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Science. Tourism is a travel, topic grouping scientific. Attractions. It, covers, interests, in visiting, and exploring scientific. Landmarks. Including, museums, laboratories. Observatories. And universities. Topic. Access. Many. Of the listed, laboratories. Have ongoing scientific. Research, and may not be open to the general public although they may offer occasional. Special public, access opportunities. Observatories. Are usually, open to the public and have tours showcasing. Their astronomical, research. Topic. Museums. Topic. Europe. Topic. Northern, Europe. Nobel. Museum it, has exhibitions. About the Nobel Prize. Sweden. Solar system, in Greater Stockholm, contains, the world's largest scale, model of the solar system. Eureka. In Vantaa is an interactive, science, museum with different, kinds of exhibitions about, technology. Physics, chemistry medicine. Astronomy. And so on, really. Exciting, for children, interested, in science. Topics, Central Europe payment, a place where the Germans developed some of the world's first Rockets before and during ww2. Marie. Curie, museum, history, of radioactivity. Auto & Technik museum in, Sinsheim baden-wuerttemberg. Southwestern. Germany has. Interesting, displays, of many vintage and historic, cars motorcycles. Other, machinery, and an extensive, collection of aircraft, including, a Soviet. Tu-144, and french britain concorde. Deutsches. Museum probably. The closest, anybody is ever going to get to a museum, of everything, or at least a museum of everything, technology, and a whole lot more one. Of the greatest scientific, and technical museums, in the world, it is one of the most important, sites in the area and absolute, musts ease of Munich visited, by roughly 1.5. Million visitors, per year. Topics. Range from aviation to brewing from Computer Sciences to bridge building, there. Are many guided, tours on specific, themes and in different languages. There. Is a planetarium. And two branch offices, in other locations, which show vehicles, that found no place in downtown Munich. Zeppelin. Museum in the city of Friedrichshafen, offers a museum, dedicated to, Zeppelin's, and another, to Dornier aircraft. Topic. Western. Europe. Science. Museum, London. The. Down house this place is unique piece in the history, of Sciences, the theory of evolution by natural selection, got. Worked out here a visit. Of the home of the English naturalist, Charles Darwin, allows, glimpses, in his life. Darwin. Wrote on the Origin, of Species in this house the.

House Has also carnivorous, plants, and exotic orchids. James. Clerk, Maxwell's, birthplace. And Museum Edinburgh, is answer to Newton and Einstein. His. Equations, unified, the forces, of electricity, and magnetism and, paved the way for an Stein's theory, of special relativity. From. The website modern, technology. In large, part stems, from his grasp of the basic, principles, of the universe. Wide-ranging. Developments. In the field of electricity, and electronics, including radio. Television, radar, and communications, derived. From Maxwell's, discovery, of the laws of the electromagnetic. Field which was not a synthesis, of what was known before but rather a fundamental. Change in concept, that departed, from Newton's view and was to influence greatly the modern scientific, and industrial, revolution. Topic. Southern. Europe. Leonardo. Da Vinci, Museum, of Science, and Technology located, in Milan as, the. Name tells it is a museum to learn more about Science. And Technology. Hosted. In a former, monastery san, vittore al khor /. South. Tirol museum of archaeology. Topic. Eastern. Europe. Memorial. Museum, of astronautics, in the outskirts of Moscow, there are a couple of sites dedicated to the Soviet, and Russian contributions. To science, and technology, these. Include, the Memorial. Museum, of astronautics. The all Russia exhibition, center and the monument, to the conquerors of, space. Ostankino. Tower. 540. Meters one, thousand, seven hundred and seventy feet high concrete transmission. Tower Ostankino, tower. Academia. Dock out in the Siberian tiger, near Novosibirsk. Academia, dock literally, Academy. Town was. Built during the Soviet, era so that the academic, elite could conduct their research in relative, freedom prosperity. And isolation. The. Planned city with tree-lined, streets, hosts several, museums institutes, as well as a beach on the obscene, and artificial. Reservoir. Topic. North america. Exploratorium. In San Francisco. Kennedy. Space Center, in Cape Canaveral the launch site for NASA's space missions, all. 12 persons who have traveled, to the moon so far have started, their journeys, from here. National. Air and Space Museum in. Washington DC. National. Museum of mathematics or, MoMA