking how we have one of the highest corporate taxes in the world. Considering this and the insane brackets we have like 31% on any excess over $61,500, it is clear that the tax code is not bringing economic prosperity. Libertarian or not, the tax code is bleeding us dry. $61,500 is not an insane amount of money, and that is the TOP bracket.

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni "The moment the government decides who they help and who they harm creates a protected class of companies/individuals... Sounds exactly like law 20 and 22 beneficiaries! Thanks. I agree.

@Pedro Luciano again, as a libertarian, i do not believe it is economically reasonable to (as many free market supporters call it) be picking winners and losers. You provide an equal field of opportunity for ALL. He who is able to provides good and services in a more efficient/cost effective manner will have a higher chance of success. The moment the government decides who they help and who they harm creates a protected class of companies/individuals who have the economic safety net of the government and can be irresponsible with their spending and not be at risk of being driven out.

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni you don't favor gvrnmt. intervention, unless you like it= libetarian!

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni incentives should be for those who need them more, not the other way around. This crooked capitalism has been tried before, it does not end well.

@Pedro Luciano i agree, the tax breaks shouldn't be only for foreigners, they should ALSO be for locals. I dont think the solution is, "then no incentive for anyone". I am very libertarian in a lot of things so i am not fond of taxes in general, but i certainly think this is a good thing in general. I do agree it should be applied equally to puertoricans. This way at least young people would actually stay in the island

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni ok. But you see, i believe, the inequality. It is ridiculously unfair.

@Pedro Luciano youre right. I used the wrong words. I did read about all the incentives but mixed the one i was thinking about (its predecessor act 73) I did want to talk about a particularity of act 22 because i know of several puertorican entrepreneurs who decided to bring back their business from the US and were eligible for it.

@Anthony Flores Nigaglioni clearly, you need to read the laws details.

@Pedro Luciano act 20/22 applies to puerto rican locals too. Theres nothing preferential here

Find me a beach front property for 30k

@Nilka Colon si ati no te importa tu pais te puedes ir a gringolandia.a aqui quedamos todavia gente que quiere luchar por esta tierra.el complejo lo tienes tu por colonizada.

@Sam - LifeAFAR my is taking me to fight and wake up my believe your strategy and I believe in mine.

@afonseca138 si alguien te tiene que explicarlo no tiene caso.

@Pedro Luciano so scare. Come and get me bitch

@Sir. Fuentes I dont want to fool nobody.i want to inspira people to fight for this beautiful island and defeat cowards like you who sell their own land for a few bucks. Got it?

@Mulish lmaooooo

Have you ever think about the challenge that communities face due to gentrification?

Will address this in my video going live tomorrow

Soy mexicano le doy un gran respeto a puerto rico no sé por qué a muchos mexicanos no les gusta nadie que no es mexicano pero me gustaría vivir en Puerto Rico un día

Kristofer Milhauser they consider themselves Puerto Rican first.

gonstotwriter yes kind of I think you should learn at least some basics that would help you

@Lemon26 Disculpa le conteste erroneamente. Y si, tienes razon.

Yvette Santiago pues ustedes deberian de saber que aquí en los estados unidos la mayoria de la gente y especialmente las mujeres son basura y eso Es la verdad saludos a puerto rico

Ciertamente la solucion es reapoderarnos de nuestro pais.ya sea nosotros rescatando nuestra tierra y luchar por disfrutar nosotros los puertorriquenos de lo que es de nosotros y no terminar siendo esclavos y servidores de los que nos eso no es importante no se que es.un caso mas concreto y un Buen ejemplo es la privatisacion de playas solo para el disfrute de ciertas gentes y la exclusion de locales de estas playas.por eso rescatar una playa publica es un acto soberania nacional y una afirmacion democratica.

