Saying Goodbye To Miranda Sings Live

Saying Goodbye To Miranda Sings Live

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I. Am. So stressed about this video guys, hey everyone I'm Colleen ballinger and, this. Shirt was on a hanger too long so now it sticks out on the sides you're welcome I, have been putting, this video off for weeks I don't, want to make it and I feel like I don't want to make it because it's, admitting, that like my live touring, is done, I've been performing live in touring for ten years as Miranda. Sings and few. Weeks ago I had my final performance, as Miranda, onstage probably, not gonna be my final performance for the rest of my life just because, performing. Is what I love to do most and so I can't imagine never. Performing, again so after this guy pops out once, I get adjusted, and he, starts to be, more of a functioning, human I might try to go on tour again but it's never quite gonna be the same so I've been touring for ten years and this year I finished off my tour with a big bus tour and then, I performed. In Orange California at. Chapman, University it. Was my final big performance, we filmed that entire show for you guys so you can see the behind the scenes of everything and, that's coming up in a second but going through this footage and editing, it made me think about how, much I've been through to get to this point, it was really emotional and hard for me to get through oh it's, only been a few weeks and I already missed being on stage so this, is challenging. So how did this all start well I was. A musical, theater kid I loved, theater, I did theater in high school I used to go see theater with my grandpa when I was a little girl always knew I wanted to be on the stage performing, was my favorite thing in the entire world when, the first manatee I went viral I got some emails from people in New York City asking me to come perform there and this was a dream come true for me it was kind of the perfect storm because I first got an email from a guy named Jim Caruso who ran an open mic night in New York City he told me if I was ever in town I could, perform there and then I got a phone call from, Frankie, grande he said I want you to come perform with Broadway cast of Mamma Mia if you need a place to stay you can stay with me so I had an invitation, to perform on, Broadway and, I had a place to stay I just needed to cover my airfare, I spent every, penny that I had and I took a risk and I flew to New York City and I perform, every. I in New York City first I performed at Birdland, Jazz Club Jim. Cruz's cast party. That. Was the very first place, I ever did Miranda sings live the next night I performed, with the broader cast of Mamma Mia on The Lion King Broadway, stage, it was really funny because not. Many people in the audience knew who I was this was like 9 or 10 years ago the audience was just really confused why there was a girl on stage just singing terribly, after that I didn't want to stop performing so, I started, booking myself I called every, comedy, club every. Cabaret, venue every little theater I could find in America and, asked, if I could perform there and I would go back to LA work at Disneyland save up my money and then paid for my airfare in my hotel to get me somewhere just that I could be on stage it was a very hard time for me I was struggling to pay rent pay my bills people are walking out of the theater they didn't get it they didn't like it people stole, from me they would hire me to come perform and then keep all the money for themselves people, took advantage of me I had people telling me they'd make me a star and then asking, for sexual, favors, in order to make.

Me Famous that's a real thing that happened all the time not just in this industry but, all industries, that's why I'm extremely supported with me to movement obviously, I never did anything with anyone but that's a whole other story that I could make a full video on anyway. Slowly, but surely people, started to kind of pay attention to horrendous things and I was able to book myself kind of everywhere, I loved performing so, much like nothing, could have made me stop performing I have felt the same way about performing, live since the first time I performed all the way up until now I get on stage and I can't believe people are there watching I can't believe people are clapping, and it blows, my mind and, brings me to tears almost. Every performance. Thank. You so much for supporting me for all these years and letting me do my dream job I love you guys without. Further ado here is my, final show. What's. Up everyone I'm Colleen ballinger and, today I'm doing my final show I'm, so sad. I've been touring for 10 years ever since I created Miranda, I've been doing live shows it's kind of all of them are known but now I'm. Having this thing so can't, really tour anymore, when you're in that your third trimester they, don't let you fly and then once you have a baby the baby kind of like needs attention so I can't, really go on tour if I have a little baby he needs to like eat from my body and stuff so tours out question maybe, someday I'll tour again but for now it's not really gonna happen so I wanted, to document my final, day on tour and we were in Orange California my, family's here and it's gonna be a lot of fun so let's, go. Doing. My final soundcheck, was so surreal, I try not to think about it because I didn't want to get emotional so I try to just think of it as like any other soundtrack, like there's nothing special about it but I will say it was really nice to have my family there supporting, me they have been with me every, step of the way throughout, my entire career, so I was super grateful that they were able to be at the soundcheck to support me just made me think about all of the amazing times I've been able to perform, with my family, in the past I've performed with Christopher, doing a magic show at the Magic Castle I've performed with Rachel all over the world in onesies, I've performed, with Corey all over the world for the last few years I've, even performed, with Bailey and Jake when they were tiny tiny little kids, but to have them out there at the last show it was really important, to me and I'm so grateful that they all could all make it yeah the final soundcheck, was just really really surreal.

Take. For Michelle, I do this every. Show. Riveting. Do, what I sit. Before you'd show and I change. The slides depending, on what I want to, be different in the show that day tell. Me about the last time you performed it down here in orange the. Last time I performed, at, Chapman, University was. A very, long time ago and I performed in the cafeteria, for like 20. People. So. This is a little different what you just saw with me changing, up the show right before the show starts, and I do that pretty, much every single show keeps it fresh and fun for me so that's what you guys just saw but now it's time for me to get ready for my meet and greet the meet and greets are so, special, to me I've done meet greet at every show since I started touring I think the reason I love it so much is because I get to see you guys become, friends so, many of you met, on the internet met on Twitter met. On Instagram because you watch my YouTube videos or you just watch YouTube in general and then you meet in person at my live shows nothing, makes me happier so, I am, devastated. That, I'm not able, to provide, you guys with an, outlet to meet anymore and I promise, that I will do everything I can to make that happen someday in the future because, I just. Can't imagine that, just being gone forever what. Are you about to do. No. Hey, drone it's great. Waited. Every real, life. Like. Inside within the womb, there. Are, also New York we've been crying since last Saturday at the DC show but. It's all good lobby. Exciting. Your. Mom know so I guess I am. So. I'll be the mean greedy I was feeling really shaky, and really weird and really faint now I have had a really kind of horrible pregnancy, and I will randomly faint vomit, he an excruciating, pain and can't walk like a lot of weird things have been happening throughout, my pregnancy so, they called me paramedic to come check on me Oh. Checker, let us check our heart a little bit. Heart. Rates up a little bit okay. I'm feeling close to 100 beats per minute so maybe just take.

