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Okay. So, I've traveled halfway across the world to finally see my. Academic passion which is the last five hours, which. Is research and a faculty tepee. We're in eartha at the moment, ancient. City of the Desa during, the Roman, period and then during Christianity, period so. I'll. Use my notes a little bit here as well because it's difficult to remember everything in the chronology that I want to present it the, first person to go to Quebec Lee Tepe first academically, was that a man by the name of Peter Benedict's in 1963. And. In. 1963. Of course Peter Benedict came here and he likened. This site to a Byzantine, Cemetery. Of, course, that's completely, understandable with the knowledge that they had at the time in 1963. That, could be just simply a Byzantine. Cemetery, so. The, farmer who found this found the stones sticking, out of his farm of course and this. Would have occurred somewhere in the you know 1950s. 60s as well he went to the antiquities, department in. Urfa and explained, that he found something pretty important, because lots of stone tools that he discovered on, his farm etc, and the. Refer. Antiquities. Department actually turned, him away and said this is nothing, which. Is a great shame but. Not. To Bob not to worry though because the. Turkish farmer continued, to find these stone tools and he put them around his fence on, the outside of, his farm and eventually, these stone tools beckoned, him to continually, pester, the local. Antiquities. Department to, say listen bring someone out here let's have a look at this place so. Eventually. That. Happened in the 1995, 94 Klaus Schmidt was. Working on a site nearby and that, site unfortunately. Fell under construction, for, a dam or something like that and, so, Klaus Schmidt had to find a new passion and a new focus. So, for his work so, craftsman came out here lo, and behold and started. Excavations. Of course and here. You can see some of the excavations, that are there obviously. Continued, throughout, that process up until now the, interesting thing about the Beckley Tepe is that through radar penetration. They've, found another 50, to 60, of these circles, okay. In the outlying, fields, so, this that would therefore make this one of the if not the largest megalithic, site, in the world now. We're going to talk about the timeline the, timeline is, very interesting, because we're looking at something that is, 9600. Years old now. That date is very important, because, in, 9800. The. Younger, Dryas ice, age finished, now, the younger dry ice ice age was caused by a comet impact the. Comet impact was probably around about 10,500. I'll have to check check, my dates and I'll add some annotations in the documentary, later now. When those the glacial ice melts, at the Younger Dryas ice. Age finished. Obviously, all the people in north Europe. And places, like that had to migrate somewhere, else, Andrew. Collins has an interesting theory about this now Andrew Collins is just an author and so are the Graham Hancock's but we're not going to dismiss everything they do simply, because they're not of the academic. Circles, they've, done great work in popularizing, gobekli tepe and bring, it to the forefront and all of this new construction, you can see here that the local authorities, have spent money on would not have happened without authors, like these continuing, their good work to. Expose this site and what it means now. Back. To the climate refugees, that probably were the people that came here Andrew, Collins believes, that this may have been an older culture called the solutrean the. Solutrean, existed. In northern Europe and they may have come here to, find a new place of. Obviously, to escape the changing, climate, so. Over, here you might be able to see on this, pillar. Which. You. Will see what looks like a crane and the. Crane is holding something it's. A circle. Speculation. Could suggest that this circle may have been the comet or the Comets that the people at the time kept seeing in the sky, you'll. Also see a crane on the side of that pillar as well the cranes are very important, because. You also see these in harem as well harren. And gabelli Tepe, could be connected religiously. In that sense, so, the Comets kept appearing in the sky and the, Sharman's had came from the solutrean came. Here and said okay, listen guys if you want us to stop these, things from happening then, you need to listen to us okay, and we need to start building these temples, so, our shaman can.

Through. Altered, states of consciousness speak. To the people in the, cosmic. World and stop, these comments. So. In, one of the pillars you'll see a circle, and that circle lines. Up with the star constellation, Cygnus and Cygnus, is very important, and. Could be represented here in the, image of the crane, you'll. Also see an Ibis which is a black bald, headed Ibis which is also featured there on this pillar as well now. The interesting thing about these stones architect liter Pia is. That. There are four amorphic, and what does that mean anthropomorphism, is, the idea that we're presenting something, that looks human but it's not you can see the t-shaped stones at the top of the pillars and. Yet. You can see hands wrapping around the front and you, can also see a belt buckle and alec garment, going down now. This belt buckle in garment that you see in the, front of the pillars with the hands the long fingers covering the front is very interesting, because this demonstrates. That we're looking at very high culture, at, 9600. BC we're. Talking about garments, we're talking about belts and. Obviously. We haven't even discussed the workmanship, involved here and what was required okay. Quebec, Li Tempe, obviously. Was. Built by hunter-gatherers, now, what woke up together is doing at that particular time you're there hunting food and gathering they did have a lot of time however, but. Did they have stone tools. To, carve and move these pillars some of which way of between 10 to 15. Tons which, is about twice the weight of the minibus that took us out here now. That is very interesting, that, they even managed to carve this bedrock and then, shift it they've found the quarry nearby that's no secret of where the poem came from it's rather close okay and once you can actually lift, cut, lift and begin moving these stones you. Can move them along distance, if you can get them to stand up now, if you look at this pillar here you can see that this is a freestanding stone. Okay. It is perfectly, cut it, is sitting on bedrock and it is a free stand, Stein now. You'll. Also notice the pillars are very thin on this, particular one that involves, extremely. Intricate, stone cutting okay. So. The pillars are very very thin and some. Of these pillars you'll see anthropomorphic. And animal, figures coming. Out of the sides which means that, the rock would have had to be cut away in. Now. That is a stone cutting technique that is extremely, difficult extremely. Time-consuming. And, of. Course that means that the original slice of the bedrock had to be much thicker. Moving. Along you can see images of animals as. Well, so. What this suggests is that the people who came here was at the solutrean, the climate refugees, after the Younger Dryas ice age some. Different theories present themselves here but the matter of fact is that this thing is here it happened, it was built by hunter-gatherers.