Lo que esta pasando en Puerto rico es despues de un huracan y una situation economica deprimente causada por los retenedores de la deuda del pais con el proposito de que los mayores y mas importantes recursos del pais pasen a manos privadas.megaempresas subsidiadas por el gobierno CV colonial de la Isla con el proposito ulterior de expulsar a un Pueblo de sus propio pais para quedarse con el pais.esta gente en promedio son hombres norteamericanos blanco's en una ecuacion final de eliminar al nativo de su mayor tesoro,su pais.en esta operacion economica esta en juego nuestra supervivencia como nacion o pueblo.nada mas.

Yvette Santiago true I am not Puerto Rican I am Mexican I totally agree they treat all Hispanics like shit but like to invest in countries and fuck the countries up even more not all have bad intentions but most do

Dangic23 I want to be around diversity all kinds of people I enjoy the company or the boricuas and everyone else why hide are they scared of something

Jon Calderón worst place to live at one of the most racist infested states along with Tennessee and Texas

Puerto Rico have miles and miles of beach, so maybe you can find that 30k beachfront.

krlitos no racist assholes in Puerto Rico should be allowed only people with good intentions and who want a good lifestyle no bullshit

The pricd quoted is a joke! For San Juan?

Yo mudo pa ya pronto!! Como me encanta mi Isla Bonita. Aqui en nuevayore se pasa mucho frio. Yo ido a Loiza y Es bellisimo! Rincon y Cabo Rojo me fascina. Necesito mi medalla.

Fantastic info and video, Sam. Thank you for the wonderful interview and questions with Aida. Hope to be there soon!!

Glad it was informative mate

Just remember to press "1" for English.

asi no va a llegar la estadidad!

If you own PR-land or your "shell" in a revitalization district, how you gonna behave watching dis? Infomercial's anecdotal evidence, not plumb; you get no factual incentive here. Advertisement slant for one team's ROI, capische? ---Jesusth Christh

leave our island and culture alone. what makes puerto rico so special is not just the beauty of the island but the rich culture of puerto ricans. Us ricans here in the states need to buy back our land and keep our culture strong and continue our traditions. subamos a puerto rico

Sam - LifeAFAR Sam - LifeAFAR Thank you for your reply! Watched the video. Great video by the way. As a graduate pre-law student who used to worked with the legal housing is worrying what’s happening in Calle Loíza. And that’s a small example. Yes, there are some pros, but let me say something...the vecino that lives en el barrio behind Calle Loíza can’t afford going to a restaurant en la Calle Loíza. What I mean is that I wish there were more communication with the community at least in Puerto Rico. I wish the community could be part of the economic developing of their barrio. Remember the building en Santurce that the realtor at minute 18:08 ?

Yea. Agree looks like it cant be stopped. Damn shame beautiful culture will be over run. I grew up next door in usvi and always visited and loved the place in the 80's.

@Hunter Matt Es la idea.

@Sam - LifeAFAR say wut? LOL that's possibly the worst rationalization for 'moral hazard' behavior I've read so far.

Edwin Justiniano if you have anyone trustworthy that you can refer me please do. I have a lot that I would like to build on. I can give you my contact info if you respond with a yes. Thanks.

@Pedro Luciano exactly. The locals one day end up like the American Indians few of them and completly corrupted and controled. With no ownership of the land that they are the true natives of very sad outcome.

@Pedro Luciano locals will get kicked out and cant afford real estate. Any jobs will be minor and will keep them a slave to the crap economy. They need ownership of the resources and real estate notice the people coming to the island never mention ownership for the locals anything else is economic slavery.

i'd like her to handle me.

English is taught in public schools, me myself study English, it is a mandatory course for u to graduate. It is given since kindergarten to all public school students, also, there are "Occupational Schools" where they teach a variety of courses, for example im currently studying commerce with concentration in accounting, where is necessary to know english, since the majority of terms, programs, and books are in english. Stop spreading false information.

Geezus! All the great local coffees we have and this dude picks Starbucks!