in New York. National. Museum, of Natural History in, Washington DC. Space. Center, Houston in Webster, Texas, NASA Space Museum, plus tram tours of Johnson, Space Center, including, astronaut, training facilities, Mission, Control and the actual, Apollo and Mercury launch vehicles. Topic. Oceania. Powerhouse. Museum the. Powerhouse, museum is. A large museum, essentially. Of popular, culture, it. Has displays. On the history, of fashion and transport, decorative, arts music and space exploration exhibits. It. Also partly plays on a SciTech theme with interactive, hands-on and discovery displays, of Technology, design and industry there, is usually a special exhibition on as well, there. Are in-depth displays, for all ages, but also displays, especially, created, for young children to, discover and play. Questacon. An interactive. Museum of Science, with exhibits, illustrating, scientific. Ideas, from the principles, of physics to the motion of an earthquake. Great. For kids and excellent, science books can be picked up here, allow. At least half a day. Topic. South, America. Alcantara. In northeast brazil is the rocket, launch site for the brazilian space agency and hosts, a museum, on the site. Koru, in french guiana hosts, the Guiana Space Centre the, primary, rocket launch site for the European, Space Agency. Gold. Museum in Bogota, Colombia. The. Archaeology. Museum in Bogota, Colombia. Casa. Marquez, de san jorge in bogota, colombia. Topic. Laboratories. Topic. Europe. Many. European, countries participate. On the European, Organization for. Nuclear Research, which, has his laboratories. Including the famous Large Hadron Collider on the French Swiss border, plus. The bigger European, countries, like France Germany, Italy, and UK operate, National Laboratories. Most. Laboratories have, open days for public visits. Commissariat. à l'énergie atomic, ed o energies, alternatives. The CEA has, 5 divisions nuclear. Energy technological. Research, life, sciences, sciences, of matter and military, applications. It. Has one of the top 100, supercomputers. In the world the Terra 100. CEA. Sac Li the biggest research center, of the CEA hosts, nuclear, research reactors. CERN. The European Organization. For. Nuclear Research, physicists. And engineers are, probing the fundamental, structure, of the universe. The. Large Hadron Collider LHC, is. The world's largest experiment. And most complex, scientific accelerator. Founded. In 1954. The CERN laboratory sits, astride the, Franco Swiss border near Geneva, the. Weak force got discovered, here in, 1973. And in 1983. Subsequently. The W and Z bosons. In. 1995. It created, the first anti hydrogen, atoms of which the ASAC, USA.

Experiment. Can since 2014, producer. Beam of in. 2012. The Atlas and CMS experiment. Announced, the discovery of a boson, with, 125. GeV. Whose properties, got confirmed to be the long-sought, Higgs boson. Microcosm. In front, of the entrance of the CERN laboratory there, is a permanent exposition. Retracing. Its history. CERN. Guided, tours both as individual, or as group it is possible, from time to time to, visit the experiments. DESY. Hamburg. Fair. Gran. Sasso. Nash. Physical laboratory the, birthplace, of atomic, timekeeping. In. The 1950s. Louie Essen and John Perry constructed. The atomic, clock cesium, mk1. This. New clock kept time more accurately, it. Paved the way for redefining. The second in, 1967. Based on the fundamental, properties, of CS, atoms rather than the quiet irregular, earth rotation. The. Facilities, in Teddington are among the world's most extensive, and sophisticated. For measurement, science, on. The 20th, of May 2014. NPL, open house will give people the chance to explore, much of the science, that goes on at NPL and the facilities, that are used to do it NPL, open house 2014. While. Children are allowed the exhibits, are aimed for adults and children must. Be kept under adult supervision at. All times. Rutherford. Appleton Laboratory, and, national, scientific, research, laboratories, in, the UK operated, by the science, and technology facilities. Council, it. Is a multidisciplinary, Centre. For research both, in physical and life sciences. It. Had in, 1957. A fifty MeV proton, linear, accelerator. Rel. Host Isis, a spallation, neutron source, in, the central laser facility. RAL. Organizes. A monthly, public, scientific, lecture, talking science. Topic. North america. Topic. Dough, laboratories. In, the United States of America overseen, by the United, States Department of Energy doe the office of science, operates, 10 national laboratories, in. Total, there are 17, national laboratories, funded. By the DOE most. Of the site's hold open houses, where the public can come in for free and see how American, tax dollars are invested in research, this.

