Scheveningen Beach in The Hague | Sand Engine Beach | Keukenhof garden 2021 | DUTCH VLOG |ep.2

Scheveningen Beach in The Hague | Sand Engine Beach | Keukenhof garden 2021 | DUTCH VLOG |ep.2

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Ahoy, and welcome to this video! Today we are in the west part of the Netherlands on the seaside in the city called The Hague. And right now, we are on the Sand Engine or also called the Sand Motor. It is the beach which is made artificially by Dutch. It was made the way that they put the big sandhill on this place where we are right now, and they left the sand to spread naturally by the local sea called the Nord See and also the wind which is very strong here as you can see. All the time, I have sand in my eyes and everywhere else. It is very open here, and everybody can find someplace here a little bit private, so I recommend you to check this point if you come to The Hague.

So right now we reached The Hague very famous and international city. Also known as a city of peace and justice. And right now we are on the very famous beach called Scheveningen, and there you can see the sea.

I can imagine this place is very crowded during periods like summer and evenings. There are many restaurants on the other side. And over there you can see a beautiful pier from the 1960s, where you usually can have dinner also while watching the beautiful view. The other thing which is very beautiful around is this hotel; it is a Grand hotel, called Kurhaus. Right now we are in an excellent restaurant; it is called De Engel.

I guess it means the angel, but I am not sure. I am just guessing. We are very close to the Keukenhof, famous tulip gardens, where we also go today, so we are looking forward. And I have to show you this awesome soup is supposed to be a tomato soup, but I never had something similar in my life; it is quite creamy, the consistency is quite different. We also had sandwiches, and the beef one was very good, and the salmon one was also good, but the bread was a little bit hard, but actually, if you go around, I recommend you to stop here for the soup and the beef sandwich. It is very nice.

Right now, we just finished the corona test, and it is negative, luckily. It was just a rapid one, but we needed to do it to enter the tulip fields. Right now we have some time until we can enter because we have an entrance for 2 pm, so we are going to see The Hague city centre because yesterday we just saw the seaside because we just got too busy there with the playing on the sand. Yes... we are going to meet in the city centre and then tulip fields.

Ahoy and welcome to this garden; we are finally in Keukenhof. I would like to tell you some history of the tulips. The name tulip is coming from the turban, which is the thing the Turkish and Arabs wear around the head.

And this flower, maybe you thought, is coming from the Netherlands, because Dutch are very famous for the tulips, but the truth is that this flower is coming from the region of Turkey and also from the Himalayas. So the flower spread the way that the Turkish aristocracy was giving the bulbs always as a present to their visitors, and just some prominent people use to have this very beautiful flower. Everybody wanted it, and at the time of the Dutch Gold Era, people were absolutely blind to give any amount of money for one bulb or one flower like this. They would be willing to give anything, and it becomes that much crazy that the one bulb of the tulip became more expensive than to buy a house.

So you can imagine... And that's why it is called this era or this period of time tulipmania because people were absolutely crazy about it. Everybody tries to profit from it; everybody tries to get the tulips. As you can know, if one tulip dies, it produces many other baby bulbs, and in that way, people try to profit from it, they try to own it, grow it and produce and resell it, and so it earns a lot of money, and simply they did a business out of it.

And the other people would be buying it as well. So it was profitable for quite some time, but in February 1697, no 1637, the tulipmania absolutely crashed. There was suddenly nobody who would want to buy it because it becomes spread between the people and everybody would have access to this beautiful flower, and it becomes common to have it in any garden.

It was not anymore so prominent and so special and different to own, so in that way, of course, it lost some of its value. But nowadays we can see the tulip is, for example in Europe is quite spread, I do not know how about other places, but in Europe, we can see it in different countries, and it is a quite affordable flower, it is not like so difficult to get. And we can say that Dutch people or the Netherlands is in the leading position because here in the Keukenhof you can find really different varieties, which you could not find in other countries. The Dutch are still leaders in this industry of selling, spreading and producing tulips.

And therefore, the Keukenhof garden is still very popular and considered one of the best spring gardens to visit in the world, I can say also. The most recommended time is the middle of April, but it is open for two months, and any time you come here in the spring, it will always be something growing here. It never happens that simply it is dead or fully bloomed. They make sure that you can always see some beauty around. So it is a place which I really recommend you to visit because it is a unique experience. And you can relax here, it also a very good family trip, also with your partner, also alone.

And it simply makes your day very happy:) Right now, we came out of Keukenhof garden, and we are one of the lucky ones this year because it was open just six days during this year, and maybe it will be in the future open, but maybe not. Normally there around 30 000 people per day, but during corona time it is just 5 000 people and even though we had sometimes feeling that there are quite many people, so normally this place is quite crowded, but if you want to escape the crowd there is always beautiful fields like this. If you would like to book any kind of trip to Keukenhof this year, then you have to follow their official website and look every day for it, if they give any announcement that they are opening, because normally it gets booked within few hours or maybe a day. And if you want to enjoy the tulips and other beautiful flowers like hyacinth and narcissus around, then it is very beautiful to see around the Lisse.

And the best is to by bicycle or by walk, because then you can most easily enter this beauty and enjoy it from close. I hope that by this video, you enjoyed at least a little bit of the Dutch landscape with these beautiful flowers, and do not forget to subscribe for the future dutch series. See you in the next one! Ahoy!

2021-04-28 22:51

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