A Look up. Your. Saturation is good they're gonna be getting enough oxygen, there's meringue into your body so that's a good thing if it gets worse, starting. To get darker, get lightheaded. I'll. Let you know yeah I was totally fine he said I was fine I just needed to lay low and sit and drink water before, the show that's kind of hard to do when all your family and friends are around and you just want to hang out everybody. You're. Showing down the last row. You're. Perfect. Making costumes with hot little. Dated. It, was the first brand to show you ever rented. Give. Us the final show I really wanted to add a fun little moment with the kids the kids have always been a really big part of my, life and of my touring, I adore, my niece and that's used so so, much they have performed with me forever I can remember Bailey being on stage I mean like two or three years old I remember, Jake singing, duets with me when he was 2 or 3 years old. Because. We're forming in radish shows has been a huge part of the kids life just, like it's been a huge part of my life so I wanted to add something a little fun and different for, them in this show but we had because. Their kids are. Amazing. My. Hometown. Show. Everyone's, like. Okay. It's almost time for the final show and trying not to think about it too much cuz I'm like nervous, and I know if I think about how it's my last show I'll cry a lot so I'm just trying to think like it's just if another show like it's not a big deal and cuz I don't to be nervous so I'm. Sure after the show I'll maybe be a mess or once I let it sink in but right now I'm just gonna try to enjoy my, last show this is so weird you guys have been such a huge part of my life for so long it's so weird all. Right Showtime being, onstage that night was, really, surreal any time I thought about the fact that this might be the last time onstage I, teared. Up but the whole time I was up there I was thinking about every, performance, that I've done what I've gone through to get here, all of you and how wonderful and supportive you've, been and meeting you all over the world I've been able to tour to Australia, London. Ireland. Norway, Amsterdam. Copenhagen. Canada, all over America Germany, New Zealand, I'm sure I'm forgetting a, million other places I've been able to tour but I cannot. Believe the incredible adventures I've been able to go on just because you guys want to see me live thank you so much. You had told that little, ten-year-old, theatre, dork in her bedroom singing, into the mirror that she would get to tour the world performing. And doing comedy for people oh my. God I never would have believed you like you made my dreams come true thank, you so so so much I will say this though a lot of people are talking online about how sad they were that it was my final performance and a lot of her acting like I was dying and, I know I'm kind of being dramatic right now and it kind of seems that way still I'm still here I'm still Miranda. I'm still posting YouTube videos my Netflix specials coming out and lipstick just came out I wrote, a book this year I'm gonna be writing more books in the future you still are gonna see me all the time every, day every week I just can't see you in person for a while while I'm growing my little baby boy all I want to say is thank, you you completely, made my dreams come true and you continue, to make my dreams come true and my little son will thank you too because no, see if I talk about my baby I'm gonna cry, because when he comes I get to tell him that his mom got to live out her dreams and do everything, she's ever wanted to do because of you guys and because of you guys I can teach him he works hard enough he can do anything he wants and he can have. His dreams come true and. That's. Such a cool lesson that I get to teach him as a mom so thank you sorry. I'm really pregnant like. Sometimes I cry because I don't want to get out of the shower so like I. Love. You guys thank you for everything. So. Here, it is it's the end of defiance, rabbit. Nobody.

2018-10-24 20:03

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i've always loved you colleen (and miranda;)) and thank you. from recreating you at halloween in third grade to hearing your pregnant, breaks my heart to see you leaving for a while but im so glad your happy with your decisions. with this video you shared today, you proved yourself you care for every single one of us. we love you colleen.

R u stopping Miranda or just performing

Can everyone in the comments stop making it seem like Miranda is dead? Colleen will still be doing miranda for a while, she might just be taking a break while she raised the baby.

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Even though I may be sad that you are no longer touring, I will also be a fan. You could always make make me happy. Love you Colleen.❤

Best to ya and the family



i have the same llama shirt

So there are haters out there who want me dead. I feel sorry for you bc the Bible says you reap what you sow.

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I wish you have a beautiful daughter or son i dont but im happy you to have a baby . Baby needs attetion and just keep beautiful and keep safe we love you colleen miranda sing we love god bless you ❤❤❤❤

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I love u sooo much colleen! Can you post the Seattle footage? It would be cool to watch! :) Just seeing this journey you ahve been on and watching your channel grow into what it has become is so amazing and inspirational. And don't worry, your not the only one crying, im legit sobbing :,) But honestly tho, you are a huge inspiration and ilysm

oh my goodness Colleen, I’m crying lots!

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YES!...she mentioned, she's taking a break from touring, for about a year...and keep doing youtube depending on how her pregnancy goes.....

I love Miranda I can see that baby looking just like Colleen he is going to be handsome

Yes, but maybe longer breaks, cause of pregnancy.

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about 5 hours ago, new Colleen video...after a year break, she hopes to tour again......meanwhile youtube, she'll continue.

Who’s cutting onions round here. Omg Colleen you are the most caring person ever you are the most powerful influencer and that’s because of the 10 year old theatre kid wanting to be on stage. You’ve got us lot crying and we’re not even pregnant (well some are maybe) but keep doing what your doing because you are amazing

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Seriously? Why are you such attention seeker? Like seriously, you used your baby for views when they were pointless vlogs that mentioned a baby ONCE. And might I add youve made a goodbye Miranda video more than 3 times at least. It's pathetic, be original.


huh?..........Every Actor, comedian, performer, MUST be an attention seeker....It's how they make a living...Are u prejudiced against girls?........Are u John Wayne/ Archie Bunker..saying "A woman's place is in the kitchen"?....BESIDES all other youtubers put me to sleep ..."YAAAAAAWN"...except for Miranda....she's the most brilliant, original,funny character ever one better!...betcha' can't.