There's No question about that so, we need to change, our timeline, drastically. Of linear, technological. Progression if, we're to what start begin the conversation, honestly, about what, gobekli tepe is because we don't see anything like this for. Another four to five thousand, years representing, itself in Sumer now. Back to the work force that would have been required to do this, well. You. Would have had to have a hierarchy, you, would have had to have someone, in control someone, who's calling the shots okay, something that we didn't think hunt together his head so, they've got a hierarchy, they've got a work force and you've. Got to have organization. Okay, one theory is suggested. They did find a big trough nearby. And that trough was thought to be something. That they brewed beer in okay, now if you're brewing beer you're halfway on the track to. Agriculture. Okay so again this predates, agriculture, this site by, a lot and. What. They think happened was is that they were all the people from the surrounding area, would come here for a celebration, and. They. Drink beer they have a big party and their workforce, would stay for a couple of days later okay. And then. The Sharman's would perform their duties to the starsign cygnus, okay. Communicate, with these cosmic forces to tell them to stop the comet impact, now, the interesting thing about Quebec McAfee is that there's a lot of all the circles underneath, these ones and what they would do is they'd build the newer circles, and then cover up the older circles okay. Some. Of the latest circles though shows a digression of technology the circles, that we see that were cut after, the region original, circles are much, smaller and some, of the stones only stand about four foot I in other, words once the comets finally. Stopped happening and the earth geological. Shifts stopped happening the. Necessity, for the shamans to have this temple was, reduced, they. No longer had, to have these ceremonies, to stop the comet impact. And, in, 8,000 the site was completely covered, up okay. Which is interesting why. Would you cover up the site is. It so later people cannot find it or is. It to protect something that needs to be that. Is much more important, to the star systems and the zodiacs we, don't know, well. What. We're talking about here is that the circles, got smaller and smaller and eventually the. People left in 8000, BC so this site we've only used one thousand five hundred years we've. Actually got a pretty, lucky today there's not a lot of people here at all probably. Because it's 45, degrees or something ridiculous like that I do not recommend it people come here the August but, in that sense it's still a dry heat so it's tolerable, so. I'm gonna look at the notes again to see if I've missed anything I, just want to make sure that I've done justice, because I really, want.

To Make sure we've. Covered everything properly the. Problem with this site has come together is our buildings megalithic, stones, and I, think that we, need to look at these. What. Do they call sway dough scientists. They've been cool but they're branded. Off in academia very quickly without people looking into what they're actually researching, and saying and, Roy Collins and Graeme, Hancock's work, fingerprinted, the gods is an interesting read he's just a daughter is. He the right person to be, presenting. This new, idea to the whole world and popularizing, it I think so because a lot more people are coming here and it's, starting to look into these questions okay. What. Is interesting here is that we might be looking at people possibly. That. Had knowledge from a previous, advance, pree, Ice Age civilization. We. Don't find any other places around here anything like this and a valid sure is the nearest site and that, novela torre is very similar in a sense it has a square. Base, you. Should see big pillars like this not. As tall as these ones but in a valley chori also, shows many. Of the animals, carvings, on it as well. Other. Than that we don't have any other examples, of anything like this in the nearby area and we don't have anything else like that excavation. Wise for, another four thousand years that is the big question mark so. We need to change our timeline of accepted history narratives we, need to change the text books we. Need to start to get this information out there and a, lot of a lot. Of these have now as you see around this place contain, more more. Circles, like this which, is interesting the. Type, of rock that it's created. From his limestone. Limestone. Is very easy to carve, into and. We. Possibly. See examples, of these people using concrete as. Well which, is another form of technology. So. There, it is really it stands, over. Here sorry you can see them. This. Is the circle that was. Pointing. At the star constellation, Cygnus. So. There are lots of theories as to what this could, be who, these people were, why did they build it this is definitely a temple this is not a place to live you, can see that from looking at this. It's. Just fascinating things, just keep keep keep on getting older and older and older and older and. We're. Going to have to start to change the story and change the narrative soon. Natanz. My character and to be honest. I'm not a business, record a signal, ariados. Come. On we, cannot Bolden's, brain anybody, needing a mr.. Sabich, bill nambia lon. Thank. You very much. Now. Our taxi. Driver must offer for the day is. Insisting, that we go. To, a, local farmers, house a friend, of his and, drinks. And tea which. We. Will. Oblige. Okay. So. These. Are the be high elven houses and, they're. Made of mud. Brick and. The. People in Haran live in these the. Temperature, is definitely, half, of what it is outside immediately, and that's, because. Of. This shape roof so the air pretty. Much lifts above head, height immediately, and, it escapes through. A, hole. At the top there which. You can see and that's, how, they kept themselves cool, in this, ridiculously. Hot climate. This. Is incredible. Lots, of people come here it's, a very popular tourist spot. And. Of. Course they're going to have some pretty good Goswami and. Other things. A. Tool, that they use to make iron which, is a, drink. Made from yogurt and water so. How. They did it was they put the ingredients in, there and they shake really, fast, so. If I keep doing it the iron becomes a little bit more bubbly, bubbly and then yes, it, becomes really tasty, that's. How they did they tie the thing, up there on the roof.