Nice! Gentrification. Making Puerto ricans leave our homes and all the fucking crypto dumbasses and gringos who dont give a fuck about our country but come here because they less taxea than in the states. We dont want you people here. Let us be. And probably you are a nice guy and decent human being but since 1899 little by little we feel how they want to take our country from us. And gentrification wont help.

@migueldELLO maricon tu pendejo, que los gringos no nos quieren cabron enterate de una vez. Somos ciudadanos de segunda clase mamaooo

You don't speak for all of us maricon. If Puerto Ricans can move in the states, buy property and setup business then there's nothing wrong with people from the states coming here. You're just being a racist.

Yvette Santiago lambe DICK!!

@migueldELLO Law 20 - Law 22. Everything is there.

@Angel Sandoval Lambe bota.

@migueldELLO I'm meaning prices, taxes and permits. People act or think all locals are poor. I have my house, and my buisness, but it's been up hill with the permits.

Yvette Santiago eres una pela y ya. No puedes comprarlo y ya

Yvette Santiago no tienes que revelar lo cuero eso se le nota en la cara. Limpie la “crema” blanca esa que se le ve en el cachete

@Yvette Santiago I think you are mistaken. Tell me which law are locals except from then.

@migueldELLO Negative. Get your facts right.

@Angel Sandoval Mire cagacatre usted no me conoce, mamadick. Vaya a besarle el culo a los gringos.

migueldELLO that’s what I have been telling her. An inferiority complex is her diagnosis

Yvette Santiago eres una pela como todos los demás y no puedes pagar lo que quieres

There's no racial exception to the laws we have here. You simply don't have the money while others do.

@charles caplan therefore, destroy communities, displce the poor, change the landscape in favor of a few rich because that is the solution the US and it,s neoNazi bullies offer?

@migueldELLO and, that is your clasification of ghetto?

@Pedro Luciano Go to santurce and tell me what you see. Graffiti and trash everywhere.

Sir. Fuentes it was sarcasm lol, I’m from New Jersey I live in Puerto Rico right now, and yea I’ll take the gentrification over the ghettos here

@bl4ckw3ll 102 you made my point

@charles caplan Unfortunately some people just want to stay stagnated in the same situation for generations.

@Thomas Russo because I'm indiginous to the island and so were my ancestors who trusted the Europeans. Today, there is a recolonization process called gentrification. Secondly, rebuilding P.R.s infrastructure, the electrical grid in particular, require bidding on contracts, no Puerto Rican had an opportunity to bid for contract awards, yet Canada has the contracts to rebuild P.R.s electrical grid. Gringo refers to whites who come with a smile and with a history of betrayal. Stay out of our affairs. Those who trust you aren't to be trusted either.

@consciousness 666 and your definition of Gringo is? and why do you mistrust a group of people that you call gringo?

PR is an amazing place. I WANT TO MOVE THERE SOON! But dont be a "Pirate of the Caribbean" (yall know who you are) Its an amazing place and amazing culture. Thats why we all want to go right? Make PR Great Again.

@Phantom Thief Irwin they are literally making Puerto ricans leave so big hotels, millionaires and crypto currency investors move in, they are already taking little by little our fucking home, wake up dumbasses

@migueldELLO My thoughts exactly.

Very respectfully visit, then return home. Peace.

@Pedro Luciano let's see: you want all that again! You had that a couple of decades ago and it all went down the drain my friend. Opportunistic is your way of thinking> "Give us this, keep us alive and now get the f--k out of here. We don't want white rich Americans." Sad person you are.

@Sir. Fuentes wrong again! Dude, we want jobs, education, oportunties, not replacement by white rich americans! You are so biased and indoctrinated. Good "stockolmn syndrome" specimen.

"Welcoming and Friendly" always ends bad for the good people.....!


Thanks for your unbiased view and I will be contacting her thanks ❗️

Love the video… I have been to San Juan before and it is a beautiful town. The realtor is muy caliente. Hey, what are those sunglasses you are wearing at the end where you were sitting at the table. I like those

I did not see anything clear. Get rid of the translation on the screen.