Miranda was everything to me in YouTube. The funniest female on YouTube. *sigh* Its all good. Goodbye Miranda, Welcome Colleen!

I don't have any knowledge about you but now here i'm thinking you're her sister or you're the same. Sorry i can't speak english well. Can you give me an answer ? Thanks

Miranda is a character created by Colleen.

I love you so much you inspired me so much I wish I new you last year I asked my mom if I can be you for Halloween for two years I love love love love love you so much oh my name is Mia and I am in third grade and when I was a baby I was born with this disease cold pear roe band seacwents so I was born with the top of my mouth had a holl on the roof of my mouth so my mom had to feed me throw a toob so I have had 9 surgeries and I am obey 8 years old and also when I was a baby my mom jroped me and I was a new born so my harms wasent strong so she grabbed my arms because she did not want me to foll so grbed my arms and both of my arms Brock love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


You are Miranda sings

I'm really going to miss Miranda Sings you are such a big impact on everybody's life Colleen.... I'm trying to write this without crying.... when I watch one of your clocks and you were a couple of towns away a couple days before my birthday I got so sad cuz I really wanted to meet you I'm never going to get that chance now congrats on your baby you are so strong love you so much the tears keep pouring out I'm going to miss you


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Colleen Ballinger Were You In Wreck It Ralph 2? Best Part I've Ever Seen XD

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I remember when ray William Johnson featured your video on one of his videos and I think that’s when it went viral

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I remember going to one of your shows when I was a freshmen in high school. I’m a junior in college now! It was at the Birdland jazz club. So glad to watch some of your journey!


Omfg. She’s pregnant and she can’t go on tour with her baby. She’ll only be gone for a year smh.

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My dream is to get over my stage fright and be a singer and actress

Awww this made me so emotional and happy! I’ve always loved you me and my brother and sister and parents alllll bond over Miranda and I love you for giving us those memories ♥️ I wish I knew you in real life lol you just seem so fun to be around you have so much love around you at all times

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I love you :)

Is it really true Miranda sings I was really

Ok so this is how I first “Meet” Miranda When I was little I watched this singing girl on the screen (Miranda) and then I saw A channel called Colleen and I lotta rly freaked out and cried when she told the camera she was Miranda! We

Miranda on tour will be missed!

I just love how no matter what, the whole family supports parker if he wants to wear skirts, bows or just anything he does in general ❤

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Girl we still love you and will always support you

I hope my dreams dome true

Dreams do dome true

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Never been to one and I was looking forward to one on my birthday

2009-2018 and i hope you know that we will always be waiting for the reincarnation of miranda❤

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touring, i think

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Why would you be miranda? It's not YOU. You should be yourself.

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I love Colleen and Miranda and I’m not trying to throw shade but who else thinks she’s kind of over obsessing and making it a big deal I mean it’s not not a big deal but like millions of people are pregnant and your kid can stay back stage or won’t your fans want to see him, and she sold all her old clothes and crop top, your not going to be pregnant for ever. Again not trying to throw shade ilysm Colleen and your a great role model

This was such a bittersweet video...

I wish I was able to see u live! Been a fan since the first video I saw. I feed 2 colonies of cats and have been in school. I couldn't find anyone to feed them and cover for me to go see u. Hopefully when u do perform again I can come see u. Thanks for still posting vids and doing u! Congrats again, love u!!!

Thank you so much for creating a funny, awesome, and just...THANK YOU! Miranda cheers me up when I’m sad I usually go to her channel!

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M Mi Mir Mira Miran Mirand Miranda Miranda g Miranda go Miranda goo Miranda good Miranda good b Miranda good by Miranda good bye Miranda good by Miranda good b Miranda good Miranda goo Miranda go Miranda g Miranda Mirand Miran Mira Mir Mi M Idk what I did haha

"I'm really pregnant"

Don't do it love you so very much please

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Don't be sad be strong and keep a update on YouTube

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Everyone that got to see her live is lucky cuz she never goes to Raleigh but I don’t live the it’s just close well more like an hour

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10:11 is that James Charles

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I remember your first show in the UK at Leicester Square theatre, me and my friends travelled down from the midlands, booked a hotel and we were wondering how Miranda would work as a show and it was fantastic we laughed so much, met glozell and Frankie and got a picture with Miranda and I still have it in my room like 8 years later! Maybe in a few years time we will all go back down for a Miranda Returns show! You’ve done so much well done!



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how about “saying goodbye to Miranda forever” your character is unlikeable and unfunny no offense just saying what I think

Why was I so emotional watching this lol

For the People that don't get is she mean she's gonna take a long break because of the baby

you're so talented. Performing will happen again no problem :)

Colleen we knew this was coming for months. It's seriously fine

:c Nuu, I luv Miranda!

Anyone else see Corey Fogelmanis???

your voice is bootiful! xD

When you were crying I was crying



Baby girl doo

I will call soon as I get home

I don't usually dislike Colleen's videos, but my Miranda is gone. Colleen is my favorite non-family person on this planet, she is so talented she'll be such an amazing mom. She is a such a good actress, she is so amazing, I'm he actual biggest fan. It breaks my heart that Colleen is over, but her kid is more important.