Used To include nuclear, facilities, but those have been restricted, since 9/11. Ames. Laboratory, conducts. Research into, various, areas including the synthesis, and study of new materials, energy resources, high-speed, computer, design and environmental. Cleanup, and restoration. The. Ames project, purpose, was to produce high purity uranium. To accompany the Manhattan, Project, it's. Most notable faculty, member Dan Shechtman won the 2011 chemistry. Nobel, Prize. Contact. The lab in advance of your visit group. Tours can be arranged, through the Public Affairs Office. Argonne. National Laboratory. Founded. In 1946. To carry out Enrico, Fermi's, work on nuclear reactors, as part of the Manhattan Project. Today. Argonne, is a multidisciplinary. Science. And engineering research, center to, address vital, national challenges. In clean energy environment. Technology and, national security. Argonne. Welcomes, all members of the public age 16, or older to take guided, tours of the scientific. And engineering facilities. And grounds. Tours. Lasts about two and a half hours, and up by reservation, only call, or email. Brookhaven. National Laboratory. A multi-purpose. Research, institution. Funded, primarily by, the US Department, of Energy's, Office of Science. Located. On the center of Long Island New, York, Brookhaven lab operates, large-scale, facilities, for studies in physics chemistry biology. Medicine. And applied science, it. Is the home of the relativistic. Heavy ion collider which. First observed, created, the quark-gluon, plasma. Brookhaven. Scientists. Won seven Nobel prizes, including, the ribosome, discovery. 2009. The, lab is open to the public on Sundays, during the summer for tours and special, programs. Fermi. National Accelerator, Laboratory. A US, Department of Energy National Laboratory. Specializing. In high-energy particle. Physics, hence. Many components. Of the Large Hadron Collider got engineered, and tested here. The. Top quark was discovered, in 1995. By both the CDF, and do experiments. Of the Tevatron accelerator. At Fermilab, the. 2008. Nobel, price was given for the prediction, of the third generation of, quarks, bottom and top quarks. Fermilab. Visitors, are allowed to visit two buildings, on their own the first and ground floor of Wilson, Hall and the Lederman Science, Center groups of six or more must book a visit, by calling, the center. Lawrence. Berkeley, National Laboratory. Founded. In 1931. By, Ernest Orlando, Lawrence 13 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to LBNL scientists. The most recent, one 2011, for, the discovery, of the accelerated. Expansion of, the universe, it. Started, as a particle, physics laboratory became. Involved for the study of nuclear matter and discovered, 16 chemical, elements, it. Is today a multi, program, research site, visitors. Need special, clearance, or may take advantage, of the open days, the. Site on top of the hill nicely, overlooks, the San Francisco. Bay. Oak. Ridge National Laboratory, a multi, program, science, and Energy Laboratory with, scientific, and technical capabilities. Spanning, from basic, to Applied Research Oh. Our. NL is famous, to host the titan supercomputer. The, spallation neutron source, is, an accelerator, based neutron, source facility, that provides the most intense, pulsed neutron, beams in the world for scientific. Research and industrial development. Oak. Ridge National Laboratory, hosts, thousands, of visitors every year it, is very important, if you are not a doe or doe contractor, employee to arrange your visit to ORNL. Ahead of time. Pacific. Northwest, National Laboratory. Has, many research, projects, for the US Department of Home and security, in the National, Nuclear Security, Administration. All. Pnnl, visitors, regardless of nationality, will need to have visitor badges to go past the lobby. Princeton. Plasma Physics Laboratory. Researchers, plasma, physics and nuclear fusion, science. P. Ppl, is located, on Princeton University's. Forrestal, campus the, free tours are led by engineers. And physicists, who can answer questions about magnetic. Fusion, in. Order to visit email to request a tour and give PPP, l to weekdays, when you would like to visit and some background, on your group including, where your group is from how many people, are in your group the age range in the educational. Background of your group. SL. AC National. Accelerator Laboratory. Does, experimental. And theoretical research. In elementary, particle, physics using. Electron, beams and a broad program of research in atomic and solid-state physics chemistry. Biology, and. Medicine, using, synchrotron. Radiation. It. Discovered, the charm quark the quark structure, inside the protons, and neutrons and the Tau leptin, three Nobel prizes, at.