@Sir. Fuentes clearly, you are an indoctrinated little minion. America and rise of the middle class showed what the world could be like if we all have a chance. Somehow, you are convinced that eliminating some of what allowed that to happen and letting the rich have their way is beneficial to everyone! Have you read history? Dude, you, take a lot for granted. I wsn't nothing for free. And the world does belo g to all of us. This is why there are revolutio s and you and the likes of youare easy victims.

@Thomas Russo Whites have an old tactic to surpress the ambitions of people of color. First they appear as a sympathetic benevolent supporter. Once we eccept them, they undermine that movement and steer it in the direction that won't effect White supremacy. White's invented the NAACP to undermine Black American aspirations of creating an independent economic and political base. Conscious Puerto Ricans are fully aware of those who talk and appear to support us, but are really operatives. Puerto Ricans must awaken from their slumber really quickly, if not, the island will no longer be ours. Not that it is, but if you are the tail, what happens to you when your head (America) no longer needs you or they fall?

The vultures think they are going to buy Puerto Rico off for pennies, aint going to happen we wont let this become hawaii Eres una vende Patria si tu !!

Colonization, 2019, colorized.

You can turn them off in settings (the gear icon at the corner of the video)

You see this is the problem guys they want to put presure to the people of puerto rico making them leave for that way these people can com in and take take and take and profit of it get out and stay where you came from

For a moment I thought the ceiling fan was going to knock him out

@glm no te entiendo

They are running away from the Rothschild hell fake economy...Build That Wall...or they will destroy this place also

, Puerto Rico is not for sale.

The vultures think they are going to buy Puerto Rico off for pennies, aint going to happen we wont let this become another hawaii

Lemon26 lo mejor que vas a experimentar

Like it happened in hawaii, and many south west states, it all starts with encroachment, Then as we watch on youtube Hawaiians fight against the fourteenth telescope on Mauna Kea, I keep wondering, when they become more numeorus than us, will they allow us to continue being Puerto Ricans? No mexicans are welcomed in states like Arizona, New Mexico or Colorado. Native Hawaiians are not respected and are not welcomed in certain areas of Hawaii, very many are homeless.

So you wan’t to buy property on the cheapest part of San Juan, so locals get evicted because the landlord want to turn the building into a Airbnb. No shit the locals are rioting against the government.

I lived in caribe plaza in apartment 12 until I moved out JAJAJAJA

'Es mi Isla bonitaaa'

@Norma Hernandez OMG how tacky Please...

Omg :/ how tacky

She should be ashamed working with act 20/22 clients. The gentrification aka colonization of Puerto Rico is repulsive. She should ask them do they wanna contribute to the Puerto Rican economy. How tf could she sell out her own island? I'd rather die of starvation then sell off my land to the oppressors.

@Roy CyberPunk Riiight, that sounds like the neoliberal narrative, laizzess faire, and we should trust capitalist greed to do the right and just thing. Right now we pay for every little thing and neoliberals will privatize water and the sun if allowed to. Le,ts say we are seven million, most don't have the balls to fght back for their rights as porven with la reforma laboral, patriotism is styfled. True hawaiians have been reduced in many ways, that is what is going to happen with us too, we will be assimilated.

The true Hawaiians comprise less than half a million people. We number 3 million and over 5 million in the US. Trust me there's a difference. what people need to do is to wake up and realize that the state should not pick up losers and winners and that we should have less government not more government. Less taxes, less permits and licences and yes less regulations. open up a true Enterprise Market on the island and give up the crony capitalism of wieners and losers picked up by the state we have had enough of that

@Mari G Para qué Puerto Rico despierte primero que nada necesitamos reducir la nómina del gobierno tamaño Godzilla que solamente es superado por los gobiernos de Venezuela Cuba y Corea del Norte eso es lo primero porque no necesitamos más gobierno sino menos menos impuestos menos permisos y licencias y si menos regulaciones también que se abra un verdadero mercado de libre empresa y no el que siempre hemos tenido en el cual el estado Escoge a los ganadores Y perdedores eso obviamente no sirve

Don't even search for Zombie Island, It will make you cry, it was filmed during Fucktuno's regime.