Wait is she Miranda sings and she is she


I miss you Miranda

Don't play with stuff like that. You are not the next Mary. But you are talented

However many likes i get I will add a

Make a whole video on that

I’m balling my eyes out right now

Her final show was on my birthday!!!!

is it just me or are you sad too i have watched her for like my whole life

No please i love her i love her

Don't cry Coleen I love ur vids and i want to see u

I literally held back tears the entire time. I’m so happy that my little corny sister showed me a Miranda video years and year ago, and somehow I got hooked on watching Colleen shortly after. Colleen is the one YouTuber who I’ve STAYED subscribed to the entire time I’ve had YouTube. Love you Colleen! So excited for Chapter 2❤️ Edit: ok I’m crying now

I’m not crying...ur crying

I thought she was quitting "haters back off"on netflix

plz don't stop utube

When her baby will grow up, her child should teach miranda how to sing

are you gonna stop being miranda?

Omg I cried with her and I recently just started watching her videos LIKE HELLO THIS IS NOT OKAY

I hope you could tour again soon Love Ellie

Omg did you guys see farcle mincus from girl meets world

Is Miranda coming back



Im from irlend

The girl crying hysterically in the background

Lol I'm starting to cry

Can you name your baby Miranda? As a remembrance

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ):

O my god you made me cry thank you so much. You have been sooo strong through your pregnancy. THANK YOU Miranda/Colleen!!!!!

I wanted to go to one of her shows on my birthday......I guess that plans is ruined....

You are the best colleen ! I love you soo much

I’ll add a

yall at 10:16 farkle from girl meets world was in the video

omg awwwww  dddoooooooonnnntttt crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy ur gonna make me cryyy xxxx


Wait why has she stopped being Miranda sings because I really want her to make season 3 haters back off

Whys she's stopping?


I first heard of Miranda Sings from the morning radio dj in San Jose a few years back. It was too late to attend the live show but I’ve been watching all your videos on YouTube ever since. I still hope to watch Miranda live someday. Also, I’m now addicted to your main vlog channel as well as the rest of your family’s vlog channels. Much love

Why isn't this trending??!

Don't cry we all love you

You go girl and you come back with your little heart... I am broken to cry but you will always have the love of the nation.. if anyone needs inspiration they will never find any better than you... Good luck and god bless and see you next time will love from me to your family thank you for bringing joy to the world

However many likes i get I will add a

No But it looks like it

Call me this now are you on Instagram

I cried

kids distroy everything

*You've been doing Miranda for ages, you're getting older (not that you look it) But life's changing, you're having a baby, you're going to have a family one day. and you've got enough money for raise a stable family. You're going to be busy being a mum. honestly you could quit youtube all in all. and i wouldn't get mad. You've made all of our lives amazing and it's sad to see this video. but you keep doing you! it's understandable

I've tried to save up for one of your shows but that was the last one

OMG soooooo sad

where do you live mairnda l am a big fan of you I love you

I will miss you Miranda

It’s ok we got ur back


Who else teared up but jave never been to her show

Your funny when your miander sings


So your Miranda Sings?

You are so cute and i hope u get a safe delivery....we will miss u

Gods got to take away a blessing to give u another

WE REALLY LOVE YOU❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️


No more red

I guess my dream to meet her is gone :(

However many likes i get I will add a

Nòooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolollipop oooooo


Uncle Jim?


When I found out Coleen was pregnant I cried so hard I love her so much

How long ago was she in nz ohh im crying I can’t believe I missed it

Noooo you were in Norway and I did not know

It’s ok I love both characters but I’m still being Maranda sings

18:39 It’s young Ariana. I love both of them so much❤️

18:41 Miranda is that Ariana grande

Can u actually sing

Omg the title scared me.I love your channel even though I don't watch it much it's amazing.Haters back off is my fav on Netflix.Make sure u check it out guys.

Well personally I'm sobbing

Another subscriber here

I've got chills all over, and tears in my eyes! You are so lucky to have been able to live your dream, and so many people supporting you ❤ Good luck with being a mom! I'm sure you'll do GREAT! I love you, Colleen ❤

My last name is Miranda

7:08 I just fell and started laughing

Wait are you Miranda sings and Colleen

Who else is crying

Wait a minute shes miranda sings

Man. Your so different when you aren’t Miranda. Love you! Be who you wanna be!

Is Haters Back Off ever coming back?


Just know we love u girl dont stress


1 like = less pain

I remember when Maranda got jealous of you because you’re the one on brodway

No more Miranda Sings

7:27 omg Colleen you’re such a good singer! I hope I can be that good when I get older


She' had sx

Omg nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Maranda


I never been sad I will miss you love you I hope someday I will meet you love you Colleen and Miranda from Nicholas Tardella I hope you text or right me back please

Love you Colleen! Going to miss Miranda! I’m a mom myself (an older one than you) so I get it. Living out your dream. So happy for you!!! Have enjoyed your humor! Your awesome brother! Your cousin, your family.... etc. I’ve so enjoyed these UTubes, thank you Love!!! God Bless....YOU!!!

this made me cry my eyes out when ahe cried. you are strong collenne you will always have us❤️❤️❤️

You want us to cry

At 9:10 that cryin was so extra

Marianna Gomes - I don’t think that’s her but I know they’re friends!

Are you still going to be doing videos


watching this made me cry so hard

Colleen I feel like I’m gonna cry because I was so happy I got to see you when you were in Davenport Iowa I loved your show I’ve been a fan for a long time

Good God....can we not watch anything without all the flaming faggos in them? Can we just STOP accepting homosexuality and see it for what it is and that's a disgusting immoral sin...

My best friend she is Miranda sings for Halloween and btw you look gorgeous but u look so cute with the big lips your so beautiful I look like a pig

Miranda just trick or treated at MY house!

Owwwww why did you stop on Miranda sins

I don’t even know who you are and I literally was I tears

I didnt know she's Miranda

6:26 *What the hell did I get myself into?*

Who’s the dad??????