And. They shake it okay. Who you are this, is the castle of Edessa this. Place formerly, known as Edessa. Very important, place, throughout history in, biblical, history. In. Islam. Edessa. Conquered. By the Romans, in 200, AD, they're about I'll have to check my dates I'll fix that in the comment section. There. Is obviously. A lot of information about a desert during the Crusades, from. 1098, to 11:15. There. Was a cultural. Melting pot very, important, place for Syriac Christians, as well so. Another part of the world where people live side-by-side happily. Interacted. Daily. There's. Even a story about the. King. And the. Assyrian King prior. To Roman, rule and eventually. After. That seljuq rule and Ottoman. Rule Byzantine, in between, the. King wrote to Jesus, Christ, asking, for help and, healing, and. I'll. Provide some links about more about that, in. The, in, the notes, here. Dudes in all its glory it's sundown. You. Can only imagine what things did see here if. You're in the streets 2000 years ago this. Is also featured in Assassin's, Creed 1 which i think is pretty awesome. That. Game is set in, Odessa. And. Yeah. I'd. Recommend, people come here and see this for themselves Earth. Has become a very safe place to visit it's, not in any way dangerous. Yes. Obviously, things are a bit more difficult during the war Syria that, war is ended arguably. And we. Just went to her on which is ten kilometers from the Syrian, border absolutely. No problems at all. The hospitality, of the people here in this city is unbelievable, we've, had a man with us all day taxi. Driver has taken us around, he's. Taken us to meet his friends his family, spending. Time with some farmer, for example when we were at Quebec Lee tipping and. He's. Giving us a real experience, you, know if you really want to see the world through. Not. On. A tour and you want to see the world in, an interesting way well, we've done it with taxi drivers, just. Paid them for the whole day they stay with you you, get to know them they befriend you and they do their absolute best to make sure that you've had a great time. Well, this, would be the final video of our trip I hope you've enjoyed it we've, we, had fun doing it and i. 100%, recommended, people start coming out out here and, supporting. The tourism here you, have a fantastic stay no, matter what. You.

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Timmy, how have you determined & supported that age of 9600 years for GT? I get that when we consider "hunter-gatherer" human settlements, 7000BCE is a bit of a challenge. It predates Sumer activity. We have to re-write the history books, starting with a bonfire of what we think we know today... "pseudo-scientists you mentioned We need facts no matter we learn and how it might differ from what we "think" we know. After all we also had academics who incarcerated people for proposing heliocentric theories. We were wrong then. Who's to say we have it right for GT today?

Hi Tom, thanks for stopping by. There is some conjecture as to the value of the carbon dating. Dates potentially shift from 10 millennia BC to 7th, but none outside of that. At least the big enclosures of layer III were intentionally and rapidly backfilled at the end of their period of use. This poses a severe problem for the radiocarbon dating of this layer, as the sediments could either be considerably younger than the enclosures, or roughly contemporary with them. Given this basic problem, the first thing is to attempt to date the architecture directly. Pedogenic carbonates have formed on the lower surfaces of the limestone of Göbeklis´ architecture, and this can be radiocarbon dated accurately. The science adds up - however the proof of civilization doesn't... the fact there's a 4000 yr gap between this and the next is puzzling. I believe many of the answers lie in further excavations of the site (currently only at 5%) so I think its too early to jump to conclusions, however the existence of this site at 9600BC has already challenged academic pre-conceptions of what we though HG's could do and the fact that this was even possible prior to agriculture. There is more to be discovered for sure and we must not dismiss the slow axe of science on such a matter at all... I agree 100% and that wasn't what I was arguing... The evidence the mainstream academic circles require to get this over the line, will I believe present themselves soon with further excavations. However the process is painstakingly slow at GT. Makes me wonder why so, given what it has already taught us. Thanks Tom and I appreciate your info and enjoy discussions like these with intelligent people. Youtube comments sections aren't so bad after all. Cheers

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Cheers man! The roads are very new and take you all the way from Urfa city centre to GT. There's no off road whatsoever, so very do-able and safe. You'll arrive at the main carpark and reception, where u can park your bike and buy an entrance ticket. Then you wait at the mini bus depot for 10 mins and a bus comes and picks you up and drives 2 mins to the site. Enjoy

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