@Roy CyberPunk Exactly.

And my recommendation if for you to allow people to make their own decisions and not based on your bigoted views thank you very much

@Yvette Santiago the problem is not foreign investment or foreign investors the problem is that the state is giving preferential treatment to foreign investors while suffocating literally any native entrepreneurs before they can even begin under a tsunami of permits, licences and regulations. In short we don't need more government but less government.

Boricuas don’t let these white colonizers buy are properties


Benjamin Bidlack we don’t want you here

Thomas Russo we don’t want you here don’t come to my island

earlene cubukcu

@Yvette Santiago Estoy de acuerdo,y que todos los que se fueron para EU por lo del huracan Maria vuelvan para PR que recuperen lo suyo y nos podamos levantar trabajando y luchando en nuestra isla.Y que quiten el maldito Jones Act.

Guasa Guasa

Adrian Crespo que puneta estas ablando cabron quieres que se quede con nuestra


Yamil Hernandez

m sway PR is in debt cause of United States motherfucker

Laura Rios fuck that bitch she’s ready to suck he’s dick smh cabrona

@Quantum Ghost Quienes son trabajadores en Puerto Rico??.... Los de la Manuela Perez???!!!... Los de Cobadonga???!!!... Los de Lloren Torres!!!???..... Jajajajaja!!..Lol!!.... La juventud desanimada y Floja que tenemos en Puerto Rico que no se atreven a sacar una malanga o un ñame de la tierra porque eso es y que pa JIBAROS!!!???)... Jaja!!.. Tu bien lo sabes que con lo que Puerto Rico cuenta para su futuro essss!!... con una generación en un declive moral!!!... probablemente yo este mal!!.. esoero que no sea así.. ( Yo soy mas Boricua que tú)... Nacido y criado!!.. E sido parte de la diaspora!!.. pero eso no me cambia!!... y le tiro más a otras razas antes de tirarle a la mia!!.. Si!!!.. en ocasiones hablo fuerte hacia los propios mios pero es para traer conciencia y reflejo... Amor y Paz!!.. Hermano mio...

I hope you at least got a bj

Quantum Ghost me importa lo que puedas tú opinar, y con tu vocabulario me imagino lo poco inteligente que eres.

puerto rico looks no joke!! really nice

So awesome... PR need more investment, everyone with money are welcome...

Danny, Would it be OK for a gringo to say the same thing about their culture and land?

Y tu vives en los estados o en la isla acere?

Big lie...

Tal vez están demasiado acustumbrando al sarcasmo en commentarios del Internet, pero mi pregunta es en serio

@Sun Shine Estoy de acuerdo,y que todos los que se fueron para EU por lo del huracan Maria vuelvan para PR que recuperen lo suyo y nos podamos levantar trabajando y luchando en nuestra isla.Y que quiten el maldito Jones Act.

@Sun Shine Esta por todo el internet. Buscalo. "copy and paste". Informaccion que todos saben ya.

@Sun Shine the problem is not foreign investment or foreign investors the problem is that the state is giving preferential treatment to foreign investors while suffocating literally any native entrepreneurs before they can even begin under a tsunami of permits, licences and regulations. In short we don't need more government but less government.