This Time all public, and educational. Tours of the laboratory, have been suspended. SL. AC hopes, to have them back and asks to check their website periodically. For updates. Thomas. Jefferson, national accelerator facility the continuous, electron, beam accelerator, facility, which, is, 1,400. Meters in length and accelerates, electrons up, to six GeV. The. Most powerful, free electron, laser in the world has an output of over 14 kilowatts. The. Lab has an open house once a year that includes a tour of the accelerator, tunnel, and the free electron, laser, no. Registration. Of visitors, is required, during the open house the. Open, house tours involve, extended, periods, of walking, and many tour stops include, stairs. Also. Much of the event is outdoors. Topic. Other laboratories. Biosphere. 2 designed, as an artificially. Closed complete, ecology, and was the setting for research, on human interaction. With natural, systems, the. Site is now owned and maintained, by the University. Of Arizona which, conducts, tours for the public, but. Where that the scientific, credentials of the initial, project, phase is quite unclear as it started as theater group for. Example no input, was taken, from the Antarctic research, stations, where researcher, experience, extreme, confinement. Topic. Observatory's. Topic. Europe. European. Space Agency. Columbus, control center used to control the Columbus, Research Laboratory, of the International. Space Station, as well as a ground control, center, for the Galileo, satellite, navigation system. It. Is located, at a large research, facility, of the German, Aerospace Center, DLR. Sterner. Borg Observatory. On hvn. Island sweden Tycho, Brahe his Observatory. University. Observatory Vienna. The Institute of astronomy, is part of the University, of Vienna located. Inside a fabulous, historic, building, the. Building, in the stonewalled park were closed for visitors up until recently, the. Part contains, many rare trees it, has a mini Observatory, on the roof guided. Tours are available. Topic. North america. Mount, Graham international observatory. Operated. By the University. Of Arizona and situated, in the pen Elano mountains, west of Safford, this Observatory, offers periodic, tours for the public.

Reservations. Required preferably. Two or more weeks in advance tours. Depart, from the Discovery, Park campus, in Safford. Kitt. Peak National Observatory, operates. Several. Astronomical, telescopes. Plus a large solar telescope. Several. Guided, tours are available as, well as a nightly, observation. Program reservations. Required. McDonald. Observatory. Fred. Laurence Whipple Observatory, call ahead for tour information. Lowell. Observatory among. Other historical. Achievements, this is the observatory, where Clyde Tombaugh, discovered Pluto. And you can still see the telescope, he used to do it. NRAO. Very, Large Array huge. Iconic, radio telescope. Array featured, in numerous films and TV shows which, still performs, cutting-edge, observations. Self-guided. Tour allows you to walk around the base of one of the dishes and see into the maintenance facility. Occasional. Guided tours see website give you a closer look. NRAO. Green, Bank Observatory tucked away in the beautiful West, Virginia, mountains, in the middle of the National, Radio quiet zone. This is the largest fully steerable single. Dish radio, telescope. In the world. Topic. South, America. While, the headquarters, of the European Southern, Observatory. Are in Garching, near Munich Germany, the, observatories, are located, in northern Chile. European. Southern Observatory. New. Technology. Telescope La, Silla Chile. Very. Large Telescope, Paranal. Chile. Atacama. Large millimeter/submillimeter, Array. Llano. De Chajnantor Chile. Topic. Africa. Topic. South, Africa. Southern. African, Large Telescope the. Salt telescope, is largest single, optical telescope, in the southern hemisphere and among the largest in the world. Cat. 7 meerkat. Paper and sky Africa, the sky telescope. Is the most powerful telescope. Ever conceived, it's. Precursor, meerkat. Is already, the most powerful telescope every. Built, most. Of it is to be built in Africa under the auspices, of scar Africa, the. African, precursor, meerkat, is already, the most powerful, radio telescope. Every built the. Core of the telescope, is located, near Caernarfon on the northern cape with more dishes located. In Botswana, Madagascar. Mozambique. Zambia Namibia. Mauritius. And Ghana. South. African, astronomical. Observatory. The national center for optical, and infrared astronomy, in, South Africa, the. Observatory, has a fascinating, history dating, back to 1820. Which is when our main building was constructed making. It one of the oldest permanent structures, in Cape Town. Owing. To light and air pollution in the city most, of the actual observing, happens, in Sutherland in the Northern Cape about, 380, kilometres, from Cape Town, some. Of the telescopes, in Cape Town are, still used for outreach and public events. Topic. Namibia. H es s telescope. One of the leading observatories. Studying, very high-energy vhe. Gamma-ray. Astrophysics. Topic. Universities. The. Most prestigious, universities generally. Attract, excellent, scientists, and have fine science, programs.