I know you probably wont see this but I am glad you started preforming bc without you I wouldnt have this real smile on my face thank you colleen I smile and am happy whenever you post and make jokes I will always support and be there for you through thick and thin and I am happy that you are becoming a mother and I know you will be a great mother I love you colleen SOOO FLIPPIN MUCH

First of all..WHO ARE YOU?Like who is Miranda TELL ME!!!

this was my fave video of your's colleen! All the best with the rest of your career and your new life becoming a Mummy! sorry Mommy. I am a NZer! :)

7:04-7:07 Ballie Hyping got me dead ( Sorry if I spelled her name wrong) (;

why Is the thumbnail dramatic

i dont know why or how but i have seen this before.

God I thought u were quitting Miranda Sings. Phew..

Did u lose the baby yet?

I love you so much ! make sure to post alot of exiting and fun vidios i will always suport you nomater what

I cried.

Actually got kinda emotional while watching this

Love you

i started to cry too lol

Is it just me who cried the whole video like it seemed like Miranda was dead or never coming back

Are Frankie and Colleen related?

So so proud of you you caned my life in such a positive way you Mack me smile




Wait, what about Haters Back Off?

I actually started tearing up after your lil speech oml

Are you Miranda

Literally bawled my eyes out this whole video! Can’t wait to add lil man to the Miranda clan!

When u cried it tore me apart I love you so much I hope u answer me, and like this u r amazing you inspire me ❤️

Aww, your final show was the day before my birthday.

All this time I thought Miranda Sings was a real person!!! *explode my head ...

Firts time i'm in this channel and you make me cry lika if i was her since you begining (the start) of everything

When Colleen started crying I did WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE

i'm about to cry right now, please don't go ,you can keep on doing your stuff, all you have to do is cover it up and then your good.

I love you Colleen/Miranda!!! Hope you can tour soon, maybe even with your baby.

Omg I adore you !

This is insane. My ex was in Mary Poppins and got you to call me and leave me a voicemail as Miranda! She was not happy that I didn't pick up! Buhahaaaa...I wish I could have saved it when I got a new phone plan. Keep creating Mama.

Plsssssssss don’t stop Miranda it will ruin my life

1 like = 1 more year with Miranda sings

Awww so sad and happy

Nooo , please noo ! I LOVE MIRANDA SINGS !!

Hi Colleen I am a big fan of you and my name is Danielle burbidge and I live in Wales I do Colleen and Colleen I love you and when you have the baby I what to meet you I do Colleen


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I love Miranda and I've watched the whole Netflix show

*No More Iconic Lipstick Nooo*


We love you too Colleen!

Bye Miranda


Im crying


I am soooo sad I can’t believe no more Miranda

10:13 its farkle

I love you maranda sings

never trust edited comments

I m going to die if she does this nasty thing

no no no no no no no I ❤miranda. please dont do that. She is one of my type. please save her.

i love my heart for you

even thought that she colleen was impersonating her

I love you soo much

I. AM. SAD. But it's okay, you can let go whatever you want. Best hopes and wishes! x

I will be with you every step of the way!!!!!

phew i thought miranda was gone omggg heart attack.

Please don’t

Omg nooooooooo

I watched Miranda on Netflix, and I always wondered, "Who is she outside of her Miranda character?" So I watched a vid from her other channel, and I saw a comment that said something like 'Colleen (Miranda)' and I was like: [Slaps the name "Colleen into the keyboard and spams 'search'] You could say I was pretty satisfied with searching this up.

Jojo Siwa in the back round at 12:16

I love u

Omg I’m crying!!

I think I cried more than you

It's OK Colleen let it out... I may not have ever met you in person but just know (spelling like Miranda)I luv yu and wil definatly kum 2 yur shos in the futer. HUGS FROM ME!!

It’s such a sad thing to hear but we love u and don’t apologise for loaning or crying for anything we love u and we are always here for u don’t ever feel lonely I wish I could meat u and hug u

To everyone, Miranda is NOT dead only her lives (There’s YouTube,insta and all social media’s)

Alexis Boprie she can’t go on tour while pregnant. It’s not safe for her or her child. Stop thinking about yourself.

Omg this actualky made me crym I LOVE YOUU COLEENNNN

If ur not pregnant i want miranda back

Hey don. T criy

I was ligit about to cry


Omg i meet u before but thay was years ago

I never have bine to a show and now I’m just sad

Your first live was 3 months after I was born

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle wiggle HA You though

We will miss you but we understand.

Haha jojo is in the back

I love you waaaaaahhhhhhhh I going to miss you so much

I thought Miranda was gone but I now know if miranda was dead I would DIE

When I have my kid Mama who’s marainda

Watching this in public trying not to cry. I love you colleen!!

Haters back off that's my favorite show on Netflix

It's a prank

I cryed

She is mirinda sings

It is sad and happy

I luv miranda sings

Am i the only one who cried ????

No I love her so much she makes me so happy please don't i love Miranda sings she is amazing please dont

I remember meeting you for the first time and I was literally shaking wow. I remember like it was yesterday I was so nervous and she was so sweet. gotta love her.

September 22 is my birthday 2010


Lemme say something if you didn’t do anything with anybody How did that ANgEL get there???


Just gonna say the first time you performed it was the same month I was born May and I was born 2010 and honestly I’m loving this video


Good bye Miranda sings

is that farkle from girl meets world?

4:03 is that Joey Graceffa?

u made a video today on miranda sings so how r u quitting?

10:14 is that farkle from GIRL MEETS WORLD

im actually crying while watching this


I will remember Maranda sings


I can talk like her too

Noooo when I when I was watching I cried


I love you Miranda I wish you still here on tour


This made me cry so hard

3:21 well you must have done something with someone is you have a child

I was born on 2009 in May wow

i wish you'd do more netflix episodes.. that was the best thing on netflix..

Hearing she said she cried because she did not want to come out of the bathroom makes my stomach hurts


My birthday was on the22

It's my first time watching you and you made me cry :'(


I got married Sept 22 lol that’s so cool to me and I dunno why

15:23 WOAH lol love you Colleen

i promise you i didn’t start crying when she did

Please dont stop i love Miranda


good job ! that took a lot of courage ! I would never be able to do that . I am praying for you !