@Sun Shine pero aqui hay que tener cuidado hay mucho vicio de construccion y tu no puedes irte con lo que te dice el dueño o el realtor, vi una mansion de casa en las piedras y entre en negociaciones cuando lleve a un contratista amigo mio me fijo que no le gustaba como se veia el terreno, cuando hicomos averiguaciones encobtramos que casas estaban clausuradas por deslisamiento de terreno y el vecino de al frente me dijo que habia gastado casi 20 mil en refortalecer la casa debido a hundimiento, confronte al realtor y lo mande al carajo

@The Champion Quienes son trabajadores en Puerto Rico??.... Los de la Manuela Perez???!!!... Los de Cobadonga???!!!... Los de Lloren Torres!!!???..... Jajajajaja!!..Lol!!.... La juventud desanimada y Floja que tenemos en Puerto Rico que no se atreven a sacar una malanga o un ñame de la tierra porque eso es y que pa JIBAROS!!!???)... Jaja!!.. Tu bien lo sabes que con lo que Puerto Rico cuenta para su futuro essss!!... con una generación en un declive moral!!!... probablemente yo este mal!!.. esoero que no sea así.. ( Yo soy mas Boricua que tú)... Nacido y criado!!.. E sido parte de la diaspora!!.. pero eso no me cambia!!... y le tiro más a otras razas antes de tirarle a la mia!!.. Si!!!.. en ocasiones hablo fuerte hacia los propios mios pero es para traer conciencia y reflejo... Amor y Paz!!.. Hermano mio...

@Sam - LifeAFAR Only that it's not just "anyone" doing so.

@a dank lord anyone who "desires" to live on the island is gentrifying the island. I can see that, can you?

@Sam - LifeAFAR You're gentrifying the island, there's a difference that you can clearly see but won't admit.

yet , as a puerto Rican, I bet you if you had millions of dollars to buy lots of land in The U.S..they kick you out....So, as many American people with money are white ....Whatever...White puerto Rican catering to white American...and then Rican women with painted blonde hair...

@El coqui Borincano V Y lamentablemente lo estamos permitiendo. Actuan como si les deberiamos la vida, y son ellos los que nos deben a nosotros. Arrogante que son.

Buy Cheap after a BIG Hurricane and Sell HIGH to the Less Informed, Hard Headed-Stubborn or Self Destructive. I lived there. People & Hurricanes Don't Mix...

@Andrew Yang 2020 Quienes son trabajadores en Puerto Rico??.... Los de la Manuela Perez???!!!... Los de Cobadonga???!!!... Los de Lloren Torres!!!???..... Jajajajaja!!..Lol!!.... La juventud desanimada y Floja que tenemos en Puerto Rico que no se atreven a sacar una malanga o un ñame de la tierra porque eso es y que pa JIBAROS!!!???)... Jaja!!.. Tu bien lo sabes que con lo que Puerto Rico cuenta para su futuro essss!!... con una generación en un declive moral!!!... probablemente yo este mal!!.. esoero que no sea así.. ( Yo soy mas Boricua que tú)... Nacido y criado!!.. E sido parte de la diaspora!!.. pero eso no me cambia!!... y le tiro más a otras razas antes de tirarle a la mia!!.. Si!!!.. en ocasiones hablo fuerte hacia los propios mios pero es para traer conciencia y reflejo... Amor y Paz!!.. Hermano mio...

@F. Gambino Quienes son trabajadores en Puerto Rico??.... Los de la Manuela Perez???!!!... Los de Cobadonga???!!!... Los de Lloren Torres!!!???..... Jajajajaja!!..Lol!!.... La juventud desanimada y Floja que tenemos en Puerto Rico que no se atreven a sacar una malanga o un ñame de la tierra porque eso es y que pa JIBAROS!!!???)... Jaja!!.. Tu bien lo sabes que con lo que Puerto Rico cuenta para su futuro essss!!... con una generación en un declive moral!!!... probablemente yo este mal!!.. esoero que no sea así.. ( Yo soy mas Boricua que tú)... Nacido y criado!!.. E sido parte de la diaspora!!.. pero eso no me cambia!!... y le tiro más a otras razas antes de tirarle a la mia!!.. Si!!!.. en ocasiones hablo fuerte hacia los propios mios pero es para traer conciencia y reflejo... Amor y Paz!!.. Hermano mio...

Not for that price. Lol

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