University. Campuses, are usually, open to the public, though permission, from guides is sometimes, required and there may be some cafe or cafeteria or, Mensa or restaurant, or even a university. Shop on-site. Universities. Usually, offer public lectures, about ongoing, research, otherwise. Their, seminars, and buildings are reserved for the students, and the working faculty, including, postdoctoral, researchers. Or professors, on. Weekends. Or holidays many. Universities. Require special, permits to enter. Universities. Compete, on a worldwide, basis. Hence they are not ordered by geographical. Position, or alphabetized. Below. Is a list of the 20 highest ranked universities. According to, 2013-2014. Q s world university. Ranking, of course, rankings, may differ according, to year and specific, subject. Massachusetts. Institute of, Technology a, private, research university in. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard. University. Established, in, 1636. In Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard. Is the oldest, institution of higher education in. The United States. University. Of Cambridge a collegiate, research university, in Cambridge England, it. Was founded, in 1209, making. It the world's third oldest, University, it. Includes, 31, constituent. Colleges, and academic, departments, which are organized, into six schools. 19. Nobel laureates, counters affiliated. University. College London a public, research university. In London England. It. Is based in the heart of London it, was founded, in 1826. There. Are 27, Nobel, Prize winners, in three fields medalists amongst UCL's, alumni, and current and former staff. Imperial. College London a public, research university. Located in London England specialized. In science, and, Nehring medicine, and business, the. Former, constituent college, of the Federal University of, London became independent, in. 2007. Imperial. Is located, in central London. It, lists currently, 15 Nobel laureates, and two fields medalists amongst, Imperials, alumni, and current and former faculty. University. Of, Oxford, a collegiate, research, university. Located in Oxford, England. Oxford. Publishes, a leaflet, explore the University. Of Oxford which contains, a map and information on, opening, times of colleges, museums, and other places of interest, the. Main places, of interest are only a few minutes walk from the main rail and coach stations. Oxford. Open days in 2014. Will be on the 2nd of July the 3rd of July and, the 19th, of September. Due. To high demand many, colleges, and some departments, require advanced, booking for their events. Stanford. University. A private, research university, in Stanford, California founded. In 1885. Fifty-eight, Nobel laureates, have been affiliated with the University, the, Stanford, campus offers, sightseeing, and educational. Opportunities. For tourists, and first-time visitors. There. Are student-led, walking, tours. Yale. University. A private, research university. Located in, New Haven Connecticut. 51. Nobel laureates, have been affiliated with the University, as students, faculty or staff. University. Of Chicago, a private, research university in. Chicago, Illinois. California. Institute, of Technology a, private, research university located. In Pasadena California, United. States, Cal. Tech is a world-renowned. Research, and education, institution. Dedicated to, advancing science. And engineering. Tours. Are offered for prospective students, on holidays, or high school groups, Cal. Tech also offers a self-guided. Walking tour with booklet. Princeton. University, a private Ivy, League Research University in Princeton New, Jersey. It, was founded, in 1747. Ezarik. This Swiss Federal, Institute of, Technology is, an engineering, science, technology mathematics. And. Management, University. 21. Nobel, prizes have been awarded to students, or professors the most famous of which is Albert Einstein in 1921. It. Is currently the top-ranked, University in continental, Europe. University. Of Pennsylvania. Columbia. University. Cornell. University. Johns. Hopkins University. University. Of Edinburgh University. Of. Toronto. Ecole. Polytechnique fédérale. De Lausanne. King's. College London KCl. Topic. Arthur. Boltzmann's. Grave the boltzmann equation was, originally, formulated by, Ludwig, Boltzmann between. 1872. To 1875. It. Relates the entropy s of an ideal gas to the quantity, W which, is the number of microstates, corresponding.

To A given macro state in. The ideal gas limit it exactly, corresponds. To the proper thermodynamic. Entropy. Schwing. Is graved the first order correction to the fine-structure, constant alpha. Is engraved, on julian schwinger z-- headstone, at the Mount Auburn cemetery. Schrödinger's. Grave the Schrodinger, equation is a partial, differential, equation, that describes how, the quantum state of some physical system revolves, with time, it. Was formulated in, late, 1925. It, is inscribed above, his name on his gravesite. Hoffmeir. Skull the Hoff mere skull is a specimen, of a 36 thousand, year old skull, found in the 1950s. Near hoffmeir south africa the. Samples, age supports, the so called Out of Africa. Theory. That modern humans evolved, from Africa. Groote. Schuur Hospital on, December, 3rd, 1967. 53. Year-old Lewis wash can ski received the first human, heart transplant, at, Groote Schuur Hospital in. Cape Town South Africa, the. Procedure, was performed by. Dr. Christian. Barnard. Equals. Equals see also.

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