Your amazing you made a good choice

Omg what if your baby was a mini Miranda sings

Stay strong colleen

I'm not crying you are

i am crying lol

Wow I’m crying so hard

So does this mean that Miranda sings is over

When that baby pops out shes now gonna be saying "Sorry im a mom" Love you colleen

You made me cry lol dont worry it will be fine

Who will make me laugh

I'm gonna miss her

i miss mirinda sing i will miss miss miss

Yay you went to New Zealand I am from New Zealand




I almost cried


My in 20 years My Son/Daughter "mommy,Whos miranda,i heard shes a virgin Do we pray to her?

Awww you made me cry



Aré you still going to be making YouTube videos

god I can’t believe I’ve been watching her since fifth grade and now I’m a junior

I seem to be the only one shocked that Corey fuggelmantis was there

7:10 got me lmao

If you aren't in love with Parker, something is wrong with you.

I cant wait till the 3 netflex showwww


Are you Miranda Sings

Dont renunce miranda sing its so cool

I just imagine you little boy a little boy Miranda

Raga piango

And good nite

That's so sad because you as maranda is funny

It’s always been an inspiration to watch how you took your love for theater and comedy and built a career from it. To the next chapter, cheers!

I’m crying

Don’t cry you’re too pretty to cry you’re the best actor as Miranda sings

When Miranda comes back Collens son is just going to be like yep just another day

Omg I luv u so much congratulations on everything I’m literally crying right now congrats I just I luv u so so much

10:14 is that Corey from girl meets world

Wait Colleen is Miranda sings

I really want to see more of haters back of I want season 3 it was so cool the journey she had been on continues please make it for all of us.

Colleen and Miranda are two diferent persons or not? I'm lost here

Do you want a baby

I was board in 2009

You literally made me cry to

So no more Haters Back off?

I'm not crying.....YOU'RE CRYING!!!! What a remarkable role model. Colleen, I love you!!! ❤❤❤❤

Music at 6:27??

Hey me and Miranda have the same birthday

Bye maranda

.... was Corey fogelmanis at your Meet and Greet

Oh yeah you are Miranda I love it so funny you are beautiful inside and outside love you so much

We'll still support you tho :) , I will always be your/you're fan (sorry I'm not good in english I'm from a different country)

no they're the same person

im balling my eyes out

aww, this made me so sad.

Completely understandable, your a mother now. ❤️ i will always support you! ❤️ you've been such a big part of my childhood ,love you

*literally the girl at **18:57** is me right now*

Wait so are u not gonna continue haters back off?

so I'm confused.... is she Miranda or is she her sister?

Good bye

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Don't think about it as goodbye, you traded one fantastic journey for another

are you miranda

Okay but where did jojo come from???

When you started crying I did to! You touched my heart truly and Miranda will always stay with us, weather you chose to continue her in the future or not. ILYSM! (Edit) Once I finished the video fully I cried till my mom came and asked if I was hurt, and as I'm writing this I'm crying


i love you so much you are a fighter!!!!!

Don't cry your making me cry

who's love she?

Ops I met hi

And we will miss you to

Tell jojo CW ih for me

You are so beautiful you be a good mom your baby


I started crying

we realy love you

18 years later wat’s YouTube

Wait you were Maranda sings


You made me cry

Your Miranda Sings????

is she Miranda sings ?

so am i but i think she is Miranda

11:55 kinda looks like ariana granedas brother, is that him


I love u

when does he pop out???

I am sad I never could see you on tour and before this video I was going to go next time

I really loved your show and I'm so happy I got to see your last tour your the funniest person ever

Can someone please tell me the song playing at 6:45 please. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I'm so sorry! cuz I haven't gone to any of your shows, but now I realize that I should have. my step mom and my actual dad just had my baby sister, and my 20yr old sister just had her baby, and now you're going to have a baby, so I am so happy for you. stay happy, and never let those things get to you. because we will all probably be fine, cuz we will see u on the internet. love you so much!

This made me cry

Parker in a skirt and a giant bow doing gymnastics is all I’ve ever needed in my life

Are u Miranda?? Yea u are u can tell

I was crieing soooooooooooo much




I love you so much haters back off

Every like I get I add a ☁. ☁=pray she can get back on tour when her kid is older ☁

your pregnat?!wowww how long dint i watched you....

Who else started to cry when she stared to tear up

For every lik I will add a ❤ I actually will ❤

Wait I have question does this mean even after she has the baby she won't ever perform again ?

I love how Frankie interacted with Parker!

Miranda I would love to pick boy or girl I would named your baby should be Alex for a girl I would called her Kate

are we just going to ignore he was there 10:00 ?

we all will miss you but if it is best for then bo what's for the best and will keep wathing you vids love you

Miranda sings looks different on Hater's Back Off


I will miss seeing u on stage

Justice Channelle mood

1 like = the baby is going to be sooo cuteee

Like si ya viste Haters back off!

Her final show was the day before my birthday...

NOOOOO I don't want it to end....

AWWW☹I can't believe your saying good bye to Miranda sings

omg this came out on my birth day lol

Rest in Spaghetti never forgettie


I know you didn't kill Miranda why are people saying that

Perla Sanchez kill...?

Happy Mcclinton different makeup and clothes than the ones Colleen buys herself

Isabella Reyna are

Aisyah Avisena yea

It’s the same person guys. She plays a character.

AWW you're such a beautiful and talented woman! All the best with the pregnancy/baby boy and thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives - we love you!

This is not the end it’s only the beginning ! How fun to be able to have your son as part of the act. He probably will steal the show lol.

This is so sad

I started crying when u were talking about making your dreams come true

I will add a

U were Miranda Sings the whole time

i live in orange.. darn

when Miranda tries to sing some one pokes her in her neck! 7:35

This made me cry so much!! I know Collen will do great and welcoming her son into this world. I wish you the best Miranda Sings and Colleen Ballinger.

I’ve grown up I don’t watch Miranda anymore but I’ll always love her she’ll always be part of my life I’ll always support I’ll miss this even though I don’t watch anymore very proud of you and what you’ve done over the years much love♥️

For every lik I will add a ❤ I actually will ❤❤

Colleen u are my inspiration Ilysm and one day I want to be just like u. Ur so funny and amazing and super talented and I want to be just like u when I get older. Ur so amazing and i love Miranda ur so amazing and I just want u to know to follow ur dreams and ilysm❤️❤️❤️

I feel the same way. I'm only 12 and I do musical theater as in I take voice, dance, acting, and do as much as I can in NY. I don't have an agent, so my mom and I figure things out ourselves. I don't know how you did it, but it's amazing!! I want to be just as successful as you, although i'm not a comedian, Broadway is my dream. I have many many dreams that I hope can come true, and watching you just makes me think about how much work and perseverance you need for this business. You inspire me to continue and follow my dreams. I know many people may say this but, Thank You

Thats okay Maranda is leaving. Your An mother now.

Just why!!!???? I can't take it!!

A goddess has died,I can't stop crying :'''''''''''''''''''v. My heart has broken into pieces

How ever many likes i get i wil add a

Hey so I am subscribed to your other channel and I feel totally confused on I am watching I don't mean to get the wrong impression but as I was watching some of your videos,  and You saying that it was you doing the videos gets me even more confused so.... Your other Miranda Sings channel that you have up is very good and I love your videos. You should really post more to the other channel that you have more good and hilarious videos because they are honestly really funny well just wanted to leave this comment here just incase you did not know who was commenting on the other ones it is me! So hope you see this message P.S  I am a proud supporter and Subscriber of your videos on the Miranda Sings channel I will stay tuned and watch more

noooooooooooooo please

Me toooooooo f*****ck

When my mom was pregnant with my brother she would live on binge watching Miranda sings

im about to cry

Will this be your very last tour or is it until your baby comes???

i am so sorry that your not touring any more

I love you Miranda!!!

Love you thank you for all the laughs

No whyyyy


Justice Channelle why was the girl at that part crying

What the guys name that is around 12:00 mark?

I saw Cory from girl meets world


I just cried through the whole thing

For every lik I will add a ❤ I actually will ❤❤❤

Noooooo why

OMG at 7:21

Awww I feel like crying

I love preforming too but I get very nervous

I followed colleen since she had 300k followers. Im so proud of you!

Miranda Sings

I wish I would’ve come to see you when you were in Pittsburgh. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to tour and perform in the future when your little one is older she going to go on tour again after her baby grows up a bit? I got so emotional but I’m confusion.

Thank you for making me happy while i'm watching your videos i love you ❤

Ok, that is understandable

omggg I love the outro little song

Miranda is not leaving Colleen is taking a break from Miranda Sings live but will still be doing Miranda vids

Miranda has been alive for how long I have

Don't stop making Miranda sings videos. Plsssss..... Continue making people happy.

So you play miranda sings but miranda sings donsnt exists??? Im very confuced

Miranda is very iconic and she was in my childhood any this is so sad.

Is Jojo related to Colleen in any way?

This made me sad towards the end. I felt the love watching the meet and greet.


i love you so much.

AWWW i gonna miss maranda!!

7:10 - 7:26 wow just wow

Awee Colleen! We love you! You are gonna be such an amazing Mother!. Such a lucky boy to have a mom that he will be looking up too!.:) also have so many stories to know by his mom!.

I just remembered when you did fifth harmony a voice lesson

AHHHH this made me cry and i only started watching you yesterday!!! i love you so much :)

I start bursting in tears when I start talking about how u got to live out your dream!!

So many tears right now

Don't, don't, don't!!! Please don't do that! DON'T! ❤️ EVERY ONE LOVE'S YOU SO MUCH AND MAKE MY DAY LITA BITH HAPPIER

I am not a Frankie fan so glad he didn't win big brother

You’re going to take a break from being Miranda? Fine

I bet YouTube is also crying

So I watched this right after watching you give birth, I couldn’t help but be emotional,l

10 years later.. “Mom, who’s Miranda Sings..?”

In five year who's Miranda

Wait, what's this song is again??? I forgot the titleeee 6:28

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. What about you on Netflix your show please your the best I'm 12 I love u on Netflix

Such a beautiful, emotional & amazing video...Lots of Love Colleen for bringing Miranda to life on stage & making soooooooooo many people smile

No u cant just end it it didn't end right

I'm crying I love Miranda sings

I thought you KILLED Miranda I literally can't even see you live it's fine

Omg I’m crying

What about a dislike

U failed

Colleen u made me cry


"Sometimes I cry because I don't want to get out of the shower" GIRL SAME

I swear you made me cry i Love you so much ❤️

Oh my god the opera part was breathtaking

How do u descover miranda sings

wait. so there’s no more miranda? like not even youtube?


Omg Colleens opera voice is so amazing ! Thats whats she should sing. She sounds way better singing opera than pop songs ❤❤❤

I was crying for some reason

Omg I cried so so hard,my heart hurts so bad, love you Colleen/Miranda


Sooo, Does that means that miranda is gone?




i love u

unicorn lover Colleen is Miranda

I couldn’t finish the video, Colleen you’ve gotten so far and inspired me in so many ways for years on end and I just wanted to say thank you You are an amazing human being and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you I remember in 2015 going to a Miranda show and crying beforehand because I couldn’t believe I was seeing you Afterwards I was crying and was so grateful that I saw you Thank You ❤️

Miranda will be missed

This was posted on my bday

Awww no I’ve just become a fan of Miranda I really hope you do it again but I understand that you now have a son and need to care for him but in your lullaby song you said about touring as Miranda so I hope it does happen again Love you lots



My birthday is on September 23

Y’all see Lucas from girl meets world


Am I the only one that peeped Corey Fogelmanis from Girl Meets World at 10:13

Will you ever after your baby grows come to Lebanon bcs I’m a big fan

Awh mahn. We have always wanted you to come to fiji.

Colleen you made me cry!!

*Frankie Grande Randomly appears in video* me: *Screams* *continues crying about Miranda*

12:50 Do you want to beld a snow man YES I DO!

I just wish you would have came to Nebrask

so sad

For me on the thumbnail it said Saying goodbye to Miranda... I almost got off my chair to ask people to run me over.. Then I realized it was Miranda Live.. And I definitely asked people to run me over..

Haters back off


Did you just kill Miranda

I was born 2002 and I figured this out a couple few years ago

Did no one else notice Corey/ Farkle minkus from girl meets world at 10:14 ?? He went to her show

I honestly cried watching this 3 months after it came out❤️ SO beautiful

I completely get it bc when things end when u do this for your life for so long you have to start over and keep those memories but start a new chapter

so you never married joey???

I wanted to cry so bad I love you i hope you like my comment

I love you! ❤️ thank you for being so great and inspirational and for having done Miranda for ten years! (Sorry I only just got an account recently so i could comment and stuff) but I have always loved and watched and supported you since 2010. big hug from Switzerland

So you’re never coming back as Miranda ? This is it since you’re having a baby ?

Im crying sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much right now ☹️

I’m really scared Miranda is dead :(

It’s 2019

I cried with her when she started to talk ab her son

Hi Colleen. Just a quick question, did you see the video Chloe Taylor did of you In Cardiff on the 25/09/ 2017, It has had over 192K views. All the best for the future. Chloe's dad. :)

Same I became a fan a week or 2 ago

Hi Miranda my cousin said that you are very beautiful

Has Collen ever been or had Opera singer lessons because she sounds just like one?

Colleen, there are three shows I regret not seeing when they were in town and YOURS IS ONE OF THEM! I am so sad I didn't go watch you when I had the chance. I hope that sometime in the future you will be able to tour again, but I TOTALLY understand you not being able to right right now. I love you and Miranda so much! Happy new year

Goodbye don't return



We will miss you miranda

No i love Miranda plese

11:06 Parker: What are you doing to her?? Awwww Parker is so precious

I hope that after after Flynn will get bigger you will come on tour to Romania

I cried so much!

When your baby boy is old enough, have him do shows with you!!!!

I'm not bawling you are!! Omg. And now your getting to begin a new chapter in your life, and your touring well not be over forever. Thank you for everything Colleen!!!!!

Oh my gosh! I was at one of those mamma Mia concert nights! That’s actually crazy, she said she was on mamma Mia on Broadway and if that’s one of her first gigs it’s 2008/9 about and that’s when I went to ny and saw it! Oh my god I’m shook.

Nooooooooooo it always cheered me up

:( I’m crying. :( pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sorry, Miranda Sings can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh! Cause she's a Mom

Noooooooooo why

This is so emotional

I am sowwee coween!


This is beautiful!

Aww im gonna cry

I love youuuuuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️


3:33 can you make a video about that

I am crying right now because I never got 2 meet u.

I have loved you and will always ❤ :')

Don't leave us please

I‘m gonna miss Miranda

You give me a laugh. When I’m sad or mad. I watch you and you bring my mood up. You crack me up! I love Miranda and Coleen SO much. Literally the only thing I want is to meet you as you and as Miranda! Xo. ❤️

Im gonns cry

you will still be amazing with baby Flynn and you are amazing we love you forget about the hatters i love you XOXO

Thank you

I crying I love u colleen

*i love u...*

damnit she's hot

We understand your going though tough times! Do what is best for you!!!!

Does anybody have a link to her last tour video? I wanna see it ^^

Good riddance lol

I miss you so much please don’t cry

was that girl in the green sparkle shirt jo jo siwa?14:00-14:36

I just started to watch ur Netflix vids but ur family's important.

my name is ireland

You are doing tour again!!! In California and Arizona!!!

Not any Moreeee

Guys whoever is watching this I just wanted to let you guys know that this girl talking is actually miranda sings but she doesn't want no one to know she is miranda sings

Viridiana Gonzales everyone knows she is Miranda sings she event tells EVERYONE literally the whole WORLD knows

Now she’s back on tour!

Who just came back from the video where colleen said she lied about this?


Lol who’s seen her new vid?!

Mirandas back bitxhesss!

Lie lie lie it’s a lie Averywon

7:09 Me:

every like i add a. ! !


I’m not crying .. you are

Whos here after collen said she lied about this

Who watched her recent vid in 2019 heheheheh

I can predict the future on lets see,the 22nd of february 2019, Colleen Ballinger will make a video and says that she is GOING BACK ON TOUR!

Mummy who's 'Miranda sings'

She is going on tour again yay

10:14 oh my gosh it's Coreeeeeeey

Which video??


hey I'll try to be at your next tour when you tour again

and now she's going back on "tour"!

I hope in years ahead you will make a “Miranda the come back” and all of your old fans will be able to remember how AMAZING U ARE!

Guess what people don’t worry she is back on tourrrrrrr right now!!!!!!!

WAIT AT 10:12 IS THAT FARKLE FROM GIRL MEETS WORLD?????? ((((does anyone remember girl meets world or am I weird?))))

You lied. YEA!!!



Im crying oh god thankyou coleen ballinger AKA miranda sings

i am really confuse to you because you look like miranda sings , and i have abig big BIG QUESTION. ARE YOU MIRANDA SINGS???

No don’t cry you are pretty

MIranDA iS mY FAVoriTE PERson

are miranda and you twins


*miranda don’t cry your ok and we still love you and I wonder how you do the Marines voice prob hard but uhh I’m sorry that you cried*

19:00 geez girl come down *can someone get this girl a tissue*

Omg Frankie!

Who was crying in this

Is anyone here after Coleen announced she is going back on tour

You need to come to Sparks, Nevada please

RIP Miranda

Wait so colleen ballinger was miranda?

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